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122 Gigi Trebatoski on We Don't Die Radio Show

October 29, 201671 min
Animal Communicator and Spirit Artist, Gigi Trebatoski has a remarkable story to tell. From calling for her dad to chase “people” out of her room at night, to a mystical experience during First Communion, and an intense clairsentient experience at a Civil War battlefield when she was 11, Gigi has had a fascination with spiritual and metaphysical subjects since childhood. She has lived deeply connected to her intuition most of her life and drawn people to her seeking guidance for as long as she can remember. Over the past decade, with the help of her dog Scrappy, Gigi has been on a journey of self-healing and reawakening. As part of this journey, she has studied evidential mediumship and spiritual healing at Arthur Findlay College in the U.K. Her studies have also included shamanism, dream work, past life regression, energy work and most recently spirit art and animal communication. Her animal companion of 11 years, Scrappy, has taught her many spiritual lessons including giving her

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