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David Seymour on why he wants Covid tracer app scanning made compulsory - Holiday Breakfast

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David Seymour says last year we were in a state of emergency, this year it's a state of complacency.
The Act leader is calling for the Government to make scanning in with a QR code compulsory for those people who haven't switched on the Covid Tracer app's Bluetooth capability.
Seymour told Tim Beveridge he's worried we could be very quickly shaken out of our complacency with a fast-spreading outbreak of the new strain, and end up in lockdown again.
"Businesses cannot afford that, and students going back to studies soon cannot miss more time. We have to get smarter."
Seymour says we have all sorts of rules that we manage to enforce.
"If the rule is you have to sign in - it should only take a couple of cops issuing fines at a couple of locations before people will decide to do the right thing."
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