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May 19, 2024 30 mins
This week’s show featured Munroe-Meyer Guild president Luann Rabe promoting the Garden Walk fundraiser for those with disabilities and special needs, Ross Brenneman talking about the FatherSon golf discipleship organization, and Lindsey Rai Kortan and Jill Thomas inviting the public to the Bloody Mary Fest fundraiser for the Ronald McDonald House.
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This is Community Matters, a weeklypublic affairs program to inform and entertain you
with some of the great people,organizations, and events in and around Omaha.
Now here's the host of the programfrom news radio eleven ten KFAB It's
Scott four Heats and thank you somuch for being a part of our program.
This week, the annual garden Walkis coming up. We have the

president of the Monroe Meyer Guild,lu An Raby, is back here in
the studio to tell us more.Lou Ane, welcome back to Community Matters.
We always appreciate you promoting our event. It's one of the highlights of
the year. I think that's aone of a kind event here in Omaha.
So many people do a lot ofdifferent kind of events. I always
appreciate the creativity with all of theseand even if their events are maybe a

little more cookie cutter, they're allfor a great cause. We're happy to
highlight all of them. But thisone, no one does anything like this
one. Tell me about this year'sgarden walk and maybe more importantly, why
we do this year's garden walk.Well, this year's garden walk is going
to be one of our biggest ones. We have seven gardens. We usually
kind of go around five, butwe've found seven spectacular gardens and it would

be held on June ninth, rainor shine. It's a Sunday. The
gardens are exceptional, especially with allthe rain we've been getting, but they're
all so unique. And the reasonwe do this is we raise money for
the Monroe Meyer Institute. If peoplearen't familiar with that, they have all
the therapies for handicapped children and adults, not just in Omaha, not just

in Nebraska, but in about twentyfive states. We have touched or have
clinics someplace. And how was itthat this idea to showcase so many wonderful
landscapes and gardens throughout the Omaha areagot tied in with the Monroe Meyer Institute.
You're part of the Nebraska Medical Center. Yes, the Monroe Meyer Institute

has been around for over one hundredyears. We've been putting on the Guild
has been putting on garden walks.This would be our fifty fifth. So
I was looking back and at firstit was mainly just it looked like U
and MC doctors gardens that they wouldor important people in Omaha. There was

somebody that was a general at offitand things like that. Now it's more
private gardens. We go out andwe search for private gardens that a lot
of people would never get to see. But the homeowners have put their heart
and soul into it and they loveto show it off to the public.
Yeah, it's got to be funto go through those who have applied to

have their home featured on this gardenwalk and look in there and you see
someone go, this place is adumpster fire. We're not going to do
this. But then you might see, you know, maybe down the street
like wow, this home would beperfect, and you go ask the person.
They said, you know, Idon't want a bunch of strangers trapesing
about my garden walking through my yard. So you've got to find the right

combination of willingness and beauty, andevery year you have no problem doing so.
You said seven locations this year forthe event. Yes, two of
them are right next to each other. Oh that's good, but they're all
They are more in the southwest areaof Omaha. They will be in the
Grove, the Ridges, Pacific Heights, Cambridge Estates, Elk Creek Crossing,

and Brynmawer, Okay wonderful. Andthe nice thing here is that it's spread
out across the city. I mean, this is an event. The annual
Garden Wall comes up on Sunday,June ninth. It's from nine am to
four pm. It doesn't necessarily takethat much time to go through all of
them, depending on how much timeyou want to spend. But it's a
leisurely look at some of these.And we're not going all across town here.

Well, it looks like we're allin West Omaha on this one.
We choose it that way, andwe have some gardens lined up for the
next few years, hopefully. Butyou are exactly right. We have found
some spectacular gardens that the public can'tgo see this year. We have one
that is professionally done and you'll justbe in awe of it. And then

all the other ones are done bythe homeowners and they're also unique. Some
are small, some are big.So many great ideas that gardeners can get,
just little pieces here and there thatthey can take home and improve their
garden with. And how does oneget tickets for this event? I mean,

can you just show up at thefirst house. You can purchase tickets
at every Garden but they are thirtydollars at each guard or for the day,
but if you buy them beforehand,you can get them for twenty five
dollars. You can go to ouronline purchase and that is Gardenwalk dot Info

will take you to our website.Also you can go to High v The
majority of the Council Bluffs and Omahastores have tickets for sale. Also,
we have them at Benson Plant Rescue, Kenoya Gift Center, Indian Creek Nursery,
Lantahouse Nursery, Moor's Nursery, Mulhall'sNursery, and lake A Hardware at

one hundred and fortieth and West CenterRoad. You know your audience by having
them available at all the nurseries there. And I imagine you've had some people
who apply and say we would loveto have our home featured, and you
go out and look at it andgo close. Maybe here's some suggestions,
and they get after it and they, you know, a year or two
later, say how about now,and you go, wow, this is

it. That's you know, somethingthat we have done. Also, sometimes
it's just the logistics of it.We can't get a thousand people comfortably through
the cold de sac or the houseor whatever. And I also want to
say that one hundred percent of theticket price goes directly to U and MC

to fulfill staff grants that they thinkare innovative new ideas, but they can't
get the big grants for it,and so they come to us they submit
their ideas, and that's what theticket money goes to one hundred percent.
There are seven locations on this year'sgarden Walk. Two of them are right
next door to each other, soit's not a walking tour across all these

neighborhoods. That's why it's a nineam to four pm event. You will
get in the car and go aroundto each of them and your ticket and
all the informations at Gardenwalk dot infohas the address for the different locations.
You can go see them at yourleisure throughout the day. Yes, so
we'll probably take you about three hoursto do all of it. Also,

we have vendors all in one locationby one of the homes, and there
we are fourteen different vendors all theway from garden art to things to hang
in the tree, to some Iheard coolachis even so lots of things that
you can purchase to beautify your garden. The annual garden Walk is once again

Sunday, June ninth, from nineam to four pm. All the details
at gardenwalk dot info. That's ticketswhich are twenty five dollars per person if
you get them in advance, thirtydollars the day of the event. And
they're also available at all these differentlocations lots of nurseries, high v grocery
stores for example. All the informationat gardenwalk dot info. An annual fundraiser

for the Monroe Meyer Guild. LeuAnn Raby is the president of the Monroe
Meyer Guild. Lunn, thank youvery much for everything you do, not
just to beautify our community, butalso to highlight that with this annual event,
and thanks for coming and telling usabout it here on Community Matters.
It's a joy. Thank you.Thank you for listening to Community Matters this
week. Up next we welcome thetournament with a wonderful organization connecting fathers and

sons through Christianity and golf online atthefathersn dot org. Ross Brenneman is here
and Ross, welcome to Community Matters. Thanks for having Scott. You're talking
about some of my favorite things herethe familial relationship, especially that between a
father and son. We're talking aboutfaith and we're talking about golf. You

get all these done in one shot. You are speaking my language, my
man. Tell me about this organization. Yeah, so this actually started purely
as a golf event. This willbe our tenth year coming up this fall,
and start with a group of guyswho wanted to be intentional with their
time between fathers and sons, meand my dad being one of those,
and over time has morphed into notonly an event, but really a community

of guys who want to go deeperin their faith and want to go deeper
with each other. And so ourorganization is focused on creating the space and
curriculum to do that. Well.I can already hear some people going,
yeah, right, it sounds likejust an excuse to go out and play
more golf maybe on some level.But tell me about this deeper meaning to
trying to forge that relationship between fathersand sons. Yeah, for us,

something fundamentally changes. I think oneof our goals is to get people out
of their comfort zone a little bit. As men, sometimes we don't communicate
well or would prefer to do anyother thing. And so the tournament exists
as a vehicle to get people outof their shell. And when fathers and
sons compete, that starts to createa different type of bond than what previously

existed, where fathers and sons canbe challenged together. And so that is
kind of the foray into Now we'regonna we're gonna talk about deep, hard
stuff and I want to know youwell and be known by you well.
And none of that can happen reallywithout without Jesus, I can. I'm
horrified to think about. Obviously,there are certainly some relationships that can be

fortified through this, but once youadd that pressure cooker of competition and you
get a couple of guys, maybeones more competitive than the other, I'm
just leading towards some relationships being irreparablydamaged by competing together in a golf tournament,
especially if you miss a big puttor you fire a t shot out
of bounds or something like that.You're no son of mine. You got

all this room left and you hitit over there right out of bounds.
Get out real life, you know, well, fully that doesn't happen.
No, well, let's not sayit can't happen. We try to preface
the tournament itself with a remember whatwe're here to do, Yeah, which
competition is certainly a part of that, but not the not the meat and
potatoes of what we're after. Andit's good that we only have this once

a year. Yeah, So itgives us twelve months to repair the sports
aspect of our relationship certainly. Yeah. I just think it all sounds like
great fun and what a wonderful cause. Tell me about kind of go back
to the route to how this gotstarted. Ross. Yeah, So my
dad and I. I do alot of charitable golf stuff through my work
and was constantly inviting my dad tothose events, and was realizing, like,

we're missing the whole point of this, Like I don't spend any time
with you. I'm working, andso let's create an event. We actually
went and played Shoreline with another father. So from way back in the past,
they're very very good golfers and weare very mediocre golfers, and so
we did that tournament. It wasfreezing cold. It was a chili feet
at Shoreline now eleven years ago,and we had such a good time and

got to go deep in so manynew ways with them that was like,
we should, we should make thisa thing, and so that's how it
got started. And then my dadhopped on a plane with a guy his
name is Jim Asery, he's theformer PGA chaplain, and was just they
were just talking about what was goingon this upcoming weekend, and Jim was

really really interested and got connected withme and started to really challenge us,
like there needs to be more intentionAnd so we are in this building phase
of intentionality now to go beyond reallyjust one a two day tournament, to
hey, can we be purposeful notonly as just father and son but also
the collective fathers and sons. Talkabout the golf event coming up later this

year here so that fathers and sonscan go out and compete together. Yes,
So our golf event is the FatherSon Golf Tournament September twenty second and
twenty third down in Firekeeper. Downat fire Keeper which is Maata, Kansas,
just outside of Topeka. This willbe our second time going there and
they have just done such a wonderfulThey're set up so well to host a

really, really good golf event andit is a top ten UNI in the
state. And I would say itwill take your lunch and then call your
mom and tell you about that.And so we're really really excited to be
back there. The last time wewere there was twenty twenty, and we've
gotten a lot of questions like,why why don't you guys just have the
tournament here? It's an Omaha basedcommunity. What are we doing? And

part of the challenge of the tournamentitself is that it is really intense,
and so there isn't a lot ofgoing deep on the golf course in the
sense outside of competing, and sowe want to we want to set the
space and time aside, and sowe tend to travel. There's a radius
we have generally we tend to travelfor these tournaments so that that car time

can be purposeful. It could beI know, we've got guys that get
really deep on cribbage in the carand then conversation comes out of that.
My dad and I have listened toa lot of podcasts that bring up good
conversation and on the car. Soyeah, that is its intent and purpose
and we are blessed. Last yearwe were down in Kansas City as well,

and we got to have Marcellus Casey, who is the Kansas City chiefs
chaplain as kind of our keynote speaker. So the rhythm of the day is
we're gonna go, We're gonna showup, We're gonna golf. Once golf
is done, we're gonna congregate forand be in fellowship there and be challenged
by somebody. We haven't exactly pickedout who that is yet. For twenty
twenty four, between rounds and thenFriday is always the most intense day and

we wrap up and try to moveinto our cadences for the year. How
does it work? As we're talkingwith Ross Brenham and tournament director, the
details for this organization are online atthefathersn dot org, including how you can
register to be a part of thisevent. You said September twenty second,
twenty third, And I would evenadd to that, if you're hearing thisthfathersun
dot org forward slash kfab just sowe can get you directly to the specific

landing page on the website. Allright, we got all that tournament info.
Excellent, excellent, So how doesthe golf tournament itself work? Yeah,
golf tournament. So some of thefeedback we've gotten in the past.
We have gotten overtly niche in ourtournament format in the past, and we're
trying to broaden that out. Andso there are two types of ways to

participate. The first is a competitiveformat and then the recreational format. The
competitive format functions like an unhandicapped RyderCup. Each nine for the twosome is
a different format, starting easier,moving toward more and more difficult, and
then it's a it's a cumulative teamscore beyond for both days, so you

get flighted after the first eighteen andthen you will be paired with someone of
a similar score for day two andthat's where that's where things start to either
really excel for you or really falloff the rails. Last year, my
dad and I were in the runningfor the second flight, and that'll that
alternate shot that'll get you. Sowe'll look out. Ten strokes is not

enough strokes people wait to let downmy dad. Yeah, well it's it's
good. It swings both ways,and I hit it too much down the
metal for you, son, youcouldn't possibly get a nine iron on the
grid. It's that, But it'sthe five footer that can really throw off
an alternate shot. The five footputt stints. I stuck it to five
feet. You've given me six feetcoming back. Thank you for that.

So it's gotta be just for fun. And if you have that kind of
relationship, either with your dad orwith your son, and you're interested in
being a part of this, thefathersndot org specifically thefathersn dot org slash kfab
one of the radio stations that thisprogram has heard on, thefathersn dot org
slash kfab. When does someone needto be registered by to be a part

of this? We would love acouple of things, Scott. We would
love to have folks registered by probablytwo weeks out at the latest, just
so we can communicate with the course. And so we're talking about late August,
early September, let's call it rightafter Labor Day would be great.
The other thing too, I justwant to make mention we do have specific

criteria around what teams look like.However, if that does not if you
don't fit that mold, we wouldstill love for you to play. We
are adding scope to the definition offather and son and that if we're thinking
biblically and community, that can looka lot of different ways, and so
conforming teams will obviously get a plaque, but again that's not what we're here
to do. If you if youare on a team that doesn't conform,

that's fine. We would love foryou to join us. So you're saying
specifically, yep, So specifically,teams are made up of two people from
different different generations that are family eitherby birth or marriage. Okay, okay,
so your father in law, correct, my uncle, my grandpa,
my nephew, all of that qualifies. If your mom is you know,

former LPGA star Pat Bradley. Yeah, sorry, that's a that's going to
be a different event for you guys. Correct. Okay, all right,
got it. Thefathersn dot org slashkfab for details about this event coming up
at fire Keeper just north of Topeka, not quite a three hour drive from
here, as a super easy drivedown Highway seventy five. Ross brenhaman tournament

director, I love what you're doinghere, not just from the golf aspect,
but also to deepen these very importantrelationships within families and between generations.
God bless you for what you're doing. Thanks for coming and tell us about
it here on Community Matters. Appreciateit, Scott, Thanks for time you're
listening to Community Matters right now onthe program. This is one of my
favorite things to talk about on thisshow. It is a great time for

a great cause, and I especiallylove it when the great time really doesn't
seem like it has anything to dowith the cause that we're raising funds for.
It just seems like we're going togo out and do this anyway,
we might as well raise some moneyfor one of the best organizations in town.
So that's what we have here,and to talk about it, We've

got one of the event organizers,Jill Thomas, is here with Omaha Bloody
mary Fest, which is coming upon Sunday, June second, Omaha Bloodymaryfest
dot com. This is a fundraiserfor the Ronald McDonald House, and we've
got Lindsay ray Corton of the RonaldMcDonald House here as well. But first,
Jill, let's talk about what we'redoing. Okay. So what we're

doing is something we've been doing foryears, drinking Bloody mary Yes, drinking
Bloody Mary's, and now we're gonnamake money doing it. Yeah, So
that's the whole point of it.It's something everybody likes to do anyway.
There and there's really Omaha is areal hotbed for good bloody Mary's. I've
talked to people from other places.I've talked to people that work with other
mixes that have distributorships in such andthey said, come to Omaha, and

they're into it. They are sointo it, and so they were really
glad to see the Omaha Bloody MaryFest. Is it the bloody Mary or
is it just stalks of things comingout of the drink? People want a
salad and get a little buzzed.Is that what we want? Actually,
we do have a Best Design awardthat goes out and Best in Show,
which is kind of like your wholepresentation. So it all plays lios.

Some have tacos attached, some havecheeseburger, some have really bacon stuff.
I mean, it's it is amazing. Have these people ever had a bloody
Mary before? I think I thinkthey were having one as they made these.
Yeah. I like to have alot of stalks of things coming out
of my bloody Mary because I wantto really work at it. M M.
You know, when I finish thatthing, I want to feel like

I've been through something right, andyou feel like add alemeal. That's right.
That's the other thing. It's goodfor you, and it's good for
you. It's good for you.So what are we doing? So the
Omaha Bloody Mary Fest, Omaha WestRotary is the rotary club that I belong
to, and Omaha West is thebest. I have to say that by
law. Anyway, they can takeit down, they can stand it,

they can handle it. I've doneit to their faces. It's okay.
But anyway, and they're invited tothis event as well, and they know
it. So anyway, we've beendoing this for years. It's out at
Warner Park, which number one isthe perfect location for something like this because
it's inside but yet it's outside.So you come in the gates here on
the concourse, and right when youwalk in, you're going to see the
band Echo is going to be thereand they're going to be playing from new

to three on June second, sothey'll be out there playing and they're phenomenal.
They've been there for years with us. And then off to the left
you're going to see right now,we have seventeen bars and restaurants that are
planning to be there. There's alwaysyou know that last minute thing that might
happen, but right now that's wherewe're at, which is fantastic. Plus
we have some eateries that are goingto be bringing sample sized foods. In

the past we haven't had food.Food's a good addition. Yes, so
we've heard that from a lot ofpeople. After last year we were told
people might want some food mixed inwith multiple tastings of bloody marys, just
to kind of cleanse the palette ifnothing else. Four out of five doctors
said we should probably have some foodavailable, some water on hand, and
and we do have water as amatter of fact, the Ronald McDonald's house,

they provide the water. Yeah,we were hanging out with that fifth
doctor, but this time we havetaken the advice of the other four.
Well, it could be fun justto kind of test the waters. Yes,
just kind of see how it goesfor if not, okay, different
approach. So many things to eat, so many things to drink. Yes,
and you're going to be given andyou'll have voting strips, so to
speak, so you can vote forthe best designed, the best zest,

and the best in show. Eachof those comes with cash prizes. So
these guys are really serious when theyshow up, they bring it to the
table and they decorate and they havetheir presentations and the whole nine yards.
Yes, so they're ready to go. So each one you go around and
test and so hopefully I don't knowif anybody gets all sixteen seventeen twelve,
I don't know. It's a lotof bloody Mary's. But they're only three
ounce sizes, so maybe three wholebloody marries. Yeah. But have you

ever you know you're you're in theentertainment business, Jill, have you ever
been asked to judge a like acheeseburger or like a chicken wing contest or
something like that, and they say, look, here's a whole burger.
Just take a bite because you're goingto have so many burgers throughout the day.
And you're like, I can handlethis, and you eat the whole
thing because you showed up hungry,and by the thirteenth burger you're like,

I hate cheeseburgers and I never wantto have another one. Yep. You
know, so people knowing in advancethat you need to pace yourself, fit
the wine back into the bucket,that kind of thing. Some people aren't
very good at that. No,they're not. They just go for it
and just jump right in. Okay, But no one's going to be policing
that. Not really, We're goingto leave it up to the people.
We leave it up to the peopleto vote, just like any good election.

Let the people vote, let thepeople have their say. We did
have judges before, and we decidedto forego judges. We just say,
you know what, let's let thepeople vote. And that's what most of
the bars and restaurants wanted too,because they wanted to be able to attract
the attention of the people and thenget the votes that way. So they're
going for as far as that goes, and it's only three hours, it
goes by fast. We have raffletickets as well, some beautiful raffle packages

that are going to go to thedrawing winners, so you can get those
tickets online too. Omaha Bloodymaryfest dotCom is the website and you can be
a part of this at Werner ParkSunday, June second, Omaha Bloodymaryfest dot
com. We'll give you more detailsin just a moment as to how you
can get tickets for this event,but we already talked a little bit about

what we're doing. Let's talk aboutwhy that was. Jill Thomas. This
is the CEO of the Ronald McDonaldHouse right here in Omaha. Lindsey Ray
Cortan, welcome back here to communitymatters. Thank you, Scott, my
favorite radio personality as thank you.Yes. Second look favorite radio personality JT

in the studio here. So thanksfor making it awkward. You're welcome.
That aside, even if you said, you know what, I've never heard
of you or listen to your show, I still love the Ronald McDonald House.
Tell me about what you're going tobe able to do at the house
with the funds raised at Omaha BloodyMary Fest. You know, we have
a forty room home and actually rightnow it is completely full. So we

have forty families from all over theworld. We've got people from out of
the country who are here because theycan't get the care that they need in
their hometown, so they come toOmaha for our world class medical facilities in
any of them qualify to allow forfamilies to stay with us as long as
you're thirty five miles away. Sowe are home to forty families who have

a critically ill child and some ofthose kiddos are impatient. Some of them
get to come back and forth fromthe hospital, but this is where they
come home too. So it's notit's not a hotel, it's not an
open house. It is where yoursupport system is. It's where you come
for dinner. It's where you leanon us for everything from a haircut,
to support groups, to arts andcrafts to someone that you can just talk

to a house full of people whoreally understand what you're going through because they're
also going through it. And theproceeds from this event will go to support
those families who are staying at thehouse right now. Excellent, and it's
certainly not cheap to be able todo what you do at the Ronald McDonald
House. And this is one thingI always like to address as people say,
oh, well, you guys arepart of McDonald's. They make a

ton of money. There's like eightyseven bazillion people served. I saw the
signs, So you guys got tobe rolling a dough right, you know,
as much as I wish, becausethis is what I thought when I
first got the job, that therewas a funnel of McNugget money that was
coming in it's really up to thegenerosity of the local owner operators. But
what I can say is that whenyou drop your change in or you round

up, all of that comes backto this house in Omaha. So it's
a great partnership and they still chooseus, right. So they're just small
business owners, just like any othersmall business owner, and hopefully some of
them will come in support in thisway too. The tickets to come to
this event right now, if youbuy early, it's forty five dollars.

At the door, it'll be fiftyand that's with every three people. That's
about the cost of what it isto spend the night for one family to
have everything taking care of per night. So if we have enough people,
we could take care of the entirehouse for a month if we have enough
people coming. So it's a reallyawesome partnership and we get to support not

just the families who are staying atthe Ronald McDonald house, but the great
things that Omaha West Rotary is doingtoo, and we're just lucky to be
a part of it. Excellent.What's your level of expertise with the bloody
Mary, Well, here's the thing. I the first time I ever truly
consumed. A bloody Mary was lastyear at this event, and it is

no joke as far as like aMeal is concerned. I'm glad, vicey,
vizy, like my personality and tastyand so I was definitely not disappointed.
I don't know what I expected,but it was so much more than
I thought it was going to beexcellent. So we'll see you at this

year's event. Oh yeah, I'llbe there. Okay. That is Lindsay
Ray. Cortan CEO of the RonaldMcDonald House is Omaha Bloodymaryfest dot com.
Details are right there on the website. It's Sunday, June second at Werner
Park and Jill Thomas, an eventorganizer Pusto Rotary here as well. Wes

Omaha West, Omaha West is thebest. Okay, got it now?
You got me saying it now.Lindsey Ray said that you get tickets in
advance forty five dollars. If youwait till the day of, it's fifty
dollars. So people want to gettickets right now, this is the time
to do it. Absolutely, geton the website again. It's Omaha Bloodymaryfest
dot com. I want to shoutout also to Brickway. They are supplying

the vodka for the event, whichis phenomenal. They're vodka. There is
a little bit of vodka, justa touch of vodka. They take care
of that. And all of oursponsors are phenomenal. You'll see them on
the website. And one thing Iwant to mention to you about Ronald McDonald
hows something that Omaha West Rotary doesand other rotaries as well. As we
get an opportunity to go to theirfacility and prepare a meal, we work

together and it's everything from food prepsometimes you know, helping with the meal
itself, but I've done the foodprep side of it and it's awesome.
They got a neat situation there andjust a lot of really amazing people that
are doing great work. And soif this can help them and make it
little bit easier for them to getwhat they want to get done done,
then this just makes the day evenbetter. So yeah, get your tickets,

Please come on out. It's noonto three on Sunday, the second
of June and Werner Park. We'regonna have shade, we'll have sun,
we'll have fun, we'll have music. It's all there. Get a bunch
of bloody Marys and you're going tostart running the bases. Thanks. Well,
we got to talk to Marty Corderoabout it. That Marty locks that
gate. Yeah that you got supergreat Yes, good food and drink.

It's gonna be a wonderful time.Sunday, June second, noon to three
at Werner Park. Plenty of placesto park there at Warner Park, Omaha
Bloodymaryfest dot com. Lindsey Ray Corton, CEO of the Ronald McDonald House and
event organizer Jill Thomas at the WestOl Rotary. Great job, ladies,
I'm putting us together. This isgonna be a really fun event. Thanks
for what you're doing for the RonaldMcDonald House in our community, and thanks

for telling us about it on CommunityMatters. This has been Community Matters.
Thank you so much for listening andenjoy the rest of your day.
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Who Killed JFK? For 60 years, we are still asking that question. In commemoration of the 60th anniversary of President John F. Kennedy's tragic assassination, legendary filmmaker Rob Reiner teams up with award-winning journalist Soledad O’Brien to tell the history of America’s greatest murder mystery. They interview CIA officials, medical experts, Pulitzer-prize winning journalists, eyewitnesses and a former Secret Service agent who, in 2023, came forward with groundbreaking new evidence. They dig deep into the layers of the 60-year-old question ‘Who Killed JFK?’, how that question has shaped America, and why it matters that we’re still asking it today.

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Las Culturistas with Matt Rogers and Bowen Yang

Ding dong! Join your culture consultants, Matt Rogers and Bowen Yang, on an unforgettable journey into the beating heart of CULTURE. Alongside sizzling special guests, they GET INTO the hottest pop-culture moments of the day and the formative cultural experiences that turned them into Culturistas. Produced by the Big Money Players Network and iHeartRadio.

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