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Shona Tagg: Concerts at Eden Park would be fantastic - Holiday Breakfast

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There is an anxious wait for all involved on the bid to hold concerts at Eden Park.
A decision is expected today on a resource consent application to host six concerts a year at the central Auckland venue. In 120 years of the ground there has never been a concert.
It has been fiercely opposed by some locals, including former Prime Minister Helen Clark.
But Eden Park Residents' Association spokesperson Shona Tagg told Tim Dower there is overwhelming support for concerts to get the green light, and she would be surprised if the decision rules against it.
"We just want to have a vibrant community, we want to share the stadium with the world and everything it has to offer."
Tagg claims the vocal minority is not representative of the community, and more people have stood up in support after recognising that.
She says the surrounding area is dynamic, with some people even shifting in to be close to what Eden Park has to offer.
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