The Outdoor Show with Bob Simms

KFBK Outdoor Show with Bob Simms

April 16, 2016108 min
Hour 1:Delta Stripers & SturgeonF&G Commission News - GPS Caller San Francisco SalmonDan Bacher - Are funds directed to "tunnels" legal?Hour 2:Stripers on Sacramento River at Tisdale WeirScott Leyseth - Wild Fish & Game CookingFort Bragg SalmonMark Wilson - Stripers on San Joaquin RiverKiene's/American Fly Shop "Expo Day"Hour 3:Don Paganelli - Bass fishing the DeltaNew Melones Trout & KokaneePyramid Lake Cutthroat TroutStampede Reservoir ConditionsDonner Lake Mackinaw Congressman Tom McClintok's MistakesClear Lake BassLake Oroville Bass

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