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#1748: The Vanagon of the Sierra Madre

December 1, 201754 min
This week on the Best of Car Talk, Suzy is planning to driver her parents across Mexico in a rebuilt VW Vanagon. We know Suzy won't need any stinkin' badges, but are there any tools she can bring along to increase her chances of completing the trip to 15%? Elsewhere, Kathy's Mercedes' wipers are so bad her kids have to lean out the window and play spotter whenever it rains; Biju can't stop falling asleep at 10:00 PM--at home or behind the wheel; and Ed learned he shouldn't try to change his car's fluids before his morning coffee. Also, Joann's Jeep has a leak, and so does Joann's professional ego because she runs a repair shop, and can't figure out where the water's coming in. All this and more, this week on The Best of Car Ta

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