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"The Girl in the Flower Dress" (1×05) – WTL7020

October 23, 2013144 min
The latest episode of Agents of SHIELD, The Girl in the Flower Dress, reveals a lot, but did it live up to the potential we saw in Eye Spy? Ben and Daniel discuss that and more in this episode of the podcast.


Thor: The Dark World has two post credit scenes

Captain America: The Winter Soldier will be released a week early in the UK

Kevin Feige reveals WHEN they will tell us what will come after Ant Man

Ben Kingsley returning to Marvel movies?


* THEME: The search for meaning and identity.

* What about Scorch? "They gave him a name." Poor guy.

* We finally get revelations about the internal workings of SHIELD and Rising Tide!

* Skye: What do these revelations about Skye mean? Some of her secrets are out, and what do the different reactions from the team mean? What is her new status quo?

* What do we now know about Coulson?

* Who/what is the guy in prison? And more importantly, who is The Clairvoyant?


As usual, our listeners write and call in with AWESOME feedback!

We talk about the alien writing, which was the subject of our latest poll.

Next episode, we'll be talking about the series (thus far) in review, so send us your thoughts! We want to hear from you!

Chat About "The Girl in the Flower Dress" (1×05) – WTL7020

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