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Words from Nerds 239: Headphones Review

March 26, 201441 min
This week concludes our three-part audio series with a focus on headphones. We’ll cover everything from in-ear earbuds, on-ear and noise-canceling devices. Plus our Nerd News Flash with news about libations that only real Star Trek fans could appreciate.
Hosts: Tom Kresic, John Kresic, Mike Kresic
Running Time: 41:43

Nerd News Flash:

Google Glass on the roadmap to become more fashionable

Audi self driving car powered by NVidia

Gravity Waves work

Long overdue, perhaps? Klingon Beer.

To infinity and beyond! Not quite, but the ISS is getting new crew.

Featured Story: Headphones

Custom High End earbuds like professional musicians (check out who uses these here)

High end (read that stays at home) over the ear muffs from Sennheiser

What is a DAC and do I need/want one?

Here’s a nice unit from Resonessence Labs that works well for people on the go due to its size.

Lower end over the ear from Bell’O sounds great and have smart phone controls in the cable

Over-the-ear and ear bud Noise Cancelling headphones from Monster and Bose. Bose ear buds here.

I didn’t think about reviewing bluetooth devices. oops.




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