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June 17, 2024 170 mins
The Alan Cox Show
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Things that you thinks funny aren't funny. Jimmy coxball Time, I Talk All
Cox Show, kickslash Man, Welcometo me. What you yeah? I
can see a lot of cocks onTV. Allen Cox from the Allen COXO.

I don't know what's abati bank.It don't be a pretty so let's
take it. Coffee kick it andyou've got eight with a snafety group.
Okay, one three kick? Comedamn put you one time ticket Allen Cox.

Here we go, He'll add'll betrying. It's the Allen Cox Show
on one hundred point seven double UM M A oh boy, Hey,

what's going on? Welcome, Welcome. My name is Alan Cox, Thanks
for being here. Hi. Sayhi to Bill Squire he's ready. Hey,
creepy good. Mary Santor is out. Oh it's just the boys.
Oh, who knows what kind ofshenanigans we'll get into? Come on,

Shenanigan's a plenty. Did you havea pre show pool? Not today?
It's impressive out there, isn't it. It's freezing in here, but outside
apparently it's ninety degrees. Yeah,I'll probably get out there after work.
I don't have a show tonight afterwork, so I can get out there
and pop around for those. ButI sure a lot of time in the
pool yesterday you did, and soyou wanted to take a break. Let's

just yeah, he's like, youknow what I'm gonna I'm good for today.
I've got the air conditioner open inmy condo, so it's nice and
temperate there. I mean, it'snot going to be much cooler at night,
you know what I mean. No, I don't mind it being cool.
I just like mostly just was likeI was out on the summer lot
yesterday. So sure for Father's Day, did you do something with your dad?

No, you didn't know. We'regonna do something Friday. Oh okay,
I'd like to have more one onone time with my parents, like
and you know when they they havelike all the extended family over and stuff,
it's just like I don't enjoy itas much. And oh when everybody's
angling for time. Yeah, solike you're gonna take him out the lunch
on Friday. It just kind oflike what I did with my mom?

All right? Does he pick theplace or do you pick the place he
can pick. Yeah, yep,he's on the hook to tell you.
Why not Father's Day. I'll getthe check. I'm kidding, you're getting
your checked, That's what I'm met. No, we got the email this
morning that they were working on Iguess they've been having some h VAC issue

here. And so there are somestudios here that have been very very warm
and other one's been very very cold. For the most part, this studio
is usually very chilly. I Ido like to keep it chili, but
even more so than usual. Andwe get the email that I guess they're
doing some work on it or something. And I saw a couple of guys

here. I was working late onenight last week and there were a couple
of guys here that I assume we'reagi BAC guys because they have these giant
ladders and they're up there and they'relooking at duck to work and things like
that. So I like these muchmust be the HVAC dudes. But for
the time being, it's I don'tI don't know what. It's pretty cheat
in here, but it's eighty eightdegrees outside, so that's fine, you

know. I was looking at oneof those extreme heat maps, you know,
just for entertainment purposes only, andusually when there's all kinds of weird
weather, whether it's winter time orwhether it's you know, any kind of
strange, strange weather, Northeast Ohiois usually exempt from that. For the
most part. We just kind ofoperate in this little area where we kind

of thread the needle. Not thisone, boy, it's like parked right
over Ohio and Indiana and parts ofPennsylvania whatever. So the map I was
looking at was extreme heat risk,extreme record breaking heat. For I'm like,

maybe there's a sliver along the lakethat might be a little bit more
temperate, but not to the degreethat anybody would notice it, because the
entire rest of the area on theseheat maps are dark purple, and you
say to yourself, well, Alan, purple's the color of royalty. Nevertheless,
that's what this map I was lookingat this morning was showing me.

People who live do you know wherethe Ohio Valley is? You hear a
lot of people refer to the OhioValley, but also a lot of people
can't necessarily zero in and where thatarea is, and it's mostly well,
it's basically like the rest of Ohio, south of US and into southwestern Pennsylvania
and you know Kentucky, all thosekinds of areas there. It's gonna be

real, real bad there as well. And so everybody now is a word
about heat domes for the rest ofthe week, except for our bureau chiefs
in Montana, by the way,And this is how weird things are getting.
Montana Snow, oh not the pornstar from the mid nineties. You
might recall Montana Snow did some goodwork between like ninety three and ninety seven,

remember her, Yeah they see you, seventeen thousand movies. She sure
did in that short a period oftime. Yeah, twelve inches for snow
was her most famous one. Butyeah, Montana Snow. Now, they're
going to be getting snow tonight andor last night and tonight they're getting snow
there in the Butte, Montana area, heavy wet snow four inches and then

obviously in the higher terrains either gettingaround a foot of snow. So while
the rest of the country is dealingwith heat, when you get way way
up there in Montana, parts ofnorthern Minnesota, they are getting snow.
But Chicago Columbus, Pittsburgh, dC, New York or areas. It's

going to be very very warm allweek. So again, I certainly don't
want to put words in anybody's mouth, but I think, I think maybe
we've talked about this in the past, where we have people submit themselves to
be invited to a Bill Squire Poolday and listen. I realized that that's

your backyard, and we've talked aboutit before, and I don't know if
that idea really ever got off theground, but it might be worth reconsidering.
I mean, you pull somebody's nameout of a hat. We had
some people do submissions. They arepretty fun, but yeah, yeah,
it's my house. I mean,it's uh, it's my backyard, and

uh, you know, you wantto chill. You don't want to be
entertaining people. You know, youdon't have to want to be on the
clock. One of the one ofthe forecasters with the National Oceanographic Association whatever
that the National Weather Service, oneof those two. He goes, uh,
we might have variations of one ortwo degrees, but it's not going

to mean a hill of bean.I'm just gonna read his quote. It's
not going to mean a hill ofbean hole beans during this heat wave?
What the hell does that mean?What is it a hill of beans?
It's very simple, it's old timey. But the phraser, the phrase,
it's not going to a mountain hita beans. This guy goes, it's
not going to mean a hill ofbean hole beans during this heat wave.

The hell or bean hole? Imean again, if that's I know,
corn hole, that's a game wecall the bags growing up. Cornhole is
a thing. Well, it's agame, and it's a you know,
something you might do if you've hadtoo much to drink. But a hill
of bean hole beans, I'm nothip to that at all. So maybe
people, well that's what this guysaid. He the bean hole one I

never or the bean hill. You'venever heard. It's it's not going to
amount to hilo beans. I've neverheard that. Okay, what it's old
timey. Yeah. I assume theimplication being that a hill of beans would
still be very very small. Youknow, they don't ever it's all relative.
They don't ever specify. You couldhave a massive hill of beans,
you could have millions of beans.But I think the the phrase comes from

the fact that beans are small,so a hill of them wouldn't be much.
So you've never heard of a hillobeans. I've never heard of a
hillobean. Okay, Well, thenyou're doubly confused, because I'm just confused
by this guy the bean hole bythe yeah, by the bean hole.
Bean hole. Well, bean holeis something. It's like a dish that
it's from Boston or something. It'sit's baked bean adjacent. And so maybe

this guy was maybe this is aguy in New England. I have to
assume that there will not be ina hill of beanhole beans during this heat
wave. It's got to be aguy from New England. But anyway,
you know, there's no shortage ofarticles on how to make sure that you
don't get heat stroke and all thatkind of stuff. And of course one

of the big indicators is people whoare very, very heavy, and there's
a lot of those people. Soyou just gotta be careful. Ell I
just got home from Vegas. Itwas one to nine all week. This
is nothing dry heat bull shrimp.Well, right, but that's Vegas.
I mean, you know, ifyou come home to Ohio and it's just

a few degrees cooler than Vegas,that's weird. I mean, that's a
that's a very very hot week.Right when I was in Vegas, it
was one hundred and thirteen degrees.I got to about one oh four overnight.
That was the first I went toVegas a few years ago. And
so, you know, because youassociate nighttime with things cooling down, and

that wasn't the case. You go, hmm, I mean, the sun's
not out anymore. It's uh,it's completely dark. I thought maybe all
the lights from Vegas were keeping ithot. I was like, well,
oh, now I get it.It's so hot because of all the heat
generated from them lights, you know, because it's so bright there, because
they got all the lights on thesigns and but probably not bean holes were

literally where they dig a hole andcook them. Somebody says, okay,
ah, has Bill never seen Casablanca? I've never seen. Well I don't
know about that. Yeah, Imean, if that's your one, if
that's your one reference point, alot of people who haven't seen Casablanca,
you have tried to watch it.Yeah, all right, Well listen,

it's quiet, like it's just it'svery it's the forties. That's a very
different cinematic experience. Summertime means beers, barbecues, and fishing the occasional drunk
friend out of the lake while hesearches for his arm. Why, buddy,
you find that he's the Alan CoxShow two seven eight one double oh

seven. If you want to joinus live eight hundred and three four eight
one double oh seven, text meat three five one nine two one.
Alancoxshow dot com is where you canwatch live. Thanks to Walper Hemiship for
assisting. By the way, uhand I won't mention where they work,
but I was talking to somebody overthe weekend. I was out at Picks

in Portage Lakes. I'm doing theseappearances in Portage Lakes all month to get
people on this Hawaii trip with ConorBrewing, and boy, it was an
all star event this past Saturday.Stripper Scott was there, Gay Lord came
out with his lovely wife, IntenseRandy was there, man, and boy,

I'll tell you what, it wasquite the afternoon. The weather couldn't
have been nicer. But I'm talkingto this guy and I won't mention where
he works, but he's out thereand he was telling me about how he
phrased this properly, that our liveYouTube feed has actually come in quite handy

for them because the show was generatingso much web traffic to their office that
management blocked the iheartfeed. Yeah,that's right, and he said part of
it was that everyone in the office, or most of the people in the

office, were communicating to each otherwith so much inside language from this show.
Oh that's really funny. So theywould be yelling like, you know,
good afternoon, white people, whichis how pound Cake used to introduce
himself, and you know, nobabies and when Mary used to say that,

And he said that someone filed anHR complaint because the people on the
outside didn't know what the hell wasgoing on, and so it turned into
a situation. But that the YouTube, our live video feed apparently is not
on anyone's radar yet at the managementlevel, so that's how they're still able

to dig the show. But Iwas like, Wow, that's the wildest
thing I've heard in a long longtime, that you guys in your office
are just throwing inside stuff from theprogram around and you know, somebody on
the outside of that here's it doesn'tlike it. It's I mean, what's

what what's the text of that complaint? By the way, like you you
do you walk in. I mean, we don't have HR here anymore.
You know, many many years agowe had an in house HR person.
I think, didn't we didn't wehave we used to be an oak tree
back in the year we had wehad HR in the house. Right,
we don't have HR on site anymorenow here and oh here at six six

eight Euclid, you know, andI think probably that's true of a lot
of places where HR is only doneat a corporate level. But that was
pretty wild. But I was like, well, I'm not gonna mention where
you work, obviously because I don'twant to blow up anybody's spot. But
it did occur to me as hewas mentioning, and I was like,
oh, well, that's that's uh, that's I'm glad that the live stream

has come in rather than just afew people mentioned that that the iheartstreams blocked
at their work, so the onlyway they can listen is through the live
stream. Yeah, well that's good, you know, because I don't think
of it that way. I thinkof it as just kind of a fun
thing for people to have. Butit sounds like it's really become a lifeline

for people. Bill think about that, right, and we have Walper hemy
Ship Walper hemy Shopper. Yeah,Walper Hemyship Walper to thank for that.
And you, of course, asthe head of the video department, right,
you're the one putting these people inwhat has turned out to be a
very important position here at the AlanCox Show. So see. Anyway,

I'm sure gay Lord will call lateron, but I just got a message
for something. Just the way ourlanguage has seeped into some you know,
people's culture is when people don't callit romo fijo and they explain it's rock
and where you Steelhouse. Even theCleveland Police Department calls of that now on

their radios. Yeah, well,uh you know Cleveland scene Prince articles as
romo fijo. And I like itwhenever and wherever I see it or hear
it. I enjoy that, somedumb little thing that's made its way into
the popular lexicon. If I canmake some small contribution to local culture,

happy to do it. Hey,Hi, the Guardians zo over the weekend,
they are pretty well right to inToronto. I think they lost two
or three, Oh they lost twoof the three, because I'm pretty sure
they lost yesterday. Okay, wellthere it is. I think you're probably
you might be right there. BlueJays five to nothing on Saturday, seven
to six yesterday. Okay, sothe Guardians lost too. They fought back

yesterday because they but yeah, theygive a grand Slam. That's when I
was watching. Saw the Grand Slam. I was like, and then I
went down to the pool, sureto cool off, Back down to the
pool, Back down to the pool. I did two separate sessions yesterday.
All right, Now, did youhave company? Was it a solo?
Had? My friend pants and anotherfriend? Uh were over later? But

there in the day was my girlfriendand I, Oh, okay, did
you guys have your dinner? Didweren't you guys going to dinner or something?
We went to dinner on Saturday?How was that? It was good?
Yeah, because we went to fancyOh we went to the National Comedy
Center and then I had a gigand oh right, you were in Salomonco
in Salamanca, which was very beautiful. It was fun. The town or

the avenue. The avenue it waslike on the side of a mountain basically,
so like there's this big like allthese big rolling hills behind me.
It was very picturesque. Wow,it was fun. Bernie came out.
He's a he's a customer up there. Gave me some weed because he works
at a different place. He wasn'tworking there, No, he's in a

different part of the mountains. Yeah, growing, but he grows his own
weed and he gave me some andI've tried it and it's very good.
Home. Did he have a coolname for it, you know, like
purple icky or probably Yeah, everybody'sgot it and they love telling you.
They go, hey, man,careful, this is diamond dolphin. You
want to be careful with this.But it was good and uh he yeah,

so that was fun. But wewent to the Comedy Center and then
we went to dinner at this placecalled the Pub and Jamestown and it's a
nice uh nice calm, A littlegetaway, yeah, a little getaway.
Oh boy brought the dog. Andthe show was good. Was all right,
It was all right, It wasall right. Venue was nicer than
the show. Yeah, yeah,all right. You know it's one of
those things where they're trying to dosomething and you know they didn't exactly.

It's you know, it's a checkgig understood. It was fun still allan.
My wife does not listen to theshow and looks very confused when I
tell people that we're going to aconcert at Romo Fijo. Well, that's
the best part. You know,there are two great things. One is
if somebody knows what you're talking about. Even better is when they have no

idea what you're talking about. Ifind both of those equally enjoyable. We
went to the movies yesterday for Father'sDay because I didn't really care what we
did, and so I said,well, let's do. Let's go to
the movies, and we went totook it to her to see a movie
called If with Ryan Reynolds and andbasically everybody who was apparently friends with John

Krazinsky does a voice in this movie. So it's Clooney, and it's Amy
Schumer, and Steve Carell is oneof the main voices, and it's you
know, they give Brad Pitt acredit even though his character had no lines.
But you know, I don't knowhow well that movie is doing.
By the end of it, mywife and my child were sobbing because it's
one of those movies that's made toreally poke you right in the fields,

except it was the movie. Itwas entertaining enough, but it's for people
who have seen it you might agreeit's so messy that you can't really understand.
There's so many kind of gaps,even for a movie where they're trying
to connect people with their imaginary friendsfrom when they were a kid. So
if those all these kind of weirdcharacters. So halfway through the movie,
I'm like, how would that be? Like one of the characters is a

glass of water with an ice cubein it and it's talking. I'm like,
how what kid would have that ashis imaginary I couldn't get my head
around it. It's really taking meout of the movie. I'm like,
what kid would have a glass ofwater with an ice cube in it as
his imaginary friend? But then youjust don't know what kids are thinking.
You never know, you know,And I guess that's the point of the

movie is that kids can you know, when you're little, that's when your
imagination is on a high alert,and when you get older you can't see
them anymore, and that's what youknow. But so it was fine,
it was entertaining enough. We didn'tgo see Inside Out too, because I
don't know that they've seen Inside Outone. I've still never seen it,
and I was worried I wouldn't beable to follow. I think you would,
you think so appuarly this movie justexploded. So yeah, people love

that movie. Oh my god.I knew Inside Out was a big deal,
but they were like Inside Out too, like shattered every expectation, even
the high expectations they had, sinceit's a sequel to a very very popular
Pixar movie. Biggest debut since BarbieWow. Made one hundred and fifty five
million dollars the first weekend. That'sthe worldwide, it's about three hundred million

dollars. I guess Bad Boys didreally well too. My daughter saw that,
and there's all these movies. Ididn't even realize we're out yet.
Yeah, my daughter saw that andshe said it was really good. Bad
Boys live for life? What isit? Ride or die? Well,
because the thing is it's all beingThis was going to be a litmus test
for how much people gave a ratsass about Will Smith. You know,

you'll still see things written about himhitting Chris Rock and people like, well,
this is the end of his career. But if you pay attention to
the world, you go now he'llbe fine. People will still go see
Will Smith. Well, they'll gosee Bad Boys because you know, if
he's going to make another movie wherehe's playing some dude nobody cares about,
they're not going to go see it. But I've only ever seen the first

Bad Boys, and that was youknow, Talioni, I think was the
third female female lead. Was itthat old the first Bad Boys? It's
it's not that old, it's prettyold. Wow. Well, anyway,
that one, Boys Too came outin two thousand and four. I don't
know Bad Boys five? Holy Cow? Well, yeah, there you go.

Well, I guess it would havehad to be the mid nineties if
Talioni was the lead. But BadBoys too, Bad Boys for Life?
Oh this is the fourth one?Okay, Well, I've only ever seen
the first one, but I guessthe first of the second one. I
haven't seen third and four. Butnow are they planning an inside out Bad
Boys crossover? Because I'll tell youwhat you know, as fewer and fewer

companies own all the intellectual property,and so they're just looking for ways to
smash things together and hopefully make aboatload of money. Another interesting fact about
the YouTube stream and sometimes the audiois a little different there and they're hearing
people calling in right now. Yeah, all right, well, and I

don't have to tell you about that, but well that's just something's punch that
shouldn't be punched. Not over here. It's not let me see here.
Hold on. I don't think sostandard operating procedure. Hey, gay Lord,

Hey, I just want to howdelightful it was to meet you,
and how very very nice you wereto my wife and I I am delightful,
aren't I. You know, peopledon't take much stock of that because
I can really I can really bea prick sometimes, but I'm unfailingly polite

in person. But I really amdelightful. It's just an adjective bill that's
so infrequently gets applied to me.That boy, you're very very nice to
meet in person. Then saw howyou were treating everybody there, so you're
you're just a delight So I calledI called Gaylord's wife a saint because she

drove him out to Portage Lakes fromWellington, which is no small trip.
I mean it's probably shorter than that, uh that one they were going to
go out and see you in Madison. But it's it's a hall. It's
a trip, you know. SoI appreciate you guys coming out. It
was worth while so much, andit was on my bucket list to meet

you, and I got to doit. And so what's left on the
what's left on the bucket list?Gaylord? Well, I want to see
Mary and meet her in person,and I just want to travel and see

Bill perform. Well, and thisSaturday or Friday, I'm going to be
at Old eighty six. You cancome there to see me perform comedy.
It's a lot quicker of a tripthan heading to Portage Legs Bill squire dot
com. What where where is itat? It's a place called Old eighty
six. It's in Cleveland. InCleveland. Oh okay, Well I'll get

it out with my wife and seeif she wants to go with me.
Drag her there you go, No, she doesn't mind. But thank you
guys for your time and thank youfor putting me on the air. And
I got to meet other individuals thatall in them. Scott, Oh yeah,

it was the intense. Randy wasthere. I posted a side by
side of stripper Scott and Gaylord becausethey both have these long gray beards.
And I was like, I don'tknow that this is ever gonna be these
worlds are ever going to collide again, so I took advantage of it.
Okay, thank you, gay Lord. I appreciate you coming out for your
time and putting me on you.All. All right, there's gay lord

who's out there in Wellington? Didyou see that photo I posted? Oh?
I think I sent it to thethat's right, and well, yeah,
he could have been nicer. Hiswife is. I think he's considerably
older than his wife. But ashe told us before here on one of
the times he called in, hehad three prior what he calls practice wives,

which is probably you know, inschools now, by the way,
and I don't know if it's risento the middle school level, but in
elementary and primary schools now they justsay Riz, no, by the way,
I'm sorry, riz. Yeah.They tell kids now, practice makes
progress. Have you heard that?You can't say practice makes perfect because perfection

doesn't exist, and they're trying toimpart this on the kids. So it
is good. This isn't wrong withit. I've just had to I've had
to recalibrate when I say practice makesperfect. My third grader will correct me,
and I'll say that's right. Idon't mind that practice makes progress.
So gay Lord had three what hecalls practice wives, which has got to

make them feel good. But ifthey're all still around, I don't know.
Allan my imaginary friend was an icecube with a glass of what with
a glass of water in it?What? I don't know. Why the
hell would you see if instead ofInside Out Too? It didn't do that
great and it sucked, that's whatJason Charlotte says. Well, I don't.

I wouldn't say it sucked. Andif who knows what I would have
liked? I mean, we mighthave gone to see Inside Out too,
and she might not have liked that. She liked it though, right,
what's that? No, she likedit a lot. Yeah, yeah,
but if we you know, whoknows, we might have gone to see
Inside Out too. And I thinkyou should have taken her to see Bad
Boys four. I wanted to,but nobody was. I said, Hey,

it's Father's day, I want togo see in a violent nature.
It's kind of dry them crazy thatthey called the third one bad Boys for
Life, when they could have calledthat one bad Boys Ride or Die?
And the fourth one bad Boys forLife. Well, you never know if
you're going to get another one,right, but you still could have just
been like, I we'll save let'sjust say for life if we do get

Because then you use the number fourand it makes it all. Everybody's like,
oh, that's brilliant. I seea drive to be crazy that's really
sticking in your crawl. It is. Then they should have called the other
one rider Die. They should havecalled the third one rider Yeah. And
then bad Boys for should been badBoys the number of the number four.

I see. People love when youdo stuff like that, right, yeah,
they really do. Ah Like Yeah. One of the trailers we saw
before if was for Moana Too.And I looked at my door. I
said, have you seen mo Wana? You know because I listen I'm working
all the time, I don't know. She goes, yeah, yeah,

we liked it. I said,okay, good, And then look at
Gwen, I go, why didn'tthey call instead of Mowana Too? Why
didn't they call it mo Anna?That would have been great apostrophe. A
n A just gave me a look. I said, well, I'm just
saying, you know, they callthese movies too fast too furious call it
mo Anna. I guess that's onegot uh. One of the most egregious

name missus and all of cinema,which is what fast ten? They just
called it fast X when they couldhave called it fast ten your seat belts
right, fast ten. Somebody hadto have come up with that and he
got shot down, which I hopethat person got fired because fast ten your

seat belts is way better. Yeah, except by that time it was less
about the cars and it was morelike they're they're boosting nuclear weapons. Now
in those movies they got bailed outthe space. They've done so much stuff.
Yeah, that's so stupid. Yougotta keep ratcheting it up. But
now they're James Bond. They arelike playing into the ridiculousness of it.

So why not just call it fastten your seat belts. No, it's
a missed opportunity. Have you everbeen impregnated with excitement? Well, it
looks like you're showing welcome back toyour nude daddy. Allan Cox. Three.

I want to send me a text. If you're listening on iHeartRadio,
drop messages there as well, simplydone. Let me know where you are
if you do listen on the AfromataState. Mary listens in a wake Forest,
North Carolina, and he's down inAtlanta. Molly is in Falls Church,
Virginia. Caleb's in Louisville, Kentucky. Michael's out in Colorado Springs,

and Who's a New One? Andrewis in Riverside, Illinois. There suburban
Chicago. Guardians will play tomorrow night. They only won one up there in
Toronto, but the Blue Jays willbe here this coming weekend. Before that,
Guardian's going to host the Mariners.So Tomorrow night, that is the
six point forty first pitch. You'reon MMS and on the aforementioned iHeartRadio app

Mariners Guardians Tomorrow, Wednesday and Thursday. We are out Wednesday and Friday this
week. So this week's a littlebit all over the place. But today
and tomorrow I will have the lasttwo pair of tickets for you to join
me on Wednesday night for the ClevelandFunny Bus. That bus is completely sold
out. You can't buy the ticketsfor it. There are only a few

left for next Wednesday, which isBill as your host. It will be
our last for the Alan coxhow Nightson the Cleveland Funny Bus for this season.
So if you are not able toget on next Wednesday, I don't
know what to tell you, butthey do a lot of those tours and

you can go to funnybus dot net. But today and tomorrow I will have
a paraphoria for the last four seatson Wednesday's tour with me, which will
be a lot of fun. Ifhistory is any guide, it'll be a
great time, a lot of fun. Uh. There's a guy in Columbus.
He's a cop and uh he losthis job with the Columbus Police Department

because he was banging somebody at Kroger. That's illegal. Well your cop,
Yeah, he's on the job,you know. Oh yeah, yeah not
so he wasn't having a personal relationshipwith it was consenting, But he ended

up losing his gig because got forthat man, yeah, while on duty
at a local uh Columbus Kroger location. But the thing that jumped out of
me was the quote that they hadfired him for excessive sex acts. So

I you know, listen, I'venever had a job in law enforcement.
I'm not sure what an acceptable numberof times to have sex on the job
is. If they determined that hehad you know, you figured these cops
that they put in stores, theyhave way too much time on their hands,
way too much time. So they'realways getting into trouble in some capacity

because they're talking to the girl atthe deli or whatever, and she's got
a thing for a man in uniform, and so it jumps off from there.
The police chief of Columbus, awoman named Elaine Bryant, so that
she had terminated officer Robert Span becausehe violated the division's rules of conduct.

Kroger didn't want to press charges becauseit was a consensual relationship with a store
employee, but they caught him oncamera and they determined that it would that
it was an excessive number of times. And so again I'll repeat, what

is an appropriate number of times tobe caught on camera having sex with an
employee. I don't know if itwas after hours, I mean, I
can't imagine it was like, youknow, during the woman's shift. I
don't know. Police chief said thathe was caught on camera at least nine
times on camera nice and that wasbrought to the Inspector General's attention there in

Columbus. So I don't know howlong Robert Span had been with the Columbus
Police Department. But it's been arough a week. Last week they fired
two Columbus cops within the span ofa week. There was this guy porking
somebody there at the Kroger, andthen there was another cop there in Columbus

named Donovan Beaver. His was alittle bit more egregious, though he had
been videotaped slamming a teenager's face intoa concrete sidewalk and holding him by his
dreadlocks. That's not good. Sothat's come on, Yeah, banging the
Kroger girl nine times on camera isnot necessarily as bad as the other situation,

but listen, it's too I wonderif this guy could sue to get
his job back. I mean,listen, it did violate the rules of
conduct there, but I guess hedoesn't have the added problem of it being,
you know, as a consensual situation. But imagine that. How HOT
see these stories, and obviously they'renot going to get into great detail because

they're just slapping these stories out andputting them in the news. But I
always want to know the things theydon't report. What department did she work
in? Me? You think Ithink that's what it was he's doing his
rounds in the store there. He'slike a rent a cop at that point.

I don't know if this was likea side gig. I don't know.
It says he was on special duty, so yeah, maybe it was.
Maybe it was a little side actionor something. But yeah, what
department did she work in? Becausea lot of times you walk in a
grocery and they'll have one of theemployees set up in the like the liquor

department, and they're handing out winesamples. I'm not a wine guy,
so I never take them. You'llhave must be going to different grocery stores
than I go to, because thatis not happening where I. You've never
seen where they have like a winethey have a wine department and there's like
a lady there with the little plasticcups and you're what they're trying to sell
a certain kind of wine and shegoes, oh, I want to try

some of this, and no,that's if it's the Pels. They don't
do things like that. What isthe Pels. It's just an independent grocery.
It's like a neighborhood grocery store.I'm talking about chain. This is
a Kroger, right chain, Butyou've shopped at chain grocery store once in
a while, but yeah, tryto shop local. Well, I'm the
closest grocery store too, maybe eventhe ones in my area because I'm on

one seventeenth. I bet they dothat, if you gine Eagle on one
seventeenth. I bet they don't.I bet they did at one point,
but I don't think they do anymore. Got out of hand. They tried
it. Oh yeah, we gota different clientele here. We'll just just
hanging out overrunning the free wine SAMs. I guess. So, well,

maybe it is a case by casebasis. I don't know, but it's
not. It's not uh you know, if you've ever been in something like
that. Maybe he was in ahoy heer toy here part of Columbus and
started chatting up the wine girl,but Deli is probably more like it.

And maybe she's just a cashier.I don't know, but they're leaving out
all the good stuff, and oncamera nine times they determined at least he
was like, well, can Iat least get the video? Like,
I know I'm fired, but yeah, I would like to have a record
of this at least maybe I knowit's evidence if you just make me a

copy. How about that, whetheran officer is on duty, being paid
by the taxpayers of Columbus or aprivate special duty entity, they are expected
to conduct themselves accordingly. So inhis mind, he's like, I'm off
the clock with the city. Youknow, I'm run a cop right now
for Kroger picking up a couple ofextra bucks. A lot of cops do

that. And now they said thathe violated his duty to serve. But
he served someone, and he didit on camera, and it is amazing
though, Yeah, but you gottaspread it around. You can't just serve
one person community, ah, Isee. It is amazing though, the

things that will get cops fired andthe things that won't get cops fired.
And so this guy, I youknow, listen if you have to.
You know, there are police officerswho've been accused of just awful, awful
things and found to have done them, and they'll move to another city or
something, or they'll get a jobwith you know, three towns over there

a cop. Again, this guycould probably easily get a job because again
he was just you know, drillingthe girl at the Kroger but man,
when you look around for cameras,I mean, the girl should tell you
there's a camera right there. Let'sdo this where there aren't cameras. Yeah,
I don't think they were being allthat care because you're not going to
do it in the reefer because obviouslythat that cold is is uh, that's

not going to be conducive to gettingit on the city of East Palestine.
You'd think that they had had enoughproblems with that train derailment and all all
of the well, everybody knows whathappened to East Palestine. This was this
was national news. And the guywho had been a print at the high

school just got himself, just gothimself a brand new job. A couple
of towns over. Low bump up, he's gonna be there superintendent. He
went from principal of East Palestine HighSchool to the superintendent of the school district,
a couple of towns over. Andnow he doesn't have either job because

they got him on camera stealing theelectronics from East High School. This guy's
on his way out. He's gota new gig, dude, and they
got him. He's walking into schoolon a weekend or something and rolling out
the av cart with all the computerson it. Oh god, these people

listen, East Palestine. They've beenthrough a lot. I'm sure this guy
is an exempt from that. Butstill, you got yourself a brand new
gig decent you're gonna go, Imean, superintendent, probably you're out there
in Leetonia, Ohio. Right whatyour money goes pretty long, pretty far.

If you're making seventy K a yearout there, you're doing all right?
Yeah? Yeah, what he's gotto steal there right? Like they're
they're not even Oh boy, somepeople just themselves in the foot, you
know, I want hired. Superintendentfor the Latonia Schools is now on paid

leave from his current position after hewas arrested on theft charges. Gerald del
Baccio appeared in court this morning andwas released after posting bond. Please say
he stole more than four thousand dollarsworth of computers and electronics from East Palestine
High School, where he's been workingthe last three years as principal. Now
he's on leave in order to stayaway from the district. Now, we

obtained this surveillance video showing del Bacchiowalking in the school last Wednesday with empty
bags. According to investigators and leavinglater and they say the bags were full.
Look at this guy out with giantDuffel bags full of stuff, and
he knows where all the cameras are. Yeah, what's he gonna tell?
I hit some it was paper,it's some gym equipment. I say.

They recovered the stolen equipment in delBacchio's car when they rested him Friday at
the Latonia campus where he was meetingwith staff. Latonia School Board. It's
not comingy on the situation. Sohe's meeting with the staff at his new
job, and the cops can havebeen he we have to arrest this guy
because he stole the computers from hislast gig. Oh Man, and the

principal too. You know, it'sone thing if it's like the I don't
know. He's a he's a disgruntledscience teacher that lost his gig. But
he's gonna he's getting bumped up.Shit. Yeah, he tried. He
tried to get hired as a superintendentout there and he's Palestine, but they
didn't hire him. They probably havesomebody had probably inside information on something else.

They were like, yeah, yeah, his resignation as high school principal
isn't even effective until July thirty first, and they already walk into his new
gig meeting the staff. Hey,guys, so happy to be here.
You don't trust me, You don'thave to worry about anything with me.
Hello? Is this Gerald del Baccio? Yes? Or in the East Palestine

Police Department, they found that thecloset in his office, which typically holds
laptops, TVs, tablets and otherelectronics, have been cleared out. Maybe
this is like Trump and the documents. You know how Trump he's such a
dummy that he thought all the documentswere his. He goes, well,
they were in my office. I'lljust take them with me. These are

all my documents. Of course they'renot, which is why he got into
trouble. Maybe this guy was like, well they were in my closet.
Maybe those are all my electronics.Now, I don't let me bring it.
Now, let me bring in agiant bag a backpack and put some
computers in there. They recovered videogame controllers, laptops, tablets, TVs,

and some other items which were stillsealed, and the value total to
be about forty three hundred dollars.So he's on camera. You get a
new gig and they're like, howwas the last Uh must be very exciting

now instead of just running one,you know, and all the kids are
gonna be making funny at two,all the high school kids. Agi or
what happened to me? I sawmister del Baccio on the news, But
I think this is gonna there's areason he's stealing this stuff. It was
a flippant, well it was theflippant, but there's a like he's in
debt for some reason, which myguess is gambling or they're gonna find out

he's got some sort of drug problem. Really, I mean like half like
Ryan Gosling, And was that movieHalf Nelson where he was a teacher who
smoke crack? Remember Half Nelson.I didn't see that one old Ryan Gosling.
Good movie. Oh six, Ohcrackhead, my crackhead. He's yeah,
he's a history teacher, teacher inBrooklyn, but at night he's like

smoking crack and partying. And maybeit is like that. I just can't
imagine these are not the actions ofsomebody in their right mind. Alan maybe
there was something on those computers hedidn't want being found that could also be
yeahn then you just pull the drives. You don't take the whole computer.
You reset them. Unless this guydoesn't understand how things work. Maybe I

think he was trying to like yousaid, he's gonna flip them, but
it's because he's trying to cover.He's either like gambled too much. He
lost a bunch of money from that, huh. Or he's got some sort
of addiction. Alan, maybe hewas mainframed. Either way, school's out.

I like he's unpaid leave, right, So the new gig they're like,
let's figure out what this is firstand then we'll That's probably just how
they have to approach it. Yeah, yep, that comed Kroger should have
gone the shaggy route and said thatit wasn't him. Ok, yeah,
you do that once or twice ninenine nine times they get you. Did

you hear? Someone sent me thisand I've seen it just in my algorithm.
The guy that he does the coverlike he'll make something sound like disturbed
or whatever, and he did shaggy. Oh I just saw that this morning.
Yeah, as it was pretty good. Yeah, he's pretty good,
Allen. Maybe he's unpaid leave becausethe new school wanted the computers tell you

what you're gonna get this gig ifyou can lift all of those computers from
the high school. You know howbudgets are now for education. They're getting
slashed left and right. M hey, Allen. I was listening to the
podcast from Friday and you were talkingabout when you did stand up and stuff.

You should try to be funny fora living again. It would be
pretty awesome. I has said,I said a long time ago. I
know I'm not gonna be funny everagain. It's too painful for me.

For you, the whole thing.See you, you son of a motherless
goat, got you. I sawCam do stand up on Friday because Camp
Patterson popped into the show that Iwas on over at Wine Bar. This
guy Connor, he runs follow theCrowd comedy and can't pop down. Just
so funny. Funny dude, AlanRob texted me, I'm originally from He's

Palatin. This very large drug problem. That little tone, Yeah, I
gotten doubt it one bit if yeah, yeah, that tracks. I mean,
you know, but I would alsothink that if you're the principal of
the high school, that might betough to hide. I don't know,
maybe not, maybe not. Gamblingis a good explanation. But you'd also

think you would take great pains ifyou're the principal and you don't know where
all the cameras are, you wouldthink that you would take great pains to
either to say you stole the computersbut not the cameras. Turn the cameras
off, and then steal those.You the hotstone but not the body.
Why some people say our country ismore divided than ever, But don't ask

him. He sucks a mat Alancocks on one hundred point seven WMMS.
I wish it wasn't such a hallfor me to Portage Lakes, because I'd
go out there on the regular.Man, you know he's down there.

Well, there'd be a hall towork every day, we said, people
working here. We might still,but there was a dude who was working
here up until maybe a month orso ago. He's one of these dudes
that drives from Acrod every day.Jesus, really, it's Keith Kennedy.
No, not Kennedy, Well,Kennedy lives now. He's been showing up
at all my appearances. He's gotgot his boat out there. Yeah,

so it's a hop a skip.Yeah, he's got hop in a skip
for him. But I mean it'staking that on your boat, Kennedy.
Well, there you go, Keith, take Bill's squire out on your broue.
Like I like a bigger boat likewe do for the captain Fun's floats.
Yeah, smaller boat, I think. I mean, I guess it's
okay, it's fun. I don'tget seasick, but it's fun for like

half an hour, and then you'reat the mercy of the person who owns
the boat and they want to gettheir money's worth, so they want to
be out there all day. Yeah, Like, I don't know, it's
fine, depends on that you're withand it's you know, it's a good
time nice. But anyway, thePortage Lakes will be back out there.
I'll be back out to host thefinals. That'll be on the twenty ninth,

and we will get our winner forthat trip to Hawaii that day.
We're going to be at the upperdeck bar and grill on the twenty ninth,
that is, from two to four. That'll be a last minute opportunity
for you to come out and qualifyto be in the finals, and then
we will get the people who havealready qualified. So it's gonna be a
big, big day. So ifyou are out Portage Lakes Way or just

want to come out and hang fora bit, I'll be back out there
on the twenty ninth at the upperdeck. But WMMS dot com hit the
contest page, just got all theinformation there for you. Guardians are off
tonight, the only one to onein Toronto, so they're coming back.
They're going to host the Seattle Marinerstomorrow night. Six point forty is going
to be your first pitch. Marinersare a good team forty three and thirty

one right now, so it'll bea fun game. So tonight tomorrow and
then Wednesday, and then they'll getanother crack at the Blue Jays. Blue
Jays come here to Cleveland, andthen the Guardians will go to Baltimore.
I go to Kansas City Guardians Baseballhere on WUMMS and on the iHeartRadio app

Alan I had a high school teacherwho was a creep, kissing students on
the head and saying all kinds ofappropriate, inappropriate things following retweeting and commenting
on porn Star's Twitter pages, butdidn't get fired until they found out that
he had embezzled sixteen thousand dollars fromthe school. You only had to pay

back five and he was able toquote retire, Well, that's going to
be nice. Hey, you've embezzledsixteen dollars from us. The insurance will
take care of that. But you'vegot to we've got to put you on
a payment plan. How does thateven work? I don't know. I
know, in so many areas oflife and in business and in society,

there's no one at the wheel,and so, you know, you hear
about these kinds of stories all thetime. And I'm granted they're the ones
that make the news. It's notlike it's a crime wave in America's schools.
But for anyone you know to thisis a teacher. This wasn't the
accountant, but obviously he had accessto things that allowed him to embezzle that

kind of money from the school.I'm just always curious why people. I
think people who are in that embezzlementbusiness they think because they've gotten away with
it for x amount of time thatthey're never going to get caught. And
it's like a lot of times theyknow what's going on, but they wanted
him to hit a certain threshold sothey can get you know, throw a

harsher sentence at them. Oh isthat what it is? Sometimes? Oh?
I see, I don't know aboutthis situation, but there's definitely and
I know they do that with shoplifterswhere they wait until they shoplts over a
thousand dollars and they go, okay, now we'll press chuge what it is
a bigger charge? I see.So people think they're like, oh,

I get away with it all thetime and then boom. Yeah. But
also like, but what is thepoint of that. You're not going to
go to prison for shoplifting. It'sisn't it still? Like but you can
get you can get a ban fromthe store. You can get Yeah,
but you can ban it from thestore for for stealing anything. I think
you get. I don't know.I'm not the no. I think you're
right. I think that, ButI just as a general question, I

wonder what the the point of thatis. You know, if they're like,
Okay, we know this guy's takingmoney from us, let's wait until
we get to hear so then wecharge them with a felony. All right,
I charge them with a felony.But you're gonna figure something out anyway.
So then what like the guys justa fell like that's I don't know.
You hear about these people who haveyou know, the real high end,

these people that work for these giantcompanies, and they are like,
we've seen the phrase a million timesthey were funding a lavish lifestyle, right,
how many people have typed the phrasefunding a lavish lifestyle as somebody with
a corporate credit card. They werelike paying their rent because nobody was paying
attention. And then somebody sees somethingthey screw up, and they're like,

well, I got away with itfor three years, I'll get away with
it forever. But you won't.And by that time, you know,
you get these secretaries or whatever inthese school districts are these companies, they're
like, oh yeah, over sixteenyears. I mean again, that's a
long time. At some point youfigure you're never gonna get caught, and

you don't get caught until you getcaught. But they're like, oh yeah,
but you know, if like theteacher, if a teacher at your
school was all of a sudden drivinga really nice car and going to Italy,
I mean those are the kind ofthings that start to raise red flags

pretty wild al. Finger eleven isplaying the Mentor Amphitheater tomorrow for free.
Not in my top you know,one hundred favorite bands by any means,
but for free and down the street. I'm gonna go check them out.
Wait, how Finger eleven remember westill play them? Man like two hits.

They're both terrible Finger eleven the songParalyzer, but they're just it's the
terrible lyrics and just don't it's stillreally popular. Those guys are Canadian and
they're huge in Canada, but playingthe men are amphathy. I don't hate
this song really. It's also onethat I forget it exists, but like
when it comes, I'm like,okay, fine, the lyrics are good

or anything, but it is justlike it's catchy enough. And then they
had a ballad called one Thing thatwas a huge song for them, and
oh yeah this is Yeah, they'vehad a bunch of songs. But they
are they playing for free the MentorAmphitheaterpathea for free. What they tomorrow?

You can't go tomorrow? Yeah,that's a huge for mend though. Well
okay, so okay, so I'mlooking at it right, I'm looking at
it and this is part of themen are rocks, yeah, session or
whatever. So I'm looking at thebands they have playing and they're all cover

bands, which you'd expect, exceptfor Finger eleven and LeeAnne Rhymes really and
then Maddie and Tay if you knowthat, they're like are super young but
so kind. So Leanne Finger didthey blow their money on Finger eleven,
LeAnn Rhymes and Maddie and Tay becauseall the other ones are cover bands?

Which is fine, but you know, how did they arrive at Finger eleven
and Leanne Rhymes because that's who theywere able to get and we're only three
weeks in. Leanne Rhymes is Julytwenty eighth. That's a Sunday night.

That's a special concert present. Imight hit that. You want to Len
Rhymes are the show? I thinkshe's married. No, no, no,
I might go out to menor forthat. She was huge? Oh
no, I know, I knowyou think that you would know the ba

Let me quit. You want meto quiz you on the cover bands?
Yeah? Okay, now we've alreadymissed two of the shows June four.
A couple of them are going tobe easy, right, how are we
doing this? I'm gonna give youthe name of the band, you'll tell
me what they cover. Okay,these are tribute bands. Tribute I'm sorry,
yes, tribute bands, that's right, like cover bands like they can
I'm sorry, yes, yes,tribute band. All right. The first

one is gonna be real easy,but it's just just to warm you up,
okay. Queen Nation. Queen andthe guy doing Freddie Mercury's wearing like
he's where, he's topless, he'sgot a neck tie on. He's got
like a motorcycle helmet or a bikercap or whatever it is to be authentic.

Okay, June eleventh. Again,we've they're three weeks in, so
we've missed June eleventh. Fresh Horses, Fresh Horse? Is this Stones,
that's wild Horses? No, no, no, I assume fresh Horses.

You know, most tribute bands arenamed after after a song from that artist.
You know, Garth Brooks. Doeshe have a song called fresh Horse?
I no, no, I don'tgo that deep with I know Friends
play thunder Rolls and Friends of LittlePlaces and the dance is another one of
his. And of course Finger elevens. Tomorrow Night, June twenty fifth,

coming up, death legend. I'msaying that's deaf leopard all right, with
two gre death legend. I loveit. Good for them, keep gone
well. June twenty six is theOhio Army National Guard Band, So they're

going to be doing like eighties songs. July second. That's not like an
orchestra. No, No, NationalGuard bands, not like an orchestra,
but one and twenty second Army band. No, not the marching band like
a barner, you know, likea quartet or a quinte. Yeah,
who are in the Army National Guard? July second, that's an easy one

to Hotel California. I guess theseare all going to be easy Hotel California.
I thought they were going to beharder. July fourth forever Seeger,
Yeah, the songs of Motown andDetroit. Yeah, forever, of course,
and of course that will be theywill proceed the fireworks display because that's

a fourth of July. And frankly, what better tribute to America than the
silver bullet experience. Bob Seger,he's not even out there anymore. They
don't even have to compete with thereal guy. July ninth is called uptown

funk. Oh is that is that? That's a young one that's Bruno Mars,
Bruno Mars yea with all this,Yeah, that's that's the people.
Dana Yep July sixteenth. This lovesong, love song. Uh is that
the cure? The cure? Yeah, tribute to the cure again, not

one that I would expect for thatright there makes mentor Amphitheater July twenty thirty
is, well, it's easy tothe best of FO, like grab one
of the song names. There's somany fun things you could do. Yes,

you could. Hey, hey,guys were monkey Wrench, thank you
for coming out. I mean youknow now they wanted the best of FO.
They wanted people to know what theywere doing. That is, in
their defense, that is playing offthe best of you. Yes, so
it is all right, the bestof FO. All right? Well actually
and a second Yeah, if theycalled me a second, I like that.

If you call yourself monkey wrench,that doesn't necessarily tell anybody, I
do you think the best of food? And then LeAnn rimes In July twenty
eight, July thirtieth is that's easyto dirty deeds ac DC. That's right.
This would have been a really fungame with pound Cake. I don't
know skid Row, I don't know, said, yeah, he wouldn't have

done that. Bruce in the USA. That's definitely the guy that got famous
for singing about Santa Claus. BruceBruce, that's right, yes. And
a girl named well, it's justcalled Katie Ellis as Taylor. There are
already Taylor's Swift tribute acts out therearound I know she has, yeah,

and I'm sure she's not the onlyone, but she's the only one playing
the super busy Katie Ellis as TaylorSwift all right, straight from the UK,
the Ultimate Taylor Swift Tribute. Well, that between the song chatter must
be fun. It's like allow Zosois playing August sixteenth. That one's easy

too, is that Zoso? Idon't know this one? What Zoso?
Z OsO? Zoso usually drawn outas a series of symbols, but always
associated with led Zeppelin. Okay,Zoso, Yeah, I didn't know that
one. The closest they're called,the closest to a led Zeppelin that you

can find in a tribute. Augustseventeenth is just like Pink get more pop
in there. Yeah. Singer dancerand silk aerialist Julia Small. So these
are they're professionals, right, Theseare people know what they're doing. And

then Escape, Oh is this justa Rupert Holmes covered? No, No,
that's Journey for Escape as an earlyJourney Roads. You know, I'm
they're in luck too, because youknow bands like Journey, you like have
one song We're gonna play it allnight. And then the Answering Machine song.

What was the other? Rupert Holmeshad like a what was that other?
Only Escape is the only one,you think? So? Oh yeah,
he had a follow up called AnsweringMachine or it was kind of funny
him was a big song for him. Actually it was an Answering Machine.
It was no Pina Colada song,but I mean Answering Machine was a fun

song from Rupert Holmes, who wrotea lot of songs for other people.
That's how he mostly made his money. I went just to call to tell
this girl. I know, yeah, nobody's heard the song. Nobody's ever
heard answer with Lanning. Nobody knowsthis song. Oh wonder time. So

I called because he keeps calling theconceit of the song, and he keeps
calling that, I'm so sorry you, sir, machine. No, never
heard this. This sounds like aid, this is not right now. It's
an actual I'll try to get backto you. He does have kind of

an AI generated and your voice doesn'the though, and said, let's go
get matter what You've never heard AnsweringMachine. No, okay, I didn't
think it was a deep cut.I thought it not a hit, but
I thought that it had been ina few movies or something. It may
it may have been, but it'snot anything that's like lasted. Yeah,

okay. Nineteen seven nine was thesame album as a Penana song. Land
of Song is the one that ledoff that listened to the album I've heard
the pen Most people don't even knowit's the Rupert Holmes that sings the Penia
right. They don't know who theguy is. Kim was another song by
Rupert Holmes. He has a britabout his girl stepping out on my friend.

You should say, oh, he'sjust a friend. I'll say,
I'm not to him. You everheard this? No? Really, very

very seventies, Well they should,really they might have missed the bow by
not having the having Escape be thegreatest hits of Rupert Holmes. You do
three songs and then say call ita night, good night, everybody.
I think you get away with justtwo in the one the Benkolada. Well,
it's funny when you hear songs ofbands that have been around a long

long time, and they would tellstories about how they first got going.
And all those bands obviously start ascover bands, but if they would have
a hit in the early days oftouring, they would talk about how they
would play that song and then playit a couple times, like in their
set, which you can't even conceiveof now if you went to a show
and you heard somebody play like oneof their hits twice, like the hell's

going on here? But in theearly days, you know, you look
in the Phillip time. Yeah,and people can like film stuff and on
their phone, so they're like,hey, I forgot I heard that song
at the beginning of the show right, well, opened with it, We're
gonna close with it. I likethem apples. Sometimes they do it like
they don't. They'll open with likeone verse yep, and then be like,

man, we'll finish that later andcome back and play the full song
at the end. Alan The bestRupert Holmes song is about getting some strange
on your lunch shower. Let's calledLunchower. Really dive too deep for that?
Did he? Rupert Holmes Lunchower?Hmm? Yeah, I don't know

if you guys are gonna get likeI escape, it is what it is.
But yeah, I don't know ifI'm gonna get too deep into Rupert
Holmes. But let's give lunch houra shot and a four to three difference.
Whatever. You just have lunches youshower, launch shower, lunch shower,
lunch Oh that's terrible. That's aterribly terrible song. L unchower launch

ower launch ower. Oh no,Well, anyway, we'll always have The
Pina Colada song is not Jimmy buffand it's not called the Pina Colada song.
Yeah, Alan Bomb, they didn'tchoose my band, Shake It goth
the premiere Taylor Swift Gothic rock coverband. Yeah, well, Alan.

How many arms does the drummer fromDeaf Legend have? Yeah? What?
He only plays with one? He'sgot one tied behind his back. I
mean devotion accuracy. You know,if you really want to be in a
Deaf le Leopard cover band, ifyou got two arms, you can only
play their really early stuff. Youcan only play through pyromania. I think

if we now return to something barelyworth your time already in progress, the
whole thing is pointless. The AlanCox Show on one hundred point seven,
where you MMS three on a textmeek for something you can watch live if

you like, at Alan Cooxshow dotcom. Thanks again to walper Hemiship for
assisting in the video department. Guardiansare off tonight. They are on their
way back from Toronto U They ononly one in that three game series against
the Blue Jays, but the Jaysare gonna be here to play the Guardians
and the Friendly Confines this coming weekend. They'll start hosting the Mariners tomorrow night,

first of three against Seattle. Thatis a six point forty start tomorrow
night. And you'll hear all ofit here on MMS and on the iHeartRadio
app and on the lead singer forEscape sounds like just like Steve Perry.
Yeah, you know. Journey isone of those bands a long time ago,
seventies and eighties that would get justmercilessly mocked because they were considered just

corporate rock bands like you know,uh Boston and Journey. I always had
a real soft spot for Journey,except that the guy that's been with them
now, has been with them longerthan Steve Perry was. Is RNL Paneda.
This tiny dude they found, like, yeah, he's running up you
know. Back in the early daysof YouTube, I think the guy was

just posting videos of him singing Journeyat karaoke and stuff, and so this
guy is just rock and roll dreamcomes true and he kills it. But
I'm pretty sure. But again,I'm partial to Steve Perry era Journey because
that was what I grew up listenedto. But I think this guy's been
in the band longer than Steve Perry, which would be a strange point to

hit, you know. But Imean Steve Perry was the guy that recorded
the song, was the guy,That's right, Yes, But they've done
a number of albums with this guy. I mean, you're right, all
those hits were with Steve Perry,that's right. But name one song with
the new guy. Well, Idon't know. I was on. I'm
not even say their bad songs aregood songs. I'm just saying they they

never made to the radio the wayoh that song? Right, Yeah,
I went down a Journey rabbit holea while ago. I forget I think
I was driving to Michigan State forone of my daughter's concerts and I was
by myself and I'm in the carand I went down a Journey rabbit hole
and I had never really listened andto a lot with the new guy.
But they have a live album.A few years ago. Journey was a

real dark horse on Lollapalooza. Yeah, they and they played, and I
think people are like, oh haha ha. But it was one of
those legacy acts that they still liketo book for Lollapalooza. I think Steely
Dan did it some years ago orsomething right, because they were kind of
coming back into the public consciousness withsocial media, and so Journey put out

a live album of them at Lollapalooza. And it's really good because I was
like, oh, okay, Iget it. The guy's kind of doing
Journey Carrioka or whatever. And hecan sing, obviously, but it was
really good. They sound good.I don't know that i'd go see him,
but I mean, you know,but those guys ended up, you
know, hating each other's guts,Neil Sean and Steve Perry, and he
was like, no, I'm done. I'm good. I'm out, but

it's like Foreigner, you know theother. I was talking to a friend
of mine this morning. She wentto see the Foreigner and Stick Show and
she's like, it was real good, and I said, it's weird to
me because the it's the Foreigner FarewellTour, which they were trying to get
going before COVID but then that shuteverything down. But Mick Jones is the
last remaining original member of Foreigners.The guys started the band and they were

going to go out and do itone last time, and then COVID shut
everything down and then he got Parkinson's, so the Foreigner Farewell Tour doesn't have
one original member in it. Now, a couple of those guys have been
in the band for a long time, you're like fifteen, eighteen years something
like that. But it'd be weirdto be on the Farewell Tour and there
isn't an original I'm sure they're allgoing to converge when they get inducted into

the Rock Hall this fall, butto be on the road and you're not
there's nobody original in the band,that'd be an odd thing. I do
want to obviously move on from RupertHolmes thing but a whole bunch of people
texted me on the break that Ihad completely forgotten about. And you've probably

never heard this song either. Beforebefore Rupert Holmes was a solo act,
he was writing and performing in aband called The Boys b U O Y
S Get it the Boys, andthey had a hit with a song called
Timothy. Have you ever heard Timothy? I don't think so. He wrote
them a hit song. I don'tknow what it was. There are a

couple of hit songs on the subjectof guys trapped in a mine, and
Timothy is the guy that they haveto eat. It's a hit song about
cannibalism. You never heard Timothy?No, Timothy, Timothy? My god,
what have we done? Yeah,Rupert Holmes wrote the song. So

he wrote the Pina Colada song.But before that hit song about cannibalism,
you know, the Beg's back inthe day had a song called like the
nineteen fifteen mining disaster. So there'sa hit song. People talk about how
pop music hasn't changed that much.I can't tell you the last time there
was a pop star that had asong about a mining disaster. Granted mining

is probably less prevalent, it's notlike sal uh than it used to be.
But Timothy is a banger. Theonly ones left to tell the tale
were Joe and me. Everyone showYeah, three guys, only two came

out. Weird song though, rightIf you're writing a pop song, in
the very first line is trapped ina mine? Here onto something there?
Yeah, Timothy, God did whatdid we do? They They never got

around to finding Timothy, and theyate him. They had to chow down
on Timothy because they were super,super hungry. And so, my boy,
I'd love to be bouncing around RupertHolmes's brain after he writes that,
and they have a big hit withthat song. How do you follow that
up? If that's your hit song, guys, we gotta do. We

got a song about a audio ballooncrash. We got to a song about
a plane that flies into the sideof a mountain. No, no,
no, we can't just be thedisaster. Guys. Well, we had
a big song. We have ahit song with cannibalism. That's how you
know the guy's a genius. Youmake fun of the guy all you want
for that dumb Peni Colada song.Okay, We're to hit song about cannibalism.

Take that uh Bernie, Benny Blanco'sall the pop song. A couple
of sweetish guys and Benny Blanco,they're the ones writing all the pop songs.
Katie Perry and you know whatever doa song about cannibalism with no double
on TNDRE. No I'm going toeat you that kind of stuff, no

double on tndre at all, Justa straight ahead banger about a disaster or
cannibal dealer's choice. Go ahead.Some people, when they die make an
agreement to send a sign from beyondto their loved ones. Some will send
a flower or a bird or ainsect or whatever. I have a friend

that finds nickels on the floor.That's her claim. However, I explained
to my mom as she sits inhospice, make us find one hundred dollars
bills please. That would be thebest chit you can do for us in
the afterlife. Gene from Parma,Oh, kind of a morose g and
he's usually Jane from Parma Ahi lit. Downtrodden there well, his mom's in

hospice. Yeah, it is funny. We kind of touched that last week.
But it is funny what people willattach as symbols for people who have
passed away, you know, becauseyou hear the money thing a lot.
You hear nichols and oh when Ifind a dime, when you find it,
well, there's dimes all over theploy. What are you talking about?

Every dime to you is a symbolfrom your grandfather? Well, my
grandpa used to leave dimes around.Yeah, because his fine motor skills weren't
that great. He was dropping dimesall the time. But whatever gets you
through the night, I guess whatevermakes you feel good. But yeah,

hey, mom, could your symbolto us be one hundred dollars bills?
Speaking of which, by the way, bad news today kind of a bummer,
and it may people might not evenI have thought about it in a
minute. You might need to bereminded. But Megabus is going bankrupt.

Remember mega Bus, Yeah, abouta decade or so ago, Megabus was
all the ray. We took ita couple of times. They're they're they're
never had the pleasure. Their claimwas you could get you know, tickets
for a buck. This They weresupposed to be the alternative to Greyhound.

You know, the way that Frontierand Spirit and originally Southwest were supposed to
be budget airlines. Megabus was goingto be the alternative to Greyhound, and
they ran through the US and Canadaand then you'd see him downtown Cleveland.
It wasn't long after we first movedhere. We took the megabus back to
Chicago a couple of times, andthere they're big hook you'd see on the

sides of the bus. Was,you know, tickets for a dollar.
It's like, yeah, except thehook was if you were the very first
person to get a ticket on thebus, it was a buck. But
most people, you know, you'rebooking a bus ticket pretty late and so
you're paying fifty bucks a seat.So the hook was a little misleading.

Maybe they let the first few peopleget dollar tickets, but by and large
that's not what they were doing.But they're in five hundred cities and people
still take it. I obviously haven'ttaken it in a long long time.
But Megabus filed for bankruptcy. Now. I don't know if this is Alex

Jones bankruptcy. This might just bemore like, you know, we're still
going to run the buses, butpeople still use it. See him downtown
now, if you've ever been ona megabus is it is a rolling zoo
because you know, Greyhound in andof itself was no treat, right,

you've took a greyhound bus never?I mean, I didn't realize that.
The one and only time I tooka greyhound bus was when I was going
up north to visit my girlfriend atcollege, and so I didn't realize how
frequently greyhound stops. I didn't havea map, she had no app back

then, no at BacT that we'retalking literally, we're talking nineteen ninety.
My girlfriend was a year behind me. So I'm going to college in Chicago.
She's going to college at you dubbedstephens Point. She's at University of

Wisconsin Stephen's Point. And I wasgoing to go see her and then drive
her car back to Chicago and leaveit with her parents at her parents' house.
That was the plan. So I'mtaking a one way trip up and
I'm driving the car back. Coolguy, right now. What I didn't

realize was when I got up there, Uh, I didn't realize it was
going to be like a ten hourtrip because they stop every twenty feet on
this goddamn thing, and then youstop in Milwaukee for like three hours or
whatever, and uh so I didn'trealize it was going to take that long.
And I only brought like one tapewith me. I had my Walkman,

I only had one cassette. SoI listened to that a lot on
a loop for ten and I hada couple of books with me too.
But so that one and only timeI took a greade and it was no
treat because you got people getting offat some of the stops, you got
other people getting on, you knowhow a bus usually usually works. And

then I get up there, shedumps me ooh, and I have to
drive her car back. Now,if I'd had the moxie, I would
wait til you drove back. Iwould if I had had the moxie,
I would have said threw you.But I just you know, I did
it. I didn't want to takethat goddamn gray Humber, right, I'm
like, fine, I'll drive thecar because I'm a cool guy. No

whatever, it sucks, but youknow, it wouldn't like I hated or
guts or anything. And so Idrove the car back to her parents' house
and I couldn't believe how quick thattrip was. I mean, it's still
up there Steven's point is up there. But it wasn't no ten hour trip
on the Greyhound but megabus because peoplewere in the early days, people were

getting tickets for you know, fivebucks. You know what you were gonna
get anything you had with you.You didn't let it out of your sight.
I me just sitting there, You'renot sleeping, sitting there with one
eye open, like the Metallica song, Hello Bill? Yes, what's up

Bill? Hello? Bill? Isgone? All right? Well, maybe
he couldn't hear me. I wasexcited to talk to Bill because my screen
said that he was a psychic.You'd think that he would have seen that
technical difficulty coming there. So hedid. But you still have to go
through the you know, call justto get there, so then he can

call back and tell us what he'sgonna say. Is that what it is?
I don't know. You could beonto something. I don't know.
You're talking about the video of theguy doing metallic and Shaggy. Did you
see the video of the people thatgot stuck upside down at the amusement park?
Yes? That no, thank you. I would freek half an hour
upside down, just thinking like,oh, I'm probably gonna die here.

That's what I'm saying. I can'tbelieve more people didn't get like, seriously,
seriously, that is not good foryour body. If you haven't seen
the video, you can find it. It's on TikTok and Instagram and all
this stuff. There was some themepark. They over the pa they announced
the park is closed. A coupleof minutes after this thing is clearly not
moving. They come over, they'relike, yeah, the parks close.

Everybody got to get out. OaksPark is what it's called. It's one
of the oldest continually operating amusement parksin the entire country. Is Portland,
Oregon. And it's one of theserides where you're everybody's seated in a ring
and it's a giant pendulum ride rightlike, it's got a ring on one

end of counterweight at the other.Everybody has a good time, but the
thing is spinning as well, andit ends up getting stuck completely vertical,
completely perpendicular to the ground, stuckwhere the ring is spinning, but they're
not swinging back down. So thirtypeople were hanging upside down on the ride.

They're in seats, they're buckled in, but they're upside down. For
a half an hour. Over ahalf an hour, like probably closer to
four. It was an opening dayfor the summer for this park. I
mean I would go insane if Iwas up. I hate being upside down,

you know, if I'm gonna rollercoaster or something. I've even since
I was a kid, I havethis thing with I don't know what it
is, with my head or myblood flow. I don't know what it
is, but being upside down makesme feel like I'm gonna die. Like
when I was a kid, ifI had to do a summersault, I
felt like I was going to diejust for those couple of seconds. If
I'm gonna roller coaster or something,maybe it's a combination of the momentum and

the I don't know what it is. Roller coasters I can handle. I'm
not going to freak out. You'reonly there for a second, well,
I say, with a summersault,right, I mean, you know,
but when I was a kid,I mean even as an adult, if
my daughter was like, let's thansummer salts, I'd say absolutely not something
about that. So if I wasupside down, I mean even after five

minutes, I'd be freaking out andthey to find a way to like get
people down. I don't know howthey hell they did that one dude,
you know obviously they're talking to people. Afterwards, it started going to the
top and then it came and thenI was like, oh, here's the
part where it goes three sixty.I was still spinning like this for a
second, but it wasn't moving backwards, and I was like a minute passed

and I was like, this mightbe more serious than I may have deduced.
I heard like screaming, crying,just please for help. It was
really it was like really discomforting.I thought it would very well be the
end of my life. Yeah,I would be one of the people screaming
and crying on that thing for real, Like you're upside down. That all

everybody knows. Obviously. The bloodgoes to your head, to your you
know, upper extremities. That's notgood. You know, your your lower
body starts to compress your lungs.You're gonna have a hard time breathing.
That's not good. Nobody got hurt. They took like one person to the
hospital, but everybody else, Iguess was okay. Probably had headaches and

stuff. Oh my god. Atleast Park engineers and fire officials work together
to manually lower the ride. Thatwould have been oh, probably the scariest
part where they're manually lowering it.They're just like, what do they have
like a crank? Yeah, theyjust got a bunch of guys on the
ladder just like move Like how dothey do that? I don't know.

Probably some kind of crank thing.I don't know. It's called the ride
called Atmosphere Fear opening day of thepark. So the cause of the malfunction
is unknown. Oh my god.That also is not very encouraging, Like,
yeah, malfunction, we don't knowwhy. Yeah, anyway, we

got a bunch of other rides too. Go on those, yeah, going
like the little kiddie rides, youknow, the little roller coaster that's three
feet off the ground. It hasno loops. Study show them. Listening
to classical music can temporarily raise yourIQ. I feel pretty smart. If
you're looking for the opposite effect,just stay tuned. Cocks Show on one

hundred point seven WMMS Fun Times inCleveland Today, Cleveland, Come on down
to Cleveland Town. Everyone, comeand look at both of the buildings.
Bossy food that's prepared near the street, who knows you might even see this
guy? You should come on downthe West sixth Street. You ever met

this young man? Bill Michael's oldor you imagine fifteen years ago if you
told this guy, Hey, somedayyou're gonna be a news anchor. You
go, But that makes sense thetracks, Yeah, you's got who in
Vandy Cleveland? Yeah? Oh,Mike Polk of course. Thirteen million views

later, the hastily made Cleveland tourismvideo still as timely as that, because
Cleveland, Ohio one of the mostaffordable major cities in the world. That's
nice, we did it. That'sa fitting response. Well, who could

you know? Who could blame usfor? You know, it's funny because
the Polk's classic Cleveland tourism video it'sold now and Cleveland did look like a
very different place. I was regalingwhen I was at my appearance on Saturday

Portage Lakes. I was talking tosomeone about just that, because was talking
to a woman and her husband whohad been in Ohio now for a while
and they live out there at PortageLakes, and I asked her where she
was from. She's from Bloomington,Illinois, which is where Illinois State University
is, so we were kind ofkiddetzing a little bit on Illinois. But

ironically, when she had moved forwork, she moved to Kalamazoo, Michigan,
which was the first place that Imoved. My first full time job
at radio was in Kalamazoo, andshe was there at the same time I
was. But then she moved toOhio and met her husband and blah blah
blah. But I was talking abouthow you know this Christmas, I will

have been here fifteen years, andtrust me, no one's more surprised than
I am. But when we firstmoved here, it was a very different
place around here. I don't thinkthat you could make that same You couldn't
do that bit now to hastily makeCleveland tourism. No, no, no,

because obviously Cleveland has had its glowup since then, but it's still
relatively inexpensive now. The reason thatthese things always kind of triped me up
is because I think of Cleveland asthe area right whereas they're talking about Cleveland

where you can get a house foryou know, eight thousand dollars or whatever
in some in some parts, yes, they ranked affordability among ninety four major
American cities, and Cleveland came infourth. You know, not every city
has bounced back from the pandemic.They wrote it up in it was Forbes

magazine or Bloomberg or something not longago. They wrote up a whole piece
on how Cleveland should be a modelfor cities trying to bounce back with their
downtown, with the mixture of retailand residents and commerce that Cleveland. You
know, there are a lot ofcities that are having a real hard time

coming back from that. You know, place is like Phoenix and whatever.
The cool spots are not just Phoenix, but I mean there's smaller areas that
are really kind of having their glowup, like Boise, Idaho. You
know, it's college town. There'sa lot of people moving to Idaho because
listen, some of them are movingfrom more expensive states. A lot of

people are moving to Idaho because they'rea little more lenient on things like white
power. And you know, Charlotteis still really blowing up. But Cleveland
remains a place where your money goesa long way. Came in fourth,

behind Rochester, New York. SaintLouis. Pittsburgh was the number one most
affordable major city. Now that Isay in the world, but these are
all you know, I guess Edmonton, Alberta in Canada. But if they
say in the world and nine ofthe time or in the United States,
I'm not sure what North America.Oh yeah, it says the world.

And then they had the least affordablemajor cities in the world in Hong Kong.
Is it the So listen, ifyou are somebody in Cleveland and you
go, well, this is theyear, this is the year I'm gonna
pull the trigger and finally make thatmove to Hong Kong. It's gonna cost
you, maybe take a second,maybe reevaluate your priorities, and you go,

fine, then I'll go to Vancouver. Well they're having a hard time
too, La Honolulu, San Jose, San Francisco, San Diego. But
here in the friendly confines of Cleveland, Ohio, Buffalo, Detroit, Oklahoma
City. No again, you know, there's a reason these places are affordable.
You might have sensed the common themehere, But what's the matter with

that fresh water rush? Water?What's better with that? Cincinnati, Louisville,
Oklahoma City all on the top tenlist, So uh, you know,
sure, it's ninety degrees out today. It's also raining. I went
to have a pish and I hadn'tlooked outside. At least Downtown supposed to

be kind of rainy hot, butit's gonna there's gonna be rain Oh,
throw off my Wednesday hot and rainy. Ninety degrees and rainy. Oh boy,
that's comfy. I don't want thatthrowing off my Wednesday upset. Yeah,
we're out of here on Wednesday.We're we're out Wednesday and Friday.
So is Wednesday just gonna be astraight pool day? What is that?

How you will celebrate Jueenth. I'mgonna, yeah, just be having some
people over yeap, doing some hangingout at the pool, and then Wednesday
night I'm moderating for Andrew Callahan atHouse of Blues. Now, what is
that? He's the Channel five guy. Okay, crazy hair. Not familiar

with him. You've seen his stuff. We've talked about this stuff, have
we. He used to Channel five. Yeah, he's a reporter. No
oh he but like he would goto like rallies, like he went to
like anthro Con and he went toTrump. He's like a YouTube guy.
Yeah, yeah, oh, what'sthe Channel five connection? That's what he
calls his channel. Oh I thoughtyou meant Cleveland's ABC affiliate channel five.

Got he's the all gas, nobreaks guy. Yeah that's what it was.
Oh okay, yes, I doknow how that is. Okay,
so he is a gotcha. SoI'm gonna spend the day at the pool
and then later that night be overthere House of Blues moderating that he do
Q and A. Yeah, he'sgot like a film that he's showing.

Yep, I'm excited. Oh that'llbe fun. I like what he does.
All right, and uh, we'llhave the Funny Bus on Wednesday night.
Right, Because they asked me,I'm like, well, I normally
throw this to Alan because this seemsmore your speed, but you got the
funny Bus, so well, Iappreciate that, but that that sounds like
way more your speed. I meanwith a guy like that, Well,

moderating is yeah, you've done afew of those things I have, so
yeah, any tips keep it simple? Yeah, no, I mean I
think it's not about me. It'sliterally just getting everybody else. But I
mean you have to probably interview himfor a bit. Yeah. Usually they're
sending me like a docket where Ican go through everything and figure out what

I got to talk about, right, Oh, they give you the questions.
I mean, I don't even knowit's more than yeah. Yeah.
Well it's funny because when you dothose, their people will always send you
questions that other people have asked.These people are on tour and they go
city to city and they're like,you know, you can talk about anything,
but here's some questions that other peoplehave asked, and and they're fine.

But it's like, I'm I've alreadygot all my stuff that I want
to ask. So you know,my tip would be start off, uh,
with a really difficult matter, doyou have any questions for me?
Yeah? Or with a really difficultproblem. What would you like to know

about me? So we can haveNow, have you met him before or
will you be meeting him that night? Be me meeting him for the first
I actually prefer that because then you'rekind of you're going in cold, you
know, and if you're if you'reif you've prepared yourself, it's a lot
of fun. Yeah, you cankind of be loosing THEA and you kind

of know where you're going and yeah, like I'll have you know, I'll
have my note cards with my questionson it. I'll have an outline of
how the night's supposed to go,and uh, we'll have some fun.
That's Wednesday night at the House ofBlues. Yeah, are there still tickets?
I don't know, Okay, maybecheck. Also, Eric Adams is

the mayor of the City of NewYork and he has asked for Diddy's key
to the city back. What doesthe key to the city get you?
By the way, but they givethem, Well that's what I'm asking.
I mean, they hand you akey. Yeah, I assume it's it's

metaphorical or whatever. But why askfor that back then if it doesn't do
it because they want to know thatit's been the honors been rescinded, so
you need to get it back.When they took back all of Cosby's honorary
degrees, Sean Diddy Combs, ofcourse, everything has crumbled for him in

short order since all these sexual assaultallegations have come out and blah blah blah.
He was given the key to thecity in a Times Square ceremony just
last September. It's a it's barelybarely warm. When he dropped his latest
album last year at the time,Eric Adams said, the bad boy of

entertainment is getting the key to thecity from the bad boy of politics.
What does everybody need to be abad boy? By the way, be
a good boy, right, bea good boy, and that a fake
good boy. Be a good boy. Why do you think we love dogs
so much because they're good boys andgirls? Right? The bad boy?

There's enough of that. We gottoo many of those people. It's like
when girls are always like, ohlike this, I like them, I
like bad boys, and then untilthey start throwing him into Now, yeah,
this is nice guy. Now youdon't there's bunny and nice guys out
there. All these girls wanted tobe with Diddy, p Diddy, whatever

the hell he's calling himself. Now, sure there had to be the first
girl who was getting thrown around,don't but once two or three women are
like, wow, that's not gonnabe me. Obviously this is just speculation.
I don't know anything about the historyof the guy. But you know,
most people saw that video from tenyears back or whatever. He's throwing

his girl, his girlfriend, draggingher down the out of the elevator by
her hair or whatever. So Cityof New York, which boy from what
I've seen recently with Eric Adams,they've got problems of their own. Has
asked did he to return the keyto the city, said give me that

did he key? Give me thatcity key? Did he? I don't
know how that works. Well,imagine you know a lot of people who
have been There are people in thiscountry who have been so reviled because of
things that they've done publicly or privatelythat they end up changing their name.

So at what point do you,uh, he's always gone by some dumb
name. At what point do youstart going by Sean Combs again in the
hopes that people will forget you juststarted going by your real name. I
mean, you probably start going byyour middle name, even because Shawn Combs
is still pretty well known, stillpretty toxic. What's his middle name is?

John John John Combs, Don Combs, Sewn Love Combs. His middle
name is love Love Love Combs.I don't know. You can't find under
the radio. Love comb sounds likea hair care product. Have you hooked
up with a lady and things gota little itchy down there? Try one
of our love Love Combs. Getthose puppies right out. Yeah, So

the city put forth a formal requestfor him to return the key that they
gave him, and he has honoredtheir request to return that key to the
city. I wouldn't be so badif, like I got in trouble because
I'm not good at you know what. People give us stuff all the time,
and like I've gotten awards and stuff, they're just in a room,

like I don't have them displayed.So I'd have to like dig through my
room and be like, I'll it'sin here somewhere. You guys are gonna
have to give me a while becauseI don't really organize this junk drawer there.
Yeah, it's next to my scissors. Yep. Oh I remember the
office. Yeah yeah, it's alot like that. Not my whole house,

just yeah, uh creative workspace.There you go. Earlier this month,
Howard University rescinded an honorary degree thathe had gotten a decade ago.
And you know the way that youget those is you kick in money to
the school. You know, theyhit you up for the dough and then

they give you the honorary degree.You know, I don't know what I
mean. If you're Sean Puffy Combs, what do you care if you have
an honorary degree, but it alwayscomes with a contribution to the school.
And he gave Howard, which isa historically black college. He gave Howard
a million dollars. And so itsucks for colleges when this stuff happens because

they don't get any more money becausetraditionally they'll they'll kind of they have a
charitable foundation and they'll designate money thatgoes regularly to you know, certain organizations
or schools, in his case,Howard University. And so he had to
return. I don't again, Idon't know how you return an honorary degree,

and I don't know what he youknow, he set up a scholarship
program that can you get your moneyback? You don't get your money back.
No, that money was spent tenyears ago. Nope, I don't
know what to honorary degree they gavehim. It's always something like they probably
made some them up for him.But yeah, things are not so good

for him. Oh it's not likeyou didn't earn it. He definitely earned
it. Yeah. Yeah. Thirtyyears ago today was the OJ Bronco Chase.
And the reason that I know thisis because I was having sex at
the time when the news broke into say that the police were chasing oj

Simpson. June seventeenth, nineteen ninetyfour. I was getting some afternoon delight
from a girl that I had juststarted dating. Oh she gave it up
right away. Huh. Well,I had pursued her for a while and
she made it clear that she wasn'tlooking for anything with anybody. She lived

by herself. She kind of keptto herself. But I was smitten.
I was in deep smith, andso I really went full tilt boogie and
then we started seeing each other likemaybe she just needed a little maybe,
you know, whatever I did,I got her and we were we'd only

been going it. We were onher couch in her apartment, a beautiful
sunny Chicago afternoon, June seventeenth,nineteen ninety four, and we were just
a few minutes in and the televisionwas on, and they break in and

because the you know, they NicoleBrown Simpson. She had been killed just
a few nights before, right theBronco Chase was right after at the time.
He allegedly killed them, and itcut into our afternoon delight and cut

into the finals. A lot ofstories about that, but it was because
we were both it was such aneverybody was just riveted to that story.
So when the Bronco chase happened,so there's that moment where we don't know
if we're going to pay attention tothat or keep going. But by that
time we were had kind of beendistracted. So we're both on the couch

naked, turning to watch the televisionand then deciding if we're going to continue
or if we're going to watch what'shappening on the television. I think this
is a storyline in the final episodeof Ted, like he went to prom
and then after prom uh, hewas trying to make it happen, and

then like he was about to hookup with this girl, and then the
Bronco chase starts, Oh the sameI thought you meant a situation similar to
that the actual Ronco chase starts.Yeah, yeah, well maybe Seth MacFarlane
was doing the same thing I wasdoing on this day in nineteen ninety four.

Could be yeah, you know,what is this? You know they
parodied it on Seinfeld and the wholething. But so yeah, we decided
that we would take a break andthat we were more clearly focused on each
other that we'd go back to it. We did about a half an hour

later. Oh happy for you.But it didn't last. It couldn't last.
We were it has last to begood. The star that burns twice
as bright, burns half as long, and now Ojay's dead couldn't happen to
a nicer guy. That's what Ithought when they said, O Jesus good,

that guy interrupted my afternoon delight.June seventeenth, Call the Alan Cox
Show, Cops, Cops? Isthat what an X? Yes? Two
one six seven eight one double ohseven or one eight three four eight one
double oh seven three five one two. You want to send me a text?

Alancoxshow dot com where you can watchlive and I heart radio app too.
People who want to drop messages there, you can do it. If
you listen from out of state.Let me know where you do that.
Asasha listens in Portland, Oregon.Willie's in Louisville, Kentucky. Luke is
our bureau chief in Intercourse, Pennsylvania. You worked a road a lot.

You ever worked Intercourse, PA?I actually have a Hey and Middlesex.
I've never been. I lived inPennsylvania for this. I lived in Pennsylvania
for many years, but I nevermade it to Intercourse. Do they lean
into it there, do you recall? Oh? Yeah, yeah they do.
They got some kitchy merchant. Isee, I got laid in Intercourse,

Pa or whatever, four and ahalf hours from Cleveland, Ohio.
All right, oh it might be. Oh it's out Lancaster Way. Oh,
I see. I don't even thinkthat I knew what part of the
state. It was. Eastern sideanyway. Brandon is down in Orlando,
Matt is one of our Milwaukee bureauchiefs, and Eric listens in Saganaw,

Texas, not Saganaw Michigan, Saganaw, Texas. Cleveland police trying to figure
out what they're going to do aboutthe rash of youth violence at festivals,
you know, festivals are I think, well, yeah, they're they're trying

to have more of him. Youknow. Chicago. One thing that I
people go, what do you missabout? I always say street festivals,
because yeah, amazing street festivals allthe time, and thinking of like music
festival, like we don't have thatmany us like street festal we have them,
I mean just half a dozen everyweekend, you know, all around

the city. And they have themhere too, I mean there's you know,
a lot of them are church festivalsand things like that. But you
know, people are gonna people aregonna break out, and people are gonna
be uh, causing trouble and doingstuff, and the city is trying to
figure out how that they can,how they can keep the youths from causing

trouble when everybody else is just tryingto have a bit of fun. And
so there's a growing wave of youthviolence. Listen, the youth are getting
restless. The youth are always resting, They're always restless. This is nothing
new. Nope, street tufts backin the day. Yeah, yeah,

that's right, they had a lotof times. It's you know, it's
church groups and organizations that put theseon. You know, outweigh By where
I live, there's a little thingaround the fourth of July called Bay Days.
I live in Bay Village and theyhave a thing called Bay Days,
and it's a pretty standard variety.It's what you know, all these festivals

do. They throw up some rides, and they got some booths and some
carnies come in and set things up, and you know, people are drinking
lemonade and eating waffle fries, awhole bit. They recovered a gun and
arrested ten youths. At Saint ClairCommunity Days in Lynhurst, there were some

fights breaking out. It's like thatold country song that they say, I
don't remember who's sang it. Youcan lock me up and throw away the
key, but you can't keep myface from breaking out. And then at
the Saint Gabriel Summerfest and Conquered Township, four people were charged when an unruly

crowd overwhelmed Lake County Sheriff's deputies.You know, for the most part,
you go to these, you'll besurrounded by ruly crowds. People are having
fun. You know, you don'teven have to qualify them as ruly.
True, you could just say it'sa crowd. H look at is.

Everybody's being well behaved. But thenan unruly crowd breaks out and all it
takes is one or two people.You know, human beings are pretty power
of suggestion doesn't have to work thathard, and so all group can turn
into a large one and people arejust looking for stuff to do, especially

the youths. Youth love it.You know a lot of them. Some
of them aren't old enough to drivethat. You know, if you remember
how things got at the i XIndoor Amusement Park. There'd be big on
a Friday night. Tons of peoplewould show up, yes, and youths
would get into fights there. Yeah, and nobody ever seems to have enough

security or because you don't know wheresomething is going to break out. But
you know, summerfest in Macedonia,somebody fired a gun and of course chaos
erupts in a situation like that,and Mayor Nick Molnar, the mayor out
there, canceled all the festivals inMacedonia for the rest of the summer because

people couldn't keep it together. Ihope this doesn't affect men at Rocks,
I don't. I not. Arethey in Summer County, No, But
I mean if they're they're out inuh. I think I think they're in
Lake Okay, Right, Men ofRocks, They're gonna have Finger eleven tomorrow
night. LeAnn Rhyme's Deaf Legend isplaying Escape, a tribute to Rupert Holmes.

Slash Journey is going to be outthere. They want ruly crowds,
that's all they want. They wantto look out and play to ruly crowds.
Right, and let this be alesson to you youths, you know,
ye around your family. Well,listen, we have a very broad

and diverse and wide audience. Andif only one youth here's what we're saying
and takes it to heart, perhapsthey can exert small amount of peer pressure
on some of the more boisterous membersof their group. Now, don't get
me wrong, I'm trying to beresponsible here as a steward of the public

airwaves. In reality, I lovewhen this stuff happens. Now, I
don't like the gunfire. That's theproblem is these things things used to pop
off and nobody got shot. Ifyou see a group of people fighting,
that's fun. It's fun. Youget out of the way. It's like
a pit at a metal show,right, you get out of the way.

It's when gunfire invariably happens. Somebody'salways strapped. It's an open carry
state, right, I mean,you don't even have to be causing.
Where are all the good guys withguns? By the way, I thought
that's all it took. Why areyou gonna put it on Lake County sheriff's
deputies or the mayor of Macedonia.So they're trying to figure out, you

know, people want to go tothese things. Again, a lot of
them happen at church festivals, whichis ironic. Outreach program isn't all it
could be. But the Saint AmbroseCatholic Parish in Brunswick is going to have
added security to make sure that theirfestival this weekend will remain really so,

yeah, everybody's got to kind ofbe everybody's got to be vigilant, I
guess because you don't know. Becausethe people that are like you know,
fire and rounds, they don't care. They're always terrible shots. They're always
terrible, so they're just firing blindly. If it breaks out into that,
they're not hitting the people they're tryingto hit. They hit a kid who's

on a roller coaster, They hitsome mom in the leg. This actually
brings up a point from last weekwhen we were talking about the first movie
that made you cry. Yeah,I've remembered what it was. What was
it that was on a plane?And I watched the movie Hardball with Keanu
Reeves and that movie made me cryso hard on a flight. It was

a very very sad movie. AndI watched it is that where he's got
the ragtag, like, yeah,your kids in the projects, and he
teaches him how to play baseball.Yeah, and it's not even like he
really teaches him that much. He'sjust there. But it's like, but
no, he's a good influence onhim, and they are a good influence
on him. Yeah. But yeah, there's a sad ending to it.

And on Friday night, the ladyand I were out did some karaoke.
She's saying black Velvet crushed it.I did my usual say it and so,
uh huh, well you didn't do. The boys are back in town
for Lizzy not that time. Okay, whatever happened to the Black Velvet lady,
I don't know, but she hadone that one hit a lot of
miles. But right before I wentup, someone saying big Papa by Biggie

yep. And at the end ofit, I go rest in pig Baby
and this black when he turns andshe's like, I'm like, it's from
a movie, and she's like,I know the movie. She knew what
you were talking and I was likeyeah, She's like she was surprised that
I knew the movie. I'm like, no, that's one of my favorite
movies. And it's just so sadthough, and well, Unfortunately you now
also spoiled the movie. Well notnecessary. Well, it's been out for

years, isn't it. Yeah,that movie was a long time ago,
all right. So I watched itwith my girlfriend though, and even you
can kind of see it coming,it still just rips your chest out.
Yeah, it's so rips your heartout of your chest. It's so sad.
You know. In twenty twenty fourthey would refer to that as a

white savior movie. Right, Keanucomes in like a what's her name in
Dangerous Minds? Yeah, Michelle Pfeiffer. Yeah, No, I remember being
in college and going to see Boysin the Hood. That was another one
where you're like, oh god,damn, that's a sad one with Cuba
and ice Cube. And it's notCuba who dies in that who dies in

Boys in the Hood? More's Chestnut. Yeah, the kid that's like gonna
make it big, Like the kidwho he's gonna be, the one that's
really going to take the world bystorm. Isn't he the one that gets
killed Boys in the Hood? Yeah, wait, his ice Cube's dough boy.
And then and then Cuba is likeanother ne'er do well. But the

other dude was the one who wasgoing to like make stuff happen because I
had a crush on crush on NiaLong, Nia Long. Oh yeah,
boys in the hood. Good grief, Angela Bassett was it was in it?
Yeah? Okay, so Hardball madeyou cry on a plane. Yeah,
I've actually never seen Hardball, butit was good. All right?

It was good? Was that?Yeah? That was post Speed I guess
everything for you post that was postthe First Matrix. Wow, it was
a book. Yeah, the hardBall movie they made from a book sounds
familiar. Anyway. They're trying tofigure out what they're going to do about
all the festival violence from the youths. Alan, do you want some VIP

passes to see? Uh? Ohyeah, v I P H. What
does that entail VI P passes?I don't know. Oh fine, no,
thank you, thank you. Though, I got I got a guy
out there because I've done a bunchof times. Yeah, and they're very

very you know, accommodating and yeah, sure, great people out there in
menor No. I appreciate it.And Alan, did you talk about the
Stones concert? It just tuned in. No, No, I didn't go.
My buddy Pat Butler, who cohosts two hours to midnight with me.
He posted a lot of stuff onhis Instagram story. He went,

look like a good time our buddyMike beat Her. Of course ended up
with terrible tickets. Again, dudesin the second row, Well, he
probably had to wait an hour toget his wristband then, because that's the
only thing that I saw that wasOh yeah, they screwed that up.
They messed up the wristbands for thepeople sitting down on the field. Who
is that Brown Stadium or the stonesthey're in charge of all that? Mm

hmm yeah, oh yeah, that'sfurther in this text, the total embarrassment
of the wrist band debacle yep,which was so embarrassing people from all over
saying the worst stadium they've ever beento and zero toilet paper. Oh oh,
it's like working here. We knowhow to deal with that. There's
never toilet paper here, and there'snever a paper towel. I'm sorry,

there's rolls of paper towels. Yes, you could tear some off and then
yeah, bring it into the sawwith you. Al what's the demographic of
youths causing the problems of festivals?Don't sugar call it cod it call it
like it is. Oh, hewants me to say that it's all black
kids, is it? I don't. I haven't seen anything along those lines.

But that's clearly what this person wantsme to say, is that it's
all black kids causing problems. Well, I'll tell you what, nothing's more
terrifying walking down the street and seeinga group of white kids all whispering to
each other because they know they're gonnapop off and not get in trouble.

So the youths are out there andthey're they're restless. Doctor No said it
best. The youth are restless,and the festivals are just hoping that everybody
else stays ruly. If you're goingout having some fun, you know,
drink some lemonade, go on somerides. Hm. He was going to

play football at USC and took asalt off to the back. Oh that
was Boys in the Hood, right, Yeah, he's gonna go off and
make something of himself. Ricky Rickythe other in the alley. I don't
think I cried at Boys in theHood, because I think I was because
I was on a date. Butuh, and I didn't want to cry

on a date. It's like whenI was in high school, and my
girlfriend wanted to go see a Labamba and she was balling at the end
of that movie. She was PuertoRican, and so you know, she
wanted to go see la bamba.I'm like, I want to see LaBamba

she wanted, and I was tryingto be a cool guy. Yeah that's
right, Like you're not even Mexican, you're Puerto Rican. She's like,
same thing, Like it's not anddon't ever ever say that, or like
her dad was white and her momwas Puerto Rican, Like, don't ever
say that around your mom. EvenI know that, don't do that,

Like I know everybody else thinks it'sthe same thing, but you. But
uh yeah, she was crying.And that's what started my long career by
the way of not being good atconsoling people. I've had a long and
illustrious career of being a poor consolerbecause it was never it was never done

to me. I couldn't learn byexample. I was never consoled, and
so I don't know how to doit. I've got a little better now,
I've gotten a little better over theyears. But in what was Lebamba
eighty seven? I didn't know whatthe hell I was doing so I didn't
cry at Lebamba, and I didn'tcry Boys in the Hood. But I

don't know the last movie I criedit. It's probably something that you'd least
expect. I probably cried at Dunebecause I went to one there on a
popcorn bucket, like god damn it. Yeah. No, I went into

one of those theaters where they werereally trying to recreate the experience. So
they were throwing sand in everybody's faceat that movie, and that's what caused
the tears. It wasn't even emotionaltears. It was a reaction all the
sand being thrown in my face,which was triggering in and of itself.
All the stones need to need togive it up. Drunk dudes that karaoke

sound better than they do. Imean, that's not the reviews I've seen.
I'm sure there's a handful of peoplewho might have been a little disappointed.
But those guys, as old asthey are, are still running around.
I'm like, good for them,man, I'm sure they weren't at
top speed, but how would anybody? You know, those guys are held
as such a different, unbelievable standard, and the reason they are is because

they've been so good for so long. They've been touring for sixty years.
Even we'll go, well, wellthe guy's eighty, your mid forties,
and you can't do that guaranteed everynight or every I'm sure they're not doing
shows every night, but they're probablydoing them, you know, every few

nights. You get a rest upwith these people that give the Stones a
hard time, like compared to whatthere's bands half their age that aren't running
around doing stuff. So it lookedlike a good time to me. Boy
I didn't go, but people whowent seemed like they had themselves a lot

of fun. I was looking atsome of the photos, looking at some
of our buddy Mike's video on Instagram. But the videos look fine. You
know, Mick Jagger's been coloring hishair the whole time. You know,
Keith ended up saying screw it andhe went gray. I like that.
You like the gray? Yeah,well, everybody says they like that.
But my thing is, if you'vebeen coloring your hair the whole time,

then you don't look any different andhair, but your face looks crazy with
them. When your hair is likethat chestnut brown, a face that looks
like the cripkeeper keeper. It looksnot good. Yeah, but it's not
going to look better or with grayhair at least fits. It's showbiz.

You're supposed to try to look inwhatever way you can. You're supposed to
try to look as youthful as youpossibly can. He's skinny. It's like
he's fat with brown hair. He'sstill skinny. Look, we would you
get a little chubbier, it smoothsout. You can't be a fat rock

star. You can't. Well,don't give me jelly roll post maloney.
These guys, they're not rock stars. Post Malone's not fat. Well,
you're not skinny. Not a fatguy though, wasn't he me maybe have
some baby family. Well yeah,once these guys get once they blow up,
somebody goes. You gotta get skinny, you gotta lose weight. How's

jelly roll? I mean he's acountry star, jelly roll, Yeah,
Postman's a rock star. All right. Well, I'm just saying, you
know, Nickelback put in their songwe'll all stay skinny if we just don't
eat, that's the thing, stayskinny. And Jagger did it all right,
But with his chestnut brown hair andhis natural chestnut brown hair, what

if he stopped dying it and itwas still kind of that same color,
then that's fine. Yeah, theyprobably do that. He probably does it
more when he goes on tour,like if he's just hanging out in Ibitha,
you know, for the in betweentours or whatever. Probably let's it
go. I'm sure there's pictures ofMick Jagger with gray hair. Nobody wants

to see that and people go,oh, my good look, and then
he goes, yeah, that's whyI diet dummies. I know him eighty.
What's the point looking eighty? Yes, his face looks like a mountain
range, but I mean he's eighty. Give him credit just for being up
there. And again, this isprobably probably the last time they'll ever play

Cleveland. It's been twenty something yearssince the last time. Like there's some
like Brian May rocking his big oldgoofy white hair. It looks like he's
sitting on the High Court in England. Yeah, like he's a barrister.
Yeah, I love it with hispowdered wig. Yeah, but that's only
like the last ten years. Hecolored his hair for a long time,

but let it go eventually. Yeah, it's time for Mick Jagger to also
let it go. Well, maybehe will, maybe he will, but
I don't. I don't begrudge anybody. Paul McCartney. I don't begrudge anybody
color in their hair. Paul McCartneytoo, still got that baby face.

If you find yourself breathless with constantlaughter caratulations, now, could you tell
oz what show you're listening to?It sounds fun? This is the Alan
Cock Show, one hundred p sevenms. People pointing, calling, texting

me in the break about rock starswho got fat. I'm like, yeah,
but then they're a joke. That'sthe point. Nick Jaggery, I'm
not talking about Vince Neil, buthe makes fun of Vince Neil. Now
Vince Neil and he Vince Neil andhe can't sing anymore, you know,
I mean mix that's a bigger problem. Yeah, I mean all the you

see all the Motley Crewe memes whereit's captions of what they think Vince Neil
is saying, it's got nothing todo with the song because he's he's out
of breath. That's that's why peoplemake fun of situations like that, because
they're like, this guy doesn't evencare. Axel Rose got in shape.
Remember when first came back, Ohmy god, and they all kissed and

made up and they were like,we're gonna go back out in the road.
Axel was fat, but he's like, well, I can't. I
can't do this night after night.So yeah, Motley Crue, I mean,
you know, you might have likedhim back in the day, but
it's it's a cash grab, whichis fine. I mean, it's their
life. But it's like, ifthey don't even I'd be like, man,

I'm a fan and you don't evenhave enough respect for the fans to
come out and sing to the bestof your ability, because you're a double
lard out there and you're a jokenow, you know, Bob Seeger is
pretty fatsom. Yeah, he's noton tour anymore. He gave it up,

did the farewell tour. You knowthose guys who whatever they do,
whether it's genetic, you know alot of those guys, these get lucky.
Most people civilians too. There's peopleget lucky plays a large part.
But there's other people who work.Man, they work because they're like I
want to go up there, ifI'm gonna do this, if I'm going

to tour for sixty years Why wouldI get fat? Why would I do
that? You know, Keiths gotthe guitar there. If he's got a
little bit of a pooch, youknow, nobody's gonna give him a hard
time. But you know the guy'sin Kiss, well, they're under they're
wearing the outfits, they're covering itall up. If they had to run

around, you know, if itwas uh late eighties Kiss where they weren't
wearing the costumes they're running around andday you know they had a kiss,
had a period of time where theywere running around in you know, day
glow pink leggings. And I meansure I was thirty years ago. But
and Mick with no clothes on isprobably a nightmare. Probably a nightmare.

It probably looks like a melted candle. I just but stop dying your hair.
We know it's not brown. It'sokay to be an old guy,
Yeah it is. But again,rock and Roll. I think that's gonna
go away. I think I don'tthink the like my generation cares about that
as much. Well we'll see atleast the dudes. I don't think there's

gonna be that's gonna be like thenext thing, Uh millennials killed just for
men. Yeah, maybe, Idon't know. I mean, there's plenty
of people in their forties dyeing theirhair. Those are the guys in those
commercials. They're not old dudes.It's not eighty year old guy, you
know. Yeah, if you seesomebody who's not Mick Jagger. It's always

interesting to me though, the peoplewho just out in the world, the
old guys you see who are dyeingtheir hair, they don't look like the
kind of guys that you would thinkjust in passing you go everything else on.
That guy is not screaming dye myhair like. They're not taking care

of themselves in any other way.And again there is also the case to
be made for rock and roll beingfor the young running around. You know,
you're not supposed to look the samethe older you get. But you
know who's in the in the meantime, who's coming up like the Stones?

I don't know, you might beright. Oh the George did you see
the George Strait concert? Somebody askedhe set the record George straight? You
know this, dude, Country guysis a classic country artist. I don't
know if this is a farewell touror what he's doing. But George Straight

now has the record for the biggestconcert crowd ever in the United States.
He broke the Grateful Dead record fromnineteen seventy seven. George Straight, he
played Kyle Field at Texas A andM so one hundred and ten, nine
hundred and five people. Damn.Yeah, it's about three thousand more than

the Dead had in seventy seven.They played Raceway Park in Jersey. I
feel like Taylor Swift could break thistomorrow if she wanted to. Oh Taylor
Swift, Well, I mean I'dhave to think that she did she not
play that venue. I mean Ifeel like if she wants to, I

mean, she's doing multiple nights atthese venues. Yeah, you know,
she did like three nights at Pittsburgh. You know, she could get one
hundred thousand people, or you shouldprobably get two hundred thousand people. If
they could find a venue, theycould hold it. Yeah. Well,
in the meantime, he's not therecord. George Straight. I couldn't tell

you what one of his songs are. My wife could probably tell me.
But god, I'm ashamed to saythis. This is my first time to
ever be in Kyle Field damn man, I want to look so bad?
Did get out? Oh? CanI whoop? I thought you said,

can I look? I go?I don't know what you're saying. Can
I whoop? That must be aGeorge Straight thing. I think that's a
an text A and M thing.I think it's it. Here's the video
of Never before has this many peopleattended one single concert. What you see
right there is one hundred and tenthousand people who crammed into Texas A and
m's Kyle Field last night to seecountry superstar George Straight perform live and in

person. According to Billboard, lastnight's concert beats the most attended ever ticketed
concert ever, So the actual onethat had that name before with what the
hell is she talking about? Anyway? But it's not all you know,
I would think George Straight would appealto like the fifty five in up country

crowd. Yeah, I bet there'speople of families and stuff. Woh get
that, get three generations there,there's enough like younger fans who care about
George Straight. I don't I thinkit's seventh exact. All right, we're
just going to try and break thisrecord. Yeah all right, Well,
I wonder if it's a farewell tour, because I mean that would explain why

you're going to sell out one hundredand ten thousand seats. But it's like
he's faring quite well. Yeah,George Straight breaks the Grateful Dead attendance record
from nineteen seventy seven. Hi,every vote. They're good for him,
man, it's great. You knowyou might not like country music. I

certainly don't, at least not thisnew fangled George Strait country. You take
me back to Whylan and Willie anduh, but you got to give it
up for these acts. You know, there's a lot of corn pones in
this country, and it's their money. They can do what they want to

with it. It's got to makehim feel good. One hundred and ten
thousand people and you're just up thereplaying music you wrote. I assume he
writes his music, just songs youwrote, thoughts that came out of your
head. You're like, hey,thanks everybody. So I don't know if

that's I don't I literally don't knowa single George Straight song. Everything I'm
looking at in here is Christmas music. All my exes live in Texas.
That's not his song, is it? No? Amarillo by morning. No,

I don't know any of these songs. I mean, I'm sure he
played this, I would think,yeah, and they're not none of them
are afraid to do a cover,you know that, right? Yeah?
Yeah, maybe he was the firstguy. I mean, all right,
maybe he was the first guy torecord. He didn't write it, but

but all right, well maybe that'sa big song for him. Then he's
got a song called she let HerselfGo. Now, I wonder vincel Or
if he means she let herself gofrom a relationship that was bad for you

know, or if a guy leftbecause she let herself go. I really
shouldn't be doing this about Mary here. She she knows what the job is.
I know. Oh, let hersay that without him and her,
she'd let herself go. Yeah,okay, Well anyway, I mean,

the guy's got a you know,his voice isn't unpleasant. I just literally
don't know anything about George Straight otherthan the name and that he's a big
deal and he set a big record. Good for him. It's good for
him, and he whooped whoop?It would have been great. Yeah,
everybody, I'm up here, I'dlike to whoop. They have no idea,

what's going on. That's right,Juggalo's be trip a l is drunk
Sue. I thought it was analsX. Look is that's why or something?
I just I didn't understand. Allright there? What what is she

saying? I have no idea anal'sX instead of it? But nobody we
weren't talking about, were we.We weren't talking about anything like that along
those lines, drunk suit, shesounds like she's well on her way,
though. Amarillo by Mourning is aclassic. Somebody says Love without End is

his best song for sure, Lovewithout End? Yeah, that sounds like
I'm gonna get cast without end aman Amarilly mourning. I don't want it.

I'll take your word for it.I don't want to. I don't
want to go that far. Andjust who cares? Right? I mean,
I don't. I take your wordfor it. Yeah, his voice
is not unpleasant to me. It'sfine. Was Motley Crue good before Vince

gotfit? Listen back in the day, man, there wasn't a band on
the planet doing it like Motley Crue. Yes, back in the day,
I have fantastic there been a hugeMotley c G. I mean, I
think every gen X rock and rollkid had a Motley Crue phase. Right.
The first two things I ever boughton cassette were Journey Frontiers and Shout

at the Devil. I think thosewere both eighty two eighty three. So
one of the first two cassettes Iever had as a kid was Shout at
the Devil for Motley Crue, andit was driving parents crazy because they had
on all the makeup and then theywere pretending that there were you know,
because that's what you did back then, you did the devil thing. That's
what got people paying attention to you. They have spinning pentagrams and they'd write

a couple of songs about the Devil, but it had nothing to do with
Motley Crue. Could not have beenless about the Devil. They were about
Poon Tang and you know, theywere trying to get some attention with all
that stuff, but it was neverthere. It was never their core vibe.
But yeah, back in the day, man, those first two or

three Crew records were legit. There'sToo Fast for Love, Shouted the Devil,
Theater of Payne kind of sucked,but Doctor Feel Good. Yeah,
those first few albums were dynamite.But whatever, it's fine. You know
our buddy Corey Roddick who co hoststwo Hours to Midnight with us Huge Motley

croof to this very very day,Huge Motley croofin. So he's keeping those
fires lit. Boy, Allen's Cockstockhappening. I I've had so many staffing
issues on Cockstock. And then theyouths. Yeah, listen, once I
heard about all the all the violentyouths that are out there. Uh Elan

the bro country guy's name check GeorgeStrait. So they pretend that they've always
been into him. Well, listen, I think if you're a country artist,
you've probably come up on that music, so they probably do have a
genuine affinity for him. But Ijust literally, I'm sure my wife could
rattle off half a dozen George straightsongs. I just don't know any of
them. I know the name,but don't know any songs. Hey Mike

from Barmah, not e Mike fromVarma, but hey Mike from Barma.
Listening to Wednesday Show, Ellen,you're talking about the homeless guy that you
encountered outside of Heinen, those doingthe karate. So I work at the
casino, so we deal with alot of homeless people and that guy's the
regular and his nickname is Birdman.So you know, if you want to

be on a first name basis withhim, next time, introduce yourself a
show by m. Yeah, butdoes he know that's his nickname? Like,
you know, people go, oh, that's his nickname. What's the
nickname you gave him. I'm notgoing to walk up to a guy who's
mentally ill and flailing on the streetand go, yoh, Birdman, what
up? Because there's a pretty goodchance he's not going to know what the

hell I'm talking about. Other peopleprobably call him that because they see him
and he's flapping his arms, orhe's Chris Anderson and I just did not
wasn't that Birdman in the NBA andI didn't recognize him? But this guy
was not tall and white. Hewas short and black, and he was

going through some things. He's theBirdman. Well, next time I see
him, I'll try that out.Yeah, thank you, I'll go.
But again, he seems so outof it that even if that is his
legitimate can catch him in the morningearly bird. But I don't go to
I don't go over there in themorning. Well, I'm just telling you,
I want to have success. Yeah, yep. He did look like

he'd been eating worms. So wasn'tthe birdman on the Cavs for a minute.
Yeah, didn't we have him here? Yep? Did he do anything?
I mean he was he didn't playanymore? Does he didn't play anymore?
No? But he he was,Uh, he was. He had
some moments, okay. He Thatwas like around the time Kyrie was unhappy
or left and it was just Lebronand they kind of like had old Joyne

Wade and Derek Rose coming off thebench. That that era called the Alan
Cox Show, The Buzzard, TheBuzzard Alan Cox Show on the Butzer two
one six, seven eight one doubleO seven or eighty one double O seven

three five one nine two. Letsend a text Alan Cooxshow dot com.
I'm gonna watch a liven do it. Guardian is off tonight as three game
series up in Toronto, the onlyone I think the first night and cold
Bats the rest of the time.Seven to six was the final yesterday and
five to nothing on Saturday. Theydidn't get anything going up there on Saturday.

So Blue Jays will be here laterin the week at Progressive Field.
I'm going to that Saturday game.Are you really Yeah, it's Josh Naylor
Biblehead night. You get two dollarsbeers before the game and the big selling
point after the game. DJ ShackDiel Right, oh that Saturday. Oh

yeah, oh man taking my girlfriend. She's bringing her daughter and her niece.
All right, good time, right, okay, well that'll be a
fun time. I think it's soloud. I think I'm sure it is.
If they got all that going out, I'm not going on. But
also the team's doing so well thatpeople want to go to Guardians games.
Yeah, so Guardians Blue Jays thisweekend. Andre to Austin or Berto Alomar,

all the greats be out there onthe field against your Cleveland Guardians.
Roberto Alamar also played for the Guardians. Did he really the same Roberto Alamar?
I thought he was with the BlueJays for like twenty years, and
he's with them for a long time, and then he came here. Wow,
all right, hell, joke ison me. They go all over

my face Indians legend. Roberto Lamar. Yeah, because I believe him and
Sandy are brothers and they have allsorts of stats where it's like the first
time two Brothers homeward back to backin games and stuff like that. Wow,
okay, well, all the GeorgeStraight fans are checking in with me

on the iHeartRadio app George Straight morelike George Game. All right, well
there's one. I mean, it'slater Alan. George Strait is literally known
as the king of country music.I didn't know that. That's what people
are telling me, because he's hadsixty number one hits. I am the

wait till they find out he's gay. Man, that's gonna blow the doors
off the joint. It's like,and all those Judas Priest fans had to
contend with Rob Halford coming out GeorgeStraight, Well, good for him,
then, I mean, he cando nothing but hits. I mean it's
generational. The guy's been doing itfor friggin ever. But all right,

good for him. I just hadn'theard about George Strait in a long time,
and then all of a sudden,not only is he on tour,
he now holds the new attendance record. Like what am I missing in this
situation? This story? Not likeI have my ear to the ground on
country music. But you know,we hear rumblings, we know who's going

on tour out there and doing things, and uh, good for them allan
maybe hate the show, say runningaround or running or whenever you're talking about
rock and roll, you say runningaround the line, I don't know why

off the bad all right, he'srunning around? I love you. I
don't know why it's pissing you offeither. That's what That's what they're doing
up there, they're running around.How do you think Mick Jaggers stays skinny?
He's running around. There's some bandswhere the front man doesn't do that,
stands behind the microphone and sings,or he's playing a guitar and he's

standing there and sings. Mick Jagger'srunning around. That's what I'm talking about.
And if you're doing Maaren's got agreat bit about if you're doing that
for two hours a night, you'regonna say skinny the Maren Stones bit.
Yeah, I remember it vaguely abouthow Mick Jagger is skinny because he's doing
card Just not about how he's skinny, but about how he's just up there

and he sees him like doing themoves or the duck walk and everything.
Should should you be doing this?Should you? Yeah? But I got
it, I mean, and that'sthe cliche bit for a long time on
Mick Jaggers. He's doing the ducklips and he's doing the prancing. But
all the video I saw last night, I either didn't see the right clips

or he's scaled way back on thatbecause back in the day, yeah,
that's what he did, but itdidn't look like that over the weekend.
So I don't know. I wonderif anybody yelled out like mullany bits to
him funny, funny, yeah,diet coke, and he might have gotten

by the way, he might havegotten past the point where he can pick
up Brazilian models because he's eighty.He did that longer than anybody else,
right, that was always the joke, is that he had recently knocked up
another young hot girl. But maybehe's past all that. I don't know

Mick Jagger would go like this,He goes diet coke and one would appear
in his hand. Now that's notnice, right, the way I was
raised, you're supposed to say,may I please have a diet coke?
Please, and then maybe you willget one. And I bet all of
you were taught to say please andthank you. But if all of us
could go diet coke and one wouldappear in our hand. We'd do it

all day long. Even if youdon't like diet coke, you just summon
them so you could chuck them inon coming card. Everyone always wants to
know if famous people are nice,Like Mick Jagger. He came in to
host the show. My friends wereall like, is he nice? No?
Oh? Or maybe he is forhis version of life, because he

has a very different life. He'sMick Jagger, that's his name. He's
played to stadiums of twenty thousand peoplecheering for him like he's a god for
fifty years. That must change youas a person. If you do that
for fifty years, you're never againgonna be like, does anyone have a
laptop charger? I could borrow?You know. I pitched him a joke

and he went, not funny.I mean people say that on the internet,
but neverde a face. There's aBritish billionaire in leather pants, go
no funny. I spent two hoursalone with Mick Jagger that week. We
were writing song lyrics. It wasfor a fake song in a comedy sketch,

and we came to one point andhe goes, all right, let's
all go to the picnic. Letsaaull have a drink. Let's see what
rhymes would drink? And I saidthink and Mick Jagger said na. And
then I said sink and Mick Jaggersaid yeah. And I was like,

is this how you write this song? Just one word at a time?
With verbal abuse? It's like,all right, O can't get no happiness,
no satisfaction, shit, all right, next sentence, Well that might
be how he does it. That'swhat they closed with Saturday Night with satisfaction.

That was reading that they had pulledout a couple of gems that they
don't normally do, and they didhim back to back? Is it Heartbreaker
and Monkey Man back to back?I like Heartbreaker a lot nineteen song.
Do you know anybody who went,uh? Probably, I don't know.
Oh, I haven't seen anybody talkingabout it, all right. I mean

I saw some video of them doingstart Me Up is what they opened with,
and I'm like, it took mea second ago the things only start
me up. So maybe this isit for them. I don't know,
But be careful what you wish for, because all the people be like want
to he up. There's going tocome a time and it will be the
first time in history, well nothistory, in the history of the band,

that the Rolling Stones will not betouring. The Rolling Stones will be
done touring. They certainly haven't neededto for a long time. Wouldn't you
rather see somebody who's doing it becausethey want to, not because they need
to band? Not necessarily. Really, you want a band that's out there
for a cash grab, yeah,why they need it, Yeah, but

I'd rather see they're gonna put ona better show. I think anybody who
wants to do it is still goingto give you a hell of a show.
Yeah, really, not as muchas the piercer that really really needs
a deep down. Yeah, butjust because they need the money doesn't mean
that because you know why, becausethey're pissed. They're pissed they have to
be out there doing it. Ifthey need the money, they're mad and

that's no way to get people havinga good time. I don't know if
they're still hungry they want well,but all of these people that are really
well known bands, I mean whenI say need the money, like they're
not broke, but they're like,well, well you know again, I
go back to I go back,he's going to be at the boardman,

is he really on Saturday? Yeah? Ten dollar ticket? How do you
go? God, you got tohand it to how do you go from?
Like you go do solo dates atrib fests and then your band plays
Brown Stadium with def Leppard and ohgod, ten dollars you get ripped off.

I mean, just using the exampleof Motley Crue, these were guys
that made a big I was stillon the air in Detroit, so this
would have been five six years ago. They were making a big show of
the fact that Motley Crue never gonnatour again. A contract in blood.
They signed a contract to that effect, right, very theatrical on brand.

Good for them. They were sickof each other. You'd think that,
you know, in the history ofbands that have beaten the odds, not
only beaten the odds in gotten richand famous, but had a career,
like had some longevity, you thinkthat given the every single one of those

bands at some point hates each other'sguts. So you'd think, you know
how that's gonna play out. Youwouldn't make any giant, massive pronouncements about
how you're never going on the roadagain because in very they go, well
we're a little bit older, let'sbury the hatchet. But no, didn't
do that, didn't say well,we'll see what happens down the road.

Because they all have their little sideprojects. Vince Neil was solo, Tommy
Lee had whatever the hell he had, Methods of Mayhem or whatever that was,
Nikki six had six Am thet They'reall got awful bands, but whatever.
But nope, they had to signa thing in blood, We're never
ever going to do this again.It was like eighteen months later. Remember

what the thing is? I meanthe blood was barely dry, and they
go, we're going back. Notonly are we going back out, we're
gonna do the greatest. It's Usand def Leppard and Poison and bla blah
and God bless them. Anyhing wrongwith that. But I want to see
a band who's touring because they wantto tour, because you can't. You

can never get that out of yourbrain. Why would you ever stop?
You're like, you can make funof me all you want, but you
bought a ticket and I'm up hereand you're down there. Why would you
ever quit that? Because Rolling Stonesthey had more money than they could ever
spend thirty years ago, forty yearsago. Same for the money. I

mean, for a while everybody madethe joke that, you know, Mike
needed child support payments or whatever.They're gonna be on the road forever.
But these are very, very wealthypeople. So and I've seen the Stones
a couple of times. Didn't seethem this weekend, but saw them in
eighty nine and saw them in fourI think, And they're great. They're

as advertised. But a band thatneeds the money is mad. I want
to see a BAM that's mad.Don't see him having fun, especially if
they're old. I don't want tosee old angry man, you know,
just spitting out the lyrics. Theydid an over six minute version of Miss

You that was really great. Yeah. We had that guy that called this
might be him called and said that, oh, this is mike compartment.
Yeah, he took his son.I saw the he posted some photos,
but somebody called and said it's myson's first show or something. You know.
Mike was so full of energy andsounded great. His range is a

little bit smaller but still really good. Yeah, I mean, you know,
God bless him. Yeah, they'rejust never really like a A one
band for me, No understood.They're not my top five, but you
know they're kind of like for alot of people, they're like, well,
I should see them once. It'slike, I've never seen Bruce Springsteen,

but I have a couple of albums, you know. I had Born
in the USA on vinyl. Ihad Darkness on the Edge of Town I
think at some point. But yeah, I could go see Bruce Springstey one
time because he's doing a goddamn threehour show. I'm only going to see
Bruce Springsteen if he's playing around December, because I need you his hit songs.

Yeah, yeah, his song thatput him on the map of Santa
Claus come to Town. A lotof times he refused to play it,
and really, you know, that'sall I know from him. Really.
Well, that's why it's a doubleedged sword. You know, if you're
one of those legacy acts, you'relike, am I going to give the
people what they want? Or amI going to just do what I want
to do? And at various pointsin people's careers, they depends on when

you get them. If you're theRolling Stones, you don't have to do
any B sides because everyce that youhave so many goddamn hits. That's why
it would be fun. Yea,every song when you play, the crowd
goes crazy. You know. Oneup there and played the entire new album
what's it called, the Hackney DiamondHackney Diamonds. All the way through people
have been like, this was terrible. Well they would have been riot,

yeah, but that's a really theysold a lot of those albums, so
yeah, but that audience I don'tcare they you mean, not people that
buy the album, but they don'tlike they don't know it. You mean,
if they played it to the exclusionof everything else, that's the only
thing they furious. Well duh,yeah. But I'm just saying, if
you go to a Rolling Stone show, there's no like, oh when they

play the new stuff, I'll goget a beer because they're gonna do one
new song or two new songs,and then they're gonna do seventeen songs you
love. So they played Little Tnaand Honky Tonk Women, and they did
Satisfaction for the for the encore,Jumping Jack, Flash and Tumbling Dice.

I mean, there's a lot ofsongs I would that I like from them,
and a lot of them aren't onthis list, So listen, man,
you're never gonna get everything you want. Oh it right, you can't
always get what you want. Twosongs from the new album both are good.

I'm not saying they're people don't likethe but like if they only play
they're like, we're only doing righton a Hackney Diamonds tour doing twenty ten
and on, those are the onlywe want to We want to play this
new stuff. We're playing these songsfrom sixty years ago. We want to
play the new stuff. Yeah.And if they just did like stuff from

what was the one before, becauseHackney Diamonds A Bigger Bang, yeah,
like twenty years ago. Yeah,they did just those two albums, you
will be like this. I'm notcalling the Rolling Stones selection not only that,
selections from A Bigger Bang and HackneyDiamonds the acoustic tour yeah, bling
bling. Then I believe that theywant to They actually that's what they want

to do. Like then they're actuallytouring because they want to. Yeah,
I still think they're just like theydon't know what else to do. Ell
the Rolling Stones bottom line, theysuck. They got eighteen thousand albums with
one good song on each one ofthem. Well, again, it's subjective,
but I would no, I wouldsay that's patterly false. I mean,

you could grab a random Stones recordand it's gonna have a bunch of
good song. You can grab somegirls. It's gonna have miss You,
it's gonna have beasts of Burden,it's gonna have shattered, it's gonna have
whatever else is? What else is? What's the one I love on some
girls? Christy when the whip comesdown? I think that's on some girls.

So throw a dart at the Stonesrecord and you're gonna find, you
know, I like like mid seventiesto late eighties Stones. I don't go
all the way back with them.But was there anything this morning about the
Ohio House has passed to bill that'skeeping it open season on faral hogs.

This is always a constant problem ina lot of places. I wonder how
many feral hogsty to fifteen you wantbipartisanship, Well, there it is.
They unanimously passed a bill that woulddeclare open season for feral hogs, making

it illegal to feed any garbage topigs, and it bans bringing any hogs
into Ohio that have been fed garbage. How do you determine that? Because
one man's garbage is another hog's dinner. Now, one of the reps said,
these aren't pigs you see at thefair. It's not porky pig?

Is it to be said? Theseare mean, wild and destructive animals that
need to be eradicated. Feral pigsare a threat to Ohio's pork econ to
me, it's a weird way totalk about the adult film industry, and
there are a nuisance to landowners.I like how he goes. This is
not porky pig. If I ifI saw a faral hog wearing just a

jacket and a red bow tie,I would think twice before I shot it.
I would be like, put thathog away, let's see, let's
see where this goes. And nowI must leave you as the Brady bunch
is on and I find four ofthose children incredibly arousing. Get out of
here. Be careful of what yousay, Be careful in every way,

Be careful of what you do.Big Brother is watching you. Be circumspect
and discreet, Stay light on yourmental feet. One slip and you know
who you're through. Big Brother iswatching you, and with all narratives.

Remember Obedience page, and when youwatch that TV screens, remember it works
both ways. You disappear in awink unless you can double think, you'll
vanish into the blue. Big Brotheris watching you.
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