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Words from Nerds 224: Borglum not Kruger

October 30, 201331 min
Happy Halloween! We've got a Cylon Pumpkin to tell you about! We've also got a report that shows quite a wide range of performance time across new mobile devices. And two new Marvel movie trailers that have us excited.

Hosts: Tom Kresic, John Kresic, Mike Kresic
Running Time: 31:45

Mobile App of the Week:

Trainyard:  a puzzle of tracks.

Temple Run: Oz - free for a limited time if you get to it through the Apple Store app

Nerd News:

70,000 Matchbooks available

The trailer for X-Men: Days of Future Past, featuring time travel

Captain America: The Winter Soldier trailer is also out.

Really? Microsoft OSes only half as efficient as Apple OSes on same hardware?

Laser connections in space? Yes, please.

Jokes for Physicists

Cylon Pumpkin ! (LATE ADD)


This Week in Nerd History:

October 31, 1941 - Mount Rushmore was ‘completed’ this day. Actually, the money ran out. Work on the monument, honoring Presidents Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, and Teddy Roosevelt, had begun August 10, 1927. It was dedicated March 3, 1933 although work continued. Sculptor Gutzon Borglum died in 1941 and his son, Lincoln, continued the project until funds ran out on this day. Since then , no additional carving has been done, nor is any further work (other than maintenance) on the memorial planned.

October 29, 1998 - The space shuttle Discovery blasted off, returning 77-year-old U.S. Senator John Glenn to space some 36 years after he became the first American in orbit. Glenn was part of a crew of seven astronauts shepherding scientific payloads on the shuttle mission.




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