Wait What Really Ok

Wait What Really Ok


Certified business coaches and Alex Cora of the Red Sox

October 29, 201817 min

17 min
Branding strategist and branding designer job differences.

September 10, 201821 min

21 min
A view of wealth with Wealth Strategist and Advisor Judy Hulsey.

July 23, 201821 min

21 min
Yardscaped by Springhetti. A Backyard Reality Show

July 9, 201824 min

24 min
How do you trade cryptocurrency hype for blockchain education_

May 28, 201821 min

21 min
Personal branding communication and being social on social media

April 30, 201822 min

22 min
Lead generation methods that end up generating negative results.

April 9, 201824 min

24 min
GLW Talk Across. Three speakers presenting, showcasing and sharing.

March 26, 201818 min

18 min
What is a serial entrepreneur and a new breed business philosopher?

March 12, 201831 min

31 min
Who is Ford Taylor and what is Transformational Leadership or TL_

March 5, 201824 min

24 min

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