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May 4, 2024 34 mins
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Meet Bob. He's a four timetire rotation champion. When he was a
baby, his first words were automatictransmission fluid. Bob's so cool he has
engine coolant running through his veins.And then there's Kyle, also known as
Premium Unleaed. Legend has it thatKyle can change your oil with his toes,

and that he can tell your tiresille pressure just by how you're walking.
He's Bob, He's Kyle, andevery Saturday morning they morphed together to
form the greatest superhero known to man. Mister Mechanic check engine lights don't stand
a chance. This is the MisterMechanic Show. On eleven ten, Kfab

all right, good morning to you. This is the Mister Mechanic Show for
all you mechanaholics out there fixing everythingthat gets broken. This is your interactive
call in talk show. If yougot that car you can't figure out,
you're trying to decide if this isthe car for you. Maybe you're just
trying to decipher what your mechanics tellingyou. That's what we're here for.

Four oh two, five, five, eight, eleven ten is the numbers
to get in call as soon asyou can because the lines tend to fill
up here. In the last fewweeks, we've been gangbusters on this telephone.
All right, I'm Kyle with methis morning is Carl. We're from
fiftieth in Dodge. Good morning.We're Buchanan Service Center eightieth and Dodge.

Fiftieth in Dodge. Guaranteed Breaks atforty ninth Avenue in Dodge. We fix
cars every day of the week andtwice on Sunday, at least twice.
Yeah, yeah, pretty busy weekin the shop here. Before we get
into everything that's kind of going onhere on my desk, I wanted to
talk a little bit about I hadone car this morning that kind of you

know, it's been a problem fora couple of mechanics from what I've heard,
and got it in here. It'skind of new to the guy.
This was a pretty new Chevy CruiseI think two thousand eight eighteen Chevy crews
and had a headlight issue. Startedwith one headlight not working. They put
a bulb in it still didn't work. Kind of dealt with it for a

little bit. Now both of themquit working. This is a new car
to the guy, of course,I mean it got it used and so
I started probing into everything. Igot power and ground at the headlight.
So okay, what does that tellme? Should be a bad ball.
Yeah, so when you plug thebulb in, you lose power. So

I start kind of looking into thisthing. This car has been in a
pretty hard head on collision, andfrom you know, staring at it,
you can't really tell. Well,somebody had taken the wires where they were
broken, twisted them together and putelectrical tape around them. We live in
a climate where that's not really feasible. So the one piece of advice so

I got in there. You know, you got to take the bumper off,
get the headlights out, do yourrepair. Pretty simple thing. You
always want to seal electrical wiring wheneveryou do it. I mean a lot
of guys that listen to this show, I mean they do their own work,
but yeah, I mean the industrystandard they want you to solder everything
and heat shrink it with you know, in a POxy heat shrink, which
is great, it's all fine anddandy, works well yep. In cars,

I mean that's easier said than donein a lot of cases. A
lot of the places that I endup finding wiring problems are in no man's
land. You can't get to theirno. I mean it's hard to even
cut the wire, get one handup in their litt alone see it.
Yeah, And I mean, butanyway, the moral of this story is,

before you go and buy a car, it's always and Bob and I
and Carl and I have preached thisfor years. Have it looked at?
Yep? Because I mean I couldtell you as soon as I got this
car on the rack, I couldtell you it's been in a pretty hard
head on collision, and immediately Iwould start looking deeper into this. Take

some covers off. How far backwas this car hit? A lot of
times that's not dispersed in The consumerdoesn't know that. Yeah, and you
might not even see a salvage title. I mean, if a person got
in a wreck didn't want to claimit on their insurance, they could find
a fly by night guy that canyou cover this up and make it look

good so I don't have to putit on my insurance on my car.
I'm about to turn in And ithappens. We see it all the time.
So peace of mind is worth itsweight in gold. With these cars,
get them looked at it's compared towhat you'll pay on the back end,
it's well worth what you'd pay foran inspection. And then you know

what you got. Used cards haveincreased so much in the past few years,
it's crazy, Yeah, Jeff topay, Yeah, know what you're
getting. You know what you're getting. So that being said, let's jump
right into the calls. We gotMike with a two thousand tahoe. Mike,
what's going on this morning? Right? And picking up where left off?
Electrical issue? Okay, So I'vegot yeah two thousand tahoe, had

it for twenty years, and Ican be driving down the road. Everything's
fine. I hit a pothole,which is not hard doing them off,
or I hit any type of depressionin the road, and at that time,
my gauges all start jumping around lightsand you know, belding whistles go
off like I won the you knowslot machine, you hit the jackpond there.
Yeah, It'll be like that fora while. Then I'll just reset
itself. There's inscrimly and my questionis and like I said, it's electrical,

so I know it's one of yourguys's favorite topics and broad spectrum of
answers. Would it be a loosewire mainly in a cluster panel or is
it just you know, it doesn'tlike right now, it's working perfectly.
I'm driving right now, but Iget a pothole and then all my you
know, the service center lights willstart cycling through security you know, oil
change, and all the lights willlight up, and my gauges start bouncing

and right and then just so it'sbeen like that for probably ten years.
So I just always ignored it.Okay, Yeah, I didn't know if
any thoughts on that. Yeah,So these trucks, I've owned a few
of them, and I've worked ona million of them with this particular issue.
So anytime I'm going to tell youwhere I'm going to start. Anytime
I have this era of GM truckor SUV that has instrument clusters, it's

a common problem. The first placeI always go is the passenger side cylinder
head. On the back of thatpassenger side cylinder head, they have three
grounds that are on a stud backthere that control you know, your injectors,
your coils, probably a computer ground, but your instrument cluster ground there.

And these get green, they getcorroded. Eventually, they just snap
right off, and your instrument clusterquits working all together. So that's always
the first place I go. I'mgonna take that entire stud out. I'm
gonna pull all these grounds up.I'm gonna look at them. Do they
look okay? Okay, well,then I'm gonna own them against ground?

Are they opened? Do they howmany ohms do they have to ground?
Cause there's been a lot of timesthat you know, hey, this looks
okay. Then I strip back thewire and see about three inches of green
wire on there, and I knowthat's where my problem is. So that's
the number one most biggest problem I'veseen with these instrument clusters. Secondly is

the instrument cluster itself. This waskind of GM's first stab at this circuit
board instrument cluster of that style,and they had a lot of problems.
You know, Initially, generally,when I see an instrument cluster problem,
I'll have a customer come in.Oh, well, my oil gauge quit

working about three years ago. Nowthe gas gauge quit working, So now
it's time to deal with it,because you to know how much gas I
got, and then you'll get inthere and find the circuit board shorted.
But the first place I would gomic is to that ground at the back
of that cylinder head. And okay, you know it's pretty it's kind of
packed back there. It'll look kindof intimidating at first, but it's not

that bad to get back there.And generally what I'll do just start your
car, have somebody sit in adriver's seat, go back there. You'll
feel around back there and you'll feelthat wire, those wires that are bolted
to the back of the cylinder head. Just kind of grab them and give
them a shake. Now, whenI said I'm not I used to work
on my cars a lot of yearsagoing on younger for the all went electronic
on this. Uh, when you'resaying cylinder it is that from opening the

hood department. Okay, yeah,you open the hood and over there on
the passenger side, you're going tosee four coils just kind of sitting there
and those bolt to your valve coverthat's bolted to the cylinder head. Okay,
Okay, Like I said, I'vekind of ignored it over the years.
It's just kind of like my littlegremlin. Yeah, and it works
fine. I mean, for awhile, my gas cats didn't work for

a long time, and so Ijust kept track of the mileage. And
then finally my fuel pump went out, so I think it's just sending you
from the fuel plump that's going backanyway, So true place of fuel pump.
Everything works good there now Now they'sjust like I said, it's kind
of funny. I can almost timeit on my way to work where I'm
going to hit where he's going togo bouncing and going haywire and all that.
But I'm thinking about selling it,and I you know, that's like
if I can spend a couple ofa bus keet a six to save somebody

the headache. But me, Iknow what it's gonna happen. I've been
driving it for so long, youknow, every little pump, every little
rattle. You drive a car fortwenty years, so it's so fast.
It is what it is. Sowe listen. I really appreciate help.
And it sounds like it's a COmONproblem, nothing unique to this one.
So we might look at some wireshere this happening, Yeah, no big
deal, Mike. I'm sure you'llget it fixed, all right, appreciate
it, Thank you, you bet, Thanks for the call. All right,

We're going to take a quick breakhere on The Mister Mechanics Show.
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Oh, proud sponsor of The MisterMechanic Show. The Mister Mechanic Show
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Visit us online at ucananservice dot com. We got Tim waiting patiently with

a Volkswagen twenty seventeen. Volkswagen andTim, what's going on this morning?
Hey? How you guys doing excellent? So this car has been dealer maintained
since we bought new, so acouple weeks ago. The service engine now
came on and the wife takes hercar to the dealer and I work on

everything else. But but it endedup it was way little on the oil
man so and then you know,so then I'm talking to him. I
don't know exactly how much, butI'm guessing for the light to come on,
it had to be a couple ofcourts low. But anyway, So
talking with the with the guy there, he says that Volkswagen's limit on oil

usage is at court per thousand miles. Have you ever heard that one?
Yep, Toyota's only seven hundred.I've got a that's got the two liter
turbo. But I've got an olderone with a two point five with two
hundred and forty thousand on it.It doesn't burn a licku oil. Sure,
so I can't believe that thousand milesfor one quart of oil. You

know, it's not like an oldAlice Chalmers. Yeah, then it's crazy
to think about that. But it'sbecoming more and more common because we're going
to much thinner oils. I'm surethat that car recommends zero twenty as an
oil. Yeah, if I hadto be twenty or something, I think
synthetic. But yeah, but yeah, I mean you're not the first guy.

I mean, ninety percent of theVolkswagons I see come in with that
engine, they're all low. Yeah. Yeah, I just I never check
it because, like I said,I've got the old one in it.
You know, this one's got ninetysix thousand on it. But the only
good thing is he says if itburns more than a court per thousand.
I hate those big warranties that weactually got it on that one. They

said they'll put a new engine init. Sure, And I'm just monitored
it myself right now. So yeah, And like I say, I mean,
ninety percent of the volkswagons with thatmotor I see come in. I
mean they're all low a little bit. But unfortunately it's one of those things
they haven't quite gotten a holdout.And yet, I mean, like I

say, you're not the It's notjust Volkswagon Toyotas Hondas Ford chevyes. It
just seems just seems pretty pathetic.Yeah it does. Yeah, but I
mean those oils are there for they'remaking them that then for a reason,
and that's to maintain the bottom ends, maintain longevity. So unfortunately we just

got to keep up with checking themand maintaining them. But yeah, I
mean, keep an eye on it, like I say, like he's told
you, if it gets any worse, then they'll cover it under their campaign
or whatever they can do. Butyeah, I mean, but the majority
of the people don't check their oiland they just get an oil change.
But it's like, well now Idon't even need to get an oil change
because it'll all be new oil beforeit's due. Yeah. Yeah, yeah,

screw a filter in every seven thousand. Yep, there you go.
So okay, there, yep,there you go. Ten. Thanks guys,
you bet, thanks for the call. All right, Well head over
to Rick. Rick's got a ninetyseven to fifty Rick, what's happening this
morning? Morning, guys. Iappreciate the show. Hey, I've got

a little bit of a jackal andhide truck. So a quick history.
Last winter it runs on the Interstate, it runs the RPMs, would be
very erratic in the fourth and fifthyear, so it would go from fifteen

hundred to twenty five hundred backboard backforth, just being all weird. So
had it took in and they hadto looked at and I believe they changed
the dual sensor gauge. I don'thave the paperwork in front of me,
so I'm kind of going off memory. Truck ran fine for about two months

now. The idol it erradically idolshigh, and it actually did that before
as well too, but now sothat's what I really took it in to
get fixed, was get the idolfixed, and that seemed to take care
of the shifting and RPM deal onthe interstate ran find for two months now.

The intermittently the high idol will comeback, and the shifts from the
second the third gear is really rough. The RPMs are kind of going crazy
again, and when it shifts fromsecond to third it's just like just like
slams into gear sure, and it'sjust really weird. So but then it's

usually a cold start. Idols fine, runs fine, shifts fine, run
it for you know, twenty thirtyminutes and it starts to do this again.
So I can't figure out what theheck's going on. I've had a
couple of people look at it saywell, we can't figure it out until
it's doing it, which I understand, or they don't have the diagnostic tool

that is old. It goes backto something that's old. So any thoughts
on what might possibly be happening there, absolutely So everything that you've just described
to me is going to direct metowards a vacuum leak. And these trucks
were notorious for weird vacuum leaks.So the first thing I would look at,

you know, if you're just goingto go out there and go underneath
your hood and say, hey,let's check this out. There's PCV hoses
And I can't remember off the topof my head on this particular year,
it's either going to come off thepassenger side of the intake manifold and go
right to the passenger side valve cover, or it's going to come off the
back of the valve of the intakeand then loop around to that passenger side

valve cover. And they have elbowson there. Then they're just made out
of rubber. Look, they looklike a spark plug boot and they rot
and they get soft because of allthe oil vapors and everything, and then
they start to suck into the intakeand that creates a huge vacuum leak.

And you know how you're describing it. You know, when a cold start,
it's fine, and then once itwarms up, then you're having an
issue. That's pretty normal because acold engine can run lean and you might
not recognize it until it gets hotand it wants to bring that idol down.
Then you know your air fuel ratiois getting all skewed. So and

I mean these foward trucks, likeI say, they had a lot of
weird intake vacuum leaks. I mean, try pulling your oil cap off and
see if that fixes anything. Orif you can put your hand on that
oil spout and it wants to suckyour hand in, then you'll know if
your PCV valve is stuck straight opencausing an internal vacuum leak. Aside from

that, I mean you're gonna beunderneath the hood. Get a can of
carburetor cleaner or something like that weuse, just kind of spray around lightly.
I mean, don't dump a lotof it on there, because if
you've got a leak in coil boot, you're gonna find it right away and
you're not gonna like the result alittle fire. But yeah, if it
picks up an idle when you sprayaround, then you'll know you have gotten

close to where that vacuum like isat. So so when when when the
roughs, when the rough shifts goinglike say from second to third gear,
does that is that pressure built upsomewhere in that line that slamming it into
gear? Then what what I'm gonnahell you, Let's fix our engine drive

ability first, because your transmission isgoing to do whatever the engine's doing.
So if you've got an engine that'snot running properly, it's going to affect
your transmission and how it shifts.Sure, And I can't remember if that
particular transmission has a vacuum modulator onit, but I mean if that's weak
on vacuum, you're not gonna shiftright. But I mean, let's get

our engine going first. I mean, let's let's handle the stake before we
worry about the PS. So let'sget our engine going good. Yeah,
and that's fine, So we don'tnecessarily need to have a diagnostic tool hooked
up to that computer to actually tellme that or is that still something that

is would that indicate where that potentialleak would be coming from. No,
it's not gonna You're not gonna pluginto it and it'll say PCV host.
I mean, if anything, you'regonna get a code at best in that
old afford. But if I'm usinga controller to kind of tell me,
I'm going to go down a datastream that's a bunch of weird numbers that

your average guy probably wouldn't understand.And then I'm going to look at fuel
trims and see what the fuel trimsare doing. Is my fuel trim,
you know, thirty percent lean?That's full bore lean, you know.
And then I can go around andI can spray my brake cleaner and see
if I hit some certain area,does that number drop back down to zero

or five percent? You know,something better than thirty percent. That's what
I'm going to use that particular toolfor. So No, I mean to
answer your question, No, youdo not need that to tackle a vacuum
leak. I mean, okay,so if I if I took it into
a garage or what have you,they would be able to sea can destroy

this whatever vacuum whichever wherever the vacuumleak is would be coming from. Oh,
absolutely, yeah. I mean thisis not an obscure problem that we
see in the trucks. I mean, any season mechanic is going to know
right where to go. Gotcha?Okay, all right, guys, Well
I appreciate the help and hopefully thatsolves my issue and we're back to smooth

run and truck. Yeah, youbet you're gonna get this fixed here,
Rick, I know it. Allright, Thanks for the call, appreciate
it now, thank you, youbet. All right, We're gonna take
a quick break here on The MisterMechanic Show. Five five, eight,
eleven, ten or the numbers toget in. We'll be back in a
minute. The Mister Mechanic Show ispowered by Buchanan Service Center seventy ninth in

Dodge and fiftieth in Dodge in Omaha. Last half of the show, Last
chance till next week. All right, let's jump back into the calls we
got Bob with as seventeen f onepoint fifteen Bob hit me with it.
Yeah, So I'm just wondering,is there anything I need to be worried
about with this thing? It's gotthe V six herbo on it. Is

there anything I should be watching for? It's got about seventy five thousand miles
on it right now. Okay,you've maintained it well, oil changes,
transmission services, coolant flushes, thingslike that, all your recommended maintenance.
Uh yeah, okay, some ofthe I mean with these newer trucks,
I mean, we see a fewof them, not an incredible amount.

With that V six turbo. Oneof its biggest problems that I see as
these turbochargers leaking. They'll leak antifreeze from the center of the body,
and they're in between your turbine andcompressor. There's you know, that bushing
in there, and you've got antifreeze in there to cool it, you've

got oil in there to lubricate it. Well, they start leaking, and
that's about, I mean, reallyabout it. We don't see a lot
of problems with them, you know, even getting up into the higher mileage.
I mean, I've heard a fewpeople talk about timing issues and stuff
like that with these engines, Butin every one of those cases that I've

researched, I mean, we werealways able to pinpoint it back to poor
maintenance. You'd take a cover offand just see the sludge and all the
tailtale signs that this thing wasn't seeingoil changes regularly. So I mean,
as long as you keep up onthat, and that goes with any engine,
any engine, not just these Fords. I mean, you don't maintain

them, they're gonna give you problems. But those turbo chargers, they had
a lot of issues. And I'mnot sure when I know that they did
have redesigned on these, but I'mnot sure exactly when they launched that.
But all in all, as longas you're keeping up with maintaining it,
we don't see a lot of bigticket issues with these trucks. I think

you're gonna be in good shape.Yeah, okay, but that turbo sounds
expensive. Yes, yes, yeah, there's two of them on that truck,
so I mean generally they do wouldstart laking in pairs. But but
yeah, they're kind of shoehorned thatengine in there between those strut towers and
that's where those turbos are, unfortunately. But yeah, to get to them,

I mean it can be a prettypricey job. I mean you're upwards
of a couple thousand dollars but likeI say, they did have a redesigned
for it. I'm just not surewhen that campaign was launched. Okay,
Okay, well I appreciate it.Yeah, you bet, Bob. Thanks
for the call, you bet,thank you. All Right, we're gonna

head over to Brian with a twentytwelve Toyota Sequoia. Brian, what do
you got for us? Yeah?Hey, so my my Sequoia is starting
to have kind of a rotten eggsmell out of the exhaust. You know,
I stay on top of the transmissionchanges, but I've read that could
be a problem that maybe or whatother causation you think there could be for

that sort of smell. Well,your transmission's not gonna emit any kind of
smell out of your tailpipe. Yeah. So the first thing whenever I get
a funky smell, I mean,that tells me that's the catalytic converters somewhat
working because it's able to fire offemissions. So is there any check engine

light in this car? Is thaton? Nope, no sick flight and
no codes. Okay, So thatwould tell me that your fuel trim is
probably okay if there's no codes oranything. What kind of gas are you
running. Are you running any kindof additives or anything like that? We
did some. I did clean itout. Why used one of the duel

cleaner you know, maybe three fourmonths ago, okay, And I noticed
it is burning a little bit ofoil. I switched from five W thirty
to zero twenty because Lott of themechanics told me I should do that.
And I'm wondering if that was abad idea for a car that's sold.
What kind of do you know whatthat car recommends for oil? Because that's

the V eight, that's a Veight, Yeah? Is that a zero
two engine? Well, I don'tknow, that's what That's why I was
at the Toyota dealer, so ISindy knew what he was talking about,
because I would, if my memoryserves me correctly, I mean, that
should be a five thirty engine.Uh. Yeah, I don't remember zero
twenty starting in the V eights waythat early, because I mean, you

could be pushing some oil through thatcatalytic converter causing your smell. But I
mean, I would definitely double checkon your oil because if you're running thin
oil and an engine that should havefive thirty regardless of what the smell coming
out of the tailpipe is you're goingto have some issues. But you know,
look into that a little bit.I mean your fuel system cleaner.

I mean, if that was donethree months ago, I would doubt that
you're still having that kind of issue. And I mean you're down to catalytic
converters. Maybe something's on the faceof that converter that you cleaned out of
this engine and that's what's burning offwith no check engine like, i'd say
that everything's working fine, that yourfuel systems able to flow, You're not

having any lean conditions stuff like that. I mean, aside from taking your
exhaust apart and putting a flashlight inthere and getting a good look at the
front of that cataltic converter at thesescreens or that honeycomb there. You know,
I would say, double check youroil. Make sure that you know
you're getting the right oil in thiscar, right, Okay? You know

thirty I don't. I think that'sprobably a good bet too, So sure,
yeah, you bet, Brian.Thanks for the call. All right,
let's head over to Shane. Shane'sgot a two thousand and eight Silverado.
Shane, what's going on? Ihave a problem with the windows.
I bought a new Guests Master windowswitch. Okay for the driver's door.

I've checked all the fuses, andafter that, the windows still do not
roll down. Okay, none ofthem. None of the windows at all
roll down nothing. Okay, Sothey don't roll down from any switch,
right correct? Okay, So thatmaster windows switch controls a lot on these

trucks, but the body control modulealso controls the windows as well. So
that being said, I mean yourdriver's window switch is somewhat of a module
in that year of truck. Sothe first place I'm going to go is
to that driver's window switch. DoI have power and ground there? It

should have a standalone power and ground. It's still somewhat of a primitive switch
if I have light on it,so like I can turn on my headlights
and it lights up. Okay,And that may be a secondary circuit because
that's going in on a small wire. Yeah, so I want to look.
There's gonna be some heavy wires thatit's going to have a power and

ground. And if I don't havetwelve volte power or fourteen engine on and
a good ground, I'm gonna goto that door jam that accordion loom in
your door jam and I'm gonna findthose wires. Are they broken? And
if they are, great, let'sfix them up. See if that solved
their problem. If they aren't,then I'm going to go and I'm gonna

scan this car. See what thebody control module tells me. Can we
see that these are being commanded throughthat module? And you know that's gonna
be difficult for you at home,But one thing you can do at home
is pull your door panel off.Find your window motor. It's two wires.
You're gonna have a power and groundgoing one way to go up.

You're gonna have a power and groundgoing the other way to go down.
So find out which side you're missing, because you're missing either one of the
two or you're missing both altogether.And from there you can kind of go
backwards and kind of say, okay, well, if you're missing a well,
where do I it comes from theBCM through this switch? You know?

Where is it actually breaking down?Weird? Is? I can unhook
the batteries and leave it set overnightand then the windows will roll up and
down until I shut the truck off. I'll start the truck the next morning,
and then I shut it off andit won't work after that. Okay,

So that being said, we knowall our wiring is good in that
door jam. We know that wecan potentially have twelve volts and ground at
our switch. We know that allof our window motors are working fine.
Our system is inherently good. Sothen that being said, I'm going straight
to this BCM and that's located youknow that panel that's right at your knees

while you're driving your truck, it'slocated right behind that. You take that
off, you're gonna be staring itin the face. Now, excuse me.
These were a big problem on thesetrucks for certain things. I have
a two thousand and eight Silverado.My tire light stays on all the time
because of the BCU. But thefirst thing I want to look at,

I mean, is there any aftermarketremote start or security system on this car
that wasn't factory? Okay, sowe can rule that out. That nobody's
spliced into these because that's where theylike to go for some reason, and
it fries these suckers. But thatbeing said, this I mean, like

I say, these BCMS are notan uncommon thing to do in these trucks.
But if you can get online finda wiring diagram of your window circuit,
you know, find out what weneed to find out what we're missing,
because let's not just jump to okay, we need to throw a module
in this thing, and it's goingto be expensive when it happens. Let's

see do we have all of ourpowers and grounds to this module, because
I mean somewhere and that ground isunderneath your truck on your driver's side where
the cab mounts to the frame.Carl and I were just talking about this
off the air, on the frontof that mount bracket on your frame,

there's like seven or eight grounds atall ground right there, and they get
rusty and they get crusty and takea look at that. But and I've
been bitten by this in the past. You'll think, you know, hey,
my fuse is good to this module. You know, it's got a
ground, what can it be?So a lot of times I'll find these

modules will have four or five,six, seven different fused powers and also
two three four grounds. You know, do we have all of those when
this problem happens. Let's not juststop at one power, one ground,
because there's going to be muld thepolls, so, I mean, and
you can get a wiring diagram offGoogle. It's easy to find because they

use the same BCM and wiring harnessfor many different years, probably two thousand
and six to probably fourteen, Iwould bet. But you know, get
down there, take a look atit. You'll figure it out, I'm
sure. But take a good lookat those grounds. I mean, if
it's something you can disconnect a battery, it tells me that's something cycling down

and then it can refresh, youknow, before these capacitors really start to
eat the ground. Okay, connectionsat to BCM sometimes get green. Yeah,
and I mean where this one's located, it's definitely a possibility. But
I mean, let's let's kind ofcheck everything, all right, Yeah,

definitely, because I think it waslike a ground in this show and stuff
like it. Yep. But yeah, give that a look at Shane.
Let us know what you find,all right, all right, thanks for
the call. All right, wegot to take a quick break here on
The Mister Mechanic Show. Five five, eight, eleven, ten or the
numbers to get in. The MisterMechanic Show is brought to you by Buchanan

Service Center. Two locations, seventyninth in Dodge and fiftieth in Dodge.
In Omaha,
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