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098 Roy L. Hill, Psy.D.

May 27, 201659 min
Studying over 4,000 Near Death Experiences, Roy Hill provides phenomenal evidence of the afterlife. What a wonderful conversation I had with Roy on this episode of www.wedontdieradio.com Roy Hill obtained his bachelor’s degree in psychology at the University of Arizona and his doctorate degree in clinical psychology at Nova Southeastern University. He has worked as a psychologist in corrections, both as a clinician and supervisor, for over 20 years. Following several life changing experiences, Roy delved into the topic of Near Death Experiences. He authored a book following his immersion called, "Psychology and the Near Death Experience: Searching For God,” which was published by White Crow Books. As his mission and passion, Roy is currently writing more books and speaks regularly on near death experience subjects. When not writing, Roy enjoys hiking, photography, and tinkering on the piano…and lives in Colorado with his wife and son. Here are links to websites Roy mentions on th

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