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June 7, 2024 96 mins
Sky's Day Off, National Donut Day, Robert Aswks Emily To Not Make A Specific Dish
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San Diego. Welcome, Welcome tothe show. Yo, the new new
day is here, and what betterway to start it than with I feel
like the show is going to begreat. This show. I would like
to introduce you to the ringleader Eddie. I have a young mindset, okay,
the mother of this crew Sky.If you don't know anything about me,

you may not realize that I getcold very easily. I'm very rude,
I'm obnoxious, and I don't care. And Emily, ever since I
can remember, I've never wanted tosleep with another human. Welcome to the
show on San Diego's rock station Rockone oh five three. Well, she
is I guys back, Hi,Hi friends. Sky's back for her one

day sabbatical. Oh, it wassuch a long vacation. Do what I
would see you? I know?Right? Did I get a tan?
Yeah? You didn't? Oh Ididn't. Yes, Sky's back. She
took the day up today. Shehas had a few things going on.
Actually, yes. Number one Ithink on your list was going to see

the premiere of Missus Doubtfire. Right, Well, I think that's the most
important thing that happened in my life. This is doubt Fire, this is
dout Fire. The musical. Yes, that happened on Wednesday night. Yeah,
that was Wednesday night. So yourreview, Oh my gosh, you
don't even know you guys, whatdo you think? So so me and

my mom this is like our thingbecause if you you know, haven't heard
my I went once. Yeah,well you yeah, you lost a bet
and that's why you and my momwas with us. So I have more.
I have more fun hanging out withLynn. Really, she was sad,
you weren't that She gets after it, kick the pants. She is
a hoot. Well, she's she'sshe's she's young and in love again.

It's true, vibrant, vibrant,a lot of fun blowing. Yeah.
So since my mom, I definitelyfeel like all the tensest. She's not
tense anymore. I get it allright. Since my mom is so youthful
and in love right now, shehas moved away from me and my brother
and and gone up to gone upto Laguna. Smart move, shut up.

And so because of that, wehave now made a regular date going
to the latest musical downtown. Youknow with Broadway. You like when it
comes out, That's that's all.It doesn't matter what it is. Sky's
going clearly Okay, can you shutup? And don't you joke for because
Peter Pan's up next, and youknow you wanted to you go into Peter

Pan. I do like Peter Pant. It's one of the only like musicals.
Uh and and and uh uh youknow Disney movies. I liked a
kid boys will Never Grow Up.I don't know. I liked oh you
don't like Peter Pants, boys andfairy dust everywhere. Okay, So yeah,

so this, this had been plannedon the books for a while,
and so my mom came into townso we could go see Missus doubt Fire
the musical. Now, of course, I think most of us love Missus
doubt Fire the movie well liked.Okay, let's they liked Missed Out for
HiT's different from me. I comefrom a broken home. I was well,

but yeah, okay, you guys, it's different. I could talk
about it after the show and youcan have a moment. Okay, we
can talk about Missus doubt Your parentswere divorced when you were a teen.
I'm in my forties. Thse kidsare kind of bray to the new you
know, Ersden he didn't, hewas just so wildcasting It was an upgrade

for her. Oh, definitely wayout of her league, like no doubt.
But he was just creative Robi Williams, and he just he just wanted
to be with the kids. Whywasn't he with the kids? Eitially because
he was a struggling actor, sohis his work wasn't consistent. He liked
he decided to be a stalker.Yeah, okay, you and break the

laws. Hysterical, I mean,is good? Okay, I liked Most
people liked it and so, andso I was excited to see it.
But then I started hearing rumblings fromother people of like, have you seen
the commercial? Do you really thinkthat's going to be good? And that

was us, Yeah, we saidthat, and so it started to get
in there. And so when mymom showed up to stay, she was
having some back issues and I said, Mom, if you're not feeling up
to it, you know, wecan stay in because I was. I
was thinking I'm not going to knowany of the songs, like what is

this? And she's like, no, no, I want to go.
So we ended up going. Andit was interesting because you guys may not
know this since you're not regular theatergoers like I am. Some people specifically,
the season ticket holders will dress upfor the theme. And if it's
Tina Turner, you're gonna see alot of short skirts and ways. If

it's the Michael Jackson one, you'regonna see sequin jackets, you're gonna see
gloves. Oh yeah, Like peopleget into it. And so I don't
know why I didn't see this coming, but it was shocking to see a
couple of men completely dressed in dragmissus doubtfire style for the show. Yeah,

there was one sitting like two rowsbehind us, and it was it
was a scene. So there wasthat, and we went and I can't
tell you the last time I haveenjoyed a musical more. I cannot recommend
this highly enough. Like this washysterical. It was so funny. They

modernized it with jokes. The leadguy could do crazy voices, like he
was doing all kinds of voices likeRobin Williams really yeah, like he was
doing Kerman in Vader and Trump likeAnd like I said, they updated it.
So the kids are on devices andthere's TikTok jokes and whatever. All
yesterday I was telling anybody I raninto if you have free time, go

see messes out fire. You canthink me later. Wow. So I
don't know, maybe I'm all hypedup. I do get hyped up after
I go to the theater. Yousound like Thor after he saw The Whiz.
Yeah. I enjoyed it. Ienjoyed it. I couldn't get over
how good of actors they were.So then missus staffire, I probably won't
check that one out. I didn'tknow. You know, the movie was

whatever to me. You didn't,I said. Everybody loved it. I
like Robin Williams, but the moviewas whatever to me. I probably won't
see this one. I got abetter chance of seeing Peter Pan, which
I probably won't do. Okay,Yeah, so that was mine of my
mom's hot date, and you know, lots lots of talk of you know,

her and her and her love.And you know, I'm very I'm
very supportive. It doesn't sound likeative, you know, so disappointed,
not disappointed, but you know,sometimes it just hits weird, you know,
And you know there there's a lotof planning going on for their commitment
ceremony coming up, and you knowshe wants me flower girl. She hasn't

specifically, she hasn't specifically my brotheris going to be made of honor or
maybe she recognizes at all that wouldmake more. Did she moved there for
them her real family? Okay?Can you can you not taking his last

name? I don't think so,I don't. I don't think it's legal
thing. It's more of a ceremonyto let everybody know how paperwork already give
him given given him her bank accountname. Okay, Well, she speaking
of his kids, she did goon and on about the fourth of July
at their house and how amazing itis and how we should go and uh,

I don't know, I don't thinkthe dogs and fireworks and to get
away. Yeah. Uh. Soit was nice though that we did the
musical because uh that next morning,yesterday morning, was my daughter's eighth grade
graduation. And so yeah, Imean, anybody that's in high school thank

you saying it's pretty impressive. Itis pretty impressive. And so it was
nice that my mom was here allthe way from you know, leaving us
to move to Laguna. It wasvery nice that she was here so she
could attend the graduation. And uh, you know, it was early in
the morning, so that's why Iwasn't here at work yesterday, and you

know, I was a little nervousbecause I thought they had said you couldn't
bring flowers. But it turns outbecause I thought it said on the permission
slip you can't bring like balloons andbouquets. And so I was really spinning
out because of course I had plannedto bring my daughter a bouquet of flowers.
Spinning out well, yeah, becauseI was like, I know,
these La Jolla parents, they're notgonna listen, They're gonna bring flowers anyway,

and then I imagine the conversation andwe're going to be flowers. Oh
yeah, oh yeah, you're right, you nailed it. There was there
was so much back and forth aboutit. But turns out I read it
wrong. It said no balloon bouquets, which which is that actually makes more
sense SETI so so I I luckilyI figured that out at the last minute

God, and took off with mybig bouquet of flowers. Yep. My
mom came with us because she hadmade the wild choice to uber here from
Laguna. What how much did thatand why? That was my first question.
Because her her man was coming downto meet her, she was gonna

do her boyfriend. She was stayingthe night for the musical, and you
know how we can have two cars? I guess can't have two cars because
she's signing everything over to this guy. Okay, can can you not?
Can you not's wasting money? Likeokay, really, next thing, you
know, he's got to she's gotto ask for permission stop it. So

they did want two cars, soshe made the wild decision. You didn't
go up there and pick her upto uber. I I didn't know this
was happenings. I bet it wasa hundred bucks. It was one hundred
and thirty dollars, and then shetipped and I think she said she tipped
like thirty dollars. I'm surprised itwasn't more. Yeah, it was the
middle of the books. If itwas probably like a different time of day,

I've probably plan ticket. Yeah ohseriously, way so she ubers down.
You dad can't drive? Well,well, remember I didn't want him
stand so yeah, yeah, wellyou had to sleep in the car on
the front. Okay, you haveto sleep out far. Yeah that's not

what happened room No. But afterafter she arrived, after the uber,
that is when she came more toher senses and realized there were probably a
lot better ways to do that.Uh so train, seriously, there are
a lot of different scenarios. Butthat's fine. So you know, she

drives with us to graduation, andwe go and we do that and and
and I'm keeping it cool, youguys. And as the pump and circumstance
song starts, I think that's whatit's called. I wouldn't you keep it
cool? It's eighth grade. Wellthat's when I start to come sky cries.
It's really well yeah, and it'sreally it doesn't even make any sense.

What are you crying about? Idon't know what the sold crier.
I know I'm not I would crywatching anything. Yes, yes, that's
a year not no. No kindergradepromotion or kindergarten promotion. You probably probably
get like a couple of times,So I agree. Come on, man,

like eighth grade, there's no massiveaccomplishment. Graduate eighth grade walking through
the door. I went to mydaughter's last year. There was no tears,
No tears. High school, college, you know, big job even
high school? Oh a ball athigh school? Come on? Oh yeah,

what message are we sending here?I don't know. I don't know
what it is. I don't know. But there's flowers, there are balloon
bouquets, not pointing any fingers,yeah, telling them, oh so bad,
so bad, and so you know, we do all that. It's
it's a lovely ceremony besides my myugly crying that happened. And then you

know, we go and we havethis lunch and whatever, and then the
day wrapped up with my daughter cominghome and opening all her presence and car
talking about press her eighth grade graduationpresence from eighth grade grad are for real?
You get presents? I think?So right? Did your daughter didn't
present? There's no present anything,No we'll give you know, I think

I gave her off flower and gaveher off flower and that's it. There's
no this isn't that big of adeal. Well, presence, Grandma gave
a gift card, a nice giftcard too, like a good one.
Well grandma's apparently got tons of money, and meet grandma, okay, stop,

and then we got her the flowers. We got her this little stuffed
animal with a little graduate wition capand a sash on it. That's a
twenty twenty four. But that's foractual grads. Yeah, no, she's
not a real graduate. She's notthe class. She's well the banner behind
her when she walked up on stageat twenty twenty four. Now, granted,

was it being used later in theday for La Joya High's graduation,
Yes it was. I mean that'sthat tells you everything you need. But
but that's fine. And then inaddition, she also got a watch,
so she's like a cheap summer water. It's not like an Apple watch or

something. So it was a bigday you guys. I'm I'm I'm a
I'm a proud mama and proud mama. Yes, I'm a very proud mom.
You never say proud mama. That'sa gross and okay, I don't
think that's gross. It's a reallyweird thing to say. My son is
he's finishing up his elementary school,I guess, and he's going to junior

high next year. And they'll bea promotion thing next week that I'll be
going to. But you're missing workfor it? No, of course not.
It's not during work hours. Butthat being said, what's he going
to get? Yeah, buddy,well, pat on the back. But
I got when I was when Iwas a Jack said, what is he
getting? He's going to junior high. That's not that's not accomplishment. He

made it. Yeah, I mean, what are you talking about? What
are we doing here? Gift card, a gift car, a watch,
no no no card, no notno no no, no, dinner at
Benny Hannas, Betty Hannas. We'redoing something celebrating. Maybe go to lunch.
I don't know, Jersey, Mike'ser. That's about the extent of
it. And you're gonna miss I'llget him a regular, not a mini,

and if he wants he can getit Mike's way. Wait, that's
that's on me included. Yeah,I don't understand what's going well, well,
welcome back. I don't know.Names are disappearing, you guys,
We've heard about this. There arecertain names that people just are no longer
naming their kids. We're gonna seewhich are the top boy and girl names

going away when we get back onthe show and Rocking O five three fall
Out Boy on the show It's Rockfive to three. We were talking about
this somewhat recently, that there arelike names, like common names when we
were growing up, that are disappearing. You know that there's not a lot

of like Jennifer's yeh being named anymorebecause there were Yeah, they're too common.
Oh my god, I had Ithink like five jen Prents growing up.
Yeah, five, Yeah, alot of Nicoles for me, Michelle's
yes, and so. But thosenames are passe no. Oh, but
nobody wanted that anymore. So nowyou know, we all all the asteroids

of the world and all these wackynames, you know, and so these
common names are going bye bye.And I guess somebody looked into it and
figured out what are the top boyand girl names that are on the verge
of disappearing. Yeah, So theSocial Security Administration released the lists of the
most common names of all the namesthat were given to babies in the US

last year. And, like Eddysaid, some guys like, yeah,
that's great, Isabella's Hunters and whatever. That's great for you. But what
I want to know is what namesare legit going extinct. So he looked
at all the names that had lessthan nineteen entries for the entire US.
So they say, these names onthis list only were named to between five

and nineteen babies in the entire countrylast year. So basically about to go
extinct and these are the ones.So for guys number ten we have Lorne
like Lorne, Michael's oh yeahen isyeah or Louren. Number nine is hal
sorry, Holl's yeah yeah, domoh really yeah? Not like dom Dom's

going. Wait does Dominick count No? I think dominant do. But if
you're Dominick then you're yeah, wellit's a nickname. Is really like one
of the versificate is its dominant?I thought so too well, I mean
clearly, I mean clearly, yeah, I mean that's I don't know anybody

that's domb that's not dominant. DomToretto is like one of the biggest Thames
in the frenchise movie history. Carefulsales get dominant? Do we all call
dom? Yeah? Sorry? Okay? Can some people actually go with it?
Like not all eddies are Edwards.I don't know why you're getting I'm
not getting so angry. I'm givingyou a example because before meeting you,

I would have sworn all eddies wereEdwards. Thank you. Number seven could
be he should be ed Win,Okay, then just just Edwin. Yeah,
I agree. I don't know.I don't want to say anything else
because I want to yelled at thankyou. Number seven boy name on the

verge of disappearing is Kurt What no, Kurt, no curse? Sorry?
Who is my baby Kurt? Thatis funny, little baby Kurt. I
want to name my dog Kurt.That would be funny, A good dog.
Kurt Russell, Kurt Colebay. Iknow, but they're all old.

They were born. I was bornin the nineties and I was like a
Nirvana fan, and you go,Kirk Cobain. I want to name him
after my favorite band. Yeah,but if you met a baby now and
you're like, oh, what's thelittle guy's name Kurt, you'd be like,
oh, Kurt. I don't havethis reaction. I don't know.
I don't know. I want toname my dog Kurt. That was cool,

too weird. Number six is ChuckChuck again, that's a nickname,
Charlie, Chuck, Charles. Everybodycalls him Chuck. We'll be carefully,
I've already I've already covered. Sorry, Carrie c a r y for a
guy like Carrie. My mom's nameis Carry. I was about to go,

oh no, no, no,Bob on the okay, calm down
another one, Bert Bert. Numberthree baby Burt. Baby Burt is my
little guy Bert, Bernie. Numbertwo is Bernie, and the number one
baby boy name on the verge ofdisappearing is al is Al short for Alec

Alan or alex Al just Al don't, I don't know, it seems weird,
okay, right, Al, allright? For the girls, Meg,
Carrie, k E r R I, my mom A C A r
R I, it's sort of thesame thing. Yeah, I mean totally

Kay as a woman's name, oryeah, that's really old school Jody,
Oh, Genie, Tody, Sweeten, Gail, funny baby Gail, I
mean Gail King when she's a baby. Now it's funny. Back then,
it makes sense. Really good dogname, Gail, my little puppy Gail.

That is actually pretty good. Christiewith the C C h R I
S T I disappearing, Kathy numbertwo name disappearing and the number one girl's
name that you're not going to seeanymore is best. I knew it best
back in the day. Oh yeah, but I guess it's weird now.

I've heard of reverse mortgages before,but I don't know if I've ever heard
of what an reverse at M is. Maybe that's what Sky is okay,
I don't know, it's weird.We're gonna see what reverse ATMs are and
how they're growing in popularity. Comingup next on the show and Rock with
five to three on the show,It's rock on five to three. So

we all remember the time when Skytold us a homeless person approached her.
How come we forget? Screamed out, forget at M? Guy gave him
twenty bucks? What she's a walkingATM? Well, I just left ATM.
If you have to plan, youneed to be wearing a full trash
bag as your clothes, and youneed to approach me as I have cash

in my hand, because I've literallyjust taken two steps away from the ATM.
So anybody that does that, he'sgonna get twenty bucks, I think.
So really, well, again,you have to you have to be
wearing the trash bag, and youhave to be a regular say anything.
They say that, and I keepwalking silent walking. Yeah, I agree,

yeah, nut Sky, No,no, yeah, I've seen the
sky around regularly and I was caughtoff guard and I panicked and twenty bucks
I handed here. Twenty bucks?Wow, yeah scored man. Oh yeah,
well I thought that that might bewhat a reverse ATM is but I
guess not. Reverse ATMs are becomingvery popular in all the rage, I

guess these days. Yeah, sowe will all recall and have probably had
an experience when you go to likesay a taco shop or some random corner
store and you find out they onlytake cash and you go, wait,
what, I don't have any cash, and then they point to the ATM
and they go, yep, youuse our shady ATM and you pay with
cash. Well, now in twentytwenty four, it is the complete opposite

where you are now going to gointo places that do not accept cash,
they only take digital payment, andif you don't have a digital payment option,
they will now point you to whatis a reverse ATM. And I
guess this is making big news becausethey're starting to pop up. They're becoming

very popular to the point where YankeeStadium has gone cash list. So if
you go to Yankee Stadium and youwant a hot dog and you only have
cash in your wallet, you can'tget yourself a hot dog unless you visit
a reverse ATM. Oh do theyOh, I haven't seen one yet,

Yeah okay, And so basically youput your cash in it's gonna charge you
a fee, of course. Reallywell, an ATM charges you a fee
to get your own money, right, So it's the exact same thing.
They follow a guy who used itat Yankee Stadium. He wanted two hundred
dollars so he could buy food andbeer for him and his family. I

guess I think it was like afamily of four or whatever. So he
put two hundred bucks into the reverseATM cash and it gave him a debit
card worth one hundred and ninety sixdollars and fifty cents. So he was
charged three dollars and fifty cents forconverting his cash to a debit card.

And they're calling these debit cards thatthese reverse ATM machines put out. They're
calling them burner debit cards, kindof like burner phones, because you're just
gonna use them that one gift.Totally, totally. I don't get why
this guy wouldn't have a credit cardon them to begin with, your family
of four. He went two hundredbucks for Apple Pay. He's got no
digital, no debit card, nocredit card, no Apple Pay. It's

so odd. Yeah, I don'tknow if they just his money. Yeah,
yeah, I don't know if theywere just using him as an example,
so having him go through the steps, But they say definitely, like
low income people are more likely tocarry cash as well as younger people are
more likely to have cash and nothave access yet to get themselves. I
don't have cards, do you guyshave? Give your kids, like a

kid a debit card. You're skypromoting it all the time, but I
don't. So it depends what's goingon. If like my daughter went and
did that East Coast trip, youknow where she went to Washington and New
York and all those places. Sowe got her a like prepaid debit card
so that she could buy stuff orwhatever. But if she's just going out

with her friends or whatever, Iusually just give her cash. But it
depends where she's going too, sosum it's not gonna I don't know.
If she wants to get boba andutc MA all, she can't use cash.
So the Queen would know about prepared. Yeah, yeah, you can
get like a debit card from yourbank for your kids. The kid's card.

Yeah, they have like youth accountsstuff like that. Uses it for
him. I don't give your creditcard. You're paying for this chick flake.
Yeah, so they say. Herein the US, cash is now
the third most popular option, withonly sixteen percent of payments last year made

with cash. Cards are number one, and now mobile devices are number two.
Wait. I fought the mobile devicething for a long time. Why
I really did. I didn't trustit. It's so Yeah, it's so
easy. I didn't trust it.I really didn't, But man it is.
You're right, it's so easy.I take out my credit card.
I only use it for gas.Though I only use it for gas,
you don't use it for everything else. I'm weird. Yeah you are.

See I've finally taken the step touse Apple pay like on my phone to
buy something, but I still haveyet to use my phone and scan it
at like a registered for gas.Yeah. No, I'm still like weird
about that. I like, honestly, I don't know how to do it.
I don't you just double tap andthen and then we too weird.
Man, it's weird. So reverseATMs are now popping up places, but

please know that you're going to becharged a transaction fee to Houston. Yeah
all right, Speaking of money,we're gonna see what celebrities are charging on
Cameo. We're gonna play our gameCameo Roulette coming up next on the show
and Rock with a five to three. That's some Metallica on the show.
It's Rock one O five to three. Do you see the Metallica is bringing

back their marching band contest. Yeah, that's kind of cool. I love
it. You're getting in Well,no, unfortunately, I'm not in a
marching band. I watched I watchedsome of the videos that they did from
the contest last year, and dude, it's it's cool. It is pretty
cool. It's cool. But youwent I love that. It was so
much it was like sexual for you. Love that. Al Right, it

is time to find out what celebritiesare charging on Cameo. Time for our
game, Cameo Roulette. You everwonder what Ronnie from Jersey Shore would sound
like wishing you a happy birthday?Henry? What's off with your boy?
Ronnie? Here? I just wantedto say, happy bird. They hope
you enjoy yourself. Drink a lotof ron Ron juice GTL though out of
your party. Well, it's timefor the show. Time for the shows.

Cameo. All right, here wego Cameo. The website where you
can order up personalized messages from differentlevels of celebrity being go you know,
all the way from the Caitlin Jennersof the world to the Emily's from the
Show of the World. You know, that's the range. That's the range
where you can get on one.You guys are similar in a few ways.

I don't know how to take it. Was a weird example, but
it's fine. So, yeah,there's all kinds of different celebrities on cameo.
They set their own price. Wespin a wheel whatever celebrity it lands
on. You guys got to guesshow much are they charging on cameo.
So let's go ahead and spin thewheel. Se it lands off first?

Oh wow, okay, well fourwill know this name, you ladies.
Doubtful it is landed on. MookyWilson is maybe one of the most famous
goats in a bad way. Youknow how goat used to mean something bad.
Yeah, so he played for theNew York Mets back in the heyday

of the Mets and he oh no, he actually did something good. I
was thinking of Buckner. Yeah,you had it reverse. Yes, so
Mookie hit the ground ball that gotby Bill Bucker. Yes, so we'll
forget. It was only game six. The Mets won the next game,
Game seven to It was one ofthe most famous World Series of all time
where Mooki hit the ball and itwent through Bill Buckner's legs and Mooky,

you know, got on. Sohe's kind of a hero. Yes,
okay, So Mookie Wilson from theNew York Mets from back in the day.
How much is he charging on cameo, We'll start with you. Yes,
she loves that. Oh god,I have no clue where to go
with this. I mean, he'sa very famous name in the baseball world.
He wasn't like a great player,Yeah, he was pretty good,

but it was a hit that hegot was that's so famous? Teen grounder?
Yeah, Buckner, I get thatglove dirty? You know. Oh
man, A lot of hardcore NewYork sports fans will probably dig this.
I'm just gonna throw out there,one hundred and fifty bucks, one hundred
and fifty bucks. What do youthink, Skuy, I'm gonna go I'm
gonna go higher. I'm gonna saythree hundred dollars, three hundred bucks.

H what do you think, thor? I think one hundred and fifty is
a pretty solid choice, so I'mgonna say one seventy five five on the
other way, and Wilson from theNew York Match charges one twenty. Oh.
Okay, you were the closest twentyfor Mookie. So this is what

you get for one hundred and twentybucks from Mookie Wilson. Hello, Judy
Moke Wilson here in New York,Mass eighty six World Serious Champion. Thank
you for a lot of meeting partyof baseball spread. Thank you for supporting
Mess of the Year because I knowit has not been easy. Listen,
it's not about the maps. Thisis not about me. It's all about
your Judy. Man, you gotsomeone who loves your death. Steven wanted

me to wish you a very happy, happy Mother's Day, So I think
what man, Mother's are very specialand he knows he loves you so much.
Man, he wanted just mother's thingto be so special, letting know
that you are thinking about you andthat you are loved, and made his
mother to bring much Jordan Mookie.Mookie was on a team called the Cocaine
Kids. I don't know if I'mnot saying he is, I'm not saying

he is. He might be thecaptain. I wish you could have seen
all our faces through that entire thing, because I understand he was talking so
fast. That was wild. Yeah, that didn't make any sense. Oh
my god boy. Okay, yeah, that's interesting. All right, spinning
wheel seeer lines on this time.Oh uh. This guy actually has been

in our studio before. I don'tknow if you guys will remember Josh Harris
from the TV show Deadliest Catch.Remember he was the younger kind of guy.
He's a captain on one of theboats. I think he just recently
got canceled. Oh he did.I think he might have had some stuff.
And he's like they he was oneof the more famous guys on Deadliest

Catch where his dad died and hetook over the boat and then and he's
you know, they actually gave hima spin off show where he was like
fishing in Hawaii and doing all thisstuff. So he was one of the
bigger names. And then he wasn'ton the last season and I was like
why, And I think he gotI think he got kissed. Assault not

great Josh Harris from Deadly Catch.His dad's Phil, Yes, Phil Well
dead. Yeah. Yeah, anyway, so Josh Harris from Deadliest Catch a
pretty big show. He is oncameo? How much do you think he
charges? I? Oh, thatSkuy came in studio. Yeah, he
was a nice guy, but Ifeel the price has probably drop because of

the NEWSS. So I'm gonna goone hundred bucks Hunter bucks and only just
read something about this guy. Ohnot good, Oh, not good.
The allegations are on another level level, not a good level. So I'm
finding it hard to move on rightnow. Oh okay, let's stop reading

that. It's not good. I'massuming this cameo. What did Skuy just
say bucks? Before I saw Emily'sstrong guy. I'm gonna say, I'm
gonna say one hundred and Emily,uh charge hundred bucks? That's what say?

You need you need to like toreset your brain. Seventy five dollars,
seventy five bucks. But again,I think Emily is on it today
because Josh Harris from Deadly Catch chargeseighty five dollars. Just read what I
read. Oh, this is notgood. I have no idea what was
being said about this guy? Thisis that good? I don't know either.

This cameo is not too weird.Oh I'm so scared. Now this
is what you get for eighty fivebucks. Oh no, I just lost
the cameo. What do you mean, because is that affected? What did
you do? It's not on theit's not on the Oh shoot, it's
not on the page here. Ohno, you deleted it. Yeah,
it was an accident. I didn'tIt was an accident. Is it back

up? Is it back up?I'm telling you he was affected. Jamie
is putting it back up for me. Oh, I'm sorry. I just
think it really affected me. Itwas a complete mistake. Sometimes if with
what I have here, I doubleclick something and it went just disappeared,
just disappeared. It's my fault.Well, obviously you're the only one.
You're the only one. They cando it. You mean, all right?

Can you stop showing everybody what isgoing on here? I don't even
want to I don't even want tohear this camp. Oh that bad?
Oh my god, my god.Hopefully those reports. Jamie's putting it up
right now? Here we go.Why's it taking? We had the reloads?
Okay, all right, this iswhat it sounds like for eighty five
bucks. Hey, what's going on? John? Josh Harris here? And

Father's day is right around the corner. I'm actually here with my other buddy.
He is my partner in crime andalso a dad. We have a
kid with the same mom and we'rehanging out getting ready for our Father's Day
preparation. But I just want towish you happy Father's Day. I hear
your one hell of an inspiration andRihanna and uh you know you and your
your lovely young lady wife to be. Uh you guys get through a lot

of stuff. You had an amazinghuman Yeah, just keep trucking, dude.
Remember one thing, only catch crabson the ocean, because no one
likes the guy that catches them onland later on. Oh it's good.
Joke doesn't go over so well now, No, apparently not. I wouldn't
think so. Very bizarre. Allright, let's spin the wheel, see
you it lands on this time.Well, this is a guy that Thor

is familiar with, and especially Emilybecause she was a star of an episode
of bar Rescues was landed on JohnTaffor. Thor weaseled his way into one
episode, Know you Were. Iwalked into you were in like the background
in the background of an episode yearsway before Emily I was recon. I

was told I couldn't do a reconbecause I don't drink. Oh yeah,
that means rescue sample the cocktail.John Taffer from Bar Rescue on cameo,
what do you think he chargedes Thor? I think if you're if you want
a bar, a bar something,and like companies changes bars and they changes

lives. Okay, wait what threetwenty five? Three twenty five? All
right? What do you think?Emily? Yeah, I feel like you
could charge a lot for the youknow, businesses bars. I'm going to
say higher than Thor, say fourhundred, four hundred, all right,
what do you think, Skuy?I'm taking the Emily strategy because it's been
winning today. So I'm going threehundred, three hundred, Yes, three

twenty five. You're the closest.Yes, say it? You said four
hundred, Yeah, it's three fifty. I'm twenty five. Yeah, got
it? Okay, okay, Ihate what it's like that all right,
So Thor is the closest. Thisis what you get for three hundred fifty
bucks from John Taffer from Bar Rescueor Christina Well, Kendy and Katy reached

out to me. I know youguys, are bar operator. You should
have bought at Taffer's tavern. Congratulationson your new baby. What an exciting
time. You guys are entrepreneurs,you have a business, you have a
new baby. What an amazingly excitingtime. And by the way, uh
thor, I think the butt funnelidea might be a good idea, but
you better session your customers first.And I would talk to Christine about those

kind of things. But most important, keep shutting it down together. Congratulations
on your new baby, and keepshutting it down. Is he saying four?
Yeah, this is for you.I don't think it was for me.
I don't. I don't, Thristina, but the butt funnel isn't that.
It's an idea where like there's onlyone way off the dance floor,

so people have to like butt upagainst each other to walk past each other.
And it was like his idea,so it makes people talk to each
other as they walk past each other. But I don't know, I feel
like it's inconvenient. What a weirdbatch it is, What a weird it
didn't make a lot of sense tome. The Padres are having a tough
time right now, dealing with injuriesand once again not scoring when they had
their chances. We're gonna see whatis going on in last night's game next

to Sports Dirt, Well, Ithink the pod are officially in a slump.
This is not good. Yeah,they lost their fifth straight game last
night as they kicked off their seriesagainst the Diamondbacks. Arizona jumped out to
a three to nothing lead off ofback to back homers in the second,

but then the Padres fought back.They scored three runs in the fifth inning
to tie it up at three,starting with Kyle Higashioka his solo shot.
Luis Arise and Fernando Tatis Junior thenscored on a double by Jake Cronoworth.
So momentum was going back into thePadres side. But then the d Backs
scored in the seventh to retake thelead and it held up, winning four

to three. Now five game losingstreak is the longest losing streak of the
season for the Padres. Now,Manny Machado did come in and pinch hit
in the eighth, so his injurymust not be as bad as what they
first thought, so that's good news. Tatis is on fire though he had
three more hits and he had eightconsecutive hits going back to the previous game,

so he's really heating up. Butits own him right now. So
we need we need more because they'rethey're not scoring when runners are in scoring.
They're not yet when runners, I'mlike, we're just gonna get out
of me too. I saw MarkGrant went off on the last could strike
of Cron. It was horrible,That's what I saw on line went viral.
Yeah, well, I mean Iwas pretty pissed too, because you

know, yet again a runner inscoring position. Profar was that second.
You know, all you need isa base hit and you you know,
tie the game up, and theycalled this outside high like not even close
to a strike three to end thegame, like a man like that stinks.
Ye, Listen, they had theirchances on I'm not I'm not saying
that cost them the game because theyI mean, they were like I don't
know what one for fourteen or somethinglike that with runners in scoring positions.

So they got to be better,they got to start playing better. And
not great news for Joe Muskgrove either, as he's you know, on the
injured list for the second time thisseason and they announced that he has a
bone spur in his pitching elbow.Now he's gone through that platelet rich plasma
and cortizone injection treatments, and sohe hopes that that injection and rest will

resume throwing in about two weeks toavoid surgery. But whenever you get bum
spurs, that's not great. No. NBA Finals kicked off last night with
Game one going to Boston. TheCeltics Christops Porzingis. He returned to the
lineup after he was injured back inApril, and he made an immediate impact,
scoring twenty points, helping them toa one oh seven eighty nine blowout

of the Mavericks. Look at Doncisdid score thirty points, but it was
pretty much all they had. SoGame two will be on Sunday. Speaking
of the NBA, the commissioner AdamSilver said, the league's priority right now
is going to be expanding. Wewant to keep expanding, and he said
there are two cities right now thatare the top contenders and they are Las

Vegas and Seattle. Oh wow,Vegas again, well, they are definitely
a major player now for everybody inthe stadium. They have new arenas in
new stadium. Nobody wants to playin the sports Arena, which is you
know, I old, I don'tblame you, stinks man. So they
said it's not a done deal yet, but I mean those are the two

top contenders, so we'll see whathappens with that. Sports Start is brought
to you by Pallamar Health. Uh. There is a new restaurant that is
making news for who they have decidedto ban. It's very different, so
some may be a fan of this, others may get a little offended.
We're going to see you who thisrestaurant won't be letting in coming up next
on the show and Rock one fiveto three. Don't expect to hear that

song if you go see the SmashingPumpkins in concert. Billy Corgan came out
and said, I don't play hits. I don't I don't feel like it.
If I don't feel like playing asong, I'm not going to do
it. That's such that makes menot like an artist. You want to
go hear the Deep Cuts? IfI go to if I go to my
favorite artist, if I go toan eminem show and he's like, you

know what, guys, I'm notdoing lose yourself what it's why I'm here
ticket. That's fair. Fair.Usually you were not allowed to ban certain
types of people anymore. That's likekind of off putting these days. Yes,
but there is one restaurant out therethat has decided, you know what,

we're making some changes and we aregoing to start banning an entire group
of people. Yeah, this isa very it sounds like a very popular
restaurant in a suburb near Saint Louisin Missouri. It is called Bliss and
it's a very hip, cool spot, and lots of people want in.

And you know, when something's hipand cool, especially the Instagram crowd,
they need to get in. Theyneed to you know, order something,
video it, post it, thewhole thing. Well, this owner has
come to it realization. The owneris an older gentleman, he's about sixty
five years old, and you know, he wants this to be a very
classy, upscale place. So hehas decided no young people allowed in his

restaurant during kids prime hours. Andthat's what I assume to Eddie, like,
you don't want to hear a cryingbaby when you're paying you know,
twenty yeah, thirteen year old onTikTok totally right. Dances That's what I
assumed too until I started reading thearticle, and their age restriction is set.

Women you must be thirty years oldto enter and dine at Bliss and
men you must be at least thirtyfive years old to enter and dine at
Bliss during Why the difference in thegender Yeah, well they want to get
more females there, right, Yeah, you don't want to sausage fist.

It's like it's like having a womendrink free stuff like that. According to
the owner, it has nothing todo with that. It is all about
with the maturity level of the individuals. Who the hell is this guy in
your thirties? Yes? Yes,man mature, slower and so basically he
said, yeah, the twenty somecrowd, Yes, you legally can drink,

but a lot of them still actlike they're in a frat house.
They'll come in, you know,they have a couple of drinks, they
start woohooing and doing all kinds ofstuff. Total. Right, we have
our assistant producer Jamie in here.How old are you, Jamie, I'm
twenty two. Now. Does thisoffend you at all that this guy's doing

this? Yeah? A little bit? Really, Yeah, I don't know.
Honestly, it would offend me ifJamie walks in wearing an MTV hoodie
and he's probably never watched two secondsof MTV, So was a thirty seven
year old, I'd be like,listen, how you sound right? Get
him out? Dude, you're onlytwo years into this restaurant. I mean

two years ago you wouldn't have beenallowed. You're barely in guys, and
I feel like he's not mature enougheven over the place. It's what like
a fancier restaurant. Oh yeah,so they wanted to be upscale and sophisticated.
Yes, that beanie in there,Jamie, No, I don't worry.
If I'm going there, I'm likedoing my hair. Well, guess

what you ain't going? Yeah,you ain't going. I'll walk and be
like, you could have had allthat. Nobody wants that you could have
had all this. That will takeyour silverware when you walk out the door.
So maybe they don't want bnys coldwho just likes to steal a fork
because they like it look nice.They look nice talking about that. Well,

no, Jamie, I mean Iput it together. Jamie dole fork
recently from a restaurant. So maybethat's maybe that's the deal, but he
says it's all about maturity levels.Says Bliss is for older people. Come
have a happy hour, have somegood food, and you don't have to
worry about young folks who bring thequote drama. We are looking for a

mature, sophisticated and safe dining environmentlike this as an older guy. But
I'll be honest with you. Olderpeople bring the drama sometimes more than the
younger generation, especially when you're rememberit to nail it up, and I

remember to nail yes. No.I went to a place in peb for
dinner and some dude was having hisfiftieth birthday with a couple of friends,
and oh my god, they broughtthe They were screaming curse words. At
one point two people started fighting.This happened that my grandfather's funeral. Well,

yes, drama brought. So thisis a little sillye, come on,
money's money except it yeah, youknow. Uh. Emily says she
is not happy with her man Robertright now. She says he has offended
her on another level. We're gonnasee what he has asked her that has

offended her. Coming up next onthe show and Rock with a five three
the Chili Pepper's on the show,It's rock one five to three. Well,
this is definitely not gonna be agood situation here. Emily is upset
and offended on another level. No, she ever goes another level. You

know that that's not good. We'vegone to a bad place. But she
also it depends on her mood.So like shell, she'll like eat something
and it's really not that great,but she'll say it's on another level.
So it just depends on Emily.If a level though is like baseline and
it's like okay, that's good,and then she likes it a little bit

more than that baseline, that wouldactually technically be another level. But I
feel when you say another level,I understand what a normal person means by
that normal money. Okay, sowe just take everything with a grain of
salt. So anyway, she isoffended with her man Robert on another level.

Apparently Robert has asked her something thathas offended her. Ask what could
he possibly ask? I mean,he does things on another level all the
time, an angel, Please giveme a break, Thanks Dandy. It
was just his birthday this past Wednesday, Birthday Barn Zone, The Big Five
six everybody that and in honor ofhis birthday, over the weekend, we

were having his nephew over for dinnerto our house and I was super excited
about Uncle Robbie, Uncle shanesy hand so we're having his nephew over for
dinner over the weekend. And theday before I was talking about what I
was going to be making and discussingthe menu with I'm cooking dinner, yes,
which I love to do. Ilove to have people over and cook

for dinner. I don't know whatyou're doing with face right now. I
mean I don't need you to dothat right now. What what are you?
You haven't said anything on another level, I like you're about to do.
So I was planning my menu andrealized I have lots of things already

in my freezer. You know,you got to take your meat out to
prep for the dinner. Definitely dothat. And I had a bunch of
ground turkey and ground turkey. Don'tstop it, don't you say it.
Ground turkey is the obviously the superstaringredient, superstar for my famous turkey meat.
Infamous turkey meat. I wouldn't saythat we've famous, actually eaten and

almost vomited over, almost vomited.It looks like bad TV dinner, like
you look like bad TV to there. Wow, got him? You got
him? It's gray. Yeah,it's great. Yeah, the color is
not that great. Yeah, orhad it once that Emily's told us about
it. Emily defended its honor andthen made it and brought it in here

for all of us, and itwas horrific. That didn't You liked it
a lot and you don't understand different. And I watched him. He ate
the whole thing. You watched him. It's delicious, it's a it's in
the regular rotation our house, LikeI make it once every probably two weeks,
so it's in the rotation of like, you know tacos, I mean

robertson time. So I mean he'sgot prison. It looks like you would
like Wednesday night meat loaf at youknow San Quentin. Yeah, it's hand
Quin's funny. It's healthy. Isthat apple sauce? No, that's meat
loaf. Oh it don't look thesame. And why is turkey meat loaf
that much healthier than red than likeit is very it's not really. You

can get extremely lean beef, butthey just make a regular watch those giant
chunks of like carrots, carrots andonion in it to make it too big.
Though it's too big and definitely wasn'tmoist. It was too was that
cardboard. It was not like that. Listen, I'm gonna make it again
and bring it. No, pleasedon't. I don't. I won't eat

it. I won't anyway anyway.Anyway, I'm planning my menu. I
decided. Robert's nephew, also sidenote, is healthier. He's like a
big workout guy and he likes leanSo that's why I'm like, this is
perfect. This is my healthy meatloaf. He's gonna love it. I
could share the recipe with him,all this stuff, right, he'll be

even leaner when he doesn't eat.Yeah, you got enough carbo loads before
he gets there. Oh no,maybe a protein shaker anything, So go
on. Okay, Okay, it'sgonna be a short segment. Okay,
So I plan this brilliant. Igot potatoes. I want to make mashed

potatoes. Be down that road potatoes. That was the Thanksgiving that you can't.
I was gracious enough to invite myfamily Thanksgiving. You're welcome, And
Robert didn't screw the pepper. WhenI went to the pepper the potatoes.
It was his fault. That waswhen we were all eating Emily, her

mom, her sister, her nieces, and everyone was going, yum,
Emily, these mashed potatoes are great. Their bellies when past the pepper,
when you get how do you getpast the pepper? It's all in there.
So like everyone just kind of youknow, they don't do that.
They like my cookie. Her dad, Dug were the four hundred is dad.

It's not a hard name to remember. That's very like Lieutenant Dan.
My dad was in Vietnam, soit's off too far. So anyway,
meat matt potatoes, a salad.I'm excited. I tell Robert I have
this already. We don't have togo buy more food. We're good to
go the speed to the crowd,super pumped. And that's when Robert says,

maybe don't make that, and Igo what he doesn't care? He
doesn't care, ever, And that'swhen he don't say that, because that's
when I immediately snap right away.The minute that he says that nothing,
I immediately snap and say, whatdo you mean, don't make that?

I make that all the time foryou and red and you guys love it.
Why would I not make something thateverybody loves, that's tried and true,
delicious for your nephew who's healthier.He's gonna love it. He's gonna
love it. He's a meat andpotatoes kid. Why can't you get the
message? There is no message.Oh, she's getting angry. He's a
meat yeah potatoes daks. I don'teven know that because I know he doesn't

fish. So I feel like you'rea meat potatoes perse, So why not
make a turkey meat loaf? Likehe's my sixty eight year old dad.
Hey, So I start grilling Robertand asking him why he doesn't want it,
and what what's the problem? Youlike it so much? And he
says that he likes it still.He just says that he doesn't want that

for when his nephew comes over.So I get super pissed off, and
like we got into a massive getsuper pissed off. He can't be honest.
He's not being honest. He's sayinghe still likes it. He's just
telling me not to make it forthat. But I kind of can put
to in two lines. It doesn'tsuck it, clearly, I was telling

you, please, don't poison mynephew, poison anybody, Emily. I
know you enjoy cooking. What didyou just say? No, I just
I just said. He's nicely askingyou not to make it. I know
you enjoy cooking. I know youlove cooking. But like some people,
just aren't good at certain things.Okay, you can't. My favorite thing
to do, literally in the world. So I'm absolutely legitimately I love playing

baseball, my favorite thing to do, literally in the world. I'm not
a Major League baseball player. Onanother level, I'm done. I'm done
with you. You and you readI'm done with you too. Wonder you
ever wonder why read so skinny?Wow? I was going, Are you

for real? You're the You're theeye of the storm, the eye of
the storm, Hurricane id am makinggrilled chicken? You happy, Robert?
There was no flavor in that chicken. This is unfortunate. Unfortunate. Okay,
last time the nephew comes over.Stop next time he comes over.

We walked to dinner. He lovedeverything. He'll have you know. Yeah,
you've heard. Yeah, Auntie,Emma, this is delicious. Give
her a thumbs up. Hey,guys, fair enough all right, do
you believe in true love? Isthat a thing? We're gonna see how

many of us actually believe in truelove or not? When we get back
on the show at Rock with afive three, that's green day on the
show, It's Rock one five tothree Sky. How long you been married?
Now? It's gonna be our twentyfourth wedding anniversary this September, twenty

four years. Yeah, we weretogether three years before we got married.
So you got married at twenty one? Yeah, twenty two. I had
just turned twenty two, or Iwas about to just turn twenty two.
Jamie, who are a new assistantproducer, Jamie's twenty two? You have
a girlfriend? Yeah? About Uhoh really? I mean I didn't say

I cannot afford that. Well,I mean you can't afford that in a
lot of ways, and financially isnot really the reason. But Jamie,
do you think a person your ageit would be like irresponsible to get married
this young? Or do you thinkit could work for certain people? I
mean it's weird because I'm seeing alot of people that I know that like
are getting married, like people thatI went to college with. Yeah,

really, it's weird. It's weirdbecause like where I am. I'm like,
I've been dating this girl for almostsix months and I'm nowhere near.
Well you shouldn't be. When you'reyoung. You got a lot of time
to be a true idiot to getmarried at twenty one. Okay, So
I mean I'm sitting right. Imean you've just turned me unless unless what
it's true? I mean, comeon, they're still together. Yeah,

but I've got a convenience. Buthold on. You know, I can
hear you. There's no one elsein the world for either one of them.
That's a great point, right,Well, the Booze live in the
dream. Yeah, he doesn't work, he doesn't leave the house. She
buys him food, she leaves uphis plate, She practically dresses him.
Yeah, I don't dress him.He does whatever he wants. He somehow

puts up with her, which isinsane. Which is I mean again,
I can you guys so wild?I mean I'm talking about okay, I
mean yes, but I mean thewhole has to put up with you things
wild. Do you believe what youand the boo have is true love?

Yes, there was a little bitof a hesitation. Well, it's weird
because, like what's the definition oftrue love? Like, I think,
I think you can have true lovewith multiple people, because some people believe
like true love is like the one, like they're the one and only one
out there for you. I don'tthink so, So you don't think that.
I think there's a difference between truelove and a soulmate. Okay,

person that one, okay, andthen you could have love again. Yeah,
a soulmate is like that's the oneand anybody else can come and go,
but that soulmate is the one.So my wife says that I am
a true love. But her dogBuster, what's her soulmate? Can you
her dog? The dog can bea so she tells me because I'll tell

her you're my soulmate, and shedoesn't. She I don't know who's Buster.
Her dog passed away in September.Yeah, it was her soul But
she can't even lie to you andsay it because you said it first.
She'll say, well, you're bothmy soulmate. No, that's not the
same one. There's only one,okay. So true love, yes,

one hundred percent. Like I mean, I I couldn't agree more with what
you said. You did say itvery insulting. But like I which I
believe, like we are perfect foreach other, and there's a lot of
weirdness about us that Okay, wedon't I don't need you to explain you
Okay. At this point too,I think Sky she's probably so freaked out

because if they have God forbid,they ever get divorced, she'd have to
give espousal support and everything. She'dlose half everything, She'd be screwed.
No, yeah, we're not gettinga dose, no matter what. Somebody's
dying, get it. Somebody you'reshutting you know this guy, Yeah,
he knows that too. He hasback pocket. You guys are an important

thing. I'll just throw it outthere even if it is true. No,
no, don't get it. Wewere very young, but he doesn't
work. Yeah, we both hadnothing when we got there. That guy,
if that guy can live in hegets out of there and I'm in
the house, but you go inthe ad U. This guy's nightmare is
like him getting the house, herhaving to pay for it, and then

he brings us some like young hotchick the dream she's living in my house
an apartment, paying their bills.I feel like she'd still pay for it,
not say anything about it because she'sso passive aggressive, she just need
paid for them. Well, Ithink I can find a way. Okay,
living in a house, all right, some sort of striperitual, right,

Heavy Hotty, if you take itin, well, maybe that's true
love for him. Heavy Hockey.Ask people, do you believe in true
love? Yeah? And out ofthe two thousand adults polled, seventy percent
of Americans believe in true love.Now that jumps to eighty If you don't

really is do you? Yes?Yeah, true love? I don't know.
I don't know though, because Ifeel like, wait, like I
love my wife obviously, but likeI feel like you still like could notice
because I think true love is alsoa why because in movies like so you
don't believe No, I guess Idon't. I believe in like loving somebody

being with them, But I feellike true love is I don't even look
at other people and it's like that'slove. I noticed that people are I
that's your definition of it. Idon't think it is the total definition of
it because we're humans. Yeah,everybody looks. I mean, even if
you act on it, then it'snot stupid, you know. Yeah,
Well, so when they narrowed thegroup down and just ask people who were
married how many of you believe intrue love? You would assume one hundred

percent, right, Yeah, wellonly eighty eight percent of married people say
that they believe in true love,and ten percent of those married people say,
yes, I've experienced true love,but that's not what I'm currently in
with my marriage. It can happenvery well. There you go, when

you have kids or know somebody thathas kids, you get a hit up
for different kind of fundraisers or maybeit's girl Scout cookies or stuff like that.
Well, one guy is an uncleand he's asking about something his niece
is doing, and he's wondering,do I need to do I need to
do this or not? Like,what's going on with this? We're gonna
find out coming up next on theshow on Rock with a five three alien

Ant Farm on the show it's Rockone O five to three. So you
know what happens if you have kidsor you know somebody who has kids.
There's always something they're only looking forus, some sort of handown, right,
whether it be a school fundraiser,Oh what are we doing? A
jump? A thon? How manyjumps can you do billy right, you

know, especially if you you knowyou have a family member who's in this.
You know, girl Scout cookies,You're always gonna get hit up on
sports, any of those fundraisers typethings. There's always something going on.
Yeah, And do you have todo you have to donate to everything?
Noah, God that says yes orsays no, Yes, It's so ridiculous.

It's a lot. I don't.I don't. I don't ask you
ever to donate to my stuff,you know, to my kids stuff.
Yeah, I'm careful with who Iask now. Rock my man. On
the other hand, he sent anemail out for Reds hit they did a
hit us on for baseball. Ifound out he sent it to his freaking
role Like everybody in his email workemail contacts were my whole family, like

clients, customers he's worked with.People are like people who've never even met
your son. He sent it toYeah, oh my god, Okay,
Red was the top earner because theyfelt obligated. I guess. Yeah,
sometimes you can't I pick and choose. What about cookies from Taylor? I
mean she hasn't been in Girl Scoutsin like five years? Well, no,

I know little Taylor license. Okay, so I know you have that
feeling. Yes, I know along time. And you like cookies,
so so I get how you feelabout other people's kids. But what about
your nephews? Are you what youwould? You always don't act ti ty

actually dash my nephew calls me uncleTaywa. It's adorable. Okay, Uh,
it depends what it is. Ohreally, and if they asked me,
if my sister asked me, no, they have the money. But
if everything is sort of the principal. If my nephew Ethan calls me because

he's nine and he's in he's ina coding camp club, he's brilliant,
he's very smart. Yeah, he'llmake so much more money. Yeah,
that's a coding camp. Yeah.If he asked me for a donation,
if he did, I would doit because he asked me. Well,
that's great that you bring that up, because this is an uncle situation that

has to do with again donating orbuying something that this kid has made.
Yeah, and the kid is actuallyeighteen years old now and is an artist.
Oh yes, yes, and Iguess career. It's it's his niece,
so she is an up and comingartist and is actually getting great reviews

in the art world and in theart scene. Now art is subjective at
any so in the art world theythink it's great. Uncle says it's it's
abstract art. Not really his jailbut no money. But to each their
own. So I guess she hasher first debut show coming up where she

will present her pieces and they willalso be for sale. And the uncle
got a text from his brother,the girl's father, saying, hey,
let's all go. Let's support ourgirl, and let's do our best to
make her show a sellout by buyinga piece if you can. And that

is when the uncle, who makesgood money, he has a good job,
makes good money, but his niece'sart, like I said, not
favor jam, nothing he would everput in his home. And the cheapest
piece for sale is a thousand dollars. Okay, well maybe a print for
forty. Yeah that's and of courseyou're gonna do that, you know,

make a feel good. If ifmy nephew drew a picture, I don't
even know if I'd hang on theit has to be with you. That's
really sorry. Now I don't knowhe doesn't h so he's wondering does he
have to buy the piece because becausehe makes good money, the whole family

makes decent money. That's why thedad is like, it's still a thousand
dollars. You would make good moneyone thousand dollars, it's still a thousand
dollars, you know, like,give me a break. Yeah, that's
that's a wild ass you. Ifeel you're going there, You're you're supporting
support. Yeah, I feel likethis is something you would do in the
moment, like Emily would do itin the moment. She'd have a couple
of cocktails, get on coty,I'll get uncomfortable, and then you go,

that's my too ill for everybody.Yeah, I probably would just a
little steep. I would probably doit for five hundred, to be honest,
A savvy blook that probably happened.How many pieces is sky bye?
Oh my god? This is oneof what for her daughter? For what

for the studio Christmas President? It'sthis weird? What is this? I'm
going to well, just one,okay, and I'm going to look for
the cheapest one. But I know, I know there may or may not
have been a gala that I haveattended where just like Emily. You know

you have a cocktailer too, andwe start auctioning off the artwork made by
my daughter's class. So I meanthey're not even eighteen. Yeah, I
think we paid five hundred dollars fora bird rock sign made out of shells
that hangs in our garage. That'sgross. I regret gross. I regret

that divorce. That's divorced. Iwould divorce my wife, but they don't
either. Okay, Well, todayis a very special day for me.
It's National Donut Day. Dots lovedonut. We're gonna go over the deals

around town and name the best donutsout there, come out next on the
show and rock with five three stop. I'm not gonna go over the severy
time. Sky. It's a naturalreaction, okay when Offspring plays, when
they played in front of us,do it. That's the sound I made

when I found out today is NationalDonut Day. No one loves donuts more
than my buddy, that fact.I mean, Wow, donuts freaking love.
When we have donuts brought in andI have one. How you feel
about ice cream is how I feelabout donuts. Yeah, I get it,
you love. I mean to thepoint where we had a bit of

a situation here at work. Wedo this saying once a month called donuts
and DJs, DJs and donuts,and they didn't bring in donuts. One
time they brought it little it's inthe name, histories, in the name.
You've gotta call something donuts and DJs, and then don't bring donuts.
Get the hell out of my studio. Then you're not bringing the DJ.

That's what I told Daron. Getthe hell out of here. Don't you
bring that back in here. Shedidn't bring donuts. Okay, I don't
think I was sweetest. I'm notdoing that on my watch. Yeah.
I love me some donuts, andI get offended when they're not great donuts.
You know, there's there's a lotof I've made it sort of my

mission to figure out what are thebest donut places in San Diego. And
you know, I got a liston. I got like VG's, Veg's
is up there, Mary's is upthere in Santi Peterson's and I'm making around
the count the county. I'm gettingaround. I remember that one time Sky
drove all the way to alcohol No. I drove to Mary's in Santie because

I knew that Mary's was supposed tohave, like she saw all of East
Counties the same. I didn't realizeI'm in alcohol and Mary's is in Santi.
I thought it was like, that'sright next door, right, I
thought it was. Yeah, itwas. It was a little of a
trip. That was great. Yeah, yeah. And then it was a
little frustrating when I'm driving to Eddie'shouse and I'm about like two minutes away

and I pass a donut place andI'm like, oh, there's a donut
spot, one right around the carner. Got one any good by your house?
Yeah? Really good? Really good? Where your door's locked because you
were east of the five. Well, my doors are always locked the least
of the okay. Yeah, Sodonut Day is a big day for me.
I love it and I can't waitto hear what the deals we got

around town. I did hear thatthere is going to be another Randy's Donuts
coming to San Diego. We haveone right down the street, which I
frequent occasionally. I can't go there, well, I can't go there very
often because it will be ten thousandpounds. But their donuts are really really
good and they're up there too.Lest Top five or for sure. Yeah,

so like gourmet though, you know, you can get regular donuts,
which you know I'll have a handkeringfor. But some of the like Randy's
gourmet donuts are really good, whatare some of them are kind of weird,
you know. And then there's likeI don't like the giant over the
top donuts, Like you don't wanta piece of bacon on yours? I

bacon one? Okay, that's fineand sweet? But okay, that's fine.
All right. Well, since we'retalking about Randy today, they are
offering because they now have two location. Okay, yeah, that doesn't make
sense. What happened? I'm bythe way, I'm not surprised we didn't

get donuts this morning. It wasI thought you have a whole plan.
I didn't want to share it.Today it's donut day. I'm not I'm
not sharing with you guys today.After the show, I'm gonna make a
swing. Bye, I'm going togo to Randy's. Wow, why couldn't
we send Jamie out to get hisdonuts? Why didn't you offer this morning?
Yeah? You were, you're buyingbreakfast for everybody. I heard.

I heard claims of you buying breakfastwhat happened to that? I was waiting
for somebody to offer It wasn't gonnabe me because I have a whole plan.
Yeah, he's not sharing. Ihave a whole plan today. I'm
want to sharing Nanny Donuts with you. You're a secretive over there with your
plan. Okay, Okay, Well, since Eddie's going to Randy so allegedly,

it's kind of sounds like a secretplan. No, it's not allegedly,
I'm going to Okay. So,like he said, they just opened
a new one. It opened thismorning and show up on Bonita Road.
Now they were they were doing athing where the first ten people get free
donuts for a year, but theyopened at six am. So sorry you

missed it. No stay back customersa Friday. We would have sent Jamie
this morning. Okay, we havewon two minutes away. Yeah, here
Jamie. But at both locations,in honor of National Donut Day, they're
doing one free classic donut while supplieslast till noon. This is the thing
about Randy's if you've never been,it's a wild menu. So they have

like different levels of donuts. Butyou don't just go in there and get
give me a dozen and then youpick a dozen. Have to say that,
because that's how you go. Youknow, normally there's like levels of
donuts. There's like the classic,then there's an upgraded one, then there's
a real upgrade one, and thenthere's like the top level donuts, so
like you pay different levels. Okay, so that's a deal. At Randy's.

Sorry, guy, which love areyou going today? I'm gonna get
the mix. You can get amix too, so you can go like
three of these, three of these, three of these. Okay, yeah,
you don't want to go all gourmet. That's a little crazy. Their
crumb donut tie for okay, thatwas that was a lot all right.
Donut Bar, if you're near adonut bar location, they're doing a free

sprinkled birthday cake donut today. Atthat big one they make a big pink
one. Oh no, no,if the picture like looked kind of smaller
like a you know, a normalsized donut, but I'm not really sure.
It was just a picture. Andthen at the chains Dunkin Donut,
you purchase a drink today, youget one classic donut for free. And
of course Krispy Kreme, you goin and they're handing out one free donut,

no questions, donut donuts. Butif you really want to sample a
bunch of donuts. Today there isa big event they do this at on
the mid Way and it is afree event today at the Midway one to
three o'clock. You have to getyour wristband before two thirty to get on

in the morning or late earlierly middleof the day when it's a one o'clock
donuts. I feel like they're stale. Okay, they're the ones left over
from the morning. You don't thinkthey made them fresh for the event.
It's kind of that's kind of weird. Yeah, it's together with the Salvation
Army because they're the ones who actuallycreated a National Donut Day. Yeah yeah,
because it started as a fundraising thingback in the thirties to honor the

donut lasses who handed out donuts tosoldiers in World War One. What the
hell it goes like that right now? But anyway, the thing they're doing
on the Midway today, it's freeand they have like a dozen different donut
spots out there that are all givingaway free donuts. I don't know if
they're full size or if they're liketasters. You know they're tasters, and

then it's a cock there in thedonut holes. I'd be like, I'm
gonna throw you off the Midway.Yeah, but they have Randy's, Peterson's
Donut Bar, Donut Graham, HoneyDonuts, like all these local spots.
Wow, okay Eddie. And thenthey're asking people before they leave to vote
for their favorite donuts. So again, Donut Place or like kind of donuts
the one you tasted out of allthe tastings in the mid wing it so

it's free, but you got toget the wristband while they look. After
work today, you're gonna go home, crush a little nap, then come
all the way back from alcohol into the Midway, look for parking,
and then get out and do abunch of crush different donuts and vote.
Yeah, sounds like a great businessthis morning, three thirty that then you're

gonna do that. Did you nothear all those free DONUTSA free donut mouth
clip forever? Yeah? Ye,never and ever I'm talking about donuts.
Don't use that out of contact,never will Well on natural Donut Day,
what are the best kinds of donuts? Now? Thor has a weird fetish

of with his donuts. Like he'sthe only guy I know that really likes
a particular kind of donut and hedoesn't even not to say it. Courler,
what curler? A cooler? Crueler? I love a cooler Those are
the worst, strawberry They're the onesthat kind of look like buntcakes almost bridges

too airy. Yeah, so thebakery I used to go to when I
was a kid would make them fresh, so they were so good. That's
why I like them. Yeah,that was my favorites. The bakery used
to go to called Hot Donuts.You explained that we all often here,

Emily, I know which one isyour favorite? What's your favorite donut?
The maple bar. That's a kindof exclusively what you like. Yep,
I don't really like the chocolate one. I'll do a glazed one and a
crumb one once in a while.Jelly never gonna happen, right, nothing
filled with the cream. I don'tlike any of that stuff. You know
you like cream field? No,No, that's weird at all. You
don't need to wink, it,asked me if I like a cream field.

Don't I think I do? Idon't think I think I do.
Need to Oh my god. Okay, so male only, Yes, Sky,
I feel like I'm Emily with thisanswer, but it kind of depends
on my mood. But i'd saymore I get it, yeah, because
like sometimes I want the cream filled, sometimes I want a jelly filled like
what, But more than not,you're gonna see me go for something that

has chocolate icing with sprinkles on it. Sprinkles, I need sprinkle childish jelly
filled like what? That that wasexcitement. Yeah, you can't ask me
this question them, all of them. There's nothing I don't like really right
now. If somebody asked me thatabout you, I would say that your

favorite is an old fashion maple.You're you're so twenty twenty. Oh I
was hyped on old fashioned maples backin twenty twelve. Wow, and you
kind of you know, like aroller coaster of doughnut emotion. Yeah,
yeah, yeah, you know.So, I mean, well I have
one of those, absolutely, butI mean I kind of overdid it.

So now I'm going all cake donutsare fantastic. Love a good jelly,
love a good cream field, lovea bar, love them all, Oh,
love them all. Okay, They'relike my children. That's the only
one. I'm probably not gonna that'sprobably well. They ranked them one of
the best kinds of donuts out there. Yep, recent poll, and here
are your top five. Number fiveis jelly filled. Number four is raspberry,

is creamy raspberry pop tarts and donutslove a good raspberry very hot,
Yeah baby, okay. Number fouris the cream field donut. Number three
is chocolate frosted donut. Number twogoes to not holes count They're not called
They're just called munchkins ad dumpkin donuts, and number one goes to the original

glaze donor Come on basic. Thepadres are in a slump right now.
We're gonna see if they were ableto pull out of it last night or
not next In sports, turt juststart calling me pretty soon. Here other
things to get in there with yourfour team? What are we? What

are we lacking right now? Arethey all of it? You don't think
we have a good attitude? Really? How's the effort? It seems like
it's there, but the effort's notthere when it comes to runners in scoring
position that it's always the caseless.It is there, definitely the last two

years. I can't figure it out. Man. Yeah, pods are definitely
in the slump right now. Theylost their fifth straight game last night as
they kicked off their series against theDiamondbacks. Now, Arizona jumped out to
a three to nothing lead off ofback to back homers in the second and
Podgers kind of fell back. Okay, here we go. He scored three
runs in the fifth inning tie itup. The three runs started with Kyle

he Gosh Yo Go. He hada solo home run, and then Luisa
Rise and Fernando Toatsis Junior scored ona double by Jake Croninworth. And then
the d Backs they came back andscored in the seventh to retake the lead,
and that held up as they wonfour to three. The longest losing
streak of the season so far forthe Pods at five straight. So that's

not great. Now, we didhave a little bit of good news as
Manny Machado did pinch hit in theeighth, So I guess his injury is
not that bad, you know,So that's good and I got out.
Yeah, is what it is now. Todd Toddy is on fire. He
had three more hits in the gameand had eight consecutive hits going back to
the previous game. So I meanhe's played well, yeah, picking up,

But I don't know what's going onin the rest of my boy.
Kim's not doing so hot right now. I don't know what's going on with
him. I don't know. Ifeel I feel like every time there's runners
in in scoring position, Kim isup and he's gonna pop out. Yeah,
Like I know, as soon ashe gets up in my own you
gotta get in there, Emily,talk to him, talk him up,

talk him up. That chatter going. Not so great news for Joe Musgrove
either. As you know, he'scurrently on the injured list for the second
time this season, and then itwas announced that he has a bone spur
in his pitching elbow, and sohe's gone through that platelet rich plasma treatment.
I don't know what that means,but he did it. He also

got a cortizone injection, so they'rehoping with that excuse me, that injection
and some rest, it's going toallow him to resume throwing in a couple
of weeks. And he's gonna tryto avoid surgery because if he has surgery,
that's that's going to really push himback. Yeah, A long time
add bone spur surgery my elbow once, did you really? Yeah, they
shave it down right here here here. I don't know they did something.
You don't remember what they did.Yeah, I was kind of psychoed.

I was sixteen, but I cameback. It took a little bit,
a few months months, yea,a few months. But did it hurt
when you would extend it? Yeah, it's just like a pinch Mud was
talking about. This was it.Yeah, pinch don didn't know what bone
spur meant until he was showing himwhere it is and what causes it.

Yeah, you know how it hurtswhen these scars are right here? Me
and Muscrow. The guys are thesame looks in the contract. That's crazy.
Yeah, totally. THEA Finals pickedoff last night, with Game one
going to Boston. The Celtics christophsPorzingis returned to the lineup after he's been
injured since April, and he madean immediate impact, scoring twenty points and

leading them to a one oh seveneighty nine blowout of Dallas. Now,
Luka Doncic did score thirty points inthe game, but I mean that's all
they had really. Game two willbe on Sunday. We have a new
date for the Jake Paul Mike Tysonfight. You guys. They announced it
this morning. Now, it wassupposed to happen on July twentieth, but
then Mike had an ulster attack somethingthat had to delay the fight. So

now it's going to go down onNovember fifteenth. Now, if you don't
have a calendar in front of you, that's a Friday, which is very
odd because you know most big timefights happen on Saturday nights like that.
Well, it's going to be onFriday because there's a Cowboys game on the
eighteenth for Monday Night football at ATand T Stadium, and they need some

time to prep the field and makeit football. Well till you got football,
you got college football on Saturday,you got NFL on Sunday. It's
a tough time to do that kindof fight people, you know what I
mean. I thought they were movingit because my birthday is on November fifteenth.
I thought maybe that's why they weredoing the fight on that day.
Oh for you, how would thatmake sense for me to watch it?
I think you just wanted to mentionthat that's your birthday. I think that's

what happened. You're gonna be fortyone? Why did you? Quite unnecessary
for me? You you've brought upyour birthday, but I forgot that I
was gonna be forty age right wait, okay, all right, that is
sports shirt for today. When you'recrushing on somebody from your work, you

know that could get a little tricky. You know, you want to be
careful about that. We're going tosee what one guy is asking about his
work crush. Coming up next onthe show on Rock on five to three.
That's a CDC on the show,it's Rockquano five to three. Uh.
You know a little piece of advice. Gotta be real careful if you

start dating people that you work withor out of dating, but hanging out
with people eventually they talk. Ohand things get around interesting. Always not
never did a really good situation.Wish somebody would have told my friend Eddie
that about you know here about I'mthe one giving the advice. Well,

but I wish somebody would have givenyou that advice about twenty years so I
just told you I'm a professor oflife. Okays. He was telling us
that off here. Oh yeah,I don't have a degree. In anything.
But I'm a professor in life,he was telling Jamie at Jesus Kids
stuff. Yeah, yeh yeah,you said I'm a professor. He's like,
I don't have a college degree,but I'm a professor of life.

Yeah. Wow. A lot ofwisdom, a lot of wisdom to give.
That's what I do. So I'ma student. Am I a student
and you're the professor? Like?Are we all students? Yeah? Or
just j oh, everyone's a student. Okay, okay, okay, Yeah.
I brought thora up from the groundup. Look at him now,
wow, this kid, Wow,look at him. Look at him,

Look at me. Look at him. He's two hundred pounds of tank all
jacked up on steroids. Oh,I'm sorry, sorry, I why did
you take a great moment like that? And just we're got more than three
days a week? Two days thisweek? Oh scy, you're going today?

Oh? It doesn't do her schedule? Now with those pants, okay,
can you pants alone? Listen.Yes, there was a time when
I may or may not have dabbledin the company inc. You know,
got in there and cannon balled intoit. Listen, there was a lot
of we had a lot of youknow, good looking girls that worked in

the building at that time, andI was a single man, and you
know, got around them. Gotto do what you gotta do. I
don't think you've got to you gottado it. I don't think you've got
to do it. But unfortunately,and it got around and then he was
taking flowers. I got black bolt. It's not good. So you gotta
be real careful about what you're doingat work. Okay, Well, one

guy asked a question and kind oflooking for dating advice of what to do
with his co workers. Yeah,so he's had a crush on one of
his co workers for years, LikeI mean, but she's had a Jim
Pam situation. Well, it kindof sounds like it like it sounds like
they're best easy or sky. Okay, there one thing I don't think.

I don't think one humans that welook alike, that we're like brother and
sister. Yeah, I know itis weird. No, So she's always
had a boyfriend, but they're likebesties at work. They talk all the
time, and little does she knowthat this guy has had a crush on
her the whole time. You know, he's familiar, you too, Stop

saying that have crush on me.Really, she did not like that.
I'm not the one having dreams aboutyou, and you have seen her vagina,
you're the one looking yeah face outof context. So yeah, so

he's had a crush on her foryears, but of course clearly has never
said anything because she's always been ina relationship or no, no, that's
off reference. I mean I pickedup on that. You didn't watch the
show your professor was trying to explainto classes and Jim stuff. I figured

it out, figured you know,and Roy wasn't that bad of a guy.
He was just kind of aloof likekind of a jerk do yeah on
her and everything for the guys fromthe warehouse all the time, a little
bit of Roy, I'm not Roy. Jim was Jim's kind of a sleeve
ball, going behind Roy's back likethat, like you can't you can't stop

loving love each other. I don'tknow, Eddie and I. I always
say this, Jim is fun towatch on TV, but you would never
be I would never be friends withthe gym Jim. He's kind of pussed,
kind of I wish Roy would havebeen the suppose he didn't. Yeah,
definitely, so okay, that kindof situation going on, and uh,

the co worker, she just cameinto work the other day really upset
and let him know that after afew years, her and her boyfriend have
broken up. And so now theguy wants to know because all he wants
to do and she got really drunk. Second drink of Chili's, Yeah you
have second drink? And so haveyou not watched the show? It's the

best show ever. That is prettya top three show ever. I caught
the references once again Eddie. She'llcome in here one day and be like,
have you guys seen prison? Mike? You know what Jamie's died Kevin's
Chili? I mean, I know, I know, I didn't know the

prison. It's Diversity Day. Ohthat's a tough episode. You can't do
that, very uncomfortable. That onewouldn't fly. Do you still watch that
on like Peacock? Yeah, it'son TS. Wow. So this guy's
wondering now that she's officially single,but she's still clearly upset about the breakup.

How long does he need to waitbefore he can shoot a shot and
ask her on a date? Whatwe was after? What casino night?
You got in there that night?But then but then she said no,
and then it was a whole seasonof will they wont cou What about the
Booze Cruise was before Casino same seasonthough, Okay, you swap how long?

Maybe you throw some feelers out there, or you get a friend of
a friend in the office and youstart throwing things through them of like can
you find out like when she's readyand then let me know, like throw
it in there, you throw oryou do it yeah yeah, or you
do a if you need anything,let me know. See. Now you're

getting into kind of scummy. That'stoo ye. Why no, no,
no, no, you're pretending likeyou're you care. I see what you're
don't want to do that. Ijust want to I'm just here for the
professor. I'm the Are you aprofessor of life? Because you like he's
more like Ryan right now? Oh, this guy in the office, I'll

take it. Oh wow, it'sgot turn around. Turn around, Eddie.
The window in the studio is rightbehind Eddie and Rex is outside of
it, dancing with a box ofdop. I'm kind of I'm kind of
freaked out. I'm gonna give hima kiss less that is what this is

a Professor wins again coming up oncoming about month. It is our version
of the Newly game. It's theNewly Show game plus something happened to Thor
at the gym that hasn't happened ina while. He's feeling great about himself.
Yeah, until his wife set himstraight. This is not good.

We're gonna see what went out allon Monday.

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