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June 5, 2024 84 mins
Thor's Midweek Meltdown, Thor Steals Sky's BDay Idea, Sports Dirt
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San Diego. Welcome, Welcome tothe show. Yo, A new day
is here, and what better wayto start it than with I feel like
the show is going to be greatthe show. I would like to introduce
you to the ringleader Eddie. Ihave a young mindset, okay, the
mother of this crew Sky. Ifyou don't know anything about me, you

may not realize that I get coldvery easily. I'm very rude, I'm
obnoxious, and I don't care.And Emily, ever since I can remember,
I've never wanted to sleep with anotherhuman. Welcome to the show.
On San Diego's rock station Rock oneoh five to three. Oh. Not
a situation in here. This waswhat I mean. It went from kind

to messed up well so fast.It was so fast on so many levels.
I don't know what happened, LikeI feel like I've been in a
car accident that bad. Well,I don't like. It's stunning the range
of emotions that happened in such ashort time. Today is our new assistant
producer, Jamie's birthday. How oldis James today? Twenty two, twenty

twenty two. Yeah, he's abig boy twenty two, twenty two,
Eddie, big guy, No Ohmy god, born in two thousand and
two. I can't wait. No, that's weird, that's crazy, that's
weird. Yeah. So it's hisbirthday today, and it's kind of one
of those situations where you know,he just started. What do you do

now? Do you get him apresent? What do you exactly do?
It's like if you have a girlfriend, you know, you just get a
girlfriend and then it's her birthday likea week later, like do you go
for a full present? What doyou do? Yeah? It's tough.
Yeah, And so there was somediscussion I think a couple of days ago
or whatever between Emily and Sky about, oh, what do we should we

do? Should we get a breakfastor something like that I can get I
heard it day whatever. I wassort of out of it. Of course,
didn't say, well, oh yeah, it's insane. I mean we
barely know nice kid, nice kidas a kid. Yeah. Well,
so that's I think what Emily andI decided on. We're too soon in
our relationship for a full present likea gift card or a gift, but

you know, a nice little treatin the morning might be nice. If
Eddie thinks that nothing should be done, then what do you think I'm going
to say, well said nothing shouldbe done. I just kept quiet?
Is gonna say it? Keep quiet? I mean, come on, yeah,
because Eddie is a gift here.Oh yeah, not really for me.

I mean because Emily goes with thewind. She did, she won't
do it, she doesn't, justdepend how she feels. So yeah,
so I kind of don't. IfEddie doesn't do something, I'm definitely not
doing. If Eddie does it,I'll think about it, but probably nothing.
Yeah. Yeah, So the vibeI got from Eddie yesterday with him
not saying anything was it is alittle too soon, but whatever you guys

will go with, I'll be I'msaying nothing. Well, so so Thor
read it as you're not doing anything, and I read it as like it's
a little too early, but I'llbe a part of whatever you guys think
as a program. And then Ithink I said just yes, say I
was a part of it. Ohyeah, and then you and then you
try to tag in at the endsaying throw your names on it. Yeah.

So yeah, that's more of thetip I think that I was going
for than nothing at all. Okay, of like, if you guys want
to do it, sure, butI wasn't going to be the ringleader in
this, okay, And so ifyou were in on it, okay,
I mean I'm fine with something nice. You know, it's a big deal
and so and I like Jamie,so right, sounds good. So this

morning comes about and of course Thor. I don't know what's happened with this
guy. It's like a weekly thingwhere a couple of times a week he's
a mess and forgets things at hishouse. I mean we've brought this up.
Like you, I don't know ifyou have like on set dementia or
your head what's going on? Yeah? Do you do you have? So?

I have this cold still, Iknow you can hear. Thanks for
coming in. I don't think ifI'm still continuous sounded like that, you'd
be on the case everything. YAre you guys sick right now? Not
yet? But yeah, feeling I'ma little congested this morning. You're always
congested. You're kind of you.Somebody will say, hey, are you

okay? And then you'll think youhave you know, aids it was that
one time she was in the studioand she thought she was She said she
was sweating and hot, had afever, Oh yeah, a fever.
Guy had a stroke once on theair, like things happened, had malaria,

hypochondriac. I got this chest congestionand it's been I woke up last
night like eleven o'clock, same asthe last two nights, coughing. It's
like right in my chest. It'sbrutal. And I already took my robotestin
PM, so I couldn't take more. I wanted to tussin. It usually
helps, and it's just so Ican get the last couple of nights I
haven't. I haven't gotten lost sleepmaybe a few hours because I've just been

coughing. I have my bed allthe way up because I was trying to
sleep it straight up. So it'sjust it's just brutal. It's terrible.
My wife hadn't sleep in the otherroom because I couldn't stop coughing. She's
finally over the table. Yeah,she was sick a couple weeks ago.
Yeah, So so I didn't geta lot of sleep. So I woke
up this morning, passed my alarmat like four forty. So I get

up like, oh god, Ibrushed my teeth. I'm groggy, and
I forgot a couple of things.First thing he says to me this morning,
we haven't spoken a word. Hegoes, damn it, and I
know that reaction. It's something ridiculous. He goes, got my crunch cheese?
Forgot my crunchies is not something Iwant to hear from somebody the first

thing in the morning. I don'teven know what that. I barely know
what that means. Who speaks thatway? He puts granola in his yogurt
every day and he calls it mycrunchies. Yes, yes, and I
mean everybody. I don't want tosay granola make you think, oh thors

eating nobody cares, though you realizenobody cares what you eat. Anybody cares.
He's he's grumbling about his crunchies ashe goes to put his yogurt into
the refrigerator. And then about fiveminutes later he comes storming back in here
and he goes, damn it againagain, double dammit, And I go,

what now? And he goes,I forgot my French press press.
You know the part where you actuallypress it down to make it a French
press in there, but you cannotyou can't press it. It's pointless.
Filter them out it's pointless. Well, every time you press it down,
you act like you're better than everybody, to make sure everybody sees you doing

weird. Okay, so he forgotthe actual press, part of the French
press, so he's done. Icleaned it last night and I was letting
it dry on like the dryer rack, and I just forgot to put it
in. Damn. So he screwed. Now it throws his pen, so
he doesn't have his crunchies, itdoesn't have his coffee. So he's a

nightmare. He's a mess. Sothen he says, all right, I
guess I'll just get Starbucks thin andhe, you know, asked me,
do you want Starbucks? I saidno. Sky comes in, he says
do you want Starbucks? Guy sayssure, And so then the discussion starts
to go down between everybody in theroom about okay, well do we have
food today or we get breakfast?What's the deal with Jamie's birthday? Are

we going to get this guy breakfastor not? And it's mainly Sky.
Sky's the ring leader. Oh yeah, oh yes. So so I kick
off the conversation saying, hey,well, if we're not going to go
out for breakfast later in the show, and we're gonna go get Starbucks now.
Then maybe this is our opportunity togive Jamie a gift from us,
tell himself to get himself a coffee, maybe a pastry if he wants.

I mean, live it up.It's his birthday, so so we live
it up again again. Like before, Thor's not saying anything total cake pop
his birthday come on. So soThor's staying quiet, and the three of
us are like, okay, that'sno, no, no, don't include
me on this. I still haven'tsaid a word. Well you haven'taid a
word, but you're kind of noddingwhere Thors like fully, I thought,

so maybe again, maybe I'm justinterpreting this. Yeah, ok, maybe
it's mainly Emily and I and webasically decide we're not getting breakfast later today,
so let's make Starbucks opportunity to getJamie a little birthday truth, right,
And so you write down your order, You hand the paper over to

Thor. He writes down his order. Yeah, and then Jamie comes in.
Yes, that's when things got wildwhere Thor did something. I still
can't believe it happens so fast,it's insane. Yeah, I reached my
wallet. Notice I have a twenty, which I pretty wild. I don't
really do to carry cash. Idon't know when I how long that's been

in there. I have ones alot because I put like a dollar in
the basket when I go to recoverystuff, try to help out and uh
one dollar, give a thousand.I go five a week, go to

four or five meings a week.Every time you put money in is it
like a truth? I mean,if I have if I have, if
I have cash, you never havecash up, that's the thing. So
I try to take cash out soI have it now because if I have
a coffee, I want to giveback. Well, you're gonna break that
twenty though I didn't. I guessI was waiting. So you guys are
all doing your thing talking about theshow, and Jamie to think that we're

doing the show. Jamie comes overhere and I give him the twenty because
I because Sky was taking too long. That's another thing. Oh really,
Usually Sky grabs her pen and doesthis with her hand. She's like,
twirls it around, twirls it around. What do you want? I'm like
winding up to write. She doesthat everything wand she does that every time

I have seen that move. Whatdo you watch? Ye? But she
wasn't doing that because I was helpingprep the show. I meant, really
was. So I said, Sky, what do you want? And she
surprised me. Usually she goes coffeeor something with a bagel, but she
went like, chai latte or something. That's my normal time. I don't

don't think I've ever gotten a coffeefrom Starbucks. Yeah, gilte thing,
but no bagel. I was surprised. So then I got my drink one
vanillalatte extra shot. And then Jamiewalks over and I go, hey,
uh, we're getting to Starbucks.And I gave it, give him the
paper, give him the twenty,and I go, get whatever you want

to kid, you happy birthday.You offered to buy him his birthday.
I figured I figured there would bemoney left over from the twenty hopefully who
knows price? Extra shot in yourvan? So I said, So I
said, uh, help yourself,kid, happy birthday from thor So you

just stole Sky's thunder just like that. Even though she has been the person
who has been the ringleader on thisbirthday thing from day one, talking about
it, two days, for thelast two days, making a plan to
purchase him a birthday treat, andyou just snuck in there and stole the

birthday thunder Well, I figured sinceSky was busy and Emily didn't care and
he was quiet, Yeah, Ifigure I was doing a nice I was
doing a nice gesture. You know. The kid's a nice kid. It's
like this is remember I remember beingin his shoes. This is how I
feel. I feel like I confidedin my friends, like I'm fine,
a good kid, Like I'm finallygonna ask my crush out. And and

I'm standing there with flowers and I'mI'm about to approach my crush and ask
them out. And I've told myfriends this is my plan the whole time.
And as I'm walking towards them withthe flowers in my hand, Thord
just comes in and does it startsmaking out with just like right, and
yeah, like proposes like like Ijust that was it was like I found

this twenty It was like free moneyto me. Free And he thought the
coffee and he thought of the conversationsthat had been going on over here for
the last It was a spur ofthe moment thing I'm like, he was
standing right here. I'm a goodguy. Does I'm a good guy.
Well it's not spur of the moment. You've heard us talking about it for
two days. Yeah, well nowyou missed out. Anything after this,

after this is just piggybacking off ofwhat Thorges did for Jamie. You're the
worst. Is he a hero?It was just acknowledged, just twenty second
second birthday, I am, Iwas just twenty second. Wait listen,
great kid. In a way,I say congrats. I understand you have

been the ringleader and all this.You wanted to do the nice thing,
but he just saved you, youknow, five bucks, and I pulled
the trigger. You talked about it. I'm about action, baby, Okait
what okay? I mean, it'ssuch a rare occurrence. And I got
and I got skys drink. Bythe way you treated I treated everybody,
everybody, everybody. I didn't knowyou were. I asked you guys,

we didn't know. I asked.I just handed her. I handed the
twenty and said, hey, getwhatever you want to. And he bought
my coffee because I bought his lastweek we went to Tarbucks. Last week,
I bought his so I knew whatwas happening there, but sorry was
in well first of last week itwas a gift card. Well that's so
I don't think you know how giftcard doesn't count actual money. And I

and I like that is cool thathe covered it. But at the same
time it was so different, likelike literally he told Jamie, Hey,
with whatever pennies, with whatever penniesare left over, Jamie, get yourself
something. The kid's got a venteover there. I was literally going to
get him like a breakfast sandwich up, like like a meal, like a

thing. He didn't. No,he still can't. Well you still can't
breakfast everybody later. You're gonna makehim drive by himself food Now it's weird.
Wait, Scott, you can getbreakfast everybody later. I are you
treating? You? Treat everybody?Don't remember we had a question. We're
not pancakes, you guys. Ihave a sandwich. I'll save it for

lunch. This is great. Iforgot it's all worked out. What we're
not going to talk about it morelike a breakfast republic done, like taking
to another level place. Come on, Sky, you said, I God,

that was very nice of you,Jamie, brought up the I hop
menu. He's looking at what doyou want to say? Birthday, Jamie.
We have may have finally found ause for a I that might work
for all of us. We're goingto see what a company is working on
with an AI system in your kitchen. We're going to see what it's for
when we get back on the showand Rock with five three. That's the

Chili Peppers on the show. It'sRock five three. So you know,
AI is pretty much taken over everything. We've been talking a lot about AI
and it's getting in there and Sky'sfreaked out by it. I like it.
But this may be something Sky thatyou could get behind. You know,
AI in the kitchen we've talked aboutbefore, but like imagine just asking

AI to make something for you oryou know, you talk a lot about
food and pill form, you know, things like that. You know,
so there's all kinds of different thingsthat they could do. Maybe a self
cleaning kitchen, things like that that'dbe interesting. Yeah. I was seeing
this one the other day where youput in whatever's in your fridge and then

it spits out recipes of like whatyou can make pretty good based on what
is actually in your fridge and I'mlike, oh, well, okay,
that makes r refrigerator that can tellyou when something is like on the verge
of going back. And I don'tmean that in a sexist way. I
mean that in a when I openthe fridge, I don't mean that Eddie's

taken aback. But I don't meanthat in the sex way. Easy,
Harrison Bucker, That's not what Imeant. When I opened the fridge and
I looked in there, She's beentold a while, whole life. Wow,
when I opened When I opened thefridge and I look in there,
I see like things and I go, there's nothing to eat. I just

and I grab a tuna? CanMy wife will take like was ever left
in there? And Eddie and Emilyare like this too whatever, And She'll
come up with this crazy meal andI'm like, how did you think of
it? I can't do that.I can't. I look at things and
I'm like like, what, whydid you? How did you make tacos
out of that? It's just thehell, It's just it's just me.
Yeah, I know, I don'tknow. I can't do it, and

you know I would. I hadto text Emily a couple weeks ago over
something that was bad. She toldyou the wrong information. She's so maybe
you'd trust that insane you're doing tome. He's going to react to that.

Okay, that's not what this is. This has to do more with
how fat we are. Oh.Yes, a company is working on a
new AI program and they have justsuccessfully done the first step of this program
and are now working on the secondstep. So they felt, okay,
it's time to tell the world thatthis product's going to be coming soon.

And it's basically an AI system thatcan identify different foods in your kitchen from
a camera. So there is acamera basically watching your entire kitchen and all
the foods, and so it willsee the food and it will calculate with

ninety five percent accuracy how much you'reputting in your system. And since it's
tracking what you're putting in your system, I mean granted when you're at home,
it will then tell you if youare making smart decisions or not.
I love it as somebody as somebodylike me who over eats and I porsture

control was bad for me. Uhthis is and like I there's there's apps
like this that's how you have toput in your macros and all that stuff.
So for something to do it forme, like that is awesome.
You want this, I want this. This would be great for me.
If you're working out, it wouldbe easier to lose weight. It would
be great. Now the camera thinkis kind of weird, but like it
would be a lot easier to loseweight. But if it tells you put

down the ice cream fat, soo, that's not I mean hopefully there's a
setting of like you know, I'mallowed to have a cheat day, Come
on, fridge. I wonder ifthis works for what. Oh I think
it will constantly be telling you Ithink you're good business. He's just gonna

yell at the as I love toget my drink on the A. Now
there's currently apps where you can takelike a picture of your plate of food
and it'll tell you like, okay, this is this many calories do you?
I meet it with like massive amountsof Well and also just because that's

your plate, that doesn't mean thatyou're consuming the entire plate. So this
system actually watches bite by bite andcalculates bite by bikes stock so if you
bite, but they say like ifyou go and pull the bag of chips

out of the cupboard and you startto put what's towards your mouth. The
system will say, just to letyou know you've already consumed too many you
know whatever, calories, cameras.I don't want that, No, I

need it. I need it.Do you feel burnt out at work?
A lot of us do. Whilethere is a survey, a survey asking
workers how to make work better.Well, we're gonna see if we agree
with these suggestions or not. We'recoming up next on the show I'm rocking
A five three, So Corn onthe show, It's rocking O five to

three. Are you feeling burnt out? You know, when we're working as
much as we work now, andwe don't just stop working when we leave
work. Yeah, Now, withphones and computers and everything like that,
I feel like everybody's always working.You're always on the call, grinding,
that's it, you always grinding.It's to stop. And so that makes
you probably feel more burnt out thanyou even actually are. Oh yeah,

because you're not disconnecting, like checkingthe email. Well, Sky, we
know how she is sometimes with herphone and the text. You don't like
to look at email and night.I just can't email enough. I mean,
I'm just on it all the time. No, No, I've definitely
like made it a priority over thelast couple of years because not saying by
any means I'm like a work fromhome type again, you don't have an

important job? No, No,yeah, like my important stuff happens here
in the radio station and once Ileave whatever. Yeah, but like sometimes
I'll feel guilty, Like It'll belike four in the afternoon and I'll be
like, oh, I haven't checkedmy email since I left work. And
then sometimes I'll be like, whydo I need to I've already worked a
full eight hours? Like I whywhy? Yeah, like all I do?

Oh yeah, yeah, me too, and so yeah. So,
But I know a lot of friendswho work in different kind of like office
jobs where they're they are never disconnectedand they'll always get a random text and
then have to check an email andsend a quick spreadsheet over. I'm like,
it's seven o'clock at night, whatare you doing there? A lot

of companies now, and that iswhy a lot of us workers feel burnt
out, and so they asked them, you know, we what can we
do? What what can happen atyour work that will make things better.
Yeah, And they say it's reallycrazy because they haven't seen levels of burnout
reported like this since we were deepin the pandemic and we were like feeling

burnt out about everything. And theysay, for some reason, now we're
back feeling that exact same way,and staff shortages have a lot to do
with it, and then having towelly hats exactly. Oh, totally picking
up the slack. And then oncethey do finally hire somebody, that person
doesn't know what they're doing, sothen you got to train them and like

whatever. So that's the biggest problem. So yeah, and he's right,
what are these people saying they need? Number one? We need a four
day work week weeks ago? Itwould be a game changing, man,
it'd be game Imagine if today wasThursday, I tell you, I will

tell you tomorrow's Friday. I mean, living it up, living it up
me and Jack. Now, whatif Monday was your day to have off?
Also, you do the Tuesday throughFriday. I don't know. I'm
just saying, you know, thatgets probably up to the company. Yeah,
I would rather do the Friday,Saturday, Sunday. That's just me.
But that doesn't like it just makesSunday your Saturday. And yeah,

but no because I'm because it's tome. I by Thursday, I'm exhausted.
So if there's Thursday, if there'sonly four days, when would your
mid week meltdown happen? Wow,you've it'd be tough, I think,

honestly, honestly, would there bea mid week melt time, I'd be
so happy you don't don't need it, No more melting Friday weekends every week.
Okay, So that's the number onesuggest out. Next is increased flexibility
with our hours, like as longas we get our job done and you

know, yeah, like let uscome and go as we please. Number
three option, give us less work, a decreased workload. Okay, right,
working from home huge. People stillwant to be able to work from
home. They want more on siteamenities, Like if we had a gym
at work, if we had acafeteria at work, we got cheese its

here, that's cool. That's ifwe had a gym here, I'd be
pretty pumped on that. I notme would use it. But if you
have a cafeteria here with somebody who'scooking up fresh food, give it to
me. I would love that nowthough you would feel okay working out next

to your co workers, like,think about the random people in this building.
You're okay, there's gonna be moresmall talk involved than to oh no,
no no. Once I put myheadphones on, I'm not talking to
anybody if I'm at the gym.Yeah, but you're at work. You're
at the work gym, and Igot off my headphones right and you didn't
return that email, so I justwanted to see real quick. I'll get

back to you, okay, okay. And then the final suggestion that employees
say will definitely help cure their burnoutis being able to work from wherever you
want. So today I'm going tocome into the office, but tomorrow I'm
going to work from home. Andthen the day after that, I'm going
to work from vacation because my familyis traveling for this family thing. So

people really say they want to beable to work from wherever again, as
long as they're getting their work done, they says, who cares, get
off our back. I'm surprised thatit's not more of like the amenities type
of a thing yeah than it isI just want to work in pajamas.
Yeah, you know, Yah,no, I think because they put all
the amenities in one category, peoplejust pick that. But if you would

have spread them out, like youknow, like daycare clip pods, Oh
pods, I haven't that pod?Would you? Well, I would.
But again, just like with thegym, I feel weird if a coworker
walked by my sleep pod in thepod and saw me sleeping in the pod.
But there's gotta be a window becauseI'm too claustrophobic and you kenet going
there. Oh okay, you defeatthe purpose of the pod. Oh anyway,

all right, call right now ifyou want to play the Mystery Music
Shuffle, give us a call.Eight seven seven five seven oh one oh
five three. We're gonna get theshuffle going. Four prizes when we get
back on the show on Rock witha five to three. Well the podres.
Adam Mazer made his major league debutlast night after being called up to

fill in for the injured U Darvishand Joe Musgrove. Kid looked pretty good.
He did pretty pretty good rest sixinnings and you only gave up one
run keeping the Padres in it againstthe Angels. Now, the game was
tied at one until the seventh,when the Angels scored two runs off a
Zach Netto two run double to takethe lead. The Padres then had their

chances in the eighth as Jake Coronerworthsingled home for Nando Tatis Junior, but
then your boy Hassan Kim popped outto end the inning with two on,
and so I was not good.It's the first home series win all season
for the Angels and the second timeall season the Padres have lost three in
a row. So they gotta getit together. They gotta beat these teams.

These teams are terrible. I don'tunderstand why they can't beat them.
It's just bizarre, you know,Like you can't lose to the Rockies and
to the Angels are and then playreally well against good teams. Like it
doesn't make any sense. So hopefullythey'll figure it out. The nephew of
the late Chargers legend Junior Seau MicaSeoo, has been charged with murder in

connection with a fatal fitanyl overdose.Now Sayo is accused of buying the pills
and then selling them to a friendwho died from them. Now, if
convicted, he faces fifteen years tolife. That's really bad. Controversial Chicago
Sky rookie Angel Reese was ejected afterreceiving two technical fouls after arguing with the

refs. Now Reese has been involvedin several controversial moments throughout her collegiate career
and now it's spilling over into thepros. She actually stood up and cheered
when Caitlin Clark was that flagrant foulthat happened to her recently by one of
her teammates. And so I meanthis, I don't know if there is
a more unlikable player anywhere in sports, but man, she is just o.

Everything she does is like I don'tknow very much. So the San
Francisco forty nine ers have given runningback Christian McCaffrey a brand new deal.
He signed a two year extension andthey added nineteen million dollars to his existing
deal just to give him more money. Definitely earned it, you know,
if he's played another position getting likeforty million a year, like like justh

Jefferson just got I mean, Iwould say he's more important to the Niners
than Jefferson is to the Vikings side. I don't disagree. You know,
they just have devalued that running backposition so he does more than he does
both positions, right, it's crazy. I don't know. We heard yesterday
that the Padres Tukipeda Marcano got alifetime ban for betting on baseball. Well,
it looks like Shohotani is off thehook. This case is done.

His interpreter has pled guilty to allthe charges and so that is cleared O'tawani
of any wrongdoing. And Major LeagueBaseball says, oh, they consider the
case closed and done. Wow,yeah, does matter doesn't see here?
Oh yeah, completely a fall guy. Yea, yeah, he said that.

Definitely. Sports STT is brought toyou by Palomar Health. Uh.
So, you know, it isalways interesting when you see uh you know,
they're like little special thing that yourlady does for you or whatever.
When your friends see that, whenyour friends get a little key piece of
what your girlfriend does for you,things like that, it can be a

little weird. Or we're gonna seewhat One guy is asking about what his
girlfriend has been leaving him that Iguess his friends are seeing. That's coming
up next on the show on Rockwith five three. On the show,
it's Rock one O five three.So a lot of us guys go through

this where you know, we'll havea new girlfriend or even our wives now
that'll want to do cutesy things,and we you know, a lot of
times we go along with it.You know, sometimes we think it's fun
and cool or whatever. But thensometimes our friends find out what the little
cutesy things that's going on between usand our ladies, like you have to
do four head kisses every morning,and things like that. But you mean

those kind of cutesy things, yes, that you normally what I'm doing,
you normally keep private or you haveyour own love language where you you know,
call things weird back scratches, mypoppies, popcorn. I gave my
wife four kisses this morning. Iwas coughing like crazy. She slept in
the other room, stuff coming overto kiss her. Yeah, well in

the morning, and then she kissedher on the forehead. Both dogs were
in there because they hate me,and the cats were also in there.
I can't one animal can't love me. Doesn't that tell you something? You
know, you know who did loveme? Now he's dead? Thanks,
Okay, all right, well,yeah, a lot of us will go

ahead and do those things, andthen when our friends find out about it,
then it's over for us get madefun of constantly. Well, one
guy, one guy, I guess, is asking about a certain situation with
his girlfriend. Yeah, so thisguy, you know, top of the
world moves in with his girlfriend.They get a new play whole thing because

he has gotten a new job witha raise. It's a very exciting time,
right, and so great moving intogether. And as you know,
some of us here on the showhave experienced others not the gal in the
relationship says, oh, you know, I love to cook. I love
to be in the kitchen. CanI make your lunch for you every day

for work? And he's like,heck, yeah you can. Now,
as you guys know, how doeshe usually work? It disappears quickly,
Yeah, yeah, Well they wantto do it because they are so in
love, and she's gonna do itall the time because she likes it.
And then what happens? Now Ihave to beg now, sandwich. I

was told on Sunday that this wouldstart up again. Oh really, and
I'm not kidding you. Tuesday,Monday morning, I got up for work
and I was brushing my teeth andmy wife got up and I was like,
hey, now, oh, she'sactually doing it and I heard something.
I heard the sink go on,and then she walked by me with
the glass water and then went backto what are you still making Robert lunches?

I offer, but he doesn't wantme to. He oh, I
get that. It's not because ofthat. He like started drinking this big
protein thing in the morning and hesays he doesn't want to eat anymore and
during the day, so he justhas a protein until he gets home at

the end of the day. Hehas a big protein. I agree with
you. I tell him that,because then he's starving when he gets home.
So he's like he'll pick up likethe boxes of like cheese. It's
and like you know what I mean. So and then you want to eat
crap, so you want to eatthroughout the data metabolism going. So he's
just make him like he only wantedto make a little turkey sandwich with an
apple. Want to start making Eddieand I turkey sandwiches. It will take

it. Wow, Yeah, Iused to. He used to like it
all his health kick where he's workingout. So yeah, so they're in
this lovey dovey I want to makeyour lunch for work every day. Great,
and that first day at the newjob, the first lunch, she

kind of it kind of made himfeel, you know, special inside when
he opened it up and found thatshe had put in a little note like
good luck on your first day.I love you so much, have a
great day. And then you know, a little heart dry right, super
sweet. So second day opens hislunch, finds another note. Third day,
and then he's singing, Okay,well maybe it's just like for the

first week. But then the notesevery single day, and every note every
day, which sweet, very nice, but he's starting to think kind of
unnecessary at this point. I gotit, you love me. That's very
sweet. And then comes the daywhen a coworker sees the note and just
sounds kind of like the environment here. We're not gonna be cool. We're

gonna tell everybody, we're gonna pointout the note. And he says,
now, a few weeks later,every single day, almost the whole office
wants to know what's on the note, and not just like the guy's rasing
him, like the girls in theoffice are like, oh, it's so
sweet. Let me you're making mefeel No, you're masculating me. Please
don't. So he wants to know. Can he approach his girlfriend and say,

I love you very much, butplease no more notes. I had
a small taste of this really happenedto me. Really Sky you may remember
this when I believe it was likea Valentine's Day or something like that got
you when my wife decided to makeme a peanut butter and jelly sandwich in
the shape of a heart. Yesshe did. She cut off like that,

and then everybody saw it. Ofcourse, I'll look at your heart,
say you little, you little dweep. Thanks, And so I told
her, I go, that's thatwas so nice, Deborah. But never
do that again. Oh, neverdo that again, because I mean,
number one, I didn't get theamount of sandwich that I wanted, and
number two, everybody made fun ofme. Please don't do that again.
So she didn't. She was coolabout it. But now, are you

getting lunches anymore? Well, that'sa good point. Maybe she's back,
she held. That's kind of hisfear that like, he'll ruin his lunch,
gig if he comments on on yourway to work take the note out
every day. That's smart. Areyou're still getting the note? But if
I was your girlfriend and like foundall those notes like jammed under the seat

because obviously eventually the notes are goingto die. Yes, so just wait
it out, Yes, okay,that's what I would do. All right.
We are going to see what isgoing on with Thor this week.
It is time for Thor's midweek meltdown. When we get back on this show
on Rock five three Red Hot JilliPeppers on the show, it's rock like

this. We're not old. Idon't like this. You have new cameras
in the studio. We don't knowwhat we're doing, you guys, says
my hair always look like that.Unfortunately the change it. All right,
It is time to see what isbothering him this week. It is time
for Thor's midweek meltdown, and nowthe show is happy to bring you.

I have some respect thors midweek meltdown. You're gonna meltdown about these new cameras.
I kind of want you to.I'm so distracted. Take a break.
I'm flexing as far as I canyours on camera though, like sucking.

Can you stop? You're making meYou're making it even worse. Come
on, what's going on? So? I actually have two things. One
I want to get off my chest. I wasn't gonna ran about this.
I'm gonna stand up there, Eddie. You gotta stop making faces, making
faces into his like he's five yearsold, Like he's five years old.

Look my god. So the firsttime that I ran about is listen our
phone screener, Jamie. He postsall my rants on Instagram show rock one
of five three, And you know, if you don't like the rants,
don't listen. What do you mean? Some comments have come up saying,

oh, listener, this is fastforward the podcast. Thor's douche. He's
got a big sorry, I hateyou know what. Don't listen guy in
particular, I really didn't like,and I was gonna respond and I didn't
get But I'm like, you knowwhat, if you don't like it,
don't listen, well, you know, and also to if you hate you

hate it so much, but youcomment idiot Again, Let's think we need
to take time out to do well. I took. I took time out,
so I have to get that offmy job. I got a lot
of notes today. Now I didsay. I did say just to be
clear, this is not a politicalrant. I want to make this very
clear because people could take it asa political rant, but not a political

rant. I you don't my Mypolitical feelings have nothing to do with this,
just to be clear. Okay,So that being said, our phone
is you know, Jamie're gonna haveto cover your ears for this rant because
I've hit a breaking point with acertain group of people, and this group
of people have gotten to the pointwhere I'm so annoying I can't take any
more. I'm ranting about it ona Wednesday, and I'm talking about the

kids that just graduated college. Ican't stand them any more. Exception two
weeks ago. Yeah, Jamie's anexception. Why Jamie's an exception, And
you'll find out why. You'll findout why I can't stand them. Do
I think graduating college is a greataccomplishment? Of course I do. Congratulations,

you guys did it. Now that'swhere my likeness sense because there's a
bigger group of kids that think theyhave it all figured out and know what
to do with life and everything thancollege kids. Oh there's not a more
entitled person on earth than a kidthat just graduated college. They think they
have it all figured out, Theythink they could do anything they want,

and it's got to the point whereit's ridiculous. They're walking out of graduations
that they didn't pay for. Ican't take it. And that's where it's
political. But it's really not political. It's more about being annoyed that they
didn't pay for this college. Listen, I know you've been told over the
last ten years that what you doimpacts the world and how important you are.

News flash, you're not. Andif anyone, if anyone of these
people giving a commencement speech had anygonads, they would look at these kids
and say, hey, ninety ninepercent aren't gonna make it. Maybe maybe
one percent of you, and maybeone percent of you will make it.
Maybe most of you are gonna fail. Most of you are gonna start at

the bottom. Like our boy Jamieis just start at the bottom. He's
picking up vanilla lattes, he's settingup cameras, he's going to Taco bell
on Thursday. I applaud that.But most college kids aren't gonna want to
do that. Most college kids aregonna come in, are gonna they're gonna
have their four year degree. They'regonna peak cock around. Think if they

run everything like they're in the hotass in town and then, and they're
gonna they're gonna protest everything they wantto do, and they're gonna think the
world owes them because that's what they'vebeen told their whole life. And they're
gonna have to go pick up tacobell. They're gonna complain that they don't
have a radio show yet. They'regonna be around and they're gonna be why
don't I run Facebook yet? Whydo Why don't I run meadow? Why

don't I have my own TikTok?Why am I not blowing up? And
then you know what they do afterthat, if they go home to mom
and dad and cry and then say, you know what, I need to
take a year off and I needto travel abroad. That's what I need
to do because I need to figuremyself out at twenty two years old.
Oh, here's where you need tofigure out. Get a job and shut
up and work hard. That's whatyou need to do. Okay. And

I can't stand anymore these entitled collegekids. I can't take it. They're
so entitled. Most of them don'tneed to pay for their schooling, and
they just keep going to more schoolingbecause they don't know what they want to
do. And then they still,well, this what really bothers me?
This really bothers me. They starta podcast and put it on their resume
here and act as if I havea podcast. Now you've already done,

You've already done the podcast. You'vedone the podcast. Can I say something?
Go ahead? Eddie? Oh diehere. I don't disagree with him,
really I don't. I don't reallydisagree with him. For the most
part, he's right. I meanhe's a little extreme with you're are going
to fail. But that being said, if I went to four years and

I got my fine arts degree,why am I not immediately owning a museum?
Like what is going on? That'sthat's not how Why isn't there a
job for me immediately in the finearts category? Like I mean, like,
what are we doing here? Youknow you're not going to immediately get
a degree and then become the CEO. That's not how it works. And
so yeah, he is sort ofright. But then you have people I

don't want to name names, I'mmaybe leaning in a certain direction that are
the cause of this. What areyou talking? You have people that will
say, maybe, you know,after college you could live in our a
du as long as you want.Okay, say that, and you guys
live in our a du as longas you want, and you could do

whatever you want. I think Ithink parents need to tell your kids.
I'll tell you what my wife wetell if we ever have kids when they're
eighteen, well we probably want whenthey're eighteen, they have two options.
You're either going to go to collegeor you're gonna get a job and start
paying rent. You ain't gonna livehere when you're eighteen for free. You
know what I say. You're goingto do both. Figure it out.

You're gonna figure out. Please don'tdo that. Please don't do that.
Motion. That's a lot and isno free ride. This lesson that Eddie
and I are giving you is free. I'm not doing have any and I

speaking colleges and it will be peoplewill hear. You won't hear a forty
five minute commencement speech about bull crapfrom somebody from Fannie May that doesn't know
what they're talking about. From mysisters at my sister's college. When you
graduated from Maryland, it was likethe Fannie May CEO, like, what
a terrible commencement speech? How isthat? That's what they got give give

Eddie and I ten minutes, fiveminutes each tell you that you're a loser
anything, and you need to startfrom the bottom and work your way up.
We have a recent college graduate sittingright here. Yeah, Jamie,
your thoughts on what thora has beensaying here about college graduates. You're not

wrong. Yeah, but like Eddiesaid, it depends. It depends on
the degree. Like I myself,I have a degree in economics. Is
working out? So there was afuture that was or you always have a
backup plane? Yeah, you havebackup plan. Yeah, I get that,
Jamie. What bothers me is thesecollege kids that think what they say

and do is so important and it'sgoing to make a difference. Oh,
it's not, guys, because wedon't. We don't care what you do.
No one does. You have certainpeople who are telling you're changing the
world. You're not scout. Howmany kids graduate college a year? I
have no idea. What's say?What's up on? It's thousand? Right?

How many of them are going tochange the world? What are you
talking about? Maybe too? Maybetoo? When I was like changing the
world and what happened, well Iwent into radio and then sorry, are
you changing the world doing beer runsa little bit in my own, in

my own fun way. I feellike this is a blanket statement or I
think some of the kids are good. I understand you are very affected.
When the kids walked out in protestbecause their parents paid all that money,
didn't bother me. It's not political. I am Jewish, but it's not
political. It's not political. Idon't want to save them. It is
your comments. I'll start coming back, Okay, start coming back. So

at the end of the day,what you do in college doesn't matter to
me. I don't care and makea decision. And if you travel abroad,
stay there. We don't want yourbad you don't want you. Everybody
everybody. So this is just aboutcollege graduates. They're just so annoying.
Okay, Like I'm going to NewYork in a month, Like you want
me to stay there? No,New York's find the exception. Ja,

Yeah, you're starting for that's abroad. I'll tell you what your totally Wow,
college graduates, I guess you suck. I do. Now, when
you have a roommate, you gotto respect the common area, right,
I mean, you're a shared space, you're sharing. Well, we're gonna

see what one roommate he wants toknow if he can ask his roommate to
stop doing in the common areas.When we get back on the show on
Rock with five to three, that'sgreen day on the show, it's Rock
one O five to three cutting.All of us at one time or another
had roommates. Now I had.I was a big roommate guy for you

know, almost all of my lateteens, early twenties. Just that's the
way you gotta get by. Yougot to get by with that. I
mean, Sky, you got marriedat like fourteen, I don't. I
mean, did you ever have aroommate? Yeah? I did in college
for two years, I had aroommate and we had an apartment, a
two bedroom apartment, so it wasonly two years, but I did have

those two years. No, thatwas it. That was it. Yeah,
crazy, I know. Crazy.Now, when you are a roommate
with somebody, you have to kindof establish some sort of ground rules when
it comes to certain things about youknow, eating each other's food or whatever.
It is like that, like,hey, I'm not a person that
likes to leave dishes in the sinks, So we got to talk about that.

There's you know, all kinds ofdifferent stuff. Hey, if I'm
having a girl over, we've gotto figure that out too. You know,
there's all kinds of different things thatare going on. Well, I
guess there is a guy who hasa roommate and there is no ground rules
set with one particular thing for acommon area. Yeah. Now this guy
actually owns the house. I guesshe bought his first ever house, like

a small house, right, andthen he you know, started making the
monthly payments and realized, oh,this is kind of tight. And there
was a new guy at work whohe really liked and they'd been getting along
with, and he'd been getting alongwith so he said, Hey, I'm
considering renting out a room in myhouse. Are you interested? And the
guy's like, yeah, that soundsgreat. So this guy became his roommate,

and he said everything's been going great. They're pretty much on the same
page about everything. The one thinghe didn't know about his roommate, he
says, is how horny this guyis. He says, this guy literally
has different girls over every single weekend. He's really out there working the Tinder

world all of that, and hesays, you know, whenever he's home
if the guy brings a gal over, they go into the guy's room and
they take care of their stuff privatelyin the guy's room. But this new
roommate was sharing a story with himthe other day about something that happened in
the living room on the couch,and that is when the guy who owns

the house of realized, oh god, when I'm not here, this horny
guy is probably having sex all overthe place. And clearly this story shows
that he's definitely already had sex inthe living room on my couch, not
you know, not that there wasany evidence of it anywhere, but it
happened. And so he was talkingto a different friend going, Hey,

I'm gonna have to tell my roommate, you can't be having sex in the
common areas, like that's gross.Keep it in your bedroom. And then
the other guy said, well,but isn't he paying equal rent, isn't
he splitting the mortgage with you?So aren't those common areas his areas too?
And so now the guy doesn't knowdoes he have the right I mean,

because the guy is it's not likehe's leaving a mess or evidence or
weird stuff, but just to knowthat he's having sex around the house.
He doesn't like that, and hesays he's getting different opinions. If kind
of as the landlord, he hasthe right to tell the guy no sex
in the living room. Landlord,he's the owner, he owns the house,

he owns the couch, he ownsall these things. Like, you
got to have respect if you area roommate. You know did when I
lived back in the day with myboy be Ub. Things for me with
girls could start on the couch andthen you take it into the room.

That's I feel like acceptable. Andyeah, did that son of a bitch
ever do stuff on our couch?He's a bastard. What makes you think
that? Because him, you justknow, I know him. He doesn't
care. You know, he waspretty respectful when it came to certain things.
That kind of thing. Though,he'll lose his mind. Yeah,

so happy, So is the lineLike once clothing items start to be removed,
I think you know, when youstart to get to that spot,
All right, let's go move intomy room. Plus, I don't want
that guy walking in on me either, Like that's as you walked in on
you, he said, hello,helo, hello, hello, hello,
hello, Hello, Hello. WhatI'm doing, dude, can I hear?

I don't know what do you thinkbelieve? I mean, yeah,
everything you said, like you know, to a certain point you could start
it, but you can't finish it. That's gross. I don't want to
ever think that's What about on thekitchen table, you know, sink something
like that. That doesn't bother meas much the kitchen table as the couch,
because like you eat off the kitchentable like at home right now,
I regularly clean the countertops with bleachlike a couple times a day to be

honest, like, so that doesn'tlike you don't leave his gross as stuff
if you could wipe it down.But on the fabric on the couch that
eks me out. Really, I'mgonna specially disagree with that one. What
do you think As roommates, Idon't want that, But if it was
my own place, I don't care. But yeah, as roommates, you
gotta respect the respect your roommate courtesyof other people. You can't. That's

kind of gross because I wouldn't wantthat. Now you didn't and if I
did, If I did do it, I wouldn't say, yeah, you
didn't respect our show couch ago yearsago office we found out Thor was doing
stuff in that couch. That gotcrazy, but you know that was that
was that was a different time.I wasn't get laid a bunch. You

lost your mind my mind sometimes andsometimes you know that happens to guys.
We're not your right sense. Andwhen and it's over, you come back
and like, WHOA, which ishappening? It was good? Good.
We never want to seem as oldas we actually are. So this may
help us out a little bit.We're gonna go over some outdated phrases.

This makes us, makes us soundold. Coming out next on the show
and rock with O five three ledZeppelin on the show. It's rocking O
five three. So our friend Scottover here will drop all kinds of different
go to phrases quite a bit.She one of her favorite ones is true

dat yo, So true true datyo. Yeah, that's one of your
go tos. Yeah, And Ijust like I do it without thinking.
I'm not trying to do anything intentional. But then when I say something and
then I look around and see everybody'sface, I go, oh yeah.
Now when you drop something like thatto your fourteen year old, what happens

there, nothing specific because she hasyou can't say that was around the bubba
bitches though, okay you the lightyou no so around my daughter in private,
she knows I'm a dork. Sheknows I have no problem being a
dork. I embrace it, andso she watch out for the big girls

help She's she's accepted that this isher in life and this is her mom.
But so sad. But she doesappreciate the fact that if I'm ever
driving in the car pool or whatever, I just zip it because I know
if I said something like that infront of her friends, it would like
mortify, like she would never wantto come out of the house again.

Yeah, listen, there are definitelysome phrases and words out there, maybe
some actions and things like that thatpeople do that you know, yeah,
and make you feel a little bitolder than you actually are. Yeah,
Eddie loves to dab. Still,I still think it's cool. He will.
Yeah. Yeah, my kids hatethe kids I do it, and

then I always threaten that I'm goingto do it at you know, their
stuff, graduation or game or whatever. Yeah, dad, that's twenty seventeen,
bro bro, So yeah, there, you could definitely do things,
and you know, you want tomake sure you kind of stay somewhat relevant.
So there is a whole list ofout dated phrases that make you sound

old. Yeah, and uh,this list was put together because a lot
of these phrases, they are oldand they're based in unlike old things that
to certain generations are common knowledge.But then to like younger people, they're
like, I don't even know whatyou're talking about. So they kick it
off with you sound like a brokenrecord. I mean, you know,

to a kid, what does thatmean? We all know that means it's
repeating itself. It's skipping, it'sskipping. But for a kid who's never
played yeah, yeah. Maybe peoplelove vinyls. What yeah, maybe they
know, but it's nice vinyl,so it's not broken. So I don't
know if they say, say,that's my therapist the other day that they
have these negative thoughts. They're justrepeated, like a broken record, said

uncomfortable. They understand what you're saying, yeah, like mean, oh,
but does she understood what I wastalking about? Are they? Yeah?
I feel like he's been last likemaybe five days, been good, thank
you. So I've noticed. I'venoticed. I'll take it, Oh,
Eddie, Yeah, thank you Eddie. They say, if you say hunky

Dory, who would say that?Mom is a big honky Dory? And
Sky Yeah, who do you thinkwould say that? Yeah? I mean,
my Godunky, I honestly don't knowwhat that means neither. Yeah.
It comes from like the war whenwe like had you know, presence in
Japan, and there was a nameof a street called like hun show Dory,

and that was like the street whereeverybody got along and mingled together.
Way, So Honkey Dory goes allthe way back to that. Mom's still
a big honky door girl, HonkeyDory. Next, hold your horses,
Yeah I do. I do thatone too, again, goes back to
the Old West when you actually hadto hold your horses in Like Flynn.

Oh God, is this Flynn orFlint? I had no idea either a
couple of these. I think I'vebeen say wrong. It's actually Flynn and
it's based on an Australian actor fromthe early nineteen hundreds who like got it
on with all the ladies like Flinn. Yeah, no, I need that
what Sky likes anything that rhymes Soin like Flynn, you're gonna start hearing

a lot. I love rhymes.See you later, alligator, that's another
good one. You don't say that, yeah I do. No, oh,
yeah, who would you say thatto? Well, I definitely say
that to my daughter all the time. See you later, alligator when I'm
leaving the house. Yeah, shedoesn't give me back the in a while.
Crocodile, which is rude? Whichis so rude? Yeah, I
guess was a song in the fifties. Are you okay? You're the cat's

meow? No? The other skyphrase? Yep, the whole kit and kaboodle
again? What is that from?I don't know. I thought it was
kitten kaboodle. Me too, That'swhat I always hit, kitt kaboodle.
I thought it was kitten kaboodle.Really, yeah, kit and kaboodle.
I guess a kit bag was usedby soldiers back in the day, and
a cool a kaboodle is like agroup of people. So you got the

and the koboodle, you got itall. I thought kaboodle was that big
concert out in del mar It waslike a whole I think that's if you
call something high jinks, that's yearold. I guess it was an old
drinking game and people get so drunkthat they would cause trouble afterwards. Hid

like that, you like that onefine and dandy by a word, bite
the bullet. Most people don't realizethat. You know during surgery. Back
in the day, they would havesoldiers bite on a bullet. Close but

no cigar? Like, yeah,I guess carnival games used to actually give
out cigars as the prices. Whendo you say that? I actually said
it recently because I was betting ona horse on my phone. Sometimes didn't
know this is like and now Iknow why she always says she has no

money stopt for her remodel horse.And it was like randomly bar and then
have it on the TV. Hey, you could see you can see my
tv g app. Okay do yousee this with addicts and anyway? Eddie,
she submitted she has an app gapp. What is that? It's
the horse racing? U now weknow where her money is going. How

I love my horse loss? Isaid close. The can't buy your son
a yearbook, but you can beton horses, Eddie because you bet on
the Kentucky Derby in the Freakness.No, because I just told you,
I just do what I'm sitting havinga beer or something, and it's on
the When are you not doing everyday? I do do other things.

Okay, put up your dukes.You're gonna look old if you say that.
Ye, and then finally you willlook old if you're still using the
phrase on the fritz something. Whatdoes that mean? It's an old German
name, Fritz, and I guessAmericans used it as slang when something was
damaged back in the World War.So it's like an insult. Yeah,

sorry Germans. Wow, yeah,Hi, so fascinating, but I guess
we can't say it anymore. Peoplespeaking of old things, are loving an
old issue of GQ magazine from thenineties that has gone viral. Now.
This magazine, I guess went overthe things that were overrated back then,
and people are loving it. We'regonna go over and see why people are

going nuts over this magazine. Whenwe get back on the show on Rock
with five to three, Cyprus Hillon the show, it's Rock one O
five three. So let's take alittle trip back, guys, take a
little trip back to the nineties.Do you remember those decade? Yeah,
it's pretty wild. You guys arereally young in the nineties, I was

sky we were rolling, man,Yeah, and I mean in the nineties,
I was not eight nine elementary.I was I turned twelve and ninety
nine. So there are thousands ismore my jam? Okay, Yeah,
nineties were a good time. Yeah, apparently there was. There was this
thing called magazines. Still I stillremember magazines. Yeah, yeah, Emily,

Emily loves a good magazine. StillI need to find them. I'll
tell you. I was at mytax guy recently and he's an older this
tax guy one more time, Imean gentleman. He's a big magazine guy,
like all the food network magazines,old people heaven. I was sitting
there. They took forever too,and I was like, take your time

through. I love them. Hey, well what meant more like toe and
through? Oh okay. Well therewas this magazine called GQ. Never heard
of it, Yeah, magazine.It was kind of a it's called Gentleman's
Quarterly. I believe he is itstill around? I have no idea,
honestly. Yeah, they probably likehave a website on all sure one they

may. Yeah. So GQ magazinewas a men's periodical back then, and
it was one of the bigger ones. Yeah, GQ magazine, and so
I guess GQ magazine back in thenineties did an overrated list like things that
are overrated right now, and somehowsomebody still had this and posted it,

and of course it went viral becausepeople are going nuts over what was overrated?
What was the year ninety what let'ssee ninety five, nineteen ninety five,
what was overrated in nineteen ninety five? Oh man? So yeah,
people are finding this fascinating because,first of all, in ninety five,
you could just call someone overrated withlike no repercussions. Not now if you

like say something really bad, likeyou can't say bad things about people anymore,
like so soft, like we usedsue, right, And then some
things people just don't e saying.I love saying bad things about people for
no reason. I mean you do? Oh yeah, don't you really stop?
You still do it? Yeah?Yeah, all right. Some of
these things confused people, like whydid you need to call that thing out?

But here are some of the highlightsfrom the things back in nineteen ninety
five, GQ magazine said, we'reoverrated. First off, mangoes, Wait,
hold on a mine. Why weremangoes over mango? I guess you
know, it's just it must hotthen, yes, it must have been
a face people discovered mangoesos was likea hot face mango. I kind of

agree with that one. Still,you don't like a mangohyped on mangoes,
And I love mangoes with mango init. But like people act like mangoes
are the coolest thing ever. Inever the coolest. Never met anybody that
like mangoes were the coolst. Yeah, it's a statement. Really, Oh
yeah, they're out there. They'reout there, let me tell you.

Okay. Also, when I Mango'sidiot ninety five, GQ also says rainforest
overrated. Well, I mean thatseems crazy to say. That's kind of
important. What the oxagen and stuff, you know, the world And okay,
lattes overrated in nine five, Ijust got a vanilla latte this morning.

In the nineties, though, iswhen the coffee craze Will started,
Starbucks all that stuff started really takingoff, and so lattes weren't that big
of a deal until probably around thattime, and everybody was getting before that,
people would just make coffee have ama oh yeah, author they say

overrated in nineteen ninety five, beingthe host city of the Olympics. Always
over what a waste of money?Don't does it doesn't the US at the
Olympics or something the World Cup?Yeah, well yeah, what a waste
of money. You don't happen forthe economy. You know what happens to

all those things they build once theOlympics is gone? They all just go
to sometimes sometimes sometimes can't mean sometimesyou have built in stadium? Sometimes not
every time? What a waste?No fakes? Can you remind me that?
When is this our next month?For getting their pal? What a
night you were five? Decided weneed to call out some people as overrated

again things that we probably wouldn't doin twenty twenty four. According to GQ,
any British woman described as beautiful,oh ouch, demymore wrong, body
overrated. That's crazy because in ninetyfive it was banging. It still is
right now. Well I don't knowabout that. What I mean, have

you seen your body? When didstripteas come out? Yeah, that's that's
what we need to do. That'sall that matters. Yeah, ye holy
I spent a lot of time inthat movie. Okay, so she was
getting ready for it? Yea,it's not overrated. How dare you now?
I'm offended. Jay Leno's come backoverrated? What was he coming back
from? I don't know, maybeit show, maybe I don't know.

Whatever. They also say Martin Lawrenceoverrated. Well up right now, I
mean Bad Boys is back. He'shaving a little bit of issues. But
was he overrated in ninety that wasa show was huge? Yeah, my
aim? And was he everywhere?Maybe? Maybe I don't know. Melissa
Etheridge overrated. Heather Locklear's melrose Placeeffect overrated. That's not true. She

saved that show. You. Melow'sPace was whatever. It was okay,
it was, you know, kindof a cheap version of those, like
the adult version. And then andit was sort of like say if you
will. For the first couple ofepisode seasons, it was fine, it
wasn't great, and then Heather Walcklercame in and just brought it to another

Well, like, when you hearabout that show, that's what you think
of as he That's right, Sodon't don't talk about her effects. Yeah
like that, Emily, you didn'twatch Melro's Place. I was allowed to.
It was too adult. It wastoo adult. They were because my
sister would watch now to know becauseall your friends run on started at eight.
Melrose Place started at nine, andthen you have to be bedtime.

I was an adult then, soI can watched good for you. Go
back and watch it. We'll holdup. Okay, nice Edie. That
Courtney Thorne Smith, I keep goingdropping Melrolle's Place character. Well, those
are the actual actors, those arethe character named. That's even what also
overrated in nineteen ninety five, accordingto g Q, Reggie Miller. Hell

yeah, well that was when himand We're at the peak of their rivalry
and he beat them a couple oftimes. But yes, Reggie Miller was
kind of everywhere. Yeah. Ilike Reggie even though he was a pacer.
I hate him, but I likehim. You know what they say,
The White Power Ranger overrated. Ohyeah, so the white Finally you
can wait in on something. Iwas a good Power Ranger white. I

wasn't a dork. I was akid. Power Rangers were huge. I
was like seven. Yeah, youstill like him though, I still like
dude. My White Power Ranger waslike the new superpower. I feel like
you cannot pause when you say WhitePower Ranger. Yeah, okay, so
yeah, the White Power Ranger.He was like the top have power Ranger
of all the power rangers. Himand Kimberly. Does he Pink Power Ranger

got together? Does he deserve tobe overrated? I don't think so.
He was the man. He hadlike long hair, his high eyes were
really good, and you were adork. Yeah. Seven, he just
made fun of me for Davy Melroseplaces and then he goes. Kimberly The
Pink Power is one of my firstcrushs. Okay, first crush together.
First crushes were Kimberly The Pink PowerRanger and brit Well, how do you

know that Courtney thorn Smith wasn't oneof my questions? Yeah, you don't
know, you don't know. Wait, you were out of high school then,
So crush still discovering myself. GQalso said overrated heavily choreographed concerts were
the performers in front wearing a headsetmike with thirty five dancers in the back.
Well, we were just starting toget into boy band stuff around in

the mid nineties and then and thenright after that it really exploded with backstreet
boys and guys. But this tome is taking a shot at like Janet
yeah, this is a big timeJanet Janet album. And you don't talk
about GQ says gay stand up comedyoverrated in nineteen ninety five, Ellen and

all that. Yeah, I'm gonnatake a step Yeah, you can't say
that. Step back. I'm notgoing to say that. Hoody and the
blowfish what overrated? What all?You can eat shrimp overrat? Not in
my life. See have you everseen me at a seafood tower? Dude?
Yes, it's inappropriate, appropriate,But I mean, back then,

you hit up a sizzler, youscrimp, that's good stuff. I could
put down thirty really yeah, backthen sizzler easy, a little smaller one,
yeah, yeah, delicious cocktail sauce. I would not a big cocktail
sauce fan. Wow, yeah,not really. I love sauce weirdly enough,

I would probably go catch up,which is basically cocktail sauce without the
horse. The horse. Ratis thehorse radish? Maybe fair enough, I
don't disagree. And finally, innineteen ninety five, GQ thor just calmed
Down says anyone dubbed the sexiest manAlive overrated. And this is I mean,

honestly, honestly, Yeah, Honestly, I agree because whoever the sexiestpan
lot that was the heyday of likethe tom Cruises. Yeah, that is
true. That's what it was huge. Now it's just they kind of give
it to whoever needs the pr That'swhy my list the best of Guys in
Hollywood is extremely November about. We'reteasing it. Now. There you go,

lame year. The Padres continue tostruggle against bad teams. Why is
that? We're gonna see what happenedagainst the Terrible Angels next? In sports
shirt Well, the Padres Adam Mazermade his major league debut last night after
he got called up to fill infor the injured You Darvish and Joe Musgrove.

He looked pretty good. He didlook pretty good. Look pretty good.
I may favorite you need to dothat. I get excited, but
I told you, like the JacksonMerril had his first game, I got
excited when they talked to his parents. And then when this guy's parents were
on they talked to him at thevery beginning of the game, and the
dad. They talked to the dadfirst, and he can't speak because he's
crying so much. Would have hadto toss it to the mom. Who

was like legit, no tears,like, yeah, we're hard for this,
I know. Yeah, it's reallycool though. Yeah. He pitched
six innings and he only gave upone run, keeping Padres in it against
the Angels. Now. The gamewas tied at one until the seventh,
when the Angels scored two runs offa Zach Netto to run double to take
the lead. Padres then had theirchance in the eighth. Jake corner Worth

singled home Fernando Tatis Junior, andthen Hasan Kim popped out to end the
inning with two runners on, andthat was their shot right there. Ye,
why could they leave the kid?He was doing well into the seventh.
Probably watched counts and things like that. It's all analytics they put in.
They put not great. It's thefirst home series win all season for

the Angels and only the second timeall seasons the Padres have lost three in
a row. But we've got towin these games, these games against these
bad teams. That's the ones youreally want to win, and uh,
you know, get in there,but it's not going well. The nephew
of the late Chargers legend Junior Seau, Micah Seau, has been charged with
murder in connection with a fatal fentanyloverdose. Now SAA I guess is accused

of buying the pills and then sellingthem to a friend who died from them.
If he's convicted, he faces fifteenyears to life. That fendanyl stuff.
Not good man, No, no, no. The San Francisco forty
nine ers have given their running backChristian McCaffrey a brand new deal. He
signed a two year extension and addednineteen million dollars to his existing deal.

So parry and the guy deserves it. One of the best players in football.
He'll take Fantasy this year again.Who's got the number one pick?
Oh? You do? Oh,gotta take them? Yeah, I've never
I've never had McCaffrey, so that'llbe fun. We heard yesterday the Padres
took a beca Marcano. He gotthe lifetime ban for betting on baseball.
But it looks like show. Hey, Otani's case is done. It's over.

Yeah. His interpreter has pled guiltyto his charges, clearing Otani of
any wrongdoing, and Major League Baseballsays they consider the case close. Oh
how nice for them one of theirplayers. Really Yeah? Yeah, that
was easy, Okay, Yeah,I guess that's over. Then there you
go, There you go. Thatis Sports Dirch for today. Uh.

So, you know we have heardabout male birth control becoming a thing at
some point. Well, looks likewe're getting close. We're gonna hear what
the latest is with male birth controlwhen we get back on the show on
Rock with five to three Collective Soulon the show, it's Rock one O

five to three. Now. Forever, it's always been that you ladies have
to take the birth control only birthcontrol methods. That's the only way to
do it right. Well, therehas been some developments, I guess in
the male birth control methods. Now, you ladies are different stages in your

life. So are you guys stillusing birth control? The method of just
don't have sex? Method? Itwas it really does, very accurate,
pretty fail free. Are you stillwhat do you do? The shots or
ring or what is it? TheI U D It's like as not get

something different. Mine's like set itand forget it for how long? Set
it and forget it? I've beenin there for like a five years?
Really, wow, are you doNo? I'm not. When did you
get it? I got it?I had some surgery that's when they switched
it out. We're not going tomatter, right. It's not funny,

it's not nice, really really rudething to say. Hey, I am
not the err excuse me, youdon't know. I mean, I know
how the body works, you know. Okay, I mean those flashes you're
getting there, Okay, signs area hot flash or two. But changing,
I could still potentially have gone throughchanges. Okay, shut up,

Okay, okay, shut up,and you not on any kind of uh
no, I wasn't for a longtime, you know, but recently I
want to say about a year agoI was put on the pill. Why
four changes had so much attitude?It was brutal. Okay, can you

shut up on it? To regulatethings and keep things on track? So
yeah, so I am. Iam on a pill. How do you
feel it with it? Okay?You know the pill is the pill.
It kind of makes you lose yoursex drive a little bit, you gain
all. Oh, I know that'swhy I want to be on the pill.
Yeah, wo hormones. So yeah, so it's not my favorite,

and you know I hate having toremember to take it every day. That's
stupid. If you take your dumbvitamins every day. What's the difference?
Every women says that I gotta rememberto take it every day. But yet
you take stuff every day for likeother stuff. But my vitamins are sitting
on my kitchen table in the middleof my kitchen every day. Yes,

Joe, what I do every morning? I do every morning? Oh my
god. But somebody like me anI mean back the day I was taking
the pill for a little bit andremembering every day was yeah, that was
trapic guy opposite. Now this isthe problem only you ladies have. But

I guess I don't know why arewe even doing this? To make things
fair and equals, male birth controlmay become a reality. Yeah, So
they've been working on male birth controlfor years now, but nobody has really
liked what they've come up with,because first, we like test in different

pills and like they would, youknow, mess with your hormones and make
exactly kill your sex drive all thiskind of thing, and so guys didn't
like that. And then a coupleof things that they've been working on are
kind of similar to Emily's I UD for men, but it is acting.

It's actually a procedure were they insertsomething to block the tubes for the
guys, and guys didn't like theidea of that either. So even though
these things show success in you know, preventing priscy, still guys are like
after the test like, hell,no, no way, I would never
voluntarily do that. And so anew thing is being tested and guys are

saying, you actually got it right. This one's legit. They just did
their phase two trial with over twohundred participants and basically what it is it
is a clear gel that they sellsay smells and looks like hand sanitizer,
and once a day the guy willtake a squirt of it apply it to

his shoulder blade. I don't havesex there. I know. You don't
why your shoulder. I don't knowwhy shoulder blade. I don't know if
it absorbs into the system faster downthere. No, they say, you
don't want to put any kind oflike stuff like that, this smelly sanitizer
down there like anything. Yeah,still take the shoulder I don't understand.

So you put it on your shoulderblade. And then this was the test
and so they did it with overtwo hundred guys and they got amazing results.
The guys said the gel super easyto use. They just made it
part of their mourning routine. Bondson this for a little while. Yeah,
that's like a human growth FORMO.His head got huge. Yes,

So they're now moving into phase twoof the trials, or actually it's phase
three technically, but the only guysthat can participate are guys in committed relationships
where their lady is signing a documentsaying she's on board, because literally they
are now required to have sex regularly, and we'll see how good it actually

works. If I was a singleguy, I would do this at a
heartbeat. I wouldn't have to Iwn't have to stress about worrying about you
know, well, wouldn't you doit now you're not trying to have kids.
Yeah, I would do it now. To be honest with you,
that'd be great now. I woulddo this in a heartbeat, not to
ans hear my wife complain about takingthe pill. Oh yeah, I would
take this at a heartbeat, andI wouldn't bitch about it. I would

just take it and do it.How are you gonna remember? You don't
know I'm I'm getting attitude changes.You don't know what it's like, and
I will just take it and bedone with it. I would. I
would love to be able to takea birth control. Take it, be
done with it, not complain.There are two reported side effects, oh,
acne and wait increase. We're notgoing to hear complain. We're not

going to hear you complain. Isn'tthat we deal with that? But we've
got to do Hey, uh no, I would if I'm getting laid not
pictured about it. You're loving yournew back acne? Back acne? Is
it back acney? That's what everyone'sgoing to come on steroids? Now,
well, we already know. Comingup tomorrow it is a throwback Thursday,

So we're gonna play some throwback triviathen. Sorry, guys, no sky
tomorrow, Sorry guys, please guys. I Hey, yeah, this guy
is taking the day off tomorrow,so the Great Laura. He's actually hanging
out with us, filling in tomorrowmorning. We'll see you then,

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