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"Nothing Personal" — (1×20) WTL7048

April 29, 2014124 min
In Nothing Personal, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. continues it's crazy awesome race to the season finale with an episode filled with action and twists and turns.


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* Joe Q. was on Fatman on Batman podcast and talked -- Source: Fatman on Batman (warning -- explicit content)


This episode was BIG.

From Skye and Ward's back and forth to Maria Hill and Coulson's teaming up!

From Deathlock's information digging to May's grave digging!

From Tripplet showing he's a stand up agent to Coulson proving he was the most stand up agent out there!

This was an episode about good, smart people taking on bad, smart people.

Safe to say, we liked it, from Man-Thing's name drop

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