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August 19, 201495 min
You the listeners set the topics for this episode!

We asked you for questions for us to discuss, and you delivered!

From what DC characters would we like to see in the MCU to what was the biggest misstep the Marvel Cinematic Universe has taken, we discuss the fun topics you have given us!


* Ben will be at Wizardworld Chicago. His table is D50, and his Hedge Knight collaborator will be there as well!

* John Slattery in Ant-Man? SOURCE: Cinema Blend

* Production on Ant-Man has begun! SOURCE: Marvel

* Falcon not taking the shield on the silver screen any time soon. SOURCE: Hollywood Reporter

* Inhumans movie being written. SOURCE: Collider

* Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. has its Mockingbird! SOURCE: Marvel


We talk about . . . well, the things You wanted us to talk about!

This episode was requested by a listener on Facebook (Agent Brian, thanks!) and we thought it sounded like a very fun idea.

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