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Matthew Hooton: Chris Liddell a 'Trump enabler', will 'struggle to settle back in NZ' - Holiday Breakfast

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A public relations consultant believes New Zealand-born Chris Liddell is inextricably tied to Donald Trump's US presidency.
Liddell has come under fire for his job as Trump's deputy chief of staff.
Matthew Hooton describes Liddell as one of Trump's enablers, and told Francesca Rudkin Liddell it would be difficult for him to continue his career here.
"He is the only non-family senior staff member who worked with President Trump, when all of this was inevitable for four years. Obviously there's a consequence to that, there's a price to pay to that."
"He is the President's longest serving staff member... he's been in the White House since the day of the inauguration, he lasted the full four years, he was promoted by President Trump."
Hooton says he and Liddell had a conversation, with the latter indicating he will back in New Zealand "at some point".
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