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August 26 - Ben Tried To Save A Baby Duck, Chloe Swarbrick, The A To Z Of New Zealand - Jono & Ben - The Podcast

Jono & Ben - The Podcast

On today's episode, Ben shared a story about how yesterday he tried to save a baby duckling. But his heroic moment didn't go as planned! Also, we caught up with Ben's mum Jenni and discussed whether we need to make more of our Jono & Ben facemasks (if you have any ideas on what we could put on some new ones, message us on Facebook or Insta @TheHitsBreakfast). Finally, we brought something that was initially tossed to the show rubbish bin. But we wanted to give it a chance. It's called PUNDERSTRUCK! And it may just be the greatest (or worst) thing you'll hear all week.
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