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Balancing the Entrepreneurial Life (Season 3, Episode 36)

February 1, 201716 min
t's Crush Motivation Wednesday! This week we are talking all about Balance and how we really feel about this "buzz" word. Is balance real? Is is something both you or I can have? Well, we think yes and no. In our opinion, you can actually never have complete balance, but sometimes on some days you might have balanced some aspects of your life. In that one moment you may be mastering the balancing act, but it doesn't last forever and something is bound to fall off. See what we mean? Tune into the episode to find out. We also took a question from one of our crushes, a regular listener. The advice we gave her is golden. Gems on Gems.

#Crushtips & Takeaways
Here are some of our favorite tips for finding balance:
- Disconnect regularly : You can't be everything to everyone. Sometimes you just have to unplug from both family and friends
- Protect Your Peace: This is a real thing. Schedule peace breaks throughout the day to have uninterrupted alone time with your self and your though

Chat About Balancing the Entrepreneurial Life (Season 3, Episode 36)

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