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June 6, 2024 90 mins
Laura Caine Casino Disaster, Throwback Trivia, Thor Eats Emily's Crackers
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San Diego. Welcome, Welcome tothe show. The new new day is
here, and what better way tostart it than with I feel like the
show is going to be great.This show. I would like to introduce
you to the ringleader Eddie. Ihave a young mindset, okay, the
mother of this crew Sky. Ifyou don't know anything about me, you

may not realize that I get coldvery easily. I'm very rude, I'm
obnoxious, and I don't care.And Emily, ever since I can remember,
I've never wanted to sleep with anotherhuman. Welcome to the show on
San Diego's rock station Rock one ohfive three. Well, I thought I
was ready for this, but maybenot. You never can't be ready.

No, Well, you know,like I geared myself up. I was
like, okay, like this isgoing to be interesting morning because Sky is
not here today. Sky took theday off because her daughter is graduating eighth
grade. Is this a big deal? I know, so you gotta be
there. It's literally like she's graduatingfrom Harvard, you know, like she's

making a big deal out of it. I am stunned. Yeah, So
we'll tell you about that in asecond. So, Laura Kane, the
legendary San Diego personality. Laura Kaneis philling and who you probably hear you
know. She does our traffic reportsfrom time to time. Laura from back
in the day, jeff and Jerr, longtime friend. I was thinking about
Laura. We've been friends for almostlike thirty years now. I think about

that. That's crazy true that youdon't have to go through all that too.
Yeah, and then the picture youposted on the website. What an
attractive couple we make. Where that'sfrom, I don't know when it's from.
I don't know where I found it, but I had a picture of
me and Laura that I posted onmy Throwback Thursday blog today. Pretty amazing
three dot com if you want tosee that. So anyway, yeah,

that's probably from at least twenty yearsago. It had to be before I
got sober, because I would definitelywaste you're having a good time. You're
having a good time. Of course, Laura worked with Emily on Jeffrey Kerr
back in the day as well,so they're good friends. Thora has got
to know Laura over the years aswell. So I mean, this is
this is like having a good friendhanging out with us. So I'm excited

about that. But that being said, Laura lives maybe the craziest life of
any human being I know. Isthat accurate? Absolutely accurate? Hands down.
I mean, like Laura, She'lltell us stories and I just sit
back and go, how did thathappen? Literally? Her day yesterday was
one of the most insane days I'veever heard of human list. It's craxhausted

thinking about it. How are youhere right now? How are you right
now? Don't really know. Let'sthink three hours of sleep, same makeup
as last night. Oh nice,one of my eyelashes like coming off.
But I'm so grateful for being here. Thank you for asking me again.
I love you guys, so fun. Well, here's the thing that sounds

like a non sober person when yousaid, all same makeup I last fall
off, but you're so sleep like. That's the again, the crazy part
that doesn't make any sense. Right. Your life is like a crazy you
know, like drunken drug addict life. Two your roommates, one of them
is my ex boyfriend, two dogs, one of them I'm not supposed to
have. It's a it's a it'sa mess constantly it is it is.

Have you always been because I don'tremember you being this way back in like
the nineties and stuff like that.Oh you could have been. And but
like I always hold Laura in suchhigh regard. I was, I was
like, Oh, Laura Caine,she's got her stuff together. Have you
always kind of been? Oh yes, oh big time? Oh I fake
it? Oh you did good?Yeah, so you've always been You've always

been a whack job for sure,as am I. Yes, that's what
Laura's Hey, I think Laura's kidsreeled her in a little bit. So
her kids, her last kid,her she's got an old older son twenty
four and then how old is yourdaughter in nineteen nineteen? So what she
left the house? I think Laurawas really able to let her freak flag
fly. Ok yes, okay thatmakes more sense. Yes, but not

with men yet, Like I'm waitingfor that to happen, like because now
I can like go out and likeall around. But I haven't been doing
that. Well you got that,you got that pink streak going hardcore.
This is for my this is mybirthday streak. My birthday was a couple
of weeks ago, and now Ican't get it out of my hair.
Oh no, you know at thestage, I shouldn't have pink in my
hair. I mean, come on, little silly. It is a little

sill. It's a little silly.Go away shout. So yeah, no
Sky today, Sky, like Isaid, she took the whole day off
to celebrate her daughter. Oh yeah, which is fine. You know that's
what you want to I'm excited tohear about tomorrow for how over the top
sky is. She told me shegot her three gifts, which is a
little wild for an eighth grade graduation, because my daughter graduated last year and

in high school. Now. Ithink we got her like a flower,
like a rose. Yeah, Iget that. I think that was went
to like a dinner or lunch.We went to a broken yolk afterwards for
breakfast. You didn't get or anythinglike significant to mark the occasion. Just
going into high school. What's thebig deal. I don't understand. It's
like like three presents. Like again, like I'll do that, and she

graduates high school, that's a big, big deal. That's life changing things.
True, graduating from junior high highschool. I didn't think it was
that big of a deal. Doyou think, Well, when you have
one child, it's every Landmark orMilestone is like a big we know two

of them on the show. I'llprobably get read a gift give. I'll
probably give him some money. Wellthat's different though I didn't give my kids
squad people. People expect Loveland togo into the next grade. Oh no,
hey, okay, sorry, Ididn't say it to some cash money.

I think that's a cash money.Lets your mom do that, yeah,
she will do. You know whatshe's given from what I From what
I heard, it was flowers,a Teddy bear with a graduation cap on
it anyway, and a watch awatch we got a watch story? Well
her about Laters. She should havetalked to Laura maybe tried to buy it

from Yeah maybe, Oh yeah,so very over that time. What I
heard. On top of that,last night Sky went to go see the
debut of Missus Doubt Fire, themusical. We'll get her review for that
as well. That's all tomorrow asLaura sits here. Though we were hearing

before we got out on the airabout her day yesterday, and it was
a wild one. It was definitelya wild one, so much so that
Laura took an uber to work thismorning, Like where's your car? I
have my car on. My car'son my driveway. Well, why didn't
you drive it? I don't knowwhere my keys are. I I changed
purses to go do my day yesterday, which we will explain later. What

do you mean, what did youdo? I just switched over purses.
I changed purses and I and Idid obviously to your Mexican as techa purse.
Yeah, I bought you go toTJ often cells. And then I
obviously locked the door before I leftbecause I was the only one in the
house. Put the keys in mypurse, I thought. And then when

I was getting out of my friend'scar, I'm searching for my keys,
searching for my keys, nowhere tobe found, not in his car.
I don't know what happened. I'mlike, maybe I threw him in the
garbage before I left, well,because I had a garbage like a bag,
and I thought maybe they were inmy hand and I threw them.
So I was looking in the garbagethis morning. No keys, I don't

I lost my spare And you knowhow much those ones are. They're like
two hundred bucks one of those fox. Now I've taken uber home. How
did you get into your house then? I have a hide a key something
okay, key rock? Yeah?Nice? Not a rock? Well you
don't tell you right behind my mailboxmy addresses. Please don't do that.

Wow. Well that's ridiculous and unfortunate. But I got an uber driver.
I'm like, hey, he wasSpanish or a Mexican guy, and he
was listening to Mexican music and I'mlike, hey, turn it on rock
one of five to three. I'mgoing to be on making new ones.
Oh yeah, job, Yeah,we recruited a new listener's you're so nice?

You don't know his name? No? Okay, all right, So
explain to me your day yesterday.What exactly did you do from one point
just the morning? Yeah, well, I want to save your ridiculous watch
story. Okay, but other thanthat, what was the deal? So
I a new friend through Eric,who's my best friend. He's your gay

best friend. He's my gay bestfriend. And I met one of his
gay friends and we can hit itoff like crazy. So you do a
podcast with Eric with Eric? Okay, And so I met this guy and
we like totally hit it off.I'm like, Eric, I'm stealing Barry
from you. I'm sorry. We'relike we might even be soulmates. And
again he you said he's gay too, Barry. Okay, so there's no

romantic connection romantic okay, so youcan just you're just stealing a friend.
I am. I definitely stole,which is which is kind of questionable.
It is questionable, and it couldlike make him upset. I'm not sure
because we had like a blast.So are they territory is he territorial sort
of with his friends or do youthink it might be? Okay, I
it's it could go both the ways. You'll go either way. Okay.

So we had a wholesome afternoon planned. Okay, I said, Barry,
let's go to the Obie Farmer's market. I will just walk through and let's
go touch the ocean, just sowe could like maybe set an intention like
I was like trying to be asLaura has become very spiritual, like with
her moon rocks. Oh yeah,we had a crystal and everything in our

pockets. This is Laura's new thing. She she's into numerology too. She
looked up and saw it was fivepoint fifty five and said that means something.
It's an angel number. I didn'tknow what that means. And so
there's a lot going on. Sowe set our intention. We sat on
the beach for a little while.Lovely we uh, some guy wrote me
a poem, a love poem,which I brought with me. If you

all read it later, it's likeit's open a random guy, a random
guy that I forgot the Troubadour poetlike, and he sits down and you
he writes you a poem and yougive him like a donation. Oh you
a topic and he has a typewriter. I think I have either seen this
guy or heard about this. Yesyet I know what you're I love the

Obi Farmer's Market. So we werewalking up and down. All of a
sudden, before I knew it,Boom were in his car heading to Barona.
But before you know it, therewas no discussion. That's a really
far away from ob we were justsitting on the beach and then we just
started talking about like, oh youknow, oh this slot machine or I
watched this this YouTube video about thebest penny slot machines. And then we're

like we looked at each other andwe're like, let's go, let's go.
I can only stay for an hourthough, because I have to wake
up early. Yeah, this isa big day. Time is this that
you're heading out there? It wasabout like seven. Oh, I'm like,
okay, well I could literally behome in bed by ten. That's
got to be at least what aforty five minute It's not even that far

from the beach. It was likethirty about thirty minutes. Really, Yes,
it's the closest one you're booking,man, we were booking it,
okay. And then when you getto the casino, time passes, so
that clock, No, it iscrazy all of a sudden, it's like
eleven eleven o'clock, eleven fifty five. I'm like, what am I doing?

You know, on a Wednesday night? It's a wild choice. Yeah,
that's pretty good. Just some there'ssome wine. There's some crazy clientele
there on a Wednesday night. Yeah, a lot of smokers, Yeah,
a lot of vape. Vape.No, you can't vape. There's a
special room. I think you cango do that packed. But like for
like, I'm thinking, all right, this is dangerous territory for me to

be tiptoeing. Like the gambling thing. Yeah, not only addictions, like
you know, it runs wild.Yeah, I know what I'm saying.
I mean. And not only that, but you knew you were coming in
this morning, and so to beout till midnight. I didn't. She's
got that Celsius right now, she'sgood. She's crushing a Celsius. Another
one in about two hours. Machine, for sure. That was it.

That was an interesting decision. Ohmy god. So I was up like
six hundred bucks. I'm like,all right, perfect time to leave.
And then I see this new gamehuff and puff. It looked really super
fun penny slot boom boom boom.Anyway, I was I'm down on three
hundred bucks. I don't have thatkind of money. Yeah, that was

a big that was a big loss. It was stupid. Yeah, and
again not drunk, like you dothese things drunk. You make a stupid
decision. You're like, let's goto the casino, and then you know
I'd blow all my money. Yeah, I'm supposed to be aware. I
used to do this back in theday. This is what's called impulsive,
And this is the problem I have. How we fix by going to meet

Yeah mocks my moon rocks like beinga normal human being. I don't know
why I need this need for excitement. Oh yeah, it's not good Laura.
No, no, you don't havekeys. And I lost my keys
and now I'm moving to work andI got three hours sleep. I'm wearing
the same makeup, I got stuffon my shoes. You do you get
that wacky purse? I don't knowwhat the hell is doing. Well,

it's a lot, it's a lot. That's that's lower K for you.
But I mean, I'm happy tohave you here. I'm so excited we
have you on. We're gonn havestories. Oh, it's gonna get crazy.
It's definitely gonna get crazy. Allright, Well, we have our
world famous zoo here in San Diego. Now, this didn't happen at our
zoo, but it happened at awildlife park with a giraffe. There was

an incident. Oh, it wasan incident. We're gonna see what happened
with a giraffe at a wildlife park. Coming up next on the show,
and Rock with A five three TheBlack Crows kicking off throwback Thursday on the
show. It's Rock one O fiveto three, who are playing at our
twenty twenty four iHeartRadio Music Festival.Oh nice. One of the rare bands

from that era that I've never seenin live in concert. Really so yeah,
maybe I heard could send me Okay, I could bring him out on
stage. It would be a wholething forgot. Yes, listen, So
that's a that's a big one.Black Crows Shaboozie shabooze. I mean,
it doesn't get better than that,Gwen Stefani, Yeah, doja cats.
I mean there's all kinds of peopleplaying Sean. Yeah, big Sean,

don't forget him. Are you reallya big fan? But average fan?
Okay, you got hyped and thenwell I'm still hyped about the Black Crows.
Yeah, oh black Keys too,right? No, no, but
I thought if I read that crosscross no anyway. Uh So, like

I said, Sky has gone today, Laura, Kanye is filling in for
her. Lord do you ever areyou a big zoo person? You ever
go to the zoo or wild animalpark or anything like that. Well,
since my kids grew grew up,it's kind of like, no, I
haven't in a while. Yeah.I love our Back in the day though,
you would hit it up, ohall the time, we had the
passes and everything. We'd go forlike an hour and then you know,

it was that easy to just likeEmily does yeah, because once you learn
the zoo, like I remember backin the day I didn't the zoo was
obviously so big, and it's like, oh, you can't go that way
because then you have to go tothe big hill where you're doing circles.
But now you know, once youget get the hang of it. Crazy.
Yeah, it's going to see theelephants and then go yep or whatever.
Yeah, so that's still something thatyou and your son will do every

once again. Yeah, we've beenin the last year a couple of times.
I think. Are you still themember? Yeah, yep. Had
a zoo pass since I was alittle She doesn't like your family own it.
No, my aunt was the presidentof the zoo for many years.
It's still a big time on theboard and there's some plaques around the zoo
from some mongers. No, no, I buy my own membership. Yeah.

Hey, you ever make it upto the Wild Animal Park? Yeah,
it's just really far for me,and you guys know how I am
with car drives, Like, it'snot far for you. It's an Escondido.
I know it's like fifty minutes away, but to me that's it's not
fifty No, it's fifty minutes awayit is. It's talking about fifty from

Mexico. Forty five maybe. No, No, it's like twenty five.
It's not twenty five minutes. Iwould say it's thirty to thirty five minutes.
I disagree. I don't do that. Spend that thing like the or
and snort. Yeah, that kindof freaks me out. Oh it's twenty
eight minutes from here. Yeah,and it's I'm eleven minutes from here.
Okay, that's what I said.Thirty five minutes, twenty eight minutes even

take it. That's nowhere near.There's nowhere near fifty minutes. We're not
doing this why we are anyway?So wild Animal Park is a little bit
different obviously than the zoo and thingslike that. Yeah, they're more you
know, out in the wild andyeah you could say I'm in their natural
environments and stuff like that. Yeah. Well, I guess there was an
incident that went down in a Texaslike kind of wild animal park. Now

this was different. This is it'sTexas, so yes, heads up where
you can actually drive through and seethe animals. So it's more of a
drive through safari bush gardens. Didyou ever hear about that that place,
like it was like that same kindof thing where you can drive through the
animals are just like walking around.So it's very similar. And so yeah,

you can you can actually feed theanimals that are there. There there's
like EMUs running around, zebras,willed the beasts, things like that.
And so they're they're running around,they'll come up to your car. You're
supposed to have like a cup withthe food. Yeah, you put it
out and they'll eat it right fromyour hands, which seems a little questionable
but dangerous. It's also Texas,so in Texas they have pickups and what

do you do when you we gotpick up in Texas and get in the
back riding the bat Yeah there,let's go. Yeah, And so that's
what this one family did. They'rethey're driving in this wild animal park.
They're feeding the animals, having agreat old time while there was a two
year old and a mom in thepickup in in the back, two year

old in the back. There wasa two year old in the back part
right, and a draft comes upto which is very majestic, very docile.
Yeah, super, you know,I mean, I don't think a
giraffe has ever attacked a human.As far as I know that, I
didn't know very much, very much. So, but maybe the draft can
get a little confused because the giraffewent to go eat the food and then

kind of ate the kid on accidentpicked her up by the shirt and brought
her all the way up. Imaginehow tall the way up the neck,
all the way up to the top. What does the mom do? I
mean, that's exactly what she did. So she screams at the giraffe and

spooked the draft. So the draftlet's go. And so yeah, obviously
the kid falls, She's okay,she didn't get hurt. Yeah, I
don't. I don't know. Itdidn't say she caught her or not,
but I don't, I don't know. Yeah, but I was like,
does that break the park rules?Like can you be in the pickup?

Part of it? Because you're supposedto be in the car. Why would
you have a two year olds inthe pickup? Or another new question that's
Texas. There's no rules. Thereshould be a safety thing like yeah,
you have to be enclosed. Yeah, so because you cannot get out of
the vehicle, obviously that's the parkrules. If you have a two year
old and a pickup. You gotto be a true idiot, you know

what I'm saying, the pick uppart of in the bed part if you
want to see the animals nice andclosed, I know, but I mean
that's pretty wild. Yeah. Sopeople are now saying it's not the Giraft's
fall Giraffe. Chris Rock always hasthe funniest bit ever about this, like
when when what's his name? Whatthe tigers Tiger King and Roy? When

everyone was like when sick freed andRoy got killed by those tigers. Uh,
and everyone's everyone was like, thetiger went crazy, And Chris Rock
always has the tiger didn't go crazy, the tiger went tiger. He said,
the tiger went crazy when it wasriding around on a tricycle on stage.
Finally, So yeah, that's awild story. So lesson learned,

don't And they have it on tapetoo. Really that's good. They're you
know, everybody's recording something like that. And you can actually see the girl
get picked up by the giraffe manlike the draft don't know, Oh god,
by a little girl. It's crazy, yeah, unbelievable. Uh.

There is a story out there abouta good Samaritan who I guess did something
really nice for a college graduate.Now it has to do with this student
losing out on the Victoria or avaledictorian title. I guess they were supposed
to be Valedictoria. I don't know. We'll find out what happened and what
they did for this student when weget back on the show and rock on
a five three. Oh hell yeah, the winger on throw back their dates

the show. It's Rocko five three. Uh So, we had a story
pretty recently about I forget who itwas. It was some giant CEO guy
who gave one hundred dollars or thousanddollars to every college. Yes, and
that's that's what made me kind ofstart ranting about colleges. Yesterday my midwek
melt that's what it was. Graduate. Yes, so he gave a thousand

dollars to everybody who was graduating,But you had to give away half of
it which charity? Which will dowith the money you're giving me? Just
give me the money if you onlywant give me five hundred, and give
me five hundred. Yeah, it'sannoying. Well, Laura, your daughter's
in college right now, right,Okay? On a wing and a prayer
on a wing and a prayer reallyin New York right Christ to Fordham.
Wow. But she got a lotof help and a lot of scholarships and

stuff. But still the loans thatI'm carrying on my back are like crazy
sanity. Yeah, she just foundout yesterday. She wrote a letter to
the dean because she had nine thousanddollars that we were figuring out, how
are we going to come up with? She wrote like this heartfelt letter boom,
ninety five hundred dollars they put into her account. Really really is

that's all it takes. Well,she's an excellent student, she works for
the school, she's in the dramaclub, she's like everything, and it
just you know what, it justgoes to show you it never hurts to
try. All they can say isno true And that's great. It was.
It's a miracle, it's a blessing. It's another loan I don't have
to take. That's fantastic. Well, that sounds almost similar to what happened

with this one student. So thisis a high school student. Though,
So this high school student, thisis so brutal. I guess she was
named the class valedictorian which is amassive Yeah, if you're the valedictorian,
if you're high school, I meanthat's a pretty you're the top of the
tops. You know, it's asbig as gets. You're gonna probably speak

at graduation, it's the whole thing. Well, unfortunately for her, they
miscalculate, Oh what what do youmean? They you know, when they
looked at all the numbers and allthe stuff, they looked at it again
and went ooh, actually you're notthe valedictorian. This other person is.
So what do you do, Likeyou kind of have to have two at
that point, Yeah, of courseyou go, yes, But no,

that's not what this high school did. They just took it away from this
poor girl and gave it to theother person. Well, you know what
happens in high school and in anykind of school. Once the students find
out, they start to mock herand make fun of her, you know.
So they were really like going afterthis girl to the point of where
she decided, you know what,it's not even worth it for me to
go to graduation. And so shewas like going to skip out completely on

her graduation and then like go tolike her family was going to do like
a private little ceremony for her whatever, and that was it. Well,
this story got so big that itactually made it onto like their local news,
and so the local news ran thestory, you know that they took
our valedictorian away. Blah blah blah. Well, one guy, I guess
heard her story thought that this waswrong and brutal and decided, you know

what, I'm going to pay forher first year of co And that's what
he did. So this guy's justgood Smaritan just decided, you know what,
that's so screwed. I'm gonna payfor her college her first year of
college. That's amazing. That issuch a blessing. Something is up here.
Something's up here because it's a niceperson. Listen, listen, listen.

I don't think somethings up with theguy that gave them money. I
think something's up with the girl.And they explain myself, because if she
lost, she lost the vivatory right, it was miscalculations, and everyone made
fun of her for it and saidthey were mocking her. That's weird,
that's weird. Why would anyone makefun of her? She didn't do anything.
So I think either a the familymade this up or B. People

don't pep or B. This girlis like really cocky and people don't like
her. So when it happened,everyone was excited that they get to like
shove it in her face because she'scocky. She's been like a noble little
nobody likes her. So it's eitherone of the two, because there's no
way people just made fun of herfor no reason. That's kind of stupid.
So I think I think A theymade up that people were making fun

of her, or be people actuallydon't like her. They were like,
A, you got what you deservedfinally, and then the joke's on them
because this idiot comes in and givesa free tuition. This is a nice
little story here that we were justtelling. Yeah, Emily and I are
used to this, you know,and throwing the cold water on a nice
story start. No one else seesthis. Laura is not used to this.

Flora's face when Thor started to breakthis down from his perspective was fascinating.
It really was wild, like aconspiracy person. He's just a hater
for everything. I just think something'sup. I would love to talk to
somebody at that school and find outmore about this chick because I think something's
up. It's too weird. Nobody'sgonna make fun of her for that.

It's weird. You don't think soyou know how kids can go, Oh
you didn't get that Valorio, Wellthat one class, but we all know
that like overly smart, cocky personthat nobody liked. You know what I
mean, it's going to be thispoor girl. I don't know what you're
talking about, but that's just notwhere any of our minds went. Yeah,

I didn't. Or the family madeit up because they wanted to go
viral. They want to make themoney. Yeah, Start popped up.
I don't know. Start is whathe do for everything he does. I
would love to meet this, meetmeet somebody at that school. Really the
food, I don't know. Well, Thorn and Emily have had an issue

brewing and it finally came to ahead yesterday. Oh Laura, get ready
strap in. We're going to seewhat their issue is and why. Emily
says enough to know I'm done puttingthe end to it. That's coming up
next on the show I'm Wronging fivethree. That's rage you gets the machine
on the show It's rock On fivethree, we have the Great Laura Kane

hanging out with us this morning.She's filling in for Sky as Sky is
taking the day off to go toher daughter's eighth grade graduation. So no
Sky today. We'll find out what'sgoing on with her tomorrow. But Laura's
in here. And Laura, youknow, you've been on giant shows before,
with being on Jeff and Jerr andthings like that. You know how
it goes. You become kind ofa big family at some point, you
know, of course, and whathappens in families. You're bicker about stuff,

right, you have internal things thatyou know, you go you're like
brothers and sisters almost, yeah,because you're like in your an intimate setting
for like four hours a day,even more than with your with your family
a lot. We see each othermore than we do our actual family,
yes, which is weird, butit's true. Yes, And so things
happen, you know, you geton each other's nerves sometimes and things.

You know, this happens all thetime. It is what it is not
a big deal. Well, therehas been a situation that has been brilliant
and I've seen it happening over thecourse of time between Thor and Emily a
little bit of sky too, butit doesn't bother eye as much as it
does Emily. And it came toa head yesterday. Oh yeah, this
is not good. It's between Thorand Emily and it happens quite often.

It's strange. But Emily finally saidenough is enough him? Yeahd enough.
What's going on? Emily? Well, I mean over the last I don't
know a few years. Thor hasthis thing where if he takes anything,
any pill, I be profil antibiotic, you know, and he maybe headache,

medication, anything like that. Hecan't take it okay at all unless
he's had something in his tummy.And by something I mean one cracker.
He just nothing on an empty stomach. Not an empty stomach. You're not
supposed to mean it says on theantibiotic pill, on an antibiotic label,

don't take take with food. I'dbe profian something I can get heartburn and
not yet. Art is to performworm on the air, perform on the
air with nause on hartburn. Ican't do it. I don't like to
beat the person that can this stepand you're looking at him. It doesn't
affect me. I don't have anyproblems. I could take a tail and
all and not get nauseous like you. Sky is the same way. Sky

has to eat something before she takesanything. Half a pill doesn't said these
guys have. We have weaker stomachs, which is fine. And I've heard
people like this. You know Skywill get dizzy taking an advilz. I
don't know, yes, and soThor needs to have something in his stomach.

If he's going to take a pill, well, what do you what
is he going to take? Well, then that's when you know. In
the past, Thor wants to takesome ibuprofen. Poor guy's got a headache.
Poor guy wanders into my studio andsees me eating triskets, or knows
that I have him and asks fora triscut. Here you go, buddy,
no problem, Give him a cracker. Yeah he only wants one.

Actually usually, well, yeah,I don't go too many. I know,
I know the mood one, themood, the mooch. You don't
your own food in at all?I do I bring, I bring,
I bring usually I bring yogurt inand and like you don't, I want
to eat that my breakfast. Ineed to nine. I just need something
in my stomach to absorb the medication. Ah, trisk it job, that's

going to take care of you.I feel like it will. Cracker Yeah,
yeah, awe saltine before I wouldhave had saltines and yeah, yeah
does the job. You're the onlyperson under the age of like seventy they'd
eat saltine. I actually really likethem. I actually think they're doing And
honestly, no problem because it wasibuprofen. Ibuprofen every once in a while,

he's not taking I profn with theheadache every day once a while totally,
but yes, no problem. I'vehad no problem with it until this
week. Here's the problem. He'son antabotics this week, right, bad
chest question going on eleven PM hackingyour wife got me sick? And you

know, Day one he comes inneeds a cracker. I give him the
cracker. Now day two he knowswell that he's going to need to be
taking these antabotics during the show.Now, why don't you will you come
prepared with crackers? Bring bring yourown crackers, B y O C.

Bring you know the next day you'regoing to have to do what's the course
like seven days? Is this ahow much I think tomorrow. So it's
been this week. It's been thisweek. It's two in the morning,
two at night with dinner. Yeah, with dinner, of course. Well
then that's when everything you know,sort of blew up yesterday because now we're

day three, Day three. Youknow you're gonna need a cracker. He
comes in there, ask you forcracker, and I say, you got
a whole box of triske its,sip your own damn cracker. You know
she's eventually not gonna have a wholebox of triscuts if you're eating eating one

trisk I mean one tsk. Here'sthe thing about Emily laur that you need
to know. She's the biggest moochon earth. Anytime we get food in
here, she takes She always I'llbe in here last, because because this
is my workspace pretty much the studio, and so I'll be in here last.
All the food will be behind meon the table. And guess who
comes walking in saying, oh,hey, you want this? And I

was gonna take it off, Robertbring it in. And then what do
I always say? What do Ialways say? What do I always say?
I'm like, you know what Emilywants this more than I do.
She can like leftover, she couldhave it. So I always let her
have all these leftovers, Eddie Sky, We always let Emily's gotta have the
leftover. So so weird about it. So I figured as a friend,

as a dear friend, she canbe one cracker. At the end of
the day, it turns into fivetriskets. I can't have five tricks.
Can't you bring your own from homeor have a machine that's just yogurt?
Have a spoonful of your precious consistency. Now to that point getting light headed

antibiotics, having any crackers, Okay, there is a point to that of
like why not come prepared if youknow you're going to take these pills,
have a baggie of something and thenjust keep it here for the week.
Yeah, like a baggie of anuts or something. What do you what
do you need? I don't havethat? Okay, Well, you know
there was a store down there.There's this thing called a store. There's

a venue machine, healthy, venuemachine healthy. They got nature valleys.
They got nature valleys. Carves arein nature valley. I actually know we
don't need to the whole thing.Cars are on a trisk It I just
wanted one. Trisk I just gota whole questions because she has a whole
box. It's just one. We'refriends. I would help her out in

this situation. You wouldn't want you. Oh my god, that's such a
lot. It was after day andover and over. If I was on
antibiotics. I never asked, I'mon antibiotics right now, I need one.
Triske it okay, I don't haveibuprofen on me. Usually, I
asked Sky, I wish my lovelyfriend skuy was she would have off me
is ibuprofens? Oh? Yes,for those two? Doesn't ever keeping his

backpack? Why would I bring?I barely ever needed? Sometimes I have
had what a tangled web? Weweed? You have a thought to bring
your antibiotics to work? Bring somethingI would? I would love a good
friend gave me a will never giveyou another tracker. That's it. He's
cut off. No more crackers.Done, done with the crackers. That's

crazy, You're cut off. Shecomes in here today wearing her Pj's place.
Thank you very much. She lookslike a couch. I'm I'm sorry.
I think I would laugh at youright your face next till me a
cracker tummy hurts. Sky does bringin a lot of like snacky type she

nibbles. Yes, and so youhave a go to person you can I
know, I just I didn't wantto take advantage of her. Is he
gonna kill you many times? Yeah? It would be five this week.
Maybe it's about the principle. It'snot about trust me in this. If

somebody kept coming to you and askingfor you know, handouts, like Thoria
is, do you put an endto it too or do you just let
it keep going all the things thatI've done frimly it's done for me?
Well, I would be I wouldhave a little talk with him. Eventually
I would eventually do an emily maybelike put my foot down and go.
You know what, you have theforethought to bring your pills into work,

bring something with the pills to takewith the pill makes sense. What if
we did is something where for I'llshare with you the crackers, but then
eventually you replaced the box and thenyou're welcome to them at any time.
I don't I love that five trisks. But if I was leaving a handful
of triskets at time, I woulddo what Eddie's doing. But it's five

It's only gonna be five tricks Mondayto Friday's really nice of you to do
that. I'm never gonna do.I would never do that job. If
I had an opportunity, I'd stompon your triskets right now, job mom,
because I would do stuff. Istop nice for you all the time.
Hate Emily, hate sharing it.I hate sharing. I've had no

problem sharing, giving you crackers foryears. Years. Again, this is
the things that happened. Is whatare you going to do today for your
pill? I have to wait.I'm gonna I'm gonna have to wait till
nine. I know we're keeps yoursnacks. I can just tell you to
go over there. And ye,she wouldn't care. She stills all the
time. But guy, people,we have breaking news this morning, you

guys with the Lakers and their headcoach search. We're gonna have a new
candidate and it's a shocker. We'regonna see who the Lakers are making an
offer to. Next to Sports Dirtthis show. This hasn't been a strange
season so far for the podcast.I can't figure this team out. I

mean, I felt like I saidthat all last year, but it's a
different kind of weird. I don'tunderstand. Just when you think they start
rolling, they lose to teams thatthey should beat. Yeah. Now we
saw it last month when they wereswept by the Rock. The Rock.
He was like, what the hellis going on here? And now they
were just swept by the Angels,who are not very good either, especially

at home. They're terrible at theirhome. They lost yesterday three to two.
It's their first home series sweep forthe Angels since last July. What
do Angels? It's funny. Iwas talking to my wife because this game
was on f S one last night, so I was able to watch it,
and I was talking to my wifeand I'm like, the Padres team

last year would like it was differentin a sense where they couldn't really get
above five hundred. They weren't winningseries, but they weren't terrible either.
This team is different but the same. This team wins four in a row,
they lose is for and a row, then wins four in a row,
they lose is for it. Youknow what I mean. It's liked
mid. They're just mid. Theywere mid last year and their mid this
year. I don't get. It'scrazy. Yeah, I don't know anybody's

fault. They just can't seem toget rolling. You got to put together
like a streak at some point,and they they they don't. They did
win series, and then you gookay, and then they're like about to
win like a sweep, and thenthey don't win that last game, and
it's like, wait what, Idon't know. It's very frustrating to make
matters worse. Manny Machado was injuredin the game. He strained his hip

running out of double play. Nowthey say it's a mild strain, but
it's still not good. And hewas just starting to finally heat up a
little bit, so this is notgreat news either. Yeah, I just
he wasn't I mean, I knowhe was just starting to heat up a
little bit. But he hasn't havethe best season. No, No,
maybe maybe he needs some time,maybe a week or two off. Yeah,
I mean, they just got tokeep their head above border before the

All Stars. Well now they're underfive hundred after this, uh yeah,
so after that was a disaster.They're going to return home. They're going
to face the Diamondbacks now, soagain is not really they're mid two emi,
they just went. They were goodlast year. This year they're mid
two. We have breaking news thismorning that reports are the Lakers are making

a massive offer to Yukon's Dan Hurleyto be their next head coach. Now,
the Lakers are targeting the back toback national championship coach and apparently are
making him a massive deal to becometheir new guy. So this is his
name wasn't even talked about before,and so you know, if they can

steal him away from you Yukon,that's that's a pretty big deal obviously.
Yeah, but I mean all reportsis going to be JJ Reddick. Now
it looks like it's not going tobe JJ Redick and it's going to be
Dan Hurley. Yeah, that's anotherbig coach leaving college because the way things
are happening now, then you're basicallya pro coach at that point. Anyway,
he as well get paid for it. So yeah, this is this

would be stunning and they they there'slike conflicting reports of why they decided to
go maybe Dan Hurley. A lotof people are saying that it's for not
for Lebron, it's for when afterLebron leaves and if they do end up
drafting his son that this guy willhelp his son a lot better than JJ
Redick would or something like that.So I don't know. This is a
crazy move. It would be unbelievable. So we'll see what happens there.

The Chargers ended up releasing their centerCorey Linsley after he missed the final fourteen
games of this past season with aheart issue. And it looks like he
is now going to retire because ofthat. Oh wow, it's unfortunate for
him. So you want to bea fighter? UFC title challenger Dustin Poitier,
he fought for the UFC lightweight titlethis past weekend, lost to champion

Islam Makachev. Well, I guesshe was pretty beat up in the fight.
He suffered a broken nose, abroken rib, and a partially torn
acl in the five round fight,and he's still almost won. He would
say it was a good fight.It was a competitive fight. Dude.
These fighters are not paid enough.Oh you're telling it's crazy, Like Dana,

why should be ashamed of himself withhow little they pay these fighters.
He's a shamed all the way tothe bank. Pal, It's crazy.
I get how does this guy know? What did he make for that fighter,
he probably he made it, youknow. Now they're you know,
if you're a champion or a titlechallenger, you're making millions. But not
but not in NFL, which isbecause there's not that many fighters. There

are a million, which is crazybecause there's not that many fighters that are
that big right where they all needto make a million dollars. You know.
Yeah, you can get conners ofthe world who can make a ton,
but the you know, your midlevel fighter is gonna make thirty thousand,
I'd be damaged the rest of hislife, honestly. Right, Wow,
how much what's the gate? Howmuch does the UFC making that one?

They're they're they're making billions. It'scrazy. Yeah, it doesn't make
any sense backwards. Yeah. SportsStart is brought to you by Palamar Health.
Laura, I don't know if you'veknow this. I don't know if
I've ever mentioned this to you,but I'm in the McDonald's Hall of Fame.
Will be one of the most famousmembers former members of McDonald's. I
didn't membership. Well, it's nota membership. It's a Hall of fame

and you have to be invited toget a jacket. It's whole. Yeah,
yeah, I got it. Igot one. I'll show you while
there is news out there that theBig Mac is in trouble. What oh,
yes, this is not good.We're gonna see what is going on.
We're their most famous burger when weget back on the show and Rocking
five three, Green Day Show,Rock one five three. We just got

into a massive conversation about fast foodand things like that off the air because
Laura was so impressed with my Hallof Fame McDonald's jacket. It was a
little much. I mean it wasso I stepped out for a minute.
Thora was she said? Was shelike really blown away by Eddie's? I
was. I was blown away.I thought that jacket is really sweet looking.

I didn't understand how he got it, and then I made a statement
and I lew him away. Yeah. Well, first of all, I
got it because I am a veryfamous member, former member of McDonald's.
I was assistant manager at the ageof fifteen, which is incredible. Fifteen
and I've been my son reads basicallyfourteen. I can't imagine. You can't

imagine him getting in there and Bostonpeople around. I mean, he'd be
perfect power trick. He'd actually beI didn't power trip. Your son.
Reid would start saying to people,Well, I talked to Ronald and he
told me he would drop if yougot time to lean, you've got time
to clean power That's so true.How did you get it? Because I

was that good, Laura. Eddie'sa rule follower to the extreme. Eddie
never breaks. I got hired,Yeah, I got hired. I had
a moll at at the time.My manager Bill told me I had to
cut my mullet, which sucked.I almost didn't take the job because of
it. Uh right, So Idid. And then after that I just

rose through the ranks very quickly.I started in the grill, very crushed
everybody, and then they moved meto cashier. I was incredible. And
then they go, you know what, you got drive through material? Bill?
Is Bill still around? I haveno idea. I'm pretty sure not.
Oh no, why guy? Ithink he was the first Grimace Bill.

They moved me to the drive through. They're like, you're drafting material
and I just like, drive throughthe top. Oh yeah, you want
drive to Oh that is you haveto work your way up to get headset.
Okay, I mean it's that's asbig as a guest Eddie, And
he says he didn't power trip.Yeah, powered if you if you draw
my broadcast career, if you joveup to the drive through, And it

was ten oh one, and Isaid at ten thirty, ten thirty,
ten thirty like, and I said, hey, can I get a uh,
you know, a sausage sausagagg andcheese with muffin. I'm sorry,
sir, stop serving breakfast at tenthirty. It's ten thirty one? Is
it ten thirty? Really, letme talk. I'd say, well,
let me talk to your manager speaking. You're fifteen. You're gonna have to

pull forward. He probably said,sorry, you're gonna have to pull forward.
My voice had already changed. SoI rose the ranks, and then
after that named assistant manager. Wow, me pretty bad. Cussed to the
store, I opened and closed.I would ride my bike to the door

and open the store at like fiveam. I mean it was insane.
Your parents let you ride your bikecrazy right there at like eleven am.
It was like summer, you know, So I mean I was doing that.
You were missing school on tuesdays.I took it seriously, Wow,
that's incredible, obviously, And thenover these years becoming a massive radio personality.

McDonald's recognizes that and worded me withthis unbelievable jacket, said, you're
a hall of famer. I said, thank you so much, and the
rest is history. Laura. Sothat's how that all wou excellent. So
we're talking about it off the air. Laura then drops on me she's never
had a McDonald's burger in her life. That's why craz How is that even

possible? Wow? Is that evenpossible? Dude? It's not that I
like you burgers. I read me. I just I am a fish fu
leg girl, and for fish,I say fish ful a too, and
he always yells really nothing. Ido light tartar sauce. Oh that's insane.

That's the best part. Oh mygod. But I just have never
had I just never have had one. I just now, I've never had
a big mac. Never had abig mac. You've never had a court
pound of cheese, even like alittle happy mealburger. Cheeseburgers are incredible.
He realizes, Well, maybe Idon't know. Should I just keep the
streak going or should At this point, what the hell your life is meaningless?

Me? I don't want to talkto you right American now, I
mean you said it's like I've neverhad a Coca Cola before. It kind
of it's crazy. Whatever. Anyway, it looks like the Big Mac is
in trouble. What I can't believethis, but apparently there has been a

big situation and going on with McDonald'sin Europe. Really, so there's a
competing restaurant called super Mac, andand so there's McDonald's and then you have
super Mac over there. It's likeMcDowell's coming to America and they have like
little twists on everything. Well theydid. So McDonald's finds out about SuperMac,

and of course they're like, thisis too close to us. People
are gonna get confused. And thenthey follow the old trademark infringement thing,
well they lost and I don't know, I don't know, and the Big
Max trademark has come up, andso they're going to lose the trademark in
Europe to the Big Mac. SuperMac is going to get in there and

try and have their own Big Macand call it a Big Mac. Yeah,
it's only in Europe. I mean, there's no way that. I
mean, your secret to the Secretsjust thousand nine dressing right? Thor does
this what special sauce? First ofall? Second of all, it's not
thousand Island and it is a secret. Do you what do you think?

Sorry, it's getting wild? Wow? What's going on? All right?
It is Throwback Thursday today, sothat means we're gonna play our game Throwback
Trivia coming up next on the showA rock with five to three ospering on
the show, it's Rock one fivethree. Today is Throwback Thursday, and

on Throwback Thursdays, we like toplay our game Throwback Trivia. I'm taking
it back to the old school.I'm taking it back to the old school.
Now in your mind, in rewind, let's go eighties, nineties,
two thousands, you knowesday, sameage. Their name is the game is

time to play throwback? All right? There we go a little tvt No.
This is trivia questions from the eighties, nineties and the two thousands.
It is a random draw who getsto play every week. Now, Skuy's
not here today, so Lauria,you're in the mix. You may be
able to play here. We'll seeplaying this week is Zeth You're in this

week't playing in a couple of weeksthat's back. That's still in the mix.
Man, You're still in the drawfor the who does the best who
does the worst. And I reallywant to win because those punishments at the
end of a bad I want nopart. I'm scared. I'm scared.
Your opponent this week is Emily soZe versus Emily Laura. You can kick
back. You can just sit backand enjoy, okay, yelling out answers.

Now, okay, I think itvery seriously. I can see Lord
get excited. Yeah, get undercontrol here, all right, here we
go. We'll start with you,Zeth. Your question is from the two
thousands, Zeth in the movie Twilight. What class did Bella and Edward have
together? Was it biology, chemistry, physics, American history, or algebra?

Never seen it? Never saw Inever seen it once. Didn't read
the books either. I know thatis blowing. That is blowing, great
books. You seem like a teamEdward guy. Uh, yeah, you
know you know what I so giventhat I have absolutely this is a shot
in the dark. Yeah, shotthe dark will go a there, Eddie.

The first choice that I don't evenremember what it was? Biology,
Yep, that one that says biology. And he is correct, that is
crazy. It was he really watchedhim. You know, he like is
a big he's a big guy.He's a big Twilight. I don't have
the blu ray. Yeah, allright, over you, Emily, your

questions from the eighties. Emily,what was the name of the first African
American woman to win Miss America whohad to relinquish her title after nude photos
surfaced. Oh, I want tosay, Vanessa Williams. Vanessa Williams.
That's where you're gonna go with.Yep, you would be correct, well

done, well Blade, well Blade, all right, Zeth over to you.
We have an audio code for you. This is a movie from the
nineties. You had to tell uswhat nineties movie this clip is from?
This is your new class mascot?What happened to your dog? This is
not a dog. This is aferat a fairy. That's a ferred.

If you bite you, you getramies and you die. No, it's
not true. He never bites hiZeth. What nineties movie is that clip
from? What acting? Come on? Hardnold got robbed for the Oscar acting
side note before Kindergarten Cop. Bythe way, but the kid in that

movie, he's problematic. These days. If you go back and watch that,
that kid in that scene, hesays some wild stuff that you can't
say an yeah, go back watchit. Kindergarten cop. That goes with
kindergarten cop. Of course that iskindergarten cop. This is not true.

Over to you, Emily. Yourquestion is from the two thousands. Emily,
what state does Gracie represent in themovie Miss Congeniality? Oh damn,
I've never seen it. What astunner? Sky would hate your guns right

now? I don't know. Bythe way, mult I don't know.
For some reason, I want tosay Wisconsin. So I'm going to say
Wisconsin. Emily says Wisconsin. It'sin correct. New Jersey, Oh,
Jersey, Jersey. We're looking forJersey. We were looking for Jersey strikes

massive chick flick. I'm not achick flick kind of person. Really damn
interesting. I like blood and goreand that kind of Really. Oh yeah,
I like disturbing things. Get comfortable. I want to check More's history
on The's really weird. But okay, all right. Over to you,
Zeth. Your questions from the eightiesze which song was not on the Michael

Jackson Bad album? Was it theway you make me feel? Smooth?
Criminal? Criminal, man in themirror. I just can't stop loving you?
Or remember the time? Oh whatwas not on the Bowt album?
That is a tough one. Iwant to say, Remember the time was

on the Dangerous album. So I'mgonna say remember the time. Zess says
remember the time, and he rememberedcorrectly. Album that I don't know.
My mom was like big into MichaelJackson kid, so it was like always
on. That's interesting. All right, over to you, Emily, we

have an audio clip for you.This is a song from the two thousands,
So you gotta tell us either thename of this artist or this song
from the two thousands. All right, Emily, what is the name of
that two thousand song or artist?Toobe, I just told you to not

excited again. I knew. Listen, I worked to Ki with Laura song.
Only because you said it correctly,I guess we will give it to
you. Bob kyle Ye probably isthe name of that song. Probably,
what a classic you've got. Idon't miss that song, no, just

because we played it so much.It was one of those burnout songs.
Okay, killed don't have those,sorry, sorry for living. All right,
Zeth, over to you your questionsfrom the two thousands, Zeth,
what restaurant is Pam from the officebanned from because she got too drunk at
the Dundees? Pam is banned?Uh from the Chilies because she feels God

here tonight? Wow? Yeah,this this guy's dropping all cousin knowledge on
us, and he is correct.It is all right? What is killing
it right now? That means,Emily, you got to get this next
question correct for the game to continue. If not, Zeth has already won.
Fortunately for you, it's an audioclip and it is a eighties song

from a movie. So you gotto tell us what eighties movie this song
was featured in. That's a bangall right, Emily? What eighties movie
was that clip from? To StayAlive? I don't know why, but
I have the movie Three Men anda Baby in my head, so I'm
going to say three Men and aBaby. I think you guess that almost

every time there's an eighties movie.But that is incorrect. That was a
classic license to drive with the Corries, damn it. Unfortunately for you,
that means Zeth, congratulations. Thatwas a dominant performance. I've never seen
a performance well done from Zeth pdsI. I'm not taking I'm just second.

I was crazy. That is true. Maybe that's that's crazy, very
impressive, very impressive. Yea makessense. It's just up baby, up,
baby around. It's crazy to danceit. We have heard about wishing

we could talk to our younger selvesfrom the future, right, so we
can give advice to our younger selvesfrom all the things we've learned. Well,
we may be able to start doingthat soon with AI. We're gonna
see what the latest is with aI when we get back on the show.
I'm Rocking A five three. It'smy very good friend Brett Michaels and

Poison on throw Back Thursday. It'sthe show It's Rocking O five to three.
So we have Laura Cane hanging outwith us this morning as Sky is
off today. Laura, if youcould talk to your younger self and give
your younger self advice, did youtell young Laura do not get married at
twenty two. We're twenty two.Really we eloped, No, Woy,

don't not have a wedding because wedidn't get any gifts. We didn't have
anything to start our life. Whydid you do that. What was there
a reason? Did people not thinkyou were like, you shouldn't get me.
No, I was just a weirdperson. I didn't want the wedding.
I just wanted to do something different. We waited for the first day
that it poured down rain to goto There was like a place called amor

A la Fontaine, which was inHillcrest. It was a wedding chapel.
And this was the year where therewas like a drought. It was nineteen
ninety one and we almost ran outof our wedding license. You have to
get the license first, and itwas almost ran out because there wasn't raining
and that I was working early hadto ring. We just thought it'd be
romantic. I don't know whatever itwas supposed to be. Good luck.

This is wild. It was rainingearly in the morning and everybody kind of
knew at work and they're like,Laura, it's raining. I'm like,
oh my god. So I drovehome. I was working from three am
to seven am in the morning,turning. My ex husband was asleep.
I wake him up. He's inhis sweats. I'm like, it's raining.
He's like all right, he getsup in his sweats. We drive
to Amor la Fontaine. We getthere, the woman barely speaks any English.

Do you get that? Get doesat month the better level at her
husband? And uh, but wedidn't even know what she was saying,
and she spelled her names wrong onthe whole on we don't even know we
were married. It really does.And then two days later he went on
a bachelor party for someone other dudebecause it had already been planned. I

don't know what that. I wouldsay, don't do that. Wait to
get married, Wait to get married, have a wedding, because you get
the gifts that start your life.Yes, okay, yes, yes it
is okay. Don't start at fourone, kate right away, don't cash
it out, start drink, don'tdo drugs, don't do any of that

stuff because it'll ruin things. Itmakes a lot of sense, It makes
a lot of sense, you'll makekeep going because a lot of good advice.
Though. I could imagine, youknow, what would you tell young
but I number one thing would be, don't worry about what other people think.
It doesn't matter. I was soconcerned with what other people thought in

high school and high school that itstopped me from doing things that I wish
I would have done like working harderin school, uh to go to a
better college, and like playing andI wanted to do certain things in like
sports I didn't do because I wasworried people thought about me. I wish
I didn't care so much about people. I don't want to as much.
I really I still do a littlebit. Everyone still does, right,

but I don't not nearly like Iused to. I mean, it was
bad, you know, I wish. I wish I could change that.
I am very similar because there wasa point in my life where and I
go, I gotta stop caring andjust saying and believing in myself. Yeah,
and that kind of a thing.And once that happened, my whole
life change. So it really was. That is a great piece of advice.

What about you, Emily, Well, for me it would be also,
don't care as much people think.But more so than that probably would
be to tell me to follow therules. It's not cool to be a
rule breaker. Really it Just dothe right thing and do what you're supposed
to do. Because I never wantedto do that. I was telling you
that nobody, so I'm trying totell myself that now. But I'm not

heeding my own advice. Well,this is a whole thing apparently. You
know, we've been talking about AIa lot ais everywhere. Well, now
there is a new AI chatbot thatlets you ask your future self for advice.
So it's not like your future istalking to your past. You're now
asking your future self for advice.So I guess there's a team at MIT

that came up with this new AIchat out called future You that less lets
you ask an older, wiser versionof yourself for advice. So how how
did they know? Like how youknow? Well, I guess this whole
thing. It learns about you byasking you a series of questions about your
life, your friends, your family, stuff like that, past experiences that

you've had, and then it computesit all and it has this future version
of you. It even has likean aging thing for your profile pick.
So you're actually talking to yourself asan older What if it thinks you're going
to die early? Will it saylike you didn't make it? I don't
know about that. I don't thinkthat kind of what you're going to look

like? Yeah, yes, ohI don't want to see that. Okay,
well I don't think I want tosee. Yes. So as an
example, if you are a collegestudent, say and you're looking to plan
to become a teacher, they'll youcan ask it like, what do you
think is my most rewarding moment ofmy career? And it will answer you.
They'll say, it was so gratifyingto see the students' faces light up

with pride and accomplishment. That's prettythat's pretty gener I want to play baseball.
What does it say you were sohappy when you won the World Series?
I mean, yeah, yeah,you know, but I mean it's
it's interesting. I mean again,this is this is all Betas stuff.
This is all the beginning of thisstuff. So once they figure out how

to use these things and do,it's gonna get crazy. It's gonna get
crazy. You're actually gonna be ableto talk to your future self and whatever.
It's wild man. Invest invest Invest. There's a thing called Facebook that's
coming up. Invest in that.Invest in Amazon. That would be good
advice. Yeah. Do you guysremember when Yolo was a big thing.

Yes, you know, we're allsupposed to yellow Man. Well that came
to spending money as well. Youknow, Yolo gotta spend that money.
Well, we were big on spendingmoney because of Yolo. We're gonna see
where we're at now with spending Yolotype money these days. When we get
back on the show on Rock onefive three, lastp on TV, T

don't up pilots on the show.It's Rock one O five to three.
Uh. Do you remember a fewyears ago when everybody was like Yollo,
Man, you gotta Yolo out there. You know, you only live once,
so you know you got to goout there and do all these crazy
things and do all these things.You know, live your life. Man.
Isn't it still that way? No, it's not. Okay, Well,
we were in the pandemic and thattaught us that you gotta you gotta

live your life. Man. Younever know what's going to happen. Yeah,
that's right. Thorn's yeah, Wellwe're out of the pandemic now.
Is Yolo still a thing? Youstill do? We still believe we were
like living right now? Man?Just do it? I do you feel
that way? I do feel thatway. You live that way? I
lived that way last night? Wellyou do you live a crazy life?

Yeah? You do. So youlive your life like who cares? Like
there's no tomorrow. Like I'm justgoing to do it. Not who cares,
but you know what, there thingscould change on a dime, you
know, like just if you reallywant to do something, do it.
If you really want that pair ofjeans that like you just are obsessed with

glory. You can't afford that rightnow. Yolo yolo. Wow. That's
why I'm in the predicament. Itseems like a risky way to live life.
It's not a good way. It'snot a good way. I wouldn't
I wouldn't recommend, but a lotof people were living that way because they
say, like Thorsa said, youcan't take it with you. So they
were spending money left and right doinghad crazy trips and crazy you know,

like you want those jeans, I'mbye. Whenever I see these morons on
Instagram or TikTok living fan living thevan life, Oh there you go,
and they're just traveling around from placeto place living in a van like a
jackass. But your wife wants todo that. Yeah, that's not happening.
What's wrong? What's wrong with itis that's great when you're now,
but when you're sixty five and stillworking and I'm retired, then that's that's

when I get to do my stuff. You know what I'm saying. Because
you're still gonna be working at sixtyfive, seventy seventy because you didn't save
a bad any money. You don'thave a four to one k, and
you screwed yourself because you want to. Yeah, but you're gonna be My
grandpa just died, he was eightynine. He still had to work.
Imagine that, still working at eightynine because he didn't save and he screwed

himself. But aren't you saving byliving in a van? But no,
you're you have a job. Theirjob, they quit their job. These
people quit their jobs and they justtravel over thinking that they're so sure money
runs out. Yeah, you're gonnahave to get a job, so you're
gonna work the rest of your life. And also too, if you have
kids, you're screwing them because they'regonna have to take care of you.

I just saw that happen. That'swhat I'm planning on. Your kids take
care of me. Yeah, Itold my parents that didn't happen. Care
of your dad. They saved upwell, but so they they did it
right because they saw what happens whenyou don't. But if something happened,
my sister's got it. Get doyou get mad? If you see your

parents make a big purchase, you'relike, hey, what are you doing?
That's there's money. They're so cheapthat they don't ever do it.
Yeah, Like I paid them offa massive debt that I owed them,
and I don't think they did anythingwith that money. Really, it just
sits there so might come back toyou. So like, yeah, I'm
just like, why don't you spendit right now? They can never for
anything. Well, I remember duringthe pandemic, Emily had a Yolo moment

where she bought herself a self tanningmachine. I bought a spray tan machine
the middle lockdown and used it whatlike once or twice? Two times?
It's like three the gun. Therewas a package on Amazon had the different
tan shades, the pop up tet, the pop up tetright tan machine because

I Laura loves tanning like I did. It's the tanning machine when you go
to a professional that they get andthey use on you like it was,
can you do on your No,I've seen the ones you can do yourself
on Instagram. No, no,no, this is a full blown big
ass tam machines. It was aYola moment. I feel like I have
a lot of those moments. Reallyyeah, I feel like even still,

I'll just I won't think twice aboutspending money on stuff. Isn't that more
to do it? The moment typeof galany Probably it helps buying a thousand
dollars dresses. Remember Emily came inand she said that she was was like
trunk one night and she was watchingan infomercial for like this big, huge

set of fifties music. You canit was the Oldies. It was set
and it's the ex Bowser from SEANAAwas the host of this infomercial and it
was like a hundred bucks for thislike like eight bar disc collection. Still
listen to it. I don't.I don't have it anywhere. I don't
have it anywhere. So, yeah, Yolo was a big thing for a

minute. It's no longer a thing, you guys, Nobody, nobody is
spending money like it's going out ofstyle anymore. Smart enough. Well,
it's not only a combination of peoplesmartening up and inflation and everything else,
but all these big you know,stores like the Targets, the Walmart,
even places like Starbucks are like,yeah, people aren't spending like they were

for that short amount of time,and so they're saying that, Yeah,
it's it's definitely gonna affect the economyand things like that because people are now
like, maybe we should start savingagain, Like that may be a thing.
Yeah, you know what's yolo forme? Putting money in a high
interest rate account, that's yola.That's not nothing sexier than taking a chunk
of cash and throwing in a highinterest rate account and watching. But then

you don't have those fifties oldies CDssucks. Since why I missed my girl,
Scott would be right, she wouldactually Laura does very interesting things.
We've heard right, very she's verysilly, this one. She's a silly
girl. Well, she did somethingyesterday when trying to sell something that did

not go so well. We're gonnasee what happened coming up next on the
show at Rock with a five threeWow. That was the world premiere of
the brand new song by Falling inReverse with Jelly Roll called all My Life
Nice. So there you go.That is the world premiere. You're welcome.

Everybody heard it here first. Itis the show it's rock one five
three. We have our good friendLaura Kane sitting in with us this morning
because Sky is at her daughter's eighthgrade graduation. So we'll Hill's stories about
that tomorrow, I'm sure. Butwhile Laura is here, she is a
fountain of wackiness. Oh yeah,her life is unbelievable. It just it

never stops, like your your crazystuff never stops, It never ends.
Now are you the catalyst? Doyou believe it has to be me?
Well? I didn't want to sayit, but yes, I mean,
what else could it be? Imean, I don't know how to stop
it though. It's so wild.It's like we'll be sitting with her all
morning long, and just when youthink that the next thing she's going to
say, Like she said everything already, we've been together, nothing else,

there's nothing else, anything else,and then somehow she says something that tops
everything else. Yeah, you're like, oh my god, Laura's crazy.
This just happened yesterday, just yesterday. That's really weird. This is crazy.
So we heard the last time youhung out with us that you will
sell things down in Mexico. You'llyou'll buy things and go down to Mexico

and buy things from Mexico and sellhere. Yes, that's your thing,
that's that's my that's my side,that's your jam. Come on, yeah,
yeah, yeah, I got it. I understand, I understand.
It makes total sense. But that'sone of the things you'd like to do.
And so, uh, I foundout recently or yesterday that you tried
to sell something. Now this hadnothing to do with Mexico, right,
it did not. Okay, Nowmaybe you should have this is I shouldn't

be admitting this. Actually really it'snot good. But you just tried to
sell something. Yes, why didit get weird? Well, y'all let
me explain, okay, Larah,Okay. About two months ago, I
was in New York's City visiting mydaughter and there's, yes, there's a
place called Canal Street where they sellall the fake Louis Vuitton, all the

big designers. I got, uh, I got Oakley's there once called folk
Les. I remember going there whenI was Yeah, so there was this
shady dude who had like this bag. You can't really sell him out in
the open anymore. So they can'tcome out of the corner's been down there,
and I've seen you know they havegold chains. Yes, you know,

you know Stony TVs not Sony.Well, fun of Sonics. This
guy was pulling out white boxes Appleheadphones, the real big ones, Apple
like air pods, and then fullyboxed perfectly looking absolutely perfectly real in the
wrapping, in the wrapping, inthe box, in the white Apple you

know, the box. So Iwas like, I need to watch,
and so I talked the dude downto sixty But okay, Laura, Okay,
I know, Laura, Okay,okay, I know. I know
you're you're a smart person. Whatare well? I thought so, because
you know what's going on there,You're not going to get an Apple watch

for sixty bucks. But maybe maybeI are you. Maybe this guy has
like some ends. Maybe he stoleit. I don't know, to buy
stolen. I don't know, God, Laura what she didn't steal anything,
Okay, bought it. Buying stolenmerchandise is still crime. Now, I
didn't. It didn't have on therethe picture of what it looked like.
I just was like, oh,it's gonna be. I can always change

the band if I don't like whatthe band looks like. Whatever, you
know, But it said Apple,Oh, yeah. I mean it was
legit, it must be real.So I bought it. It's like written
in a sharpie four p's in itApple. So I didn't open it for
a while. I had it around. So the other day I opened it

and I was like, oh,this is like a man's watch. It
was big, it was black,it was a dive watch and a GPS.
It was like Titan. No,it was an Apple watch, but
it was. It was a manlylooking Apple watch. It was a dive
watch. It had all these likeit was a good one. It looked
really good. It had a blackband. I'm like, I'm not going
to wear this. It's a man'swach you know when you open Apple products,

did it come and when you openedit looking like, you know,
with that little booklet and the Applecharger and all that stuff. Really however,
the charger, the charger felt alittle light, but I was like,
it's usually a sign, is it. I'm like, you know,
it charged the watch, Okay.So I'm like, I'm not going to

wear this. It's a man's watch. So I put it on Facebook Marketplace
and I'm like I googled how muchthis watch was worth, and it's worth
like eight hundred dollars this particular watch, and I'm like, I'm going to
sell it for four fifty and makeit. I'm going to make a couple
of make a killing. Well acouple of you bought it for sixty bucks,
right. I got so many hitsright away. And this one dude

goes, I'm can I come rightnow? And I'm like, okay,
well where do you I'm coming fromLa Costa. I'm like, well,
I live in Hillcrest. But areyou come to me? Sure? Do
you want to FaceTime first to lookat it? I mean, like,
are you sure? And he goes, yeah, yeah, I really want
this watch. Okay, great,Okay, I was pulling up all the

way from the Costa, all theway from La Costa. He like,
raised his dad, you meet him? No? I well, since I
have him, I have a man. Listen to me. I have a
man living with me. So Isay, we will meet you with your
friend. I know, but like, so I make it sound like I
have somebody security. Yes, okay, So I met him outside of my

place. He didn't come in.You didn't go there. You don't go
you know, target Laura. Righthere, we're gonna go there come in
the drives up in this black tesla, right, and he's handsome and he
it just it mattered. This mattersto the story. Yeah, like being

good. Look, he makes sometrustworthy. Well he's not the Christian Balees
good looking in American psycho trustworthy.You know what I'm saying. He was
talking about how he's an environmentalist,he's in a solar I was really interested
in his life. Like he wastalking. While he was talking, he's
just by the watch. Why ishe getting I'll tell you so. In

the meantime, well, we're havingthis discussion. He's trying to pair the
watch with his phone. Oh,to make sure it works. Yeah,
that's actually smart. He goes,Dude, uh, I've tried pairing this
like four times and it's not working. I don't, I go, And
so then i'd panic and I go, well, this was a gift from
my boss. I go, thisis a gift from my boss. And

I go, I go, ithas to be real, like I it
just I can't should I I'm soconfused. Hold on a minute, So
you're just blatantly lying, he goes. He goes, yeah, somebody else
actually said the same thing that itwas a gift. And actually this has
happened to be three times now.Oh no, I'm like, so then

I can't think you would learning evenmore, I'm like, oh no,
should I tell her that this couldbe like maybe she bought some other once
or some other of her friends.I'm like, deep, this is bad.
Oh my god. So so itdoesn't pair. And then I'm freaking
out. And the guy he goes, you know, and he said this

about himself. He goes, youknow, it's my it's in my Jewish
nature to try to get a deal. This is what he said to him.
And he goes, I just needto bite the bullet and get the
watch that you were really happened tome now, for that's crazy. I
don't know if I would do ita few times, though, maybe one
time and you learn. I don'tknow. With electronics, it's so risky
to buy electrosoph somebody to make surethey work. I'd rather buy like a

refurbished thing from like a best Buyor something somebody. Boss, Oh you
did. I'm surprised he came itall off. I know. I don't
like having that trash around it.Bother, as soon as you open it,
you go I don't want this watch. I'm gonna try and resell it.
Keep the box, keep the boxwith the cord and the book brand

New Right Brands making it. Didissue that it just doesn't work. Yeah,
that's not really anough watch. Yeahit doesn't. It doesn't pair.
That's the only thing. Wait,so it didn't You never tried to pair
it? No? It was like, oh no, I didn't want to.
I just want to pair it becauseI wanted to be to be prestige

right, And it still had theplastic at the bottom and everything, and
I thought I was like, ohmy god. So the guy just was
like, did you feel like hethought you were trying to scam him?
One thousand percent did not believe me. I mean, Lauria, I mean,
Laurie, you were I was exactly. I'm still getting pings, pains,

pings. I haven't taken it offFacebook marketplace yet. Are you gonna?
Are you going to find another moreon this guy to get it from.
I gave to Eric, gave itto y it's for a fashion but
it doesn't work. And then hepulled it out the Apple logo on it.

How crazy you got scammed? InNew York City buying a watch.
Oh my god, but I triedto pull it off. Yeah, that's
all that matters. God, Ifelt so bad, Like, er,
well, you're just honestly, Icannot figure out this Padres team. They
just can't seem to be bad teams. That's just weird. Man. We're

gonna see what happened when they playedthe Angels next in Sports Dirt. But
it's been a pretty strange season sofar for this Padres team. Just when
you think, okay, we're gonnaget it roll in here, they're doing
really well things like that, thenthey lose to teams that they should beat.

We saw it last month when theygot swept by the Rockies, and
it's now happened again. You're takingon the Angels, who are horrific at
home. Yeah, I mean justterrible, just garbage. They just got
swept by them. Oh at all? How did that happen? I don't
understand, not sure what's going on. Yeah, they lost yesterday three to

two. It's their Angel's first homeseries sweep since last July. Like that's
crazy, Like that's hard to do, and so yeah, I don't understand
what's going on. And to makematters worse Manny Machado was injured in the
game. They actually strained his hiprunning out a double play, and so

they say it's a mild strain.Hopefully he's not out too long. But
he was just he was just startingto come around. It's just I don't
know, man, it's just notgreat. I don't know what's happening anymore.
Yeah, but you know, what, did you say? How many
more months do we have of baseballtill September? So what is that?
Three and a half more months startbreak? Yet if you if you're around

five hundred by the All Star break, it's all you can ask. That's
it, and then you could andthen everything could change it for that a
couple of games over. You know, look at the Rangers last year.
You can team even seven. Sinceday one, I've been telling you,
it's only June. It's not great. So after that disaster, they're returning

home and they're going to face theDiamondbacks. Now, right, we got
some breaking news this morning. Thereare reports are that the Lakers are now
making an offer to ucn's Dan Hurleyto be their next head coach. Now,
the Lakers are targeting the back toback national championship coach and our guests
are going to be offering him amassive deal. This is a little bit

of a stunner because everybody thought thatformer player JJ Reddick was the guy and
Lebron's boy and all this stuff.But now doesn't look like they're going in
that direction. And they're going totry and steal Dan Hurley from Yukon,
which is pretty wild, but we'llsee what happens. It's interesting. It
looks like the Super Bowl hero,Nicole Hardman is coming back to the Kansas

City Chiefs, the wide receiver thatcaught the game winning touchdown in the Super
Bowl, is coming back to theChiefs on a one year deal. There
you go. I don't think.Yeah, I think in Hollywood Brown they
got Xavier Worthy. He plays,he's out in jail. NBA Finals start

tonight. We got the Celtics andthe Mavericks. Who you got who's gonna
win? Oh, Man, Eddie, I don't care. I'll go with
the Celtics just because I don't know. I honestly don't know. All right,
My Knicks got out and then Iwas I would kind of jump on
the Timberwolves bandwagon for a second,and they got dominated. Oh so I

just don't care. It's over forthe Celtics cent. If you're doing that,
we'll see game time tonight is goingto be five thirty. There you
go. That is sports dirt fortoday. What do you guys think they
look for when they hire flight attendantsthese days? You know, times have
changed. So we're gonna see whatthey say is essential for flight attendants these

days. When we get back onthe show on Rockquino five to three.
Oh yeah, White Snake is wrappingup throwback Thursday on the show. It's
Rockquino five to three. So wewere just saying as we were going to
break there that there is something thatthe airline industry says is essential when looking

for flight attendants. Now, afterI said that, Laura, Laura Kane,
sitting in with us, said shesomewhat recently applied to become a flight
attendant. What you did talk about? Laura? Okay? Okay, what
happened? Okay? Okay? SoI was just I was in my little

traffic studio. I literally feel likewe can't see anything without Laura having some
sort of wild story connected to atall. Like you could bring up anything,
honestly, you like oh yeah,man, I saw a grasspuper Laura.
I can't believe the other day Iwas in Mexico. Anything literally could

be anything. I jump flight attendants. How could Laura have a flight attendant?
He does? Now. Granted,I've never served anybody anything. I've
never been a server. Really,I've never been in the service industry.
I've only ever done radio. ButI thought what would be the most glamorous
job where I could find some likereally like man sixties A And I was

like, oh, do buy?And so I was like the Emirates by
you know, the fanciest airline ever. Yeah, Jennifer, Jennifer as this
commercials, you're just gonna They're gonnahire somebody with no experience. They're not
higher. I mean I think thatthey hire people from a like legitimate lines

that maybe that aren't like that arelike maybe feel like Lauris started Spirit.
You don't think so frontier spirit.Though, there is an industry, you
know, like the like private jetsand things like that that maybe you know
you can I want to be youknow why because I did not want to
hold that puke bag. I willnot hold that puke bag. If somebody

appears on a plane. Yes,you do. The flight attendants have to
come pick up the pew bags,the white bag. Okay, but I
thought I filled out a whole application, the whole thing. Pictures. I
mean they were they were shot everything, really because they I mean, yeah,

and it those like those sleeper cabinsand stuff like that. But you
don't get to sleep in there.I know you're working. You would be
working first class off the bat anyway. So I got a letter back,
what we're sorry to tell you orsomething to the effect of you, Yeah,

okay, what a shock. I'mjust gonna to be CEO like what.
You can't just do that. Idon't think that's how it works.
Well, you did have one thinggoing forward is apparently the airline industry,
when they are looking for flight attendants, say that it is essential you are

attractive. You have to be attractiveto be a flight attendant. And they
say this is why the passengers arefeeling more comfortable when the flight attend didn't.
It's kind of hot. Yoh,totally. I mean, if you're
a good looking person, you haveit better than everybody else. And if
you hire good looking people, thebusiness is going to be better. It's

just the way that it is,and that's what they say. That's exactly
what they're saying. If I hadthe choice between an ugly fly attendant and
a good looking fly, we couldask a good looking if when I ding
the thing, I'm going to hopethe good looking fight attendant comes down the
aisle. I don't want to seethe ugly guy. The ly guy.
Someone's going to save your life.Probably, why Why is that a good
point? I don't know. Maybehe's more serious. The hot one wasn't

even paying attends like whatever, onehundred percent. But that's what they I
mean. I thought in twenty twentyfour, that's not a thing anymore.
No, they said that they lookedinto this and they said absolutely it is
still a thing, which is shocking. It's shocking. So Laura, get
in there, man, frontiers.Set your down. Maybe start with trains.

He's attendant on a Greyhound bus.Start with the greyhound working way out,
Laura, awesome having you sit inwith us. Thank you so much
for hanging out with us today.It was always fun. Sky is back
tomorrow though, so we'll hear allabout her daughter's eighth grade graduation. Plus,
it's a free comedy Friday, andwe'll play Cameo Roulette all tomorrow.

We'll see you then

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