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"Seeds" — (1×12) WTL7032

January 15, 201495 min
On this episode of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., "Seeds", we get a mystery to solve, and find out another mystery we already knew about is actually much deeper than expected!


Bill Paxton will be Agent John Garrett, an actual SHIELD agent from the comics! Source: TV Guide

Michael Douglas (?) is Hank Pym, Ant-Man? Meaning Paul Rudd is Scott Lang, Ant-Man! Source: Marvel.com

Johnny Depp has been in talks with Marvel about being Dr. Strange? Maybe. Source: Dubious


* FitzSimmons are in their element, and we get some backstory on both, but especially Fitz.

* Skye never went to the academy, so she's the character we're following in.

* What's up with the fall of the honored fallen? Why is Daniel going off on it?

* Donnie and Seth, two new characters at the academy, seem to be victims of a character who wants to use ice machines to kill them? Of course, we're waiting for the 30 minute twist that turns the story on its head.

* Coulson and May are on a mission! Why? Coulson wants to find info about Skye; May wants to distract Coulson from the info he learned last episode.

* Skye learns she doesn't have a family . . . or DOES she?

* What the what? There's a 084 from twenty some years ago! And it's [SPOILER]???

* Coulson wants no more secrets, so he reveals his secret to Skye


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