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June 17, 2024 30 mins
This week’s show featured Bellevue Chamber of Commerce director of community engagement Sarah Dighans providing news about a fun opportunity to connect area residents and nonprofits in that town, Cornhusker State Games sports director Dr. William Schlichtemeier promoting their annual events for amateur athletes and fans, and Lupus Research Alliance CEO Albert T. Roy discussing the latest in diagnosing and treating the disease.
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This is Community Matters, a weeklypublic affairs program to inform and entertain you
with some of the great people,organizations, and events in and around Omaha.
Now here's the host of the programfrom news radio eleven ten KFAB.
It's Scott for Heats and thank youso much for being a part of our
program this week. There's something,well, there's always something really fun happening

in Bellevue, but specifically with theBellevue Chamber of Commerce. We've got the
director of Community Engagement to tell usmore about Bellevueopoly. Sarah Diggins is with
us, and Sarah, welcome toCommunity Matters. Hello, thank you so
much for having me. Bellevueopoly.This sounds like a familiar type of game
to me. Tell me about thisfun thing in Bellevue. Yeah, so,

Bellevue Opoly is kind of based offof Monopoly, so for those who
are big Monopoly fans, the nameis very similar, and it's a game
designed really to connect the community withour Bellevue based businesses. So we have
different opportunities for players to collect stampson their game board, but our requirement

is to physically go into the participatingbusinesses and I either share something on Facebook
with a photo or a shout outand tag the business, or make a
purchase or donate something, so avariety of ways for players to participate and
just learn more about the awesome businessesthat we have in town, as well

as be in contention for some prettyamazing prizes at the end of the play
period. So when I play Monopoly, I'd start blowing all my money and
go hotels as quickly as possible.Either someone with lands on my property and
I bankrupt them, or I gobankrupted in the process. Either way,
I win because the game doesn't takefive hours to play. So that's how

I play Monopoly, Sarah, itis, it's ruthless, it's cutthroat.
My wife doesn't like to play withme. So in this game of Bellevueopoly,
do I buy Bellevue East and puta bunch of hotels on there and
try and bankrupt Bealvue West? Orhow does how do I win this game?
That's a really great question. Weactually do not have hotels, so

it plays a little bit different thanyour traditional monopoly. We've created the rules
a little bit from scratch last winter, and so we went through a lot
of iterations and at one point wedid have some hotels and houses, and
that kind of just wasn't in theiteration for this version of the game.
But basically how you win is bygetting out and participating with the businesses.

So there isn't one winner with Bellevueopoly. How you when you collect your stamps,
you are essentially increasing what we're callingyour Bellevue Opoly players score. And
so the higher your score, whichequates to kind of a Bellevue Appolie dollar
amount, that will put you intoa prize tier at the end of the

play period. And so we'll havefour different prize tiers, one a tier
one, Tier two, Tier three, and then a participation tier. And
so if you complete the entire board, you get stamps on the every single
square and a few bonus stamps,you will be in the top tier.
And so that tier has a certainamount of prizes in it, and so

does the second and the third andthe participation so you have a really good
shot at winning a prize. Sothere's going to be at least three winners
in each tier. So we'll walkaway with eleven total winners at the end
of the play period for Bellevue uply, and that end of the play period

is coming up here pretty soon.We're just a few days away. It
ends this Friday, June twenty first, right, Yes, So if I
haven't been playing for the last coupleof months, here, can I still
get in this week, hit ithard and win? Definitely? Well,
I can't promise that you'll win,but I can definitely promise that you can
still play. And we've got boardsstill available at each of our participating locations,

and you can see a complete listof who are participating locations are on
our Facebook page. And then themore that you complete, you just got
to turn your board in and you'vegot a shot at potentially winning a prize.
What are the prizes, Sarah,So we have some killer prizes.
Our community has really shown up anddonated some incredible things. So we've got

a travel package donated by Bellevue Traveland Marriott's Courtyard by Marriotte Bellevue as well
as Holland Bashed them Architects that's valuedat over twenty five hundred dollars. That's
in our Tier one level, sothat pretty much you would need to complete
the tireboard to begin the running towin that one. We've gotten of the

month package so for a whole year, each month you're going to get a
two tier eight inch cake from CakeExpressions, a dip of the month from
Dip Cravers, a bouquet of flowersfrom Purple Orchid, a massage a month
from Hugabe Chiropractic, and a bottleof shampoo from Live Your Best Life Salon.

And then we also have a privateeight lane bowling party at the alley
in that top tier. And thensome of our other prizes that we've got
are a one year unlimited wash Clubfull service membership from Cornhusker Auto Wash that's
valued at about seven hundred and twentydollars. Valued at seven hundred and twenty

dollars, we have a year ofChick fil A to Chick fil A Bellvue.
We've got some outdoor patio furniture fromMatt Rakiney's State Farm. But all
of our prizes in those top threetiers are valued at five hundred dollars or
more, so they are quite substantialprizes that are up for grabs. And
then the other thing, you don'thave to complete the entire board, and

so if you just complete one colorblock, you are in the running for
a Participation Prize, and we'll havethree winners in that category as well.
And then we also have a winnertake all prize for anyone that completes the
entire board. There's a separate drawingfor just those folks, and that one
you will win a gift card toeach of our businesses that are on the

board. So it's about one thousanddollars value. Wow, how many business
these are? No joke? Yeah, how many businesses are on the board.
I'm trying to think about how manywe'd have on a regular monopoly board.
How many do we have in Bellevueopoly. So Bellevue Opoly, we've got
thirty nine, right, And ofcourse you talk about the winners here as
we're talking with the Director of CommunityEngagement with the Bellevue Chamber of Commress Sarah

Diggins, with us here on communitymatters. Obviously, Sarah, the real
winners are not just those who couldwin all these great prizes that you mentioned,
but those who get a chance toexperience a lot of businesses and nonprofits
right here in our own community.And certainly those businesses and nonprofit organizations are
getting a lot of new faces throughthe door there. So everyone wins in

this, don't they They do?And that has been a huge goal for
Bellevue Opoli was to really have itbe a worthwhile endeavor for both players and
businesses, and that is something thatwe are hearing more and more from players
and the businesses as we're checking inwithout them or with them for these last

couple of weeks that it has justbeen a really great opportunity to discover new
businesses that are in our own backyard. As a player and then as a
business to just meet new people andwelcome them into their you know, through
their doors. So it's been ahuge win for our community and we are
just so grateful that it's been embracedby the businesses and the players alike.

Now, do you have to bea Bellevue resident to play? Or if
you sneak over across the border fromPapilion or Platsmith, can you play in
this? Anyone and everyone can play, So you do not have to be
a Bellevue resident in order to play, all right, So we just have
a few days left. This wrapsup this Friday, June twenty. First,
where do we get the game boards? How do we turn it back

in when we're all done? Giveus all the details. We need to
have some fun this week, definitely, so you can pick up your game
boards from any participating location. Wehave a pinned post on our Facebook page
with all of the details and allof the locations, and so each of
those have game boards available, andwe always have some at the Bellevue Chamber

of Commerce and Community as well,So if you are interested in swinging by
the chambers, you are welcome todo that. Any of our participating locations
have boards. We even have acouple bonus boards that may still be flowing
around out there. I'm not exactlysure how many, but you maybe be
lucky and get your hands on oneof those as well. And then what

was your other question? I apologizeI forgot, just how do we turn
it in when we're done? Oh? Yes, so turning it in?
We have some contact details on theflip side of your game board, so
you'll want to just make sure thatthose are filled out and then just drop
it by the Chamber office and wewill take it from there. Bellevue,
Neebraska dot com is the website forall the details, right, correct,

Yes, that's easy enough, Bellevue, Neebraska dot com. You know there's
so much fun in Bellevue. It'scertainly a part of the Omaha metro community,
but Bellevue has got his own thinggoing on there, and you got
a big water park coming too.That's pretty exciting for people there in Bellevue.
Yeah, we've got some really excitingthings coming down the pipe. So

there's going to be a lot ofreally wonderful things hitting our community in the
next year to couple years, andwe're just really excited to welcome new people
into our community. Wonderful Sarah,great information. Thank you so much for
what you're doing in terms of doingexactly what your title suggests, the director
of Community Engagement. You are activelyengaging people and businesses right here in our

community and supporting local with the BellevueChamber of Commerce. Sarah Diggins. Great
talking with you. Thank you somuch for joining us here on community matters.
Thank you so much for having me. You're listening to community matters.
We have back in our studios forthis annual conversation about this great annual sporting
event here in the state of Nebraska. The sports director for the corn Husker

of State Games is back here,doctor William Slicktemeyer. Great to have you
back on community matters. Good morning, Scott. The games are wonderful and
they're coming up. I can't believeit. We're about a month away here,
just inside of a month from theseevents. Tell me all the details
of what we need to know aboutthis year's corn Husker State Games. The
court Husker State Games is the secondlargest amateur sports festival in the United States.

It's only eclipsed by the Empire StateGames. And they got a lot
more people in New York. Yes, they do. And the Courhuster State
Games is the only State Games inthe United States that is run on volunteers
and donations. Yeah, so rightnow we're looking for people who could hopefully
volunteer to help out with some ofthese things, but also if there's an
opportunity. I mean, they gotsixty some different games. Oh yes,

absolutely come out and play. Yeah, you come out. I mean there's
you know, there's air rifle,there's bb gun, there's bowling, there's
cycling, there's disc golf, there'sfencing, and with sixty or seventy sports,
the games are held all across easternNebraska. So for someone who wants
to volunteer, what's the best wayto go about saying, well, I
don't really know much about this particularsport, but I heard you need some

help. Oh, there's all sortsof things you can do. You can
hand out t shirts to the volleyballteam. You can line up the soccer
teams. You can sit and keepscore or you can check the score.
You can help park cars, youcan take photographs. There's all sorts of
stuff to do. Yeah, andthere's all sorts of sports. If you
want to help out, they'll findsomething that you can do to help absolutely.

Their phone number of is a fourseven one two five four four four
two four seven one two five fourfour of But to go to their website
because their website lists all these differentsports. If your thing is cycling,
they've got gravel grinder, They've gotstreet things you can do. If you
like to walk, there's walk Omaha, and which isn't a bad thing to

do because it's air conditioned in westrooms rather than one hundred degrees outside.
Walking is a sporting event in theState Games. The goal of the Cornhuster
State Games is to promote a healthy, active lifestyle to benefit Nebraskans, to
make Nebraskas more healthy and if you'remore healthy, you'll live longer, you'll

have a lot more fun. Andthat's the whole goal of the games is
to promote family friendly fun activities toget the fan only moving, certainly,
but there are always are going tobe people to say, well, if
I'm participating in a one of thesegames, I'd like to win. How
do you How do you win ina walk competition? If someone looks at

you and says, ah, thatwas more of a mosy you were moseying,
it was it was a fast Ithink the goal of walking is to
complete the event. You know,for instance, since they have competitive skydiving,
I think in skydiving, if youland and you're still alive, you've
won, okay. But in bowlingit's you can keep score easier. In
chess you can keep score easier.In volleyball, you can keep score easier.

You know, in trap shooting,you just look to see if they
broke the clay pitcher, then youadd it up correctly, right. And
this also brings up a really funelement to the games here, and that
is with so many different events.Even if you're listening to this program right
now and hearing the sports director forthe Krnhusker State Games, which by the
way, is online at cornhuskerstategames dotcom. Our guest doctor William Slicktemeyer.

If you're listening to this and thinking, well, I don't know, I'm
in pretty good shape and I liketo do some of these things, but
I'm not an Olympic caliber athlete,that's fine, right, Absolutely, the
Cournhuster State Games is the opportunity tocompete in your sport, but also to
try something new because in the differentsports they have different categories. They have

novice, they have experts, theyhave seniors and tracking, and some of
the games are much less vigorous.For instance, chess, darts, horseshoes
versus swimming, volleyball, track andfield baseball. They have different levels of

competition. So it depends upon whatyou're up to. Some people may think
that mud run is a great ideaand triathlon is a great idea, and
other people may say, you know, electronic darts is more my speed.
Yes, when you say there's trulysomething for everyone, Absolutely, there's seventy
different sports. I mean there's pickleball, pocket billiards, miniature golf as well

as regular golf. I mean there'seven gymnastics if you're so inclined. You
have to be a real jock todo that. Yeah, I'd say don't.
Maybe don't try out something like gymnasticsif you've never done that before.
Otherwise it's just going to look liketumbling and not very good tumbling, mostly
tumbling. Yeah, but go tothe website cornhuskar stategames dot com. The
events start here next month. Theykick off with with July eleventh, So

if you're thinking about participating, yougot to get to the website right now.
Yes, if you want your freet shirt, you know, gets
signed up by next week. Andafter all, it's usually hot. You
know, they have figure skating inLincoln, but curling and ice hockey is
really big. And those who arein the Omaha event or Omaha arenas here.
So what is the process for signingup and getting a chance to do

this? I mean, go toCornhusker State Games, pick out your event
that you'd like to try, andsign up and come out and play with
us. Is there a I mean, there's got to be a cutoff for
some of these things. Right.Most of the sports you have to sign
up a week ahead of time.There are a few sports that you'll be
allowed to sign up, you know, a couple of days ahead of time.
But it's important for them to planbecause there's a lot of logistics involved

when you have ten or twelve thousandathletes or more come and participate. You
know, we need to know howmany years has this been going on here?
This is the fortieth year, okay, so it's a big celebration for
forty years. So I suppose youcould set a goal that you want to
compete in forty different sports because it'sheld over three weekends. But I think

that'd be pretty much an unattainable goal. But you might try four different sports.
You can try one on Saturday andone on Sunday, and then one
Saturday and one the next Sunday.What are you going to do for this
games? Yeah, I'm going tobe involved in the shooting sports. I've
been the sports director for that fora number of years. But now at

my age, you know, standingstill is better than track and field or
basketball or mud run. When Iwas younger, those things were great fun,
but excellent mud run is an actualcompetitions. In addition to this,
the Nebraska Sports Council sponsors the CorporateGames, and there's a Lincoln Corporate Games

and an Omaha Corporate Games which isheld this fall, which is companies sign
up to get their employees to participate. It builds camaraderie, team building,
gets people moving, promotes healthy activelifestyle. And they have sand volleyball and
walking and all sorts of interesting things. You can, you know, get

your company to sign up. Wehave twenty five companies signed up right now
for the Omaha Corporate Games for thisfall, and we've got room for another
twenty five companies. Where do yousign up for that same website corn Mester
State Games or Omaha Corporate Games.Okay, for a lot of these sports
here, you might have a team. Thing like pickle ball would be teams

of tube and there could be andthe soccer's good, yeah, soccer's big.
Volleyball is big, Baseball is big. What if what if you don't
you want to play baseball but youdon't have eight other people to play with?
They put well, I would callthe sports director for the baseball team
and tell him that, hey,you know, does a team need an
extra player? Okay, excellent?What about age ranges here? Well,

I think that they break them upcertainly in track and field, and here
in Omaha we just experienced the statetrack meet, so this is a perfect
opportunity for those hundreds of athletes thatcame to Burke Stadium to participate. So
if you're from a surrounding community andyou want to come in and play against

the best, well come in andsign up for track and field and you
can run against the best. Andthey also have a great event, uh
for the young kids, where everykid runs a forty yard dash, every
kid throws a softball, and everykid does a broad jymp and every kid
gets a ribbon. But these arefor you know, those who are eight

and less, eight and younger,so it's great fun to watch those.
It's so much fun to compete inthis. And just go there and peruse
all the offerings at corn Husker stategamesdot com. Or if you want to
volunteer, you provided a phone numberas well. Same way four seven one
two five four four four two fourseven one two five four four and volunteer

the game. Like I said,the games runs on volunteers and donations,
So come out and play, andif you can't play, then volunteer.
You know, help if you can'tvolunteer, come watch, or if you
can't do that, buy the Tshirts for the volleyball team, or buy
the medals for the track team,or you know, buy the clay pigeons

for the trap shooters. Or isthere an opening ceremonies. It's not a
big ceremony. It's a flag racingthing. It's slightly different this year to
help celebrate the fortieth year. Whatabout closing ceremonies. There's no closing ceremonies.
I think for the future, Well, I think that a number of
the sports directors do an inordinate amountof work. Yeah, this is their

number one volunteer effort for the year, and I think they celebrate. They
celebrate that it's going to start,and then they celebrate that they made it
done. Yeah. I'm guessing thatthat's a private party that. Yeah,
it involves then crashing afterwards. That'sexactly I will tell you that for the
two days after the corn Huster StateGames, it's pretty much time to rest.

Well, this is a great thingthat you and everyone else who's involved
with this puts on here for amateurathletes throughout the stay of Nebraska. Again,
it starts up July eleventh, Soit's coming right up here, and
it's only over a course of justa matter of days, so to over
two weekends. You just want tosign up right now and go to Kornhuskerstategames

dot com see what you can participatein. Bring the family, bring the
co workers, or volunteer your timeto assist as doctor William Slicktemeyer, Sports
director with the Kornhusker State Games.You've been doing this for a very long
time, haven't you. I have. I believe in it if I wouldn't
if I didn't believe in it.It's family friendly, fun activities to get
families moving so they can be healthierin the state. I always enjoy talking

with you. Your passion for thisevent really comes through every single year.
Thanks a lot for what you're doinghere for the Cornhusker State Games, and
thanks for telling us about it onCommunity Matters. We have time for one
more segment on this week's edition ofCommunity Matters, and for that we welcome
back to the program by iHeartRadio cohortRyan Gorman with more May was Lupus Awareness

Month and to discuss the disease andwhat's being done to combat it. I'm
joined by the President and CEO ofthe Lupus Research Alliance, Albert t Roy.
You can learn more at loupresearch dotorg. Albert, thanks so much
for taking a few minutes to comeon the show, and let's start with
an overview of how the Lupus ResearchAlliance first came about and the work that

you do. Yeah, Ryan,thank you for having me. You know,
the the LRAA really started back asan organization called the Alliance for Lupus
Research in nineteen ninety nine. Itwas founded by a gentleman named Ambassador Robert
wood Johnson the fourth or Woody Johnson, who started the organization because of his

one of his daughters was suffering fromlupus. And it's morphed over the years.
It's combined with other organizations to culminatingtwenty seventeen to become the Loopus Research
Alliance. And we're a very simpleorganization to understand. You know, our
vision is to our vision is frankly, to free the world of loopus.
And we do that through achieving ourmission, and our mission is putting people

with lupus at the center of allwe do. We we drive the discovery
and the development of the next generationdiagnostics for lupus as well as curative treatments,
and we do this through forging strategiccollaborations with industry and researchers and funding
what we think is the best researchin the world, really from the bench

to the bedside. And you know, because of this, because of our
focus, because we're very focused onjust research, we are the world's largest
private funder of lupus research non agovernmental funder of lupus research in the world.
So you know, we're doing alot in space and we're excited about
the future. I think most everyonehas heard of lupus, but many listening

might not really understand what exactly itis. Can you explain that for us?
Yeah? Sure. Lupus is achronic autoimmune disease and affects millions around
the world. Nine out of tenpeople with lupus are unfortunately women, and

it's most often diagnosed in the childbearing years for women, and that's between
the ages of fifteen and forty four. Women of color are especially at more
risk, three times more likely toget loopus. And we don't know why,
right, women, Not out often people that get are women.

We don't know why women of colorare disportunately affected. That's what we're seeking
to solve. The easiest way toexplain it is essentially people with loopus.
Everyone has an immune system, andyour immune system is really used to protect

you against infection, but instead,with lupus, your body essentially doesn't leave
your body alone. And what Imean by that is that your immune system
unfortunately creates antibodies that are mistakenly recognizedby your immune system in its normal cells

as foreign and essentially at tax yourmeans to some tax your own self,
your healthy tissue, and this manifestsin the organs and manifests in the skin.
The most common symptoms that we seewith people who develop loopus our skin
rashes, particularly in the face,the butterfly rash which extends below the eyes

and over the nose, fevers,severe fatigue, joint inflammation, skin inflammation,
and sometimes the skin can be verydisfiguring. And so that's lupus in
a nutshell's essentially your body doesn't leaveyour body alone, and we don't know
why, but we're working real hardto find out. Does this have the

potential to be a deadly disease?It can because of its how chronic it
is because it's there is no cure. I think what makes loopus potentially fatal
is that the treatments that most peoplereceive for loopus are treatments that were developed

for other diseases, or people receivehigh doses of steroid called premosome and cancer
therapeutic agents are not intended to begiven in a chronic setting, but they
are in loopus. Sometimes for themost severe cases. Premosome, which is

incredible for treating inflammation in acute setting, is not intended to be given over
twenty five to thirty to forty years. And so what that does is people
who are receiving these treatments to sortof support their care. There's toxicity associated
with long term use of these drugs, and that's why we are so focused

on really understanding the biology of thedisease, understanding the pathways of what gets
triggered in an individual that leads totheir loopus, and really developing targeted therapies
that are not as toxic but reallytailored to support the care of these individuals

and not repurposing things that were neverintended to be given over ten, twenty
thirty forty years. And so becauseof the toxicity of some of the drugs,
people's quality of life suffer and that'swhat ultimately sometimes can cause this disease
to be fatal. However, Iwill say that there is one component of

lupus that has a fairly high mortalityrate, and that is when lupus involves
the kidneys, and that's called lupusnephritis, And so we have to pay
attention very closely to these patients becauseover time, the damage that a cruise
if the treatments aren't good, isthat people sometimes go into kidney failure and
then the transplant. When you haveto go to a transplant, then there's

a whole set of other risks thatthat that that come into into the pictures.
So, you know, one ofthe things that we've done is there
are two drugs approved for loopus andthose two drugs really were born out of
the research that the l RA andits legacy organization supported. Uh, we're
proud of that. And there's alsoa drug that was recently approved a couple

of years ago for lupus nephritis thatthe l RA had invested some foundational research
and that also led to that.So while there's only three therapies available to
people broadly for loopus. Uh.The l RA has had a hand in
it, and we're excited about thefuture of some new therapies that are also
being tested clinically. Lupusresearch dot org. That's Lupusresearch dot org. May was

Lupus Awareness Month and with us wehave President and CEO of the Loopus Research
Alliance, Albert t Roy. Albertreally appreciate it taking time to come on
the show and thank you so muchfor the great work you're doing on this
disease and all the research tied toit. And it's been a pleasure,
and you know, it takes avillage, and I hope that people that

hear this and listen to it canget involved with us and looking forward to
the next time we can connect.This has been Community Matters, a weekly
public affairs special on Cat one Othree, Omaha's Greatest Hits, ninety nine
point nine kg R News Radio,eleven ten KFAB, Country's Greatest Hits ninety

three three The Wolf and ninety sixto one Kiss FM. Thank you so
much for listening and enjoy the restof your day.
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