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May 29, 2024 87 mins
Thor's Midweek Meltdown, Eddie's Baseball Superstitions, Worst Things About Summer
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San Diego, and welcome and welcometo the show. Yo, a new
new day is here, and whatbetter way to start it than with I
feel like the show is going tobe great. This show, I would
like to introduce you to the ringleaderEddie. I have a young mindset,
okay, the mother of this crewSky. If you don't know anything about

me, you may not realize thatI get cold very easily. For I'm
very rude, I'm obnoxious, andI don't care. And Emily, ever
since I can remember, I've neverwanted to sleep with another human. Welcome
to the show on San Diego's rockstation Rock one oh five three. Who
Well, my life for the nextmonth or so is about to get really

insane. So you would think thisis wrapping up my baseball season as a
little coach. Opposite, Oh,so like a fool, I went out
and won our league championship. Imean, I think that's the goal it
was. I don't think that's whatit was. But that being said,
I'm also the All star manager,and so it's at the basically the same

time. And so when we arenow entering our league, you know,
district championship. So the district TOCis about to kick off tomorrow for us,
and I'm supposed to be holding allthese All Star practices as well as
we gear up for the All Starseason. So basically, I'm probably gonna
be at the field every day,freak day for the rest of my life.

Feel so. So it's like betweenpractices, games every single day,
hot dogs, and it's all inthe Mesa. So it's all kind of
farther from your house too, right, so you gotta drive all the way.
Any regret on I mean, Iguess there can't be regret in winning,

So accepting All Stars, well,this is this is it for me,
you know, as far as LittleLeague goes. And so I was
trying to do everything, you know, and soak it all in. Yeah,
I mean, they asked me tobe the All Star manager. I
wasn't gonna turn it down. Andso no, it's just gonna be a
lot. It's a lot, yeah, And it's a lot of juggling and
trying to figure everything out. Youknow. Like my other team team that

won the championship, we have topractice too, so I have to have
practices for them too. So it'sjust a lot. It's just it's a
lot of baseball, and so'll it'llbe fine, it'll work itself out,
but it's gonna get crazy. Okay, this is a stupid question. Nobody
in the room needs to yell atme. I never played. But can
both teams practice together? Yeah,you can hold joint practices. But I

have four kids on my team thatare on All Stars as well, so
you're kind of doesn't ye, itwouldn't be enough positions. Okay. So
it's a little bit trickier as faras that goes. Oh, I really
thought I was going to get yelledout for that question. No, I've
done that before. Oh Okay,Okay, I don't know yelled at now?

Okay, I knew he was waitingto yell at me about something.
Eventually they're going to say something,Okay. So true. I have noticed,
though, over the course of thisseason that I've become wildly superstitious coaching.
Yeah, I don't really get thatsuperstitious when it comes to watching sports.
Like Thors told me before that he, you know, when it comes

to his giants, he'll get kindof crazy, like he has to sit
in a certain spot and if they'relosing, he'll move. The remote has
to be in a certain position.The water, the water plast the end
of the day. Yeah, theremote, I won't eat. I'll eat
now because they suck. But likewhen they're actually good, which was years
ago in one season, haven't eatensince. No, I won't eat in

the game, come on. ButI categorize that under kind of crazy.
But by the way, I thinkI would categorize them under if they're if
they're doing a drive, they havethe ball and they're driving from right to
left on the field on the screen, I will have the remote on the
right side and I have to havemy leg pointed at them because I don't
want to give the other team theadvantage of your leg and remote. I

don't know that editing stuff that's sendingvibes to the team and the players on
the bolt to change the entire courseof the game. Yeah, because you're
put in the position. It hasn'tworked in the last decade, but I'm
hoping this is the year. Yeah. Now, any thought because I know
you're you know, you really hita wall about your team and then everything
any thought this year and switching thatup or are we going to stay so

that it's a great question. SkuyIn twenty twenty two member they want a
playoff game, and I thought thingswere changing, so I did what I
did. At the end of twentytwenty two, it were the same jersey
and everything. And then they lostforty to nothing to start the season last
year, so it didn't so Idon't know what that was going on.
Then, Okay, I feel likeit's not me at this point, so
you can switch it switch. Iwant to switch it out. You can't

control what happens with your football team. Yeah, the New York Giants.
Yeah, Like I'll watch the likethe rangersmen in the playoffs last night and
they lost, and I was watchingit and and I get a lottle not
as superstitious, but like it's tootoo. So I start to get like,
I don't want to move. Ican't move. I just got to
watch. Do you have to dothat with your eyes? But I don't
want to really blank either, becauseI don't want to. I don't want

to change anything from anything. Iwish I could, you know, say
that's crazy, But then I'm thinkingabout what I do? He are you
this guy? Now? I gota little weird. I got a little
weird, to be honest with you, what are you doing? Well?
We went on a real hot runwhere we won nine out of our last
ten games. Wow, and sowe we did really well in there might

even be more than that. NowI'm thinking about the tournament. I don't
know. I've lost count. Butthe one game that we lost was kind
of a weird anomaly, and Ididn't do some of the things that I
was doing, and so that mademe go, Wow, that's that confirms
it. Gotta I gotta get inthere and start doing all my stuff.

And so it starts with what Iwear. Stop it. Yeah, so
you know we we are in ourmajors. We wear major League Baseball uniforms,
not the baseball pants for the managers. But I have a jersey,
like a button down jersey that Iwear. And so we're the Blue Jays,

and so I have my Blue Jaysjersey. But then I also wear
an undershirt underneath it. And myundershirt is the same every single time.
It is my Blue Jays practice jersey. Yeah. When the Giants win,
I go save socks, underwear,shirt and pants or shorts for the game.
So I'll put the I'll put thesocks underwear and a separate h wash,

so I know I know to washday, to wash it, Yeah,
I'm allowed to wash it. Butby the following Sunday, I need to
know. Okay, these the separatepile of these are the box of brief.
These are the socks you gotta beshorts. And then once they lose,
which is the next game. SoI have to have the same undershirt
and I have to have the samesocks. Okay, so those are a

must, there's no there's no questionthat those are winners. That's it.
And are these socks that look likethe other socks that you have, but
just a certain pair they're different thanthe okay, white sox, not like
yeah, white sox, but youhave a certain pair of white socks that
look like the other ones. Butthese are the ones that you wore.
No, these are my coaching socks. Yeah, undershirt, so those are

the same, no matter what that'sthat is you know, no negotiation.
Okay, I have to be thesame. Then as we are heading to
the field, me and my son, there is a spot on the road
when I say a little prayer.What are you saying? I have to
say my little prayer about the gameeverying and it's the same spot every single

time, Like it's certain place onthe freeway you drive by that you have
start quite to the freeway, yetit's on the way there, okay,
And going to a church no,no, no, nothing like that.
I just speak to God about thegame and what's up with his spot?
That's who I pray to, andwhat is up with this spot? Did
it just happen the first time?And then it became okay? So there's

nothing special about not at all around. But I think that's where I did
it once and it worked. Andso now is it a lengthy or is
it just a real quick like it'smore uh, you know, praying for
a good game for my for myteam, and praying for you know,

safety of the players, the safetyeverybody, everybody stays healthy. It would
be nice, but it doesn't matter. It's all about fun. Learn something,
Yes, starts safety. Then asI get to the fields, it

is and I have to do theexact same pregame routine before even warm up.
I have to do fill out mylineup card the exact same way.
I have to get my game ballsout the exact same way, like all
the things that I get ready beforeeven we warm up I have to do
it all the exact same way.What if, like you're filling out your
game card and somebody thinks they're beinghelpful and they're like, oh, I'm

going to get in there and andpull all the balls out for for Eddie
or that would never happen, okay, would you? But would that like?
Would you not? Like? Wouldlose you? Would you would lose?
Okay? Okay? So okay.Or if somebody comes over and asks
you a question and you have toattend to that, that wouldn't bother me
as much because I can still continueto do what I'm doing, but it

wouldn't throw me that off, allright. What really gets crazy is during
the game. During the game iswhen I feel very heightened that I must
do certain things when certain situations aregoing on. So when we are in
the field and my pitcher is pitching, I've noticed that if I'm not holding

the pole to the dugout as thedugout entrance, we we aren't pitching well.
And if I'm pacing or whatever inthe dugout, then we're not doing
well. But if I go overand then I grab the pole to the
dugout entrance, things settle down.We're doing really well. When when there
whenever there's like a bad call oran argument, do you like have your
hand extended on the pole there?Like why is coach Eddie holding onto the

pole? Why is he walking onthe field it's extended. Is he super
good on there? But you areclenching onto that thing for dear life when
that players when the player's pitching.Yeah, it's normally when there's a dicey
situation going then and it makes everything, it turns it around. It's incredible.
But if you're on the other sideof the other dugout. Either way,

it has the the door. They'reall the door. Yes, it
doesn't matter what even if I'm ona road game, usually there's a pool
grab onto you just see Eddie onthe corner holding the stop sign. Because
it's like that would make that wouldhave many what a ridiculous scene. I
feel like said something that either it'skind of weird. It's like around and

then you know, I'm the thirdbase coach as well, So when I'm
out there and we're hitting, Yeah, I've noticed that if I don't keep
my hands behind my back, thingsaren't going on. So I could stand
there. You know, sometimes I'llhave my hands folded. Sometimes I'll just
put them on my hips or juststand normal. Things aren't going great as

soon as I put those hands behindmy back, Oh smash, Why don't
you just always have your hands behindyou would think I would? Yeah,
I think. I think though thatmaybe that would be like overdoing it.
Just yeah, yeah, it makessense right right, There's only so much
magic to go around. If Ineed it and I'm going behind that,

then you've got it and you'll seeme like this and then look at this,
things will turn around, hot dogdog. I get it. When
I used to play, I wouldand I would go on like a hitting
streak. I would always do somethinglike tapp the home plate twice before between
every pitch, and it worked,yeah, and then eventually it would stop.
And I know, but it didn'twork forever. You use it up.

Yeah, you know, yeah,I've definitely heard that, huh now,
because you had been mentioning on andoff the coin toss, and I
thought that was as bad as yoursuperstition got. I didn't realize that they
were all these other things too.Yeah, if you're referring to so tournaments

things like that, you have toflip before the game to see who's home
and who's away. And I againhad like this crazy, incredible streak where
I was winning every coin toss.I probably won at least like nine in
a row. Like it was ridiculous. It's a fifty to fifty shot.
Would you always pick the same side, So either I'm picking, which I'm
always tails, never fails. OhI've heard that, or I would do

the reverse juju and go, ohyou call it? Oh, put it
on them and every time or youcall wrong. While the last two tournament
games that we played and we wonthe championship, I lost the coin toss
and I thought it was over.I was like, dude, sorry,
sorry, guys, I cost usto win because I lost the coin toss
because they sort of reversed juju metyou and had me call it. And

I usually the one who says somethingfirst, but they said, oh,
you call it, and I calledit wrong. It's heads both times,
and one time they had like thekid call it. One of the players,
like his son was standing there,one of the coaches sons. He
goes, you call it, andI'm like, what, that's not part
of the and I lost it.Wow, and so, but we still

won the game, so pointoss clearlydoesn't matter. All the other stuff.
The poll got to do it all. Yeah, so uh yeah, I
got a little crazy during the season, but it all worked, can't.
You can't deny it didn't work.So we're going to keep doing this.
Well yeah, I mean the firsttournament game tomorrow, Okay, so I'll

throw all the magic in there andsee what I needed it. No,
I can't sprinkle it. Yeah,you can't recreate magic. I mean it's
pretty clear I can't recapture magic.You're so serious. Remember when we were
all dining outside during the pandemic,I mean we're basically eating on sidewalks the

street. Well, the pandemic isover, but there are still some restaurants
that have that outdoor dining area.Well, we're gonna see what is going
on with that situation. Coming outnext on the show, I'm rocking five
to three. That is green dayon the show. It's Rock one five
three. Coming up at eight o'clockthis morning, we have Thor's midweek meltdown

where he goes off on something Ido remember very early when we first started
the midweek meltdown, one of thefirst subjects Thor melted down about was the
outdoor dining situation. It was withour city during the pandemic. The restaurants
were given all this extra space,the sidewalks, the streets, parking lots,

all this extra space. And Thorwas like, well, why do
they get all this extra space?Ridiculous And you know they're don't paying anything
extra, but they just get allthis extra space. That didn't seem fair
to you. There's a restaurant inSouth Park, an Italian restaurant, and
they've taken out They've basically made likea second restaurant where they've not only taken
up the sidewalk where I want towalk my dog, They've also taken up

the parking spaces. And I'm like, this isn't right. Listen, I'm
not sky Wait if you want todo yoga at the beach, I don't
care at the beach, but likeit when it takes up like parking spaces
like in little Italy, or andwe pay for those parking spaces, or
like the sidewalk that we pay for, that's just not right. Yeah,
you can't believe in scooters everywhere,right, Thor? Scooters everywhere on the

sidewalks in the parking spaces like youwere just saying. You also completely blew
that out of proportion. Why gothere, I'm gonna have a conversation about
this. You're the one who saidyou were me and you said exactly what
I said. Yeah, Thor wasall about it. And you know this,
this was a long time ago too. It was supposed to like,
I mean over a year ago,like why are we still having these spaces?

And the pandagon's over? Like what'sgoing on? Why do they get
to keep these spaces and they're stillkind of doing well. Finally, one
city has said enough is enough.Yeah, because if you didn't keep up
with it. The city of SanDiego decided, okay, restaurants, we
hear you. You you need thisto survive. So they created a program

in San Diego called Spaces and Placeswhere rhymes Oh hey, well you have
to rhyme for it. The program. Remember ranting about this, Yeah,
you didn't like this, because thenthey were basically saying, oh, as
long as you fill out the rightforms and pay a little fee, you
can keep your parking spot dining andyour sidewalk dining and whatever. And people

are like well, that's still allthe same problems are still there. Well,
it was just announced that the cityof chula Vista isn't playing the Spaces
and Places game. They're like,no, this is something we did temporarily
for COVID. It's kind of beentaken advantage of for too long, and
we are putting a hard end dateon it where you have to remove your

outdoor dining. It's been four years. What are we doing here? Yeah,
So in chula Vista, a letterwent out to all the local restaurants
and businesses who have set up outside, and they have let them know that
they have until Labor Day September secondjoy the summer too. Yeah, basically
to tear everything down. I guessThird Avenue is really the spot. There

are at least spot seven street sidepatios right now along Third Street in schula
Vista. Now, if you askthe businesses, they say, this is
amazing. People love this. Thishas helped our business tremendously because we don't
have to pay for it right.This has allowed us to employ more people,

This has allowed us to sell moreitems, to pay more taxes to
the city for police and firefighters,and filling potholes. That's all because of
the revenue we bring in thanks tothese extra seats. But even with all
that, the mayor said, no, this was a temporary deal. It's
not fair that you get to blockparking for say, the jewelry store next

door that doesn't have an outdoor patio, that's their parking too, And it's
not fair that just one business getsto monopolize it. So Labor Day is
the day, and the businesses,of course, are now getting ready to
protest. Yeah. It's sort oflike, you know what a protest?
Are we going to do this forever? Right? And you just get like,
we're never gonna have sidewalks again,right, you can just set up

your business like any kind of crazy. Yeah. Yeah, So they're going
to do an online petition. Theywant to meet with the mayor. They
think the mayor is making a mistakeand they're like, well, we're happy
to hear you out. But they'reacting as if they they've never done this
without it. Well yeah, wellbecause some businesses have opened since this became
a thing, and they're literally sayingthis, this has been our business the

whole time. And they're like,I think that model they think it was
going to last forever. Yeah,that's kind of their fault too. It's
kind of crazy. This is nevergonna go away. Yeah, well once
you get you get used to thatextra revenue coming in once nice, but
once you realize, okay, business, I got the right way. Yeah
I got to fire or server.Now. Yeah that sucks. But that

was an assumption you made. Yeah, No, I don't see how that
goes doesn't make any sense. Uh, do you think San Diego is a
good city to raise a family?That could be Well, we're gonna see
if san Diego mix the list ofAmerican cities to raise a family when we
get back on the show on Rockfive to three. That Metallica on the

show, it's Rock one five tothree. So if I were to ask
you, guys, do you thinkSan Diego is a good city to raise
a family in besides the cost ofliving, I would say yeah. But
I just I don't know what goesinto this. They came out with a
list of the best American city toraise a family in. Yeah, they

looked at one hundred and eighty two. Don't know why they came up with
that number of the largest US cities, and they looked at them based on
forty five different factors that they sayare related to family and family dynamics.
But basically they come under the umbrellacategories of housing, quality of schools,
healthcare, and opportunities for fun andrecreation. And of course the one we

always hate is the affordability category.Yeah, so jesus. Yeah, So
they looked at all those different thingsto come up with the best and worst
places in the country to raise afamily, and San Diego did make the
top ten. Oh yeah, SanDiego comes in as the number eight best
city to raise a family. It'spretty good. I'm actually surprised we're that

high, just based on the affordabilitya lot. Well, you can have
like a half a kid. Yeah, you public get away with that that
you can never see because you bothprobably are working at least one full time,
if not two jobs. So thatwould be like my knock of like,
yeah, this is a beautiful,awesome spot, but if you can't
afford to have free time to enjoysaid beautiful awesome spot. And we have

great schools throughout the county, butcan you afford to live in the area
for the great school But even withall that, even with us not doing
well, in that affordability category stillnumber eight. So this is how we
rank in the different categories. Forfun we come in number five, which
is our highest score out of allthe scores. Fun, health and safety,
we're twenty five. Education and childcarewe're twelve. Affordability we're eighty second.

Ooh, and they're socioeconomic category.Don't really know what that means.
We are twenty sixth. So whois better than us? Well? Number
seven is San Jose, California.Really yeah, oh I know. Number
six is Gilbert, Arizona. Fiveis Seattle, four is Plano, Texas.

Number three is Irvine, which comesin number one for health and safety.
Uh. Number two is Overland Park, Kansas, which comes in number
one for affordability. Yeah. Imean, if we've never choose, never
heard of it, so yeah,I would hope so. And the number
one best place overall to raise afamily, according to this recent survey is

Fremont, California, which comes innumber one for education and childcare. It
is surprising that there are that manyCalifornia cities on the list. I mean,
you know, it's just it's justexpensive, right, I know,
people figure it out, you know, I mean people that live here,
so we figure it out. ButI don't know. Yeah, and so

I you know, saw, okay, who's number one in health care?
Blahlah blah, But I wasn't seeingwho's number one in fun? So I
kept scrolling down, scrolling down,and finally at number eighty five, we
have Los Angeles, which comes innumber one ranking for fun, but the
affordability and the safety and all thatis so not good that it dropped it

all the way down to number eightyfive. I'm surprised, Like Orlando wasn't
in there. Yeah yeah, numbertwo for fun was Vegas. Oh yeah,
but I don't know what's happening familyfun. I mean, yeah,
that's fun, but is that andyou can't really go outside? So hot?
Too hot? Yeah, way toohot? Uh So where is the

worst place to raise a family?Where do you not want to be?
Well, according to this, it'sMemphis, Tennessee. They can't come in
a dead last for health and safetyand is basically ranked near the bottom in
every other category on top of that, so Memphis, Memphis would be kind
of a nice place to live really, Like Tennessee is a good Snashville,

Yeah you know, but I meanMemphis is different Thanville. And I don't
know where Memphis Isshville. I don'tknow any you were thinking of Maashville?
Yeah, I think I was okaythere. It is a little bit nicer,
I don't think so it doesn't soundlike it. All right, give
us a call right now eight sevenseven five seven oh one O five three
if you want to try and winsome prizes while guessing what is on our
playlist. We're gonna play the mysterymusic shuffle coming up next on the show.

I'll rock on a five to three. I'm honestly not sure where this
Padres team would be without Jerks andProfar this season. Oh my god,
Like what think about that for asecond? Yeah, I mean he was
kind of signed off the scrap.He he only signed for a million dollars
and was like, all right,well, you know, maybe he'll play

a little bit. You know,he's more of a clubhouse guy. But
he has become the Padres best playerin their line. And he continued to
have the hot bat last night ashe got things strutted right out of the
gate as he went deep in thefirst inning for a two run home run
to put the Padres on the board. Pro far then added another RBI in
the fifth. Donovan Solano added anRBI double in the eighth as the Padres

blank the Marlins four to nothing.Last night, knuckleballer Matt Waldron had the
fish reeling okay because he threw seveninnings, striking out eight Padres were reliever
Jeremiah Estrada set a record as well. He struck out his thirteenth straight batter.
That was really cool to watch whenhe struck out the side of the

ninth, which is an Expansion erarecord. All thirteen strikeouts have been swinging
strikeouts too. Yeah, that wasawesome. I mean, that's crazy.
Thata gin in a row again,another guy they signed off the scrap heat.
Yeah, like the Cubs released himlast November and we're we're just like,
all right, we'll take him.And he was in the miners like
a minute ago and he's been great. So yeah, I mean, those

are the kind of guys that youknow, the Padres need and then you
know, eventually you get the goingof the you know, Tatisa's the Machado's
all like those guys, and theyactually have a good team. So we'll
see what happens. But that's agood win for Padres. NBA Western Conference
Finals last night saw the Timberwolves stayalive as they took down the Mavericks one

oh five to one hundred. Dallasstill holds a three to one series lead,
though Anthony Edwards led the way,scoring twenty nine points and Karl Anthony
Towns at a twenty five. Gamefive will be tomorrow. Over in the
Stanley Cup playoffs, the Panthers havetied up their series against the Rangers at
two with a three to two winin overtime. Still early, Timmy,

Yeah, they gotta win game five. You don't want to be down fore
two. Man? Is it inthe garden? You know? Yeh Gardens
game? Come on? I know, I wish I was there. Kaitlyn
Clark probably had her best game ofthe season, but it didn't equate into
a victory for her Fever. Shescored a season high thirty points, but
the Fever still lost to the Sparkseighty eight to eighty one. Totally yikes.

She is the first rookie, though, to score thirty points, have
three blocks and three steals in WNBAhistory, So he's starting to figure it
out. I think you know again, the Fever if you have the number
one overall pick, you're not agood team, and so one player isn't
going to make the difference. Soshe's going to have to struggle for a
little while before you know, theyfigure it out. Brownie James is going

to be staying in the NBA draft. His agent says he's decided to remain
in the draft and forgo his remainingyears of eligibility just hours before the deadline,
where he could have changed his mindand returned to college. Now most
believe that he's going to be arounda second round pick. So we'll see
if he ends up with his dadin the Lakers or if another team takes

a chance on him and hopes theycan get into the Lebron business. He's
not that good, oh really,so like he had a really good workout
at their get that like draft camp. Yeah, where like now before started
because he was thought they were actuallysaying, oh, he might even get
drafted. Yeah, because he's he'skind of small, and he's like Thorpe
said, he's not the best.Not that his name was. If his

name was, you know, anythingelse, he wouldn't even be going into
the NBA draft. But like teamsI think want Richards. Yeah, no,
Riccardo, he wouldn't have drift Likethis is like people say this about
like siblings or brothers, where ifhis name wasn't this But this is a
true thing because he's what he averagedeight points a game and at USC would

it suck if you're this kid andthe only reason you're taking me is so
that you may get my dad.But he's got to know that, Like
he's got to know that, becausewhy would I don't understand why he would
go into the NBA draft other thanto want to play with him. But
he's going to get drafted. That'sa I guess the thing. But you
know, so it's like I guess, you know, I'm going to get
a shot, but you could.But he could play in college and still

get drafted in the second round intwo years. That's true. But I
or maybe he thinks this is theonly chance because my dad's gold to retire
soon. That's a that's probably whatit is, you know. Yeah,
so I am hearing there are teamsthat, you know, maybe want to
get in the Lebron business, likethe seventy six ers, the Knicks,
the Clippers, teams like that.I'm really thinking about it. It won't
be crazy. But at this point, if I'm a Knicks nick as a

Knicks fan, I don't want Lebron. He's over too He's too much.
If not, it wouldn't be histeam. It would just be weird six
years ago, of course, buthe's I'm not saying he's not good anymore.
It's just not the same. Staywith the Lakers, you know what
I mean. We'll see what happened, yeah with Brownie. Uh. Sports
Start is brought to you by PalomarHealth. Sometimes when you go over to

somebody's house for the first time,you're gonna see things in their place.
It can be a little strange.Well, we're gonna see what one girl
is asking about going over to theguy's house she's dating for the first time.
When we get back on the show. On rock on A five to
three, it's audio slave on theshow, it's Rocking O five to three.
So whenever you go over to somebody'shouse for the first time, you

could probably learn a lot. Youcan see how they decorate, see like
what they have hanging up things likethat. Especially if you're dating somebody and
you go over to their place.For the first time. You can go,
oh, okay, well they guessthey don't believe in cleaning or whatever,
you know, or you go like, ooh what, I don't even
feel comfortable being here because it's soclean, or they could still have some

interesting stuff on their walls, likeyou go over to guy's house and he
still goes like sports posters up thingslike that, or maybe he's got you
know, lava lamps everywhere. Ohokay, I think I figured this out
real quick. Here's what it is. Well, one girl is asking about
the guy she's dating and going overto his place for the first time.

Yeah, so it's there are afew dates in and so finally she saw
his place for the very first time. They're in their late twenties. Okay,
and she said she walked in andimmediately noticed something in his living room.
So this isn't even something that's liketucked away in his bedroom. This
is out in the living room.Yes, very prominent, like on display,

intentionally on display. This is whenshe saw a plethora of trophies.
Guess this guy has played soccer fora long time, played competitively all the
way through his schooling, and nowthat he's you know, a big boy

in his late twenties. He isstill playing rec league soccer and is on
a I guess a really good teamand is still winning trophies and is adding
them to his collection and is proudof them as big boy. So big
boy, she said, that's awesome, she said. When she first saw

the display, she kind of jokinglywas like, Oh, who's the big
winner in the house, you know, And he didn't pick up on the
fact that she was kind of joking, and very seriously and very proudly started
showing her all of his trophies.And that's the moment she realized like,

oh, this isn't like a gagor something like. This guy is serious.
And so she says everything about himis fine and great, but she
said it kind of left her feelingweird and she and like almost feeling like
he's now immature just because he hastrophies out in his living room. And
she's wondering if she's off base oris she right, you know, right

on the mark. Well, Idon't know, Emily, would that bother
you if you're a dating guy inyour late twenties and he go over and
has this trophy collection in his livingroom. No, not at all,
right, cute, to be honest, and honestly, I think most guys
in their early like in their earlate twenties, early thirties and stuff,
they're kind of a bit immature withthey're decorating anyway, And it's not until

they finally get no serious relationship andmove in with the girl that they kind
of start taking posters down and doabout late t Like I figured it out
by that, did you, Yeah, late twenties, you know. I
mean I wasn't, you know,hanging up moneise or anything like that,
But I mean I was, Iwas. I didn't have like posters on
the wall, Okay, I meanI did it some pretty amateur guys,

So maybe that was what the problemwas. But I think that maybe like
he when you know, if theywere to move in together, she could
probably get him to put these trophiesin a certain spot. But that's cute.
Who cares if he's proud of hislittle trophies. I didn't don't mind
it at all. No, Imean I would it would hit you weird.
I'm not gonna lie. Like earlytwenties, maybe even mid twenties,

I'm kind of like, okay,like we're just out of college, like
okay, but I'm still feeling weirdabout it. But by late twenties,
to me, that's the equivalent ofme still having my like black like poster
in the living room, like whenyou hit your late twenties. I'm sorry,
there are certain things. I'm byno means saying that this guy needs
to get rid of them, butmaybe get like a rubber maid, put

him in the garage, or ifyou want a little publish cute, or
if you want a little case inyour bedroom, but the living room.
To me, it's almost the equivalentof the dude who has all the like
empty liquor bottles out as like histrophies, you know, Like it's kind
of like that, Okay, we'repast this part of our life, like

that was cool. Maybe fine's ahealthy habit, one's an unhealthy habit.
Yeah, but they both still seemlike kind of immature braggadocious about things that
in your late twenties you shouldn't reallybe bragging about. This is weird,
really, yeah, I mean ifyou if if you won some trophies in
you know, Little League, andyou are displaying them when you're at all

that's weird, Like maybe you displaythem when you're you know, a hid,
Yeah, when you're in it,but once you move out of your
parents' house, I'm not. Ihad a bunch of trophies. I never
took them with me. I meanthat's weird. Why would I to me
a poster of like eminem in myroom is completely different than they get immature
too, I get that, butlike it's completely different than my like ninth

grade undefeated season trophy that I havethe hell of a team though it was,
oh man, that was a goodteam. So you guys, you
know, like say you do likea Bobby League or Eddie you do,
you know, play softball and youwin and you get a trophy. Where's
that thing going? The trash call? We don't even get trophy? Oh
yeah, I mean they don't.I mean why would I want that?
I don't know, Like if Iwas if I was in college and I

want the literally the college World Series. Yeah that's a pretty big accomplishment,
but like anything less than that.Yeah, I mean that's weird. Exactly
like I had my trophies in myroom when I was a kid, all
the different sports that I did,and then as soon as I moved up,
they stayed. I actually have noidea if my parents just tossed them

or I don't know where they endedup. Yeah, I would kind of
like to see, like my parentssent them to my parents sent them to
me, and I'm like, becausethey didn't want them anymore, and I'm
like, I don't know what todo with them. I didn't want to
throw them away, but they're justin a box somewhere. I wish I
had him because I would like tolook at him, but I mean I
don't. I wouldn't display them.No, I'd like to see all your
trophies because you think it's cute.I think it's cute. I get it,

though I don't think I was thinkingmore along the lines of these trophies
that he has are from a littlebit older, like not just his Rex
soccer team. Well, I thinkthey're all the way through. Yeah,
it sounds like he's got a wholedisplay. I'm proud of them. That's
weird. It's really weird. Okay, Rights doesn't bother all right, We're

about to find out what he's goingto be upset about this week. It's
Thor's midweek mountdown. Get ready,that's coming up next on the show on
Rocket All five three. I hurtmyself today. That wasn't that was?
Then he just it's the show.It's rock with five to three, Like

somebody's about to get hurt because itis time her Thors midweek melt out and
now the show is happy to bringyou. I have some respect Thors mid
week meltdown melt down. All right, here we go once a week.

He unloads on whatever it is it'sbothering him this week, and so we
were about to find out what whatis going on with him? I'm sorry,
I have two things going on.I have my rant and then this
sock situation I have going on.Oh the socks again, Emily, Thank
god you haven't been in the morning. I'm sorry, really freaking out about

his gym sock situation. Yeah,I ordered a pair. They finally came
in yesterday and they're way too high, so I have to return them.
Not a lot going on, andhe's calling this a nightmare. It is.
He's been talking about the socks thoughfor like months. No, yeah,
he's finally pulled the trigger on one. And then my wife's texted me,

yeah, yeah, I don't knowwhy mid crew or crew who knows?
Okay, anyway, it's it's reallydistracting, and you think I'm joking.
I'm not. I was crazy aboutI don't know. An hour ago
goes I think I figured out thesock situation, Eddie. I haven't even
I haven't even said a word aboutit yet. Yeah, we're asking him
about it. I didn't. Iwasn't locked in. And then I made

a mistake because he called me overand he's like, Sky, I think
I figured it out, and I'mlike, great, you know, just
like Eddie. I'm like and thenI and then he tells me the brand
of socks. I go, oh, my mom loves that brand. And
then he started square one, yourold ladies square onebas that's not what you're

ran. We have an issue goingon, and he needs to be addressed,
Eddie. And this is not directto anyone, So I don't want
to take this personal is rand isnot directed to anybody, But I've noticed
over the last few years and itneeds to be stopped. I see it
on Instagram, I see it onFacebook. I even see it on Twitter,

which is weird. And I'm talkingabout the over praising of kids in
Little League. I can't handle it. What the over of kids given me
a million guesses. I'm like,what are we what are we stunned?
Yeah, we're blowing these kids' egosout of control. That you mean,

there's a difference between doing something nicefor kids and going over the top.
Eddie was telling me recently, whenthese kids make an All Star team.
Back in my day, when Imade the All Star team, you know,
I found out my dad would tellme, oh, you got All
Star practice on Tuesday, Like okay, cool. Now they didn't let you
know beforehand. No, that's weird. I would because I guess I just

knew. Oh. Now, nowEddie's telling me, these dads go out
at like midnight and like do theselike packages for people for the kids,
and like leave it at their doorstep, and it's this whole big thing.
I think every league does it differently. I think I don't really know,

but our league, yes, theydo this, like delivery a lawn.
It's insane. Yeah, it's insane. Yeah, I've seen a lot around.
I mean, it's it's insane.Listen. Should should the kids be
padded on the back and like told, hey, that's great, good job.
Yes, yes, but it's alittle too much. You tell me
a little Thor wouldn't have been excitedto open his door and see that he

made All Stars. He would havebeen. But there's levels to this SETI
we gotta teach these kids some humility. We gotta teach these kids how you
gotta you know, work hard forthings. Not everything is not every There's
a difference. There's levels. InLittle League. You get a pat on
the back, good job when youmake it, like when you win like
a high school championship or college worldsters. That means something. If you're twelve

years old and your mom is doinga sign on the front lawn and the
cars got bumper stickers all over it, it's lame and it's more about the
parents. Okay, really, Idon't want to see on Facebook that your
kid made Rolando's Little League team andyou're acting like he's on the nineties.
Ye, it's a little bit.Okay, let's build some character with these
kids. Let's show them some humility. Not everything they do is the greatest

thing ever getting a champion. Isaw this one more on on my face,
Oh this one more. I wishI could say his name and his
kids like seven and they won liketheir you know Ti Ranch La Mesa,
the Tai Ranch, la Meisa,whatever town. They want their little league
whatever, and each seven year oldhas their fist out and they have rings.

Seven year old, you know whatI got when I won my championship?
A T shirt? And that buildscharacter and humility, it makes you
want more. Should get a ringsat seven? That's ridiculous. You know
what doesn't give out rings? Life? Oh, life doesn't give out rings

to people. You know what life? Yeah, you know what life does.
Life is hard, and life's gonnaspit in your face. Life's gonna
kick in the nuts. Life's takea number two on you while you're down
and then post the picture of itout Facebook. Life's not giving you a
ring when you're seven years old.And you got to learn that. Okay,
kids like them, so what that'sthe problem making these kids so soft?

It's insane. They shouldn't get everythingthey want because they made a little
league team and thent me get tothe parents. Hold on the real issue
is the parents. The parents arethe problem. Obviously, we have the
parents that want to live through theirkids. They're freak shows. I'm not
talking about it Okay, they arethe freak shows. They are the ones

that have massive issues. We've seenthose, We've heard those before. I
heard somebody yesterday was going a littlenuts when one kid had the flu and
couldn't make the game. I'm talkingabout. I'm talking about the parents that

volunteer. This is not a shotat Eddie because he doesn't do this.
I want to make that very clear. God, he volunteers for his kid,
and I know Eddie, he doesn'tlike gifts or anything like that.
But I'm talking about the coaches,and I hear from the parents who give
the coaches gifts now for volunteering.You shouldn't get a gift for volunteering to

help your kid. I don't needa Johnny Ve's gift certificate for helping my
kid, Johnny Bees, Johnny Ve's, Dick sporting goods. I don't care.
You do it because you love thekids. You don't do it for
gifts. Why are we so softnow as a society. Everyone's getting a
pad in the back, everyone's gettinga gift, everyone's getting a championship ring,

everyone's getting posted on their front yard. What are we doing? This
is why every other country is passingus. You didn China giving out posters
on their front yard for making theAll Star Team. No, they're not
doing that. That's why they're passingus. Do we know that? For
a fa These kids have no backbonesnowadays. That's the problem. And it

starts with the parents. It alwaysstarts with the parents. Man, the
things I see, the things Isee these kids, you hit a single
or I had one parent tell meall my son got a hit. I
go, what was the hit andthey go, oh, well, he
didn't get on base. Well it'snot a hit. Just because they make
contact doesn't make it a hit.That's not a hit. We don't celebrate

that. There's wins and losses inlife. That's life. It's not fun
for everybody. They caught it,but I mean, you hit it.
Wow. I'll tell you what.When I made the All Star Team.
You know what I did after Imade it. I went out and practiced.
I kept practicing. I didn't getparaded around all over the county like

the ninety eight padres. It didn'thappen. Okay, you didn't do a
photo shoot with it. I didn'tdo a photo shoot with my parents.
I didn't have a ring. Ihad a T shirt. That's it.
Humility, an effort, it's weneed from these kids, and they're not
getting it anymore. Give it tohim, to give it to me.
I like four things four attitude,effort, energy, focus. Where's humility?

Though? Through humility that's a differentthing. You know, that's a
lot of kids don't have that.Now, a lot of parents don't have
any. Listen, I news flash, parents, your kid's not going to
the pros. I hate to tellyou, but he's not going to the
pros. She's not going to thepros. It ain't happening. Enjoy it.

Stop living through them, and stopletting me know how good they are
on Facebook? Well, why arewe filming every bat then? I don't
know about I don't know about it. I don't know about that. Are
they doing like instant replay rules withtheir phones? What are we doing?
It's gotten out of control. Ithought it was bad when I was a

kid, the stories my dad wouldtell me. Now it's like over the
top ridiculous. Well, you're notthe pros. With the advent of social
media, we have to show everybodyhow good little Johnny is. But stuff
most kids suck. Okay, nice, but they need to know that.
They need to know they suck becauselife doesn't care if you're good or not.

I heard about the beat your ass, Yeah I heard. I heard.
You know what I'm saying. Sky'sgoing through it. She knows what
is the Walter Mathow of Little League. She's gonna tell like it is.
I appreciate the parents that do itright, that don't give your kid a
champ If my kid, if Iwas like eleven or twelve, my kid

won the Little League World Series,it's a different story. But if my
kid won, you know, aregular league champions, you get a trophy.
There you go. What's wrong withthe rings? Just a replace?
That's so stupid because you know whogets rings, professional athletes, They get
rings, Like give me if Isaw if I saw a nine year old,
if I saw my nine year oldwearing a ring, I'd laugh in
his face and I'd take it offand throw it in the trash. My

god, wearing a ring at nineyears old? Like you're the like your
Bryce Harper. Get the hell outof here. What are we doing?
And it's all about the parents.It always starts with the parents. And
we have a generation of weirdo parents, right now sorry, sorry parents,
generation of letting your kids do eatwhatever they want, do whatever they want.

Remember he said it wasn't about anybodyhow they want, all right,
haircuts, how they want. Wedon't need to go back there. All
right, Well we got through thatone rough. Just like bring it down
man, all right. So whenyou vacuum, do you consider that working

out? We're going to see ifeveryday household chores count as working out and
keeping fit when you get back onthe show Rocking a five three Lincoln Park.
On the show, it's rock oneO five to three. So I've
heard Emily say before that you know, she sort of keeps fit because she

moves around so fast. It's alwaysmoved around, you know. And so
when she's at home, it's notjust lying around like a lazy bump on
a log. No, No,she's doing tours and stuff laps around the
house. You're you're doing like pickingup and you know, cooking dinner and
all that kind of stuff. Takinglittle random pieces of trash out of the
trash case. I don't know whereto go to, you know, one

end of the house to the other. How do you do a very big
house? Did you get the mailtoo. Yeah, I did a trip
to get the mail, had togo do something that the choosy in the
backyard bunce around. I know.Great, well, I can't improve myself
a little bit more. But justyou can't take no, she cannot.

Well, I guess you're not alonewith people believing if I just do stuff
around the house, that's how Ikeep fit, you know, and I'm
doing exercise. Yeah, that doesn'tmake him mean sense, but tells me
different. Oh, that's that's onethat I start to break a little bit
of a sweat. Oh really,I'm sweeping or vacuuming. Yeah, getting

in there on my like I havegot high pile rug that it makes a
little difficult to go back and forththat I'm breaking a little bit of a
st just said that's hard. Thatis hard. I do relate to that
one. I'll break a sweat onthat one. When you get those thick
rugs, oh yeah, oh yeah, that'll get you. I don't know
that it'll get you. Like thesweat concrete I'm trying to vacuum in has
got a thick rug. You know. I feel like I guarantee it.

I don't think we need to know. Okay, sorry you said it.
Okay, I just have a veryfluffy what we know, okay, okay,
in my living, in my living, yeah, yeah, well that's
what I was talking about. Soanyway, they surveyed over two thousand US
adults and asked them about exercise andgoing to the gym, and they were

surprised when about sixty percent of ussay I don't go to the gym because
I get all the exercise I needdoing my chores at home. Thank you,
sixty percent of Americans. So thenthey went on to survey they walk
really fast though, Well that's thething. They said, Well, well
what are you doing at home?To to birds? Don't stop moving?

Calories even to do And these arethe top answers. A third of us
say, doing the dishes is isvery st Yeah, I'm not counting that
one, No, you're okay.On number nine, thirty five percent say
stretching after they get out of bedin the morning is all the exercise they

need? These these ones are okay. Next thirty six percent Emily say,
taking out the trash, Okay youlike that one? Yeah, okay,
that's moving. My trash cans arekind of far is it around the block?
No, it's right in front ofmy house. Are you jogging there?
Or fast? Oh? Super fast? And then I have three steps

that go to my front porch.I always skip all the steps and just
jump all the way to the top. Because it's fine. You should walk
up the steps, walking up thesteps working. I jump down them too.
I don't ever go up those stepskind of twister ankle because it's fun.
Just like I'm moving so fast thatI'm like, al mos, just
run and jump up. It doesn'tdo more to me, it does,

thank you. Number seven people saythey do around the house that's exercise,
so they don't need to go tothe gym. Forty percent say gardening.
I get that. I mean Iget that well. I mean you get
squats in there. If you're inthe sun, you're getting hot these wrist
and hand muscles. Oh, lotsof gardening. Okay, I support that.

One forty percent say bringing the groceriesin and out of the house.
You don't do that every day.Got a big bag. You got a
big bag you can get your squatsin when you're lifting it up. Oh,
why is it on the ground withyour legs right? Isn't it in
your car? Why is the bagon the ground and you have a bronco,
so they shouldn't be that low.Ye, why is she squalling getting

in there? Deep? I'm doingit deep. That doesn't make sense.
Next fifty six percent say walking thedog. That's that's good exercise. That's
that's the first one. Fifty saycleaning the house. Another fifty nine percent
say doing yard work. Sixty percentsay taking the stairs in their house.

Who now, what if you jumpthem? Thank you? Better? It's
so good. Better. And thenumber one thing that people say is enough
exercise they don't need to go tothe gym. Is just walking around the
neighborhood. You know, whether you'regetting the mail, Yeah, you're being
black neighbor. But they're not evensaying going for a walk. They're like,
legit, just saying walking outside andtalking to the people in the front.

So I good enough. I don'tknow if that's gonna work for anybody.
Steps in. Got fourteen thousand stepsin yesterday, so it's coming from
somewhere. Okay, expressive, isn'tit. You're not that impressive? I
hate that. I love it.Oh well, it always sucks when you
lose your wallet, but it's beyondhuge if somebody finds it and returns it

to you. Well, we're gonnasee what one guy wants to do for
the person that returned his lost wallet. Coming out next on the show and
Rock one of five to three scorpionson the show, It's Rock within five
to three. Harken back to thetime that Emily found somebody's wallet and she

had to become an internet sleuth tofind the owner of said wallet. And
she did. She discovered who didbelonged to, and it was somebody in
the little neighborhood that you were in, and you got ahold of them.
They sent their kid over to pickup the wallet and gave you no reward,
and you were very despondent about that. Yeah, you felt like you

were does owe some sort of reward? You said, a bottle of wine?
Yeah, I think that's a littlecrazy. But bottle of wine.
I think that's appropriate, I meanappropriate. So the person should go out
and buy a bottle of wine foryou. But how they'd have to get
the wallet back first, and howdid they know it was like an adult

was like a seventeen year old kid, or that you drink. I feel
like they just should have assumed it. I was in South Park at the
time, in the heart of SouthPark, and there's stores everywhere. I
mean, I could have just ranby a place. I'm sure you even
have, but they don't. That'sa good point. Or come back and
go, hey, can I buyyou a nice bottle of wine and then
go wild? Would have been anice thank you. What if they just

said as a reward, oh,I got ten bucks in my wallet,
there you go. That would havebeen nice. But I think I if
they would have done that, Ifeel like I would have turned that down.
But the wine gesture is something that'slike, you'll never turn that down.
I think about how insane that is. Just a nice it's a nice
thank you. It's a nice thankyou going out, going out of your
way to buy a bottle of winebecause someone was nice, but she went

out of her way to find Yeah, that's a nice thing to do.
I understand nice too, But ifthey are not, you were doing something
to be kind, not expecting anythingin return. Yeah, so you were
definitely expecting. That would have beennice, but you know what, it
would even what would have made itbetter though than what actually happened, Like
where their kid came and grabbed itis if the actual woman came with,

oh my gosh, thank you somuch. Save that would so your expectations
on thank you is even that high. I wouldn't have needed the wine if
she would have just come herself tosay thank you, because that's what she
would have done. Yes, Iwould have been over the top, thank
you so much. What if shewas like busy cooking dinner and like a
lot of things going on, shecould have said that in the message,

Hey, I'm super busy right now. I wish I could he Well,
there is a guy I guess thatwants to reward a person that found his
wallet but can't find him. Ohyeah, and this is making local news
because people have a lot of feelingson the thank you and the lengths this
guy went to and the whole story. So I guess this guy was shopping

for a new girl. He wasbuying a new girl for his wife's birthday,
and he was out at the lowsin Sante. He was buying the
grill for the birthday party or forhis wife, because I don't think she
wants a grill for her birthday.Bro it says, Well, the news
story says quote, a new grillfor his wife's birthday. I'm assuming it's
for a party for I don't thinkany wife would want a grill. Well,

I'm asking for a griddle right now, actually an outdoor griddle, like
an outdoor Blackstones. We need anew grill, Yeah, my wife wants
one. Told her no, wait, her birthday is in like two weeks.
It we just bought this grill liketwo years ago. We could fix
the one that's broken. We don'tneed a birthday. We don't need a
whole new grill. We could justfix what's broken. Well, I guess

some women do want a grill.I'm wrong, Okay, I don't cook,
and she loves grilling whatever, grilland chilling, that's what she does.
So we don't know if it's forher for the party. But this
guy's out at the Lows and Santeepicking up his new grill, and I
guess as he's walking back to histruck, as we now see outside you
know lows and home depot people arenow selling food items, especially on weekends,

and so he saw somebody who wasselling strawberries, and he thought that
looked a light and so he stopsloading up his grill. I'm gonna buy
a couple of strawberries. Great,thank you, Okay, strawberries in the
car grilling. He had that cashon them, right, strawberry? What
are they stands down? Take venmoAnd that's a fun fact. You know.

I bought my son at churro anda hot dog the other day at
Target with the and a hot dog. They have those big stands, those
stands up where they do like alow te and tamales and stuff like that,
like a cart like a what aweird combo? A ch and a
hot dog. Yeah, the hotdog and then the chro's dessert. You
but I wouldn't want to if I'mgetting either hot dog, I don't want

a churro as I honestly don't knowwhat dessert would go with a hot dog.
Apple pie American? Yeah, urowhat that's do? They have tacos
and ice cream sandwiches? One doesthat sounds yummy? Doesn't so anyway?
So okay, great, I gotthe strawberries, I got my grill.

I'm getting in my car and I'mgoing home. And he gets to his
house and as soon as he walksinto his house, he realizes, where's
my wallet. I don't know ifit's one of the things where you got
a table where you put it on, and he goes to put it on
and not there, and so that'swhen he's like, okay, I clearly
left it at the store. Somehowgoes back Lowe's doesn't have it, Lost
and found doesn't have it. Andthen he finally realizes, oh, after

I bought the strawberries, I putit on the hood of my car.
I must have driven off with mywallet on top of my car, right,
strawberries. Yeah. So as he'sheading back and about to get on
the freeway, he sees something onthe side of the road, pulls over.
It's a couple of the cards outof his wallet, but not like

bank cards. It's like a Costcocard. And he's like, great,
somebody stole it and chucked, youknow, the worthless stuff. I found
it and then kept the good stuffchuck the other stuff. But then a
little bit up the road he seesa ten dollar bill and then a twenty
dollar bill, and that's when herealizes, oh, my gosh, it
probably fell off my car and othercars have been kicking it down the freeway

and stuff is falling out but hecan't find He searches for a half hour,
can't find it anywhere. Well,during that half hour, somebody goes
to his house to return his wallet. Somebody had found it down the road,
picked it up. The license wasstill in there with the address,
so they drove directly to his house, but he wasn't there. They see
a neighbor outside and they said,hey, do you know the guy who

lives there? And she's like,yeah, actually, we're good friends.
I'm going over for dinner or whatever. He goes, can you tell me
the guy's name, just so Ican confirm you really know him. She
does Nay. Matches the ID.He says, can you please give this
to him? I found his wallet. So guy gets home. Neighbor goes,
hey, some random guy dropped offyour wallet. Here you go.
But she didn't get the guy's name, his contact information, anything. So

now this guy he is contacting localmedia around San Diego. Yeah is it
San Diego? Yep? And he'strying to get the word out because he
wants to give a personal thank youEmily my God to invite this guy over
for a barbecue. Enjoy the newGrillo. I would go fun isn't that

nice? Why would you want togo to somebody you don't know's barbecue?
Oh my god, that sounds awful. Don't invite me to that. I
don't know you, you don't knowme. I don't want to. I
just did something nice. Let itgo. Oh Jesus, why would I
want to go to your barbecue?Buy me a bottle of wine? The
person he found the wallet which she'sout and says, oh my god,

I want to thank you so much. Can you come over to a barbecue?
I want to, you know,really celebrate you. And I'm there.
You're that night, Eddie that night, or she would have come over
go to swing. Hey we havewe just opened a couple of really nice
bottles of wine. I'm making aRisota. What if it's what if it's
on a Tuesday night? You haveto work next day? I probably not
want that, but we could.We can figure out a date that works.

Everybody in San Diego listen to ourshow, I think every single person.
So let's find this guy. Let'sfind the guy and he's going to
the barbecue. Yeah unless yeah,okay, well I'd like to go to
the barbe be incredible. What youdidn't do anything after Memorial Day. It's

pretty much to kickoff to summer,right, we don't have to kick off
summer. Ye, well, alot of people love summer, but not
everyone. We're gonna go over theworst things about summer coming up next on
the show and rock with a fivethree and pass some corn on the show.
It's Rock one five three, Soit's basic summer. Yeah, it's

not officially summer. No, Idon't know when that is, but I
know after Memorial Day everybody got pretty. It goes, well, that's a
kick off the summer. Yeahmer,so we're kind of in it. Yeah,
totally. And uh, I knowpeople who love the summer. You
can start wearing white pants again.Oh not, this is such an old
things like how old you sound?You can start wearing white you have you

have you have to labor day,live it up, you wear you wear
viewery lemon. Now you need tostep it up and get get over that.
For this really gets offended by that. Yeah, she sure does,
Emily, you love summer. Ido. It's not my favorite season.
My favorite season's fall, but Ido love summer. Sorry for saying that,

Eddie, Why did you just getattack I don't know. I just
thought you liked summer a lot.Sorry saying that, Well, it depends
on my mood. I am asummer dress. I want to wear a
sweater though, and that it wasyour favorite. Sometimes they wake up and
it's little nippy out. I stoppingan idiot, Eddie. Yeah, okay,

sometimes I like conditioning. Sometimes Idon't like your tradition, So shut
up. I feel like sky likesummer a lot more than I do.
Sorry for not pointing that out.How dare you like summer, Eddie?
How dare you I love summer?How dare you neglect? Well? I
guess I'm wrong. Well, there'sone thing that I don't like about summer.

What that What maybe makes me notlike it more than I do like
it? I'm going is that myson's out of school. I honestly thought
she was gonna say because like shewas, she was a kid. Another
reason, another reason, But shegoes because her kids. I did not

see that it's going better now thathe's older. You don't have to,
you know, organize as many activities. But kids are out of school.
Should we we start break? Yeah? The whole thing, guys. Emily
hates summer I didn't really really realizethat, but right, right right hate
summer? Really? Yes, Sky, you really like summer. I love

summer. No, I know youdo. Yes, thank you, thank
you for saying that, eddiething.What is it do you love about summer?
I love that it is your kidsout of school? Yeah, I
love that my kids out of school. Your best friends, yeah, me
and my best day can hang outall day. And now do the bobo
girls come around or do they getyou know, are they excluded from summer

activities? Show that only only youand meat lovelight? No girls, okay
no? And then that old guythat lives here, he could serve us,
okay, my husband. I donot hang out with them. I
show for them around a lot tofferbeaches, coolpools and beer beer. I

don't buy beer cocktails, bob prettycocktails, spy. Anybody wants a little
of this and their boba. It'scalled the nip bottle. No, I
don't spike it. I'm the coolMountain. But I love when my pool
gets like to you guys hot,you know, like I love love having

a hot pool when it's hot.The purpose of the summer. No,
no, thats want it to bea little cooler to be refreshing because it's
too hot outside. I want itto just be like right there. You
know, there's nothing worse than whenyou dive into a hot pool because it's
like it feels like you're in soup. It's gross, it's not refreshing.

No. Oh well, see Idon't like being cold, so I find
it perfection. You don't think there'sa difference from being cold to being like
refreshing. It's hot outside, soyou wanted it to be a little bit
cooler in the pool, so Iwill get one second of refreshing and then
it moves into the cold category,so I I have a minimal refreshing zone

and then it's straight cold. Solove summer fight in the house overturning the
acon or not because I don't wantit on some days, my husband does
want it on. It's like awarm I like being warm. Put on
tank top and some shorts and justyou don't get uncomfortable at any point.
Like if we lived in Vegas,yes, that'd be a discussion. Hot

here in like September, there aredefinitely warm days, but I love them.
So come in, what's up,bro? Stop that you were so
annoying. It's not crazy. Ithink the word you're looking for is endearing.
Oh my god, definitely not.Oh I thought you. I thought

you used the wrong word. Somepeople are just like Emily and have things
about summer that they don't really carefor. Yeah, they hate. Yeah,
is their kids being home on thelist of summer. No, there
was a whole thread on men andshockingly the kids being But there were quite

a few things that were repeated multipletime on the thread of things we do
not care about for summer. Here. They are mosquitoes. They've been so
bad the last couple of years.I can't. I can't with the mosquitoes.
Humidity not that big of a dealhere in San Diego, sunburns,

that sky. How can you lovesummer when you hate summers? I love
you. I've liked because you know, you had that second degree, some
degree. Some people call it thedevil's itch. I'm not doing that.
I don't know. I'm not doingthat. Something else that devil's it.
Okay, what vacation traffic. Wehate other people's bo we hate in summer

about you? Okay, that's notnice you around though. I feel like
I've left it out I found agood natural deodoran our electric bill we hate
in summer. I mean, that'swhy you gotta go solar Manu hot seats
in your car when you especially ifyou're a gal and you're in like short
that's the worst part about leather seats. Yeah, seats if you're a gal.

Yeah, you're showing a lot ofI mean, guys, have guys
were sure sorts? Okay? Ohyeah? Are they short enough that you're
the guys were higher shorts? Nowyou send these shorts, They're out of
control. Okay, between your socksand shorts. I can't. I can't.
Crowded. Don't forget about those whitepants fashion here. I'll tell you

what the Labor day hits. Nomore, no more, you shut up.
I have heard that. Well,it's nothing. Crowded parks and beaches.
Uh. Sticking to the furniture.We hate sand everywhere everywhere. The
pressure to go outside and enjoy theday, that's one of my lists.
But you get that twenty four toseven, you yeah. I mean I

look out, I don't feel likedoing anything during the day, and I
look out and the sun is shining. I'm like, but isn't that most
of the times like you're irritated.I will never ever make the mistake again
of thinking Emily like something, I'mso sorry, Sorry I couldn't go.
I'm sorry I've insulted do you greaterlythan I very insulted you before? Crazy

level? I thought it was likeyour second favorite season. I'm clearly wrong.
I think I'm more of a springgirl than a summer girls. Yeah.
Absolutely, you don't know all.I really screwed that up. We
hate applying sunscreen, we do.I hate it. I don't go spray,

I go spray. Yeah, itmakes it so much easier. Yeah,
the all natural ones. And thenand then you have chalky. Am
I going to die from sunscreen cancerbefore you? I bet you you will?
Okay, that's not nice. I'mnot saying it's nice or not,
but I mean, like, whata ridiculous thing to think something about the
propellants in the spraying. Stop watchingyou so you don't breathe, so I

don't. I heard I heard somebodytell me that it's bad for the environment,
and I said, yeah, sure, when China stops there like quadruple
the emission of carbon monoxide that wedo, then I'll care more about my
sunscreen spray. Wow, just makethank you your banana boat spray is not
going to kill. It's not goingto kill the water in the ocean.

Too much daylight. We don't likeabout summer. Too much daylight? If
your Emily any title thing on thethread of things we don't like about summer
is the thing? No, No, that's just you again. The fact
that we have to see so manypeople's bare feet. Yeah, disgusting.
I hate that SCENEIP Season. IfI was, if I was the boss

of this building, I would makeit mandatory that you you have to cover
your close women. Yeah, likea sun dress I can't wear. No,
you can wear flats, torses.Yeah, we're at work, at
work fashion. I'll tell you what. If I sound somebody wearing white pants
post labor day, I'd pull themin my office and talk talk. I'd

be like, Hey, trying toembarrass yourself. You're embarrassing this company.
You don't know what you're talking about, right? I don't either, because
I thought, like, apologize.Stop. The Padres pitching was on point
last night, and one of theirrelievers actually set a record. We're gonna
see what happened in their game andwhat record was set next to sports dirt.

Well. The Padres got things startedright out of the gate when Jerkson
Profar went deep in the first inningfor a two run home run to put
them on the board. Profar addedanother RBI in the fifth and then Donovan
Solano had an RBI double in theeighth as the Padres blank the Marlins fourd
to nothing. Last night, knuckleballerMatt Waldram had it going. He threw

seven innings, striking out eight,and then the Padres reliever Jeremiah Strada set
a record as well as he struckout his thirteenth straight batter when he struck
out the side in the ninth toset an Expansion Era record. That's pretty
wild. Seen in a row.That's crazy. It is crazy. All
thirteen strikeouts have been swinging too,so that's pretty impressive. Yeah, so

good stuff for the Padres yesterday.NBA Western Conference Finals last night saw the
Timberwolves stay alive as they took downthe Mavericks one oh five to one hundred.
Dallas still holds a three to oneseries lead, though Anthony Edwards led
the Ways scoring twenty nine and KarlAnthony Towns at a twenty five Game five
will be played tomorrow over in theStanley Cup playoffs. The Panthers tied up

their series against the Rangers at twowith a three to two win in overtime.
So your Rangers now tied. Yeah, I'm getting nervous. Any Oh,
last night was a big game.They lost in overtime. They didn't
look great in the second period.The second period, Yeah, they got
dominated real period. So Game fivein Massacre Garden, it'll be rocking.

It's a big one. I'll bewatching and you know, hopefully they win.
Ninety four was the last any one, I don't it's thirty years.
Yeah, it's crazy to think thatit is. Caitlin Clark probably had her
best game of the season, butit didn't equate to a victory for her
Fever. She scored a season highthirty points, but her Fever ended up

losing to the Sparks eighty eight toeighty two. Now she is the first
rookie to score thirty points and havethree blocks and three steals in WNBA history,
but still no win forever and thisis kind of crazy. Nick Diaz
is back the UFC legend is makinghis return to the octagon when he faces

Vincente Luke in Abu Dhabi in August. Now, Diaz hasn't fought in the
UFC since twenty twenty one, buthe's gonna be returning at the age of
forty. So I'm stunned by that. I did not I thought Nick was
done. Nate can still fight.Last time Nick was in the Octilio,

he didn't look that great and helost, and so to have him come
back, it's kind of stunning.But I mean, he's one of the
most up to the fighters of alltime, and so it's gonna be interesting
to see him back fighting in theaccagon again. But pretty crazy. Connor
fights next month, right, Yes, did you see a video of him
partying recently? And people are likeConnor's training camps going really well, and

it was him and his wife gettinghammered. Dude. Once he started his
own brand of whiskey, that's allhe posts is him drinking and like party
the Proper twelve. All he does, he loses. It's hard to say.
It could be he really doesn't needto fight. The guy is like

worth millions and so he doesn't reallyneed to fight, And you kind of
have to have that inner drive tokeep fighting. He's hard, but it
is also you know, he's bigon his legacy and things like that,
and so he has been saying hewants to fight three total times this year.
So if he beats Michael Tandler,he wants to fight two more times

this year. And so if heloses, I mean, there is a
built in excuse of all ring rust. He hasn't fought in a long time,
and you know, we'll see whathappens the next time. But I
don't know, I don't know.It's at some point it's starting to I
mean, he doesn't want to fightin a really long time. Fiasco not
good. Yeah, So yeah,we'll see what happens with him, but
it should be interesting. Sports Startis brought to you by Jersey. Mike's

thora has been saying for years thathe's got a little hack when it comes
to getting extra meat at Chipotle.What do you say? Just a little
bit? That's it? Do youwant double and go? No? Justin
even more? Oh that's all.Well, apparently there is another hack people
are loving about how to get extrafood at Chipotle that we're gonna go over

coming up next on the show atRocket five to three. That is Queen
on the show It's rock one O, five to three. I have to
say this, for all of Thor'smisgiving in Bluster and you know, him
shouting from the rooftops, different stuff, it's sort of you know, at
times I just listened to it.There's the Door again with his madness and

things like that, and then somethingwill come out and I go, huh,
he was kind of onto something.But you make so much noise all
the time, it's hard to like, take you somebody, somebody d m
me yesterday. I guess there's thatInstagram account, what's that San Diego Pictures
or whatever? Yeah, send yourpictures, and I guess they were posting

about how like electric batteries are badfor the environment and like not good in
the long run for for finances,and somebody goes, didn't you ran about
this a few weeks ago? Yeah, okay, really, Yeah, I'm
on the edge. I'm on thecutting edge of what's going on. I
hate everything. Yeah, everything.Well, one of the things that Door

has talked about four years is whenhe used to go to Chipotle. He
said he would have a little hackof how to get extra meat and it
was not nothing crazy, but hesaid, it worked almost every time.
What would you do? I wouldorder a burrito bowl. Always go bowl
number one. Why because you're gonnaget more for your book. Oh really?

Number two. Always get a tortillaon the side, because you're gonna
get a whole tortilla on the sidefor free. So you get a burrito
bowl and tortilla. You can makeyour own burrito or taco and you're saving
money or you're just getting more food. You get more food, so you're
sitting so technically saving money. ThenI always go, this is my order,

right, I'll go, We'll goblack beans, white rice. I
always go, can I get alittle Well, they don't really care about
black beans, white rice, butI'll always go extra extra black wings,
extra rice, Yeah, no problem. They dump it on it dump it
on because you get these conservative Chipotleworkers like a Sky who like want to
be by the book and want togive you barely any food. Well,
I want to have some leftover forthe other customers. I mean, you're

they're always making more. Then theyget to the protein and the proteins where
it's at, and I'll see thescoop. I usually go chicken. I
usually don't I don't don't want I'mnot a barber coal because I don't stop
it. I'm not a barber coallike the shredded. I like carneada.
But I'll usually go chicken, okay, And I don't want to go double

the meat because that's insane, becausethat's too much money. So when I
see the fork, when I seethe spoon, they put it on.
As soon as they're done putting iton, I'll go, hey, could
I get a little more chicken?And they go, do you want double
the meat? And I go,no, no, just just a little
bit more was kind of, youknow, just a little bit more,
and I do. I move myhand like I'm telling you to move something
a half inch. Yeah, likelike the pictures a little crooked. You're

going at left, and I tellyou every time time. Now, there's
sometimes where the person is like asky and they give you barely in chicken,
and I'll go, come on,that's it, Like I'm being sassy,
like I'm like, come on,that's it. And sometimes you want

saying Sometimes you just get in thereand you're like here we go, you're
good or oh wow. So ifI was the supervisors on the side by
the way, thank you. Okay, if I'm the supervisor system manager,
maybe and I would see somebody doingthat or asking me we're a little to

me, I'd be like, whatare you talking about? That's the portion
you get? Like, what doyou mean extra? You can pay for
extra? What? I don't wantdouble? I don't want to understand what
you're saying. I don't want ifI if I gave extra to everybody,
though, I mean would be Iassume what's your name, Eddie? Eddie?
I'm he was so serious. Tosee that face, I would say,

first of all, why is afifteen year old and assistant manager of
Chipol like I'm that good? Good? Second, I'm assuming every can you
stop making that? It's like alittle de Niro in there. Then there
was a hot topic right now too. He's asking me for extra meat,
but he doesn't want to pay forit. Oh well, I think I

feel like I feel like not everyone'sgoing to ask this. And then also
on top of that, I wasa little shorted. I feel like the
scoop wasn't enough. I'm giving youthe appropriate amount of food to this orbit.
I've gotten more before from the storso I'm just confused. Okay,
but somebody overserved you last time,and I'm giving you the I definitely didn't

feel overserved. Oh that's fine,but I'm letting you know as a supervisor
that this is the amount you getEddie, is it? Yeah? Can
I talk to the manager? Youare you got the braces and the ACTI

but that is actually the manager scottyyess. So that's cute. That hack
seems to be. Okay, Ihaven't been in a while, but if
you run into a supervisor like youget a stickler like, it ain't gonna

happen. I think one time ever, I said that, I think one
time ever, So nine nine pointnine percent of the time a person went,
so you want double meat anyway?No, just a little extra and
they went double meat, and Iwent, all right, double meat.
Relax. Well, apparently there isanother Chipotle hack out there to get a

little extra food. Yeah. Saw. This is trending on social media and
people are claiming, just like,for one hundred percent put your crap on
social media. You could have goneyears ago. I really need I mean.
Perfect example was when we did Eddie'sEddie's gas card from Vaughn's on the
air, and I got him threehundred extra points. Sorry Ralph's card for

gas? You did, Yeah,I'm a genius complaining, yes at all,
I am extremely special. Yeah,very that's your guy. Yeah,
yep, yep. Okay. Soyou know how a lot of us,
well everybody's been talking about inflation,and then that led into a discussion about

shrinkflation. Well, this was somethingthat had gone viral, specifically about Chipotle,
with customers on social media taking picturesof their bowls or their burritos or
whatever, claiming this is not thesize that used to be. Shrink Flation
is a thing. So they madethe bowl. I guess I haven't been

the must They made the bowls smallerbecause the price is the same. Well,
no, customer, Well I thinkthe bowl is actually the same size.
But customers are claiming they're putting lessin. You're a little less means
a little less, right, youknow. So that's what people are claiming,
and it was something that went viralon social media. Okay, I
don't know if Biden's making the burritosat Chapogeka. They called them to ask

if he was sure what happened.He was not sleeping, Okay, I
thank you. He definitely has achord phone. Really headquarters Biden speaking,
Okay, I don't think he workssuch a headquarters, don't. Okay,

so dumb. So anyway, So, according to this Chipotle hack, people
are claiming that because of this shrinkinflation rumor going around social media, that
Chipotle put out a memo to theiremployees saying, if you see this one
thing happening, you must change theway you serve. And basically the memo

claims that if you are mid makinga bowl, or if you're mid making
a burrito or whatever, and thecustomer pulls out their cell phone and starts
recording you as you're doing it,the allegedly the memo states that the employee
must put extra in there just sono one can ever post a video on

social of an employee making a skimpybowl or burrito. It's really it's really
easy to find out this is trueor not. Just ask any of the
Chipotle employees if they were told this, if not some big secret. I
mean, I'm sure someone that worksChipotle could say if this happened or not.
Yeah, But lots of times companieswill send out a memo and say
this is controversial now will an hourly. Chipotle employees make it fifteen bucks an

hour whatever, But people this beansreally he got me? Okay, you're
so stupid? All right, Well, there are multiple videos on social me
showing people doing this and they getextra in their bowl. The bulls are

filled. But people are saying thisis obnoxious. I just pulled my phone
and pretend to the text. Theywouldn't know. Yeah, as long as
you're holding it, it's really uncomfortable, that's what people say. Don't just
ask for a little bit extra,They say, it's kind of pathetic if
you're not a shame unemployee to getwhat am I doing? All right?
Coming up tomorrow, it is athrowback Thursday, so we're gonna play some

throwback trivia. Plus Sky had anissue pop up with a car situation and
then she of course made it superweird explaining it to her daughter. We're
gonna see what this issue is alltomorrow

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