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May 31, 2024 99 mins
Cameo Roulette, New Eminem, Celebrity Alter-Egos
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Good San Diego, and welcome,Welcome to the show. Yo, A

new new day is here, andwhat better way to start it than with
I feel like the show is goingto be great. This show. I
would like to introduce you to theringleader Eddie. I have a young mindset,
okay, the mother of this crewSky. If you don't know anything
about me, you may not realizethat I get cold very easily. Sure,
I'm very rude, I'm obnoxious thatI don't care and Emily, ever

since I can remember, I've neverwanted to sleep with another human. Welcome
to the show on San Diego's rockstation Rock one oh five three. Well,
we had big changes take place inthe building last week and it's not
going well, to be honest withyou, So we talked about this a

while ago that we have been toldthat we have to clear out all of
our like applying ins and there wasa big studio cleanup. Basically what was
going on where they kind of wantto whitewash everything, take out anything that
has color in it. It doesn'tcreate a business. I realize that that's
the way they want it. Andso you were like that, I don't

care whatever if that's what you wantto do it, all right, we'll
take the knickknacks down. But thething that bothered me was, for I
mean twenty years, we've had amini fridge in the studio that Emily uses,
and then we added a microwave andwe added a toaster in that room
because again, we don't have alot of time in the morning to eat

food and warm things up and thingslike that, and the mini fridge has
just always been in there. We'vealways had one. And so they said,
oh, you know what appliances theygotta go. There's too big of
a risk that you'll shut down theentire radio station by having that toaster plug
oaker. Huh yeah. I go, well, that's not good. I

mean, like, that can't beright. And I said that you know,
you realize that fridge has been pluggedin. It's been different. You
know, we've got an upgrade.Yeah, but it's basically we've had a
fridge plugged in there for twenty yearsand never had an issue. But all
of a sudden, gotta go,and we're like, oh, geez,
alright. Well I tried to throwmy weight around a little bit, didn't

go very far, unfortunately, soI lost that battle. I tried to
fight it mainly for Emily because Emilylike prepares these wild breakfasts in the morning
where she you know, gets gota full blown like cutting board in there
and up and oh yeah, Imean it's it's a production like a omelet

station. It's like a mother's daybrunch in there, you know what I
mean, it really is, youknow what. It was never that big
of a deal. I always didit very quick, cleaned up after myself.
I mean, I had it down, I had my situation. I
understand deal. Yeah, And sounfortunately it didn't work out. So we
now have a whole separate room wherewe've had to move our microwave and our

toaster, and then we just putthe mini fridge back in the office where
Sky and I are in. Yeah, and it's it's not working out on
several fronts. Number One, Ikeep my water in the mini fridge every
day, and I cannot, forthe life of me, remember to bring
it with me when I come downto the studio. And so every morning

I walk in here and then Igo into Emily's studio to hand her something.
That's when I normally would get mywater. I've been doing the same
thing for twenty years. So Igo in and I go, damn it.
Every motive. I go to getthe fridge and I look at this
empty space down I'm like, Icannot do it. And it's such a
habit that, like, I feelweird that you're not grabbing something out of

the fridge because my back is turnedtowards him. On my back is turned
towards him normally, and he willset me next that's the next to me,
and then goes to the fridge behindme. It's the same thing.
I feel like, I feel weird, like something's not back there, and
so then I say damn it.And then I have to walk all the
way back to our office, whichagain is not that far, but it's

annoying. Yeah, so I gotto go back get by water and it's
just it's ridiculous. But really themain issue is what's going on again with
our girl Emily. Yeah, shemakes what we affectionately known as fart eggs.
Yeah, she cooks. She cooksup these eggs in the microwave.

It's egg whites, and she putsin, like she said, veggies which
are like broccoli and stuff. Soits a bunch of spinach. Spinach is
in there. Sometimes mushrooms will bein the mix. I have my dried
minced onion that I sprinkle in thetop. Discuss it's a lot. Yeah,
I mean fart eggs is a deadon description. There are no better

words for it than fart. Veryso she actually admits it this time.
Oh yeah, I get that theysmell, but like it's just a smell
that I become accustomed to, andit's the smell of health. Health doesn't
smell like that of health, doesn't. I mean, I'm the epitome of
health. I would know, Iwould I would know. That's nice.

And according to what Thor heard inthat bathroom that day, but oh my,
hear anything in that bathroom? Whatare we doing that? I drink
alcohol, probably too much. Wedon't need to go there. Oh no,
that's not we didn't go. Wedon't need to go there in the
bath You don't need to at thattime that day, you didn't stop winking
at me. God, So itsmells like it when we go into your

studio. When we walk in there, it hits you like a ton of
bricks. When she makes her farteggs, which is almost every morning,
I'd say probably at least four timesa week. Yeah, it hits you
like a ton of bricks. Yeah, it was. It's so bad that
even though it was contained to herstudio, there was a point like a
year maybe two years ago, whenthe studio right next door to her decided

they needed to do an investigative reportto figure out where this smell was coming
from. And that was just fromEmily opening the door and closing the door.
I don't even think that was whatthat was from. I think it
was from being an event studio.So so, I mean, even with
it contained there, it was funny. But what she wants to eat and

you eat it every morning? Ido. I eat light in the morning.
I like to eat something healthy likethat. It makes me feel good.
I don't feel wayed down. It'sa smell of health, thank you
very much. I don't like yogurt. Like yogurt, it's not enough anyway,
A little thing yogurt. I nevergot. People that eat little would

never fill me up. I'd alwaysbe hungry. She literally said, you
don't want something to light you theway you do. Something to fill me
up, but not weigh me down, you know what I mean? Like
the way Veggie's taking up space inmy belly, the way she just talked
about you eating yogurt. Was thelook shat on her face. When Robert
ordered the cop salad for dinner atthe steakhouse, it was the exact same
look of like, how could Yeah. So, now that we've moved the

microwave and toaster down the hall intoa whole separate room, it is a
shared space. So all of thedifferent radio stations in our building, and
what do we have? Seven?I think I don't even know six,
I forget. So they all sharedthe same space. And then when we
moved this microwave in there, Ihad a few people go, oh,
so is that community? Like everybodycan use it. Now we have a

kitchenette that has a microwave, ithas airfier, has all these things,
but this is closer to the studios. And so they asked, is it
community? And I go, well, I guess, so, I mean,
what am I going to say?No? This is only ours?
Yeah, that's weird. So Isaid, yeah, sure, if you
want to zap something, I don'thave a problem with it. And so
I guess other people now are usingour microwave. No big deal. Well,

it is a big deal because thecomplaints are starting to come in what
Emily has been making in the morningand the fart egg smell which is now
completely taken over the building. Dude, everybody's talking about it another level,
another level. Yeah, they can'tunderstand that you're consuming that because like you,

they know it's me. I thinkwe all know, like every once
in a blue moon, you'll gointo your work kitchen and there'll be a
funky smell some yeah, but that'slike you'll get that like once a month.
But now with Emily making her farteggs almost daily, like this is

becoming a thing. It's bad.Yeah. So the last couple of times
I've cooked him in there, I'vetried to do it earlier before people are
stirring around more mean, like beforesomebody's going to go in there, like
before people usually try to eat,and I go in there and I like,
what time seven? Yeah, likerun seven, which is like I
feel like people don't eat until likeeight ish. I don't know, I'm

basing that on nothing. I don'tknow what the other shows. I don't
know what everybody else does. Ijust know what we do and we don't
even eat till nine. Yet youguys don't need yous are weird. You
guys don't need to We're weird.I'm not hungry yet. Yeah. So
I've been trying to get in therelike seven and like do it, and
then I'll close the door. Ithink closed the door, and then I

cook up and the minute they're done, I leave out of there and then
close the door behind me again sothat like so that it doesn't go in
the hallways. I'm not wanting itto go in the hallway, and so
I hurry up and get back inmy studio so that doesn't leave a trail.
But clearly that's not working. No, No, it's bad. Yeah,
but I don't know what else todo. Can we stop with the

fart eggs? I don't know whatelse I'd eat. I mean there's other
foods. Mean banana banana that's notgonna fill me up the same thing as
damn yogurt ohana banana? Should Iget crazy and do that? What's wrong
with that? I don't know?Like a offend it? That does make
sense? Yeah, I do abagel every day. Gain is allian pounds.
That's like sky, Yeah, that'swhat Sky does. It's insane.

Got a bagel on the way rightnow, so I'm very excited about it.
Anyway, I like, yeah,So I can't figure this out for
the life. There's literally nothing elseyou can I mean, do regular eggs
it's Is it the fact that it'segg whites? Is that smellier or any
kind of egg in a egg smellsbad? I think so, right,
I mean, I think I personallydon't know, but I believe the broccoli

is the number one offender. Ibelieve the other things smell too, because
the eggs are very sult that havethat sulfur fart smell, especially the white.
And then you add broccoli to it. Then yes, double doozy,
yes, assault, double doozy,douy. You don't, don't. I
don't care for it. So,Eddie, do you think she could just

take a first a baby step ofjust removing maybe the broccoli? Is there
their veggie? You can she lovessucks asparagus. I don't like asparagus that
much. I like it, okay, but not in my eggs. In
asparagus I don't like. Oh,I love it, obviously. I guess

I could try to get rid ofthe broccoli. If that will be less
offensive. I could do that forpeople, but I don't think I could
budge any other way. And Idon't think the spinach. I don't think
the spinach smells. So I hadthought about sneaking a microwave back in my
studio. In your mind, Imean it's a company policy. What do
you mean? I had thought aboutgetting a littler one and like putting it
behind my console or sense right alittle if you get you're gonna lose your

job over a microag maybe your hearteggs irather lose my job than gatazillion pounds
like any other like a bowl,or don't say that you know what happened
with that damn cheus bowl? Somep one. I appreciate you, whoever
you are. Set me because wehad talked about this a little bit before

he set me up. Have youheard about chi as seed pudding or something
like that? And I went porridge, right, porridge, porridge? And
I go, no, what's that? And he like explained it to me.
He goes, it's really delicious.Well, I don't know. So
I went to the store, boughtchia seeds with and like googled recipes made
overnight shea porridge. It was themost disgusting. I mean you put seeds

in a bowl and put oatmeal oatmilk. About you do that? Creamal
weed? A little bit like that? Yeah? Can I add brocoli to
cream a weed? Stop with broccoli? My broccoli, your broccoli? Seven
am broccolies? I do? Ido. You're gonna have to figure something
out because like multiple you have totell me who's talking about me? I

mean the building. Yes, yeah, this is what it is. It's
not good. Yeah, we gottafind you more options. We know screwed.
I don't know what to do.I'm screwed. It's not good.
Guys. Thor is pumped right now. Eminem has dropped a new song.

This is crazy. Pretty pumped aboutit. Yeah, we're gonna talk about
it. And do you think thatslim Shady is the greatest alter ego of
all time? Well we're gonna seewho has the best real life alter ego.
Coming up next on the show andRock on a five three, So
Corn on the show. It's Rockone O five to three. So Thor

is pretty pumped up right now.He just gave me a full breakdown of
what's going on. I didn't thinkyou wanted it. Partially, Partially I
do because I'm a fan. Imean, nowhere near as big of a
fan as you are. I willnever do that. The only person that's
as big as a fan as Iam is Haley's brother, her older brother.
So we love it. I'm talkingabout Eminem. Yeah, Eminem has

released a new song and he's goingto be releasing a whole new album.
But they dropped this song last night. Thor stayed up late to listen to
it, Like, what time doyou So? The song dropped at midnight
and he dropped a music video withit. Was it midnight Eastern? Even
that Eastern? Yes? Okay,so nine art and it was very throwback
to two thousand and two. Rememberthe song without Me in two thousand and
two. Yeah, that's the musicvideo and it's amazing, and it's just

it's like and it's that old style, very early two thousands. So your
early two thousands in high school,like I was. It was incredible.
That's when you fell in love.That's why I fell in love. In
two thousand and two is a goodyear for me. Really, I was
the best player on the baseball team, had a girlfriend. It was great,
Wow, that's probably right to throw. So what is not? What
is eight fifty nine PM four doing? Like? Where is he? What

is he looking at? What arewe doing? So right? Well,
I'll start you off at seven thirtyfour. Seven thirty four texted a group
threat of me and my wife andmy brother in law when we were counting
it down ninety minutes left, hourleft, So at a fifty nine,
I have a son no sound systemon my TV. Yeah, and I
made sure that it was working.Oh yeah, why would it not because

I was just watching TV and Iwas like putting songs from my phone on
the sound system to make sure itwas working. And I was very nervous
because he's very hit and miss lately. He could put out a great song
or put out not a great song. So I'll say it, I'm honest,
I won't. I don't think everythinghe does is good. So I
was very nervous and a fifty ninenine o'clock it's part Racing Heart Rason.

I'm very excited. I can't findit on Spotify. I'm looking, I'm
like, where is it? Whereis it? Should he use my heart
radio app? Yeah? No,kidding you, it's free by the way,
Yeah, luckily my wife did andshe was able to get it on
her phone through it to the TVand we started playing it, and then
the music video came in. Themusic video is awesome, So we watched

the music video. I watched ithow many? I mean I was up
to eleven o'clock last night, dude, so I probably watched it fifteen times.
That's a little I was texting thatbuddy Doug, my buddy Jeff,
we're all standing. They all they, I mean, Jeff, my buddy
Jeff kind of is. Uh,Doug kind of is. But me,

me and my brother in law arelike, it's it's a little much.
I could take get it. Icould tell you again. So coming up
in the eight o'clock hour this morning, we're actually gonna play the full song,
which is kind of crazy, butlet's let's give it a little.
Listen to what it sounds like.Well, what the stork, little baby
devil with the now like a swthumb with a forehead? Did it?

Going from I'm still a white jerseypulling up and the christ learn but a
sieher with the technician jun electrician,you all light worked up. I don't
gotta playampling. Yeah, well SteveMiller Band, Wow, good quality.
You recognize that sounds like that's good. Yeah, it's very likely sick beat.

Oh yeah, Eddie, you knowit's very old school two thousands.
Yeah, it sounds just like that. That's why I love it. So,
like I said, coming up inthe eight o'clock hour, play the
whole thing, I'm very happy.Eminem is also known by his alter ego
slim Shady. That's his whole thing, right, is it some Shady?
Some Shady is his other guy?Well, this new album is going to

be called What Depth Shady. It'sall about Slim Shady coming back from two
thousand and two to twenty twenty four, and Eminem has to kill him because
he's too crazy, because he's notpiece of multiverse. Multiverse, So not
asking thor because I already know.Yeah, is slim Shady the greatest alter

ego? Like real life alter ego? I'm not talking about like Bruce Wayne
and Batman. I'm talking about likethat kind of a thing, like you're
an artist that's known, but thenyou also have remember alter ego in the
great Garth Brooks. How could Iforget? But Chris Gaines was Chris Gaines.
He was an emo rocker. Hecame out of hite his hair black

and put it in front of hisface. It was sort of a disaster,
to be honest, we have likechildish Gambino, we have fierce Oh
wow, does don't know why I'mcoming up with him? Now? That's
Chrislanders. It was. It wasa thing in the nineties. He got

so big that now only did hebecome Chris Gaines. He also tried to
be on major league baseball teams.Remember that when he tried out for like
and he played, Yeah, andhe played for like a minor league team
because he was so big that hefelt like I felt like he felt ridiculous.
It was ridiculous. So who hasthe greatest alter ego of all times?
Now? A new eminem song,Well, they've listed the top ten.

Number ten goes to Andy Kaufman's TonyCliff. Oh yeah, that's a
great one. People were so confusedbecause they weren't sure is it Andy or
he had this like writing partner towho sometimes would play Tony Clifton. So
you never knew who you were gonnaget. Yeah, So Kaufman had an
appearance he would pay people to showup as his alter ego to like prove

like that's not it was crazy wild. What about the Patriot and Hulk Hogan.
That's a wild one. What isI don't that's a great call.
Kay, it wasn't Hoke. Heall Hulk Hogan did was put on like
an American flag mask. He wasthe Patriot. He was so confusing,

and Vince mcmn it swore it wasHogan. But then one time, like
they showed up in the same placeor something like that and they're like,
wait a minute, it wait aminute. Number nine goes to Camille,
which was Prince's female alter ego inthe I remember that or did a full

length album as but the record labelrefused to release it. So yeah,
seriously. Number eight goes to JoeCaldron, which was Lady Gaga's male American
Italian guy from New Jersey. Idon't remember either. Yeah, she did

an award show and like the dressthe Britney Spears went viral for being like
so confused about what is happening?Yeah, yeah. Seven is Sasha Fierce
Beyonce of course. Six Chris Gainesonly six, Number five Hannah Montana.
I mean, but is that analter? It was a rule, It

was a TV show an alter,Like she didn't try and do that in
real life in her life. Butshe like Hannah Montana concerts. My wife
was a big fan Hillary. Mywife had feelings for Hillary Duff and lizz
and uh had a Montana. Whatdo you mean she told me like she

was confused about Yeah, she toldme that she's opening about it, open
about it. I don't know ifI respect it or I think it's weird.
She's young, so back in theday she was young. Number four
goes to Borat Slash Ali g shouldbe higher America. Doesn't he have three?

Wasn't there three? Yeah? Numberthree childish Gambino. Number two goes
to a ziggy star dust David.Yeah. I thought you're gonna say,
Cody Rhodes. That's regular starting.Can you stop with the wrestling reference.
You're really turning everybody off. Andof course number one, by far goes
to slim Shading. There you go, be sticking around in the eight o'clock

hour, You're gonna hear the brandnew eminem song on our show. Whatever.
There is free food here at work. You know what happens the hyenas
come out. I mean, peopleget ravenous, like they've never eaten before.
It's insanity. Well, we're gonnasee what one guy's asking about the
free snacks at his work when weget back on the show on rockot five
three, that's green Day on theshow. It's rockot O five to three.

So, uh, this definitely happensat our work. I think it
happens at every work. If youget free food at your work, it's
like a feeding frenzy. It's likethrowing chum in the water. The sharks
come out, the eyes roll backin their heads, they just come out
of nowhere. Like people will showup that I haven't even seen work here

in like three years, and theystill show up like their their free food
senses tingle. Oh yeah, Andwe, you know, tend to get
free food here more often than notbecause of what we do. And so
a lot of restaurants and places bringin food and whatever, and so we
put it out and it's literally likeyou kind of have to throw it out
there and run away because people justcome and go crazy. You'll lose your

hand. Yes, it's for anything, it doesn't matter food, Like it
could be like the grossest food everand it's get eaten. It could be
any eating burrito and you're like,who's eating that? And then you come
back five minutes later it's gone.It gets crazy. And so whenever there's

free food, it gets a littlewild. And so one guy is asking,
like what's going on at his work? When I guess they have free
snacks. Yeah, so this guydoesn't work the traditional hours that most of
the people in his office works.He was able to organize something where he
works a bit of an earlier shift, so instead of doing like a nine
to five, he'll do like aseven to three, and so he'll get

into work before everybody else is there, and he says his work is cool.
And they put out like a basketof free snacks every day, and
it's a variety of like little thingslike little bags of pretzels. We have
our cheese its and trail mixed hspencer Spencer's here that get filled up about
once a day. They should haveput out a survey of like what do

you want in there? What youwant in there totally and then and then
it came down to a vote whereyou go. I would have honestly,
Trail Mix is a good good mix. I don't particularly, I don't know
how I feel about the trim mixthat's in there, like a healthier form
of trail mix. No, weneed those eminems you can have, but
you can have like a I don'tknow, and raisins you hate, that's

fine, okay. And then thesecond item that's a wild thing. I
don't know, maybe like a mixof like you know, pretzels, like
checks mix, like so you havetwo of them, like a sweet I
would love that. But the cheeseit thing is, you're not who decided
on that are wild? I havealways loved cheese it, and now I

don't. I over did it withthe cheese its. They burned because of
that. Well, and the problemwith the cheese its is they've now tainted
the inside of the dispensers, soyou can't put anything else in that dispenser
ever. Goldfish okay, another cheesebased snack. You could do that,
But that's true. I do likegoldfish. Yeah, I mean it's basically
the same thing. It tastes different, Okay, I'm sorry. So anyway,

so this guy has a free littlebasket of snacks, like I said,
granola bars and pretzels, and stufflike that, and he is bummed
because every morning when he comes inbefore the rest of the worker's there,
the basket is always empty. Andhe goes, Okay, well, time
do they put this thing out?I don't know, I guess when,
like ever whoever's in charge comes in, you know, kind of like us,
we're here for hours before it's replenishedbecause we're here earlier than the rest

of the staff. Kind of similar, it sounds like. And so he
just figures out throughout the afternoon afterI leave, you know, the last
things must get taken and then Ijust got to wait for them to get
replenished. So he's bummed that hecan't have his free snack first thing in
the morning, but whatever. Hedoesn't think much about it until one day
he works a regular shift and staysa little bit later because he couldn't do

his normal hours, and that's when, at the very end of the day,
like about fifteen minutes after the officeis empty, he saw one of
the co workers go into the breakroom, open her purse, throw in
whatever is left in the basket,and leave for the day. And that's
when he realizes why there's no snacksin the morning, because this chick every

day, at the end of theday takes all the free leftover snacks.
Wow, yeah, that's balls.So should he call her out? Well,
we had the exact same situation happenhere where some guy was caught by
Emily. I believe right. Emilywas the witness of some guy brought in
from home a gallon sized zip blockand decided to help himself to all the

cheese. Its Yeah, filled itup, he strained it out. And
again that means that nobody else isgoing to get him. And so did
you ever turn him in? No, we just talked about it on the
radio, but we didn't so wedidn't say no. Look at their tattletales.
But if that same thing you sawthat happen, if you saw it

like daily, like if if therewas never if there was never any cheese
it's left for you because you foundout this guy was doing it every day,
would that be different. I stilldon't think I'm telling on somebody.
Now. I'm gonna look, I'mgonna tell other people in the building.
I would say something to them.I'd be like, so you take it
taking all the snacks? Huh,That's what I would say. Tick and

see what they would say to thatfrom what could they say? Yeah,
I mean that's that's crazy, insanelike bags and you need that much like
I don't care if you have kids, I don't care. Like they're not
for your kids out there for theemployees. Will you look it over here
to me? You tend to dostuff like that. I would not take

the snacks stuff like that. Thatis not like stuff like that. Tend
to stuff. We have donuts inhere or something food that's gonna go to
waste. I'll take it. It'sgo to waste. Hey bad, I'm
not doing nothing. I think youare. Okay, listen, all right,
it is time to play our game, find out what celebrities are charging

on cameo. We're gonna do alittle cameo roulette coming up next on the
show at Rock with a five tothree. That's blink one eighty two on
the show, it's Rock one ofive to three. All right, it
is time to see what celebrities arecharging on cameo. It is time for
our game cameo roulette. You everwonder what Ronnie from Jersey Shore would sound

like wishing you a happy birthday?Hey, what's up? With you boy
Ronnie. Here, I just wantedto say happy birthday. I hope you
enjoy yourself. Drink a lot ofron Ron juice at GTL THEO out of
your party. Well, it's timefor the show. Use time for the
shows. Cameo Roulette, All right, little Cameo Roulette. This is where,

of course, the website Cameo whereyou can order a personalized messages from
different celebrities. They set their ownprice for what they charge to send you
a little birthday message or whatever itis they want to do, and then
we spin a wheel. Whoever itlands on. You guys got to figure
out how much are they charging onCameo. That is how the game works.

So let's go ahead and spin thewheel. Seawood lands on first.
Oh this is a name I'm veryfamiliar with. I don't know if you
guys will be. It is landedon Dominic moynihan. Oh, yeah,
yeah, Well it's Mary from Lordof the Rings, one of the Hobs,

but also from Lost. He wasin Loss where he was also in
Star Wars Rise of the Skywalker.So he's been in a lot of like
the nerdy things, so very popularamongst their nerds and so Dominic Monahan.
How much does he charge on cameo? We'll start with thorp Ooh uh,

he was was really married like EvangelineLily. At one point everybody was like,
really, I'm gonna say, Idon't know, fun fact I thought
he was. I'm gonna say hecharges two hundred bucks. Two hundred bucks
he was married to her? Wow? Oh wild fun fact is all right?
What do you think, Emily?How much did you say thor two

hundred? Oh? Man, Idon't know who this guy is, but
Eddie just told me, and he'sbig with the nerds. You never seen
Lord of the Rings? No?You never seen Lost? No? You
see Star Wars? No like shestrikes back? Never? Oh? Hey,
you know you know where I live. Why are you asking ask these
silly questions? It seems crazy.Oh, it's not that crazy. Mary

and Pip? Hey, what wouldyou just say? Mary and Lord of
the Rings? Oh? Okay,sorry, all right, okay, get
it together, Emily. I'm gonnago a little less than thor and say
one seventy five, one seventy five. You're offended by that? And he
just looked at me disgusted. Lower, What do you think guys. Yeah,

I really like where Thor went withthe two hundred, but I'm gonna
go a little bit higher, soI'll go to twenty five to twenty five.
Yeah, well, thank you forgoing higher, Scott. Damn it
because Dominic Mohan charges three twenty wow. Oh yeah, I spit in some
of the biggest movies of all time. Yeah, not recently though, hurting

full. I didn't like that.Well, this is what you get for
three hundred and twenty bucks for DominicMonahan. What's up, police? Yeah,
got a message here from Lucas Loran, Nataline Sam and they said it's
your birthday, turning forty. Whoaturning forty. Hopefully you celebrate the decades.
I do too, the ones inbetween. I don't really mess about
him too much anymore, but youknow, the decades fun. So hope

you having fun. Say hello toLucaslauran, Nataline Sam for me, enjoy
yourself, sending us of love.Jelaya mention that some sort of a bit
yeah something, there was one guynamed Sam that did it. You don't
do it throw a Samwai scam,you know, right right? All right?

It's been the wheel on this timeWow, this is interesting. You
know, we're right in the middleof the NBA playoffs and it has landed
on nb A Hall of Famer GaryPeyton the glove. The glove, Yeah,

former Seattle Supersonic. Your son playsin the league. Now, really,
why by the glove? Do weknow? Because he's defense, He's
on you like a glove. Iremember Michael Jordan's big line during the documentary
was I had no problem with theglove. That was a different documentary.

All right, So Gary Page,very famous NBA player, he I believe
was on like Olympic teams, thingslike that, very famous guys. Okay,
what do you think he charges oncameo? Most famous sports guys can
charge a lot and they get alot. Not gonna be silly like I
was with Dominic moynihan and underdoing it, overdo it, and I'm gonna say

four four hundred bucks? All right? What do you think? Skuy?
I agree, but I don't know. For some reason, I don't feel
like NBA guys get as much assome of the other guys. I don't
know why I feel that. SoI'm gonna go more than the two hundred
right, two hundred bucks? Yeah, what do you think thor I'm gonna
go right between the two? Threehundred much? Yeah, okay, weird.

Well because Emily was the highest,she's the closest because Gary Payton charges
six twenty five Gary, so skuy, you were really off on the NBA
players. Yeah, so this isto get for six hundred and twenty five
bucks from Gary Peyton. Hey,Danny boy, what's going on? Somebody

called me from who that works foryou. Her name is Michelle. She
just wanted to say, you're theokay is boss ever? You know what
I'm saying, The okay is bossheard? You're a big bosson fan too.
Great love it play for Boss oneyear, great time that I had.
There go Selts, there you go, and then you understand it's your

birthday. Happy birthday and a healthybirthday. You got it made, buddy,
and you got a good crew aroundyou once again, Happy birthday.
Have a great twenty twenty four withyour crew, and I know you can
do it. Peace. Gary Paytonout of here. Oh Gary, Peter,
I love it person. I lovethird person speaking. Yeah, it's
also like that, he said,somebody called me. That's not how Kevin,

No, that's nobody nobody did well, and he was saying, a
gal that works for him, soyou just bought your boss a six hundred
and twenty five. All our camereally smart, rat. I mean,
you know, you gotta imagine there'sgoing to be benefits to come with that.
We play, Yeah, all right, we have time for one more
spin the wheel. See it landson this time. What I did not

know this person was on cameo,never never mentioned it, didn't realize it,
just was hanging out with us instudio. A couple of weeks ago.
Our good friend Taylor Williamson on cameo, comedian extraordinaire, former America's Got
Talent contestant from the Second Place,Second Place, A good friend of ours

who we've known forever. Taylor ison cameo. How much do we think
he charges? I feel like we'veknown him too long to know his value
because he's just our little that wegive craft to all the time. But
I understand out there in the worldhe's he's famous, headlining comedian. Yeah,

he's got that new podcast Superstar withpodcasts with Joey from liv and Maddie
and My My My daughter. Couldn'tbelieve it. Yeah, yeah, I
guess I guess the kids that areimpressed by that. Okay, Taylor,
I love you. I'm going onehundred dollars, one hundred dollars for Taylor

Williamson. What do you think thor? I think Sky nailed it. So
I'm gonna say I'm gonna say oneoh five, okay, just one on
one, all right? What doyou think of going? Oh man,
I don't want to do this.I don't like this. Yeah, he's
gonna put his sweet dog Betty inthe cameo for sure. Of course he
doesn't ever not have that dog inhis hands. Yeah, okay, I

don't want to go lower case.This gets back to him. I'm gonna
say, well, you want tohire yes, guys, because Sky was
the lowest. No, no,she's the closest. Because Taylor Williamson charges
fifty five dollars fifty wow, Ican just text him right now. Fifty.

Emily charges forty. No, Icharged twenty oh charge twenty anyway,
So this is what you get forfifty five bucks from our buddy, Taylor
Williamson. High Claire. This isTaylor and Betty. More importantly, baby
puppy, baby Betty. Happy birthday, from your son, from me,

most importantly from baby Puppy, BabyBetty. Listen, you and your family,
you're some of the greats. Youknow what you know some of the
greats. You have the greats.Send you all the love. That was
it? Okay? Oh wait,come on, five Bucks usually goes on
for a pretty long time. Isays, listen, we have to kick

him out of here. True,you feel like he got he let them
down. Yeah, well maybe I'llhit him up and tell him he's got
to do better. Thank you.Eminem isn't the only artist to drop a
hot track yesterday, You guys,really the Giants tight End Darren Waller has
dropped a new single about his exwife Kelsey Plugg. No, we will

hear some of that. Well.The Padres had the day off yesterday.
They're going to start a series againstthe Royals in Kansas City tonight. Dylan
Sees is going to be on thehill. First pitch will be five to
ten. The Aztecs football schedule hasbeen released, so they're opening the new

Sean Lewis Era against Texas A andM Commerce. Texas A and M Commerce.
Oh okay, okay, that's areal school. I guess what.
Yes, it's gonna be a snapchawon August thirty first. So after we
get through that tough game, thefollowing week, the opponent gets a little

bit tougher as they're gonna play OregonState at home. They're playing a couple
other former Pac twelve teams in caland Washington State as well, So the
schedule looks pretty fun, looks prettyinteresting. They're gonna wrap up the season
finish up against air Force on Novemberthirtieth, So looking at it, I'm
like, okay, you know,it's so hard to tell. You know,

you got a new coach in there. You don't really know what you're
gonna get. But should be fun, should be fun to watch it.
Excited at a lot of early eveningnight games only because of that snap track.
That's good, it gets hot.NBA Western Conference Finals last night saw
the Dallas Mavericks finish off the MinnesotaTimberwolves with a one twenty four to one

oh three route and win Game fiveand win the series four games to one.
Look at Dancic and Kyrie Irving bothhad thirty six point in the win.
Now, Luca was named the ConferenceFinals MVP, so they are moving
on to face the Celtics in theNBA Finals. The Celtics have opened up
as the favorites to win the series. There's a couple of interesting side story

plots to this. You know KyrieIrving taking on his former team and the
Celtics who it did not go wellin Boston for him. You have Christoph
Porzingiz taken on his former team inDallas, things like that, So I
don't know, it should be interesting. Can Luca finally win the Big One?
Can the Celtics duo finally win theBig One? So there's some interesting

things to this. I was tryingto really sell you. I was really
trying to sell you care at all? Can't stand Boston? Can't stand Kyrie
fair enough? Well, maybe you'remore interested in the Stanley Cup playoffs that
saw the Panthers take a three totwo series lead after they beat the Rangers
in Game five, three to two. So the Panthers are now on the

verge of going to the Stanley CupFinals for the second straight year. Rangers
ocks, what happened? Ngers?They had the best record in hockey,
they're the one seed and they justnow they're down three two. They gotta
win in Carolina in Florida Panthers.Otherwise the series is over. Obviously it's
a bummer. They have won atitle in thirty years, Like, come

on, I was very disappointed lastNan. But it looks like we will
get an up post look at theBears. Number one overall pick Caleb Williams
as the Chicago Bears have been chosenas the team that we're gonna follow in
Hard Knocks. So it's the firsttime the Bears have ever been featured on
the HBO series, so it shouldbe interesting. Yeah, I love it,

Okay, Yeah, I mean Ilike seeing a team that I've never
seen before on Hard Knocks, sothat's kind of interesting. Chicago one of
the most storied franchises of all time, and then to see Caleb Williams and
his progression and stuff like that verycool. Yeah, so I think that's
a really good choice. Yeah,I'm gree happy about that. Thor Your
boy, Darren Waller boy is uhwell, didn't you say he was tight

end one? He was? Hegot hurt? What I don't know about
that. Darren Waller has dropped anew hot track, you guys, this
is the Giants tight End and hewas married to w NBA star Kelsey Plump
while they had kind of a contentiousdivorce. So now is his ex wife?

So would you call this a disctrack? I'm not even trying.
Has he released music before or he'sa rapper? Now he's mowling retirements.
He hasn't been to any o,t A S or anything. I hope
he retires because I don't want toWhat do you mean? What I just?
I can't this guy? But Ican't you you would rather listen to

his music? Oh? Yeah?Do you guys like to hear a little
piece of this hotcrest? Yes?This is Darren Waller's song he released about
his ex wife yesterday called who Knew? Yeah, it's hard to love.

It's hard to love, it's hardto be free, it's hard to give
out of your song and it's hardyour heart get a return. But beautiful
take it time. Yeah, justtake a time out. And yeah,

Darren, it's a nice posting alonecalls what's his track back? Your royalty?
Like you know what? This songneeds more auto tune? Okay,
just my favorite part is the musicvideo. He's got like a Kelsey Plum
look alike and he's talking to wild. Wow, this is one of the

worst. You haven't heard the beatdrop yet while they're taking so long.
This is unbelievable. I think whyson Read makes a better beat on.
Still, this is uh, thisis incredible. Thorne made a comment where

he said it's like the giants arepersonally attacking him and trying to embarrass him.
I think he's right. It doesn'tstop. There are constant embarrassing It's
wild. When I say I'm notgonna watch this year. If they start
off like really bad, I'm not. I mean it, and stuff like
this, I can't take it anymore. I can't take it. Man,

that's pretty terrible. How could youshow up in a locker room after that?
Imagine the opposing teams like, just'sno way he's gonna play, He's
gonna There's no way, there's noway. Sports shirt is rot by Pallamar
Health weird a while ago that Emilybreaks the stalks off of her broccoli to
save money on the wait it happenedbefore. I thought that was pretty little

controversial. Well, the internet hasbeen discussing something else people are doing at
the grocery store when it comes totheir produce We're gonna see if this is
cool or not when we get backon the show and rock with a five
three pink Floyd on the show,it's rock five to three. I gotta
tell you, I'm wildly distracted today. Sky is wearing this top where there's

like a hole all morning long.I mean it's like she's flaunting her breasts
in my face. And I meanI'm seeing stuff that I've I don't really
appreciate. Scott. Okay, it'sa little distracting, to be honest with
you, You're not You don't normallywear tops like this. I think it's
a little inappropriate for You're asking mewhoa dude walking the hallway? It keeps

dropping, so you're getting school.I'll tell you what she She goes to
yoga now and just flaunts her bodyaround. I don't know who she thinks
she is. I mean, noneof this comes in here with any of
your tight yoga pants, brandy pantylines. No, I wear a phone now,
you guys, shame me only withmy yoga pants the right. Oh
yeah, okay, I think Ihave a tiktop on underneath here. Boo.

I thought Emily was going to yellat me today for wearing a tank
top underneath, because she's done thatbefore. It doesn't make it. She
says, you're ridiculous. You don'tneed to do that. But so I'm
surprised by this commentary. Right wherethat whole thing is is right where your
cleavage is, and so it's likeit's a lot. That's where I just
touched it. That's where I keepit cleavage and a dump truck when she

comes into the studio. Okay,dump truck. So can you do something
about this up a little bit?Tie the thing tighter, married man?
If we just like she decided,you know what, let's show a little
bit of our scrowdum was that?Okay, I would not want to see
that. Okay, really really,and I'm sorry. Emily shows way more
clean than like the daily attacking women. I'm not attacking women. I just

don't know why there's not a qualityin the studio when it comes to Cleveland.
I don't see anything from her time. So anyway, yeah that happened.
Okay, So Hi, we hearda while ago that Emily does this

thing when she gets at the grocerystore that I didn't agree with. I
thought it was kind of crazy thatshe does it. She will go when
she buys her broccoli and she willbreak off the stem part of the broccoli
and just have the florette parts ofit, and so that when they weigh
it to you know, get theprice for it, it is less.

And I always thought, man,that's that's kind of cheating the system there.
And then what are the people goingto do with all this leftover stems?
If everybody did that, you justhave a whole thing of stems.
Seems like a them problem to me. It's not every time. Sometimes I'll
go to get by a bunch ofbroccoli and the stems are very short and
it's mostly florets sometimes though they're batchof broccoli that they you know that they

the growers as given them are likeyou know, are like a five or
six inch stock and a little headon it. That's byes, excuse me,
you don't need to say that.So I feel like they're trying to
get one over on me, SoI'll get one over back on them.
The stock off cut some more ofit off. They trim it at some

point, so trim that off.I see what you're trying to do.
What I'm trying to do. Yeah, I'm to start, I'm me and
the grocery store are trying to chargeyou broccoli. Yep. Yeah, Well
I thought that was pretty wild,but this may be even wild what people
have been talking about on the internetabout their grocery store produce. Yeah,

this video just went viral and peoplehave feelings on both sides of the issue
because one gal I guess, wasmaking a recipe and she was missing an
ingredient and it just called for asmall amount. Her recipe called for half
of a carrot, half a carrot. It's not very much half of a
carrot. So if I've ever seena recipe that calls for half of a

care full carrot half of it,I don't know. Maybe she was making
half of a recipe, I don'tknow, but she only needed half a
carrot, and so she's like,Okay, I gotta go to the grocery
store and buy a carrot. Soshe goes to the grocery store, and
of course, like anybody else,she's blown away by how much prices have
gone up every single time she goesto the grocery store a carrot for just
everything in the store. She's like, everything every time I go is more

expensive and carrots are no different.Yes, I mean it's a couple cents
here or there, but more expensive. So she's like, well, you're
charging me more every time I onlyneed half a carrot. She takes a
full carrot, breaks it in half, puts half of it back, takes
the other half to the self check, weaise it, pays her eight cents

for half a carrot, goes homeand finishes her recipe. And so then
she said, is what I didwrong or is it dead on? Because
these prices are going up, They'recharging us more. I only need half
a carrot, so I bought halfa carrot. Come on, I mean,
what listen, No one complains moreabout price is and inflation than I

do. But what are we doinghere? Are you? Am I gonna
walk into the store and say Ionly want half a Hershey candy bar,
unwrap it, cut half of it, and then wrap the other part up,
Like you can't do that. Ithink people look at that, yeah,
half an apple. I think peoplelook at produce differently, like I'll
go in and I'll take the bananabunch and I'll break the banana bunch in

half of the Yeah. But you'renot. Yeah, you're not breaking the
people the rest of the banana.Yeah, who's buying half carrot? Well
you could, who would do that. It's not gonna go back like an
onion or an onion. It's notlike world to do that. Uh,
we can't do that. It's nota life. I think there's certain lettuce

no, because I feel like youcompromise the lettuce, like if you're pull
a couple of leafs off, notmad you are you out of your mind?
Due? Are you? This isalso the same person that goes to
the break room and steal somebody else'screamer? Is aplash? Was it yours?
I'm just it wasn't exactly. Sothis is you're dealing with a thief.

You're dealing with a thief. You'reright. So this is what you
get. The Internet. Their bigthing is waste burning made off over here.
Okay, shut up. Half thepeople are saying what you guys are
saying of like, nobody's gonna buythat second half of the carrot. You
just wasted that second half of thecarrot. But then on the opposite end,
people are like, well, ifyou only need half a carrot,
if you bought a full carrot,then you would be wasting half a carrot

at all. You can't eat halfa carrot, not if you don't want
to. What are you talking about? So then people started saying, Okay,
for the people who think this isa good idea, can you then
bring a peeler and peel your carrotbefore you buy it? Because that's the
same logic. They say, Ican I see somebody in the grocery carrot.

I'm out of here this planet.Wow, rocket ship spa. I
can't do that. Emily, youwith your broken stocks of broccoli, what
do you think about that? Ithink these are wildly different because you're wasting
the carrot like you guys all justsaid. But at the same time,
I'm not ruining the bunch of broccoli. I'm still gonna buy the whole bunch
of broccoli, so like I'm separatingthe bunch of broccoli. Then it was

just I'm just doing it for theweight. So I think what I do
is, Okay, you're being extremelycheap. Yes, okay, let's stop
breaking carrots. Okay, Thora sayshe thinks he's figured out something that has
been going on with his brother inlaw and is not happy about it.
Wants to say something, dude,see what the issue is coming up next

on the show at Rocket five threeRed Hot Chili Peppers on the show,
it's flopping out five to three.So I gotta find out what is going
on with this? Apparently Thor sayshe's discovered something that's been going on with
his brother in law, and Thor, of course, you know, can't

just keep it to himself. Hesays he wants to confront him about it,
but of course his wife is likenot having this. What is what's
this going on? Your wife's brothers? So, yeah, one of my
wife's brothers, one of the youngerbrothers. Oh so, a while ago
we my young one of my oneof my wife's brothers. The younger brother
graduated from college, needed a job, got a job, lives up in

a couple hours away now and he'sworking. He's doing good. But initially
what happened was he wasn't making alot of money. So Haley offered to
let him have our YouTube TV subscription, like he could be a part of
it. Sure, so if youhave well, if you have YouTube TV

and he's share pas, let meexplain, what are you going to contact
Google. Wow made the list.So if you have YouTube TV, you
could add six up to six peopleon your subscription, so you can have
six advice six people. It's notsix devices. Write it down, get

the pen. Not six devices.I could stream up to like five devices
at a time, but you couldadd like six people to your stream,
so I have, like me mywife. Doesn't make sense that many people
doing look into it. I'm tellingyou, no, it's not. I'm
telling you I've done it. LikeI know you can do it, but

I will imagine. YouTube doesn't didn'tdesign their model this, it's Google,
but they did because you can addGoogle users to your account. I'm telling
you you can't. I've done it. My buddy Jeff was on it,
my buddy Kelly's other brother was onit, my dad was on it.
At one point, you could doit. I actually did offer it to
Emily. She said no, ohhe did. Remember. I said we

could split it. Oh, Idon't remember you wanted, but I like
it now. I thought you werejust kept telling me to get you Tube
te No. I said we couldsplit it, but then you said you
can't. I can't, I said, I don't think you watched the Potters
on it. You have to geta special package and you said no.
So Eddi's shaking his head, doyou remember that? Okay, thank you.
So so he was on it initiallyand uh, it was free and

I was fine with that. Ohno, you didn't split it. I
was okay with it because my wifeoffered it without asking me. So that
doesn't sound like so I kind ofhad I kind of had no choice.
So she offered it without asking me. This was like a year ago,
you know, and everything was goingfine. I let him watch the NFL
sud they ticket on it. It'sa nice thing to do. It's for

bucks, but whatever. And thenrecently though, I was told he's making
good money, he's doing he's doingthings. He's gonna have his own he's
gonna have his own accounts down allthis stuff. And I'm like, that's
great, big boy, that's great. But when you go on to your
YouTube TV account, you see thepeople that could be signed in or out.
So it says, you know,Tyler Dodd, who's that it's me?

Oh, it says like my wife, and then it says her younger
brother. And I'm like, waita minute, Uh, this is odd
because as far as I was concernedhe didn't need it anymore because he was
making enough money. But apparently he'sstill watching it. So what do you

want to do about it? Imean, so I feel like he's been
getting it this whole time. Whywhy would you not continue to do that?
Because I feel like it you Ah, it's seventy two dollars a month,
so I feel like, if you'regonna watch it, at least give
me thirty bucks a month. Andmy wife thinks I shouldn't say anything now

because he's had it for this longand if I said something, it's going
to be awkward. Well yeah,but if you're making good enough money now,
I think it's only fair get yourown or no, get his own.
We can split it. We cansplit twenty five bucks a month.
We went down twenty five bucks.Twenty five bucks a month. I don't

want to go that far. Idon't want to go that far. And
I think I feel like I shouldbe able to shoot a text saying,
hey, are you still using theYouTube TV? Like ask if I don't
know what's going on, how doyou how can you tell that tone?
Are you still using TV? High? And then if he says Oh yeah,
I'll be like, Okay, that'scool. What do you think about

twenty twenty five bucks a month towardsit? Money's tight? I mean he
just bought an Eminem hoodie for seventyfive bucks for ridiculous thing I've ever seen
in my life. Yeah, thatis a whole payment for YouTube? What
about that? What about that?Yeah? What about that? Money is
tight? You're complaining about a tipHaley left the other day thirty six percent?
Was she out of her mind?But you can buy whatever you want.

I don't buy whatever I want tobuy a goofy did Eminem hoodie?
I was very hyped up. DoI regret it a little bit? Yeah?
I do, thank you, butI don't think I can cancel.
At this point, would Haley callyou out and be like, what are
you doing with buying this stuff?You know what? I think? I
work hard enough and you criticize everythingshe does. Yeah, but now we're
giving out money. Give it youget for YouTube? Yeah, when he

didn't have the money, now hehas the money. And any I can't
remember who this was, but wehad this friend who the same kind of
thing. Wasn't making much money,so he was on his parents' Amazon account,
and then all of a sudden,he started making good money. And
I believe you and I both saidto said, I can't who was this

guy? I, oh my gosh, you're now making good money. Shouldn't
you get off mommy and Daddy's amMommy and Daddy. I believe we said
that friend. Oh no, hewas. He was on mommy's Amazon.
Here's what happened with that. Ohyeah, my mom got tired of having

me on the account. Yeah,so she kicked me off. Yeah so
now me and my wife have herown, well on my wife's But what
I mean, we don't need twoseparate ones anywhere. But but yeah,
so but but eventually my mom showedme some tough love, said, hey,
time to grow up. And Ifeel like we got to tell Hanley's
little brother time to grow up.Twenty five bucks a month, venmo.
But you try to make it lastvenmo. Okay, you try to make

it last as long as possible.Don't you think that's what he's doing?
Yeah, but now it's I justnoticed it. I was watching TV the
other day and I went, huh, yeah, of course you noticed it.
Yeah. Yeah, Now let's let'sgo to the expert in this situation,
the mooch Emily. Your thoughts onthis, well, I don't think

he can say anything about it.You're okay, you can't do it.
Okay. He might be doing betterin money, but is he at your
level with finances level? L Jackets, I've got hype. We've all been
hyped before. Also, I don'thave a plane. It's still the engine

still down. You still own it, you didn't throw it away. I'm
losing money monthly. Thanks Ben.I think you should just tough it out
and just you're fine. Why dealwith this? Why why let him like
it's not affecting you that much topay the extra? Let him have it?
Is he doing that well? Iactually don't agree by this. Well,

listen, I should you have evershared passwords? It's eating egal But
besides that, if he's doing better, why does he get free TV?
Like? What what are we doinghere? I agree with you know what,
at some point it's time to growup there, Peter Pan pull pull
the bootstraps up and pay your ownway. So, but I don't think

it should come from Thor. Ithink it should come from Haley. If
it's your brother, then you shouldbe the one to handle it and say,
Haley, you gotta got kick thiskid. Should Haley text I don't
think anybody voice can get that high? It's a little little crazy. Will
Haley ask him? No? Shebecause my wife. When my wife asks

her family things, she doesn't haveany tact. So she says things and
they come out completely wrong. Oh, like rude. Yes, and then
she but she does my angel,she gets your angel. She gets very
uncomfortable and doesn't so it comes offrude. It comes but she doesn't mean
to be rude. But the communicationfor her and with her family is not

great. Like she just gets reallyuncomfortable and doesn't know what to say,
and then it comes off extremely rude, like she would say, why are
you still using that? Oh?You know what I mean? That weird
text voice? Nothing, So Idon't know. I got I This is
what she wants me to just keepit. But I'm like, come on,
we could use that twenty five bucksa bu have toink guests. We

then yes, sky over here,if you just say ATM to her,
she's gonna give you money. Soyou would just let this go on forever.
You will know because look at yourrenters situation oh, thank you.
You will refuse her raise the renton these renters who are fully this Sky
Sky owns a place in Claremont whereshe could probably charge forty five hundred a

month and make double and pay easilypay a mortgage, plus make another thousand
bucks a month off of it.And she's charging so little that she's still
paying some of the mortgage's paying.Yes, she's out of her mind.
I don't get it, like itlike disappoints me. So if her family
member was doing this, you ain'tsaying that if I here's the difference.

If I feel the family member needsthe break and can't afford it, like
my Claremont I don't know Claremont renterswith medical issues. You have medical issues,
it does, I may hey,so like if if he if he
really isn't making a ton of money, and even though he has well he

may have a better job. ButI, okay, really I need to
know. So you're right, Iwould probably still cover it for a while.
But if you're rolling in it andyou're starting to take like big old
vacations and buy by fancy new cars, then yeah, by seventy five dollars
hoodies. Yeah, Oh I gotexcited. Well, speaking of we're about

to do it. Guys, We'reabout to play the brand new Eminem song.
May seem a little weird, butI'm really excited. Let's play it.
I want to hear it. Let'splay the brand new Eminem song and
then we'll discuss it coming up nexton the show on Rocket All five three.
How about it brand new Eminem onthe show. It's rocking five to

three. That was really good,like old school school. Yeah, And
the music video is so good reallybecause it's very like I don't know if
anybody remembers Without Me video from twothousand and two, but that's the music
video and it's it's just exactly thesame way, and like because there's like
a whole theme to this. Thewhole theme is like Slim Shady comes back
from two thousand and two, comesto twenty twenty four like a portal and

he has to fight the Eminem nowhas to fight Slim Shady from two thousand
and two. Yeah. I lovewhen he comes out of the portal and
he's seeing all the people with likethe selfie sticks and all the guys angry,
yeah, but angry. It's phenomenaland he and he's killing the old

slim shady. Yeah, he's tryingto. So they call Eminem, who's
fifty one now, which is crazy. And he's dressed up as rap boy
from the video from two thousand andtwo, and Doctor Dre's driving him around
to save the day, the realdoctor, the real Doctor Dre. He's
in the video with Eminem, whichis crazy. There's a ton of people
in the video, a lot offifty fifty and Shane gillis the comedian,

and Pete Davidson's at the end ofthe video. Yeah, like like a
ton of people the videos. Ithink maybe his best video in twenty years.
He's gonna win the vm A,I hope. So he's really nostalgic
for me, Like it's like thatbeing back in two thousand. It's so
crazy. I loved it. It'sinteresting. You maybe going, well,
why are you guys on rock onA five three playing Eminem? I think

Eminem is one of those artists thatkind of transcends music. Yeah, you
know, I mean we because weplayed Beastie Boys, we play Limp Biscuit,
We'll play these artists the kid rockthat are sort of you know,
on the cusp of rap, butyou know, maybe have some rock to
it too. I think Eminem isone of those artists that kind of transcends
it. Yeah, yeah, youknow, which is interesting. And he's
getting a lot of ap for theMegan thee Stallion line, which is what

he does when he says he wantedto collab with her, but he didn't
think he had a shot at afeet like a feature because she got shot
in the foot by another rapper.So people are like, would you have
to do that joke about someone getshow up? Yeah, but that's what
he does. I mean yeah becauseyeah, which is which is hysterical for
me because I ran it about thaton Wednesday and literally and then he says

in the song you threw a participationtrophy had an eight year old I was.
I think he wrote it a timeson Wednesday. I think he heard
the meltdown, was like, youknow what, I gotta put this out.
Yeah I should have been wow.Yeah. So it came out less
than twelve hours ago and are thevideo already has over five million views on

YouTube and is the number one trendingthing on pretty much any platform it's on
right now. But still no actualdetails about the album. No, apparently
you could pre order it on hiswebsite now, but still not that dude.
I'm sorry, did you see it? So the hoodie that's exactly so

that's just his gimmick and the withoutMe video and this video he wear I'm
going to well, apparently it's gonnaship on or before August KNIGHTE. So
I have time to figure it out. Yeah, I don't know. It
takes a long now three months awaythe day the day comes in to work,
were it to work? Please don'tnow question when you are wearing your

wrap boy out in the world.And what I'm assuming is most people aren't
going to get it, and they'regonna think your Robin from Batman and Robin
because that's what it looks like.That's fine. And so if somebody comes
the fifteenth person who comes up islike, oh big Batman and Robin guy,
I'm like, no, okay,so you're not going to get annoyed

backwards, You're not gonna I'll prastatic. I love wearing like you know the
shirt I have that to that haseminem lyrics on it. I walk around
with that shirt I like them moreor something, and people read it and
then they and I see their facego and it's that's what they're going to
do with this hoodie? Is thatright? They're gonna go delayed understand a

delayed understanding. When you're wearing somethingyou want that it's a little more subdued.
I think it's a shirt A goodpoint. It's a screen and red.
I mean you look like yah wonderyeah, oh Chef's kiss. Okay.
Show over all though, I lovedit, This is one of the
best things to put out to do. So when you are friends with a

single person but you are married,can you be that person's wingman. We're
gonna see what one couple is dealingwith coming up next on the show and
rock with a five three ac DCon the show it's Rock five three,

So you know, back in theday, one of the key components is
being a good friend, was beinga good wingman. And I'm assuming for
you ladies, wing woman, youknow, there's there's levels to being a
good wing man a wing woman,especially wing woman. You know, we
don't need you getting in there andtelling you she's that my friend's junk.
Get away from her. Is thereanything worse than the chick that has to

be everyone's drunk mom and has toget in there and save and be I
don't want to say captain saving,but I'm going to say Captain's sea blocker,
sea blocker. But but you knowwhat I mean, And they're not.
And like if the girls and thegirls not even that drunk, but
that one girl, usually it's theuglier friend. I wouldn't have said that

rude. I mean, I wasthinking it, but I wasn't just saying
yes. I just everything. Ijust want to make sure she doesn't regret
her decisions. To Sky, youwould do this, Sky would do this?
Would guy would be like the oneand I were out together and we're
both single, and I was Iwas tipsy as I get at the bar,

she would totally get in my dish, Yeah you really want to do
And then I'd be like, I'dsay something Emily and Sky would go,
Okay, relax, bro, she'sdrunk, Okay, exactly, go down.
That's the kind of guy you are. Guys, I've had experience with
this. Really, this guy's mybest friend. I've been out with her
before when I was single. Shewould have the girl's back. I'm like,

you're the worst wingman on the PlanetHouse guy, I'm like trying to
hit on this girl, and she'dbe like getting in there, and she'd
be like, oh, yeah,that's my friend Eddie. He's a pig
blatantly say that. I would alludeto it. He gets around. Yeah,

you're here for me, she saidto the girl. Here we go,
Yo, this is what he alwaysdoes, Eddie. Eddie would like
compliment what she's wearing. I'll belike, I bet you do like what
she's wearing. Oh my god,get out of here. This doesn't surprise
me at all. I asked herone time to like hook me up with
one of her friends. Do youthink she would do that? No?
No, no not. Guy's notthat kind of girl. I don't wish.

She would never hook up you witha friend. Worst wing woman on
the plane. I'll maybe try andfacilitate you in a randoh, but an
actual frand no, no, I'mnot I'm not doing that. Guy would
hook you up with one of herlike friends that's like kind of lonely and
like wants a relationship. That's whereSky would be like, I don't want
I don't want that exactly. Idon't exactly something about because it's just so

obvious, you're the one that's focus. Okay, you open your mouth.
Yeah, So being a good wingmanwing woman is very important. Now,
what happens when you get married oryou're in a relationship and your friend is
single. Can you still be awingman or wing woman? Well, one

couple is dealing with that kind ofa situation. Yeah. Some guy wants
to know how people think he shouldhandle this because he's not very happy because
his wife's a really good friend,is getting a divorce and has already started
going out on the single scene.And I guess she was talking to the

wife and they're like, oh,okay, will you come out with me?
Oh my gosh, and then actuallysaid will you be my wingwoman?
And the husbands hears this and doesn'tfeel comfortable with it. He says,
first of all, his wife's friend, she's hot, she's attractive. She
doesn't need a wing woman. Ifshe just goes out, he says,
she'll be fine. And then hesaid, second thing, his wife is

hot too. Hot chicks hang outtogether. He said, his wife is
hot, so he has no doubtif his wife goes out to the bar,
guys will approach her. You knowwhat I mean? And then he
says he doesn't want to think aboutthat while he's sitting at home with their
two kids while his wife is outbeing somebody's wingwoman. He's like, maybe

if it was a one time thing, but they're talking about like this is
gonna be a regular thing of whenI go out, you're gonna be my
wing woman. And he's like,I don't want to be the guy who
says I'm putting my foot down.But he doesn't like this at all.
What's going on? Emily having guess, well, this girl's friend that's newly
single one is an idiot for sayingwing woman in front of her husband.

Like when you call it that witha label on it, it does make
it seem like worse things are gonnahappen, Like you guys are both kind
of out on the prowl, right, So that was that's a problem.
Shouldn't have done that. It's justher going out with her girlfriend and so
that she doesn't have to be alone. There's no problem with this. I
think for it to be a regular, reoccurring thing is kind of a lot.
But for the husband to go,I'm home with the two kids.

You can't trust your wife if theroles were reversed. My buddy is newly
single, he needs a wingman.I'm gonna go out with him drinking,
and he's a hot and I'm gonnabe looking for chicks. How guy,
you have no problems with that hotguy? Howtk Eylert I. I don't
like it when it's put like thatright on in front of my Facebook.
If you just say I'm gonna goout with my buddy, I'm gonna regular

base on a regular basis, likeI said, is not okay, not
on a regular basis. But like, but you're stuck home with the kids.
I mean, that's fine, goout and how fun. I trust
you, But like, like Isaid, not on a regular basis,
I'm not cool with that. It'sa regular thing that now you're just going
out and partying all the time.I mean, that's not cool anyway you
slice it. Yeah, I thinkthat it is opening the door to some
dangerous things for sure. And Iyou know, I think that it's it's

a slippery slope because if this galis hot, they're both hot there,
they're going to be approached by guys. What do you do as a wing
man? You take one for theteam. That's the whole point of being
a wing man. You jump onthe grenade if you will. Oh oh,
as a good wing man. Okay. And then so if it's two
of them, you're leading another groupon. You needed like if a couple
of guys walk up to you andbe like, hey, what's going on?

The other chicks into it. What'sthe wife going to do? Just
sit there and be quiet, yeah, and be like, oh, I'm
married. Okay, right, wellshe's wearing her wedding ring. It doesn't
really stop anybo oh. Yeah,my wife did this for her best friend.
Oh really, berest friend got divorced, so for a while they'd go
out together, and I trust iteverything was cool. Yeah, I mean

they I mean, obviously it wouldbe weird if she was out every Saturday
night, that'd be odd. ButI doubt that's what's gonna happen here too.
Guy's probably just blowing it out ofproportion. They probably got excited and
said every now you're gonna come withme? Wow? No, But I
think, oh yeah, I thinkthe kindie's a child a little bit.
I think it's it's a little bit. It would make me nervous if we're

going out drinking, and all guysare approaching it. You can trust your
wife. Yeah, it's fine,but it's you're putting yourself in a little
bit of a dangerous position. Sothat makes me. It makes me nervous,
it makes me uncomfortable. Yeah.Well, and I also think the
married gal is kind of I don'tknow, setting herself up for some bad
interactions because think about it. Thinkif two single guys are out they too,

they see two hot chicks at thebar, they go up to talk
to them, and then one guyrealizes ten minutes in, oh, I'm
talking into the merry chick. He'ssome of guys some good, Well,
some guys look at it like that, but some guys are not cool,
and they'll be like rude or saythings or so I feel like, yeah,
exactly like you're saying. I feelthis is kind of sketchy too.

So Emily all of a sudden,is single. She wants to go out
and party, hang out and askyou to be the wing woman. Yeah
you roll it. Oh, let'sgo sky, let's do it. I'd
probably go once with her, butand I would I would tell her,
I'd be like, hey, youknow the same, my scene cool.
Although I'll go out once, butnext time out you gotta find someone.
Imagine Sky out like the bartender cando it. Yeah, the bartenders.

I get ordering, getting drinks foreverybody, and Sky's going excuse me,
and and and then the bartenders listening. So Sky says loudly, okay,
the bartenders, and like that's whatshe would do. Well. I would
definitely have to bring those new roofystraws and straws to make sure that we're
not rooted. Yeah throughout the night. Yeah you roofi. We don't want

to be thank you mom. Youknow how many you've done suns. Sky
would drop in one night, likesomebody comes up, You're done sun?
Yeah, happen and then we likefinally having fun going to another bar.
You don't want to just go homeand watch a movie together? Yeah no,
yeah, you don't want to giveyou want to getta get love?
Yeah, I gotta go home.There's a new j Lo movie on that
I don't think this would work.I don't think this would work. How

many of us can still ride abike? Like do you do you think
you can? Or roller blade orthings like that. We're gonna go over
what percentage of us can do certainthings. Coming over next on the show
and Rock with a five three.That is the Food Fighters. It's the
show. It's Rock one O fiveto three. Let's play a little.

Let's get to know new assistant producerJamie Game here. Oh really yeah,
first time, first time on themic. First is happening, This is
happening. No, not really,but it's fine. Listen, James,
pay attention here. Okay, James, I thought you said when he's in
trouble. He got in trouble rightthere, a little bit. Okay,

no goofing off on the mike,goofing off, no, goofing off.
Jamie was just telling us Foo Fightershis favorite band. Yeah. You know,
I met Dave Gold before. Ohlook at you. Yeah, good
guy, Yeah, really nice guy. Sure. Yeah, I've been trying
to impress them. Yeah, thanksJamie. You're back in my DeGrace.

Damn it. So Jamie told us. Also he plays in a band,
a rock band, and that's thefirst song you ever sang live. Yeah
in person, it was pretty people. Yeah, because we're supposed to play
an event with the singer that wehad, but she couldn't make it.
She had like a test or something, so weird, So we scheduled that.
Yeah, so we were like,oh, we still want to perform

it. It wasn't like a show. It was like like an acoustic night
kind of thing. So we're like, we're still going to perform because we
want to. We already end upfor it. So we split. Yeah,
so we split two songs. Wedid my hero food Fighters that's the
when I sung, and then ourother guitar player played four non blondes.

What's up? Yeah, what's up? Okay? Uh so what instrument do
you played? He played just regularguitar. I play guitar bass. Yeah.
Wow, so guitar and one bandand then bass in the other two
bands. Sick And how are yourvocals? You? Are you confident in
your vocals? I'm still working onit, working on it. I was
taking singing classes in college, andthe last semester I just didn't take it

because I didn't have room in theschedule. Oh did you drop clarinet?
Yeah? Yeah, really clarinet becausethis guy's incredible, Nick Cannon in that
movie. To be funny because youwere in the in the band. Yeah,

I could see I make fun ofmy because I was and I think
Jamie is too young to know drumline. No, no, you haven't
seen it, but I know nodrumline. He was born and when two
thousand and two, Oh yeah,graduate, dude, I was saying.
When we talked about the eminem song, I was like, I want to
throw back to two thousand and two. This is a great year for me.
And then and like how great itwas, and he goes, I

was born in two thousand and two, so it's a good year for him
too. Light Sky and I startedmornings at Rocking Offactory in two thousand and
four. Wow arounds run around singingmy hero there you go. That's a

that's a little taste to James,A little taste of James. We're gonna
about getting another taste here. Ofother things that we figured out over the
years. Can you guys still ridea bike? If you got on a
bike, could you still ride it? Think Emily, Yeah, I was
just on a bike the other day. I'm sorry motocross. Uh No.

We have bicycles at our house.My son Read is really into his bike,
and we have an old beat abeach cruiser that I cruised around out
front of our house a little bit. The wheelies or no wheel job,
no job, snow wheelies. Ican get along on a beach cruiser just
fine. You're pretty good. Really, it's not that hard. You say
that, but I mean bike,Yeah, but I mean ride a bike.

I haven't ridden a bike bike sinceSky and I rode bikes from the
Silver Strand back in you know,like twenty seventeen or something. Yeah,
And it was awkward, hitless chalice. I was trying to like figure it
out. I haven't ridden a bike. I don't ride bikes. Yeah,
because you think you're just going tojump on and go. But then as

soon as you like realize, ohmy god, I haven't done this in
like a decade. Figure it out, figure it out, but it does
not feel secure. It was thelast time you were on a I believe
that? Well, yeah, becausethat wasn't by the beach. That was
after I did the bikes work thing, right Emily's Beach. Yeah, I
think so, yeah that off.Did you ride a bike? Yeah?

I remember I had that mountain bikeI used to ride. Yeah, what
happened to that? It's it's there, you have it. When was the
last time you did a mountain trail? Oh? Man? Well, I
got really out of shape. Istopped and then I got back into shape
and I just started doing spin again. Excuse me spin classes? Well,
first of all, I have apeloton, so I don't know that that
counts. Yeah I can, Yeah, I can, but that's that's a

spin bike. And I feel likeI feel like my endurance has gotten good
enough where like I could go ona trail ride again on a mountain bike.
Let's let's do this. You wantto go and do a trail ride,
I mean I'll go and watch you. I mean I watched you to
ride with me. And no,no, that's crazy. So they asked
questions about things like riding bikes.How many people can still do certain things?

Yeah, things that you know,basically most kids can do type of
stuff. They went around and askedover two thousand adults, Hey, do
you think you could still do today? Asked the question like that, Yeah,
you have to pause and go,Hey, can you ride a skateboard?
Yeah? Do you think you canstill do that? That's a weird
question. So they started off heyasking hey, asking about bikes. Can

you ride a bicycle? And twentyfour percent a quarter of people saying no,
I don't I could twenty four percentof adults you could ride. You
could not ride a bike for fifteentwenty years. Once you get on it
is the thing about your legs.Think about this. We just had an
engineer come in here. You thinkthat guy can ride a bike. Great,

I can't ride a bike. Imean that's you can't ride a bike.
I mean there's people that are likethat guy in the world, right
then there are like, no,you're right, you know what I mean?
Yeah, I don't think yeah,I don't think of it that way.
Like could he rewire the whole radiostation? Yes, he's got different
couldn't do that. I can't wirebut that, But I can't ride I

can ride a four speed. Couldyou beat that guy in a race?
Yes you could. Yeah. Soit's just different things. Yeah, different
things. Nothing bad. A quarterpeople can't ride a bike and they admit
it. Okay, next rollerblading,I can still. Oh remember now what
do you what do you mean?When was the last time you've been on
a pair of skates? So Idid ice skating in December? Different,

This is when Okay, I wouldsay, a pair of roll and a
pair of blades twenty years ago.Okay, and you still believe you strapped
those Actually, yeah, twenty yearsago. You're good. Yeah, I
would take a second, but I'dbe fine. I would. I would
recently, Yeah, I was recently. It was well, damn. I

would do like I would do likeI would do, jumps, stuff on
it. Stop race people. Iwas good man. I played roller hockey
for didn't your wife claim to bebetter than you? Yeah, but she
also claimed to be faster than me, and she beat you on race.
But she beat you once, shebeat you on race. Yeah, okay.
I was never a rollerblader, wasa roller skater. We had a
roller rink in Gilroy where I grewup. Yeah, I had a roller

rink, and so we'd go downthere. You'd have to if you want
to talk to girls in the bag, check you. I was thirteen hour
bag. I can shoot the duck. Yeah, I can shoot the duck.
Yes, absolutely, Yeah, turnthe lights down, come on.
But I get a little weird andnervous when uh, thriller, because they
would play videos in there and therewhen Thriller came on, I get a

little weird. You'd get nervous.Why scary video videos front? When he
turned Yeah, he doesn't want zombiescoming after him. I feel like,
come on, I feel like Eddie. Eddie would be rollerblading and like having
a good time, and then he'dlook and see like sky at her crew
taking it very seriously. Oh yeah, that crew backwards. I don't know.

I would be dancing. Come on, you probably had that little like
walker thing that help you roller skate. Stop it you roller blade? No?
So roller blade roller skater. Idon't think that's our generation. Yeah.
I don't think I've ever had apair of never blades. I don't
think I have either no rollerskates,only roller blade. Again, it's generational.

Yeah, can you roller blade?I used to be able to have
basic Okay once again, I meanI don't know how to tell you there's
a shoe size half it's an eightand a half and it's not that big.
It's actually if you google, it'sthe most common, the most common.
I just told you for the fivethousand South, I have skinny egg

goals and it makes my skin forI look, do you have skinkles?
Yeah, Cales, you wave it. You looked up most common shoe size
for women the other day. That'sthat's pathetic, you know, she did
you just find out it says sizeseven. It's not common sold to a

woman a size seven. That makessense? True? Wow, wow,
well my history. Yeah, Iused to be. I don't know if
I could right now, Okay,put your phone down. I don't care
about the common size. We alwayscare about Forty six percent of adults say

yeah, nope, no, it'snot going to happen, not going to
happen. Almost half of us saythat's not going to happen. Skateboarding,
dude, I think every time Ithink I can do it, and then
I try to do it and I'mlike, I can't skateboard an Yeah,
back in the day, I usedto, like babe, back in the
day, I would be I wasa skateboarder a little bit, oh really
a little bit. I had myon board. How else would you skateboards

board? Now again, I'm theold guy that thinks he can skateboard,
tries to do it and then breakshis arm, Like, I'm not,
I can't do it. I don't. I don't think so. I can't
stay up on a board? Areyou crazy? What about a longboard?
What about it? You can standstill? A skateboard? I don't think
so. Yeah, I'm with Eddie. You don't think I've never been able

to skateboard. I don't know why. Ever. It wasn't really that big
where I grew up, but Ihad a Ninja Turtle skateboard. I mean
I was like, I was likeseven years old, turtle. I wasn't

good at it. Yeah, Iwasn't good at Emily. I can skateboard
on a longboard. I cannot shortboard. They are two totally different things.
I have a Sector nine board athome, act that I wanted an option,
you know, you know why.She has a longboard sheet go down
the pier and O B said getoff of it, grab it and then
just start whacking trolls in the head. I never hit it. Used to

do that. They were on shortboards and they take another shortboard to hit
the trolls. Okay, that wasI never did. I never did that.
I'm very I never did. Ithink that is a very no chance
in hell. Don't even say,don't even we know you can't skateboard.
Don't even it's probably about a yearago. A year ago, jumped on

my daughter's skateboard, made it halfwaydown the street and jumped off it because
I got so scared and it justkept going and hit a car. Yeah,
I got I got scared. Sonow I sit on the skateboard and
we'll go down the hill sitting onit. But I I can't stand on
that thing. It's too scary.It's too scary, it goes too fast.

Okay, I'm way too fan forthat. Well, when they asked
over two thousand adults, do youthink you could still skateboard? Half of
us say yes, and half thehalf can't. So more people are saying
no. I would say, likeI I meant more than half camp can't.

Most people can. Most people can't. Okay. Well, the as
TECs have released their football schedule.We've got a new era. Guys,
we're gonna see who are there gonnabe playing this season nexas Sports Dirt.
Well, the Padres had the dayoff yesterday. They're going to start a
series against the Royals in Kansas Citytonight. Dylan Cees is going to be

on the hill. First pitch willbe five to ten. The Aztecs football
schedule has been released. Here wego. Well, we're starting the new
Sean Lewis era, so that'll befun. Well, they're opening up against
Texas A and M what commerce,I don't know what. I don't know
what schooled that. Yeah, yeah, not regular Texas at it would be

crazy at Commerce, even tougher thanI'm not really sure. So that's happening
at home Snapdragon on August thirty first. The following week, the opponent gets
probably a little bit tougher as they'regoing to play Oregon State at home.
They are playing a couple other formerPac twelve teams in cal and Washington State,

so schedule, you know, itshould be pretty interesting. Then a
bunch of you know, Mountain Westgames. They're gonna finish the season against
air Force on November thirtieth, Sowe'll see. We'll see what happens.
But I'm excited to see this teamthis year. Should be should be some
good run and gun offense going on. Yeah, we'll see. That'll be
great. The NBA Western Conference Finalslast night saw the Mavericks finish off the

Timberwolves with a one twenty four oneto oh three route and win Game five
and win the series four games toone. What happened to Timberwolves? Man
Ol part Geez didn't show up?Yeah, look at Dunjeks and Kyrie Irving
both had thirty six points in thewin. Luca was named the Conference Finals
MVP, so they're moving on asthey faced the Celtics in the NBA Finals.

Now the Celtics have opened up asthe favorites to win the series,
so we'll see what happens there.Stanley Cup playoffs saw the Panthers take a
three to two series lead after theybeat the Rangers in Game five three to
two, So they're on the vergeof going to well going back to the
Stanley Cup Finals for the second straightyear, unless your Rangers put an end

to pull it out. Man.Tough Rangers are up one to nothing.
I was pumped, and then thePanthers just scored two in a row and
then they got an empty netter.The Rangers scored to make a three two
to forty seconds left. Give atiny bit of hope. That's tough.
Sucks. It looks like we're gonnabe getting up close look at the Bears
number one overall pick in Caleb Williams. The Bears have been chosen to be

the Hard Knocks team this year onthe season, so it's the first time
this team has been featured on theHBO series so we'll be seeing the Chicago
Bears a hard knocks tea. Doyou think they got picked because they got
that number one? Yeah, it'sa huge part what team is loaded.
Man. Honestly, I don't carewho is usually on because I mean,
it's just interesting to watch and fascinate. It doesn't matter who you are.

But it's better if you have somesort of interesting factor about Yeah. Absolutely,
And we have the summer Olympic Games. They're getting closer and closer,
and it looks like French authorities havediscovered and foiled a plan to attack soccer
events during the Paris Games like aterrorist tests. Yeah, they've arrested a
man from Russia who they say hadplan on attacks at soccer events during the

games. So that's a scary thought. But don't watch if you don't like
soccer. I don't think it's asoccer I'm not gonna w I don't think
it's a soccer thing. Oh.Sports n is brought to you by Jersey
Mikes be a sub above. Ifyou are addicted to your phone, like
most of us are, there maybe an answer for you. We're gonna

see what science is working on thatphone. Addicts are actually excited about when
we get back on the show.On Rock one of five to three.
On the show, it's Walking Outfive three. So Thor is so addicted

to his phone he had to deleteall his apps from it just so that
he could buckle down and study forhis pilot license. Yeah, how's that
been going good? Yeah, you'renot like cheating, So I non only
so I did, Like when Ifound out that eminem was dropping an album,

I did go to like twitterex dotcom on my Safari and I was
like, I can't do this tomyself, So I set app limit on
my Safari on all of my Safari. So if I go to Safari for
twenty minutes a day, it stopsme. Oh and it hit my time
limit and I can't ignore it.But I don't. I don't want to
twenty minutes for the day. Somy screen time, I'm not kidding you.

Listen, it's still not great,but it's gone down from it was
like six hours and fifty minutes aday to three hours and forty minutes,
so it half yeah, And honestly, like I'm so much more productive during
the day, Like I hit Iwent to the gym, I went flying,
I came home, I did arecovery thing. Like usually one of
those things wouldn't have happened, becauseI would have after my nap, would

have just been on my phone foran hour and a half. So it's
pretty wild. Yeah, well,just about everybody these days is kind of
addicted to their phone, I meankind of always on it. Oh yeah,
just watch somebody if they think they'velost their phone or like misplaced it.
You immediately see the panic come overthem, like they've lost their whole
work. Well yeah, I meanthat's that's for more reasons than just you

know, surfing the web, andlike our whole lives are on that phone.
Now. It's crazy the way we'reconnected, and it's so important on
a level that like it hasn't beenbefore is pretty wild. Well, I
guess the science world was creating somethingnot really intended for phone addicts, but
now phone addicts are pumped about it. Yeah, because I mean, you

know, most science is creating thingsto try and help people to try and
better us or the planet or whatever. So a group at Cambridge University actually
created a new prosthetic and of coursewhen they created this prosthetic, the thought
was this will help amputees, specificallyamputees who only are left with one hand.

And so what they created is somethingthat they are calling the third thumb.
And this thing is insane. Soit's literally a thumb prosthetic, and
it attaches to the opposite side ofyour hand where your current thumb is,
and then it is Wi fi connectedto sensors that are in like your shoes

or your socks or somehow. It'sconnected to sensors on your toes and this
thumb, if you just move yourright toe a little bit, the thumb
will come in and move as athumb. If you want the thumb to
go out and like say you're holdingsomething and release it, you use your
other toe. And they said theybrought in a variety of just regular people

to test it and within about aminute sixty seconds they were able to control
this third thumb with their toe.So why do we need a third thumb?
Well, because I have a handright Well, I guess because traditionally
you're born with two thumbs. SoI yeah, it kind of didn't make

sense if they are meaning it foramputees, but whatever, that's just what
they're calling it. So if youhave that third thumb on one hand,
you can do things that you couldn'tjust do with your normal single hand alone.
And they show photos of like youcan open a bottle with one hand
because now with that extra thumb you'reexcuse me, stabilizing the bottle and the

other hand is twisting. You canalso hold and stir a cup of coffee
all in one hand. You canthread a needle with just one hand,
and so again meant for amputees.But phone addicts saw this news story and

are like, you're telling me,I can now full time commit one hand
to my phone and my other handcan shuffle papers, pick up coffee on
the board. Wait, no,no, no, it's not just a
hand you have to kind of payattention to. Yeah, but because it's
so easy to use, like theysaid, it takes sixty seconds for like

just a normal person to regular handthough, I mean, you know I
do have I do have big thumbsthumb on each hand. Can you,
like stir coffee with that one hand? I can't. I can't do that
thumb. I can't hold a bunchof stuff at the same time like I
can hold like when I put awaycoffee mugs, when I'm clearing the dishwasher

out. I can have like fivemugs on my hand. My oh,
they're like wrapped around my fingers.Can you pumped two basketballs at the same
time? Yeah? With one hand? Oh yeah, with one hand.
I've never tried it. I've nevertried it. We should, we should.
But I's got giant hands. Okayand a half. That's not huge.
It's not huge. I told youso. The medical community is reminding

phone and technology addicts that this isnot what the is created for. But
that's rude. Well, coming upon Monday, guess what sky are you
going to be eating? Some delightGuy's draft to surprise revisited. Plus,
I had an incident on a rideat Disneyland that may surprise you a bit.

Yes, I'll tell you what happenedall on Monday.

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