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May 28, 2024 102 mins
Eddie and Thor's Trips, Bombed at the Beach, National Hamburger Day
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San Diego. Welcome, Welcome,and welcome to the show. Yo,
A new new day is here,and what better way to start it than
with I feel like the show isgoing to be great. This show,
I would like to introduce you tothe ringleader Eddie. I have a young
mindset, okay, the mother ofthis crew. Sky. If you don't

know anything about me, you maynot realize that I get cold very easily.
I'm very rude, I'm obnoxious,and I don't care. And Emily,
ever since I can remember, I'venever wanted to sleep with another human.
Welcome to the show on San Diego'srock station Rock one oh five three.
Well, we're back from the threeday weekend, and of course,

being four, we're out doing stuff. The girls stay back home of course,
Sky, I mean Skot Oh yeah, we'll go anywhere. You know,
let's not a big surprise. AsI was pulling weeds, I was
like, should I take a pictureof these weeds and send them to you
guys, because I know you wouldyou text me anytime I tell you that

I spend a full weekend or Idon't go anywhere and I just pull weeds.
You go, how many weeds canthere actually be so I wanted proof
because again that is all well thatI just think you're very lazy. I
just think you're not lazy. Sorry, I think you're very Uh. You
don't get a lot done when youdo it. That's why there's so many
You pull a couple, look around, look around like a little kid,

very seriously. You're though, there'sa lot of weeds. You're done.
Oh you can come over, buddy. This is what you choose to do
on a three day weekend. Yep. Yeah, we put in a new
irrigation line. Very very exciting stuff. We by the way, yeah you
got in there. Well, mylittle hand was the only one who would
fit in that in that trench,so unfortunately I got tagged in. Did

I complain about it the whole timethe next day? Did I complain that
my arm was bruised for having tojam it in that time? Well?
Yes, yes, yes I did. But but that irrigation line, it's
in. You guys, you'll bevery excited to know any barbecues or anything
you guys went to. Mmm,no, unless you count the taco shop
down the street. You understand whatbarbecue, barberque, barbecue. No,

I didn't know to barbarique barbecue.Didn't know, no, miss Ollius.
Yeah, it was a very shocker, very low key, uh sky type
weekend for me. So well,Emily, I know, at least went
to a barbecue, right, Yeah, I went to a barbecue on Sunday.
It was my friend's barbecue slash pool. I remembered alien there. You

go, ended up having a greattime there. It was really sunny.
Their house is in alcohol and soit was like super sunny and super warm,
so the pool was perfect thing todo. He didn't go anywhere,
but you went to a barbecue,correct, I did Sunday or Monday.
That was Sunday. It was aSunday day to recover, day to recover.
Yes, yesterday I did nothing,just laiter around the house all day,
which was nice. It was agood time. Well, Thor and

I were out and about much morethan this. Thor actually went. He
calls it camping. I can't callit camping unless there's a tent or something
involved. He stayed in the cabin. Yeah, you know, Well,
the people I wanted to go with, people I went with wanted to go
backpacking, but I wasn't gonna letthat happen. But you were. No,
it was they wanted to do likea three day park it somewhere and

then walk and walk and walk milesand yeah, that's a little I didn't
want to do that. And thenthey wanted to just do a cabin with
like one room with everyone in it. I said, no, I don't
want to do that either. Whycan't we just get a regular cabin?
Who was this with? It was? So it was me, my wife,
my brother in law, my sisterin law, her and hers and

her daughter. So so technically ourniece and I guess, yeah, well,
I mean it's it's her, it'shis stuff. Yeah. So it
was in Quincy, California. That'stwo hours north of two and a half
hours north of Sacramento. WHOA ona river. So we were out there,
man, mountain folk, like wewere out there. We passed the

house. Not really. They hadinternet at the cabin, so I was
able to like, uh, likelike make text or something, but no,
not really any cell service. Nowhow does that go down? Because,
like you said, at first,they wanted to backpack, and Thor
shuts that down. Then they wantto do a rustic cabin with one room
and Thor shots that I just saidno, So do they just accept you

for who you are? Now?Listen, this is the first time.
So this was supposed to happen liketwo years ago and it just didn't.
And I said to my wife andthey all understand that I'm not. I
didn't grow up like that, likeyou're a city boy. It maybe eventually,
I said that. I said that, like maybe event actually down the
line, but like this is justwhat's just he's into it. Baby Stipper

toes in the river? Okay withStipper toes. Look. So we we
got got there Friday after the show, and then we drove up there.
First of all, I have toask, because I've seen reports that this
was like the craziest travel weekend ever, especially at the airports. Yeah,
like, how was the airport?I got there an hour and a half

early, okay, and the linewas like a they made it like a
Disney line with all the ropes toget through security, but it actually moved
pretty quickly. You know. Itwasn't out out the door like I've seen
before and been there before, butit was almost like how long did it
take you get like thirty minutes toget to security? That wasn't that bad?
Eddy anxiety, Eddie. Oh no, it's a lot. My fight

was at I think it was liketwelve thirty I got there. No,
it was at twelve forty something.And I got there at like eleven fifteen.
And then you see that long securitylight, Eddie. I'd pass out,
honestly, just all over. Ican do it. So so I
get there and it was The flightwasn't that bad. Everything was cool.

It's a quick flight. Okay.We actually ended up getting there like thirty
minutes early and then uh, andthen we landed me and my wife.
My wife picked me up. Wewent from Sacramento to Auburn where she her
mom lives, which is like fortyfive minutes, and then Auburn to Quincy.
Wow. And that was like atwo and a half picked Wow.
Her brother, her brother, Iguess her brother and his wife go up
there a few a lot really so, and they were not familiar with Yeah,

it's it's nice, it was listen, I they I wouldn't want to
live there in the town with likepeople. It's in the middle of nowhere.
They do have like a safe wayand a rite aid. But man,
like, you go into the town, you start meeting some of the
people, very mountain town folk,mountain just not my style, not my

style. But we did go.We did go on a bunch of hikes
around the river. I got shamedbecause, you know, it was it
was hot outside. It it wasn'tcrazy, I was like eighty, but
the river water was freezing. Also, I forgot flip flops. So,
like, Hailey wanted me to takeoff my shoes and socks and go into
the river. But I don't liketaking off wet sop putting. I don't

think to take off sweaty socks andthen putting them back on. It grosses
me out, so I refuse todo it. Yeah, yeah, I
mean so everyone so obviously. SoScotty and his wife Torri were cool.
We're like, don't worry about it. They were joking around. Hailey was
like, annoy, I don't knowwhy you can't just have fun like everybody
else. I'm like, I don'twant to put sweaty socks back on.
I can't just stay in here whileyou guys are all hanging out in the
river. What's the big deal?You didn't get in the river once?

Now you're like there, I know, but it looked really cold. I
didn't have to flip flops. Ididn't want to reput back on my socks.
I just don't like, I wantto go on the river. And
then there's this one dude that's standingout to the side. I feel like
it was dude, like it wouldmake me not have as much fun.
And then of course Scotty had toshow off. He jumps in swimming a

good times, good time. He'slike bear grills out there, you know.
And Tory is like eight months pregnant. Oh geez, so yeah,
tiking around. We did three mileson Saturday. I ask if she was
okay. Yeah, yeah, itwas really impressive. I kept going,
are you okay? Are you sureyou're okay? She goes into labor up

there. You gotta deliver, deliverit, so don't change your socks.
No. So we did that,and then we had like they had a
fire set up and we made theribs and hamburgers stuff like that. I
actually, having had a really greattime. I suggested yearly tradition. I

did. I did suggest I didsuggest that not maybe not like Memorial Day
weekend every time, but like doingwhat once the year type trip like this.
I suggested that that's how good ofa time I had you. That's
this is like, this is sothorn. He goes kicking and screaming,
and then he always goes, no, I had a good time every time,

other than my wife yelling at me. But the river Well, out
of blamor for that, but whatdo we think will happen come a year
from now and stream? Remember yousuggested, remember remember that? And then
honestly, coming back yesterday, Ithought everyone was gonna passed there two hours
early. Oh wow, I wentthrough security in five minutes. Really to
the point where I tried to geton two earlier fights. Gee, they

were somehow both full. Well,yeah, it's a very busy weekend.
I don't know what would they standby? Okay, well yeah I had
a busy weekend too. So tomorrowis my son Jack's birthday, and so
he really wanted to go to UniversalStudios again. He loves Mario, he
loves Nintendo, he loves all playingvideo games. So once they opened that

Super Nintendo World, it was over. Yeah. So that's his spot.
I mean obviously when I go into Disney, but that Super Nintendo World
is his spot. Let me tellyou something. Super Nintendo. It's visually
cool, but there's not a lotto it, so they haven't really built
it up yet. There's one ride, it's the Mario Kart, right,
and that's it. And then there'sone restaurant which is called Toadstool Cafe and

all you you you there's no likemaking reservations. Once you get there,
there's like a QR code that youscan and then you hope to get a
reservation, so it goes to likescan it and then they text you with
you know, you scan it,and then it takes you to this place
where you can pick your time andthen see if you can get a reservation.
There's a time oh wow. Butthere's thousands of people that are trying

to get into this because there's onerestaurant, and then there's like little games.
So you get these bands, youknow, and there's little games that
you play and there there's the boxesthat you hit to gain points and things
like that. So it's kind offun for little kids, but as an
adult, like, well, again, if this will Star Wars, I'd
probably be running around doing all thedames and stuff like that. It doesn't
mean who's not that into Mario.I mean I'm literally I don't know what

to do, like just watching myson run around do stuff and like,
okay, so I don't know,it's not for me. It's all for
him, like you know, outof course for the kids. You know,
there's the kids stuff, but isit more for the adults just like
to take photos? You know?There was a lot of that going on.
You know. You could see there'sa lot of like Japanese tourists that
are there and they're doing like dancesand that I don't understand videos. I

was definitely watching what is going on, and yeah, there's some that are
dressed up like full dressed up likeLuigi and stuff like that, and it's
like what is going on here?Man? But again I have to always
like equate it to like my StarWars love and go, oh okay,
I wouldn't think it was weird ifsomebody was walking around dressed like Bubba fet,
I wouldn't think that was weird.So if somebody's walking around like Princess
Peach, I guess I just gotto go with it, even though I

think it's odd, you know,but it is what it is. But
that's how non Star Wars people thinkthey probably look at me like that.
No, they definitely Wait what thatstar shirt right now? I think that's
totally normal, and so yeah,it's it's definitely different. And so yeah,
we hit up Universal, which wascool. You know, but you

can do Universal pretty easily in theday. Yeah, it's pretty it's compared
to Florida. Yeah, it's nothing. Yeah, and what are the crowds
like? I mean, I thoughtit was actually going to be but it
wasn't that bad at Universal. Sothat was on Sunday and it wasn't that
bad. I've seen that actually worsereally, and so it was I thought
it was going to be crazy packedand like you couldn't move, but it

wasn't that bad. So I waspretty happy about that. And then of
course after we were done at Universal, then we went to Disney So we
left there, went checked out ofour hotel there, went down to Disneyland,
checked in the hotel there because wewere going to go on Monday.
And now my goal for Disneyland wasthat I heard that there was like three

new scenes in Star Toars. Soit's all the new stuff like Mandalorian Ah
Soca, like all the new shows. They're like new scenes and so I
go, that's all I care about. You guys can go do whatever you
want. I'm going to sit hereuntil I get all three. There's like
over two thousand or something like that. But now when they added the new

new scenes the last time, youknow, they did it kind of in
spurts like so, but you wouldget one every single time, so they
up the rotation on the new stuffso people can see it. Okay,
So I wasn't too worried about it. I was like, Okay, this
is this is what's gonna happen.So I go, I rewrite it the
first time, and I was kindof surprised. Number One, I got

Ahska for like all three things,which is which is was kind of weird.
You know, you get the firstscene when you know they check for
the rebel spy type thing, andI saw it was her ship that was
flying out, not the Millennium Falcon. Recognize. I said right to my
kids after we got off, Igo, you see ship and they're like,

what, yeah, I did youmock them? I'm like, what
are they doing? This is whatwe're here for. This is what we're
here for. And then you knowthe middle part when they when they tell
you. You know that they giveyou the instructions and tell you that they
have a message, and it's usuallyeither Yoda or all these different characters.

You know, the BB eight's oneof all these different characters, while now
it's supposed to be three different ones, so it's either a Soca Mandalorian or
somebody else. I forget what thethird one is, and so it was
Ahsoka again. And then we getto the end cut scene and it's the
world of Ahsoka again. So Iwas kind of I was a little bit

disappointed by that, but I waslike, Okay, no big deal.
I'm gonna write it again. Ofcourse, so I write it again.
Do you when you go on theexit, you know, when you're a
little kid and you run back ona ride and you're laughing and running as
fast as you can, is thatwhere you are? Yeah, because that's
what you're like pushing everybody other way. So do you have to wait in
the long line every time you wantto go rewrite it? So so the

first time we did wait, thewas whatever, it was, thirty minutes
or whatever. No big deal.I could do that stand on my head.
And then the second time we hadthe Genie plus, and so we
booked the ride, and so Iwent right back to it, and so
the next time I was gonna waitagain. But then I found this out.

It wasn't three new scenes. It'sonly one new scene. It's just
the Ahsoka scene, and there's threenew messages from the people used speaking.
So luckily, the second time Isaw it, I got a different message.
It was from the Mandalorian. Sothat was cool. God cheered,

I cheered. I got pretty excited. I got pretty excited. Of course
I didn't. Okay, it wasexciting, So that was cool. So
that made that trip worth it.I was very happy about that. So
we got home yesterday. You know, it was exhausted because you know,
two full days at theme parks.How was the traffic because that draws sometimes
from Disneyland, especially when you're goingthrough Ocean Side and a Memorial Day.

I fully expected to be in trafficfor a couple hours. And you know
all the reports, you were hearingall of stuff. Yeah, now as
I'm driving home, I'm going southnorthbound on the five. Yeah it's stopped.
Everybody's leaving Sandy. Oh okay,coming home, zero tracks. I

was like, I'm gonna be stoppedfrom like Santa No Free all the way
down like I was ready for it. I mentally prepared myself. Yeah nothing,
And as you're driving home through itand there's nothing there, you don't
nobody mentions it, You don't sayone. Yeah, so funny because that's
exactly what happened. Really, Ididn't. I waited until I got past
ocean side to go. That wascrazy. That's even that's even great ballsy
like yeah, because you really wantto hit that. Once you hit that

split, that's when you because youcan start up again on the I feel
like i'd wait till Delmar at leastSanta No Free to past Ocean side is
where you're going to stop. Yeah, I've been through it a million times
past that. Usually you're pretty freebecause you get into carpoolinges, you know,
so you're probably okay. But soI was stunned to not have one

second of traffic, not even slowingdown. I was stuck. So fantastic
Memorial weekend, happy to happy tobe back, then ready to go.
Uh. Do you guys treat yourcar the same way as your partner?
Meaning do you keep clean or isyour thirty or whatever? We're gonna see
if you are a car compatible withour partners or not when we get back

on the show on rock on Ofive to three some forty one on the
show It's rock on five to three. I harken back to a time when
Emily had her other car and weactually did a tour of her car,
and oh boy, that was rough. Yeah. Man, there was a

lot of things in there that shouldn'tbe in a car. I think I
think I saw a hypodermic needle andI didn't have in my car. I
think I did. It was crazy, insane. There was all kinds of
crap in there. Like I can'teven get into the back part of it.
The back part of it was like, oh yeah, I think she
had like bags of stuff for Goodwill, but they had been back there for

like over a year and had likespilled out everywhere and she had just like
given up on them. Yeah.Oh yeah, like three or four trash
bags full of like random stuff.Yeah. It was not good. It
was a bad time for all ofus. Like I was always thinking,
like, how do you give aride to somebody in that? Yeah,
it'd be pretty like I'd have alot of panic come over me. When

all of a sudden, I'd belike somewhere and with my family, let's
say, and like my mom's like, oh your car, like they were
going to one place rather and I'llgo in here. So weird. Yeah,
yeah, it is not good.But now once you got your Ford
Bronco, you've kept it cool,right, I've kept it cool. It

stays clean. Like now I havelike an actual, like physical reaction when
I see a wrapper of some sorton the ground, Like what before I
would just like whatever. Now theminute it's there, it has to be
gone right away. Because your songrew up like just tossing his garbage in
the car probably right, Yeah,so how did he get used to not
doing that? I just yelled athim every single time he began to do

it. But in the very beginning, like, you are insane if you
think you're going to eat anything inmy car. Oh you know what I
mean. We've come a little bitfarther from that, and like let him
have a little something now, butit's never ever going to be at the
level of what it was, right, you know what I mean? That's
good because you extract the car,Yeah the car now does your man Robert
is how is he with his leSo his car, his truck that he

has, it will look it lookslike the same as my old car,
the way it was dirty and therewas stuff everywhere and like dirt on the
ground and like literally it was likeover like last weekend and I had something
I don't remember what it was,like some crackers or something, and I
was going to go eat them inthe car while we were riding somewhere.
Oh no, no, no,no eating in the car. No,

no eating in the car. Yourground looks like a dirty restaurant, Like
I don't know. So he'll belike pick and choose, saying dotat in
the car, tell reed to likeget his foot off something. And I'm
like look at like like the caris filthy really so he doesn't keep it
very clean. So you guys areno longer car compatible. You guys are

different the way you do your cars. That's interesting because you used to be
perfect for each other. Yeah,but not anymore different. We've drifted apart.
Sorry to hear that. Me andmy wife are pretty vastly different.
Like there's nothing in my truck,like as far as like garbage or single

wrapper, nothing that doesn't belong oh, yeah, can I keep my cars
very clean? Whenever? You know, I have one my life. On
the other end, she does allthe driving of the kids, and so
it's kind of tough. I don'tblame her, but I mean, while
I get into her car, Imean there's stuff all over the place,
you know, just like I don'tlike it. It's not crazy like Emily's,

but there is stuff in it usually. Yeah. And then whenever I
go, hey, we have totake your car for something, because oh,
I now says that what's in there? Skuy, I have no idea.
What about you and the boo?We used to be on the exact
same page where we kept our carspretty interestine to drop offs, drop offs

and pickups, yes, the occasional. I don't know if he does pickups.
I thought that was a big mamathing. Well, it depends,
like if it's after school activity,big Mama's in. But if it's just
pick up from school, normally that'syou know, I'm napping. But home
depot is also in the rotation.Yes, yes, the safe places you
knows so used to be both thesame pristine and then just kind of like

you said, ever since becoming aparent, I've given up. Ah,
yes, his car is still pristine. He'll still take garbage out of it,
but I'll do like a weekly garbagesweep. My car is always the
one we'll take to the beach.So right now they're sand in there from
like months ago, you know.So yeah, so we're not on the
same page anymore. Yeah, Thorand his wife Haley couldn't be more opposite

when it comes to their vehicles.I'll never forget. I think it was
at your wedding. I had toget something out of Haley's truck. I
swear to god, I thought therewas a dead body in there. Crazy.
Yeah, And I told her whatthis new truck she has, has
new Tundra, And I said,uh, you gotta keep it clean otherwise
otherwise I'm driving it. Oh.She had been doing well, and then

last week I went in there becauseshe went to Northcamp the day before I
did. So I drove her truckfor a day and it's a nightmare.
And I'm just like, and Ituxted her and I go, hey,
you are not I'm driving this fromnow on. You're gonna go Corolla and
I'm gonna go Tundra. So shehasked today to clean it because it's such
a nice truck and it's not likeit's like it's not like it's like dirty

with like food everywhere. It's well, it's it's just to keep like bowls
and things like that in there.It's like like three coffee mugs. It's
just stuff. It's just everywhere yebuilds up horse stuff. You know,
I'm like in this car, noman. Well, they looked into it
and try to figure out are wecar compatible with our partners? Yeah,

they looked at two thousand people inrelationships, who of course are drivers as
well, and they found that justabout half of us feel that we are
not car compatible. And if youhave to share a vehicle, it gets
so much worse, they say.Basically, being greeted by an empty gas
tank is one of the worst offensesnext to the person leaving all their trash

who used it before you. Butthe gas tank, the stereo on the
station you hate, all of thesethings make people feel they are not car
compatible with their partner. That's rough. I can't even imagine having to share
a God gosh, speaking of splittingthe check gets a little tricky when you
have friends and you go out todinner with them, do you just go

fifty to fifty or do you actuallytry to figure out the bill? Well,
we're gonna see what one person wasasking about when it came to splitting
the check. Coming out next onthe show at Rock with a five to
three, that's Green Day. Onthe show, it's Rock one O five
to three. We've talked about thissituation popping up before when you go out
to dinner with friends and you're gonnasplit the check, maybe you know they

won't don't do separate checks or whatever, and you gotta split the check.
The bill comes and you go,okay, well, are we splitting this
just fifty to fifty or are wegoing to try and figure out who got
what? Or what are we doinghere? Because I did notice, you
know, you had maybe a fewmore drinks than I did, that you
wanted that dessert too. I didn'tget a dessert. So fifty to fifty

doesn't seem that fair. And Thorruns into this problem a lot because he
doesn't drink. So if you goout with friends and they all drink and
then you don't drink, that's notfair. But the bill fifty to fifty,
No, at that point, notat all. And drinks are so
expensive, right, Yeah, Iget like wings and a soda water and
you order four beers. I'm notpain for that. Get out of here.

So then do you have to likefigure out the bill. Well,
I'll just say, I'll say immediately, I'm on a separate check We're on
a separate checker automatically. Oh yeah, because I know. Well, the
only time I don't is if Iknow Haley's going to get after it,
and then I'm like, well she'sgonna drink, then whatever, it's not
a big deal. But if it'sjust if it's like me, Haley and
two other people that drink, thenI go separate checks. Well, this

one gal has a situation because itsounds like a different kind of a deal
because there was a big group ofpeople. Yeah, she says she hasn't
you know, been drinking for along time now and her friends are aware
of it. But Ree and Leewent to a bachelorette party in Vegas,
and she said pretty much everything everybodybought on their own of course, their

own hotel rooms, their own tickets, da dad. But it was one
night when they were out and theywere gonna be going to a show or
something after and before the show,they decided to go to this fancy steakhouse
just for drinks and appetizers in thebar. So all these gals, a
gaggle little gall no, just alittle something, just a little something for

the show. And like I said, she knows a handful of these girls
and is tight and they know shedoesn't drink and stuff like that. But
there's a bunch of girls there alsothat she doesn't know. So they get
there and they all say they're gonnasplit the bill. And she whenever she
goes out with her friends, theyknow that splitting the bill for her means
she's gonna cover her food, butshe's not gonna split the drink portion.

So they're there, and it turnsout their quick little hangout in the bar
turned into hours in the bar withsome of the girls in the party.
It'll happen. Ordering a model ofchampagne, a bottle of vodka. We
need some mixers, we got weneed a second drunk, we need a

second round of appetizers because we've beenhere longer than we thought. And so
okay, great. You know,the gal's more than happy to pay for
her share of the food, andshe says, they go to the show,
blah blah blah. Next day shegets some they don't say assuming yeah,
yeah, yeah, yeah it is. There's the there's the one,
okay yeah. And so the nextmorning everybody gets a venmo request and her

share of the bill is four hundredand seventy dollars. She didn't drink.
She did not drink. She hada soda water yep, yeah, that's
crazy. Yeah. And so shethen explains to the person who put down
their card, Oh, hey,you know, you may not know me
as well as the other girls inthe group, but I just had a
sparkling water. I'm happy to payfor that and my share of the food.

But I didn't partake in multiple bottlesof year. I'm paying multiple bottles
of vodka. And that's when theperson was like, oh, well,
we all agreed to split, andshe goes, but that kind of means
something different for me, and thenshe goes, well, you do have
one of the best jobs out ofanybody in the group. So, oh
my god. So clearly I didn'tunderstand that. Some of the other girls

didn't understand that, can you justpay your portion? I just got to
pay for your drinks. Yeah,there's no way I'm doing that. Yeah.
So now that they are kind ofat this stand still over because she
doesn't believe she needs to pay thatmuch, and the other people in their
group are like, you didn't speakup and specify any special rules when we
all said we're going to spend.They all know she doesn't drink, and

they clearly they all thought, well, she pays. She makes a lot
of money, so we can liveit up. Well with you being in
the situation where you don't drink,and you run into a situation, how
do you handle this? I meanI would just say I'm not paying it.
I don't care, Like, howis that fair? I don't drink,
You guys drink. If we wereall getting food, then we would
be a different story. I wouldbe like, you know, if if

I ordered five hundred dollars worth ofmore food than you did, would you
want to pay that? They wouldbe like, they'd probably say no,
you know what I mean, thatwouldn't be fair. So you were on
like a Keto diet and I orderedfive hundred and I word double the food
you did, How was that fair? I wouldn't you just like add up
what you bought and then just venmothat. Yeah, I would what did
they say? Four to twenty seven? Uh? Four seventy. She believes

that she probably had about eighty bucksworse. So I would do one hundred
bucks because it was the bachelor board. That's it. Sorry, And yeah
and if you're gonna not be myfriend anymore off for that, well then
there you go. Yeah, shesays, A couple of girls in the
group have her back and no,this is her thing, but the other
rest of the group is like,who would have that other side? Yeah,

I don't understand that. Yeah,that's so unfair. Yeah, that's
stiffe. Yeah, that is abummer. I came under the pressure.
I know that skuy would do youknow what do you mean? Well,
if I didn't drink, and ifsomebody was like, well it was a
misunderstanding. You never specifically said that. And a bride, now you what
do you want the bride to haveto pay more? I would be like,
oh, god, idiots, okay, and you know me, they're

the idiots. Well I would callthem idiots in my head, but then
I would pay, which would thenin turn make me the idiots. Yes,
pretty much. Well, thor hadan experience at a restaurant that he
did not enjoy at all. Hesays he couldn't take it anymore and had
to say something. We're going tosee what was going on at a restaurant
that upset him. When we getback on the show on Rock with a

five to three, that's the offspringon the show, it's Rockquino five to
three. So we have heard beforethat Emily has no problems bouncing and moving
tables all over the place until shefinds the right bot in the restaurant for
her. Yeah, you have tohave the whole vit. I do it

often. You know, say you'regoing to go sit somewhere on patio,
and this one quarner, this islike something that happened recently. This one
area the patio happens to be ina little bit of a wind tunnel.
Very cool. But the other sideof the patio I noticed was former,
there's open tables over there. Goask the hostess if I can sit over
there. Just go sit over there. But then I realized, oh,

this place is you know, rightnext to the bathroom or something like that.
Oh the place over there again,you can move again. I will
move like two or three tables.Yeah. I once worked in a restaurant
where we renamed all the tables basedon customer complaints. So we had arctic,
we had bathroom, we had hottables. So look, guys,

area, Okay, my section wasnot. But because of the Emily's like,
we literally had one person who'd belike, I can't sit here.
It's like the arctic here, orsomebody's like, you're gonna sit me at
the bathroom table, and it's like, well, somebody has to sit at
this table, you know, ifthere's no open other tables, and it's
no problem, and you may haveto go outside and wait and get back

on the list. Maybe this iswhy she's not I can't argue that.
Do you ever get seated somewhere andthen maybe the table next to you is
too loud or something else is goingon where you want to move? Are
you're okay with that? I'm okaywith you. I tend to be a
loud table that doesn't bother me asmuch as like a cold table or table

in the direct sung yes, correct. Well, something happened recently with four
at a restaurant and he got tothe point of where he had to say
something. On the other day withmy wife, went to a restaurant.
Was the indoor outdoor type thing?You know it was? I would say
it probably it was. It wasa very pretty much and everything's now I
feel like any indoor the restaurant,you know, and and we I she

loves sitting on the outside. Herewe go on the outside. I don't
like sitting on the outside by foozingget cold, even on a warm day.
Yeah, I just feel like theair is everywhere everywhere. It's actually
when they it's it's always windy always. And then also too, like am
I sitting in the shade? Idon't want the son beating down on me?

You know. So I don't likesitting on the sitting outside. But
she has to sit outside because thenshe gets annoyed at me for one to
sit outside. But this is whatthe thing is about. Okay, So
we sit outside eating, she's acrossfrom me and because we're not going to
sit next to each other. That'sinsane, thank you. And if I
see a couple doing that, sogross, Yeah, you're losers. You're
not that in love. No,it's not an in love thing. But

like if Robert and I are sittingsomewhere and it's like there's like a street,
like like say we're like in missionbeach or something, and there's like
a patio or something. We'll bothsit on the other side so we could
look and what people watch. Okay, but that's like a that's like a
bar setup. I'm talking about beingin a booth and sitting on the same
side of the boot. Yeah,we do that. Like even if to
say, there you also hold handswhile you eat discussed? How do you
like have converscussioning? Like, Idon't want to have to turn that body

to talk. No, it makesme not want to be friends. You
pick, you're sitting at a barwith somebody else, annoying, I like
it. C Does you have tohave your hand on your leg the whole
time? No, there's no touchinggoing on. Do you cut his food
for him? Yeah? No,not a while. That's yeah. So

uh so I can't stand that.But this is what's going on. I
was directly across from me, we'rehaving a conversation, and then direct and
then behind my wife is a coupleand this couple is kind of in an
emily situation. Now we're outside,it's like it's not a bar, but
it's not like the one long tableand they're sitting next to each other and
like there, you know, akiss on the cheek here and there,

very overly intimate while you're eating acheeseburger. If you ask me, wait
a minute, I thought it wasa little much p D A a little
too much. Now that I havenothing, there's nothing wrong with some PDA.
Every once in a while, Iknow I get yelled at my wife.
I don't give enough PDA. Soundslike being touched. So everything you're
saying, I don't like being touched. I'm sorry. Issues. We can't

sit outside. We can't because toeach other. We can't touch one another.
Okay, sounds like a blast toucheda lot, so I have to
I make a big effort now totouch her more in public. I'm sure
it looks natural too. And thenI don't know how long they keep it

there. Like the food comes andI'm cutting a steak with one with one
hand. I think you can so, so that's so they're doing that,
and then you know, my appetizercomes out. I'm trying to eat and
I look, I look up.I have eyes like I don't know where
else to look, I'm looking straighttalking to my wife. Engaging conversations.
Oh god, it's so engaging.And these this couple is just making out,

escalated, make it out like tothe to the point where it's like
like you've watched the Bachelor or theBachelor, but they're like over the top
making out and they it's it's alot. It's a lot to watch.
That's the kind of kissing. Now. Is it the lobby because you say
it's like a brewery type place.Is this the vibe of like we've been
here drinking a little bit too long, but we should probably be back in

our house. Yeah, they're notas hammered, but this is like we've
we've had a coup, we've hada few, we've had a few cocktails.
Oh, we're a little buzzed.And we're also madly in love.
So they're so they're like ferociously makingout and I'm I'm annoyed by this.
What do you mean? First ofall, not the best couple I've ever

seen, And that's got something todo with you are too much. If
it's too good looking people making out, you don't need to say that out
loud. I mean, do youwant to see to nongly people making out.
No, I don't think I wantto see anybody making out, honestly,
but that's just that's number one,especially because you don't make out with
your tongue kiss in middle school stuff? What middle school? A tongu kiss

my wife yesterday? So in private, so I see this couple making out.
I'm I'm trying to eat wings,and I'm like doing the thing where
I'm like hoping they see me,and they don't because they're so into each
other because they're so in love.And I start looking around trying to catch

a waiter's eye, and like ifI catch the waiter's eye, I'll turn
my head directly to them, likethrowing my head at it. You're showing
like I'm showing them, like,hey, could you please say something like
what is moving my head around?What she's asking me to stop? Well,
she can't see it, and thenshe goes, well just switch with
me, and I go that's weirdbecause then that makes me look bad because

if I just switch seats with her, you know what I mean, your
head in the do it and thenon chant kind of way like this,
Like then and what is that supposedto tell them like they're going to see
and they're gonna go, we'll takecare of it. Do you put their

hand up like we got this,you are. No one's saying anything and
they come over to take my wings, and Haley goes, please don't,
please don't, and I go,no, it's true. So I pulled
the waiter in because I don't becausethey're like pretty close to and I say,
hey, can you say something aboutmaking out? And I'm trying to
eat wings here they're just making out. It's still too much for me.
You guys say something and the guy, the guy, it's just the buster.

He goes, see, so Idon't know you did. So he
leaves and I go, all right, he's on it, I think her.
So he goes and doesn't say anything. So then our waiter comes and
I tell the waiter again, Haley'scoming out of her Can you imagine?

Like again, I would ask you, but let me ask the best.
On the show, somebody says,hey, can you do something about this
couple making up behind me? It'sa little much. What are you?
What are you gonna do? Well? I would automatically be so upset and
nervous, and I said, dothat manager. The manager personal like,

what do you what would you evensay? You walk over and you go,
hey, you got I hope you'reenjoying the food. Hope you're having
a good time, but can youjust keep the making out to a minimum.
A couple of people trying to eathere? No? No, then
tell the manager. Then tell themanager to do it for you. And
I told the server and she was, you know, a little taken back,

but I'm sorry, I'm paying.We'll eat here. These two fours
are making out NonStop. No,I don't need to see this. I
don't need to see this. Andluckily for the waiter, they left right
when she was after she was doingme, they got up and left and
she said to me, she waslike, okay, I think they're paying

their bill though, And I wentall right, because now I'm annoyed.
But I'm sorry, I'm paying.But why are you annoyed? Because I
don't want to see I am,but I just I'm annoyed the people like,
who do you think you are?I'm trying to eat. This isn't
your right. That's the problem society. People think they go wherever they want,
they can do whatever they want.There's rules to society. When you

start, they're gonna start doing oralnext. That's a little streame. I
have a question that really shouldn't matter. You said that they are for what
number would be acceptable to make out? I don't like p day looking at
but you said if they were hot, if you give me two tents,

you give me too. No,no, it's gotta be Gostling and Margot
Robbie. I'll watch that all day. Okay, I'll watch that all day.
And Glenn Powell, I'm watching it. I'm watching. I don't know.
That's a pretty insane thing to doanything other than tense. I mean,
I'm not I'm not being biased here, so exactly what it means definition?

All Right, we lost the truelegend, guys, a San Diego
legend has passed away. We're gonnatalk about the passing of Bill Walton over
the weekend. Next to sports stirtWell, the Padres were having a bit
of a hard time scoring runs yesterdayagainst the Marlins. Now, luckily,

the Marlins were having an even hardertime. Donovan Solano got the scoring starting
early. We're hitting his first homerun of the season in the second inning
to get the Padres on the board, but then the Marlins answered right back
when Jazz Chilsom went deep in thenext inning, so that tied the game
up and that was it for thescoring until the seventh inning, when the

Marlins shortstopped Tim Anderson committed two errorsin the inning to help the Padres get
across the plate and take the leadtwo to one. Then the bullpen shut
it down the rest of the way, including Robert Suarez getting his sixteenth save
of the season in the Padres twoto one win, so they got the
victory. Now San Diego legend andBasketball Hall of Famer Bill Walton has died

at the age of seventy one.Now I guess he's been battling cancer for
a while. Sostly I lost hisbattle, of course. Walton went to
UCLA where he won two national titles, and then he was the number one
overall pick by the Trailblazers in nineteenseventy four and led them to a title
in nineteen seventy seven. And thenhe also won a title in Boston as
well. So just a you know, absolute legend. Everybody knows him here

in San Diego. I think he'sprobably in the Mount rushmore of San Diego
Athletes. Oh wow, yeah,I will Waldon, Tony gwyn Junior Sau.
I'm not sure the fourth would bebut ye, but yeah. I
mean just a great dude. I'vemet him before. Ye couldn't be nicer.
Yeah, godhead, Well that's whateverybody said about how nice he was.
And I actually ran into him ata dead show and I was scared

to say something and ask for apicture. But my husband's like, no,
the rap on him is he's likeone of the nicest guys. And
I went up to him and hewas one of the nicest guys. Yeah,
nobody will ever say anything bad abouthim in his commentary has been you
know, like believe. Yeah,he's definitely going to be missed. Man.
So very very sad. The Celtics'former team are going to be moving

on to the NBA Finals. Theyfinished off a sweep of the Pacers,
winning one oh five to one ohtwo. Derek White hit a game time
or game leading three pointer with fortythree seconds left to give Boston the win.
So they will wait to see whoare they are going to play between
Minnesota and Dallas. With the Mavericksholding a three to nothing lead in that

series as well. Two women aresuing kicker Brandon McManus and the Jacksonville Jaguars,
alleging that McManus sexually assaulted them duringa team's overseas flight to London last
year. Now, McManus he isdenying the claim, saying that they are
trying to extort him. Now,according to the lawsuit, the women are
flight attendants and said he was rubbinghimself against them and grinding on them.

Sounds like a flight from health.Oh that was a phenomenal wrestling reference.
Oh wow, okay, so proudof himself. That sounds like Flaire on
that. I was just gonna say, you beat me to it, get
it, love it. And MikeTyson had a health scare on a recent

flight. I guess he became reallynauseous and dizzy and paramedics actually had to
board the flight after the plane landed. Now they say that he had an
ulcer flare up thirty minutes before theflight landed. But he's doing great now,
Yeah, I'm sure clearly don't thinkI don't know, man, Mike
Tyson's out of his mind. He'ssober, He's not sober sober. It's

not Sobery Sober's but it's just like, I don't know. I think this
is something's going on. Really,who knows. I mean, he's training
like extra hard. He's almost sixty, you know, who knows what he's
putting in his body train? Youknow what I mean, all of a
sudden, he's an Earth's ulcer.Flara, Oh, I'm calling. I've

had an ulcer before, and Idon't know that mix it dizzy. It
doesn't make you dizzy where you can'tfly because you have an ulcer odd one,
I don't know. I mean unlesshe was in so much pain,
I don't know. Yeah, it'sa strange. It is definitely a strange
symptom ulcer. Yeah, you're right. You know. I'm not a was
It Logan Paul No Jake Paul One. I'm not a Paul Brothers fan.

But I'm like so like over MikeTyson, Oh really, and that I
want to see him knock out MikeTyson really because like I used to love
Mike Tyson, like for his boxing, but he's not the best guy on
Earth if you look at his trackrecord, and it's like and people act
like just Mike being Mike, likehe's kind of a pos He's not sober,

but he claims to be sober.That really that really annoys me,
Like we got a jelly roll situationthat really annoys me. And then I
didn't know Mike Tyson claimed to besober, Yeah, because I know he's
a big weed guy. He is, but he claims to be sober,
but he just says sober in California. But and then on top of that,
he's fifty eight. It's just Idon't know he guy's ears. I'm
sorry. I feel like I shouldn'tbe in the minority here rooting for the

Paul run, but I am,and I'm root before I hope he knocks
Tyson out. This feels good.It feels good. I had to get
that off your check. Sports isbrought to you by Calabar Hell. I
got a bit. I saw somecrazy things while I was at the theme
parks over the weekend, people filmingthemselves dancing and doing ridiculous stuff. But

that's how things are now. It'sjust it's everywhere. Well, we're gonna
go over the things that are annoyingus right now as a society. Coming
up next on the show on Rockone O five, three. That's Queen
on the show. It's Rock oneO five to three. So I don't
know what was going on why thisweekend it really caught my eye. But

I was at two different theme parksover the weekend. We were at Universal
Studios and Disneyland, and the amountof different people's videos that I saw that
were like really ridiculous was on anotherlevel of like people thinking they're you know,
got a blog show going on,and they're walking around and you know,

talking about this and this and this, and then doing the the dances
like I guess TikTok dances I don'teven know, but just acting like fools.
And I'm like, you got allthese people are like I just don't
get it anymore. It's crazy.And then I saw so driving home,
I saw somebody on the side ofthe road and I saw their vehicle was

being loaded up on a tow truckand clearly they were they broke down or
something happened. And I saw thewoman who was vehicles it was taking a
selfie of her with her car beingloaded up on the tow truck, and
I just thought to myself, howridiculous is this? This is where we're
at now we have to capture thatmoment and posted and be like uh,

bad day or whatever, like thisis where we're at now. I mean,
that's the last thing I'm thinking aboutif my car is being towed away,
Like I gotta make sure capture this. Yeah, just ridiculous, but
it really was bothering me for somereason this week, Like can you just
enjoy the park in the government.You just paid one hundred and some odd
bucks to be here. This iswhat you're doing, you're spending your time

doing. It's funny because I hada similar annoyance yesterday and Memorial Day.
I was at Kate Session Park andsame kind of thing. Some person like
vlogging like they're gonna let everybody knowabout Kate Sessions Park in San Diego and
blah blah blah blah blah blah.Right, so they do this whole thing.
There's people everywhere, it's Memorial Day, and once they stop filming,
I hear the girl who's the starof the vlog or whatever, go God.

I wish people would just stop watchingme while I'm recording, and I
want to be like, bitch,it's Memorial one of the busiest parks in
San Diego. Yeah, you knowit's so bad, Like who do you
think you are? It's honestly,I love our job. I love it

like I go on vacation, Icome home, I'm excited to go back
to work. The only thing Idon't like about it, other than waking
up early, is that we haveto do social media like it's like a
company wide thing, because I becauseit sucks when you're on a trip and
you're like, oh, I gota record for reels and I don't.
I just I don't. I justwant to enjoy my times. Yeah,
do you know what I mean?Non stop are always on me? Well,

if I were to ask you,are there like certain things that are
going on right now that are annoyingyou? I mean, go on for
everything? During the break what Iran about two different things, right I
ran about jelly Roll I hate nowyes, And I ran it about Harrison
Bucker, who I can't stand either, and Travis Kelcey And there's a million
during the breaks, hot takes people. What are the things that are annoying

us as a society like right now? Yeah, they said, over the
last ninety days, what are thingsthat you've thought to yourself in your head,
like I don't want to do thisanymore, I don't like this anymore,
or why is this the way itis? And these were the top
answers. Uh, text abbreviations,people frustrated at text abbreviations, whether they
don't understand them. Why can't weuse the whole word whatever? That is

something that came to too many peoplethat do that to me? No,
not really. Yeah, sometimes I'llgoogle it, like you don't know what
it means. I say something Idon't know and I'll google it and I
feel so stupid when I do that. Yeah, I feel old. I
like, let me know l M. Okay, I do that a lot.
Oh for a while I thought thatwas a clothing brand. Okay,

yeah, you know i'd have tothat one. Yeah really Yeah. My
sister still says GTG. I don'tlike what gotta go like it's nineteen ninety
eight a messenger. Wow. Okay, So that annoys us. What's also
annoying us now tech billionaires and alltheir opinions and the things they're doing were

guess we're is a lot on Xbecause it's his and and he forces you
to look at his stuff. Yousee it all the time. Yeah,
he's very you know, political andvery you know, right wing, and
all that stuff is kind of it'skind of a lot. It is a
lot self checkouts. We're still madat them, and they're still annoying us.
Whether the people have to hover overus, whether the person in front

of us doesn't know how to useit, that's what it is to use
people turn to morons in front oftouch. We all have one every day.
But for some reason, AI comesup multiple times on the list of
things that are annoying us. Now, whether you don't know how to use
it, you're scared it's going totake over the future, all that stuff.
Products being locked behind shelves really yeah, especially it's a particular Walmart I

go to, Like everything's locked upchapstick, that's yeah. I the other
day rocking up Old Spicer. Now, yeah, like it's everything locked out
at like certain spots. It dependslike it's crazy, yeah, like face
crazy. I don't know. It'sreally frustrating too, exactly about his order
on Amazon and that and something youcan't find that you can't find the person

working now what they're doing. Pressthe button in twenty minutes later, nobody's
still there. Oh man, okay, that one hit a button. Tipping
culture brought up multiple times, Yeah, uha, how everybody needs a tip
now social media people, we justcovered that customer service is an all time

class really gone downhill. I don'tknow what's going on. Like it used
to be you have to be kindof friendly, yeah, yeah, a
little bit. Yeah. Now it'sit's crazy. Yeah, like it's not
friendly at all. Nobody's friendly.No. Yeah, Like I had somebody
say thank you to me the otherday. I forget where. I was,
like a fast food join our tacoshop, and I remember being like
impressed, thinking, oh my gosh, they're so kind here. And then

later I'm like, really, justbecause someone said thank you, I'm now
impressed by that. Yeah. Likeso weird driving habits of somebody else that's
still up. They're of top annoyances. How we feel no one else can
drive. And the number one thingis grocery prices are the number one thing
annoying people right now. We don'tunderstand every time we go shopping we get

I also love that, you know, Target and Walmart and all these places
are now going to lower their prices, but there's still not anywhere near what
they used to be. Yeah,Like I'm still like, well, they
didn't really lower it that much,like with Sky and I like see like
there's some like Wayfair or some ofthese websites and it says like that they
always do the slash now and thenthe new red price, like they just
raised their original price and didn't reallytake anything off. Like, oh yeah,

Emily's got some conspiracy theories about pricing. Well how about also? You
know I heard McDonald's is going todo a five dollars menu and I'm like,
no, it used to be adollar. We're keeping everybody. I
wish someone wasn't asleep with the wheeland all these prices, all these prices.

Is that what we're doing right now? Okay, okay, okay,
all right, it is time toplay our favorite drinking game. It's time
for a little Bombed at the Beach. You can play along with us.
You can choose which person on theshow you want to play for. You
call right now eight seven seven fiveseven five three. We're gonna get Bombed

at the Beach going when we getback on the show and rock with five
to three. That is Weezer onthe show. It's rock one O five
three. So it's about time weget ready to get the drinking game going.
Here, it is time for ourfavorite drinking game. It's time for
Bombed at the beach. And nowit's time for bombed at the beach.

Now a god, yes, bombedat the beach is where we stand,
Jamie. Now Jamie goes down tothe different bars down the beach area,
and I remember to nailing. Ijust remember to nail. It does remember
to nail. He's starting to figureit out now and go. He just
said to me, because I reallyneed to do a shot before I start

talking to different girls and things likethat, because they get a little annoying,
like, oh, really drunk girlsannoying. They never ran into that
before. You don't need to stareright at me if you're in that direction.
Oh sorry, I wasn't referring toHe wasn't referring to you. But
it's funny that you take it thatway. I drink alcohol, probably too
much in fact. Anyway, wesaid Jamie out. He looks for the

drunkest people. He asked them somepretty easy trivia questions and then they try
to, you know, answer tothe best of the ability. We try
to figure out if they're going toget the question right or wrong. That
is how the game works. Youget to play along with us. You
get to pick which show member youwant to play for you, and if
you pick the right person, you'regonna win tickets to the International Rugby coming

to San Diego. Yes, thisis a big deal. The All Blacks
are playing, which is one ofthe more famous rugby teams out there.
They're going to be taken on theFlying Fijians. This is going on on
July nineteenth. Massive, massive,So if you want to win tickets,
go check out International Rugby. Thencalls right now. Eight seven seven five

seven one five three. Let's goto our first player. Let's go to
P one Keith. Keith, youget first pick between myself, Sky,
Emily and Thor. I'm all right, Thor will be playing for you.
All right. Let's go to Pone. Jimmy. Jimmy, you are
now up. Jimmy, you getto pick between Okay, Jimmy, didn't
even wait, Jimmy, don't messaround, Jimmy, don't got time.

Jimmy, don't got time. Allright, Let's go to P one ramone.
Ramon, you get to choose betweenSky, and Emily. I am
going with Emily listening. That's allright that they hear that on air,
Light on air go on and theyjust start ready to talk right top.
All right, that means p one, Cassie, you get sky Sky will

be playing for you. Awesome.I was excited and very excited that happened.
Okay, let's hear the first personthat Jamie talked to. What's your
name? Bryce? And what youdoing out here tonight? Going to open
bar? And can you tell mewhat you've had to drink so much tonight?

A lot of shots and beers andsome more shots for sure? Who
is the lead actress in the moviePretty Women? A lot of shots?
Wow, then some beer and thenshot. Okay, okay, Bryce is
a little bit drunk, just soyou know. The question that Jamie asked
Bryce was who is the lead actressin the movie Pretty Woman? First answer

is Julia Roberts, which, againfor our age group, is pretty common
knowledge. It sounds like Jamie,you know, talking to a little bit
younger, uh younger, set thereand wasted. So that's the key?
Is he gonna know? Julia Robertsis the pretty woman that's tough one?
Uh? I think it was sucha big movie that even drunk, even

being younger, I think he's gonnaget this one right. I'm gonna say,
yes, he knows it. Whatdo you think, Emily? God?
Bryce? Bryce is a younger personname. There's not too many Bryce's
in my age group. Bryce Harper. Oh, I guess you're right,
but Stan correcton. He's not forty. Oh he's not. He's like thirty
something. Okay. Bryce does seemlike he's taking its seriously. He's not

messing about. He's like answering thequestion. Doesn't seem like he's joking around
shots. I feel like he's goingto try to come up with this,
but I don't think he's gonna pullit out right. What do you think,
Sky? Yeah? I have thatsame vibe of Emily, like maybe
if he's sober and he got himin it, he could pull that out.
But I think he's too young andhe's too drunk to know this,

so I as well say no,Okay, what do you think? Thor?
I wish I never saw this moviewell, because it's one of the
most Star Wars is more realistic thanthis movie. Oh okay, you don't
like hookers with a Heart of Gold. Come on, super rich guy's gonna
marry a hooker. You'ven't been arounda hooker's guy. No, but she's

just starting anyway. I'm gonna sayhe does not know it. He does
not know it. I only wantto believe the Bryce is going to know.
The lead actress in the movie PrettyWoman is Julia Roberts. Let's hear
how he answers margat Margaret Robbie.Oh no, that'd be great, that

would be good. I would likethat. I like that. Oh wow,
you guys. All right, let'sget to the second question for Bryce.
What does a panda mainly eat?What does a panda mainly eat?
The answer is bamboo? Is Brycegonna know that? Emily? I feel
like this is a super easy oneobviously, and I think that he's going

to get it really right off that. Just like that, Yeah, just
like that. Okay, what doyou think? Guys? Oh gosh,
I was torn between bamboo or eucalyptus. Oh, I don't know why.
That's why I was thinking it natureanimal lover, I am, you don't
know what pantasey. I immediately Iwent bamboo, But then I was like,
wait, or is that eucalyptus andthen but you're right, that was

kualas sad. So I'm gonna sayeven that drunk Bryce will put it together
more than I will, and hewill just stick with his gut and not
question it. So I say,yes, he'll get around, all right.
What do you think I didn't knowit? I never made the zoo.
I'm really going onto the zoo lookingat Listen. I know the zoo
is a big deal out here,So don't you know, Oh, punch

me in the face. I'm gonnaI just, I just, I'm not
really a zoo guy. I'm gonnasay he doesn't know it. He does
not know it. Yeah, Bryceis pretty drunk, and to try to
figure something like this out, Imean, you sober didn't know it.
So I don't think he's gonna knowthis one. I don't think he's gonna
get it. So we are split. The ladies believe that he is going

to know a pandem mainly eats bamboo. Me and Thora says he's not going
to know it. So the answerwe are looking for is bamboo. Bamboo.
Damn, you're speaking this guy's like, really, what's up with Bryce?
I really did that's crazy. You'reright, he didn't even hesitate.
No, no, all right,let's get to the third question for Bryce.

What fruit or vegetable is a picklemade out of? What fruit or
vegetable a pickle made out of?We are looking for a cucumber? Is
Bryce going to know that? Skuy? I mean he's got right, like
he can't be that young that hehasn't heard yet. But I'm going to
have faith and say, yes,Bryce will figure this out, all right.
What do you think thor he does? I think he's gonna say,

you know, some stupid carrot,random answer, different color, that's weird,
obviously, but that's that crazy.Uh. I have no idea?
What what's up with Bryce? Ican't figure this guy out all I don't
think he's going to know this one. I actually think he's gonna say something
completely wacky here. And I don'tthink he's going to get this one right.

So what do you think, Emily? I have faan for Bryce once
again. I think he's going tosay it. I think he's going to
know cucumber? You know? Bryce? Okay, Well we'll see you again.
We're split with Sky and Emily believinghe is going to know that a
cucumber is what a pickle is madeout of. Me and Thor say no,
he is not going to know it. Let's hear how he answers cucumber.

Oh my god, Emily, Iremember man? All right? Well,
after a round one, Sky,where are we standing? Ready?
I tell you not? No?Right now in last place with zero pace

four, in third place with onepoint, and right now tied for first
place. We have my myself andEmily sweep in the first round. Holy
smoke, that's crazy. What sois he your man? He is not
my band. I just got lucky. Okay, that's fair, all right,
we have a whole another round togo, though. Bombed to the
Beach Round to you is going tobe played with this girl. I don't

have any antennis pants. I'm likeI can do a lot. Oh no,
I'm uncomfortable. Round to bomb theBeach is coming up next on the
show three red Hot Chili Peppers.On the show It's Rock one five three,

we are in the middle of playingour favorite drinking game, a little
Bombed at the Beach. Now,after round one, Sky, what are
the standings? Round one wasn't tookind to Eddie? No, no,
you and Bryce did not get alongin that first round zero points, not
drinking, buddy, No no,no, no, dang. Four right
after you with one point and rightnow time for first place is myself and

Emily with three point c got alittle okay, I'm down to f right
now? Why where did that comefrom? What a strange thing to say?
Right now, Scott my breakout?Okay, Well, we have a

whole nother round to go. AndJamie goes out and again he asked different
people who are drunk d questions wetry to figure out if they're gonna get
them right or wrong. The nextperson he talked to you was this gal,
what you're doing out here tonight?I'm celebrating. You can't tell me

how much you've had to drink tonight. A couple of ams, said,
a couple of boxes. What isthe capital of California? Gabby is officially
my favorite Bond to the Beach contestantof all time. Does anybody know what
she's talking about? Which she drank? I've never heard of it. To

google an E M F on am F A m F. It's a
call. It's the name of acocktail, and it's called audio I've never
heard of that. We used to. I used to drink those when I
would go to t J back inthe day last week. And what was
the other one? A beatbox?I didn't look at what drinks? What

the hell she's long partying with herbad bitch? Oh yeah, you can't
even say it is great? Okay, here we go. The question that
Gabby asked is what is the capitalof California? Of course it's Sacramento.
Is Gabby gonna know that? Thor? No chance? There's no chance because

uh capital is always weird anyway,Like how why is it not l a
capitol California? But there's no she'shammered. So I don't think there's any
chance she gets this right? DoesGabby and her bad bitches? No?
I think it's in there. Ohwow, I think it's in there.

I think she's gonna blurt it out. I think she's gonna get it right.
Oh what do you think, Emily? I mean, I'm kind of
getting nor Cow vibes from Gabby.She might she might be okay, random
based on nothing, I'm going tosay she gets it right? All right?
What do you think? Scott?Yeah, if we asked her the
capital of any other state. Noway would I bet on Gabby. But
the fact that we're in California,I think she's got a shot at this,

So I say yes as well.I mean, is the only bad
bitch? Ye unbelievable, all right, So Thora is on his own.
He's the only one who believes Gabbyis going to not know the capital of
California Sacramento. Me Emily and Skybelieves she is going to get this right.
Let's hear how she answers it isSacramento, bad bitch. Let's give

you the second question for Gabby.What does P stand for? What does
P c H stand for? It'sthe Pacific Coast Highway. Is Gabby gonna
know that? I mean, nowwe're getting into the acronyms. No chance,
bro, Now she can't even comeup with anything that's gonna stand for

PC and H. No chance,no, no, no, what do
you think, Emily, I'm takinganother chance on Gabby. I think she's
a Cali girl. Like I said, I think that Cali girl from North
count very different. But okay,I mean I never said so said just
Cali girl. She's a Cali girl. She's gonna get her, said she's
got northern Calornia, California. Nowyou're saying, Cali girl, what's the

master, she's afore you. Obviouslyshe's a California girl. She's in Califora.
Can you I don't want one ofthose? Okay, I don't want
those? Get it right? Yeah, that's right? Okay? What do
you think? Skuy? Oh,I'm on the fence about this one,
because, like I mean, Ithink she knows it, you know,

as we've established I heard I heardthat more specifically, norco if we want
to get into it, Okay,okay, but I think this there's three
words, is too many for herto put together right now. So I'm
gonna say, no, this isdoes not know it. What do you
think? Yeah, I'm on thesky tip here. I think it's too
many words to put together. Yeah. It means Emily, you're on your

own. You're the only one thatbelieves that Gabby is going to know that
p H stands for Pacific Coast Highway. Let's hear how she answers what does
Pacific Coast Highway? Oh? Yeah, that was crazy. That was really

good. All right, let's getto the third and final question for Gabby,
who plays the demon character in theband's Kiss. Who plays the demon
character in the band Kiss. We'relooking for Gene Simmons. Is Gabby gonna
know that? Emily your girl,my girl girl? There is no chance
she's coming up king. No,she's not a kiss girl, not at

all. She's Callie girl through andthrough, got a kiss girl. Yeah,
I don't think this is in herwheelhouse. I don't think she knows
anything about Kiss. So I'm gonnasay no as well. What do you
think, Thor? I don't I'vegotten everything wrong since the first question.
It's pretty rough. So I'm gonnasay she knows that he does know it?

Yeah, Jean Simmons, I don'tthink it's in there. I'm gonna
say no, she does not knowit. So Thor is the only one
that believes it, just kind ofby happenstance that she is going to know
the Gene Simmons is the demon inthe band Kiss. So that's what we're
looking for. We're looking for GeneSimmons. Ben Helen's a wow. So

after that, Sky, what arethe final standings? All? Right?
In last place? We have fourwith one point. Eddie made a bit
of a comeback two points me andGabby vibe she's your girlfriend. I took
second place this week with five pointsand Emily sweeping the entire game getting so

drunk. Wow, that is sogood. That means do you want Ramon?
He chose correctly and Ramon, Emilywon the game for you, Ramond,
Okay, all right, all right, Ramon, he's too excited,
Okay taking Okay, good job.Now, when you're single and you get

invited to a wedding, do youbring somebody as your guest or do you
roll solo. We're gonna see whatone guy is asking about going to a
wedding when we get back on theshow. On Rock five three, Biattle
on the show. It's Rock oneoh five to three. So I think

the term bringing sand to the beachstarted at weddings. I could be wrong.
It could be at a bar orwhatever like that. It all applies.
But you've heard that term before,right, bringing sand to the beach.
What does that mean? Yeah?What means you don't want to bring
a girl with you if you havea chance to hook up with other girls.

And the weddings are kind of thespots those are, they're easy prey
out there. Man. Oh,you get a bridesmaid who's single and she's
seeing all this wedding stuff. She'sin another world right now. She's just
looking Oh go and swoop in andthere you go. Or there's other you
know, chicks at weddings and they'reall hyped up on wedding suit and you're

like, oh, you're single,dude. You don't bring sand to the
beach. You don't bring a girlto a wedding. Oh what is wrong
with you? It applies to otherthings too, like I said, bars,
things like that. But one guyis asking in particular about going solo
or bringing somebody to a wedding.Yeah, so he just got an invitation
to a wedding a friend of hisis getting married and he is single,

just like Eddie said. And sohe was talking to his roommates, who
are other guys who are single whowere not invited to the wedding, and
he was talking to them about it, and he was like, he has
a girlfriend who is just a friend, somebody he's like known for years,
like I think all the way sincechildhood and they are just always kind of
been friends. So he was tellinghis buddies that he got this invite to

the wedding, and he was like, yeah, I think I'm gonna bring
so and so with me, youknow, just so I have somebody to
hang out with and somebody, youknow, to like maybe dance if we
want to, or just have drinksor whatever. And then his guy friends
roommates were looking at him like he'scrazy, and they kind of basically said
what Eddie said. You don't bringsand to the beach if you bring this

girl. Yes, you know thatthe two of you are just friends,
but if there's another gal out there, she may think you two are together,
and it's gonna ruin your chances.You don't have a gal thinking no,
no, not aal no, noso but he kind of disagrees,
and he thinks you can go witha friend and still not cut off your
opportunities to hook up. But hisroommates think you're crazy. It lessens your

chance. Yes, yeah, itjust lessens your chance. I mean you
could still make it happen, yeah, yeah, but it's you know,
if I'm dancing with this girl thatI brought most if your single girl,
Emily, and you see that,don't you think I'm with that girl?
I'm not even gonna look at that, like, I'm not gonna look at
that. I'm gonna go there's that. He's not an ill. They're coupled.
They're coupled up. So that's awaste of my time. But you'd
have to Yeah, you're gonna doa lot of explaining. I feel like

if you do that right, andthen I gotta go up to Emily and
be like, oh no, she'sjust my friend that I decided to bring
with you. And now you're thinking, is it just this guy? I
don't know him. What's really goingon with those two? It's wild?
But could she be kind of almostlike a wingman situation for you? Like
she can depends I mean, youknow, clearly, hopefully she would be
cool enough to do that where shecould meet the check and be like,

oh, yeah, no, we'rejust friends. Oh did you meet my
friend? We're just friends. No. In an ideal situation, I think
that would work. Yeah, butI don't know if it's you know,
so you think this guy's killing hischances, Well just what why why you
haven't bother? Yeah? Why bringwhy bring another? Why bring anybody?
Like he's gonna have buddies there?Yeah, that was gonna be my question
do you not know anybody there?But if you do, oh, maybe

that is a situation. If youdidn't know anybody, huh, you're still
going to do it. It's likesome dude from work or something. Yeah,
I don't know, but I'm like, you're not going to Oh it's
some guy from Artha. You bringa dude from work? No. No,
if it was a guy from workand you like don't know any of
his friends or family, you justknow him from work, yeah, then
yeah, i'd probably bring somebody,but but i'd want her to. I
want her going in. I'm talkingabout how she's gonna help me get late.

Oh, so she's letting her know, like, hey, I'm bringing
you and this is gonna be great, but you need to help me.
You hook up somebody, you knowwhat I mean. And then they hook
up and this rom com starts off, you know what I mean, and
then next thing, you know,will they or won't they? The whole
movie? Oh wow, I likethat, really silly. I like this,
this is good. I can't handlenot knowing anybody. But all right,

yeah you know, if I havea listen, it trumps everything me
trying to hook up. Okay.Weddings are a hotspot. I'm telling you
right now, it trumps everything.So if I'm uncomfortable a little bit,
I'll deal with it. Then Ialso have that card. Well I could
play. I was like, Yeah, I'm here by myself. I don't
really know anybody that you're in.What's your name? Oh? How do

you know? Do you know?We're just both standing here by ourselves?
You want to grab a drink?Let's go. Wow, that was really
good. That was really easy.You don't even know my name. You
said you want to grab a drink. That's all. That's all I need
say. That's an open bar.Anybody can anybody. I really like your
invitation. It was just nice,like the nicestay that did. You guys

know that today is National Hamburger Day? Yeah, go get a burger.
Well, we're gonna go over thedeals around town, plus pick our favorite
fast food burgers. Coming up nexton the show on Rock five three Sturbed
on the show Rock one O fivethree. Today is National Hamburger Day.

You guys, oh man burger?Yeah, good man? I know you
do care. My wife My wifemade smash burgers over the weekend. Oh
she's made him with Uh, it'sbeen a little crazy Monterey Jack and pepper
Jack. I usually only go cheddarwo man, are you okay? I

dealt with it. It was phenomenal, and she is she uh the way
she makes it, put some onionsin there and all things. Daddy loves
it. I love the burgers.Daddy's excited. Well on National Hamburger Day,
there are deals around town. Herewe go. Yeah, there's a
lot of deals out there for Daddy, for Daddy, for Daddy specifically,

Okay, David Busters today. Ifyou are a member of their loyalty program,
you get fifty percent off when youorder a burger today. So just
wow today at Arby's again, ifyou have the sandwiches they yeah, they
call the burgers. But I don'tknow if that's do they do a beef

burger or is sky? I don'tknow. It says fifty percent of burgers,
so I don't know if that meanstheir normal. I don't know.
I don't know. We'll just we'lljust go past that one. Harby have
the meat they Okay. Another placethey do burgers that does burgers, Buffalo
Wild Wings a free burger today witha purchase of another burger. Burger King

Today if you have the app.They're also celebrating their seventieth anniverse app.
Wow the Kings around seventy years andhe's doing a yeah double birds. So
they're actually doing stuff all week.If you spend seventy cents, you get
something for free. So today,if you spend seventy cents, you get
a free hamburger today, seventy cents. There's nothing that's seventy cents there?

Why not you sell the burger forseventy cents? I don't know, Yeah,
I don't know. There's nothing they'retalking about seventy burger. Got fries
for seventy cents or yeah, Idon't know. Well that's national fry.
I think the cheapest thing you coulddo is get a small fry. The
cheapest a small fries two dollars ora small drink. What's the cheapest thing
on the menu, a small drink. I don't think that's even seventy cents.
Okay, well, I mean I'mjust trying to get close to seventy

cents. I don't think I'm actuallygoing to light a ranch. That's probably
what a dumb deal. Okay,okay, give the menus the menu.
I'm on the menu right now,doesn't say the number, I mean the
cost. Yeah, because that's different. Okay, now we've lost them,
Okay, Derry Queen. Today NationalBurger Day, you get a signature stacked
stash stack Burger. Well that wasstack Burger when you buy a second one.

So it's kind of like a bobodeal on that. Del Taco another
place with a burger. Do youdo burgers? Which is weird? Yeah,
but you get a free double aDell cheeseburger. Never had a burger
from Del Taco? Why would you? Yeah, that'd be a really weird
place to go, but I've seenit on the menu. You think at
least well at one point, no, I would go Burger. Why find
it odd when you when you startedtelling me you get fries there. Yeah,

they're really good. I know,I just tacos. Yeah, it
doesn't make any sense, but they'rereally good. Jack in the box free
jumbo jack when you spend a dollar. Again, I don't know if you
can jumble jack if the page ishit a home run? Yeah, what
are you talking there? It istalking about that all season. Yeah.
Wow, Now you got to buya drink to get the jumble JACKO we're

gonna hot run. I want toYeah, I want a dry burger.
I got my own drink in thecar. Burger. Okay, out back
steakhouse, Kim, out of everybody. People gonna go Yard Jackson Merrill goes
Yard. He's got three on theyear. Those two are really toddy.
Yeah, out dollars burgers today.Crazy. I was at the air I

know airport prices are wild, butI was at the airport yesterday and I
had time to kill, so Iwent to like a restaurant and the burger
was eighteen ninety five for a burger. That's crazy. I mean, I
know it's a airport, but comeon. They well, you're screwed.
They got you your hostage or orderedchicken tenders instead thirteen dollars, but still
weird. Smash burger. You geta classic single smash burger for five dollars

today. And then finally, atWendy's Today, Wendy's Wendy's Wendy's Hard,
you can get a junior bacon cheeseburgerfor one cent with a purchase on the
APPER website. Wait, so McDonald's, did you say McDonald's we don't participate.

They don't do Nationale better than everybodyelse? I mean, we have
our own stuff. We don't purchase. What's the new thing they're doing anything?
That granny? What does it?A hot item? Right now?
So hot? So? On NationalHamburger Day, who makes the best burger?
Fast? Food wise, you hadto pick the spot. I think

we all know it's in and out, of course, but well I I
actually haven't had it in and outin a while. And then Saturday,
when we were driving up to UniversalStudios, we swung by and picked up
in and out the first time inforever. And when I was eating and
I was like, damn, that'sa good. Big part of it is
that bun, toasty but sauce.I can't even imagine not getting it with

all that goodness, why go there? It doesn't make you just get a
piece of meat somewhere and throw onthat bun is delicious. Their lettuce is
so Chris. I mean, it'sjust oh, but you compare it to
other lettuces, it's it's the same. I never else comes up to lettuce

before I should order extra lettuce.I never even thought about it. When
you get out, what is itprotein? Because I love the butN I
need them. I'm not trying tobe happy like the lettuce so much.
That would make sense. I'd likethe butt and the lettuce, Okay,
can I have both? No?Why not you get to have both?
You don't get the sauce, sothat's the part. I don't care cheese

sometimes it's saucy. Oh yeah,I'll never get cheese. No, I'm
not. You'll never get cheese.Not there disappointing burger like. It really
makes me sad to think about eatingthat. Let us and onion only please.
I would love if they said,man, pull forward and then didn't
service and just keep pulling forward.He yeah, if I were going to

take in and out out though,Wait, why do you have to do
that? Oh you've just made upso fun? Hey taking it out?
Going with classic big Mac. Ilove a big Mac. I can eat
a big Mac. And every timeI go to McDonald's, I go,
I'm gonna get something different. Idon't, I don't. I always go
big Mac. I likes me happy. I haven't had a big back in
a royal long. It makes mehappy. I'm more than a quarter pounder.

Man, I bet you are,say with my husband and I go,
no, big Mac and he's like, they're so different, though,
but they're so different. I don'thate the I like the big mac.
It's just as i've gotten older,I've got a quarter pounder. Oh,
I'm sure man over here, thegentleman's order, I get it. I'm
like a child over here. What'sso cute? So if I took in

and out out of the equation foryou, I love in and out.
I thought that was your number one, but a very close, a weary
one, being shake shack man.Does that count? I guess it's shake
shack is as legit. It's sogood. If you love buns and melted
cheese, I love certain buns.Okay, you don't have to wink like

a creep. I mean so,I think shake shack is up there.
So I'm gonna go shake shack Emily. Well, I don't want to take
in and out of it. Youdon't have to. I don't know.
I won't really get it anywhere.I don't don't have places. I'll get
something else, not a burger.The only place I get a burger at

fast food wise is in and out. You've never got one. Last we
had a burger outside of in andout, Like if I go. If
I go to any other fast foodplace, usually it's like either Taco Bell
or Jack in the Box and Jackin the Box. I'm not getting Burger,
I'm getting you Ever got the ultimatecheeseburger? No, you wouldn't.
You would never go to a fastfood bird, but you went. I
would never do that is really good. I would waste my fast food intake

on Wendy's personally, something like Wendy'sbetter than all that stuff. Well,
I don't need any of that otherstuff. Ultimate really good. It's a
really good Burger sky Berger. Sooutside of in and out, OK,
calm down. I was on afive guys kick for a while where I

swore five guys we know and youdon't know how to order all the way
all the way and then you minusthings off but not going all the way.
But you know what has been adark horse lately, The Habit.
I just blew all your mind.You're just like going there for the freaking
green beans or what you think.You think you're healthier because you're going to

a place called the habit. It'snot wait no, that would be the
opposite. That would make me feellike I'm going somewhere bad the habit like
I have the habit. Oh,I thought it was like a like a
healthier What am I thinking of?Its? Be a healthy alternative? Oh?
No, are you thinking of likenative foods like vegan but you get
yeah, you also get the greenbeans there. Yeah, I love the

green beans. But yes, theyare deep pride and then I do coat
them in ranch. So by nomeans are they healthy. But the habit
has been high in the rotation lately. Eddie, don't shake your head at
me. I don't. I don'tlike you can have it. I just
I'm telling you, I don't.What's your problem with the habit? I
think it's not that good. Okay, So there's nothing specific like, Oh
I don't like their fish specifically.What I don't like is there lettuce?

Why it's like super shredded and it'slike gross. No, I don't like
shredded. It's awful, back toin and out. It's lettuce top notch.
It's just but it's completely opposite ofthe habit. I know they're both,
they're both good, but we knowwho's got the habits. Lettuce.
It reminds me of your hair.Okay, I don't I don't. I

don't know where that came from.Very much? Am I eating Sky's hair?
It's like you can't like get thatone piece off your tongue. Well.
On National Hamburger Day, they haveranked the best fast food hamburgers,
and we can have repeat spots becausethey ask people what's your favorite fast food
hamburger? So here I am topten. Number ten is the Smash Burger,

the Classic Smash. Number nine goesto Carls Junior's Western Bacon cheeseburger.
Are you I'm not the biggest barbecuesauce on my burger fan. I'll take
the onion ring, but the barbecuesauce, I don't know. The frills
cheeseburger frill, So on your ringis a frill? Yeah, it's a

frill. An egg, an onionring? Here? Avocado, no avocado.
Rarely do I go bacon too much? Meat, blue cheese. That's
the only I love. But Isometimes if a butter on the button.

Butter, yeah, disgusting, yeah, disgusting. Number eight best fast food
burger on National Burger Day goes toBurger King's Whopper. Number seven is McDonald's
quarter pounder with cheese. Number sixgoes to Shake Shacks Shack Burger. Number

six. Number five goes to theIn and Out Cheeseburger Animal style. That's
the one I only get animal style. Yeah, I only get out.
Why are you saying? Number fourbest fast food burger goes to Windy's Days

Hot and Juicy double that's a mouthful. Number three goes to five Guys Bacon
cheeseburger. I don't know there wasa lot of didn't they close down a
lot of five guys? You don'tneed to be hurtful. No, I
thought they did. No, well, I know they closed the one in
PP. The one Clairemont is stillthere. Okay, I'm sorry. You
own the restaurant, the fifth guy, Thank you. Number two goes to

In and Out Double double. That'sthe what you get. You get double
doubles when you go there. Iget a single, I mean with regular
on. It's ros Thank you.Okay, I don't need to go,
ma'am the singles for your for yourkid? What are you ordering? I
ordered him to singles? Remember,yeah, that's right. Remember makes it
costs more and there's way more carbs. It's too big of a mouthful.

So for a double double, thepatties. It's not much of a not
my mouth. My mouth probably fit. I'm not going to fight for I'm
going and coming in as the numberone A favorite fast food burger goes to
five guys. Cheese burger. Waita minute to ten, it didn't.

I'm sorry. You know what youcould take. I know you. I
didn't do the I didn't even vote. It's not I'm pissed now. Well,
unfortunately we lost a San Diego legendover the weekend. We're going to
talk about the passing of Bill Walton. Next to sports start. Well,

the Padres were having a hard timescoring runs yesterday against the Marlins. Now,
luckily the Marlins were having an evenharder time. Donovan Solano got the
scoring started by hitting his first homerun of the season in the second inning
to get the Padres on the board, but then the Marlins answered right back
with Jazz Chisholm went deep in thenext inning, so that tied the game

up and that was it for thescoring until the seventh inning, when the
Marlins short stopped him Anderson committed twoerrors in the same inning to help the
Padres get across the plate and takea two to one lead. That's when
the bullpen shut it down the restof the way, including Robert Squarez coming
in in the ninth to get hissixteenth save of the season in the Padres

two to one win. San Diegolegend and Basketball Hall of Famer Bill Walton
has died at the age of seventyone. Very sad. He's been battling
cancer for a while now, Iguess so it's unbelievable. I didn't even
realize that. It makes me verysad. Yeah. Walton of course went
to UCLA, where he won twonational titles. Then he was the number

one overall pick by the Trailblazers innineteen seventy four led them to a title
in nineteen seventy seven. He alsowon a title in Boston as well,
and probably is one of the MountRushmore athletes of the San Diego athletes people
like born in San Diego. Yeah, yeah, I can see that,
you know, I'm junior saw him. Tony Gwynn. Yeah, these are

the guys I know who afforded this. Edie Bush, Alex Smith, Sure
I am shying who else? MissI'm sure there's somebody would miss hold about
just going from the forties relax tedWilliams with Williams's overhead. Okay, we
don't need to do that. TheseCeltics are moving on to the NBA Finals.

They finished off the sweep of thePacers, winning one O five to
one O two. I just hatethe Celtics. Do you hate the Pacers
too? I do, but Ihate Boston more. And then the Mavericks
are probably gonna win. And it'sjust like I'm talking about the final.
I will not watch the Mavericks canbeat the Celtics. Know the Mavericks are
playing the Timber right, so likeI just saw, I'm assuming they're gonna

win. Throw three to zero.So that's that's MAVs Celtics. I can't
stand Kyrie. I hate the Celtics. I'm just like fat one hundreds to
the NFL season. Just can't bethere totally. You don't even really look
forward to that. I know itsucks. I'm usually way more excited.
Nothing ouch. Well, how aboutthis go ahead? Stanley Cup playoffs saw

these Stars take two to one serieslead against the Oilers, winning Game three
five to three, and the RangersPanthers playing Game four tonight with the Rangers
holding a two to one lead inthat series. Yeah, the Rangers got
really lucky the last week too,won an overtimes critical. At least you
have that, and I don't knowwho baseball fans are going to blame anymore.

As controversial umpire Angel Hernandez has announcedhe is retiring after three decades behind
the plate. He is probably themost controversial umpire out there because of how
horrible his calls are. He's prettybad. Wow, his strike zone's a
mess. He famously had like fourcalls in like the World Series overturned.

Like, I mean, he's like, he's terrible. Why has it been
able to do it this long?Was? At least they have a union
now it's one of the stronger onesout there. But that sounds could be
a force for retiring. First Shirtis brought to you by Jersey Mike's be
a sub above all right. Iknow it's weird. It is Tuesdays.
Oh, itals like Monday, butit's Tuesday, So that means we're gonna

go over new releases when we getback on the show. On Rock one
five to three. That's led Zeppelinon the show. It's Rock one O
five to three. I don't knowabout you, but all day long to
be thinking today's Monday. Yeah,this is the Memorial Day yesterday, but
it isn't. It's Tuesday. Andyou know what happens on Tuesdays. To

go over new releases, all right, new video games coming out this week?
Coming out today, we have multiversesfor PlayStation five and four as well
as the Xbox One. So thisis a you know, platform fighter video
game, but you get to pickfrom this random group of characters, like
you could be Marvin the Martian,but you could also be Gizmo, or

you could be Velma from Scooby Doo, like Batman's one of the characters.
Like it's it's so random, butso that one comes out today. On
Thursday, we have aster Blade ofthe Monolith. Now, I guess you
live on this vibrant planet, butyour home is being taken over by bad
guys. So you are a youngwarrior who must defend your planet. Hell

yeah yep. And then on Friday, we have F one twenty four for
PlayStation four or five as well asXbox one. So if you're into Formula
one racing, then that is clearlyyour game. New music coming out this
week, we got to talk aboutit it's not confirmed, but the rumors
are that Eminem this Friday may ormay not be releasing new really even deep,

I'm deep diving into this, sorry, and I can't figure it out.
Yeah, I don't know. Whydo we think dropping? So during
the NFL draft he says kind ofthe new album. Then recently he's made
hints that it's gonna come this Friday. Okay, but we don't know if
it's a single or an album.The whole Stan universe is very led our
seats, freaking out. What amI going to do? I don't know

what I'm gonna do. I'm alsovery concerned that's his last album, which
really, which would be just makeme an emotional wreck. Still young man
fifty one, like, what arewe doing? I don't know. I
think he should still keep going.He's still really good. Yeah, there's
no light go out on top typething. I mean, I just keep
going. Maybe yeah, why not? I don't know. Okay, Okay,
So we'll see Thursday. At nineo'clock at night, I will be

staring at my apps waiting to seeif something pops up the now. What
if it's just a track list forthe new album? Is that fine?
Yeah, at least it's fine.Yeah, okay, but that's a risk
though, because there could be someartists on there and you're like, oh,
why are we going then again forthis person again. Then he started
judging the album. Oh so Ihope it's not a track. Okay,
somebody is really I don't need tosee him in Skyler Gray anymore. I'm

sorry. She's great, God toomuch? Okay, So that may or
may not happen. On Friday,apparently there's a rumor that Jack White and
him are doing a song. Ohmy god, crazy. We're gonna hear
about this all week, right,I mean okay, Also with an album
on Friday, with his seventy fifthstudio album, Willie Nelson Sin with the

Border coming out on Friday. He'sabout seventy five albums yep. Yeah,
isn't that crazy? And those arejust studio albums. That doesn't even count
all his live albums. Crazy yep. And also with a new album on
Friday, we have Maya Hawk withChaos Angels, which she sings, Yeah,
Ethan Hawk and Uma Thurman's daughter who'salso on Stranger Things. Yeah,

she's okay on the show. She'sa wit downplayer. She plays Robin pretty
good. She's okay, what nota great actress? No, she's fine.
I don't I don't like this.Yeah, that's a weird, like
there's something to that. I feellike Steve really brings out the best of
Robin. Steve brings out the bestin everybody. Yeah, Steve's the best
in the show. Okay, allright. Movies coming to digital this week

today, we have a boy Killsthe World. Now, this is Bill
Scarsguard. His family is murdered.The other Savage brother Ben and Fred No,
no, no, no, no, none of them. That's a
different show off the Vice. Thisis like the Halloween episode. Yeah,

no, it's him killing. Ithas nothing to do with mister no.
Uh. His family is murdered andso he is trained to be an instrument
of death to revenge them. Soif we're if we're all right. Coming
to Netflix this week tomorrow, wehave a new documentary called Dancing for the

Devil. The seven m Tick TalkCult. So I guess this was a
group that was claiming to be amanagement company that was reaching out to girls
on TikTok who were getting a certainlevel of success and saying, oh we're
going to manage you and blow upyour career. Well, it turned out
once they joined this group there wascreepy religious stuff going on and it turned

out basically to be a So Tomorrowto Netflix, Eddie. Thursday to Netflix,
we have a new mini series calledEric. This stars Benedict Cumberbatch.
It's a psychological thriller and I guesshe's really, you know, grief stricken
because his son has gone missing.So he finds solace through his friendship with

Eric, who is the monster thatlives under his kid's bed. Okay,
I don't know. I don't know. I don't know. I can't wait
to see the reviews on that one. Coming to Hulu this week On Wednesday,
we have a new series called Camden. It's all about the heart of
London's music scene. So do aleap, a cold plays Christ and others.

If you're into country, they haveLaney Wilson A Bell Bottom Country a
documentary Wednesday as well. Coming toPrime Video on Friday, we have season
three of the Outlaws. If you'rewatching that Disney Plus on Friday. A
new documentary Jim Henson, The IdeaMan, Coming to Disney Plus this week

on Max on Wednesday, we haveanother documentary. This one is called movie
Pass Movie Crash, and it's allabout when that company, movie Pass,
was trying to offer these subscriptions.It sounded really cool. They were basically
saying, oh, you pay thislittle amount, you can see as many
movies as you go. And thenCOVID hit and you both lost like one
hundred bucks. No, that waswe bought gift certificates to the lot,

like a group of That was adifferent deal, different deal, yeah,
same end results, but yeah different. So this is about like ten tickets
to the movies, yeah, anduse COVID shutdown all the movies out and
then finally coming to theaters. ThisFriday, we have Young Woman at c
This is Daisy Ridley in nineteen twentysix, the first woman to ever swim

across I'm gonna make hold on aminute. Remember when Memorial weekend was like
the big kickoff to like the summermovie Like this was like the biggest disaster
at the box office weekend ever.Oh yeah, it was bad. I
love I used to love going tothe movies, you know that, Eddie,
But it's gotten ridiculous. They putout a movie and then you literally
a week later it will be instreaming, and it's just like, why

would I go into the movie.Well, I know a lot of people
wanted to see mad Max, butthey had that stayment like it'll be streaming
in like two weeks. Pay forall these services, so I'm like,
I'll just wait the extra a coupleof weeks or month before it's on Netflix.
Yes, you know it sucks,but Eddie, we have the hot
young woman in the Seat this weekend, and then we also have the hot

movie Summer Camp, you know,when Diane Keaton gets to get some of
her best and they go back toSummer Camp as adults. Kathy Bates,
I'd rather watch that new Jlo movie. Hey I watched that? Not Yes,
it's got seventeen percent around to mea delight? Thank god? How

high were you a lot? Okay, there you go. Those are your
new releases for the week coming uptomorrow. It's already Wednesday, so we're
gonna play the Show's Mystery Music Shuffleand find out what's going on within this
week and Thor's Midweek MILS. Notabout j Lo, oh okay, not
about bumps me out. We'll findout what it's about all tomorrow, we'll see then

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