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116 Sandy Ingham on We Don't Die Radio Show

September 22, 201659 min
Spirit Artist Sandy Ingham gives visual proof that our loved ones are still alive in spirit. She is a fabulous, fun woman who has a very interesting story to tell on this episode. I absolutely loved speaking with her! Sandy says she has no talent for drawing, however an artist from the “spirit world” takes her hand and draws pictures of people’s loved ones as they look in photographs. The proof is in the pictures! You can view some of the drawings at http://wedontdieradio.com/ episode 116. On the site I also have links to some YouTube videos of the drawings being done. Simply amazing! You’ll love listening to Sandy describe her journey. Sandy is the subject of a book written by author James Christie called, "The Mediumship & Psychic Art of Sandy Ingham.” Please visit Sandy’s website http://www.sandyingham.co.uk/ to learn more. Thanks for listening!

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