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Discover the very best of things you can play, watch, and read! Our award-nominated comedy podcast uncovers the hidden indie gems you'll wonder how you ever lived without, dives deep into the franchises you already know and love, and talks about pretty much everything that's worth talking about from the worlds of board games, videogames, comicbooks, movies, TV, literature, and beyond.


July 15, 2021 61 min

00:00 - Sleeping with Stephen Fry.

05:56 - It’s coming home. We’re going out.

09:00 - Marvel’s latest TV series - Loki - has aesthetics that are very reminiscent of A Clockwork Orange but, secretly, it’s the best Doctor Who series yet.

24:43 - The Willington Variants.

26:52 - We get into meditation with Mondo’s A Gentle Rain, an unbearably simple-sounding game, from Kevin Wilson, a person who we thought didn’t make simple gam...

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00:00 - UEFA Euro 2020 (actually taking place in 2021), plus: it all kicks off.

03:37 - We attempt to get away with murder with the keeping-your-story-straight simulator Overboard!, which appears to have come out of nowhere from inkle - the team behind Sorcery! and Heaven’s Vault. It’s glorious, with superb writing and a unique approach to “open world” game design.

18:00 - Surprise: we’ve joined a cult! But don’t worry, we’re a...

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00:00 - A couple of rounds of toast before bed.

04:51 - Kris’s Special Place, aka Board Beans Cafe.

12:07 - Helvetiq and Coiledspring Games’s GoTown reminds us of Silk and Fluxx, but it has a sense of internal logic that calms the crazy and makes it all make sense in the end. Another “throw it in the bag” game, if ever we saw one.

19:31 - First there was Scrabble, then there was Bananagrams, and now there’s Inkling, an astonis...

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00:00 - An alternative to exercise?

04:23 - A trip to Yorkshire and an unusual use of steam trains.

09:37 - Master Word is a cross between legacy game, word game, and deduction game, from Scorpion Masque and Coiledspring Games. You’re going to absolutely love it, just like we did.

14:42 - Muffin Time is by the people behind the popular web series asdfmovie and Big Potato Games. We talk about why the Trap Cards are so smart, ho...

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00:00 - Golf on a farm and penny pushers.

08:08 - Our first round of Kepler Games’ Forks in the Timeline.

16:44 - When you don’t quite see eye-to-eye with the rest of the family. Plus the excellent The Mitchells vs The Machines, which comes from the same team behind The Lego Movie and Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.

31:31 - Forks in the Timeline 2: Giraffe Neck Foodaloo!

34:27 - Unmatched: Battle of Legends is a super fun ...

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00:00 - How you might know if you’re Unbreakable.

04:38 - Burgle Bros 2: The Casino Capers from Tim Fowers, is the sequel to a board game we first talked about on Episode 1 way back in 2016. Playing as a team of criminals on a caper, sneaking about and trying not to cause a commotion, this impressive follow up to the first game has been well worth the wait.

15:42 - Games you'll put in a bag (working title).

18:36 - The puz...

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00:00 - The great fountain pen hack of the 1990s.

03:02 - MicroMacro: Crime City from Pegasus Spiele is a curious mix of Agatha Christie, Where’s Wally?, and the EXiT series, that just keeps on giving.

15:25 - Joining the PlayStation 5 club, the most exclusive club of them all right now, surely? Also: how (and why) the PS5 tries its best to keep you playing.

34:39 - Control: Ultimate Edition is creatively risky and every bit i...

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00:00 - Deus ex macbina.

06:54 - The complicated backstory of Bananaman.

10:46 - A bit more on Polis, which we talked about back on Ep122.

15:00 - Seastead’s “altruistic competition”, flexibility in ruleset, and focus on inclusivity is a wonderful special event for two players, from WizKids.

33:28 - Holidaying in virtual worlds, and going for a relaxing wander with Eastshade, where the side quests just might be the main quest...

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00:00 - The magpie.

08:18 - A birthday and a dirge.

20:54 - Relaxed yet competitive, chilled yet tense, Celtic is a set collection game for the family from The Plastic Soldier Company and Pegasus Spiele that, on paper, shouldn’t work, but it really does. And why there’s a lot of value in going back to old board game mechanics.

35:03 - Most manga is rubbish. Finding good manga for grown ups is difficult. But Space Brothers from...

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00:00 - Dan’s birthday, Rudy’s Pizza, and Many More.

06:49 - Kris's "Consumption to Creation Ratio". Freaking ourselves out with Chris Bissette’s The Wretched, making memories with Thousand Year Old Vampire from Tim Hutchings, and writing poetry with Allison Arth’s Gentleman Bandit.

26:26 - Kosmos Games throw down the gauntlet with Polis, from Fran Diaz and Enrique Corominas - the art for which you can see on our In...

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00:00 - We like to eat eat eat Apples and Bananas. We lake to ate, ate, ate ay-ples and ba-nay-nays.

07:14 - Daylife in Japan is a cheap and very cheerful jigsaw puzzle game we’ve played on Switch, by Minimol Games and QUByte Interactive. Want a meditative game to play while listening to audiobooks? This might just be it.

20:43 - Wolfgang Kramer and Michael Kiesling’s Renature is a wonderfully relaxing experience with just enou...

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00:00 - A jigsaw of the Moon.

06:54 - How to play Lost Cities wrong. Very wrong. And incorporating baby-friendly player aids into board games.

12:35 - Reiner Knizia’s Schotten Totten 2 is more thematic, more focused, and easier to get others into it than its previous iteration.

23:08 - A true centrepiece for any happening party.

26:32 - Disney’s new WandaVision TV series is shaping up to be a unique and brave entry in the Mar...

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00:00 - Sam's mug.

04:54 - Kris's mattress.

09:02 - Christopher Nolan’s Tenet, a high concept spy thriller that’s “the first time travel movie”, but perhaps it doesn’t explain itself enough?

27:12 - Knights and Bikes is from Double Fine and Foam Sword, and it’s a completely riotous co-op craftpunk adventure with a great sense of humour.

44:00 - HeidelBÄR’s Coyote and Spicy are brilliant bluffing games with gorgeous ar...

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00:00 - New Year's Resolutions Part 1, plus a hot take on Final Fantasy XII.

05:22 - Star Wars: Squadrons is an enjoyably arcade-y VR flight sim that really surprised us.

16:46 - New Year's Resolutions Part 2, cracking eggs, smashing glutes, and Hobbits with trundle wheels.

23:37 - The Mandalorian, and why you don’t have to know anything about Star Wars to enjoy it.

37:22 - What if you could time travel, but no one wo...

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00:00 - Top tips for job interview success.

04:14 - Secret Santa, part 1 - powered by Mr Lister's Quiz Shootout from Big Potato Games (plus a little bit on Thousand Year Old Vampire too).

12:45 - Looking at ladders on the loo.

15:21 - Secret Santa, part 2 - with thoughts on Fungi/Morels.

24:16 - Abandon All Artichokes from Gamewright is a light and breezy deck building game that everyone who likes board games should own.


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00:00 - Crunchy Nut Peanut Butter and very thick milk.

06: 42 - A cartoon-like, one page RPG that is tremendous fun: we’ve played Honey Heist by Grant Howitt and had a great time with some bears in hats.

18:57 - Squirty cream “as a vehicle”.

23:30 - Taking early steps into FIFA 20’s Ultimate Team (and its similarities to Pro Evo’s Master League mode), playing with friends with Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection, doing cool...

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00:00 - What’s that banging? What day is it? How old is Sam?

05:32 - And for that matter, what’s your favourite era of time?

11:40 - TRAINS! We talk Ticket to Ride and the digital adaptation of it that we’ve been thoroughly enjoying.

16:20 - Cóatl is crammed full of bright and lovely plastic, has a very pleasing Aztec art style, and is a super elegant bit of game design that’s one of the best in its genre.

25:15 - The Lost Wo...

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00:00 - An intensely heated debate: is a Twix a biscuit or a chocolate bar?

07:53 - Tapestry: Plans and Ploys continues to build upon the foundations of the lean(ish) civilization-creating original, and also continues Stonemaier Games’ tradition of featuring beautiful components.

21:07 - Some grumps bang on about how they don’t like Halloween, and an alternative is discussed: Falloween.

31:08 - The Three Stages of Boardgaming,...

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October 15, 2020 60 min

00:00 - Forgetting names and confusing idioms.

03:10 - A graduation, but whose graduation?

06:10 - Making rum, plus the sweetly thematic Fort from Leder Games, in which you pretend to be kids building bases, using pizza and toys to curry favour with Icky and Sticky.

17:44 - Al's FINEST wine and socially distanced martial arts.

21:52 - From humble packaging comes something we had a ton of fun with; Coiledspring’s Anomia is...

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00:00 - The Home Alone Meal Deal, and first movies.

09:13 - Hotshot Racing looks and sounds great, the racing model is spot on, but you’ll want to put most of your time into the time trial mode, and we’ll tell you why. Also, go watch Get Indie Gaming.

20:57 - Every Breath You Take. Every Slice You Make.

27:45 - Pendulum from Stonemaier Games (them what did Viticulture) is a “rollercoaster” of a board game, a superb experiment ...

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