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Marvel Unlimited and the Guardians of the Galaxy Trailer — WTL7037

February 23, 201493 min
With no new episodes of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. this week, Ben and Daniel still managed to find some NEW Marvel content to talk about (Guardians of the Galaxy) and also


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* Spoiler! A toy and a track listing on the Captain America: Winter Soldier soundtrack may have revealed a huge spoiler. And Ben was spoiled by it . . . without even looking for it!

* Avengers: Age of Ultron is filming in South Korea.

* The Guardians of the Galaxy trailer is here! And Ben and Daniel talk about it!



Ben and Daniel have been joined by a podcasting friend, David Clements from the Geek This! Podcast.

We talk about the Marvel Unlimited digital comic subscription service.

What are the pros? The cons? Is it worth it? We explore all that and more in this episode of the podcast!


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Chat About Marvel Unlimited and the Guardians of the Galaxy Trailer — WTL7037

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