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"The Bridge" — (1×10) WTL7028

December 11, 201399 min
It's the mid-season finale cliffhanger for Marvel's Agents of SHIELD, "The Bridge"! Is it a hit or a miss?


* We're having a contest! For listeners! So you have to listen to get details!

* Some minor casting notes . . . but not much.


For this episode of Agents of SHIELD, Ben and Daniel talk about:

* Themes! How many things are BRIDGED in this episode, called The Bridge?

* Mythology building! They tell us more about Centipede, the Clairvoyant, Edison Po, and Raina!

* Mike Peterson is back!

* Cleveland driving!

* The cellist! She is talked about at great length!

* Romance! What's the deal with May and Ward? Workplace romances NEVER work!

* Obsession! Skye is looking for her family, even as she is supposed to be thinking about the mission!

* Emotions! Skye and May butt heads, and May puts the younger "agent" in her place. Meanwhile, May is dealing with some unexpected emotion . . . although it seems pretty negative.

* Immaturity! Fitz and Simmons are delightful, and emotionally immature. And that's just right!

* Cliffhangers! Is Ward wounded? Is Mike blown up? What's May going to do? Woe to whoever is on the receiving end of that look of rage May had at the end of the episode!

I think I just broke my exclamation point key on my keyboard . . .


Not a lot this week, but it's still pretty good. Who gets the "No Prize" this week?

Thank you, listeners. It makes recording these episodes even more exciting and fun for us!


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