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Why Ingesting A Spot-On Is Bad News! - Dr Ingrid Goodman

June 16, 20166 min
Spot-ons Given Orally…Does It Really Matter?
A 6-month old Labrador puppy became a real-life ‘Sleeping Beauty’ after her owners mistakenly poured a well-known flea & heartworm treatment down her throat…instead of onto her back, in what’s thought to have been an ill-conceived money-saving experiment.

Emergency Vets at the Animal Referral Hospital initially feared the comatose pup would require a lengthy hospital stay under constant supervision until the effect of the drugs wore off…and then they came up with a much speedier, albeit expensive alternative, ‘Intralipid’.

Dr Ingrid Goodman joins us to explain what happened.

Further information:
DVM360 extract:
Successful use of ILE therapy has been reported anecdotally in veterinary patients for ivermectin, moxidectin, permethrin, loperamide, baclofen, bupropion, marijuana, and sertraline toxicoses.

Specific Veterinary usage of Intralipid therapy:

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