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June 18, 2024 150 mins
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Things that you think is funny aren'tfunny. Jimmy coxsall the time, Cox
Cox Show kicks, ash Man,welcome, Welcome you me? What's you?
Yeah? I can see a lotof cocks on TV. Allen Cox
from the Allan Coxhow. I don'tknow what's about you, but I can't

stand Thank you, col It don'tbe a crap. So let's get coffee
and you'll get eight with a hastygroup. Okay, what three cat com
damn put you one time? Takeit Allen Cox. Here we go,
He'll add, he'll be trying.It's the Allen Cox Show on one hundred

point seven. Double you m mas, Oh, hey, what's going

on? Good afternoon, greetings,My five's a fist bumps. My name's
Alan Cox. Thanks for being here. Welcome back. If you've joined us
in the past, welcome back.Say hi to Bill Squire, he's right
over there. Hey, creepy hoodsspeaking to Welcome back. Mary Santora is

back in midtown Manhattan. Yes,I'm sure it's a gorgeous, gorgeous,
breezy day in New York City.You are mistaken. You are looking at
it different cities. We don't knowhow to read a map. I think
you've ever read anything ever. Itis horrendous. It's pretty slow, isn't

it. It is disgusting. It'sninety degrees right now, thousand percent humidity.
It's so gross. I think it'sraining here. It's thunderstorm and it's
ninety but it's raining. Yeah,so it's a really thick heat. Oh
yeah walking around. Yeah yeah,it's a real gross, super super nasty

out today. My family's in town. So yesterday, oh right, I
picked them up. It's my sister, my niece, and my nephew.
And the kids are ten and twelve, which is like cool because they're old
enough to kind of they're fun rightnow. They're still a little annoying because
they're little kids, but they're notlike Brady teenage. You can do stuff
with them. Yeah. Yeah,So yesterday we went to the Statue of
Liberty and was it as advertised asadvertised. This is my second time going.

I have now donated fifty dollars tothe Statue of Liberty National Park Fund.
When Brian and his daughter were here, it was like late March,
early April, so we didn't waitat all. We like bought a ticket,
walked right onto the fair like nothingcrazy. Yesterday we are standing in
not a cloud in the sky,eighty seven degrees, just baking in this

line in the sun for like anhour and forty minutes. It was absolutely
insane, insane because like we walkedlike it's a decent walk from where you
pick up the ticket to where youget on the ferry. We started walking
and then within like twenty steps therewas people and I was like, there's
no way this is the line.And then that's exactly what it was.

So there was like through a park, so those parts of it that are
shaded, but the majority of itwe were like I'm sunburnt on my nose
and my forehead and my shoulders causeit was just most of the day was
standing in the sun waiting to geton the ferry. Standing in the sun
on the ferry and then walking aroundthe statue was cool, but the kids
were like kind of overhil Like wetook a couple of pictures and then like

okay, that was fun, what'snext? You know? Well, that's
the trouble is when there's so muchpreamble of just waiting. Then by the
time you start moving around, youknow, yeah, it's something to do.
But it's not like these kids arehistory buffs, No, not at
all. It was a cool thing. They took some pictures. There's like
a little museum that has like herreplica foot and the size of her actual

ear, and like the original torch, which is cool. But we were
actually only on the island for likeforty five minutes, and then so it
took us an hour and forty minutesto wait in line to get to the
island, like a twenty minute faerryride over, and then we were probably
in line to get back on theferry home for another forty five minutes.
So I was like three hours ofthe day. Yesterday was literally just standing

in the sun cooking nice. Yeah. And then today they were like,
let's go to Central Park, andI was like, love that, let's
go. And so we got intoManhattan early. I brought him up and
showed him around the studio and tookpictures of my niece and nephew sitting in
the chair. Oh you took themup there, Yeah, I took them
up and showed them and they don'tknow who like Elvis dorian Is or you

know, the breakfast Club. I'venever heard of these things, but like,
you know, it's cool. It'scool to be in a radio station.
And then we I walked them toCentral Park and I was like,
I'm I'm going back to work becauseI was going to walk around with them
for a couple hours. I waslike, I'm too hot and too chafed
to do this two days in arow. Like, I'm just going to
go into work a little early andsit in your conditioning and have my remember

that nice cool studio we were inearlier. Yeah, Anton Mayor is going
to go back to that. Youguys have fun, fun in them yeah
today that it was yesterday? Yeah, yeah it was. It was fun
though, it was cool. It'scool to have them here. The kids
being ten and twelve, like Isaid, they're old enough to like get

it and appreciate it, and like, remember, you know, it's not
like walking around a five year oldwho's not going to know distance anyway,
which makes me feel better about waitingaround, you know, like at least
they're building memories together and you cangoof with them and they yeah right,
Yeah, So Yeah, it's veryhot yesterday, it's even hotter today,
and then humidity is higher today.So I really was going to try to

walk around, but I'm like,it's Central Park. You guys will figure
it out. You don't need meas a tour guide here. Like they're
not navigating the subway, you knowwhat I mean. They don't have to
catch a cab to go anywhere.Like, go go mess around to the
park for a few hours and I'llsee afterward. Right, tavern on the
green yeh, lunch something. Well, that sounds like all the food carts
are safe. You're not gonna getsick. There's people selling mangos. They

just bought it at the grocery storeand are selling it to you for more
expensive three times the price. Iwas like, so you don't have to
be like afraid to eat anything.You're gonna be fine. But yeah,
you don't need my help. Well, it was much sunnier here this morning.
And Gwen calls me about eleven thirtyman, no before that, she
calls me maybe around eleven, andshe goes, hey, you want to

meet us. We're coming downtown togo to the library because there's this art
exhibit there called the Archive. Idon't know if everybody's hip to that,
but it's like half a million orfifty thousand, I don't know how many
zeros of these. It's this instantof this woman who dries these flowers and
hangs them upside down from the ceiling. And they had been wanting to go
to this for a while, andI said, okay, yeah, I'll

meet you guys that were there forthat right because they just cut through the
gallery or whatever that is the Hiltonthere, and then you cross Superior and
you're over at the library. SoI'm like, yeah, I'll walk over
and meet you guys and see mywife and my child and will walk through
this thing. Well. Over onSuperior, they're getting the sets ready to
shoot Superman. They're doing the NewSuperman film in Cleveland, and so the

crew there's no cameras or anything,but they're getting all of the fake storefronts.
Yeah, set up some photos ofthem. I posted a photo of
one. It says Metropolis Sandwich Market. You know, they're shooting part of
the I don't know if it's calledSuperman Legacy or whatever it is, but
it's the New Superman and they're shootingpart of it in downtown Cleveland, and
they were shooting some over Public Square, and then as I was meeting them

right there at Superior in sixth they'rerestenciling all of these storefronts to be,
you know, the fake storefronts forthe Superman film. So it's just crew
people and set designers messing with allthat. But it was really confusing for
people who were walking down the streetand trying to go into these stores,

the actual stores, because there weresandwich board signs along Superior that say stores
and businesses are still open, exceptthey're papered over the windows because they're going
to be putting up fake you knowwhat I mean. Like, you know,
I don't know what they're doing,but it's like they're going to have
all these fake restaurants and bars forwhatever street scene they're going to be shooting
in the Superman film. So youcould you could visually look at people who

were tourists walking down and trying tofind a place that they had on their
phone and they had no idea.And the crew people, you know,
a lot of them aren't local.They can't help them out. And so
as I was waiting just watching peoplekind of bump into each other trying to
find the actual stores that they werelooking for their over on Superior. I'm

sure it's a lot of fun forlike the concierge over the Hyatt or whatever
that is, Hilton Hyatt whatever,probably explaining to people, well, this
is a good news bad news situation. Right. The good news it's fun,
they're shooting a movie here soon,and blah blah blah. The bad
news is, I have no ideawhat the real story you're looking for is,
because it's going to be Metropolis Delifor the next two weeks or whatever.

But that installation over at the libraryis pretty cool for people. You
know, you can walk through inten minutes and it's just dried flowers hanging
upside down, but it's an interestingthing to see. It's called the Archive.
I don't know how long it's intown, but for people who are
like our own Bill Squire patrons ofthe arts, it's worth going in there

and looking around. And I'm onrecord is not liking modern art. Well
it's not modern art. I meanit's literally it's dried flowers that are hanging
from like this very thin copper wire. It's actually beautiful. I mean,
if you walk through there, youkind of walk around the perimeter. There's
a there's a lane that goes throughthe middle of it that kind of bisects

the installation. But it's just it'sall dried flowers. So there's really nothing
complex about it, but it's it'sI thought it was very interesting. I
don't know that I would call itmodern art. There was nothing. I
don't think there's a message behind itor anything like that. It's literally just
something that you kind of walk throughand you're kind of white collection. Yeah,

it's just kind of you know,you kind of marvel at how long
it probably took them to put together. And I don't think in summertime meets
spears, barbecues and fishing, theoccasional drunk friend out of the lake while
he searches for his arm, Whybody you find it? He's the Alan

Cox Show. How about those DallasMavericks. You heard that they You heard

that they didn't win the NBA Championship, right? I think they only won
one game in the series, theBoston Celtics. Yeah, one of six
to eighty eight. That's the gameV series. That was not a fun

series. If he watched the playoffswas pretty trash because most of the teams
that the Celtics played had injured superstars, so they kind of like didn't have
to play against Jimmy Butler. DonovanMitchell was out for multiple games, Harry's
Halliburton was out for multiple games againstthe Pacers, and then Luca was injured

the whole series, so he wasplaying at his best. So it's just
like it wasn't as thrilling as itmight have been under different circumstances. Absolutely,
time to save it again, Boston. Anything's possible. Pattern Number eighteen
has been secured. The Celtics areNBA Championship. About that eighteenth championship.

They were tied with the Lakers atseventeen, but now they've won them more
than any other team in NBA history, Those Boston Celtics. Jason Tatum is
their big man, right, He'slike the big superstar for them. Yeah.
Him and Jaylen Brown. Jaylon Brown, Jaylen Brown, that's like the

one two punch that they got andJaylen Brown won MVP. Mm hmm okay,
well congratulations to them and Jon Rondotoo. It makes me sick today.
Why I don't like drop kick Murphy? I like him. Just fine,
you don't want today when the Celticsare celebrating away, I make that
fans are celebrating. All right.We hate really even KG, especially kgow

just I hate KG because of howAdam Sandler said his name in uncut jumps
KG KG. Okay, what aboutwho else plays for them? Now?
Kevin McHale's old? Is Kevin McHalestill with the Celtics. No, he's
not, all right? So,uh Paul Pierce who plays for the Celtics?
Now, guys well, Jason Tatum, yeah, Jalen Who did you

say? Jalen Brown? Jaylen Brown, Derek White, John Halichak, No,
uh, nope. What's there's aguy that's pretty old. What's his
face? Bill Russell? Pass itto me, Russell. What's his name?
I don't know? All right?Al Horford, Rob had from Al

Horford. Al Horford. Yeah,the greatest name ever for a youngish guy.
Al Horford. You're really going togrow into that name. If you're
a little kid running around named alHorford, you go, well, this
guy's either going to own a cardealership or he's going to open an insurance
agency. He's not going to beany kind of amazing athlete, wouldn't it

occur to you? And then hegets a little bit older, he shows
some acum in for the game andyou go, all right, well maybe
he's maybe something will happen here.Then of course he goes their high school
in college, makes to the pros, and Al Horford got to make them
happy. But man, he's reallygoing to start to shine as far as
that name goes post retirement when heages into his name a boat club.

Yeah, you know, he's inlike his eighteenth season, so he's an
elder statesman in the NBA, right, But I mean, you know,
eventually there's going to be, youknow, God willing, there'll be an
eighty five year old Kyrie Irving runningaround. Somebody's going to have a g
Kyrie. That's ridiculous. You wantto have Grandpa L Horford? My you

know, you cast your mind backto an older time. I guess where
people had. Anyway, I digressthe Boston Celtics one oh six to eighty
eight last night, clinching the championship. There fan bases can argue among themselves,
said one sports writer. But Bostonhas a case in this best team

ever debate. If a going bypure numbers. They went sixteen and three
in the postseason, but pretty good. It's very good against very depleted teams.
But there's no there's no way tomeasure how they would have done had
those everyone been healthy. Well,I'm still not putting them with the best

team like that. They're not inthe conversation because they didn't play the best.
They won eighteen championships, they've wonthe most champions They've tied for the
most with the Lakers. That's theywere tied. No, I think that
they they were tied seventeen. Ithought it was this is the team is
not the best team ever. Okay, the franchise people are saying franchise and

Celtic, Yeah, I mean becauselet's be honest, there was championships in
the sixties and those mean nothing.They mean nothing, absolutely, really,
they mean nothing. They mean zero. The City of Boston should look at
those and say, basically take themoff the books. Wow, well it
was a sixteen year drought. Celticshave a one for sixteen years, and

they say that the team is prettymuch gonna be intact for next season,
so they might have a chance tonow all over again against healthy teams.
Guys. Okay, now this seemsactually pretty good. But getting past a
Jimmy Butler less heat, Donovan Mitchellless Calves, yeah, uh, Tyrese
Haliburton less Pacers, and an injureduh what's his face? Injured Luca,

it's just not you know, it'snot impressive. Listen, you can't discount
that they beat teams where a lotof people are injured. Okay, so
next year will be the ted Luka. Doncic is a great what do you
got to say? Well, asthe most dedicated basketball fan on the show.
As our we like to call points, is a three point shot worth?

Answer the question? Two plus one, two and one? All right?
Like, uh, Anyway, Ithink that no matter who wins,
some money is going to be sayingwhat Bill's saying. Nobody's gonna be happy
with whoever wins. It's always gonnabe but the rest, but the healthiness.

But no, I'm not saying theywon. Team's shoes were sticky.
Well, this is a dumb thing. The sticky thing is where their shoes
sticking. No matter any turnout ofany major sporting event, somebody's always complaining.
Somebody's always blaming it on something else. I'm just that they didn't have

to play against top level competition becauseof all the injuries, and if they
did, and it would be aswere on the Celtics team. Of course,
that's how you are a sports fan, stupid, this is how you
cheer for things. It's it's biased. The Reps did it this way,
or they did a home court abit when they did corn Dog Knight,
that might show up. Hey,corn dog Knight is going to draw people

out. Discount always always something,and nobody's ever like, hey, good
job team. Lots of teams getthere, they're celebrating in Boston. A
lot of teams get their flowers.But and again, the Boston did it.
They they beat the players that theybeat, the teams that they had
to beat. They did it efficiently, only lost three games. Uh,

but those teams were depleted. Youcan't disregard that. That's fine. But
do you understand my point? No, because you don't pay attention to sport.
So I don't care about your point. No, but your team wins.
No, no, no, no, because last year when the Nuggets
won, I don't have any Idon't care about the Nuggets, but they
won, and it was it wasI guarantee the fans of whoever they beat

in the playoffs. Yeah, ofcourse, because their teams. That's fandom
stupid. But the losing no,no, no, the losing teams fans
will always complain about something, butBill. But Bill's point in this that
holds a lot more water than StickyShoes and corn Dog Night when you go,
hey, these teams were depleted tosome degree. Every one of these

teams that made it, and theSouth and a couple of guys that were
hurt. It's not like they're like, oh, we'll take one of our
guys out to like they they theyplayed healthy. They're very good team.
I'm not saying they aren't a goodteam. I'm just saying, as an
actual NBA fan, I would haveliked him to see them play against Jimmy
Butler and play against If it werethe cas were playing against depleted teams,

you'd be like, hell, yeah, take their start player out there is
the best thing that's ever. Ofcourse, because it's bias. I'm not
saying there's not bias, but I'msaying, like, but I would also
acknowledge, Yeah, the Calves hadto play against you know, sub Uh
you knows played hard and that's whythey one. No, yes would everybody

would, Yes, you would.It's fandom, Duma, that's what makes
him a booster. No, butyou still like, you know why things
go the way they do. Sure, right, So, and I'm not
I'm not a fan of the Mavericks. I'm not a fan of the Pacers.
I am a fan of the Calves. But to like disregard injuries is

silly. Like here's an example.When the Raptors won, they played against
the Warriors, and the Warriors hadall but like like Kevin Durant was out,
Klay Thompson was out, and they'repretty much down to like their B
team plus Steph Curry, and theywon the series, and everybody's He's like,
oh, this wasn't fair. Nobodythought that the Raptors were the better

team. They just were lucky thatthey're playing a team that wasn't complete.
As a quick aside, you wantto speaking of the Raptors, you want
another great old man name Fred vanVliet. I know he's not with him
anymore, but he was. Andthat's another great old man name that he's
going to have fun growing into.I'd love to see a porch somewhere with

Fred van Vliet and Al Horford justrocking back and forth as they reach their
seventies or eighties playing playing gin rummy. So anyway, yeah, so they
win two championships in thirty eight years. But the city of Boston has a
lot of championships, so it's nosmall thing for that city. That's why

they're very, very excited. They'vegot every one of those teams has championships.
So if you don't like the BostonCeltics, it's mostly that I don't
like their fans. Really, someof my best friends that I are fans
of the Boston Celtics, and it'sjust really annoying. Yeah, but every

bit says it's jag offs. Imean, I'm a white Sox fan,
for christ sake. I mean,right now, you're the only one I've
ever met though, So it's fineover the yeah, but over the you
know, we're sharing our we're sharingour tragedy in Chicago now because I'm a
white Sox fan, most of myfamily and most of my friends are Cubs
fans because that's the easier one.But you know, over the last forty

games, respectively, we have theworst records in the American League and the
National League between the White Sox andthe Cubs. So to be a Cleveland
Guardians fan right now, it ispretty fun, sitting pretty It's all right.
So Celtics fans are very very pleased, Dallas Mavericks fans whatever, very

bummed. They'll go have a steak, he'll and they'll get over it.
But the city of Boston has wonthirteen championships across they're Big four teams there.
Do you know what I think itis? What do you think I
think it is? Let me tellyou something else. By the way,
you are Cleveland Guardians playing to nightsix oh five, first pitch back home
but progressive field against the Seattle Barrators, all the balls are what do you

think it is? Well, Bill'sgetting all all pissy saying I'm not a
sports fan and I don't pay attention, so I don't get to have a
say I was correct. I wasactually saying that because you're a woman,
I can't tell you you are SometimesI know you guys don't think of me
as a woman, but that's okay. I was a pretty die hard Browns

fan up until they signed Donovan.Donovan Mitchell up until a few years sports
fan Deshaun Watson. No, no, it was Donovan Mitchell that they signed
on. Uh huh, but no, up until the whole Deshaun Watson thing,
I was every Sunday following it,could quote stats, could talk about
that just like anybody else. Right. So I haven't seriously watched football in

a couple of years, and Ican wholeheartedly say do I miss it?
Yes? Is my life better?Also? Yes, because I don't have
to care about people arguing about thatkind of stuff where it's like, oh,
but they had this guy on thesideline and this person was benched and
then the coach didn't listen to whatI thought he should do. Well,
But that's about that, right.But there's also room for there's room for

fans. There's room for people tobe fans that don't argue about it,
but there are I don't argue withpeople about the White Sox. Huh when
do you ever hear that? Ohit's kind of fun to argue about too,
because it's so Yeah, I don'tcare because it really doesn't matter.
I liked watching the games, andI like, you know, whatever,
going to one or whatever. I'mnot going to argue with another person about

them, like the when I'm saying, like my friends are Celtics, like
they're talking smack to me, Italked back to them. It's just it's
silly. It's fun, right becauseit's because it's meaningless because we have no
say in how they do. Actuallyget worked up a little bit, but
not like re not like I'm nevergonna talk to you again, and like
like the way that we are theshow where as soon as the segment's over,

I forget what we talked about andI'm just on with my life.
Nicky stuff, baby nick fus.Mary used to be able to tell you
and the pre Deshaun Watson administration,Mary used to be able to tell you
exactly how many touchdows the Browns weregetting weak to week. Yeah, that's

all I'm saying is that I thinkfans make things pretty unenjoyable sometimes, but
it can be really but it's likeanything else. There are a lot of
them that that can make it thatway, but a lot of it is
fun too. Yeah, it's alot of fun. There are people in
the Guardians game is so fun.There are people out there painting their dumb
cyber trucks in Brown's colors. Right, he was a rap whatever it could

have been more lame. I sawa piece on it. Somebody said,
you can't make the cyber truck anylamer, and somebody said, hold my
beer and paid for a rap.But it, you know, catches eyeballs.
That's the whole point, because youknow, they go. I tried
to make Tesla my whole personality,and people just weren't paying enough attention.

So I'll just pivot to the ClevelandBrowns and I'll make that the rest of
my personality. I'll tell you.Another reason for Boston to be happy is
they're getting Laura Caso back. Youguys know who Laura Caso is. Yeah,
she's the reporter that got fired becauseshe was in the Adam Sandler movie.
Right, I don't know about that. Who isn't that Laura Caso?

Are you making a joke that noone gets? No, she's over at
Channel three, Laura Caso. No, because there was a different I was
seeing a different girl, but becausethere was that girl that was in the
Adam Sandler movie that worked in Boston. Well, Laura Caso has been at
Channel three. She came here aboutfour years ago. Russ Mitchell's co anchor.
She's super boxy of the Bridget Buddy. Yes, she did the piece

on my dad after he passed awayfrom COVID. You guys remember that We
played it on air where she wasinterviewing people who had lost like just to
bring light, like, hey guys, these aren't just numbers, you know
what I mean. She did areally really good job with that. Yeah,
we did Jeremiah from Kiss and I. We did an Alzheimer's walk something
and she was the MC of thatbecause I think she has maybe her one
of her parents or something, andthen she couldn't have been nicer. She's

like, when was it? I'msorry, when was it? When it
was like last fall? It seemslike you should remember more specifically the Alzheimer's
been Yeah, yeah, I get. She's like two feet tall, you
know. I guess she doesn't coanchor with Russ Mitchell anymore. Anyway,
she's leaving because she's from Boston andshe's going back home, which is obviously

very very fortunate for her. She'sonly been here four years. But again,
you know, that's the beauty ofbeing from a major media market.
Is your trying to get back home, like you're not leaving Cleveland for a
gig in Waterloo, Iowa. Right, You're only leaving if you get a
call from Boston and they go,hey, come home in Chicago, New

York or whatever. Yeah, yeah, I mean it's you know, but
she's been over there at Channel threefor a few years. Or you become
the top name in wrestling podcast likeChris van Fleet. You could do that
too. Why not. There's alot of fans there. I want to
let you know about Friday will bemy last day here at WKYC. It
feels so weird to say it,truly is so bittersweet. But I'm heading

home to Boston. I took ajob at a TV station there so I
can be near my parents and mysiblings and their families and my childhood friends.
I'm going to miss Cleveland so much. In fact, I came here
literally not knowing anyone, and afterfour plus years, I'm leaving with friends
turned family, and I'm so grateful. I've worked with the best in the
business. You have the best teamhere, I promise you. Yeah.

So she's going back to Boston.I don't know who will take her place
over there at Channel three. Butyou do it well. You know I
did famously fill in doing the morningnews with my friend Marian Kyle over there
a few years ago. As ofyet, Marry, my phone has not
rung. Would you take it ifthey offered it to if to anchor the
seven o'clock news, I can't know. I'm here, okay, but I'm

saying they say, hey, we'lldouble your salary if you No, No,
I get to do what I wantto do here, and they leave
me alone. And no, uhuh, well double it, double it,
double it, dude, No,because again I got you know, like
I said, you know, ifif you're from a major media market,
that's where would you move back?They double? You mean I could make

forty grand a year? She did? I might, baby, oh wow,
she did. I'll tell you withthis Laura Keeso thing, this and
mark my words, this is justanother local TV high driven out by the

supremacy of Natalie Herbeck over at Foxeight. Nobody can compete. It's cold
in her shadow boy, and noother female on local TV can handle it.
So these girls come in from whoknows where. Laura Caeso, you
know, Cleveland's a big jump forher. She was coming in from like
Boofoo, Virginia or something, youknow, on her way up in her

TV career. But then when youget called from home, you pack up
and go. How much dor newsanchors make it depends on what market you're
in. Cleveland, Uh, Idon't know. I don't know. I
don't know if it's a union gig. I know there's a lot of people
at Channel three that are over there, like people you wouldn't expect, who
are working without contracts, and youknow, but this is I don't know

how. I don't know how televisionworks anymore, with all due respect,
and I love him, you know, our buddy Mike Polk is like a
news anchor now. So I don'tknow how anything works in local television.
But how much you make in anyarm of broadcasting depends on what size market
you're in and how valuable you areto the company. From Salary dot Com,
a typical New York City news anchormakes between sixty one and seventy eight

thousand dollars a year. No,which is not enough money? No no,
no, no, Why you can'ttrust no? Because it depends on
who you are. Same thing onindeed, dot Com starting salaries usually sixty
grand. I think that's for athat's for a stringer or a reporter.
Oh no, no, no averagesalary broadcasters. These are people on TV
news anchors. Okay, well allI'm saying nobody, nobody moves. Nobody

goes to a major market to makesixty grand. So depending on what you're
getting hired to. Do you knowwhen our buddy Chris Tie, who was
at Channel three for many many years, he finally got a gig at home.
He went home to Chicago. He'sat Channel two and he's doing great
and he and his lovely wife aregetting ready to have another kid. So,
according to this list on indeed dotcom, Kentucky is the second highest

paid news anchor. Can't pay attentionto what salary dot com s? No,
no, this is indeed dot comright, But that's because it's a
hiring website. Okay, AnyWho,I best to Laura Kaeso, and I
don't know what they're offering people.I don't know. I know that for
the most part, television stations arenot as not getting the ad rates they

used to, So it's very likelythat somebody. I can't imagine anybody going
to New York for sixty sixty grand, right, I mean that's probably what
some people over Channel three are makingthe sixty grand Oh years of ex experience
matter? Did you say that?This says after twenty years of experience,
you can make up to two hundredtimes. Well, that's what I'm saying.
I mean, and the experience thatyou have is usually well, there's

a couple of ways, right,they're either grabbing people who have no experience
but they look good and they canpay them nothing, or somebody with a
lot of experience who's been around theblock. They're going to bring you to
a major market and they're gonna throwa bag of money at you. All
right, she was on Channel three. Yeah, let me go ahead and
make this blanket statement onto the airwaves. Hey, Channel three, I'll move

home for two hundred thousands of years. Don't laugh. That's a fairy.
I've got zero news experience. Howwould you like to I have broadcasting experience.
I have experience being in front oftelevisions, yeah, and in front
of cameras and performing well being infront of televisions. A lot of people
have that. I have a feelingand I don't know anything about anything,

but I have a feeling that RussMitchell is probably the only guy making serious
money over at Channel three because theybrought him in from network years ago.
And that's how you get those bigfish as you go, hey, he
doesn't have ties to Cleveland. Idon't think you get a guy who might
be between gigs or something, youknow, and he was a network guy
at CBS, and they go,hey, if you'll come and anchor in

the big chair, local TV orwhatever, all three a bag of money
and whatever else. So that's probablywhat's going on in a Channel three Laura
Laura Caso will I don't you know, a chance to go home. A
lot of people will take that,even if they're going to be making a
little less money, because it getsthem back into the market they want to

be in. I mean, whenI left Pittsburgh to go to Chicago,
I was making about the same money. So I wasn't moving back home to
Chicago to make a ton more money. I was going back because I wanted
to get back home. I wantedto get back home. Well that's my
offer. Go ahead. You heardit here first, Mary Sanatora. You
can just dot Mary at allencockshow dotcom and you could say, hey,

I'll take I'll take one fifty.Oh boy, oh bo, I'll come
be a news. A god,I want to watch this so bad.
I want to see Mary and poulkanchor the seven o'clock news or whatever four
pm news, whatever they do.Oh god, you're not talking to anybody
under sixty five. I would loveit. Well, ball's in your court.

Whoever owns that? Who owns andTegna? Balls in your court?
Tegna, come on, get onit, all right, nuts, you
know what make that two hundred andten thousand dollars. It's for timing.
There you go, all right?I got ever clear tickets after the break.
They're on the road doing the Houseof Blues this fall. They're gonna

play October sixteenth. If you wantto go, I'll hook you up.
Coming back the Alcock Show one sevenWNMS and everywhere you go on our free
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he going to have to have pulledtoday? Spin me up here, Charley.
I believe that Jeffrey is going tohave three teeth pulled. Three teeth

will be removed today. That's histoothn Rover Morning Glory weekdays on one hundred
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the latest from Iheartwomen's Sports presented byALC Cosmetics and elf Skin. Las Vegas

Aces star Asia Wilson put up twentyone points in a loss to the New
York Liberty on Sunday, extending herstreak of twenty plus point games to seventeen,
the longest in league history. She'shaving an historic season, but the
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drummer, well, even the realmusician, he just makes a noise if
he played the violin or the piano, ying that made sense, but the
drums one yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah yeah. JT got a duy

justin Timberlaker photos of him getting hauledout in handcuffs in the Hampton's right and
the Hamptons out in sag Harbor.Yeah, the Hampton's. Well, if
there's a better place to get pinchedfor a d u I and you're a
celebrity, I can't imagine what thatwould be. But he was partying last

night and they pulled him over there. He just blew a stop sign or
something. He was drunk led acrossthe bridge from Sag Harbor. Police walked
him out in cuffs. He refusedto blow, and that's how they'll get
you, And so they get youover the hood, put you in the
bracelets. He blew a stop signbut then refused to blow into the breathalyzer.

So this guy's really sended mixed signals. But justin Timberly's forty three,
Yeah, yeah, man. Youknow, everybody talks about how Jennifer Garner
still has to put up with BenAffleck. You know, he's the father
of her children, and with thiswhole Michigos with j Loo or whatever,
that Jennifer Garner is always in thebackground making good decisions, being a rock

for that family. That's how Ifeel about Jessica Biel. You know,
there's always rumors about the two ofthese kids splitting up, but Jessica Bile
always seems to be the one backthere like, Okay, well let me
see what I can do here.Now. I think a lot of relationships
have that though, right the likethe more level headed, calm decision maker

and then the one who's getting troubleor being wild. I mean there are,
It's not unprecedented, but I'm justsaying, I mean, in a
lot of these celebrity relationships, it'slisten, you know, it's not like
Justin Timberlake doesn't have a career anymore. No, this guy two shows like
this weekend that are like sold out, not here, not here, But
I think he's in he already comehere though, or is no that's but

yeah, yeah, but he'd likeI want to see he's in wherever he's
at. He's got two shows.I don't remember if he was in New
York or Boston or something like that. Well, they banned them for driving
for a year in the state ofNew York, but I bet he can
afford a driver. Probably he hadbeen drinking with friends, laid into the
wee hours last night in sag Harbor, and then he got behind the wheel

of his BMW X seven shortly aftermidnight. He blew through a stop sign
and that's all that they needed topull him over. The cop didn't even
know who he was. They probablyhad a ball cap on or something,
you know, and so they heuh, he blew the stop sign and

then they said he was a littlewobbly, he was blood he had bloodshot
and glassy eyes. What is glass? You know? You hear that a
lot? Oh, his eyes areall glassy. What does that mean?
Cry? It looks like you're aboutto cry. Well, that would be
watery, right, but what isglass before? It's it's tears, Yeah,

it's it's watery without tears. Itjust looks like there's a film a
glass over them. Really, yes, a film of glass over your eyes.
But that's like, I don't know, it can't be more clear.
I mean, well, bloodshot,I get people look before they cry,
start you hear it? I mean, do I know how people look when

they cry? Yes, you knowyou're talking to her. That's what I've
seen a lot of people cry.So glassy eyes kind of look like that.
That's what they mean. I guessI just think of that as watery.
Before somebody cries, their eyes aregetting watery. Am I in a
bad mood? Today, or areyou guys saying really dumb stuff. No,
No, I'm you haven't sufficiently explainedglassy eyes on that's on you too.
I don't think that that's something thatneeds an explanation, you know,

I know you don't think it does. I don't know what they mean,
like, no, glassy eyes likeyou know what like a glass glass is
clear. They're not saying their eyeslooked clear. It's saying that looks like
there's a clear almost like a sheetof glass over their eyes. That makes
no sense? How does it notmake sense? How does their eyes look

like there's a sheet of glass overthem not make sense? Like there's like
it's like there's a shimmery, glistening, thin sheet going over their eyeball that
resembles glass. That's just isn't thatlike isn't that just a watery eyeball?
And if it's not pouring out?It's just another way to describe things.

Why is this even because I'm curiouswhat they mean bloodshed, They've told you
what they mean, but then youkeep insufficiently and you go, no,
not that inufficiently just it's just adescriptor insufficient And I'm I'm unclear on it,
insufficient, I feel like they said, and they go, hey,
we pulled him over, and wepulled him over and it was all bloodshot.

I get that. And again Ihear glassy all the time, like
it's one of those things you justtake as written and you go, oh,
glassy eyes. But I didn't knowwhat they how that physically manifests itself
glassy eyes. So it's somebody whoI thought that glass He meant like they
had kind of a blank stare.That's another explanation for it. Well then

why didn't you give me that one? You got a sheet of glass over
your eyes? AnyWho, poor JT. This guy, he can't do anything
right. He's got kids. He'sjust trying to. Although I would think
that even a guy who's drunk,if you're justin Timberlake, you think they

said he performed poorly in his field, sobriety test right, little unsteady on
his feet, But he's such agood dancer, you think that that muscle
memory would kick in and even ifhe had a couple of drinks too many,
he'd be out there kind of youknow, get some fancy foolwork in
there. So anyway, they gothim to the cop shop and he's not
going to take the breathalyzer because whatdo they always tell you? Don't blow?

Because then they got you for sure. Mary, you were a dancer,
or not a dancer, but acheerleader and a drunk. Yes,
would your muscle memory kicking if you'redrunk? I fell over all the time,
all the time. Why didn't youjust use your muscle memory? Constantly
bruised and scraped, and I wasalways waking up with brilliant Mary was like

a champion drunk. This guy wasweaving a little bit. I mean he
had a couple of drinks. Hetold the cops that he only had They're
like, you've been drinking And againthey didn't even know who he was at
first, and he goes, yeah, I had one martini is what he
said. His shows this weekend arein Chicago, and then he's doing back
to back nights at Madison Square Gardennext week. There you go, You're

not going to see him at MSG, are you? No? But it's
funny is that we were my nieceand nephew in town. So when we
got back last night, they wantedto watch the third Trolls movie, trolls
band together, and so I wasshowing them, like, we googled justin
Timberlake. And because the band togetherone has a ton of boy band references
from the nineties and two thousands.It's about like the main character being in

a boy band. So we didlike this deep dive on justin Timberlake not
even a day ago last night atten pm, and I'm showing them and
I'm playing them songs from me andsinking all this and I'm like, if
I would have done that tonight,it would have all been do you watch
time. I'm like, this iswhat fame does to people. You know.
It was like they were safe forthem, the little minds are safe
from it. Alan. The definitionfor glassy eyes is dull, dazed,

or uncomprehending stare. So it isthe stairs. That's what I'm saying.
It's not crying. Also, isthat because you weren't saying anything, you
were acting like you I've never heardglass. No, I didn't say.
I didn't say i'd never heard glass. Yes, said you hear it.
I said you hear it all thetime. I don't know what they mean

by that. Play the tape.I just told you what I said,
the definition I don't trust you.When would I would never say I've never
heard of glassy eyes before, Soof course that's the whole point. They
used that word all the time.I'm not sure what they mean by it.
I'm also fired up because I've beenbickering with my sister all day.
Oh oh, this is the onethat we got into the screaming match in
Hawaii. Because she was no,those are different sisters. This. She

was pulling an Allen because she waslike, I wonder why, yes,
you mean asking valid and interesting questions. No? No, no, not
asking valid and interesting questions after thingsare explained to you, still asking the
same question over and over. Itmeans it wasn't properly explained. So she
asked, because we're in New YorkCity, she asked, I wonder why
other cities don't try to build upas big as this, And I said

because they have nothing to offer,and she was like, yeah, but
they would if they tried to buildup. So she her example is Saint
Louis. She was like, whycan't Saint Louis be as big as New
York City. I was like,well, because of where it is in
the country, the fact that immigrantsdidn't go from Europe to Saint Louis two
hundred years ago, the amount ofthings that are already established here. You
don't have to spend as much moneyto build a new building, you know,

you can just take over a placeand renovate it. And she goes,
yeah, but why don't they dothat? And I was like,
I just gave you four reasons why. And then so it was very similar
to what you were saying. No, no, because you gave her,
You gave her four good explanations.You told me the glassy eyes are right
before you cry, it looks similarto that. Well, as it turns
out, that has nothing to dowith that. No, it does has

to do with the stare dictionary.What a Texter said. We're looking at
like I looked up glass. I'lllook it up again. Glassy eyes.
What does it mean to have glasses? A blank stare or eyes? It
looks smooth and shiny, shiny likeglasses, exactly what I said. Okay,

then we're all right, Okay,then we're all correct, which was
but it's all right. But it'salso in all right when you just say
glassy eyes. It's explained in thedescription. But do you understand my confusion?
No, eyeballs are already wet,so to go, Oh they look
wet, they look wetter. Well, then that's crying, not before you

cry. Anyway, it doesn't matter, right, doesn't matter. You gave
your sister some pretty good explanations asto why, you know, the first
one was wobbly, but the otherones were real good. So huh,
I don't even remember. But yeah, so that's what we've been doing all
day. You She wanted to know, Hey, why can't Saint Louis be

like New York? She was sayingin general, like why she understands geography
and history to some degree? Iguess not because I was getting kind of
annoyed. Does she know what theStatue of Liberty was supposed to be?
I mean, you know Ellis Island. Yeah, that's what I'm saying,
Like she understands. That's like,people didn't immigrate to other parts of the
country. This is where they cameand this is where they stayed. So

this is just where nine million peopleended up. And then some people went
west, right, Yeah, yeah, we got into and then there was
the Industrial Revolution, but then everythingin the seventies like there's it's it's it's
been taunt. Yeah, it's justlike there used to be a lot more
people living downtown or around downtown,and then things got bad. Why didn't

you tell her that there used tobe and things got bad? That's why.
Yeah, I don't know why Ididn't. I didn't think of that
things got bad that one time.Didn't just in Timberlake. I was thinking
about this, didn't justin Timberlake buymy space? Yeah, like for pennies
on the dollar, right, he'slike a month later I thought, oh,

I thought it was worth nothing bythe time, well, by the
time he sold it it was.I think he paid a kind of a
lot for it, not like notlike billions, but still like a lot.
Maybe he didn't make money on it. I don't think we were talking
about Megabus yesterday going out of business. Maybe he should invest in Megabus.

Maybe he could do something with them. Because he can't drive for a year,
he can get rides around town.That's what I'm saying. This guy's
got money. He's a successful megabus. Yeah, you get you put
him in touch with those people.But I'll give you a million dollar idea.
I'm riding megabus, Yeah, rebrandedas megabus is mea no. But

do you have a bunch of dopesout There's probably a lot of those people
that can't drive either because they gotdu whis. Keep all the usual routes,
but then you add tours to likethe edge of the earth, you
know, because they think they're goingto fall off. You do a floorida
route. You take him to theKennedy Space Center where they faked the moon
landing. You get you show themaround there. Take him tomorrow Lago.

I'm sure Trump would love to betickled pink to see all of his followers
climbing over his gate. He hassuch contempt for his supporters. I'm sure
he'd love that. And it's timeto think about you have money burning a
hole in his pocket. But Iwonder what happens when you because you have
to think that. Justin Timberlake's callwas to his wife and he goes,

hey, I had a because thensound like she was with him, sounds
like he was out with his boys. And this restaurant keeps cops right outside.
They're like they're out there looking forpeople who have this. The Hampton's
right, very very wealthy people outthere. They want their police presence.
They don't want people causing problems,and so he pulled out between midnight one

am and they pulled them over.But I don't know if he got any
kind of special treatment because they didn'tknow who he was. So we can't
drive for a year. Doesn't soundlike it, so like it doesn't sound
like it got any special treatment.Nope, So I don't know what Jessica

Biel, so she's like, youknow, you're gonna sit here and watch
Seventh Heaven with me on the showshe was on back in the day that
like Jesus the show wasn't that howshe got started? Yeah, Seventh Heaven
was like is that what it was? But it wasn't it like a like
a the dad was a pastor.You got like family values and you know

what I mean. It was aboutright thing and standing up for the right
people and right. There's a guythat reviews episodes on TikTok and they're very
funny Seventh heavens. Yeah, they'rereally like really shaky writing. Like an
episode where one of the sons likeis getting all gangsterbody's just hanging out with
other white kids with backwards hats.Right, yo yo yo, Well,

because and wasn't the main dude hegot in trouble years ago. Yea,
he was like whipping it out infront of kids or something. Right,
Stephen Colin m hm as remember himfrom the first Star Trek movie. But
he was the pastor dad in seventhseven two. The poor air quality,
Oh, the air quality is bad. It's bad. That's been a complain

about this thing for a decade.The more exposure folks have the Island cock
Show, the more likely it isthat they'll be set run one hundred point
seven double mma. Yeah, you'vegot those air quality alerts all this week.

See them pop up. We justran a ems for flash floods eighty
nine degrees in thunderstorms. Pretty wild. Hopefully it will all be passed through
by the time the Guardians are setto start up tonight, the first series
game in the series against the Marinershere at home. That is a six
h five pre game. We'll getout of here run six six forty is

set to be your first pitch GuardiansMariners tonight on the Buzzard and on the
iHeartRadio app. I was reading anarticle this morning called the climate is the
Economy and it is a harrowing readif you have time for it, talking
about how all this stuff that,depending on who you talk to, is
all made up and not happening.Of course it is, and it's affecting

every sector of the economy. Somy ex wife calls me this morning and
I didn't talk to her in aminute. Usually when she calls me,
I know it's about a financial subject. And she goes, hey, I
just wanted to let you know becauseI pay my older kid's car insurance.
She goes, hey, I justwant to let you know that their car
insurance went up nine hundred dollars anda month. No, no, no,

we pay it twice a year.Oh so eighteen it went up eighteen
hundred dollars a year. That's ahard and something a month. Yeah,
that's a lot. I go why, and she goes, nah, he
just said, uh, insurance,this is real tough right now. I'm
like, that was his answer.I said, you should start looking around.
I don't know. I mean peoplewho are insurance agents they don't know

either. I mean, I'm surethey can throw you a couple of things.
But again, it's because of everythingtrickles downhill, right, you've got
full insurance companies pulling out of statesfor homeowners policies. They're pulling out of
Florida, they're pulling out of Californiabecause they're like, we're not gonna do
it anymore. Insurance is gambling,right, it's I'll bet you one hundred

dollars a day a month until youdie that you don't die, or whatever
else. You know. Nationwide Insuranceannounced that they are dropping all of their
pet insurance policies by next year,and they were that was a big part
of their advertising campaign for a longtime. Ah, we have this pet
insurance and blah blah blah, andso insurance companies and I just assume that

shrimp rolls downhill. So if you'rebringing in less money on homeowners policies,
you're going to jack up all policies. You know, hurricanes and floods and
supply chain problems. There've already beeneleven billion dollar disasters just this year because

of tornadoes. You know, FEMAgets called out and they're not exactly swimming
in cash, and so rent stayshigh and insurance stays high, and it
all trickles down from there. Sothere are a lot of places in this
country where it's getting harder and harderto either get your home insured or to

not pay out the ass to getyour home insured. But that you know,
it's a couple of states, justwholesale. They're going now, we're
getting out of here. We're notensuring any new construction anything like that.
So it's a wild article called theclimate is the economy because that's what we're
looking at. I got to justthrow it from you. What's that?

I got the gist of it,the cliffs notes. Yeah, all right,
well there you go. But Iguess's not new information, you know
what I mean. I mean,people know what's going on. The people
who are still boy, they're outthere trying though. You still got people
out there pretending the climate change isall made up and that nothing's changing,
and God bless them, they're stillplaying in that same old, playing that

same old to him, boy,Alan the Britney Spears fans are eating Justin
Timberlake alive online, bashing him forthe times he criticized her behavior and how
she shouldn't be drinking. Well,listen, I don't know anything about Justin
Timberlake's life, but we all knowmore than we ever needed to or wanted

to about Britney spears life. Andshe's got a couple of more issues than
I think. Whatever her alcohol contentor intake is, she's got some things
going on, and it's really hardto you know, for people who go
down the We're gonna get some hot, soul, pretty gossip later on from
Perez Builton. And you know,if you were to only see, using

Britney Spears as an example, ifyou were to only see the pieces of
her that are on Instagram, wherethey could put out there on social media,
where she's dancing with knives, orshe's screaming at her boyfriend slash fiance,
wherever they are in the trajectory oftheir relationship outside a restaurant, you'd
get a completely different picture of anybodyunder those circumstances. But there was a

video that went out a while agoor she took a safari to Africa.
I don't know if that's redundant.She was in Africa, she was on
a safari and she was with somefriends and they were just maybe her friend
was filming whatever was going on,and they're just having a conversation in the
jeep, and she sounded perfectly normal. She sounded lucid and you know whatever,

and so you have to think,well, that's probably how she is
most of the time. Then wealso see her dancing with knives, which
is her ride as an American maker. Were they Yeah, here's money in
her own home. Correct, there'snothing illegal about what she's doing. Part
two. This is a person whois reportedly blowing through money, right,

spending millions and millions of dollars andnever there's all these articles coming out about
where's Brittany get all our money?Blah blah blah. If she's monetizing TikTok
and getting forty million views on avideo of her acting psychotic dancing with knives,
why would she stop that? Right? So that's what I'm saying.

I'm like, she's making a couplegrand per video. Then maybe she Now
I'm not saying it's all in act, but like that's the kind of stuff
against the most eyeballs, is right? Could she just be playing up the
spinning round and random videos of pilotsand so far? You know what I
mean? Like just for I don'twant to post this and it's gonna go
viral as Oh, how are allthose people using you know, still able

to side hustle and monetize that.And you guys are getting screwed by the
algorithm all the time because we're notpretty Spears one hundred million followers, We've
got nothing to leverage against them.But the algorithm works differently, yes,
on famous people and they have differentoutlets. Now you sound like a sports
fan. Now they have to Instagram. What I'm saying though, is probably

has a direct line to the personat Instagram or person I would think the
social media platforms, much like insurancecompanies. I would think the social media
platforms would want to make sure thatthey weren't paying people. They would pay
people as little as they possibly hadto to a certain degree. Yes,
but these people social media platforms don'twant you to leave their site ever.

So if people like Britney Spears areposting wackadoo content, that's going to keep
you on their ad a half hour. She's a marquee name, she's been
around a long time. But there'sno shortage of wackadoos on social media well
granted, so that's why someone likeBrittany I think. I think she's playing

into it a little bit because shecan make money off of it, and
she has her army fan base who'sgonna watch everything she does. Every time
something comes out about her that goesviral on the internet, then that's going
to drive even more people to herpage, boost her numbers even more,
make her even more money. Andpeople like Instagram are like, hey,
this person is getting a ton oftraffic. They're keeping users on our website,

which means we can send them moreads, we can track their data,
we can do all these things,so they promote accounts like that.
Mm hmm. Well, here's asuggestion from a listener. Take it as
you wish. Mary Santora Knives atgmail dot com. Ooh, maybe maybe.
I posted on my Instagram story yesterdayfrom the statue of Liberty. They

had like a cast of her footand I've tagged it a libertytoes at gmail
dot com. Of course, areyou selling any toes right now? No,
I haven't been. I've just beenbusy in doing other stuff and trying
to figure out how to live inthis city. All right, but the
door's open. Send an email.Maybe maybe not. We'll see. Knives

are toes both, oh, bothtoes and knives together to knives people are
already mad sending me messages. Uh, it's gonna rain on Finger eleven.
God damn it, Finger eleven.They're doing Metal Rocks tonight. A guy
called yesterday, Hey, I'm goingout to see Finger eleven. Oh.

I bet that this will all pass. I bet by the time those bands
go on. I bet by thetime the Guardians are ready to take the
field, it's all gonna be.It's gonna be beautiful out. That's what
it looks like. It looks likeyou should be. Okay, it's gonna
be sunny and beautiful. And what'stomorrow? I got my last funny us

tomorrow night. Tomorrow is going tobe just hot hot, not as hot
today as today, but cloudy,okay for cast that's all right. I
like it, muggy, No,I like it. I like when you
when you can swim through the air, like when you sit through the air
into the pool. It's thick.Did you do a pool time before the
show? Not today? No?All right? And then tomorrow we're off

Tomorrow. Tomorrow is yeah, tomorrowis a pool day, right, yeah,
all right? Cool day? Andthen uh, moderating for Andrew Callahan
and House of Blues tomorrow if anybodywants to go to that. We're doing
a pool day tomorrow too. Whereis that this in a city pool?
No, we got a hotel witha pool in it. Oh, god

for you? Is it an outdoorpool or an I bought a hotel and
oh cool real estate Astoria. Yes, I like their Chicken Diver. Take
me to the Waldorf story. No, Margaritaville, Time Square, Pardon me,
I didn't book it. They gotthe best happy hour in Times Square,

don't they. I didn't book it. Wow, okay, Oh that's
a hotel. It's a hotel.It's a resort. Oh in Times Square?
I thought they just had the restaurant. No, it's a whole Wow,
an island oasis and a concrete jungleallen. Oh pardon me? All
right, wait, you didn't bookit. My sister booked it. Oh.
It was like, hey, I'llbook a hotel for the kids.

Wanted a pool, and I waslike, the pools, the public pools
in New York, for whatever reason, don't open until June twenty fourth,
Okay, because are understaffed. Probablyit's very late, I think. But
so we got a hotel with arooftop pool for tomorrow, and it's right
in Times Square, so then wecan do all the extra touristy stuff tomorrow
as far as Times Square goes.Wow, yeah, we're hanging out on

the Margaritaville pool tomorrow us in thetourists from Texas, right, Florida or
wherever. Huh. But I aminterested to see the clientele. It's also
not a resort dedicated to sobriety.No, not at all. Yeah,
all right, well, I knowif they have sober hotel resorts, well

they absolutely, I mean Margaritaville.I don't know that they have any dedicated
to that, but Margaritaville is well, yeah, it's dedicated to that whole
vibe, right. I mean they'vegot a they've got like a terrace bar
there at Margaritaville where people just goand get wrecked. My sister said that
there's like four restaurants in the uhlike in this resort, in this complex.

I guess, yeah, I don'teven know where it is. I
have done zero research. But that'swhat we're doing tomorrow. The Waldorf Santoria.
Other people were suggested, Oh yeah, that's not the one. It's
Margaritaville. Tomorrow it'll be I boughtthe Waldorf stay while they fixed the other
place for you. Yeah. Yeah, it's the Mayor Garitaville, is what

she purchased there? Yeah, huh. There's the Margaritaville restaurant. There's the
land Shark Bar and grill. There'sthe five o'clock somewhere bar, there's a
license to chill bar, Joe Merchants, coffee provisions. So there's four four
bars and restaurant. Land Shark isthe rooftop bar. That's the one that's

probably going to be right next tothe pool. Yeah. Probably. Yeah.
Boy, that's exciting, isn't it. I'm excited. Did isn't that
what they have here? The rooftopbar at the Margaritaville Here? Isn't that
they have that on the top?Yeah, you're like looking into people's apartment
windows down there in the flat theyhave a I don't think they have a
pool. No, no, no, but that's what I'm saying. Like

where she's going to be, that'sprobably where the pool is. I would
imagine maybe maybe there's a bar rightthere. Yes, you're right, so
oh wow this is a small pool. Oh dang. So when you look
at a picture of it. Itis maybe six feet across and thirty feet
long. And how many of youare going to be? Four of us?
Yeah, but there's light. Howmany people are going to be at

this margarita? The eight all Ican only see from this picture. I
can only see twenty lounge chairs.You're going to be shoulder to shoulder.
Now do you have to reserve thelounge chairs? I don't know. And
then the other side of it,I'll send a picture to the group chat.
The other side of it is thisbar. This is dude. Yeah,

you're going to be squeezed in hilBilly's margarite. Drunk kids are going
to get an eye fall. Boy. Oh, I'm sending they are going
to get an exciting day of rooftoppooling and drinking. I don't even know
if I can say it. Rightin the heart of Times Square, it
looks like a fountain. No,it's it doesn't even look like a rooftop.

It looks like it's in between threeI don't even know how to describe
this. Yeah, in between twobuildings. So this was mildly researched.
This wasn't extensively researched. I meansince rooftop pool. So yeah, yeah,
she said. She also called tomake sure that the because I was
like, call to make sure thepool is open. That would be the

most annoying thing is if we getthere and then the pool's not even open
for the day. There's a plasticchain across the opening to the Sorry,
kids, turns out we can onlydrink, we can't swim. Follow me
on Instagram because I'm updating you allthe people who came in. I want
to stay where buff it is you? This is like a lap pool.

Wow, it's right next to thebar. Dude, there's gonna be throw
up in it. People are goingto stand up from the bar and fall
directly into the Yeah. This isjust the kind of pool where people just
stand there and drink in the pool. Oh yeah, or sit there like
next deep yeah. Yeah, fundisaster. Well I think that sucks the

most. They say you can't checkin till three. Yeah, but I
was like, but if we gothere and we're like, hey, our
travels plans changed, we got inearly. Even if our room's not ready,
can we go up to the poollike we're registered guests. We'll just
call them for just tell them youwant an early check in, and then
even then you're on record, andeven if the room's not ready, you
could probably still go up. Yeah. I was like, because we're you
just stow your bags or whatever.Yeah, exactly, We're just gonna have

like a backpacker an overnight bag withus because I mean, I'll leave all
the stuff at my apartment. Butyeah, this is going to be Margueritaville.
Times Square. I love it.A tiny little pool. The boy
they're gonna see there's a long wayaway from Times Square back in the day.
Boy just so much vill. He'llBilly's side boob. Yeah. But

is it expensive because I mean you'rein Times Square, it might not all
be you know, if you goto the one in Cleveland, you're like,
yeah, you know, you knowwhat's happening. But I mean it's
you know, I mean you mightget people that just like that vibe,
but they got money deluxe room,two beds, which would probably because there's
four of us, probably, butwhere having parent had you know, parent
heads are like upper middle class people. There are people with money to spend.

Yeah, they're like, we're tiredpeople. Yeah, not like let
me see, I mean there probablywon't. I'm curious if there's going to
be anybody there. I know,obviously the cliche of that that target group
is like fifty five and up,but it's still a rooftop pool in Times
Square. I wonder if there's goingto be like anybody under thirty at that

thing. It looks like it's twofifty at night. So nothing, nothing
crazy. And by the way,you're gonna need to find out if kids
can even be in that pool.That's what I told her too, and
she said she called and said thatthey can. Okay, yeah, because
I was like drunk, No,I'm missing nobody. But it's a good

time. We have a full arrayof we turn our eye, you give
a sip. It is your kids. Yeah. I can't say nothing about
Alan. Mary has said she's gettingweekly New York rashes on her body.
Wait till after tomorrow all the time, dude, you're going to be in
that You're going to be in thathuman frap at the Margarita pool. The

last couple of times I've gone ina pool, they'll cleared up because there's
so many chemicals. Oh god,you know what I mean, where it's
like anything that's in that pool isgoing to kill whatever city rash I've got.
Well, then you'll you'll be hangingout in doctor Pool. Then tomorrow
Margaritaville. All our men and womenin uniform. I've been a lifelong fan
twenty years of military. Come backto sign. Your afternoon show is horrible.

Thanks from the Alan Cox Show onone hundred point seven WMMS. Send
me a text there Alancoxshow dot com, where you can watch the show live

if you like. Tip of thecap to Albin Wickingston, who's assisting in
the video department today, Albs,Albs. I was gonna say, you
guys are on a first name basiswith him or her, and I'm not.
Hey. Your guardians are back hometonight and provided all of this nasty

weather passes through, they will beset to start up six to forty.
First pitch. We'll get out ofher here around six. Make room for
your pregame coverage. But it's thefirst of three against Seattle six tonight on
WMMS and on the iHeartRadio app.Keep in mind the remainder of the month.
We're almost, unbelievably, I guesswe are halfway through June. We're

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Clothing Company, no matter how manytimes you want to use it. Then
come July, we'll have another promocode for you. We will be out
tomorrow and we will be out Friday. So Thursday after today will be the

last live show of the week.Is Mary with Us on Thursday you are
yeah, and then we'll be outon Friday next week. On the show,
I'll have Guardians tickets for you forthe July fifth game. They're playing
the San Francisco Giants. I wonderwhat promotion they're doing that day, July

fifth. Is that that's not theno you're going. You're going to the
Shack Diesel game. The Shack Dieselgame on Saturday. That's this weekend.
Josh Naylor biblehead, two dollars millilights before the game, Good times tonight
for people who bought that special ticketpackage. Tonight is Peanuts Schroeder bobblehead.

It's also Bark in the Park.You ever take your dog bark in the
park, She's too annoying. Alot of wet dogs out there. Well,
that's The thing is if people bringtheir dogs, whether they're annoying or
not, I have to think,well, that's why you don't want to
be one of those people. Well, my dog's not good with other dogs.
Ah, now she'd like get Shejust wants me to hold her the

whole time. So that's just annoyingfor me. Does she want to play
with them? Does she get shelike bears her teeth around them, or
she just tries to sit on mylap the whole time. I see she'll
eventually get to know a dog andplay with it, but she's not around
a lot of dogs, gotcha,So she's kind of scared of dogs.
Well, they're doing Bark in thePark tonight tomorrow. It's June teenth and

they're doing June teenth t shirts,Pride flags on Friday. Poundcake make an
appearance on Friday. Always really atthe ball game, Yeah, he's you
didn't talk about this yesterday. No, he is the first I'm hearing of
it. He's walking the ball outbecause Kelly Brownson from The Browns and Molly's

Kearnye from Saturday Live. Yeah,they're doing the first pitches. Oh cool,
and is the one delivering the ballthe ceremony ball deliverer. All right,
Well his ball handling skills, asbest as we can tell, pretty
good. My uh, A friendof mine that I don't forever is on

the man. I don't want tosay it wrong. It's not like the
Pride is that of the Guardians,So I don't they have a whole division
to dedicated to like LGBTQ people,or like if it's a committee, or
like, I don't want to undertheir outreach kind of. I don't want
to undermine what they do. Butthey hit me up and was like,

this was probably in this was lastyear. I hadn't moved yet. I
was still in Cleveland, and theyhit me up and was like, Hey,
we're getting stuff together for our Pridemonth in June. Do you think
Cody would want to be a partof this. I was like, I
don't. I don't care. I'msaying yes. I was like, sign
them up for whatever you want.And she was like you I kind of

have to have Harry. You're notokay. No, she wasn't signing herself
up. She was signing him up. Yes, whatever you need Cody to
do, he's gonna do it.Oh. I see. I was like
yeah, okay, can you giveme his email? Maybe? Kay?
I was like, no, no, no, no, he's in.
Don't even worry about it, he'lldo it. And then I connected them
and then I hadn't heard anything since. It was probably like October November.

I hadn't heard anything since. Sowhen he told us about that yesterday,
I was like, oh, I'mso glad. Why Cody. We talked
to your representative, Mary Santora,and she said that you're down for whatever.
Oh good for him. So you'llthat's the game you'll be at.
No, Oh no, that's onFriday. That's the Friday again, that's
Friday. He'll walk out and they'llput his name on the jumbo tron and
all that. I don't know.Conceivably, he didn't mention that. It

just says he sounds like a screenshot. And it was on a story yesterday
and he's like, yeah, ohwow, is he Cody Brown now or
is he still pound cake? Inthose situations? I wonder, Yeah,
I wonder. I think it's likeCody like radio personality, Cody Brown,

right, you know, and likehe's had this lot, so he's not
on the radio anymore, but he'shad this lot. Like I said,
they reached out to me like lastfall, so he's had it locked in
for months probably, gotcha. Oh, good for him, that'll be fun.
I was hoping he was going tobe the one to throw the pitch.
So great. I hope maybe they'dlet him take a practice. He

should ask them. He probably doesn'twant to put him. Delivery by local
radio personality Cody Brown. That's whatI got, game ball delivery. Yeah.
Well, yeah, he's walking itout to Molly Kearney and who else
Kelly Brownson? Okay? Who andwho is she? She is the coach
for the Browns. Ah, okay, cool, she's a pal. She
hangs out a high andre Oh okay, good talking football with her because she

knows some money, like behind thescenes like Mary Yes signed Donovan Mitchell.
Yeah, and so she gets agets some good uh behind the scenes stories
and stuff. Gotcha? All right, Well that's very exciting. I guess
I have the schedule here. Iguess I could have looked ahead. Game

ball delivery Cody Brown, Cleveland radiohost. He still does Pride Radio,
So that's true. True. Yes, that's on the app. It's on
the iHeartRadio app. It's also onthe HD radios. Yeah, that is
true. Yes, no, listenit's you know, take the Wayback Machine

in two thousand and three and youtune in on the HD and I liked
it. They're still trying to makeHD happen. That's beautiful. Good for
him, Well, that's exciting theplay ball kid. Oh so they have
like different people for every There's somebodysings the Canadian national anthem and then this
there are four people doing the ceremonialfirst pitch, and then Cody brings the

well I imagine he No, hedelivers the game ball. He doesn't give
them the first pitch ball, right, that's a separate ball. Well,
that's my question. Like when Ithrew out the first pitch, they handed
me a ball, but it wasn'tlike a special delivery. I think he's
delivering the ball to the first pitchthrowers. I have no idea. Oh

you think, okay, because bythe time the players get out there and
the pitcher is warming up like theyhave, all those people gone yeah,
okay, okay, well good.That's Friday the Pride Night Parade Diesel right,

DJ Diesel Postgame presented by White Clawall right, on Saturday, well,
it's an afternoon game. Yeah,it's a four to ten game.
Yep. Solid so is because I'mI We've readed a couple times and I
have to claim vagaries on the partof what I've seen. So is Melt

going away? Big filed bankruptcy.Well chapter eleven, which is different like
chapter seven, the Alex Jones thing. That's when they liquidate everything you've got.
I mentioned, they'll close like mostof their locations and probably just have
the Lakewood location, so they'll golike back to the roots, the roots.
Okay, Melt, Bar and Grilledfiled for bankruptcy after which I can't

believe it took this long quite frankly. I mean, these guys expanded way
too fast. And when you dothat, obviously you have to contend with
you know, just there's a lotof costs. There's a lot of costs,
so you're invariably your quality will dropyour you know, and people fell
in love with that Lakewood Melt.You know, people would wait when we

first came to town. Again,I'm not a grilled cheese guy, but
they had other stuff going on,but that was what everybody would pitch it
to me. You gotta go toMount you gotta go. I remember when
we lived in Tremont, I usedto run into Matt Fish walking his dog
all the time, and there wasone out in Independence. When we used

to work out in Oak Tree,there was one out there, and I
think they put him all over.They were in like Toledo and you know,
so I guess when they were onfire, they were like, well,
let's ride this for everything we can. But if they're going to go
back to the Lakewood one, youmight have people who have subsequently been turned

off in the intervening years. Idon't know. But again, they're not
alone in this, you know.Obviously a lot of restaurants are like,
look, man, COVID just choppedus off at the knees. So it's
not all because they were overextended.But again Cleveland's not you know, the

northeast Ohio area is that that big? You know what I mean? Like,
you don't need eight restaurants in thisarea. I don't remember how many
of they had, but there wasa time where they had a lot.
Well there's a lot of demand forit for a while, yeah, but
it doesn't take that. People liketo crow about how you can get everywhere
in twenty minutes. You know,you open a couple of them and then

go to those. But I getit, like when you know when you're
on fire, you go, well, hey, listen, man, let's
put this here and there. Andbut I mean, the last time I
was at one was the Independence onethat was years ago. Go that one
been closed for a minute, closedfor a while. Yeah, So I
wasn't clear and everything I had read, it wasn't clear if they were all

closing or if they were just like, oh, we're the ones we haven't
closed. We're going to keep open, but we're restructuring or whatever. They
had a location at Cedar Point thatclosed. They closed in Dayton, Canton,
Independence, Avon that was the oneclosest to me, the Avon one
closed. Yeah, and Cleveland Heights. Yeah, Brian's daughter, Well,

I guess Brian's ex wife lived inAvon Lake for a while, and so
him and his daughter would always goto Melt like that was one of their
little spots because it's right by Mitchell'sout there. Yeah, so one of
their like little daddy daughter date nightswould always be Avon Melt and then Mitchell's.
Yeah that's bummer. So they hadalready closed. I feel like they
have another one other than lake wouldit's still open though, but maybe not.

Maybe they're just paring down to theoriginal spot because it's in the same
spot in Lakewood, right, Yeah, like that didn't move. Yeah,
and it expanded at one point becauseit used to just be one set,
like just that room where the baris, and then it expanded and they've
got that other side of the diningroom. But I've been going there since
they opened the original Melt opening Lakewoodin two thousand and six, the company

reportedly OHS. According to this articlein Fox eight, a company reportedly OHS
and estimated one hundred to one hundredand ninety nine creditors. That's a pretty
big gap, you know. AndI wonder why they do that, because
I don't know if it's for legalreasons or for pr reasons when they always
go, well, they've got debtsbetween a million and fifteen million dollars.

I mean, you know, somebodyknows the accounting on that. I don't
know, But maybe it'll be goodfor them to pare down like that.
Maybe it'd be good, but itsucks for people who really really like it,
because everybody you know, you know, wherever you're from, everybody knows

about one spot that blew up,and then they go, well, let's
do let's make more people happy inother places, and then it kind of
deflates over time. I mean thathappens irrespective of a global pandemic. But
COVID obviously did no favors for restaurants, and so you know, restaurants are

still hanging on to the you know, it's not just their fault, but
I mean restaurants in general, they'reall still hanging out of the COVID thing.
They're going to be claiming COVID problemsfor the next decade. You go
to any place that opened post COVIDboy, and they were still in the
immediate aftermath. You go, yeah, it's going to be like this for
a while. But pay more.Yeah, I mean, once you get

people used to paying more, they'lldo it. It's just that you can't
have a decrease in the quality.If people really like what you're kicking out,
they'll happily pay more for it,or they'll wait in line. You
know, first time we ever wentto the Melton Lakewood, we were like
standing there for like thirty five minutes. I'm like, this better be goddamn

good. This better be what everybodytold me it was going to be.
And I don't even remember what Ihad, but I didn't walk away mad.
So you know, it's like,I guess, if you in your
mind, if you go, well, let's you know, let's do the
four corners of Cleveland, right,let's do Avon and Independence and Cleveland whatever.

But then you're like, oh,let's do Dayton again. I've never
run a restaurant. I don't know. All I know is if you're not
busy and full every single night,you're losing money. So I don't know,
but I thought that it would suckif they all went away, and
so everything I read it was veryunclear as to if that was going to
be the case. I always wantto think that it's like people are switching

to healthier options, but then alsoknow they aren't, you know what I
mean. McDonald's never gone out ofbusiness, but yeah, but I mean
there's a there's a ceiling to thattoo. You know. That's why when
all these you know, people knowwhat's going on. When Target and Walmart

and all these other big retailers makea big show, we're slashing our prices.
Yeah, that means that you werejacking up the prices that much and
everybody got used to paying for it. But then you started to see customers
dwindling. You're not you're not goingto take a loss. If you're slashing
your prices thirty percent, that meansyou had them jacked up thirty percent record

prices, of course, record profits. Yeah, and people enough people started
to complain or you saw, youknow, a dip in customers, we
were like, oh, okay,well we'll just make a big show of
this. It's not like they're anyfavors. So but but again to your
point about people eating different or healthyor whatever, there's versions of that.

So you can go to a placelike that and they're going to have a
couple of things on the menu.You know, people you've talked about,
like people that get a giant saladwith ham on it and they go,
I'm eating healthy this week. It'siceberg, lettuce and ham and a gallon
of ranch. Dad right to yourdad, exactly, Yeah, Well,
meeting healthy. I think about it, Like, you know, there's all

kinds of evidence showing that like genZ is not drinking alcohol, right,
and that they were banging or gettinghigh or big just sorry. They're not
partiers like previous generations were. SoI remember, I mean, I've worked
in bars and restaurants my entire sinceI was eighteen, my entire adult life
that I was able to. AndI remember in like, you know,
twenty ten, when Kraft Beer startedto explode and it became this huge movement

where like drinking was cool, likeand I don't mean like partying, but
like craft beer and whiskey and allthose things became such a big part of
so many people's personality. Your typicalquote hipster, you know what I mean,
who's into IPAs and everything like that. But that was twelve years ago.
So I'm like, does everything havethat pendulum where it was like,

Okay, we saw that big explosionand it lasted up until COVID, you
know what I mean? And thenafter that, are people just not that
interested anymore? Where they're like,yeah, I mean, craft beer's done
all it can do. Drinking's badfor you, gen Z's not as into
the party scene, you know.Does that affect these types of places where
it's like, no, you don'tneed eleven Kraft beer and craft grilled cheese

restaurants, all right. And that'swhy a lot of these craft breweries were
shutting down because they're like, wecan't. They would either hope to cash
out, you know, with ahuge distributor, or they're like, oh
we got a close up shop thebubble burst. Yeah, because you're not.
You're not doing anything news to anipa. You're not doing anything new
to a stout. Anybody who's hadone or has wanted to have one,

has had their fill of craft beerright now. I just don't know how
anybody. I mean, you goto a beer cooler and look at all
the beers. I just don't knowhow anybody gets attention. I don't know
how anybody stands out in the inthe craft brew biz. I don't know
how they do it. Throw aw in a mess label on it.
That's how we're doing very, veryexcept for the buzzard. The buzzard on

there. People are telling me thatthe Menor and far Lawn melts are still
open, and what about the people. Weren't people getting melt tattoos because they
were like, like, free,you get off? Are you kidding me
for a tattoo? On my line? Fifteen percent something like that is just

a discount for life. It wasgonna be like three bucks. Get out
of my face. You just countfor life alone is going to cost you
two hundred dollars. That's why it'sconsidered a bad business decision. Eat it
melt seventy times before you paid foryour own tattoo. Well, in their
defense, that's one of those thingsthat businesses do and they can't believe that

people go out and do it.They're like, you know what be funny
is if we told people to geta tattoo and then we gave them like
a discount or something. They go, ah, that would be funny,
and then people start doing it offfor life. There you go, that's
not enough money even at that price. It would have to you'd have to
go fifty times to get your moneyback. Well, some people once a
week for a year. Now,if you're getting the tattoo, you probably

love the place. Once a weekfor a year, you're eating grilled che
of artisan grilled cheese sandwich. They'reputting the art in artisan mary. But
after that it takes you a yearto get it back. They has anybody
found out if they will announce poundcake as twenty twenty three's best Sports Talker

in Cleveland. That should absolutely bepart of his announcement, voted by the
readers of Cleveland Scene magazine Cleveland's bestsports Talker. It's got to be in
there. That's the connective tissue.I also forgot he had a job.
I was like, text him andtell him to call in, Like,
is he's still at work? Yeah, when the world just seems too crazy,

gaze into the eyes of a childbecause you'll probably find a booger and
man, is that a hook?Ellen Cock Show on one hundred point seven
mms. We've got a hot celebritygoss with Forerez Builton here in moments then

ounce more. Dave Chappelle dates he'sdoing his out there in his backyard in
Yellow Springs, as you do,have the same place all the time,
that little pavilion there. Whatever happenedto his club that he was supposed to
open, I don't know if that'swhere any pavilion is where he's doing this.
Didn't he buy a like an oldfirehouse or something. I don't know.

Don't know about that. Yeah,out in Yellow Springs in his neighborhood.
The weird pavilion that's where you sawhim or that's where I saw him
during COVID. Yeah, and Marydidn't see him. No. They shut
down the week, not even theweek. It was like twenty four hours
before because everything was already booked downin Columbus. Yeah, tells everything.
I was like, well, happybirthday, Brian, We're going to Columbus.

That's what you get. It's thestate capitol. Ah. Yeah.
So Chappelle is doing July three,five, and six, Wednesday, Friday
Saturday. The tickets will be onsale this Friday at noon. Dave Chappelle
and friends. Who was with himwhen you saw him? Kevin, Harvin

Hart, Berter, no Bert uhuh, Michelle Wolf, Dunnell Dunnell,
Tony Woods. Yea, if forsounds is it worth is it? Is
it worth the because the tickets aren'tcheap and they go fast. It was

for for that time because there hadn'tbeen any real like live comedy and like
seeing all those people at once waspretty cool. So I, I mean
it was expensive, but I hada good time. Yeah. Well maybe
I'll go this year. We're offthat week. Uh So anyway, Yeah,
if you're a Chappelle fan, thoseI wonder how the seating because that

was when they had to like youhad to have six feet between everybody.
It was pretty spread out. Well, but I was looking at pictures of
that pavilion. Yeah, and Imean the structure itself obviously is that doesn't
seat people. They're all on thegrass. Yeah, like you brought chairs?
Yeah, no, I think theyhad chairs for us. I think
they had chairs, but you hadlike state in your spot, stay in

your spot. And of course withall the Chappelle shows, it is a
phone free experience. Yep. Seenow they have to lock up people smart
watches too, don't they. Theyhad to do that then, did they
really? Because you can record onit, phones, smart watches and accessories
will not be permitted in the performancespace. That's left mine in my car.

But what what constitutes an accessory likea pacemaker? Just anything that could
have a microphone or record all right, they're in those yonder pouches. They
did that for Chris Rock and wesaw him too when Chappelle was at the
stand a couple months ago and Isaw him with actually Chris Rock and Fitty

sent Yeah, they did that samething when I was at Zanies. They
do that for every show. Theyhave the Yonder bags, Zandy's in Chicago,
Zanys in Nashville. Oh, Nashville. Well, you're gonna have to
you know, Mary's doing Zannies inChicago. You're gonna have to make sure
that people can film you. Idon't think they do Yonder bags there.

So you're gonna want to make surethat if people want to record you and
all your glory, that they cando it. No, I don't want
them to do that. You don'twant our Chicago bureauci is coming to see
you. I want them to cometo see me, But I don't.

I don't care if you record it, just don't put it anywhere. Keep
it for your own edification, forposterity so you can show your own grandchildren.
Hey, a long time ago,remember when you guys know her now
as the Queen of Switzerland, Butback in the day, she was a
comedian and I got to see oneof her last performances before she married the

King of Switzerland. Do they havea monarchy in Switzerland. I don't know
what their parliamentary system is. Hmmm. Do you think that's a situation you
could find yourself in, you know, like a oh God, what's the
Disney movie where the girl, Uh, Nope, you have to figure it
out on the old Anne Hathaway moviesEnchanted, No, where she finds out

she's a princess. Princess diaries.You know you it's not obviously there.
Throughout history have been plenty of civiliansthat have married royalty. There's never been
a king of Switzerland. Okay,so that's mark that down, Mary,
that's off the table. I didn'tknow what there a form of government was.

Switzerland has never had a monarchy.I'll do all right, but they
probably have a royal fan. No, there was never a royal family.
Okay, well, I don't knowhow they do things. Then they have
a president, but it's a woman, so not really, Well she gets
it. Starts well, Switzerland's beenin all those wars. Yeah, Switzerland

starting wars. Those army knives.Want something to think about. You want
to do some hot gossip. Ohyeah, this is a celebrity gossip.

When theress built in. Oh theair is thick with humidity and goss and
you can just feel it all overyour face. Let's start things off.
Justin Timberlake. We talked about hima little bit, but obviously he got

a do U I I I andhe's getting roasted for being irresponsible by Britney's
fancy seeing all that. But accordingto inside sources, Inside Sources, the
most embarrassing part to Justin Timberl wasthat the cop that arrested him was too
young to know who he was.He said, he hasn't been that embarrassed

since he took that selfie with thatkid at the Super Bowl and that kid
didn't know who he was. Ohyeah, he's forty three. He has
forty three. J Lo is inthe news because there's a new documentary on
Hulu about why her relationship didn't workwith Ben Affleck, doctor Drew ways In,

doctor Phil ways In, psychotherapist jenMan ways In, and they say
that Jennifer is addicted to love.But according to inside sources, Inside Sources,
Robert Palmer said, please don't covermy song. Oh yeah, you
don't need it to be out thereagain, especially by j Loo. And

then finally we have Armie Hammer backout there doing the rounds talking about how
he is clean now and he's thankfulfor all the rumors that he was eating
people because it really showed him howfar he had fallen. Put Inside sources,
inside sources. He has found religion. He was seen at a Catholic

church eating and drinking the blood ofan old Jew. This celebrity gossip when
harassed built in Wait, so ArmieHammer attacked mel Brooks allegedly. All right,

Oh, he's taken the sacrament inthe what what do you guys call
it? The sacrament? Yeah?Communion, communion, the Eucharist, transmutation.
Of course, the body, thebread and wine become the body and
blood of our Lord Jesus Christ,which is so weird. Well, it
is a religion based on zombies andcannibalism, so it's but does that make

it the weirdest religion? Of coursenot. But listen, everybody's got to
have their stories. It doesn't matterthat most major religions all have the same
story. It's the little it's alittle details, the little permutations that make
Who's Jen Mann? Doctor Phil Iknow, doctor Drew, I know Jen

Man. She was just mentioned inthe TMZ article. Really, and that
she's in the j LO documentary.Yeah, I have to assume that this
a mis warning signs is she She'sa love attic, she can't stop falling
love. She doesn't take time afterher relationships to properly heal. She just
wants another guy to be in herlife. Yep. Well, probably because

she works so hard. Part ofthat for her is she wants somebody there
that she feels is always supporting her. Right, M. I don't want
your documentary. So is it anauthorized documentary? She's not in it,
right, I mean I don't think. Oh I thought it was talking about

her, gotcha the way all gooddocumentaries are other people to third parties.
Yeah, conjecture. Jen Mann isbest known for her wildly popular and hysterical
blog People I want to punch inthe throat. That does sound hilarious.
Sounds like a good psychotherapist to me. Yeah, that does sound hilarious.

I want to her wildly popular andhysterical blog. She has a people that
want to Punch in the throat.She has a book called I Just Want
to Pee Alone. That must beshe must have kids. All right,
Well, there you go. That'swhy she is a that's a perfect person

to have in the j LO documentary. M. Speaking of tarzanning and falling
in love, you know, likeI Ray who makes all the merry songs.
Oh oh, here's voice weird?Gee, this is ray. I

make all the AI songs. Thisis for Mary, and whoever went there
just wanted to say thank you andMary Santora, You're the hottest things ever
and uh, I see you afew times in public and I think you're
so beautiful. That was at aclub that was on uh By Camp's corner

and I remember I came up thereto see you and I was with some
friends and I remember you had theselike, uh, these pumps on you
have like a skirt, and hewalked by me and you touched my hair
and I thought it was so cool. He looks in the bathroom and I
told my friend, I'm like,man, I wish I could go in
hair. I kept it professional.I don't see these songs EI songs to

be a creek or anything. I'mjust doing to be a tribute to you,
Mary sant Flora. And it's beena pleasure and I'm gonna send more.
And anyway, bite he hate theshow? Has he moved up in
the rankings? Now? No,that had to have been drunk. Mayor
if you touched the dude's hair onyour way to bed, I'm wondering if

I like brushed it like us.That's all it took for him. I
don't I ever remember touching someone's hairon purpose. Does he have a lot
of hair show that must probably havefields or there was a long time ago
when they were running that basement oneat PGA McIntyre. Oh yeah, wow,

So I don't know which one he'sreferring to. Those are the two
places I've ever performed in Cam's corner. But I definitely didn't touch your hair
on purpose. I apologize if thatrooms things for you, but I thank
you for the report. Well,according to him, you are the hottest
thing on two legs. Thank youfor not following me into the bad Yeah.
I like how he goes. I'mnot a creeper. In fact,
I didn't follow you into the bathroom. That's how much of a not I

kept it professional by not trying toassault you like a normy. I'm a
good dude. I pulled back.Oh boy, Well there's Ray poking his
head in for the first time.He's just voice. I don't want to
say too much. There's a Raythat has purchased foot pictures from me before,

but he has his picture on hisemail, yeah, and his email
signature. His email signature, andthat picture does not match this voice at
all, So that would picture doesn'tmatch the voice. That would lead me
to believe there are two different rays. That may be the ray making the
AI song. He did mention pumpsthough, but he did mention the pumps.

But I was like, that guydid not look like the picture of
the guy. I mean a lotof people don't look like their pictures or
don't don't sound like their pictures.Sorry, a lot of people, Yeah,
a lot of people. I don'tlook like my pictures. A lot
of people don't sound like their pictures. Well, do you want to get
the guy who actually bought the picturesin trouble? You know what I mean?

Why is he black? Their ethnicitiesdon't match sounds of that phone call.
And the picture that's on the emailsignature could be a fake picture.
I was gonna say, maybe it'sa fake picture. Could be a fake
picture. He doesn't want his pictureassociated, but just pulled a stock photo
and slapped it on an email whilehe's buying foot picks. Could be two

different rays, is all I'm saying. I mean, there have been known
to be multiple rays in the world, correct, I have heard of more
than one Ray, Ray Charles,you think it's him. I don't think
that Ray Charles is buying foot pictures. Uh, Mary, see me after

the show. And Ray has senta new song if you want to hear
it, Okay, Mary Santora.Summer Scorcher is what's there in his subject
line. But the song is calledmelt my Face. Electric punk heavy is
the music he chose. So Idon't know if we'll be able to understand

what's happening here, but I'll showthe lyrics on the on the YouTube channel
here so people can follow along ifthey want. Me while God he pray
smash down like lava flown me morelava lava flow becomes the Brian part.

Cry is trying race. You can'tkiss you my head, so you can't
say growing parts. They suit takeyour to high. The last still soul

summers, not streets, the streets. I can't die you race one.
This one's pretty brod. I wasgetting sop down with yours undt. The

second like the sound try cross tastethe lead with you mild me beats like
a sound. I like that AIis not perfect yet, Yes, hey

listen, I think it's a stepup there's no Satan. There's no Brian's
a rat or you know, sleepingwith the fishes or anything like that.
Honestly, best one yet I cansay all around the style of music.
Yeah, no Satan right overly explicitwith the law of streams like this is
pretty good. Yeah, he's growingsome parts, but I mean nothing's exploding

this time. We're learning. Yeah, so you're saying he's got a chance.
Yeah, summer Son Versenturra, you'rethe one. Wow, how about
that? Well, anyway, that'sthe new one there from uh Ray who
called in and wanted you to knowthat he's not a creepy and he's going

to keep sending songs in because hesaw you one time. That's all it
took. I mean, who amongus would not want a single encounter to
burn ourselves into another person's brain,right, that's all anybody wants a chance
encounter and that person can't forget us. It's innocuous. There's nothing, you

know, there are no restraining ordersbeing being discussed. He saw you one
time and it blew his mind.It's all took. You're pumps his hair.
Fast forward to lava explosions and coconutmilk where he takes the lead.

Brian cries, Oh God, Ijust can't. It's just so weird that
you touched his hair. Well,that's why, that's why I assumed.
That's why I sou you were drunkand stumbling to the thing or something.
I thought maybe it was on oneof our old bar crawls or something.
I never did a bar cross.Oh you didn't do one of our bar
running her fingers through his hair.I never did that. I definitely never

did that. Right, No,absolutely, not a strange man. He's
writing songs for you. A strangeman. If you were doing the drunk
lady thing. He said it wason the way through the bathroom. That's
where drunk women go to vomit orpe or poop. Those are the three
things that really long hair. Andhe just toilet babies, do cocaine?

Well, okay, sure, toilet, okay, So five things you can
only do five toilet babies, cocaine, poop, poop, pee, puke,
period, period. All right,So all right, there's a lot
of things ladies can do. Makeup, touch up your powder, your
nose. All right, call theAlan Cox Show. I believe we have
another winner on the phone. Whatdo you think about that? This guy's

a weirdoe double one double seven.Guardians are set to play tonight. Still

it's wet out there. Six fortyIs that start vers of three against the
Mariners Progressive Field. We plan arollout around six make way for your pregame
coverage there. I will have Guardianstickets for you. Is that next week?

Oh? Yeah, next week?Guardians tickets for the game on the
fifth. That's when they take onthe San Francisco Giants. What are they
doing that night June July fifth?Rather they have a game on the fourth
too? Yeah? Yea fourth daytimefireworks? Daytime? What No, it's

gonna be nighttime fireworks. No,it's it's a day game on fourth of
July. We were gonna go toit, all right, they're not doing
fireworks. I was gonna say,I have a daytime fireworks. We usually
end up going to a Lake ErieCrushers game on the fourth of July.
I don't know that we'll be intown this year for that, but that's

what we've done the last couple ofyears because it's not far from us.
Than they do. Kids can runthe bases and they do the fireworks and
the adults we can all have acouple of pops. It's a good time.
But next week four packs of ticketsto see the Guardians take on the
San Francisco Giants. I will alsohave the last two pair of tickets to

join Bill next Wednesday for the verylast Alan Cox Show Funny Bus of the
season. We've done them every Wednesdayin May and June. I'll be your
host tomorrow night that one's sold out, and next week Bill will be your
host for the final Funny Bus andanother season will have passed. You can

still get on one of these toursby going to Funnybus dot net. I'll
also have Gwar tickets for you nextweek. MMS in two hours to midnight
are presenting Gwar. They're on theStone Age Tour. You want to know
the bands that are opening for them? Sure, Dark Funeral who I know,

and Squid Pisser who I don't know. But I'm really excited to get
to learn what they're all about.What are you sighing about? Because what
that you me? I didn't namethe band kidding? You don't like Squid

Pisser? No, See, thisis where we're different. If I hear
a band named squid Pisser. Iwant, I don't want to hear one
note by them. And you're like, wow, that sounds like battle music.
Godlock that they look like the locustYou hip to the Locusts. I
got like masks and stuff and yep, this is it is gonna be so

good. Oh, they got asong called Vaporize a neighbor liquefied remains.
This one's called Splatter the Master.I cannot wait for that show. High
pitch screaming is worse than growing.High pitch screaming. Oh, so you
don't like female fronted bands. Oh, I see, I mean a lot
of times it is. I don'tknow that they are. They weren't masks.

Well that was that was squid Pisser. That high pitch screaming is wow.
Huh genderless? I don't care whatgender you want? Pitched screamer.
Oh, the sisters are doing itfor themselves. Well anyway, so guard

tickets. Next week, I'll getyou passes to Cedar Point. I don't
know if Top Thrilled Dragster is stillclosed. You can buy season passes to
Cedar Point and then I'll have somefood for you next week right around dinner
time. We'll give it to youlate in the show. Fifty bucks for
the original, the original Steak andHOGI they have a new location in Fairview

Park, and I'll have fifty dollarsgift cards for it. That can probably
get you a lot of food.Fifty dollars get you a steak in ogi.
Yeah. Did you guys ever havethe Great Steak and Potato Company here
in Ohio? Yeah? Did you? Was at the mall? At the
mall? Was it? We didn'thave an Illinois that I recall. I

remember living in Michigan's seeming a lot, so I didn't know if that was
a thing there or I can't tellyou the last time I actually saw one.
So it was more of a foodcourt place because I would see them
like strip mall type stuff. Yeah, that was the food court place.
And then the other what is it, I think it's called Charlie's is the
other like food court subplace. Thoseare branching out, because they got one

of those in Lakewood and they they'regetting around out of the food court.
Yeah. Yeah, you guys know, Noam Chomsky is heard of Kirol Lefty,
you know who. Noam Chomsky ishe's he's a linguist by design,
but he's probably kind of one ofthe four foremost progressive intellectuals in the public

space. And he, I guess, had another stroke and he was in
Brazil, and others conflicting reports asto whether or not he is dead,
Oh, because there are some wellhe's ninety five. I mean, there's
there's eulogies online. But his wifesays that he's not dead yet. So
I don't know, you know,so I don't know. He was a
very old man, and he'd hada couple of strokes, but he was

very He's a fascinating thinker and wasn'tnecessarily tied to any particular orthodoxy. I
think there were a lot of progressivesthat identified him because he was so outspoken
against Trump, but you know,the left had to get their licks from
him too. But he's called thefather of modern linguistics, so he's a

major figure in a number of fields, but just a pioneer for what he
did. But I read a coupleof days ago that he was hospitalized again
because he had fallen or he hadhad a stroke or so. I don't
know how many strokes a person canhave. You know, he had one
years ago and they had another one, but he was he's been pretty unrepentant.

If you're familiar with him and hispublic voice, he's like the you
know, the main critic of USforeign policy, and he can wax poe
attic on the you know, contemporarylate stage capitalism all and stuff. So
it's it's really in the weeds typestuff. I mean, it's not funny

or anything, but for people whoare kind of drawn to public intellectuals,
he's at the very top of thatlist. Dude. This says one in
four people who have a stroke havea second one like a ton. Nobody
know what that percentage is. Buthard to get a hole in one.
It's what hard to get a holein one? Golf? Mary strokes in

golf. Oh, but that's whatI'm saying is that doesn't that seem like
a lot one Not of every fourperson who has one stroke is going to
have two. Well, but Iwould think that if you have a stroke,
that would prone to stroke, yeah, or that would make you that
would put you in a more vulnerableplace for another one. But yeah,

I don't know, man, becausesome people have him. You know,
if you've ever known somebody has one, a mild one, you'd never know.
They can be fine other people.My mom had a mild stroke,
did she really twenty five years ago? And she's like, there were no
residual signs. Yeah, but somepeople like they got to re learn to
talk and yeah it kid became Mormon. I'm sorry she was already Mormon.

Oh she was. Oh that didn'tget her into That's how I see.
Well, because they're always uh,everyone maybe has. They've really pushed the
advertisements on recognizing strokes. You know, the acronym is fast those commercials.
A wait, wait, I knowthis. That's right. No face tworking,

not face face t working. No, it's face working, face drooping,
yes, ass slurred speech, Well, you got to go in order.
I know A is asymmetry. Nope, A is appalling sense of fashion.

You're gonna wear those pants with thatshirt? I condictions, it's a
condition. White pants after labor day, I had a stroke. I can
do it. Thank you. Armweakness, arm weakness, face drooping,
arm weakness, speech difficulty. Ithink they kind of they were trying,

they were trying to stretch it tomake the word fast so it could be
remembered. Time time to call ittoast smell toast smell, no, not
toast smell about what it seems tomention the pond that win you do what
not a twelve game? Sometimes itmakes you fun. Twork fart swork tark

tark fart t work fart sork tkkarkthis by the pool tomorrow, there's gonna
be Oh god, I can't waitto hear the follow up on that.
By the way, that's this weekend. You're doing that tomorrow? Oh so
Friday or Thursday, I'll have y'allhave follows on Thursdays. And I can't

wait. Yeah. Oh, Margaritaville, pool, margaritaville, rooftop pool.
Yes, those are my three favoritewords in the English language. Margaritaville,
rooftop pool. I believe rooftop isconsidered one word, just a bunch of
drunk step dads. It might begreat, could be, it might be

a lot of fun. It mightbe Can you imagine if it was all
families. I don't think it willbe. I mean, it might be
the only family. Oh really,how many people are taking their kids to
a market. But there have tobe like minded people. They're like,
it's a pool. It's in TimesSquare. It's a resort. I mean
maybe out there's a kid pictured onthe pool page, so maybe they're like,

hey, you guys should bring yourkids here. Forget about them.
Well, you get drunk at thebar through the kids here. Yeah,
I got some kids corner here byeasy being a kid. Hello, it's
market corner, Kid's Corner. I'mgoing to be in Indiana this weekend for

a family event. Uh there's arestaurant in Indianapolis, which if you've ever
been, and I know that weall have, you'd like to forget that
you'd ever been there. It's reallynothing going on. I think it's fine.
My uh my, of course,apologies to our bureau chiefs in Indianapolis.
Anyway, is a guy and hiswife who are in a restaurant and

they have been inundated with backlash,as you might expect because people go zero
to sixty now they don't ever hearsomething and go, well, I've let
me think about both sides of that. They own a restaurant and they banned
kids under five. Now, thisis a vegan restaurant, so I can

kind of understand where they cover.I mean, they are business owners and
They're like people are just too messyand causing problems, saying the kids under
five are to unsanitary. Gary andhis wife Tyina Tyina Bartlet have taken a
lot of heat for saying no kidsunder five at our Restaurant's a small place,

not real big. This is notchoky cheese, This wasn't made for
babies. That's the sad true,But neither of us have ever eaten at
a restaurant where someone would openly exposea breast in public to feed. Only
when in our own restaurant has thishappened, one would think and expect common

decency and respect for others would bethe norm. We had to made a
call to close on Sunday because weare receiving I received some death threats.
She's getting death threats from people overthis. And my thought is, you
know what, if you listen,if you open a vegan restaurant, there's

gonna be breastfeeding at the table.How did you not figure that outcause that's
you know, not vegan. Well, here's my yea, it is breastfeeding.
Well, I guess not. Itcomes from an animal, a human
animal marriage, I guess that's howthat's how poorly you consider motherhood. Yeah,

she's just an animal. Some ofthose babies treat those boobs real,
Yeah, they really do. Theyare boy As someone who has taken a
child to a vegan restaurant, don'trecommend it because our how is it any
different than any other restaurant where youtake a kid under five food? When
you take a non vegan child ifyour kid grew up on vegan food.

Sure, when you take a nonvegan child to a vegan restaurant and they
have to eat buckwheat pancakes with cocaopowder, because that's what the closest thing
they have to a kid's item is. Yeah, but if you're vegan,
you're probably feeding your kids that.If you're vegan, I didn't grow vegan

and I was still eating goddamn buckwheatpancakes with molasses. We didn't grow vegan.
Very sad childhood you had, well, nevertheless the rule nevertheless. But
like Brian's vegetarian, I have afriend who's vegan. Two friends are a
vegetarian, one friend who's vegan.They were all in town, so we're
like, we went to a veganrestaurant for breakfast. We had Brian's daughter
with us, and I was like, she is not going to eat anything

on this menu and their fruit it'senough. Yeah, she ate the fruit,
but they have like they don't haveeggs, like reggae, stuff that
a kid would have for breakfast,but fruit. You want to oat meal
child oatmeal for breakfast and nothing else. Oat Meal, oatmeal and fruit made
with different milk than what she's usedto. She's not gonna know that.

Yes, different milk than what shekids different. Your kids the least picky
eaters on the planet that if youswitch something up, they would have no
idea. I'm just saying if youmade oatmeal with soy milk and put some
honey in it and then gave herfruit, wouldn't she go all if we
gave the kid that is used togetting instant oatmeal with sugar and dried peaches

and whole milk, you think ifwe gave her naturally rolled oats with honey
and almond milk, she wouldn't beable to taste the difference. No,
I'm not saying that, but I'msaying that doesn't sound like something that would
make her freak out, not freakout, but I'm not gonna eat it.
I'm not gonna eat this ordering foodthat she'll take two bites of and
be like, this tastes weird.I don't want this. Huh. She

got maybe two bites into an entirebuckwheat pancake before she was like, I
don't even know what you're trying todo, but this is not what I'm
saying is her dad is a vegetarian, so how is that the first time
she's been exposed to a buckwheat pancake, Because we vegetarians eat regular pancakes.
I understand berry and butter and allof those things. So, but my

point is to be mad about thisbecause like, I've taken kids there and
it's miserable because I'm like, yeah, sorry, dude, the eggs do
kind of taste like rupper bands.I don't know what to tell you because
they aren't I don't even know whatvegan eggs are made out of, but
that's your option. Yeah, andtrue vegan places don't carry honey, so

they can have a gave in becauseit comes from bees. Yeah, I
see. I can't imagine somebody,well, here's a buckweed pancake with aave
That's what I mean. Like,so, unless your kids are vegan,
this should upset nobody. No,but he I have to imagine he's always
trying to get her to try newthings. And no, yes, but

she is an adventurous kid. Butshe's not gonna eat it. If she
doesn't nobody would if you ordered somethingand didn't like it. An I'm not
gonna eat this, or like,hey, try this vegan jackfruit pulled pork
imitation. No, I've had realpulled pork my whole life. This is
gonna taste like trash eight. Soshe's not like I'm helping the environment.

This is not a pulled pork sandwich. I don't know what July you're trying
to tell here. Well, yeah, well it still shouldn't rise to the
level of death threats. I guessno that I agree with. Also in
kid's Corner, hot on the heelsof Father's Day is a guy who didn't
want to be a dad, whichis fine. Trouble is he is a

pro life right winger running for officein Colorado who does not want to talk
about the abortion that he paid for. This is a guy named Richard whole
Torf who's running in the Republican primaryfor the house there in Colorado, and
he did one of these TV interviewshows and the interviewer is very good,

although the bar is pretty low forinterviewing politicians these days. But this guy
is like, why should other womenbe treated differently than the girlfriend that you
helped get an abortion? And theguy was really kind of hemmin and hawn
through the whole thing. Why tryto deny that choice to other women?
So let me give you some contextabout that situation, because I'm a pro

life Catholic and I believe everyone shouldchoose life. Now, if you listen
to my presentation on the house floor, did you listen to it? I
did? In fact, I justquoted it from it? Okay, So
what was the major theme and whatDoD had to repeat probably twenty times in
shoulder? Let me help you?Oh, I thought you were asking me
go ahead ahead? In fairness,your logic was a bit scattered in that

speech. What I'm asking you aboutis the fact that you said that you
respect did your girlfriends write to anabortion and then gave her money to help
it to abort? Exactly exactly whatI did. But yeah, you've tried
to deny that to other women andI'm asking why is an abortion good for
your girlfriend bad for other women?That's my question, simple, simple question.
She had an abortion? Was thather choice? Yes? Did she

have that right? Yes? Wasit my choice? Kyle? No?
Why do I didn't want to denythe choice that you said was best for
your friend. Why do you seekto deny each other? Ways? Let
me let me I don't. Idon't. You have voted to restrict abortion
access as well, and I'm apro life person. I think you should
try to choose life every time.But there are exceptions, and there are

times when you need abortion. Abortionis a medical procedure is one of the
exceptions. When Richard Holtors's the father, No it is. It's not about
me. Don't personalize it and makeit about me. It's not you told
the story of the house. Thatdoesn't matter. That doesn't matter. That's
hey, why are you personalizing it, making it about me? I'm only
here to talk about my candidate.See for the Colorado House. I love

it. And it's like these guysdon't even see it coming, Like what
did you think was going to happen? Okay, whoever you're running against,
whoever you're running against, is constantlydoing oppo research on you, and everybody's
doing that, right. I feellike he's so close to understanding, like
where he says, Oh, they'realway so close, but they don't want
to where he says it was herI'm pro life, but it is her

choice, right, and it's like, yeah, that's the whole And this
wasn't even a gotcha. It wasn'teven a gotcha. It's like the interviewer
said, you told this story onthe floor of the house. That's what
brought this to the attention of thepublic and the people doing it is that
he had financed his girlfriend's abortion inhis early twenties when he was in college.

And the guy's like, well,if it was good for your girlfriend,
what's the funny because a lot ofthese guys are kind of like,
well, I was young and thatwas the thing, and I've I've evolved
on the subject, you really.Dan Cummins has a very funny bit about
this where he talks about pro lifebeing pro life and he says that that

Republicans get it twisted. He goes, I think people write wing people here
pro life and they think pro abortionand he's a pro choice, and they
think pro abortion. He goes,no, no, no, no.
He's like, you can be apro life person. You can be against
the idea of killing a child yourself, but you can also be pro choice
and understanding that it's not your choiceto make. It's you know, this

woman's choice to make. It's adifferent circumstances different, it's different. And
he's like, nobody's pro abortion.He's like, that's a crazy that's a
serial killer, Like that's an insaneperson to be proable. Well, that's
also branding by design, though,too is right wingers and Republicans, you
know, people running for office,they would rebrand pro choice as pro abortion.

Well that's not what it is.Well, but it's all the whole
thing, But it's but that's howmessaging gets out there, and that's how
you know, that's how global warmingbecame climate change because they were like,
well, why do we have snowif everything's warming up? They're like,
because the climate is changing in differentways. So global warming became climate change.

But right wingers very because of guyslike this needed to the point you're
making there is that if you callpeople pro abortion, you know, like
it's a sport. That makes alot of people feel icky, and it
pivots away from the issue of womenbeing able to control their own bodies.

But this guy, because it's notlike this other dude. It's not like
the interviewer had to do a lotof work on this. He just had
to keep asking them, Hey,why is it great for you and not
for everybody else? Well, don'tmake this about me. That's a great
boy. When you're back into acorner, what are you making of this
about me? For pro kid,If a cop pulls you over and they

hear you listening to this, we'reprobably just gonna let you go because you
know, I figured you suffered enough. Ye car show phone one seven WMMS.

I still haven't seen these guys.They still haven't seen sleep Token live.
I have been thwarted over and overagain. They were at Sonic Temple.
I had tickets to see them inDC a while back. I ended
up having to sell those. That'sprobably a metal band you'd like, Marius
sleep Token. There's no high pitchedsquealing, and that music kind of sounded

like Game of Thrones. Ah,they're a very mysterious sleep tooken very mysterious
band. They announced already Sonic Templetwenty twenty five. At least, you
know, they don't announce the lineupuntil closer to the day. But this
past year they had Pantera and Disturbedand the og Misfits came out, and
Lambiscuit was there and three eleven Riseagainst Mary's favorite. I do love them

a little earlier next year May ninth, eighth, ninth, tenth, and
eleven back down in Columbus. Sothe tickets will go on sale I think
this weekend maybe, but Sonic Templenot wasting any time setting the weekend for
twenty twenty five, and they havea counter there when you go to Sonic

Temple Festival dot com. So it'sthree hundred twenty three days, twenty hours,
thirty three minutes and thirty six seconds. But who's counting, So look
in at tickets. We will havethem to give to you, probably not
in twenty twenty before, but maybewe'll What the hell do I know?

I don't know about that, butyeah, they always announce the weekend.
They announced the dates way in advancebefore they announce the lineup because frankly,
at this point, people don't care. They go, I'll get my tickets
and the lineup's gonna be great,and we still have Incarceration coming this summer.
I had a lot of great bandson that too. And you know,

we do a metal show here onthe Buzzard. I don't want to
bury the lead. It's called twoHours to Midnight and it's one hundred and
twenty minutes and noth of it metalin all of its forms. We play
local stuff. Mary, you wantto taste of what I'm playing Saturday night.
I know you're gonna give it tome. I want to just I'll
just give you the names. Idon't have to play the music. I'll

just give you the names. I'mgonna play some new mushroom Head there,
of course from Cleveland, Ohio.Night Goat. That's more local metal.
They're a Canton band opposed to aday Goat. Yeah. New music from
New Flesh, God Apocalypse, they'vebeen around for a minute. A great

band called Foreign Hands, Grave Realm. How do you feel about that?
Huh? Foreign Ham Foreign Hands thatyou want to talk about some screaming boy.
I bet you're gonna like play someForeign Hands for him. I think
you'll like them alive pretty good.Huh. No Autopsy and Spirit Box and

yob and biohazard, A lot ofgood stuff. Boy Saturday Night ten until
midnight, Live of the Buzzard twohours to midnight. Alan, my grandfather
had seven strokes in ten years stroking. It's called a clearance callor clearance color

stroken. So I don't know ifthat's again it was a rhetorical question on
my part. I don't know howmuch the human body can withstand. Tell
Mary, we stayed at Margueritaville inFlorida with the kids and the family.
They have a lot of kid andfamily activities. Yeah, but I bet

the Florida one's different than Times Square, right, Yeah, I don't think
this one's going to be nearly asbig or family friendly. It's not like
a resort like people are thinking inFlorida where they have grounds and outdoor pools.
I mean it's in the middle ofTimes Square. Yeah, they have
a couple of different floors and levels. But I don't know that it's going

to be anything like what people aredescribing, you know, because what you
don't want, you know, there'sa lot of people obviously looking for family
friendly venues. What you don't wantis exact opposite, which is family hostiles.
You don't want that where they're activelyworking against children having any kind of
good time, like a vegan wrestler. Right, Alan, you're going to

be in Indiana this weekend. Isn'tthere a town there called walk Usa?
I can't remember why, but Ifeel like I've heard that before somebody Nope,
no even texted that. He madethat up. That's not even a
text to know, because it wouldn'thave even occurred to me if somebody hadn't
texted it. But now that youmention it, there is a city in

Indiana called Walkarusa. And it's along story. I'm not going to get
into it, suffice to say therewas a bovine death. And what are
you going to do? Alan?I, for one, am very pro
abortion. Well there you go,Yeah, I guess I'm yeah, absolutely,

I kind of I'm bummed I nevergot to pay for one. No,
I'm shooting what I don't just payfor one? Oh? I guess
I could have to be to bethe dad. Well, but I think
it's more meaningful if you're I mean, you're not gonna be the dad.
That's why you're going, right,So who cares? But I never you

know, I am sure there's somebodyon the way tomorrow that could use the
money. Yeah, maybe so maybeso this sounds like, finally we have
a game show that we can playin the Duncan Studio. Who wants to
get their abortion paid for? Thecock show? You know, back in
the day, all that you'd haveall these like radio shows like We're gonna

give your big boobs or whatever theydid. Now it's gonna be like,
hey, we'll pay for your abortion. I'm sure we wouldn't get any hate
mail over that. That'd be fun. But live from the what would Well,
there are some people who can't holdtwo separate thoughts in their head at
the same time. And yeah,let's see if Duncan wasn't sure Duncan wouldn't

have any reservations about that. Imean, it's the Duncan Studio. We
might have to That sounds more TheDuncan Studio sounds more apropos for baptisms.
Well, AnyWho, it's something toconsider. Yeah, because again, you

know, it's obviously an extraordinarily divisivetopic, as any good topic is anything
that people aren't debating and having conversationsabout. If anything's worth defending, it's
worth arguing. But fortunately I amnot one of those people who believes that

life is sacred, and so onceyou remove that from the equation, you're
in much better shape. You're kindof freed to make some make some decisions
one eight seven seven scars for kids. It is funny, though, you

do see that. You know,one of the things that jumps out at
me is you have all these peoplewho are screaming non stop what you always
hear every time there's a shooting.Well, new gun laws won't stop mass
shootings, but most people spend alot of time on laws to stop abortion.
So it's really not about truly notabout protecting kids. It's about making

sure that women can't necessarily do whatthey want to do with It's very very
strange. I don't know. Iwas looking at the map of the states
where porn hub will become uh illegalto access on July the first, or
you'll need a you'll need an IDto get on it because they've never heard

of VPNs before. That's what mostpeople are going. Or they're just gonna
go somewhere else. I have tothink that that's the more likely scenario.
It's people are just going to gosomewhere else. And it's not even you
know, for Pornhub's part. They'relike, we just don't want to be
on the hook for age verification.That's why Pornhub basically go said fine,
like they didn't want to. Uh, it's not like they're getting forced out

of states. They're just like,I don't we don't want to mess with
this. Yeah, as a youknow, protecting data. I mean,
it's like Swiss cheese. And they'relike, we don't want to be dealing
with lawsuits because I think that there'sa couple of states where the sites don't
have to collect the information like youverify your age through the DMV. And

so porn Hub's like, okay,well we'll do We'll stay in that state
if you guys handle the age verification, will stay. But they're just like,
we don't. We're not here todeal with lawsuits because of age verification
laws. So we're just gonna pullout of those states, if you'll pardon

the pun. So, as ofJuly one, pornhub is going to be
blocked in about a dozen states allthe usual suspects. Well not necessarily,
I mean, yes, but notas many. I guess as you Texas,
Montana, Utah, Idaho wasn't inUtah. Utah has got the most,

they have the most port they werethe most porn there. Yeah,
and you know, they'll just goto another site. I assume one of
the other states, Nebraska, Kansas, uh Alabama, Arkansas, both the
Carolinas, Indiana, and Kentucky.Those are the states where July one,

porn hubb will be blocked. Andagain people can use VPN, they can
go to another website. And myfirst thought was, I wonder if people,
you know, how they can't getelected officials to divest themselves of stocks.
You want to talk about bipartisan legislation. Every time somebody puts forward to

billing Congress that like, hey,people in Congress shouldn't be able to trade
stocks, everybody of both parties goes, well, let's get hasty here.
It's literally like apps now, whereit's like, hey, pick your politicians
who you want to shadow their stocktrading. Yeah, that's like an industry

now. So that's why that's whenthey get the inside of tips and then
you can just trade like a politician. Right, but you know, free
market. But I was at mythought was, you know, the right
wingers that want to like ban theseporn sites. I wonder if they own
stock and VPN companies. Probably that'show cynical politics has gotten. Hey Ali,

Hi, Why what's up? Oh? I was just you guys were
talking about bands. I was hopingyou're calling to get an abortion. Oh
no, no, no no.My name is Ali. But she kid
must save me from one. Nono no no, no no no.

But the reason why I was callingyou guys were talking about bands. My
husband is a drummer and three differentheavy metal bands and they play around the
Cleveland area. Oh good for you. Where are you from, Ali,
Well, I'm from Oliria. Iwas the one that called in the last
week. I work at Keller Meetsand Litchfield. Oh yeah, Keller Meets.

Okay. The way you said bandsdidn't sound like you were from Ohio,
so I thought maybe you were fromMichigan or you know. My husband's
in three bands. Okay, Welltell him tell him to submit, tell
him to submit some stuff to theMetal Show. Absolutely I will. Yeah.
He does a Doo tribute band whichis called Wallace Sleep, and then

Made in America which is an IronMaiden tribute, and then he is in
a black Stafage tribute band as well. Well, I'm looking for original music,
Alley, I'm not I'm not playinglocal cover bands. Oh okay,
yeah, what does he play?Well? He plays the drums. Ah,

very nice, very nice man aftermy own heart. Yeah, okay,
is he playing out this weekend?He just played at Bar thirty and
Parma. And are you are youa groupie at his shows? Well?
I always say I'm a groupie withbenefits because I do his laundry, I

cook his food, I take thedrums down, I clean that out.
Wait, wait, how are thoseof the benefits he's getting the benefits.
He's getting the benefits. You breakdown his kit? I do. Why
doesn't he do that? Well,he plays for a couple hours. Yeah,
but we all have. That's everydrummer knows this. You when the

you know, when the bands,when I played in bands, you know
for many, many years. Andthe guitar player, you know, he's
packing up his guitar, grabbing hisamp, put in the car, going
off for the after party, havinga good time whatever, and I'm breaking
my crap down for forty five minutes. Yeah. Yeah, it's a it's
a good little task. Wow.This is the sweetest woman, she really

is. She goes, oh,I have you don't want that abortion?
She can't abort her husband, shecould, all right, well she's like,
oh, I accidentally decapitated him witha symbol. Yeah, all right,
well, good well, god speedAli, thank you, well,

thank you. All right, there'sAli groupie with benefits. What a sweetheart.
I say that I'm a groupie withbenefits because I do his laundry and
clean the house and break his drumsdown. Yeah what exactly is he doing
then? Because it ain't hard sittingback there for a couple of hours playing

dio. And now I must leaveyou as the Brady bunch is on and
I find four of those children incrediblyarousing. Get out of here. Be
careful of what you say. Becareful in every way, Be careful of
what you do. You be circumspectand discreet. Stay light on your mental

feet. One slip and you knowyou're through. Big Brother is watching you,
and all with our narratives. Rememberovidios paid, And when you watch
that dav screens, remember it worksboth ways. You disappear in a wink.

Unless you can double think, you'llvanish into the blue. Big brother,
is watching you
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