The Outdoor Show with Bob Simms

KFBK Outdoor Show with Bob Simms

December 5, 2015116 min
Hour 1:Montezuma and Suisun Slough StripersWaterfowl Hunting - 2 InterviewsDan Bacher - Salmon in Sacramento River and Water risesHour 2:Kienb EventSalmon Fishing - Upper Sacramento RiverScott Leyseth - Recipe for "Red"Pyramid Lake Cutthroat TroutDelta Striped BassUpdate on Dungeness Crab ClosureLake Berryessa BassHour 3:Interview with "Possible" record holders for Spotted BassTerry Knight - Clear Lake situation with the native "hitch"John McManus - Golden Gate Salmon GMO, talking about salmon legislationCamanche Lake TroutDelta Black BassComments on Eagle Lake and the Smith River

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