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June 3, 2024 104 mins
Sky's Drive Thru Surprise, Eddie Lets Guy on Smuggler's Run, Disney in Studio
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Good San Diego. Welcome, Welcometo the show. Yo, A new

new day is here, and whatbetter way to start it than with I
feel like the show is going tobe great. This show. I would
like to introduce you to the ringleaderEddie. I have a young mindset,
okay, the mother of this crewSky. If you don't know anything about
me, you may not realize thatI get cold very easily. I'm very
rude, I'm obnoxious, and Idon't care. And Emily, ever since

I can remember, I've never wantedto sleep with another human. Welcome to
the show. On San Diego's rockstation Rock one oh five three. What's
going on over there? I don'tlike. I don't like anything that's going
on over here. What's going onover there? What's your problem? I
don't, I don't, I don'tlike it. Emily asked, what's your
problem? Well, I got thisweird headphone situation. I literally can't hear

through my headphones right now. I'veheard No, there's nothing coming through there
is, but it's like it's likea mouse is underwater, you know what
I mean. Like it's the lowestit could possibly be. Well, if
you would stop breaking your headphone jack. Clearly, it's not a b problem.
Oh I disagree. Yeah, Oh, I mean minework fine, mine
work fine, Okay. I've satin the same seat for about twenty years,

use the same headphone jack for twentyyears, never had a problem.
But you in the past, Idon't even know what, like maybe three
four months. Yes, you havebroken how many three different pairs of headphone
amplifiers. Yes, I have brokenthe plug part off of my headphone to
the point where it completely snaps offinside of the headphone jack and you must

get needlenosed pliers to pull it out. The thing about sky, the littlest
issues become the biggest problem, Likelike even just now, the printing paper's
out. Oh, and she walksin here and she's like, no printing
paper, Jamie on it. Andit's just like, guys, everything paper,

Jamie's on it. Jamie's on it. Guys, hang tight, you
didn't need to tell us that he'sgot He's waving the paper. Look it
up, guy, how do youdo it? Any issue is the end
of the freaking world. Well,and then this new weird headphone, this
weird new headphone thing they have forme, which is basically like kind of

a workaround till they can figure outwhat's going on with my headphone. Jack.
It's right behind my laptop, soanytime I move my microphone, it
then closes my laptop. Now,how are you going to figure that one
out? I guess I'll have toopen it back up. I think about
how small a problem it is,But this is she's going to complain about
that again to somebody else. Stopopening and closing it. Just move it

to the side when you need tomove. I can't handle her. This
is kind of a simple fix,but she's acting like she's gonna ask Jamie,
how do I move my laptop tomove my my headphones? I don't
know what to do with myself today. Hello, can anyone hear me?
Unfortunately? Yes, if the roleswere reversed and we couldn't hear you and

you could hear us, that wouldbe great. Okay, that'd be great.
You can't hear no, I don'tbelieve so no. So then like
once again, it's a simple fisit's okay right in there, you can
hear that. I really we're goodnow. I mean now my cord is

stretched all the way across the what'sgoing to happen. I don't know going
to happen. I don't know whenthey close my laptop again. It's a
lot slight change, Scott. Shecan't do it, she can't handle it.
I'm out of breath, and shehas to have somebody to do it
for. It's a lot, butshe needs to do a deep dive into
it. Deep dive like several emails, several deep dives. Yeah, Like

I'm getting to the point where Irealized I'm like the old lady who just
needs to have somebody on call tohelp me with like technology. Yeah,
you're also the old lady or inthe idiots from the infomercials who don't know
how to use certain things that areclearly easy to use. But I'm I
ever going to figure out this laptopand then somebody comes in. They just

open it and there you go.It's the magic of our products to what
looks like I do. I havefound Now maybe I've always been like this,
but I've just realized that, yes, I am one of those people
who if it overwhelms me too much, I literally throw up my hands like
like Jesus, Like Jesus take thewheel, Like somebody needs to come in

and say they're going to get printerpaper. It was that overwhelming. Well,
no, that wasn't overwhelming. Ijust didn't have enough time. You
need, no one needs. Wewould have survived. We would have survived.
No one needs me spritten down thehall. No this. Yeah,
and then there was a a lotof pressure out there at the printer because
other people were coming up and lookingat me like, oh, hey,
busy, you took all the paper. Busy, busy you did. That's

such a busy move. But Itold him, Jamie's on it. Jamie's
on it. Jamie saved the day. Good job, James. Everybody's good,
well done, well done, crazystart, We're here. Yeah,
this is how we're beginning our week. I don't I don't like it,
but it is what it is,especially with what I'm dealing with, the
end of the baseball season. Tear, what's happening? I know Emily.

For Emily and I, our seasonis over. Yes, it happened on
Friday. Unfortunately for Emily, herteam they lost in their tournament, so
their season has ended. This hasaffected Emily worse than I've seen anything affect
her in a long time. Yeah, texted me on Friday that she was
tearing up. Really damn, She'shad she's had family members with health issues.

She's had a lot of dramatic situationsgo down. But honestly, I
think this is it, like itreally like it's weirdly effective. Of the
better players on the team. Ithink he just really enjoyed the camaraderie of
the of the parents and the beingpart of a team. I enjoyed all
of it so much on this wholetime. We started late in the game.

This is what you want, That'swhat I wanted this entire time.
Season's over. But is Read's careeror are we going to keep going?
What are we doing? LB?We're not sure about that. Yeah,
he's aged out of all the leagues, so well is that what you do

when you get this age? Youcan some travel ball. It's a little
expensive though, and I know Idoesn't like to spend money on our kids.
So yeah, but a yearbook,Oh not the yearbook again, we're
not doing wait next year. Hecan't play in his travel So because Reid
got like held back in fourth grade, his his age doesn't match up with
his grade, you know what Imean. So like normally he would have

been playing until he would be ineighth grade right now, and so there
wouldn't be much of a lull.He would either just go straight to play
at high school. But there's snowrec leagues for high school kids ages,
yeah, there probably is. Thereprobably is. When I grew up.
When I was growing up, wehad like our we called it our in
house league, our little league.And then so if you but he played

in middle we had midd school teams. You guys don't have midle school teams,
right, So we had middle schoolteams and I played in the in
house league for fun and the travelsduring the summer. That's why I'm because
it was very it's very different outhere. Out here. It seems like
this travel all year round and themiddle league so stuff so so recancious.
So the only way he could playnow is if he joins travel ball until

high school. I'm pretty sure there'sother there might be something, some other
situation for him, but it justdepends where she lives. It depends,
you know, this age thing iswe travel ball too. For me was
different. Travel ball was it wasthe best kids most of it is because
uh, you know, you haveto spend a lot of money. So
you tell you if you're going toinvest in your kids pretty year. Yeah,

but it's not like I've seen travel. It's just it's a little league.
It's baseball. Yeah, you know, the kind of like it was
All Stars. Yeah, that's that'sit's kind of I think what it's meant
to be. But I mean,anybody can do it, Okay, So
yeah it is so yes, Sothat's it for Emily. What are you
going to do with your time?Now? I'm not sure. I was
the team mom, so that wastaking up a lot of time. Was
an honor. It was an honor. So now I have no clue.

Now I have to figure out away to keep him busy though, because
that's not good. He's thirteen.He could figure it out. I mean,
like just to stay out of troublelike a sports are good. So
I need to figure out something forhim to be involved in, right,
because what is ask him what hewants to do. Yeah, we haven't
had that conversation yet. I didn'thave it this weekend yet because I'm still
you know, coming down there inthe morning, I'm still mourning the loss

of baseball. I was thinking abouttrack and field. Wait, wait,
wa get into that during the summer. Is that a thing? I mean
he's done every other sport literally,I mean everything from jiu jitsu to BMX,
he's done them all. He lookslike he's built for track and field.
He has that like slender like longbody. Yes, so I was

thinking about throwing that there. Doeshe like to run? Yeah? He
does, he does. He likesto run. So maybe that, but
I you know, I'm open tosuggestions for things that I should maybe think
about getting him into. Oh Idon't think a lot of people know your
son that way. I don't theycould actually makes suggest Yeah, you know,
we'll see what happens. We'll seewhat happens. And he's gonna try
surfing this summer as well, sowe'll see if that works. I see

Emily just showing up at the fieldwith her seeds, just sitting there watching
a random game. Say that thismay happens. Guy, what so I
don't know if I've coached my lastlittle league game or not. So on
Friday, you know, we wonour league championship, and so we went
onto the district Tournament of champions didnot have a good run there? Yeah,

we we It's double elimination. Welost our first two games, so
we lost. On Friday. Raninto a kid who pitched maybe the best
best Little League pitcher I've seen andmaybe ever. Okay, he was he
was gas. This kid was unbelievable. He shaved right before he showed up,
before he drove himself through the field. This kid was massive, you
know, crushed a beer right beforehe's like, I'm ready to go VOT.

I was like, wow, Okay, that kid's giant. So my
team, you know, didn't knowwhat the heck to do. We lost
it, unfortunately, and so thatthat was it. Now I do still
have All Stars. I'm the managerfor our All start team, so I'm
going to finish that out. Butas far as like me and my son,
I don't know yet. Now Jack, my son, had a good
season. He was on the cuspof you know, maybe being an All

Star, didn't quite make it,but he had a much better year and
the light kind of came on.And obviously the better you do, the
more you enjoy it, and sohe was kind of into it. It
hasn't really happened in the eight yearsthat we've been playing Little League. He's
sort of played, but he's never, you know, had a love for
the game. He's he's just kindof gone through the motions and it is

what it was. Doesn't love thegame like Emily does. No, definitely
not nobody. So I told him, you know, all right, well
we're going to play through little Leagueand then after that it's up to you.
Now that being said, I Ilove coaching. I love it.
I really enjoy working with the kids. I really enjoyed and I think I'm
pretty good at it. And soI don't want to stop. But I

also don't want to coach a teamwithout my kid. You can't. You
can't take ed Lasso out of thegame. He can't take the game out
of Now that being said, spoileralert, Ted did walk away for his
kid. He did, you know, he did walk away for his kid
with his family, even though hiswife is a terrible human, terrible person

anyway, anyway, So yeah,so you know, the season's over for
my one, and so I've beenvery careful about approaching the subject of are
we playing or not? Wow,because you can we have two years left
to play in basically the league thatEmily was in. Okay, and so

it's like, yeah, okay,Yeah, so he can, he can
keep playing for a couple more years. Yeah, and I can coach.
I've already talked to that league presidentand she's wants me. It's a new
field, new challenge, basis sixtylike real baseball baseball. And so I've
had I can't tell you how manyparents from my little league come up to

me. He's still coaching, letus know, let us know. And
so I I still want to doit. Now it's all up to Jack,
because you don't want to be theguy who coaches and then people be
like, oh, which one's yourkid? Yeah, that's too weird.
Yeah, like it. It isa thing. Well, her coach,
her coach has been coaching in likeforty years. Yeah, he coached high
school and he coached at this leaguefor ever since his kids were there.

Still we're still doing it, whichI think is fine, Eddie. And
I know a guy who does this, Dave Palai does this. He coaches,
He coaches all these kids in highschool, all the stuff, and
he's a really good coach. Sopeople do do it, for sure.
I just know at this age,when you don't have a kid in the
league, people kind of look atyou go oh what are you up to?

Which I don't want. They doit for a second and then they
realize you're a good coach and thatyou love the game, so then people
get over it. But I'm goingto tell you this that there's a little
chitter chatter about Eddie over at ourleague. Oh chat, there's a chitter
chatter. I might have started thechitter chatter. Wait, what do you
do? What are you saying?I basically committed and to coach there next
year to the league president. ButEddie was just saying he's waiting to hear

from his son. If this iswhat Emily says to me, that if
I do coach, that she's comingto my games because she wants to be
at the field, And I go, but your son's not playing and care
I think that's weirder than the coach. Yes, that's weirder than the coach

that doesn't have the kid on theJust the random lady who shows up to
watch a child. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, that's rude.
No, it's odd. See thelady with the seeds and the white claw
and the water bottle, thinking wedon't know it's a water white claw.
Kid's rude. That's down there thereto support the team. Yeah, yes,

that's interesting, that's interesting. Listen, I get it. It becomes
your life, you know, this, this little league stuff, and so
I get it. And honestly,once All Stars is done, I do
it. I do literally almost everyday. Yeah, I don't know what
I'm going to do. What amI to do with all this time?
Free time? Who started like anew D and D group or something that's

a whole other subject. Okay,another time. I can get into that
right now. So we'll see whathappens. But uh, but that that
may be. There was So wehad our closing ceremonies on Saturday, and
there might have been the tiers thatthis could be. It could be.
Did you hold up the four fingersone last time? Think? So you

know I won the district Coach ofthe year. They brought me out to
the mound. Put the fours up. I put the fours up. Everybody
knew every put four up. Yeah, they responded the entire crowd. The
acknowledge me, acknowledge me, acknowledgeme. So I had my first All
Stars practice and I gave the speechthe four Wow, I said, we

want to win. You got todo the four. You gotta have a
good attitude, got to show megood effort, bring the energy, stay
focused. And these all Stars theygot it right away, Like I didn't
even have to go over Like youknow, some kids go what I mean
by effort? These all star kidsthey got it done, coach, And

then you got the three for thepitch. Yeah, that's different. That's
another time I even got to partureI got. I'm feeling like, maybe
are we going to go to theLai War series? We'll see what that
would be? Crazy? What doesSky's go to lunch spots is no more?

Oh? You know Sky goes andpicks up lunch every single day for
her husband. Well, now it'sgonna get a little trickier because we're gonna
see what is going on with oneof our favorite local restaurants. When we
get back on the show at Rockwith a five three, Papa Roach on
the show, it's Rock one fivethree. So this may be hard to
believe, but Sky still on thedaily goes and picks up lunch every single

day for her husband, who isa stay at home dad. Hi friends,
So Sky comes to work every day. Then on our way home,
swings by somewhere, grabs food forusually just her husband, but sometimes her
and brings it home every single day. What a hassle thinking about eating out
every day like that. It's justso much. Do you want to eat

today? What do you want toeat today? Where do you want to
go? You feel like you've beeneverywhere? Yeah, it's just yeah,
makes there's certain makes me sick between, like not between like all the eating
it, you know what I mean? Oh yeah, Like I I'm to
the point where like nothing sounds goodanymore like I was. I was a
picky eater before, but would stillof course, like most people look forward

to like a certain dish from acertain restaurant. Now I don't look forward
to anything. Well, yeah,I've had it all, and I've had
it all so many times. Inthe rotation of your spots, we have
what grabb and Go subs, Yes, Jersey Mike's is in there, and
Express is in there. Yeah,a lot less than Well that's that's normally

if my daughter's around, So that'snot only in the lunchtime rocation unless it's
the weekend. Yeah, yeah,you're right. If she's home for summer,
we have taco shops in there.Right, the taco shopire house,
Okay, we're going to burger joint. The chick fil A, I think
is in and out is sometimes aspot. The habit has his habits creeping

in. It's creeped in there recently. What else? What we have leftovers?
Like my wife made like a bunchof things. How we just make
a sandwich, that's it? Likea tuna that heart. Yeah. Cold
sandwiches, yeah, like a pieceof turkey and cheese. It doesn't like
cold sandwiches. Yeah. And andI've started doing yoga like for the last

year or so on Tuesdays and Thursdays, which I now look forward to because
I don't go home, like likeI could go home, but but I
don't go home. And honestly,he eats the weirdest stuff, Like he'll
have a yogurt and some potato chipsand then you know, and then he'll
be that's all that you guys have, and then he'll be hungry and grow.
Well, No, there's stuff inthere, like too lazy to cook.

Yeah, there's leftover pizza. I'mtoo lazy. I'm too lazy to
cook's. I'm the same way.So I'll have like an apple and a
beef jerky stick because I'm too lazyto make something. Yeah, yeah,
yeah, it's not because but thenyou get all angry around dinner time and
you know, act like you knowyou can start. Yeah, no,
he does so, so yeah,so that's that's where we're at. There's
a lot of those places in therotation except for Tuesdays and Thursdays are now

the days I basically hide from havingto pick up lunch. Now, there
is one other big spot in yournormal rotation, yes, which you went
to on Friday, but ran toa little bit of an issue. It
was I was so confused, what'sgoing on? So Friday, I'm sitting
here in the office and I sendthe hubby a text here we go,

and it says Rubio's question mark okayspot and then he sends back thumbs up.
So you already know his order.Yes, it's ALRDL taco gets too
bad. Yeah, no, wewe normally would for you are correct,

but he likes the mahi mahi tacos. And as you know, I'm not
a fish and gal, so you'remore of a dead fish. Gal.
Well, that is after it,but that has nothing to do with this
conversation. So I get the thumbsup. So I pull up my Rubios
app. It says, would youlike to reorder your last order? Heck

yes, I would. Okay,we all know I'm a dead fish because
it takes like ten hours to putmy order in the app because there's so
many none of this this on theside, but blah blah blah blah.
So I get it, you know, so reorder heck yes, and then
I go to pay and that's whenit said this location is not currently taking
orders. So of course I don'tbelieve my phone. I try it to.

I try it two more times,thinking oh, this is the station,
yeah, the one right here bythe s and so I I tried
two more times. Shocker, getthe exact same results. So I'm like,
I'll you two more times to figurethat out. Yeah, I'm like
I'm closing out the app thinking,you know, oh, you're a call
guy. Oh no, the lastthing I will do with two minutes away,

just go to they'll make it foryou. So finally I'm like,
well, finally, I'm like,this is what I gotta do. I
got to pack up my desk andhead on over it an order in the
store. So I pull up,and I notice all the lights are on,
but nobody's in there, which isweird because it's a Friday, it's
lunchtime, and so I'm like,this looks wrong. And then I look

in the window and all the employeesare inside, but they're all together sitting
at a table, and there's nocustomers in there. And that's when I'm
like, oh, there must besome sort of glitch at this location.
Blah blah blah. That's okay,I'll just order it at the location,
buy my house, pick it upthere. So this is the one in
PB on Grand right by the beach. So I put my order, I

play No, that's on Mission Boulevard, or on Missionsould Drive, Mission Bay
Drive, Thank you, Mission BayDrive. This one's you know, further
down. Okay, okay, stop. And so I go to pull up
that location. The location won't pullup. It's like literally not there anymore.

On the app Jamie our phone screenand ask if you could help.
I wanted to. I wanted to. I also wanted to just bang my
phone on my head, like justgo somewhere else, just go home and
make a sandwich. That's not gonnahappen. Yeah, So I got to
call the husband and say, Ruvio'sis off. I don't know what's going
on. They must have some corporatewide glitch. I feel like that's just

response to everything. Yes, yes, about it. Hm uh, And
so I I assume corporate glitch untilI see the news. What what that?
Ruvios has just announced that they areclosing forty eight of their locations on
Friday. They gathered all their employeesFriday right around opening time, right going

on to let them know what washappening. And thirteen of those locations are
in San Diego County. Kind ofwhat we were talking about the other day
about raising prices and how some fastfood places aren't having a problem with minimum
wage going from like sixteen bucks totwenty bucks overnight for their workers. Some
of the places who were always payingwell, like the In and Out the

Chick fil A's, they're fine,this doesn't mess up their business model.
But businesses that were paying minimum wageeither they got to like double their menu
prices like we've seen that some fastfood places, or they just got to
fire employees and close locations. AndI guess Romios had to do that.
So thirteen San Diego locations are closed. The one here by our work is

still open, but my and thePB is closed. Really, it's very
sick, sucks. I'm sad onso many levels. That's not good.
So that you go home lunchless?Yeah really yeah, I mean you couldn't
swing that drive anywhere else. There'slike to fifteen other places. No,

I was, I was over it. I was cutting into my nap time.
I had to. I had avery short nap schedul You said your
husband to go get some lunch.No, we shared an avocado. Okay,
that's how is that? I don'tknow. You're in an avocado and
that's not a good sign of thingsto come, guys. No, No,
I don't like that. Yeah.Well, Sky and Thor have a

lot of issues with spelling. Bothreally struggle. They really struggle. Well,
we're going to see what words eachstate has the hardest time spelling.
Coming up next on the show andRock with five to three. That's wheezer
on the show Rock five to three. Uh So we've chronicled over the years,

Sky and Thor really struggle with spelling. In fact, we had a
spelling bee one time against the twoof you. I think Thor won it.
Did. Yeah, it wasn't prettythough. I mean we we see
every single day Sky puts together thissheet for us, and her spelling is
Yeah. Sometimes spell check can't evenfigure out what I what I'm trying to
do. When you try to spellsomething on your text message and it doesn't

there's no examples. How does itnot know? I mean, it's really
really off. You guys have alwayshad a hard time with the spelling.
Yeah. I remember once a longtime ago, Eddie, we we did
a little spelling bee and I couldnot figure out how to spell the word
balloon. For the rest of mylife. I will now remember balloon because
it's the word I lost on andI was so mad. Two l's and

two o's, thor if you didn'tknow, I didn't know. I didn't
know two l and two o's.Yeah, that's the yeah. Now now,
restaurant I'll never for my entire life, I don't. I don't always.
That one's a struggle for me too. I'll never. I'll never.
I'm I've given up on the wordrestaurant. Yeah, and my husband every
time you oh you you're good.I mean, I'm a pretty good speller,

not bad. You spelled coach Couchtoday and well, I mean that
was a typo. I'm a bigtype. But I did do a big
spelling mistake recently when I spelled theword illumination, Like when I was talking
about my son's baseball season and itwas triple elimination. Elimination is what you
were trying to say, Yes,and you're still saying it kind of incorrectly.

You're saying illumination, yeah, whichis not. It's completely elimination.
Different, different work. Yeah,unless you're a minion, I don't know.
Wow, I don't know. Idon't know. That's that's just the
studios. Okay, So yes,spelling, there's different words that everybody will
have a hard time with, LikeS guy said at restaurant. For me,
for some reason, I'm always misspellingit and I'm like, with A

you, which where's the A go? There's another A in there. I'm
always screwing that one up for somereason. I don't know why it is,
but I always I struggle with thatword. Is there another word that
you struggle with, Emily? Yeah, I struggle with jewelry for some reason.
J E W E L E RY. Wait a minute, I

know that one gets me every timefor some reason. That's weird. Huh,
what about you or is there aword that you always struggle with?
I think all of them, guaranteed. That's a tough one. That is
a tough one. Jewelry. Yeah. Like, my daughter's eighth grade graduation
is on Thursday, and you know, I have like paper calendars everywhere.

I've just been writing grad on there, graduation, I think I do,
but I didn't want to misspell iton the calendar for my daughter to see,
because that's embarrassing and only spelled guaranteedg u A r A n t
e e d oh guarantee. Yeah, indeed, you got it. You're

just still kind of overly comment likeforet on you're you're too good, too
good a third grade, thank youvery much. Uh oh yeah. So
you know, everybody struggles with certainwords, and I guess Google has figured
out all right, each state reallystruggles with particular works. Yeah. So

last week, if if you missedit, was the National Spelling Bee.
The script Oh yeah, I watcheda little bit of it. Kid from
Tampa one was that right, SaintPetersburg, But okay, that's Tampa,
Saint Pete. It's the same DamnI thought, I thought, I really
thought. I was like, yes, yeah, twelve year old guy,
you know, it's a lot towatch. I definitely watched, And I

mean these words that they have tospell are insane. So that's why Google
every year around this time lets usknow which one word for the entire year
does each state struggle with. Andsome of them are easy words and some
of them are hard words. Liketwo states had four letter words they struggled
with Wisconsin ally they couldn't figure outally and Virginia said the word said wow.

Was Google the most how to spellsaid yep. Other states had more
difficult words like Hawaii, well,I guess, depending on what you think
is difficult Hawaii, Philippines. Otherstates struggled with other states Maryland couldn't spell
Pennsylvania and Nebraska can't spell California withUtah not spelling Mississippi here in California.

Not quite a good look for usbecause the word we search for the most
of how to spell hell is theword pretty No pretty yeah, come on,
b R E T T Y.According to Google, when you put
in how to spell blank, thatwas the most common one for the last
twelve months. California. I meanthat's pretty sad. Oh, I case,

what's up with that? I don'tknow. So I had a situation
happened at Disneyland recently, and itmay surprise you guys how I handled it.
Now. I had to do witha stranger on one of my favorite
rides. Oh yes, I'll tellyou what went down at the Magic Kingdom
when we get back on the showand Rock with a five three the food

fighters on the show. It's Rockone O five three. So I think
it's been pretty well documented, wellchronicled that me and my family, we're
big Disney people. We love ourDisney. We are magic key holders.
Oh that's right, that's right,which is are like the annual pass that's
what it's called now magic key holders. And we are now recently DVC members

the Disney Vacation So it's like nextlevel. Now it's getting Weirdnest. Oh,
you guys are deep Disney. Well, what's gonna happen? My kids
are getting older? Yeah, youknow, I got a twelve and gonna
be a fifteen year old. Andonce they're done, like, are me
and my wife Deborah going to bethat where we're going to go on like
Disney vacations as adults with no kids. I think we are. My wife

loves it, loves it. Ido too, but like not as much
as Deborah. Well, if wejust did only Disney vacations, that'd be
perfect for me. I like,I want to explore the world. I'm
waiting for this, Like once mykids are grown out of the house,
I'm ready for Greece and Italy andIreland, and I want to do all
these crazy European trips. I don'tlike if unless it's like euro Disney,

then I don't know that it's happening. Yes, that's what I mean.
Yes, that that's kind of thethought process. I think for her,
we world travel. There has tobe some sort of Disneyland there wow for
her. But it is what itis, and so but we all really
enjoy it. Well, we werejust there over Memorial weekend and we had
a blast, you know, aswe always do. We had different types

of goals every time we go,you know, so it's different rides or
different foods we want, and thenyou know, whatever happens after that is
is just gravy. And so thistime for me, it was like I
really wanted to check out the NewStar Tours scenes and things like that,
which we did, which was alot of fun. And then once we
were done with that, I waslike, all right, well, it's
the also the Season of the Forceat Disneyland, which is a thing.

What does that mean? It meansthat, you know, they highlight a
different Star Wars things, so likeSpace Mountain turns into Hyperspace Mountain and they
have new foods and new things likethat. Do people wear costumes? Do
some people? Sometimes? When youknow, when it was like May the
fourth and things like that, they'llhave like the Season of the Force night
and that's when a big one,a big thing you know, right now

it's picked, So that kind oftakes away from that kind of stuff.
But you know, I wanted togo over to Galaxy's Edge and you know,
check it all out, So wespend a lot of time over there.
And then obviously one of the ridesthere is called Smuggler's Run, which
is the Millennium Falcon Ride, andit's one of our favorites. We love
going on that thing. There's alwaysa battle of who gets to do what
because there's there's three different jobs thatyou have. You can be a pilot.

You can be a gunner, oryou can be an engineer, and
then there's two seats for each.Yeah, I remember I rode this with
your family and me and my husband, and I remember I felt so much
pressure about what job you did?A bad job? Okay, you didn't
need to say that. See,this is why I brought this. And

Eddie's yelling at me the whole time, what are you doing? Like what
button on? I thought, blinks, I mean, everybody has a job
to do. Sky. I thoughtit was just a ride that I got
to enjoy. I didn't know whyI could put it. It's part of
the fun. But if you screwus over, then you ruined the whole
ride, ruin the whole right isthat surprising? No, not even a

little bit. What and so yeah, the different jobs come with different things.
So the pilot, you know,there's two different ones. You move
up and down or left or right. You get to you know, do
all kinds of different fun things.The gunners, all you're doing is just
shooting the entire time. You're shootingthe entire time, which is fun.
And then the engineer you fix theship if it breaks, and then you
like go and get the different things. There's different little jobs that you got

to do. But you're watching it. It's insanity's going on. It's super
fun. Well, we've written itso many times, me and my family,
we got it down. Oh yeah, but there's only four of us.
So whenever the four of us,right, it usually two other people
get put with us. So it'snot a big deal, you know whatever.
But because we're the four, usuallywe're the first four jobs, and

then whoever's left with us gets thekind of crappy job, which is the
engineer. Engineer is the least fun. You're all the way the back and
you don't have that much to do. It's easy, you know, it's
it's kind of the lame job.I think that's what I did with the
one time I wrote it. We'vedefinitely put you at engineer, and he
definitely put you two overwhelming family,all the lights flashing. He's watching this

screen the entire time in my family, So that's kind of what happened.
This time. We're getting on theride. It's the first four of us,
and then they put a single riderwith us, which was kind of
weird because then we had an openseat. So usually they would put two
single riders or they'll ask, youknow, do we have any two parties
or two They didn't really do thatthis time. They just gave us one

single writer and that was it.So it was the four of us and
then this kind of older gentleman whogot put with us. Now, normally
I've been single rider on this ridemany times. I'm not talking to anybody.
I'm just going to ride the ride. You know. My kids,
Well, like that's one of thethings we'll do, like the four of
us, if we don't want towait in line or whatever. Was this
all go single rider. Sometimes we'llget placed together. Sometimes we won't.

You know, you just ride theride and then you go, You're done,
super easy. Well, I don'ttalk to anybody. There's no strategizing
with like some Rando family, youknow, like they may say hi to
me, and I'll make it hito them. Are you doing or whatever?
Note not a big deal, butI'm not sitting there talking to them.
Well, this guy makes a bline for us, the single rider

that they put with us. Andlike I said, he's older than me,
and so you know, he hecomes walking up to me and he
goes, hey, guys, youknow, really looking forward to the ride.
I'm really excited about it. AndI'm like, oh, that's cool.
You know, I'm a big StarWars fan too. You know,
you can see have my Star Warshirt on. And so he goes,
yeah, he goes, what jobsyou guys want to do? And he's

very excited yeah, and I go, oh, I go, I don't
know. We haven't really talked aboutit. So I look over at my
kids and you know, when they'reyounger, you know, I go,
what do you what do you guyswant to do? He goes, oh,
do you mind if I'm the pilot? That the pilot is the key
job, that's the funnest job.And I'm like, you realize I got

two kids here right, Like youwant to be the pilot? Like that's
weird. The kids should pick firstwhat they want kind of what we normally
do, you know, if they'reif they're always the pilot, then sometimes
I'll be like, oh, letyour mom be pilot, or I'm gonna
be pilot this time and switch itoff or whatever. Yeah, but I've
never had another person that you don'tknow that I don't know that's really one

of the jobs usually you're just doingwhatever. That's so strange. So this
guy was very adamant. He goes, yeah, I really cannot be the
pilot. I really want to bethe pilot. And I and he could
see the look on my face likewhat, like, what are you talking
about? And so I didn't reallyknow how to handle that, because I
was going to tell him, well, no, I mean, you know,

we had we're a party four,I have two kids here, they're
gonna they're gonna do whatever they wantand you can do whatever. After that,
yeah, But then he told mesomething that really spoke to me real
like a soft story. He said, I've ridden this ride probably seven times,
and he goes, I'm always singlerider because my family doesn't really want

to ride this ride, and I'malways single rider. And every time I've
been the engineer, I've never beenanything but the engineer. And I went
as a Star Wars fan. That'sdevastating. And I don't, Oh,
I don't like that. I don'tlike that for this guy. And I

know I know how much more funit is to be the pilot and to
be the gunner and things like that. And so I look at this guy
and I go, you want tobe the pilot, pal be the best
damn pilot in the gallopy. Whyyou don't think there's anything about him that
was like lying? He seems prettygenuine. Okay, that was my first

thought, Like Eddie's going to bein line. Like Eddie, he's going
to be in line later again,another family going, I've only ever been
that's a little weird. I mean, I disagree, I disagree, Yeah,
tell us about him. He didn'thave anything really different about the two

geek No, No, he did. Well, had glasses, but he
just was looking He looked like atourist. Did he look like a virgin?
No? He said he had afamily. Well, he said a
lot of things, of things.So I look over at my kids and
I go, sorry, guys,this random stranger I'm choosing over you because

he's a fan, and Jack's juststart crying. Well little Jack, by
the way, he's twelve. There'stwo seats for the pilot. So I
said, Jack, you do thelesser of the pilot roles. I'm giving
this guy the main My question nowis when he was in there, did
he give it his all? Yeah? I would hope. So I tell
I tell Jack, you be theside to side pilot. This guy is

gonna be the up and down pilot. Uh and and this is the guy
that puts us into light speed.You know, you pull the lever.
You know, it's like, whichis the best that's the best part of
the entire ride. We get topull that lever and you're out of there.
It's so much fun. And soI go, I go, all
right, Deborah, you and Taylor, you guys can be the gunners.

I'll kick back. I'll be there. I'm fine with it. I'm fine
with it. I want to seethe scene that goes on. I mean,
I want this guy's life is justabout to be changed and it's because
of me, and I'm super proud. So we get in there, and
you know, we start the rideand we're about to put this thing in
the light speed. He doesn't pullit. I start yelling at him.

Does it automatically for you? Butyou, when you pull it, it
makes it so much more fun.So it does it automatically? If you
don't, If you don't, notgonna stop. Ye, I don't know,
but immediately regret like this. Yousee, if you've been on the
right seven times, you know whatyou've seen. It did Jack pull it?

No, you can't. You can'treach. It's a little too fre
But but Jack was telling him,dude, pull it, pull it.
Guy didn't pull it. Ruined theentire he's only been the engineer. I
know why. So we get offthe ride, and he did come up
and say thank you so much.I really do appreciate that. That was

a lot of fun. Great dude, whatever, but but I did give
up my seat so that you're welcome. Felt good. The Padres were going
for the sweep of the Royals yesterday, but then when they needed their closer,
where is he? We're going tosee what the results ended up being

because no closer next to sports shirt. While the Padres looked like they were
about ready to get the sweep ofthe Kansas City Royals yesterday, but then
disaster struck. They took a threeto one lead in the eighth inning,

looked like, all right, herewe go go and finish this off in
the ninth and we'll bring in soWaaz who's been lights out And wait a
minute, oh a little problem alright? Well, the Padres used closer Robert
Suarez in back to back games,and even in a non safe situation,
oh look, not good. Sohe wasn't available. So okay, all

right, well you gotta be ableto get three outs. Somebody's got to
get in there. Yeah, sothey brought it, brought in Yuki Matsui
to try and get the save.He didn't. Oh, the Royals,
Nelson Velasquez pinch hit a game tyingtwo run triple with no outs in the
ninth, and then obviously he's thereat third. Nick Loughton then sent everybody

home with a sacfly walk off fora four to three win. Yeah,
so do it. No, Ieven I've seen this a couple of times
by Mike Schilton. I'm not criticizingSchilt. I think he's done an you
know, fine job, but I'veseen him go to Swarz a lot.
Yeah, and in non saved situations. I'm kind of confused by lucky.

Listen, you want to get thewin. I understand that, and I
agree with that, but on SaturdayI was kind of surprised. I was
like, I don't you know,I didn't understand that. Why why do
we you swear as there? Soit's a little bit of mismanagement of the
bullpen there. That's not great becausethen you needed him on Sunday and he
wasn't available. Yeah, that's atighter game. You need him, you
know, for something like that.So the Royals avoided this week, but

the Padres do win the series,so now they move on. They're going
to start the series against the Angelsup the road. See how that goes.
No more Tani and he's like,that should be a little bit easier
of a series. It's been awhile, but the Edmonton Oilers are back
in the Stanley Cup Finals. Theybeat the Stars two to one and move
into the finals. It's the firsttime they've been there since two thousand and

six. So Edmonton faces Florida inthe finals. Now, those two cities
are the longest distance between Stanley Cupopponents in NHL history, at two thousand,
five hundred and forty miles apart.Those are going to be tough games
in between. Like, oh man, that's not fun little road trip there.

We do have breaking news this morningas the Vikings and wide receiver Justin
Jefferson have reached a new deal.They signed the Star wide receiver to a
four year, one hundred and fortymillion dollars deal, with one hundred and
ten of it guaranteed. Wow.So his annual average salaries thirty five million
dollars a year, which is themost for a non quarterback. Yeah.

I mean he's a best receiver inthe league. I think he missed eight
games last year, still a thousandyards, but uh yeah, he's the
best player in best receiver in theleague. Yeah, it's not surprising they
had no choice. Yeah, it'sgonna be tough for them. Now,
you know, young quarterbacks, youknow. Yeah, but you hope he's
You hope he's gonna be good,right, that's the risk, right,
Yeah, for sure, and youhope he's good right away. And if

he's not, you can dress somebodyelse. Yep. The Jake Paul Mike
Tyson fight has been postponed, youguys. Oh no, Yes, After
Mike Tyson had that ulcer flare upon a recent flight quote unquote, he
had to push back their July twentiethfight that was going to air on Netflix.
They say they're going to announce anew date for the fight later this

week. Oh shocker, a fiftyeight year old having health issues the box.
Yeah, Welthorn, it looks likeyour team is going to be looking
for a new tight end, aspeople close to the Giants tight End Darren
Waller say he is most likely goingto announce his retirement from the team this
week only thirty one. Oh god, you gotta get into music around.

We've heard this song is pretty good. Yeah, he uh, it was
a it was a low risk.It was they gave up a third round
comp pick for him and it.But then just like all the stuff that
Darren wall was brought to the tablehas made it seem worse than what it
was, but it just didn't workout. It's then it's if they if
he retires, they say like aeleven million dollars, So that's huge.
So I just just go away.The guy's a mess. I don't care

what he steel is. Yeah,there you go. That is sports dirt
for today. We have heard inthe past it's Sky and her husband.
I don't really kiss She says shecan't remember last time they've open mouthed kissed.
That's weird. Yeah, you think, well, that is definitely not
a good science guy. When youhear what a sex therapist is recommended.
Coming up next on the show onRock five three ac DC. On the

show, It's Rock one O fiveto three whatever, the subject of kissing
comes up. We that's a weirdreaction to have and is a weird reaction
you're married. But Sky always tellsus that not a big fan kissing,
not for her that we've asked herbefore. You know, don't you have
to kind of kiss to kind ofget revved up whenever you know, you

have your husband wife time. No, no, he has to massage her
and do things to her. Yeah, yeah, there's to get her going.
There's other ways to warm up,say something else, the other ways
to inflict pain. That's that's adifferent thing, different stuff like that.
Yeah, yeah, so kissing youYeah, so it's not like we just

you know, dive straight into it. There are other ways we're warming up.
But okay, really this is afair question. A lot of massaging
and touching, and but you don'tkiss. No, no, you are
you, But you will realize howweird that is, right, that you
don't kiss. I honestly didn't reallyuntil you guys pointed it out, really,

like, I what have you ever? What movie? What people?
Right? I assumed, based onjust my experience in my life that the
people who like tongue kiss and frenchkiss and all that stuff and make out.
Those are people in the beginning oftheir relationship, and that you hit
a certain point in your relationship whereyou're still intimate, but you're not making

out like teenagers. I thought thatwas even when you have sex, right,
correct, that's not that's not thecase. And after hearing from you
guys, turns out not the case. Yeah, I don't. I'm not
making out without an end result.Oh and we're not just you know,
necking on the couch, necking inthe back of the car. But I
mean, you know, we alwaysare kissing leading into something. For sure.

It would be really odd for meif we didn't, if she was
just touching me and then we weren'tkissing. When you get home from work,
do you give you don't even justdo a little kiss? No,
No, talking about peck like apeck. Yeah, I'll do that anytime
Robert comes or goes kiss him.There's a peck. No. We we
used to be those people. Idon't know when that stopped. Probably like

a decade ago, I don't know. And now it's normal, happy couple.
And now it's now it's just like, come out to the car and
help me with the groceries type ofyou know, welcome home. So no,
like like, honestly, I'd haveto be going away on a trip
or I have just won some sortof award for us to actually like embrace

and peck. It's it's not ahigh by things. That's that's odd.
How do you show affection affection justby rubbing each other? Well, you
go high fives. Well when youget you don't kiss your husband. Hello.
No, it's just like he's normallyin the middle of something. No,

he's not not normally what is henormally? I don't know. He's
digging a hole in the garage withon it. I don't know. I
don't know. They're ready for yourlunch. And so normally I'll walk in,
I'll be like, hey, babe, how was your morning, and
like we just Soerence came in heretwo weeks ago, a comedian, and

he kissed you on the cheek.He's gotten more action with your mouth than
the Boo has in the last twentyyears. Well, that's a weird way
to put it, and I don'tknow if that's an accurate way to put
it. But as far as lastweek and uh, you know, physical
embraces, Yes, Brendnando more thanmy husband. Yes. Wow, well
this is not going to be greatfor you then, Sky, because there

is a sex therapist out there thatis recommending something you do nightly. Yeah,
and based on something you just said, Eddie, I don't know if
how you're going to feel about iteither. Because this intimacy expert, a
relationship expert. She says that youshould be having a nightly makeout session nightly,

every night, every night with yourhusband or your wife or your partner
or whoever it is. And here'sthe tough part of said makeout session.
They say it needs to be achallenge to yourself, especially in the beginning,
to not have that makeout session leadto sex. Boo, what's the
point? Yeah, Well, soshe found out that, you know,

some people and certain points of theirlives, their sex drive changes. Whether
you're just really busy, you're reallystressed, maybe you're going through some hormone
stuff, or or it just neverexisted in the first place, right,
whatever it is. If you're thatperson and you see a passionate kiss come
in your way and you're not feelingthe next step, you kind of like,

I'm not that into it. Youkind of have this weird feeling because
lots of people assume if you're gonnamake out, that's gotta lead to sex,
right, And so she's saying shedidn't want to fear the makeout having
to tell her husband like, hey, I don't have time for sex,
and sometimes she just wants to makeout without having sex. So they started
this was a decade ago, doingnightly makeout sessions, and for the first

month it was their challenge to nothave sex afterwards, and she said sometimes
it was hard because sometimes you'd getturned on and want to But she basically
wants couples to feel okay making outwithout the pressure to take the next step.
So if you are at a pointin your life where you're not really
into it, you don't have thetime, you're stressed out that you're not

fearing the makeout thinking it obligates youto something after This literally makes no sense.
I don't know what this person iseven talking about. Bring the makeout
session back into your life, Likeif you're not into it, like you're
saying or not wanting the sex afterwards, Like, what's the point of the
makeout? What are we doing?I guess kissing's fun, Yeah, just

so you can kiss and connect.But no, you're not fully make that.
I don't get it. I thinkwhat she says, makeout, that's
like like kissing, like passionate kissing, not just like a peck. So
she wants couples to be able todo that. She thinks it's healthy for
your relationship to be able to dothat and have that nightly without having the
obligation of sex. What about that, Sky, Yeah, I don't think

that's necessary. I think we're great. I think you do. I think
we're great. I don't need somebodylicking my face every much. I think
I don't think you know how tomake app you. You don't like it.
It seems messy. Okay again,I don't think she's doing it right.

No, I don't. There's somethingwrong. Yeah, all right,
Well you're grossed out by that.You're about to be grossed out even worse,
Sky, as you're about to eatsomething it is. Sky's dropped you
surprised revisiting next on the show onfive to three, on the show,

It's rock with a five to three. All right, Sky, look at
you over here, look at you. I don't want to look at me.
Look at Yes. I won't itis time for you to eat something
delightful. Problem. Probably it istime for Skies Drive Through Surprise revisited enough

to drive through without no planning,a getting what the last car ahead.
This is Guy's drive through Suprise.I don't know what you're going to get?
Okay, Yes, Sky's Draft ThroughSurprise has been a long running segment
that we do where we said,now our new assistant producer, Jamie to

different drive throughs and restaurants around SanDiego gets whatever the last person ordered.
He gets the exact same thing,and then Sky's got to try a bite
of whatever it is he gets.And I not to be mean, but
I hate how much joy this bringsother people, like when when I meet
listeners, and for some reason,especially when listeners have their kids with them,

their kids love this. My kidwants to know what I was tortured
with, and I don't think that'sfair. Kids were all picky eaters,
and it's okay, you're not akid though. We ate well, but
we're all human, you know whatI mean, And we're allowed to be
picky about what we want to eat. So you need to grow up a

little bit here. You have yourgirls back a little bit. So,
yes, we do this, andwe're now doing Sky's draft to Surprise revisited,
where we're going back and hitting upsome old spots and seeing, you
know, what do you get toget this time instead? You know?
Stupid? This is so I havea good news bad news situation. Okay,
bad news is going to taco shops. Oh, shops don't go well

non percent of the time. Peopleget the weirdest crap in the morning for
not that weird. Britos don't knowwhat the good news is. What I
don't really have any good news.This is bad news for you because we're
enjoying it. Because we're enjoying itme. So Sky, we are going

back to a spot that we tendto go to a little bit around it's
around us. It is called theHarvest Taco Show. So we've been there
a few times for Harvest Taco Shop. Yeah, Emily is actually one of
the big fans. Yeska place,No, that's that is not my place.
This is where I get their carnetatorta. Oh this is the torta

thing dances about and then says itcan't really be that good and she goes,
well, Emily says, everything isthat good, so you can't take
anything seriously. Harves guy, thelast time we went to Harvest Taco shops
was March of twenty twenty one.It's been a few years. What did
you get? Well, didn't goso well for you because at that time

you were claiming to be ninety percentvegetarian. Remember that time in your life.
Yeah, I'm ninety percent vegetarian.They were like, that didn't make
sense. I was and it wasn'ttrue either, So vegetarian, you got
two meat items being ninety percent vegetarian, which was a California burrito Cali and

a Carnitas torta. So she gotwhat likes yes order, Yeah, well
it maybe for multiple people, sothat was my guess. So that's what
you got last time, and youwere not really a big fan because again
you were avoiding meat. Yeah yeah, so she always avoids me. So
true. All right, So let'sbring Jamie in and see what this time,

because maybe you'll get something completely different. Whoa, Okay, oh we
got we have a plata. Lookslike you got to plata like that.
I love it. I love it. I'm very excited to see what you're
gonna get Okay, got the traditionaltaco shop napkins everyone hates so thin.

Okay, and you're right, wegot some weight to it. Okay.
Oh and this is a nice addition. Okay, what a delight? Help?
Yeah, okay, please yourself.Sorry, I've never got a menu
before in my bag. That's exciting. Let's see what you got, Scott,
are you excited? Why is thisso heavy? Like? Oh no,

I mean food. It's always probablya combination. Yeah, it actually
is pretty. It's like the weighton that is crazy. You get calmed
down excited? Oh what is thatface? What? I can't say?
I don't know. You don't knowwhat it is, Emily, I can't
really tell. It's like everything inlife. I see a lot of fried

cheese. That is that chips?Oh it's chili kills? Yeah right?
You lucky? Is rhetor green?Emily? I love chili. I love
chili. So this is wild.This is bad for skies, sauce.
There's eggs on top, which arefried. She hates. She hates cheese,

which there are there's beams. Itlooks like there's like potatoes with bell
peppers, and that's what it lookslike. Potato. Hell yeah, that
looks delicious, looks delicious, youget chili. No, really no,
I don't like the chips. Itlooks I don't like what happens to the
chips they get some I don't.I don't care for that. And then

I'm a scrambled egg chick because that'syou. Scramble you can, but the
server will look at you weird everytime, because it turns out most people
get fried eggs on top. It'sbetter that way. Weirdos okay, And
I we got a koti haa fetishover here, like why are we putting
served so much koti on here?Like that is cool? That is all?

That is no storm, dude,and it's all over here and it's
all, yeah, you're about tota. This is a big trigger for you,
that kot haha, because it's disgustingalmost. It's more worried about the
kotia than the egg, which iswild. It is what do you what
are you most concerned about here?Well? Because the egg text, yeah,

that it came out. Really youshould have lied instead of something else
because now I'm loading up, whywould you do that? We're friends.
I love your jumpsuit. Today theywill thank you for loving by jomb suit.
But I'm not going to save you. Why does she get so much
joy out of this? Yeah,you're annoying with it. The egg the

texture is the problem. But thekoti ha, it's the pungent, like
there's nothing once it's the pungent.Once it's in there. I'm done.
I am done. I don't knowwhat she's talking about. All right,
Emily, get in there, prepareher bite for her? Does she do
the beans? Separate it? Idon't know. We need do we need
to one bite? I'm not doingtwo bites. Well, you have to

try everything. That's how the bitwell, yeah, that's put it all
in one bike. I'm not doingnot necessarily so much. You guys,
listen, under the fried eggs,in between the eggs and the chilies is
a layer of k there's a kotafinish. I heard they really have a
fetish. Look, my mouth iswater. You really are salivating door once

in Okay, Okay, no abitch. Okay. Was literally scooped the
pile of kot off the beach.So I did it? I got did
really that fight? Oh my god, so cool. She's It's cruel.

That's a perfect bite. I meanno, it's not that is a nightmare.
Bite this guy. I actually dokind of feel bad for you a
little bit. I mean that,that's all. It's all you think.
Morning. I'm sweating. You're sweating. She has been kind on one today.
Maybe I don't feel bad anymore.I don't feel bad anymore. All
right, Sky, go ahead andtake chilick my laptop. I mean moving

around. I'm not Emily. Leavealone. You're whole bunch of bullies.
What were food bullies? Don't flingit around the way you do. Stop
doing that and just eat it.Oh, this is she's mentally done.
She's mentally done. Bad on.I don't know what's happened here, you
guys, Okay, can you notif this comes back out? If this

comes back out, then you candon't have to read. No, you
guys will have to clean that up. Go all over your laptop. Don't
do that, your brand new laptop. He's not fixing it. Stop it,
Okay, Sky going down the hatchand three god wom man Jay yuh

oh, I think she's developing ataste for it. You don't need to
flip me off. Okay, Emily'stelling you, Scott, why did she
take so long and she like makesit worse because she takes so long.
No no, no no no nono no no no no no no no

no no no no no no nono no no no no no no,
get it down, girl. Thehit like a ton of bricks. Man,
that was crazy. What happened?Like she was sort of fine,
she hated it, but it's notalready so ridiculous. This is so ridiculous.
You're so over the time. God, Okay, stop flipping everybody off.

Like, God, she's angry thisweek. Did you did you like
it's breast? Did you like it? Oh? She's crying. That was
really mad. Yeah, that waslike a bomb. That was a coach
hot bombs. Yeah, well youreally did scoop the top off. I
saw you. It was a goodmovie. It was a good movie.

Okay, you're forever coffee. Yeah, like the things that she actually enjoys
makes no sense all that. Ican't ever do that again. I can't
never do I told you I gaveyour heads up. It was bad news.
Now you're smell it all day too. Oh God, well there you
go, sky, good morning.Yeah. Emily loves to go shopping,

goes shopping almost every day. Well, Emily, there could be big changes
coming to shopping and shopping carts inparticular. We're gonna see what is going
on with these shopping carts when weget back on the show and Rock five
three some forty one on the show, it's Rock five three. So apparently

there is going to be some bigchanges coming in the world of shopping and
more specifically shopping carts, is whatthey are saying. I don't know if
this is going to affect Emily ornot. We know she doesn't return I
do put the shop self returning shoppingcarts that would be nice or people that
people like Emily who don't put itback in the shopping cart corral, they

get like a fine. They're likethere's some sort of like or maybe like
a shock system when they when theywhen they're when they're when they're little,
when they're adorable, son says,mom, you got to put the shopping
cart car back at the corral.He's thirteen. You go you go shop
read you just push it. Youhit a car. I don't. I

don't do anything you find that Idon't do. I'm just gonna leave it
here in the middle of the parking. I don't do that because you don't
have enough carall. I mean thathappened once. Wow, that's a lot.
Push it. That would be cool. Though. They have those self
returning carts US button I return,it's no problem. No ways, what
happens if you're like a good distanceaway from the shopping cart. I honestly,

I refuse to never return it again. I don't do that really,
Okay, I'm not sure I believeyou. Oh, anyway, I definitely
don't. What's the new shopping cartsall about? Well, a few grocery
stores are testing these out in certainlocations, and they are a I enabled
shopping carts. Then basically put yourself checkout in your shopping cart. So

Emily's into it. So it lookslike a traditional shopping cart except for where
you know, you push that areainstead of having like a little area to
put your kid or whatever. There'sa little computer screen and a scanner and
basically the way the cart works isthey say, if you really want to
get involved, first off, youcan load your shopping list into it if

you want. When you get there, I don't know if it scans it
or if you have to hand enteror maybe it has an app that works
with it or whatever. But thereis a feature for the shopping list,
so if you really are into shoppinglists, you can load it into your
grocery cart, and then as yougo around pulling things off the shelf.
As you put it in, itpasses by the area where normally the little
kid would sit, and the barcodewill automatically scan when you put it in

your cart. And then again thatlittle area where the screen is also has
a little scale on it, soif you're in the produce section and you're
ripping the stalks off the broccoli andjust measuring the heads, then you can
measure it right there and then itwill add it to your total. So
as you're going through the store,it is adding things to your grocery bill.

And then at the very end youlegit can pay right there with your
tap to pay on the cart.And then at the exit of the grocery
store, it has these little youknow, like gates or whatever, and
the gate communicates with the cart andif you're if your card is paid for,
then the little gate open stuff andyou go out. That's the thing.

You kind of have to bring yourown bags and have them in the
car. You're supposed to bring yourown bags anyway, so you kind of
load as you go, or youcan just have I I have cans at
the end and I have eggs atthe beginning, or you bring your bags
in your car and bag up atthe car. What if you're one of
those people that like to eat whilethey shop and steal from the grocery store.

Person who steals from the grocer Ididn't say, Emily, stealing is
when you leave without paying. Idon't do that. Another question for Emily,
what about booze? How do theyknow? Yeah, but if you
like to drink drink, I don'tknow if that's legal for But in that

case, if you're buying something,I don't chug wine walking around the store,
Eddie, So like one of thosecamel backpack things. Okay, I
remember the nailing. Yeah she did, Yes, she did. So if
you have something you have to showan ID for that you're purchasing, you
would take your cart to one ofthe very few cashiers and basically your cart

would communicate with the cashier and sothey would already know your totals, check
your ID, and then you're out. So a human still needs to check
the ID. But outside of that, the cart does it all. More
people losing jobs? Is that?Is that what's happening. Yeah, less
cashiers, more people lose jobs.This isn't good, I'm telling you.
But isn't that the same with theself check? Right there? People there

will still use the They're still likemonitoring the self check. I felt like,
I don't know, I know,I don't know. I don't grocery
shop like you guys do. Mywife does it more. But I always
felt like the self check was moreof like a fifteen nine MS or less
thing. If I have like twentyfive items, I'm not gonna go.
So ye're not going self check?Yeah? I think it's too much.
Yeah. Well, some reporter inNew York got to try out the carts
the other day and they say theylove the technology. The only thing is

it's a little bit bulkier and harderto maneuver than a like when you get
one bad wheel the worst. Emilyjust leaves it right there in the middle
of the store and goes. Shegrabs everyone right next to the stuff in
it. She starts pushing. Shedoesn't care, And I test off the
carpet and then take it to thestore and then yeah, I make sure
it's not a wobbly one. Imake sure it's a good She just takes

whatever one. She watches a kidsitting there, It just takes it.
Mommy, I don't take another humanskid. That's insane. Do you like
this idea or not? No,because it's it's never gonna work. There's
always gonna be a problem. Likethere's always ends up being a problem itself.
Check out. Now, I'm goingto be at the clear other end
of the store and something's gonna malfunctionwith the scanner. Then I have to

go all the way back up there. I guess it's free. I'm not
going to do that. Why arethey trying to reinvent the wheel here?
Just do cash here the way itis. It's fun, but we've done
this for a hundred year. Ifthey want to save money and have to
pay less employees sourance less, okay, min eventually it might you know.

Okay. Let's see, we weretalking about going to Disneyland earlier in the
show, and we're actually going tohave the fine folks from Disneyland in to
talk about all the fun things goingon at the Parks when we get back
on the show on Rocco five three. I love that we're gonna go from
Metallica to this. This, thismakes me happy. I can't do this

you right now. I can't lookat you right now. I'm not fun.
I can tell oh, this isgreat. Listen. Earlier we were
talking about Disneyland and you going toDisneyland a couple of weeks ago, and
now our fine folks from Disneyland.Raoul is here from Disney and he's gonna
tell us all about Pixar fast.Let me know if you need me to

jump in here, because I couldtell you anything you need to know.
I was just there. Yeah,I got my hat on. I mean,
I'm far it up right now.Yeah, the hat on top of
the headphones is a little, alittle funny. I think it would look
weird with the headphones over them.Well, I don't think you're supposed to
wear a hat with headphones just ingeneral. I don't know, you don't
know fun ok Listen, I'm theDisney guy here. Okay, So let's

talk about Pixar Fest because it's goingon right now through August, right August
four. Okay, So I justsaw it and I was just there.
And what I love about Pixar Festand really everything you guys do over at
Disneyland is the food. Oh dude, the food Fest. I had my
favorite more I've ever had in mymore churro ever had my entire life because

it was a s'more churro. Thisthing was next level. It was insane
how good it was. But youguys are all have all kinds of different
trees. Yeah, no, definitelyit picks our Fest has completely taken over
the resorts to your point. Yeah, it's everywhere Pixar themed all over the
resorts. Side Land Park, wehave a course Disney California Venture. We
have these special marketplaces that are allthemed to fit the more recent Pixar films.

So Elemental Soul uh Ratitude. Yes, that was kind of cool about
that? Is it? Like ifyou go to the Elemental One, they
have kind of like a little spicytreat, you know, to go with
the theme and different things like that, which was really cool. What I
also love is, you know,you can get a little little cocktail to

you know what I mean. It'snot too bad, it's not too bad,
but yeah, there's something really foreverybody. That's what I loved about
it there. You know, II saw the Pixar Pals playtime area,
and my wife, who is evenmore Disney than anybody you want to know,
like her dream was to be aDisney princess at Disneyland, and so
she's like, we need to goin there. I think it's for kids.

Like I think it's for a littlekids. What exactly is that playtime
area? Yeah, I know thatpicks our Plows playtime parties. It's a
great area in fantasy in that theaterin disneyn Park where you can go with
the whole family. It's not justokay, so I wouldn't get kicked out
of that look like this, butit's a great time to have. You

know, there's a bunch of Picksarcharacters there. We have characters from Onward,
we have Sadness. They have thevan there, so you can take
a pictures. A great place tojust have fun with the whole family.
The characters come down, you getto dance with them like in the area.
It's just a great experience. Soagain, not just for little kids.
I don't want that to be clear. Don't look at me weird when

I'm in there because I'm going in. I feel stupid now that I told
my wife like, don't be weird. Hopefully she's not listening, right,
just gonna be mad yet, Iknow. But what else is going on?
Because I mean it is, likeyou said, it's everywhere. What
else? What other stuff we haveislam Park? We actually have the return
of Together Forever, a Pixar atnine Times Spectacular, which is our amazing

fireworks show. Yeah, and soit's back. We have all the same
old classic scenes, but we alsohave new scenes with new character from the
Nearest Pixar Kill. Isn't there anew parade too? Yeah? That's together
better Together, That's what we're talkingabout. Okay, we're talking Okay,
and what about the hotel because youknow the hotel has been redone and I
know you guys always do like specialcool stuff in each room, Like anytime

I stay, I'm like looking atthe wallpaper for like hidden mickeys and all
kinds of stuff. So what's thePixar hotel? Like? Yeah, so
we got picks our place hotel completelyreimagine it's actually first and only fully picks
our theme hotel in the US.Really. Yeah, So if you want
to come down and visit us atthe hotel, take that floor. A
bunch of cool secrets in there.We have special character meet and greet,

so you can see Joe Gardner fromSoul, he plays on the piano and
everything. Well, yeah, andthen so we also you can also meet
Being Bong from Inside Out at thehotel. Yeah, honestly, it's my
favorite place in the whole resort rightnow. There's so many little secrets.
If you go around the resort andthe hotel, you can actually find little

silhouettes of your favorite Pixar characters,and there's about sixteen of them to find
all around the hotel. You're cute, row, I've already stayed there.
I don't know if I found themall, but I mean we're definitely looking
around like this is unbelievable. Yeah, that's kind of a mustang if you're
a Disney fan, it's kind ofa mustang. That's cool. But yeah,
I mean there's so much going onright now at Disneyland again. That

Pixar Fest is back. You're gonnawant to go check it out because there's
honestly, I recommend going multiple days. You can't see it all. You
can see it all to day,but you can't, you know what I
mean, like you want to goenjoy everything as much as possible. I
mean, it was a blast.So thanks for coming in and were looking
forward to all this stuff. Thanksfor the hat. Oh god, I

think it looks tight. Are yougonna wear it the rest of the show?
I think it works all right.Well, right, we're gonna find
out what skills people say are underrated, and then we all need to know.
I don't know what this is allabout, but we're gonna find out
coming out next on the show.I'm rock on a five three offering every

time, like every time for therest of my life. What you know?
What you did? I have anatural reaction. I don't understand why.
Okay, no, I had anatural reaction when we saw them live
here in studio, and then younow mock my natural reaction every time we
play the song. So I'm notallowed to have a natural reaction. But

it's not. It's not a naturalreaction. See that's the difference. You're
just mocking me. Could be right, I don't know, it could be
right. Apparently there are skills outthere that are underrated that we may be
able to do. Maybe we don'tknow how to do them. But some
of these skills they say are amust. You should know these, and

they're fantastic. Yeah. So there'sa lot of things that people just take
for granted that some people can doand other people can and there's skills that
most people can learn if you justtook a couple of minutes to learn them.
So a thread recently went VI aboutall of this, of people naming
what underrated skills they believe everybody shouldknow, whether it's just for safety or

to make your life easier. Andso these are the answers that came up
the most on that thread. Firstoff, how to put together a budget.
That's pretty like I'm still blown awaythat they don't really go that in
depth on that in school. Uhyeah, I guess that would make sense,
you know, because I mean,how many people are in debt and

didn't realize I just got this creditcard and I didn't know. And yeah,
I don't know why they talk likethis, but they do really interesting.
Yeah. Yeah, next thing theysay a skill everybody should learn.
I'm afraid to hear the feedback fromthe room. How to tell an interesting
story, not just how to tella story, but how to tell an

interesting story, how to get tothe meat of it, don't give details.
Nobody cares about stuff like that.They think that there's an important life
skill that every question. With somewives in the building, it's very hard
person I live with, to tellthis. You're not naming names. I'm
not naming you guys are talking aboutit's a skill. Has an issue where

she gets lost and then or andthen we'll start a whole other story in
the middle of her story. Andyou can see I don't even mean to
say her, I'm just saying theperson I live with. And then you
can see the other people. Itlooks like they're in physical pain. And
I have to jump in there andand save the situation when handling When when
when the person one of the peoplethat I live with, what happened?

It doesn't, This doesn't happen withother people. It only happens. Story
goes on and on and on,and I'm just like, we were ever
going to get to the point.I don't even know what the point of
the story is, waiting for figureit out. And sometimes I look at
me like, man, that wascrazy. She knows what I'm doing.
Yeah, it's a skills. Ihear those stories. I just do no

way, you don't say, butshe's but she knows. Yeah, she
knows you will. She's a toddler. You don't say okay. Next thing
that was brought up over and overon the thread of underrated skills that we
believe everyone should learn is how tosafely operate a firearm? Oh how do
you feel about that? Guy?I'm good, You're good. Yeah,

so your life's in danger. It'scome down between you and somebody else.
You're good, Well, first ofall, am I gonna have? Like?
So, how am I having saidfire arms in the middle of the
You had to die for it?Oh? I have to die for it.
I have to die for it.And then do I like do a
roll? I don't know. Youdon't know how to safely operate it?
If you're gonna shoot like that,well, I don't know. I think

I take the safety off and thenI pulled the trigger. I think that
you know the safety on? Where'sthe safety? I don't know what's like
a button? I don't know anybut everything you're saying is wrong. Right,
So to this skill that you sayyou're good on, it's his life
or death. I'm good. Whatdo you mean, I'm just gonna die.
I don't mean I'm good like Iknow what I'm doing. I mean

i'm good like I don't want anythingto do with it. I don't want
anything to do with firearms. Soyou're gonna die. You would rather die
than safely learn. I got itone one safety class I did. Yeah,
it was great. Well that's cool. Have you ever shot anything like
I shot a baby gun? Ithink I did a paintball gun once and
I didn't like that. I didn'tlike that. I didn't like it.

I didn't like fun. Okay,dext underrated skill everyone should learn. We
kind of covered this earlier. Notgood for me and thor spelling, oh
skill with spout check now on myphone and Microsoft word. I'm good.
I mean not writing letters, youknow. But he is a cursive I

even know. Okay, Emily sewingthey say is something everybody should really know
how to do. I agree.I think it's nice and handy to be
able to like put a button onor you know, quickly fix up a
whole. I mean, I know, I saw on another level you do.
I mean, been like a basicthing I could like take things in

and stuff like that with a sewingmachine. Can you make a blanket?
Sure? Isn't that more quilting?Yeah? Like a big blanket, like
if I could sleep it like mygrandma used to make me. Those are
like, that's like either croche youjust said. She just said another level.
I don't know what you're talking about. I do know how to knit,

though, is the r I couldmityou a scarf? He wants a
blanket? Would ban those out everythree months? Wow? Okay? Of
another underrated skill that people think everyoneshould know is how to know the basics

to fix a toilet. You don'thave to know how to fix everything about
a toilet, but they say youneed to know the basics. Is that
right? That's what they say,Eddie. Wow, toilets and my specialty.
Thank you very much your specialty.I didn't know what I was doing
going in. I had an issuewith the toilet. I had to fix
it, fix and I was like, I'm not calling I'm going to do
this myself. Did I take seventrips to home depot there until I finally

got the right part. Yes,I do. But in doing so,
it taught me how to fix atoilet. Now you know, there's only
like four things to a toilet.It's not that complex. There's no again,
that's not it. Stoppers in thereand like, oh the chain is
and stuff. I had to fixit. Wow, I had to fix
it. And now toilets are myspecialty. Special call you in sort of

turned on, Eddie. You're sucha handyman. Thank you. So do
you agree, Eddie? This isa basic skill that everybody should What are
you going to do if your ifyour toilet's jammed up and broken or whatever.
You don't just jiggle the handle.You know, you're gonna go outside,
like Emily, No outside and yourfamily do that? The twins do.

Sometimes they go out by the boat. We'll see there you go the
boat, Like that's the spot.It's not doctor anything. I mean your
and your son. That's what twochildren an adult man. Okay, okay,
okay. Next, basic car maintenance. They say everybody should know at
least how to change a tire.Oh, I know I know how to

do that. You did it.You did it on this tire all day,
all day. I change the direold day. You know. At
this point I can change a tire. I could check my fluids. You're
definitely not. I could fill upmy gas tank, I could check the
air, my tires exactly my car. Okay. They say cooking is an

underrated feel that everybody should know.I'm not a cook, and you don't
know. You don't I cooked.I lived without my wife for a long
since I was nineteen. I actuallyI did hamburg Helper rice AROONI you would
throw in a frozen chicken breast,like eight of them, into into the
oven for fifty It would cook andthen come out, and then you would

wipe it and ketch up. Yeah, that was you eating with white rice,
with white rice. And then Ihad like microwave rice or did you
actually use a wave? Come on, you didn't even make the rice.
Uncle Ben's rice and ship And thenI would do Mike with hot dogs.
I would do you know, GeorgeForeman, you could eat enough to survive,
but you're not a cook. TheForeman green sandwich a sandwich, A

lot of chicken salad is just chicken, chicken and mayonnaise. That's a lot
of eggs for dinner. And whenI ran out of ketchup the eggs and
mustard. Oh my god, that'sso good. A lot of disgusting and
I was hungry. Okay, butcan you just eat like eggs plain?
Because I didn't put anything on it. I didn't realize I didn't have anything.

You had salted pepper? Would youweigh that chicken? You didn't put
anything on it? Lowery season.That's the only seasoning the season that's wow,
like steal it from a restaurant orsomething. A lot of pre cooked
meals from Costco to that's not cookI remember we started out this the frozen

lasagn frozen pizzas we started warming up, you saying you know how to cook
and I don't warming things up.My wife was cooking chicken yesterday and she
was like cutting it. I'm like, what do you how do you know
what to cut? What you mean, how do you know what to cut?
But she didn't go out and killit, but you know what I
mean, like the fat pieces shewas cutting and I'm like, how do
you know you have ice? Yeah? You don't know what that is.

It looks like okay, you don'tknow, tot. I would never buy
unfrozen chicken. I would only buyfrozen chicken. I couldn't buy like that
kind of chicken like raw chicken.Come on, you're a donkey. Come

on, I couldn't do it.Frozen is raw still yeah, but technically
but it's already cut. It's notdefrost. Come on. And finally,
the last most underrated skill that everybodyshould learn in this thread that was mentioned,
the most time goes to basic firstaid like bandaging a wound, doing

the Heimlich Maneuver, CPR, thingslike that. I actually know how to
do all this stuff. Yeah.Wow, So I have to take these
courses to become a Bluly coach.So I actually learned a lot of skills
like that really through that. SoI get a wound, you can bandage
me. Yeah. Oh my god, that's so nice. To get something
in your eye. Yeah, I'llflush it for it. I could do

it. What are you gonna flushit? Want me to save your tooth?
I could save your tooth. You'resaving my tooth. If you get
knocked out, I'll save your teeth. Some milk, milk, no,
stop it, look it up health. Wow. Also, if Sky got
a wound, she go to nineto one one. Oh yea, Andy'll
give me a break in the emergencyroom. No, you know, I
would google it. First, andnot trust a medical You're gonna google what

is a wound? Well, itdepends where it is. How I got
it? Boys? All right,the Vikings justin Jefferson just signed a new
record breaking deal. We're going tosee what the star wide receiver got in
his new deal. That's in sportsdirt. Well. The Padres were looking

to sweep the Kansas City Royals yesterday. They won the first two games of
the series, looking to take thethird yesterday. Then disaster struck. They
took a three to one lead inthe eighth and looked like they were going
to finish it off in the ninth, but the problem was the Padres used
closer Robert Swarez in back to badgames, so it wasn't available. Oh

all right, well, who arewe gonna call Ghostbuster? Nope, I
call it Ukip Maatsuy. He's comingin. He's gonna try and get to
say he's the sixth Buster. No, he wasn't, he wasn't. The
game was busted. He didn't getto save as the Royals. Nelson Velasquez
pinch hit a game tying two runtriple with no outs in the ninth to
tie it up, and then NickLoughton sent everybody home with a sackfly walk

off win four to three. Dangit was. That's a bad one.
So the Royals avoided the suite.But the Padres do win the series,
so that's a good thing. Nowthe Padres are gonna start the series up
the road against the Angels. It'sbeen a while, but the Edmonton Oilers
are back in the Stanley Cup Finals. They beat the Stars two to one,
so they're moving on to the finals. It's the first time they've been

to the finals since two thousand andsix. So Edmonton faces Florida in the
finals. Now, those two citiesare the longest distance between Stanley Cup opponents
in NHL history at two thousand,five hundred and forty miles, so that's
a that's quite a flight you're gonnahave to be doing back and forth.
Yeah, but you know that's theway it goes sometimes. We do have

breaking news this morning as the Vikingsand wide receiver Justin Jefferson have reached a
new deal. They signed the Starwide receiver to a four year, one
hundred and forty million dollars deal,with one hundred and ten of it Gary
on team. So his annual salaryis thirty five million a year, which
is the most for a non quarterback. Yeah, I mean this is Eddie.

I think this is how you buildteams down in the NFL. You
pay position players and you hope youdraft the right quarterback and if you don't
draft them, you find somebody elsein a couple of years. And that's
what they're doing. That's why theygot rid of Kirk Cousins. You don't
do what a certain team did andpay a quarterback wer sucks forty million dollars
and then not draft a new one. I'm trying to think who you could
be referring to giants so they ohmy turn forgot? Oh no boy.

Caitlyn Clark had a rough weekend.Guys. First, she was fouled hard
when she got body checked to thefloor by a player from Chicago, like
out of the blue. She wasn'tlooking. This girl just ran up to
her and slammed her to the ground. It was a flagrant foul. She
did it just because she doesn't likeher. You know. There's obviously a
lot of jealousy between Clayton Clark,you know, but it's like you realize

nobody would care if she wasn't playingin these games, Like she's brought so
many new eyes to the to thew NBA. You think these girls would
be bowing down to her, butthey hate her. It's really bad,
I know, and she's not playinggreat well. Then yesterday she had her
worst game of the season as shescored a season low three points against the

Liberty. You can go ahead anddo three. It's only three shocking.
Wow. Yeah, I don't knowwhat it was about her that people loved
so much, because like there's othergirls that have come into the NBA that
are just as good as she was. She's not like a She's not like
a Lebron James. Like Lebron camein and was like once in a generation

player. I know, she hadthe record and was banging those deep threes,
but like it wasn't like she wasthis so much better than everybody else.
But people liked her for some reasonbecause she didn't win a title in
college. So I'm it's interest tosee she's gonna be able to, you
know, turn this around a littlebit because she is not playing well.

There. You know, I haven'tbeen followed. It's different in the pros
than it is college too, youknow, and so uh, they're they're
defending her a lot tougher things likethat, and there's no yeah, there's
no Wichita States. There's clearly physicalthere. She's on the Wichita State of
the WNBS act. She's not ona good team. And so she better

turning around because what's gonna happen isall these people that are so mad about
her for putting them, they're gonnastart watching. Stop watching. She keeps
playing portant. Well, the otherthing that I thought was kind of telling
is, you know, this girlgoes and slams her to the ground.
None of her teammates got in there. Stop. That is weird. Nobody
helped her up. Nothing. Itwas like a scuffle because of it.

Oh now I did see that thebody check, and it was a little
dramatic on Katele Clarks. We've seenher be dramatic before. I mean,
we've seen her be dramatic, notto the ground. I don't know what
was dramatic before. So was shea little dramatic when she got hit?
It was a shop, it wasa shove. But nowhere okay, Cheryl

Miller No, Cheryl Mirrillan has beenretired for like twenty years was the other
girls? Forget Cheryl Brost. No, it was weird. It was like
Cheyenne or something. Cheyenne. Ilike her, know you like you like
the toughness of the game. Itwas a dirty play. It was a
shot. Kle talk is a littlebit of a flopper. Oh stop,
well, let's flop a little moreballish, Okay, Cayle's o Katie Katy.

Sorry, this conversation that is sportsdirts today. Today is National egg
Day? Egg Day? Yeah,Sky, how do you like your eggs
this morning? I hate it themorning. Well, we're gonna see how
most people like their eggs when weget back on the show. I'd rock
with a five three scorpions on theshow. It's rock one O five to

three. Happy National Egg Day everyone, This is a big day. Sky
celebrated this morning. I didn't wantto celebrate this morning delicious Friday eggs discussing
yolk running all over the place.What happened? Remember, and then you
had all that kot I do rememberit was horrendous. Yes, unfortunately I
thought it was delicious. No itwas not. Oh yeah, I hate

hate that. Normally I like youreggs. Well, I only eat my
eggs one way and that is scrambled. That's not true. What every once
in a while you have a hardboiled egg. Oh, that's true.
You don't need the yolk of it. No, the white, yeah,
no, no yolks a lot,the whole thing. Yeah. I got
issues with the yolk, and Idon't like when the white and the yolk
are separate. But I can stomachthe white, but the yolk I cannot

do. Uh one poached? Whywould I do that? Why would I
do that? I don't love that. I don't want to runny center?
No, thank you? What isit about the runny yolk that you don't
like? Everything? Thank you forthe taste tastes like, Yeah, I
don't know. I I don't reallyI can't nail down the taste. So

I'm pretty sure it's a texture thing. It's not you know, basically,
anything I could compare a runny yolkto, you know, isn't appropriate right
now if someone's eating What a weirdthing to say? Well, I mean,
they all are like bodily fluids.That's what I think of when I
think of a runny yo o.That's weird. That's a weird thing to
say it's really gross. I know, well they should because it's disgusting and

that's what. Yeah, but theyhave to be certain ways scrambled or well,
I can't have them scrambled like lightor whatever where they're still like kind
of runny and wet. I don'twant my eggs wet. I don't want
to like when you go to fancyrestaurant they do scrambled, because fancy restaurant's
version of scrambled is like a front, like it's still moist. Yeah right,
No, I don't care for thathard scramble. Yes, yes,

I would like them scramble robber.You want them to taste rubbery, yes,
go dead on, but not asrubbery as an omelet, because yeah,
I don't. I don't care forthat. Once you get I don't
like spongy, yeah, no,thank you. I don't like if it's
too thick, and I feel likean islet makes it too thick. Yeah,
if you could do a thin omelet, I'm okay. Yeah, I
don't need multiple layer of egg sky, yeah, thank you. I'm kind

of with it too. I don'tlike I like the yolk, but I
don't like scrambled eggs that are likerunning. But what if you had your
choice of how you want your eggs? How do you want them? Oh?
Over easy? So you want theYeah, like I like the yolk,
but when they're scrambled, I don'tlike them running. But but yeah,
over easy? What about you?I'm an over easy chick, but

I like it. It depends whatsometimes and what I'm eating it with.
So, oh, you don't eatpancakes. I was gonna say, what
if you have pancakes? Don't needit? Don't need it. I do
love a poach tigg which now I'mall, yeah, I like a hard
boiled egg. About a soft boiledegg, you go there. I've never
had one, but I'm sure i'dlike it because it's the yolks still in

it. Right. Sometimes I justwhites? I do? I do?
I do like egg? Yeah?Are you okay with omelets? Yeah?
I like it omelet like a veggieomelet. Sometimes I like a sandwich.
I do prefer a scrambled I'd ratherjust put all the ingredient you're gonna put
inside it a omelet and scramble itup. I think it tastes better because
there is a little bit of aspongy texture. But I don't. Doesn't

bother me. I like a spongeegg. Yeah, I think I'm over
easy guy to mainly Yeah, forthe most part, I would say probably
ninety percent of the time I wouldgo over yeah. Yeah. So my
wife right now just text me.She's reading breakfast with her friend at Broken
Yolk and said they have a hotdeal for National Egg Day. Oh,

you buy one egg, you getthe second egg for one hundred and fifty
percent off wink because you get twoeggs within anyway, So it's a bit.
It's a bit, guys. It'slike I was like, hot,
I don't. It's a good one. It's a good one, guys.
I don't have to figure it out. Show I still get it. How

do most people eat their eggs?Well? On National Egg Day, there
was a poll done where they surveyedthousands of US adults and coming in third
place hard boiled, with eight percentsaying hard boiled second place. Twenty four
percent of us say we want itfried, so over easy your car,

and number one forty five percent saythey want it scrambled, So by far,
scrambled is the number one. Nowthe question on National Egg Day is
it when you crack an egg.Do you do it in a certain way?
Are you a person that like hitsit on the counter and then double
thumbs it, or do you doit one hand and crack open? And

there's like several different ways you cancrack an egg, Like do you do
it on the edge of something,or do you use a knye or do
you just go like Emily and Ihave the strongest hands on the planet and
just crush it, just crush it. I do struggle sometimes cracking eggs because
my hands are kind of big andcumbersome. We know, sometimes I'll do
it too hard and they'll break.But I do it on the countertop and

then double top, double thumb,Yeahmilla everywhere. I bet you can have
just like seven eggs in that onehand. How many? Yeah? A
dozen. I don't think I coulddo it dozen, a dozen Jumbo Costco
eggs for sure. I don't thinkI can I get it hands break.
I could do a dozen Austria.Oh god, Okay, I crack it.

Well, it depends what I'm doing. If I'm using a frying pan,
I use the side of the fryingI'm really talented at cracking eggs.
I'll never break it up. Ifyou get a good crack and those shells
in there, and you do withone hand, I feel like and rams,
that's what I do. You doone hand? Wow, you just
you just throw you just throw theshell. They don't care where it lands.

Wait, like in your kitchen,I'm using a bowl, just side
of the bowl, whatever side thingI'm using. What I'm doing, never
go counter. I don't want tospread salmonill nothing leaks out. I don't
want to spread salmon. And isthere anything worse than getting a little tiny
piece of egg shell in the eggterrible? You can't get it out,
can't you can't get it. It'sliterally physically impossible. And as you stick,

get your whole finger in there.And then that's my wife to that
hand. We don't go for usingthe forkers different. There's no way,
literally impossible. It's impossible. Ifeel like I've done it before. But
okay, there's no feel like you'veever cracked an egg in your life.
Oh, breakfast is my specialty.Thanks for asking, guys, thanks for

asking. All right, Sunday morning, it is the easiest of all.
We did try your pancakes and theywere pretty good. Remember when we tried
to pancast. They're pretty good eggs. Hey, don't start. Do you
put gloves on? I feel likeyou put gloves on the crack eggs because
you're scared of the wrong egg.I should, but I actually don't.
It's just raw meat that I haveto wear food handler gloves. Does your

husband ever accidentally grab your head toput it back in the fridge with an
egg? Yeah, guy's trapped inthe door where they have those free I'm
not trapped. I'm not trapped tothe mustard. Let me no, I'm

not fridge. I'm not an egg. I'm a human and and and I
and breakfast is my specialty. AndI get breakfast every Sunday. Breakfast.
Yeah. So this Sunday we hadeggs, bacon, pancakes, hash browns,

and toast. I got crazy.I got crazy. You need all
that. I got everything from scratch, not the hash browns, the pancakes
from scratch. Well, I meanyou mix batter, egg oil, you
know, milk? Yeah, so, uh so when you crack your egg,
where do you crack it? It'sgot to be on the side of

something. Normally, since I doscrambled eggs, I get a mug and
I cracked two eggs in there andthen I beat them, and then I
find that disgusting. What do youfind disgusting? I do that sometimes too.
Yeah. You ever use those todrink out of? Yeah, I
don't worry. I only use myhusband's mugs, I think. I I
think I admitted this a few yearsago. Yeah. Yeah, I'll only

like and he doesn't know, butI will literally only pull his mugs out
of. Some guys only have twoeggs for all three of you. Uh,
well, shocker. My daughter doesn'teat eggs, So me and my
husband please please share two eggs.Scramble eggs, hash brown bacon. I
mean there was there was eggs.Are only proaching that whole meal bacon bacon?

Yeah? So how do other peoplecrack their eggs? Well, the
number one answer is on the edge, with sixty three percent of us using
either a pan or a cup ora bowl something like that, whatever.
Yeah, twenty six percent go witha flat surface like Emily using the counter
or something like that, and elevenpercent say some other way. And normally

it was a knife cracking it inyour hand and she's side. Yeah.
Well, happy egg to everybody.Sky got herself an unexpected bill and now
is ensure what to do about it. So we're going to find out what
happened with that LTU's we have ap one who might have been a stalker
and didn't really mean to be.We're going to find out what happened with

that all tomorrow

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