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The Ted Murders ////// 64 

December 4, 201683 min
The Ted Murders ////// 64
1974 Washington State- Young beautiful ladies were disappearing at several college campuses. Some were last seen walking on campus, returning home and one unfortunate woman was snatched in the middle of the night as she slept in her bed. Of course women disappearing is a problem but no one seemed to understand just how big of a problem the Pacific Northwest was experiencing. Well the eyes of the entire community were opened wide in July of 1974 when the abductor of young women struck at the Lake Sammamish State Park. The park was extremely busy that day as temperatures reached ninety degrees and several large companies hosted their company and family picnics. It is estimated between forty and fifty thousand people visited the park for fun in the sun on that warm July Sunday. One of the attendees was not a person at all but merely the devil all dressed up like a young man. Two of the young ladies nea [...]

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