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What dead person just won an election? - The Jubal Show ON DEMAND

The Jubal Show ON DEMAND

How did a dead person win an election?? Find out who and in what election in this episode!

The Jubal Show kicks off this week with who you Freaky Friday with in this Ridiculous Internet Question, a woman who just returned from a vacation gets pranked by Jubal Fresh in this Phone Prank about how she get a new free trip if she does this one thing, Social Media Producer Christian Gray Snow reports on Lindsay Lohan and how she's making her big return to acting in this new movie, we have a listener on the phone who is not getting a call back from a date he went on but it might be because he peed his pants on the first date, there is another listener on the phone to tell us their Dirty Little Secret that will make for an awkward holiday dinner, and one listener calls in during Unscreened Phone Calls to ask if he made the right choice of breaking up with his girlfriends after what he found out!

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What dead person just won an election? - The Jubal Show ON DEMAND