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June 10, 2024 110 mins
Deskercise, Newly Show Game, Patrol Bots
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San Diego. Welcome, Welcome tothe show. Yo, A new new
day is here, and what betterway to start it than with I feel
like the show is going to begreat. This show. I would like
to introduce you to the ringleader Eddie. I have a young mindset, okay,
the mother of this crew Sky.If you don't know anything about me,

you may not realize that I getcold very easily. Thor, I'm
very rude, I'm obnoxious that Idon't care and Emily, ever since I
can remember, I've never wanted tosleep with another human. Welcome to the
show. On San Diego's rock stationRock one oh five three, while somebody's
playing hurt, we have an injurysituation going on. Yeah, well not

down, but definitely plan injured.Thor is dealing with some sort of wacky
eye injury. It doesn't even knowhow it started, how it began,
but I mean it is fully swollen, red and what the heck is going
on due I don't know on itfeels like there's something in it. It's
I keep wanting to scratch it.On Saturday, like the bone around my

eyes started to feel really weird andI didn't not think anything of it.
And then I woke up Sunday andit was all red, and then today
it's worse and you didn't scratch itor do anything. No, I've been
putting drops in it, like salinedrops, just because why I didn't.
She didn't. I didn't. It'slate an attic this weekend, I did.

My wife put had I antibiotic cream, so we put that on it
to see if that would help.Didn't. She worked at an optometrist office
before, so she's always like donesomething that has something to do with something
wild. Are we more itchy orare we more pain or it's like a
little blurry watery and pain. It'sso rad Yeah, it's really red.

It's swollen red. Trying to makea doxs appointment. Yeah, I'm very
freaked out, a hypochondriact as itis, and it's my eye. Fix
you up. I'm fine. I'msure I'll be fine. But yesterday was
a long day. Oh no,thanks. Well, what's even worse about
it is it's ruined your plans thatyou had with Sky this morning. Apparently

now Emily and I are not involvedin this, nor would you want.
Sky is so pumped about this,it's beyond annoying. It was all I
was looking forward to this morning whenI woke up, when I was driving
it. Well, you know it'sit's it's the way you're dressed. You're
not prepared for this. Oh I'mprepared for you. How do you think,

Oh I could do this? Thisis we we start off light and
then we work we work it upso I get that. I get to
like the outside world. This isn'tgoing to be like super exciting, like
I'm not going to Disneyland today,but it's kind of like reminiscent of when
you're in school and you get likea substitute teacher. It's not the craziest

thing, but it's just something differentand fun, and that's how I feel
about today. Well, this isso ridiculous. Last week we did a
full like staff meeting and our mainbig boss put on our chairs. I
didn't even ask her about it.I don't even know what this happened.
And it had nothing to do withthe meeting. Yeah, and they didn't

really even talk about it. Theydidn't explain it nothing else. It sticks
with the theme of the meeting.Again, you are correct, it had
nothing to do with the actual meeting, but it kind of sticks with the
overall theme. They were going well. In forty six days, the Olympic
Games will begin, Summer Games storiesreally looking forward to I actually all your

vision you would be blind blind.So yes, the Olympic Games will be
kicking off. And on our chairswhen we went to this staff meeting was
something that was called the desk Deskersize or something like that. Yes,
I don't know. I don't evenknow Oscar size Olympics. I literally picked
it up, saw it, andI threw it, tossed it to the

side. I didn't even look atit. I haven't looked at it once.
I don't even know what it is. Yeah, Eddie's right. In
this meeting, these were on everychair and then normally after a meeting you
leave and everybody takes their papers.At the end of this meeting, I
would say a good seventy five percentof these were still left on the chair
because they didn't really didn't explain.Oh, I don't know what it is.

Uh So it is a challenge,a little challenge that has a prize
attached to the end. A prize. Yeah, I forget what exactly was
the weird thing about it was theonly thing they mentioned was the prize.
Yeah, and they basically said you'regonna win a prize. They didn't say
what it was, but they saidall you have to do is at the
end of forty six days bring thesheetback. Yes, turn this in,

but they proved that. The accountability. Yeah, it's basically like your own
bingo sheet where you literally could xthings off if you want to be like,
I win, you all check yourself, you check MYEUF done perfect.
I'm writing you guys out. Youguys are not really desker sizing, and
I plan on desker size. Howdid Thor get involved in this? Because

Thor hates stuff like this? Yes, oh Thor Thor saw this sheet and
did a strong eye roll and sigh, guy, solid sigh. I should
say, you guys were sitting nextto each other. Yeah, that's that's
the thing. And did she ropeyou in? Like, how did this
happen? Yeah? And and soThor of course immediately out on this.

But Thor, you know, Thor'sa gym rap me and Thor. Thor's
the guy I go to to talkabout different stretches when I have a sore
muscle, when I need to workout a certain area. Thor's my guy.
So I feel like we are theworkout buddies on the show. So
I have worked out together, That'strue a few times. A few times
whenever we travel for some reason,hype to bring Sky to the gym.

I think, you know that meand Emily are ever going to show up
from that. So Sky did,Yeah, and he was impressed by my
skills. I was time, whichI I he was. He complimented skills.
What skills that she did was thestamina that she had. I kept
going blew me away, Yeah,because I expected nothing. Okay, that's

a little bit of something. ThenI was like, ok And at the
time we worked out, I hadjust started again, so I was like,
pretty huff and puffin, but shewas blowing me away. Yeah.
Yeah, he tapped out, andI said, I was happy. I
mean I was happy he tapped out. Don't get me wrong, I was
dying inside. But yeah. Soso the Wor I feel is my exercise
buddy out of anybody on the show. If if we were to talk exercise.

So when I saw this, andit's a challenge for here at work
to do different desker sizes every day. It's a little calendar that is a
month's worth of desker sizes laid outMonday through Friday, because you know,
we're off on the weekends, andI thought me and Thor would be in,
so I said, you know,as he's over it and sighing and

crumpling it up to throw it inthe garbage, I said, let's do
this. And he like looks atme like, oh, come on,
stupid sky stop right, like that'sthe look on his face. But then
he saw the look on my facethat I was serious, and he goes,
fine, I'll do it. Shegave me a come on, bro,
come on, bro, you werein. I just wanted to get

the hell out of there. Themeeting had just ended, everybody was taking
pictures, so I was just like, let's get this over with. So
I was like sure, yeah,not thinking she would ever do it.
Did you did you have the thoughtthis morning of looking forward to desker size
as well? Again the word lookingYeah. I came in this morning and

it was the last thing. I'mreally didn't get a lot of sleep last
night, really tired and trying tofind a doctionpoint. So when this goof
comes prancing in here, I'm soexcited calendar with our desk size. What
did you think I was? II was immediately annoyed because more not not

as much at sky, as moreas my eye situation. And now I
can't clear my throat. And thenand then I thought, I don't want
to do that today. No,I don't doubt I don't think. I
don't think I should do it today. Strenuous exercise when you have crazy eye
pressure. Yeah, because I couldn'tthink I couldn't fly yesterday because I was

worried about the pressure changes. AndI I, yeah, I don't think
maybe jumping up and down. No, we could take me slow, we
can, we could do the mostto see. It starts off real slow.
So you're fine, we're not gonnabuild pressure. We can do it
right here in the studio, righthere, at our little desks. Just
five squats, five tricep dips,five desk push ups, and one ten

second plank. Are you going tobe able to do any of that with
your fuzzy socks and flip flops thatyou have on right now? I said,
you're not dressed appropriately? Okay,this is this is this is minor.
As you guys know, I doa lovely stretching session every morning back
in the office. I feel likeif I can stretch in what I'm wearing,

I can do these these minor exercises. Why do you Why are you
acting like you're going to do thatin here because this is like a work
thing. Yeah, but your deskis back in the office. No,
this is my desk. That isnot a desk. This is a studio
six to ten thirty while we're inthe studio. This is my desk.
No, it is not. Thisis my where my computer is. I

got pens, I got paper,I don't know what else put on a
desk. Guy, your desk isin your office. Your office is back
there. We do have an officewhere after the show, yes, but
during these hours I figure out you'renot going to do that in here.
After a commercial break. That's arefour desercize slats and five tricept dips real

quick. I don't know if youdo tricept. I was kind of wondering,
well, I was going to ask, I don't know how advice.
I think on a chair. Ithink I think we need to do it
on a chair. I think that'swhat we're gonna do. This is meant
to do in your office, atyour desk space, work space. You
guys can can you know, bepart of it. I feel like Sky

is going to over breathe while she'sdoing the exercise. You think I am
a deep breather. I am adeep breather. So this is not happening
in here. So I'm going tocontinue to try and talk Thor into joining
me this morning. This morning,he's out. It's an eye. You
can't even see if we can puta patch on that thing. And he

talking about squat he could squat.It looks miserable. The best thing I
want to do is, first ofall, look at Sky and the ridiculous
outfit. It's so crazy. I'mkind of lucky. I can see it
with one eye. I'm telling youI could see it with both eyes right
now, and it ain't pretty.Emily, can you please do something about
her? I can't. I can't. My socks I have faces on them

today, aren't those cute? Look? Oh my god, I can't even
look at it. I can't lookat it. A terrible way to start
off, honestly, No, I'mgonna feel great and I'm going to have
a fresh blood pumping through my body. All three of us are not for
this. We're not a fan ofthis plea I. It was under the

impression pre I that we would dothis pre show Sky would come in here
before Eddie, like when Eddie leavesto go get coffee. We have there's
like a solid, like three minutewindow that Sky was going to come in
here. We were going to bangthis out quick, and then Eddie would
come back and we'd be done.Can I can I ask if maybe you
go in back there and do it? Oh my god, because you have

to bring your yogurt back to therefrigerator when you're back there. You guys,
I don't know if I'm ready forthat scene. Dude, it'll be
the music's already on and then shegoes here we go, Yo, you're
going to get here. We're goinglet's get our squad on. Do you
hear that? That's what you talk? It's something like this make you more

annoying? How is that possible?They have little graphics of each move.
How exciting is that? You arelike the old woman at the senior center
who was doing the like pool exercises, looking there and you go, she's

the only one really into it,Like criticizing people's form because they're not doing
it right. Well, just inmy head, I wouldn't. Yeah,
head, or you're saying it's youknow Beatrice next to you. What is
going on with her? She alwaysgot hot takes. I like her.
Oh yeah, that is like isyour Beatrice? Come on, don't let
the eyehole you back. This isday one. Let me get on.

You go do it. You're goinginto the office and go away, and
you go do this. We're notdoing this Sky, We're all out voting
you. I'm sorry that is nothappening. Okay, well, well we'll
talk about it later. What asyou were talking about. We have a
big window where other humans can seeyou're doing this, so I can get
extra They're already seeing you with yourstupid socks on. This is awful.

This is not our way we wantto start today. Can't bring me down.
I'm excited down bringing us down.Yeah, yes, thank you.
It's a great day, all right. We know that hoas can be a
real pain. Well, most ofthe time people are not fans of h
o as well. We're going tosee what is going on with h oas
in one state when we get backon the show. On Rock with five

to three. That's Lincoln Park onthe show, It's Rock five to three.
I think we could all probably agreethat once Sky is retired, tired
from this job, that she isgoing to immediately head right to the h
o A and asked to become thehead of the h o A in whatever

neighborhood she lives in. Oh mygod, if I could get a little
flip ticket book where I can walkaround and want you want to give out
citations? You hear yourself, you'dlike to. How durable is that?
But but but I'm gonna I'm goingto nobody. Yes, I'm going to
issue a ticket because some people needtickets. But I'm also I don't think

you write the tickets. I'm alsogoing to issue compliments. How about that?
How about that too, so Ican put that in my Okay,
Okay, No, I don't writetickets. She's so hyped to become an
h o A president. Oh mygod. The first thing I'm going to
she finds is right Emily a ticketfor her garbage cans. She fixed it.

I told you they're in behind theboat. Now, Sky, what
about their boat? It's properties ourdriveway. God, I have a buddy
whose family owns like a ton ofhoa, Like they're like the head of
all these companies. Yeah, that'sthe that's the stories I hear there.

It's miserable the stuff they have tohear, like people screaming about things that
just don't matter all the time,the meetings they have to be in.
It sounds like the worst thing.Yeah, it sounds like the worst thing
ever. Well, then just mowyour lawn or else I'm going to come
over it. Emily doesn't have alaw desert landscape that's not allowed either on
the dirt, heavy on the dirty, on the weeds. She can't have

that. I tell her what shecan have. I have the president of
the h o ah god, that'swho I am. This is one got
to deal with. Oh my god, people like Scott we have nothing else
going on and are literally walking aroundyour their neighborhood taking notes on that your
Christmas lights are up on January second. I don't need to bring in my

property value down property value. Yes, it will if I went to look
at a house where the neighbor hastheir Christmas lights up in July versus the
house I went from January two andyou went all the way to July.
Well, same thing extreme. Okay, so it does. It affects a

lot, so so ridiculous. Well, Sky, don't move to Florida then,
because they ain't having it anymore,no more hos. Yeah. So
from what you hear from a lotof people, hoa's are like a double
edged sword. You like the factthat they want to keep the neighborhood looking
nice, but then it gets outof it gets out of control like a
real fast I'll never forget I foughtin hj A once. Really Thankfully they

don't have h as anymore. ButI was living in a place where I
had an HOA and we were inthe middle of an extreme drought one year,
and where they were strict on whenyou can run your sprinklers. Well,
of course, what happens, You'regoing to start to get some bread
found patches on your grasp. ButI mean, what was I supposed to
do. I have one part ofthe government telling me I can't water my

lawn, and then I got acitation that there was these brown patches from
the h A that they're gonna findme for if I don't think, And
I'm like, what am I supposedto do. Yes, yeah, you
get the h get fined by thestate, right, that's yeah, that
sucks. The only thing I'd likein HOA four is if I lived in
like a town home or a condocomplex and I need it for noise because

people are too noisy, the kidsrunning around playing music. Big guy would
be on the phone, the hbut like stuff like that. Yeah,
that's ridiculous, GARB, that's ridiculous. Yeah. Well, Florida has just
passed a new law basically saying,okay, hoa's you can do your thing,
but within certain parameters, and we'renow going to kind of take away

your power so you guys can't beas crazy as reportedly you are. So
first new rule that will be madeillegal for hays in Florida is clearly enforcing
rules on some residents and not others. We hear that all the time,
Like the HA president gets to hanga flag in front of her house,
but nobody else can hang a flagin front of their house, So that

stuff will be You will no longerbe able to ban homeowners from parking in
their own driveways or other areas whereit is legal to park within the state,
like a boat your car. Likethere's hways where you can't park your
own car in your own driveway.It has to be i'm sorry, overnight.

Like my mom the place she justmoved out of, you couldn't have
your car in the driveway overnight.During the day, you could have it
for a few hours, but ithas to be pulled into the garage overnight.
Every driveway must be empty. That'sinsane. Yeah, it's insane.
Yeah, that's kind of one that'sin a lot of oge ways. Yeah,
car, if it's something that everyoneelse can see, they they have

the right to tell you what todo. God. Yeah, man.
They will no longer be able tofind residents for leaving garbage cans out on
the curb within twenty four hours.You lostcru You get a life with.
They are not allowed to find residentsfor leaving their holiday lights or decorations up

past the deadline unless they give youa notice first. So you have to
get a warning first. They can'tjust find you like they currently are.
They can't create rules for inside yourhome if it's not visible from outside side.
Oh yeah, and they say youwill no longer need a review if
you just want to put in airconditioning or like a new ventilation system,

which again was a thing you'd haveto. Oh yeah, you guys jump
through massive hoops, you want todo anything like that. I don't understand
any of this, So, like, what's the point of being a homeowner
at this point, I'd rather justrent? It's crazy. Well, if
you rent in an ho it stillapplies to you too. Yeah. Whatever
I look for a rental, Ialways ask the owner if there's an h
o A. If they tell meyeah, I good, thanks, and
then they get mad at me,Sorry you have an h o A.

I don't want to deal with that. Fun. Yeah, they'll no longer
be able to ban people from havingvegetable gardens or clothed clothing lines as long
as they're not visible from the street. Sometimes you got nice clothes, like
you r you don't want to tryit. I get that up. And
finally, the new law says thatif an h o A is going to

deny you for something, they actuallyhave to give a reason, and they
actually now have to state the specificlaw that applies, instead of just saying
no because we said so is inappropriateanymore? I love this, Yeah,
I mean that's common sense stuff.It is like, that's fantastic. Can

we do that that? That's ridiculous. Some TikTok trends are just awful.
I mean the food one seems tobe the worst. Like when some of
these food TikTok trends are really bizarre. Well, we're going to see what
the newest TikTok trend is with acandy bar. That's coming up next on

the show on Rock one five threethe show. You know, it's so
shocking to hear that San Diego isone of the top cities in the US
for human trafficking. Yeah, we'reon the FBI list for the thirteenth city
in America with the most human trafficking. That is so alarming, and it's
also alarming to find out that howwe usually identified girls as victims of trafficking,

but boys and youth of all agesand genders are regularly targeted. So
we can learn to recognize the signsof human trafficking because we could save a
life. What you need to dois go to protect San Diego Kids dot
org or if you see something,say something called the Child to Bes hotline
at eight hundred and three four foursix thousand Spring on the show It's Rock

one five three. So there area couple of candy bar stories in the
news today. One has to dowith the Reese's Peanut Butter cup. Now,
Sky's always claimed Reese's Peanut Butter cupsnot her favorite because there's too much
what peanut peanut butter. It's notI need. I need a different peanut

butter to rude or rude, Ineed a different peanut butter to chocolate ratio.
There is too much peanut butter inmy opinion. I know on lots
of lists it's like everybody's favorite Halloweencandy and blah blah blah. But for
me, the ratio is off.I'm going to take a hard pass on
that and go to something else that'sinsane. That's one of the most insane

things I've ever heard. I don'tthink that's the most peanut butter like you
have, like usually a container ofpeanut butter that you eat, Ye make
it makes even less sense. Yes, I feel like if I'm going to
go for a candy, it's toomuch peanut butter. Like if I'm trying
to have a healthy snack of anapple dipped in peanut butter. Yeah,
that's one thing. My pretzels dippedin peanut butter. That's a delight.

But if I'm going for a candy, that's not what I'm looking for.
You know what. The chocolate doesn'tcounteract what you're saying no, because it's
too much peanut butter. I'm I'mgonna I'm going to go for a three
Musketeers. I'm going to go fora Snickers. I'm going to go for
a baby roof. There's a lotof things I'm going to go for before
I go for a reson peanuts anda baby. Yeah, but it's a

perfect ratio of peanuts to the caramelto the chocolate. You think so yeah?
In Sky's opinion on Sky this isSky's list, especially with food.
So what's the latest with the peanutbutter cup. Well, people are very
fanatic about it. Like we said, it's a lot of people's favorite.

So when they announce that they're goingto do something a little different, you
get a lot of opinions. Andthey have just announced a new product for
summer time and it is going tobe a mega sized jumbo cup. So
they are putting out a new peanutbutter cup. That's equivalent to either two
of their king size cups or fourof their regular cups in one. That's

yes, yeah about you need thatmuch cup. I don't know. You
know mega triple megas stuffed Oreos andI saw that initially and I was like
hey now, and I remember buyingit and it was too much, too
much stuff. Double stuff was theright way to go. You can what
Sky thinks about the regular reesas isinsane obvious going, but going this much

is too much. That's too muchpeanut butter. It's too much of everything.
One needs that much of something.Wow. Well it's interesting because Thanksgiving
time a few years ago, Reesehas put out like a pie where they
legit made what like a massive,massive peanut butter cup. It was like
over three pounds and they only madelike three thousand of them, and they

sold out immediately. Now it couldbe because you know, it was like
a one off, a special thing, a limited edition thing. But they're
banking that people are gonna like this, and the people who have tried it,
they say about eighty percent of themsay yeah, I will buy this
again. Compared to the normal sizecup. The other people say no,
I think I'm gonna stey. Imean, it's probably delicious, but I

would like end up splitting it orsomething like cutting it in half, giving
er. Yeah, I mean that'sas much. That's kind of crazy,
Okay, I mean it sounds good. I mean not that I'm not angry
at it. Yeah. They sayit should hit stores in like about a
week or so for summer Mega Vegasize books. I tried to find the

price that I couldn't because it's notactually out yet. Would it's shock you
if it was like seven dollars No, no, God, that might be
cheap. That's crazy. Well,they are all kinds of different TikTok trends
that happen. A lot of themare food trends, which are kind of
weird. You know. They'll belike, oh, have you ever heard
this combination? You're like, whywould you ever have that? Well,

that's the latest. There is aTikTok trend out there about a food combination
that will not make any sense toyou, but people are swearing by it.
Yeah, there are millions of thesevideos now on TikTok and it all
has to do with a kit catwith ketchup on top of it. Cat
with ketchup. Yes, you'll seeall kinds of different videos. You'll see

ones where they literally put like alayer of ketchup on top of the bar,
like they slather it. You'll seethe ones that drizzle it, almost
as if it was like a hotdog or something and you're putting a drizzle
on it. And then there's somepeople who dip the kit cat stick like
a French fry, actually dipping itinto the ketchup. Yeah, somebody tried
it and it went viral because theyswore it was delicious if you like a

salty sweet combination, which I do. They say this is delicious, and
it's gone so viral that even theemployees at KitKat decided to do a video
and have a group of employees trythem. It was mixed reviews, with
about half loving them, half sayingno, that's too weird. But then
KitKat Canada posted on the video thatwas posted, and it is like,

is everything okay there in the States? Like what's going on with you guys?
Why the hell would you put ketchupon your kit Cat? So stupid?
Yeah, I don't get it.I don't want my KitKat to have
like like a like wet you knowwhat I mean. Yeah, And it's
the tomato aspect of it. Yeah, I do like salty and sweet together

catty yeah. Yeah. So here'sthe crazy part is that Sky has offered
to be the paste test in thissituation. She went out and got the
kit Cat and got catch up andsays she is She's the one who's gonna
very, which is crazy. Whichis crazy people though, I know,
I know. And then the weirderpart was all of you in the room

who shamed me for being such apicky eater were like, that's disgusting.
I would never try that, SoI I don't know. I'm shocked that
you guys aren't willing to try it. Where's Jamie, Jamie, come in
here. We're going to go viralwith our TikTok video. I don't know
if we're going to go viral sixtalk video? Well, who knows?
With you? Yeah? Well,and then we're already off to a bad

start because our vending machine, welltwo issues. First off, only has
the big cat kit Cat, whichis like a thick kit Cat, like
a bar. I've had this,Okay, you don't have to you don't
have to wink at me over thebig cat and then uh fun fact number
two, All of the food inour vending machine is kept at a freezing

temperature because as it shares the samearea with the drinks, so everything.
Wondering how they did that, Iwas like, it's only the bottom fridge
and the tops regular chips or somethinglike ice cold. You got to figure
out how to change that, separatethe tips. Yeah, I'm not that's

you make no sense, man,There's no way she could likes she can't
break the kick cat bart how feebleI got it, couldn't break a kit.
I gotta do more desk or sizeto get strong. Okay, okay,
stop, it's not how you openketchup. But she can't even God
you are the one about you,well, you can't even do it?

Want brave enough to try this rightnow? I'm stunn. Okay, you're
pouring right off. I would gowith the dip if it was me.
Do you do what you want?I'm honestly worried about her weak teeth.
I feel like has got a littlechicken. I would not do it like
that. Looking at it is makingme how weird is that spread ketchup on

top of it? Instead of goingwith the dip, which I I don't
understand this wild so gross. OhI'm not faced at all. Well,
go ahead and enjoy shot up.So open to trying food, you know,
Sky, she's diving in her faceis changing now the excitement to try.

Do you think it's because it's aTikTok trend is why she's this doesn't
make sense, it's not describe it. It's not disgusting like Sky, strive
through surprises. I've had a milliontimes worse, and you've had cheese and
just cried and cried. So notdisgusting. But in no way is it

something I would want to what's theflavor combo? Like, what are you
getting? I'm not getting the sweetand salty like I'm because ketchup it's sweet
and tangy. Yeah, it tasteslike you just oh god, I got
catch up on my kit cat bar. That's probably what it tastes like at
the bar. Yeah, it accidentallytouched it. Yeah yeah, it was

definitely almost like I don't really knowwhat motes. Yeah, so I am
not a fan. I would notrecommend that. Maybe maybe it's the Jack
in the box ketchup that is it'sdifferent than don't. I don't know,
but no, no thinking. Allright, well there you go, we

tried it. This is not thatgreat. It is what it is.
U Thorn apparently had something happened tohim at the gym recently. It was
feeling pretty good about himself. Butthen his wife shut that down real quick.
Yeah, we're gonna see what happenedto him when we get back on
the show on Rock with A fivethree. A's green day on the show.
It's Rock five three. So thisis interesting. I guess something happened

at Thor with too Thor recently atthe gym, and he was feeling pretty
good about himself. It hasn't happenedto him in a while, and he
was kind of, you know,getting to the point of where he was
kind of wondering because is something goingon, like what's up? Then it
finally happened and was pretty proud ofhimself, and then his wife shut him

down. Yes, you did whathappened. So I've been working out a
lot. This is the most consistentwith working out and eating right I think
I've ever been in my life.Wow, I've been working out and eating
right for almost it will be ayear in August. Last August, I
looked in the mirror, didn't likewhat I saw. Gus didn't like what
I saw. Fat Thor was infull effect, and I decided it was

time for a change. And I'vebeen working out pretty four or five days
a week, consistently being active sinceAugust. And I've been going to this
gym called fit Downtown, and theclientele there is good looking. Oh it's
a good look at people. Hellbecause isn't an overlooked peckle park and it
does. So I was there yesterdayand yeah, it's cool too because like

I'm there yesterday and I'm watching likeI got there like ten thirty, so
I was watching like fielding and battingpractice while I was working out, So
it's pretty cool. Yeah, it'spretty cool. So I'm down there,
and you know, I a lotof the people that work out there in
their twenties. Again, I'm thirtyseven years old. I get it,
you know. And if you don'tneed to yell out old guy, he's

younger than ye ten years Yes,it's a great point, old guy,
And I've been it's well documented bysock situation at the gym. I don't
know if it's well documented. It'sbeen very well documented yours. So apparently
higher socks are in. Ankle socksare out. And I've been going to

the gym where an ankle socks andI was like an idiot when I'm there
and it screams old. Other peoplenotice that. Why do they care about
your song? I don't know.I don't know. I didn't realize socks
were a big thing, massive.Sorry. I have seen the guys,
you know, wearing the more ofthe cruise sock, you know, like

a black sock up. You know, it's not too high up. It's
like right, it's like above theankle, but not too high on the
rock. I don't know where toget this size from. I've been looking
for months, for months, weirdand then so that's been going on.
I've been rocking the wrong socks.Don't you wear? Don't you wear the
viory? I do? I do? So your drip seems right? It

does and uh and and I feellike I did finally get a pair of
Adidas Costco socks that were the rightlength. Okay, can you not put
the Costco? We're putting Costco inthere, ages you? Yeah, So
I got the socks now, soI got everything going. I'm walking there
confident with my socks on, anduh, you know, I noticed,

for the first time really in areally long time at the gym, I
had somebody checked me out. Girlwhoa girl? I have had guys checked
me out. That's true. Iswear, I swear yeah with it.
Both sexists could look baby. Soit was so weird. So I had

a girl checked me out, andit boosts my ego a little bit.
She asked me if I was usingthe machine like, and she clearly was
just like checking me out, andthen wanted to use the machine, but
didn't really want to use the machine. She may just want to make conversation.
And then I kind of clammed upbecause you're scared. I didn't gets
scared, you know, I clammedup a little bit, and I just

kept working out. I was like, oh good, yeah, yeah,
yeah, I had a game along time man, and uh so I
but after the workout, you know, I had a good I got a
good workout. I was all preyedout for my pre workout. You know
that's guy. Oh yeah, youdon't take pre workout that I did about

twenty five years ago, Eddie.Oh, she knows all about it,
but she hears me talk about ita lot. I asked him a lot
of questions about it. But nowI'm too scared to take it, and
I was pulled up. So Igo home, and my wife's always getting
checked out at work. She's goodlooking, she's fun to be around,
she's a great personality. So she'salways getting checked out. So I go

to I go to tell her.I'm like, hey, I got checked
out. Did Jim wait you immediatelygo and run. You might tell your
buddies or something. Oh, Iwhat would you tell your wife? I
did? I was like, yeah, I think this girl checked me out,
you know, while I was doingtriceeps, you know, okay,
and trying to make her jealous becauseshe's a very jealous person. She you

know, I was also an idiot. I'm an idiot. Yeah. No,
So it wasn't even I wasn't evenlike a trying to make her jealous
thing. I just tell her everything. Yeah, and that's how I'm an
idiot. So I told her this, and then I I also say at
the end of it, because Icould tell her that thing was turning a
little bit, I tell her,I go, you know it sucks.
No one ever really checks me outat the gym. I don't know what

I'm doing wrong. Wait what,I don't know what I'm doing wrong because
I expect to be checked out atthe gym every once in a while.
Every once in a while it wouldbe nice because there's there's I'm not the
ugliest guy there. I'm not thebest looking guy there either, but every
once in a while would be nice, you know. And my wife goes,
well, there's a reason for that, And I go, what do

you mean? And she goes.She goes, I know that you wear
like Viewery and Lulu. But shegoes, but you you don't. She
goes, you dress like older atthe gym. She goes, you definitely
look like one of the older guysat the gym. She's saying that about
her husband's Oh yeah to your fish. She's like, I don't. She's

not not that I look like I'min my forties or fifties or you know,
she looks, she just looks,you look like a guy in his
like later thirties. You are who'smarried at the gym. Are And she
goes, and there's people there intheir twenties, so they're just they're not
trying to check you out. AndI go, what are you talking about?
I wear like all these guys clothes. She goes, yeah, but
like she goes, your snapback gameneeds work. What's wrong with the snapback?

She says that, I because Ihave like a viewry snapback and it
could be a little dadish, LikeI get it. I it could be
a little dadish like my hat,you know what I mean. But just
she thinks I need to wear likesports team snapbacks or like like cooler.
I don't know. I don't knowthat, but I don't. But your
gym one is a viry one.Yeah, and she thinks I wear too

much like dad ass clothes telling mywife is telling you that, And that's
why I'm not getting checked out enough. So is she like trying to help
you get Definitely, she's definitely bringingme down. She's definitely making me feel
awful, right or is she lashingout because she's jealous about the checkout?

It's one of the off so she'strying to lessen your ego. It's like,
yeah, I mean this is doI dress like a dad? I
don't think so, No, Idon't think see, I don't think so.
But then when you said you weara Viory hat, what's wrong with
that? I would think that that. I would I don't live in this

world, but I would think thatthat would be cool. I agree,
because it matches the other stuff.I don't know. To me, I
see a Viory hat, and Ithink of a guy in the from late
thirties through his fifties who plays golfon the weekend, who may bring a
Viory Yeah, who may play tennison the weekend, wear like an Adida's
hat or like a Rebok hat forthat Oh yeah, no, I would

think like a Viory hat is likethe older, more established guy. You're
you're an established gentleman. But I'vegot a sales guy here. I don't
want to And what how old ishe? He's probably sixty five? So
Gary he wears so you and Garyyou and Gary? So apparently I just

old at the gym wow. Andthis whole time I thought my drip game
was incredible. I don't even soundgood saying so are you gonna switch up
the Vioria? I don't know.I don't know what you're doing anymore.
To know, my goal was tonot feel awful about myself when I go
to the gym, which I nowdo because I thought I'm looking good.

And then she goes, and thenshe goes, what she says, why
don't you wear a tank every oncein a while? She goes, you
just wear these T shirts? AndI go, yeah, you know,
I don't know. I feel likeI look good. She goes, just
not saying you don't look good,but she goes, a tank's a little
younger. She goes, a lotof the T shirt. Got the older
guys wear the T shirts. You'reso old? This is stunning. Did
you guys discuss the socks any further? Are we going to have to go

back to the drawing board with thesock situation? I hope not. We
do too, because we don't wantto hear about it again. But I'll
take a couple of pictures my Instagramjust to me in the mirror, and
I'll do like a poll of doI look old? You're really set?
I'll get I'll get responses I hateyou, you're ugly, you're fat.

I hope you die. Those responseslike you're seventy Yeah, yeah, no
that's not good. Yeah that's notgood. Well, yeah, that's unfortunate
that your wife had this. I'msorry, set you straight and she was
like helping me but hurting me prettyrough. People cannot seem to figure out
what is going on with Caitlin Clarkand the Olympics. Well we're going to

see what is up with Team USAand the most popular woman's player on the
planet next to sports shirt. Wellagain, just when you kind of think
the Padres are getting hot, notso much. They just can't seem to
get a long win streak. Youknow, we win a couple of games,

lose a couple of games, winone, lose one. I mean
there are five hundred teams, that'swho they are. They were coming off
to blowout wins over the eras onthe Diamondbacks on Friday and Saturday, where
they won by a combined total oftwenty three to four. So I mean,
you know, bats were going,everybody's looking great. You're like,
okay, let's go tomorrow, andhere we go. So they were obviously

hoping to continue that on Sunday inthe series finale. I wasn't meant to
be, as the Diamondbacks scored sixruns off of rookie starter Adam Maser in
the second inning and leading Arizona toa nine to three win. Maser gave
up eight runs over three and ahalf innings in his home debut, and
it's just his second big league start, so that wasn't great. But the

good news is Fernando Tatiz Junior isbeyond red hot. He went deep in
the first inning to continue his majorleague leading fifteen game hitting streak. The
dude is playing crazy right now.But you know, unfortunately it didn't need
to win yesterday. The rest ofthem need to step up now. No
on him out, little Wow.So next up for the Pods is the

A and so again these are theteams that we have to beat. They
gotta beat these teams, and sowe'll see what happens with the Padres next
few games. NBA Finals Yesterday wasGame two when they saw the Celtics continue
to dominate as they beat the Mavericksone oh five to ninety eight and are
now up two games to none.Drew Holiday led the way, scoring twenty

six points out of eleven rebounds.Lukadanviech had triple double, but it wasn't
enough. So the series now movesover to Dallas, so we'll see if
the MAVs are able to get backinto the series or not. The world
was shocked when the most popular playerin women's basketball was left off the roster
for Team USA. Caitlin Clark isnot on the squad that is going to

compete in France. Yeah, thatdoesn't even make any sense. Yeah,
it's insane. Why, you know, I don't know. They decided to
go with kind of an older teamas they you know, nobody is under
the recognizable under the age of twentysix. No, Clark's just twenty two.
Who decides WHO'SSA Okay, So,like there's an Olympic like group that

picks who gets to for every differentsport. They have a committee and a
coach, and they don't have peoplewho are trying out and things like that.
Yeah, because I knew the sportslike for people like not audition but
try out and qualify based on atime or whatever. But I didn't know
for like basketball and all that,how the teams were actually played and they

have like camps and things like that, and they invite a certain amount of
people and then they picked their twelveto be on the team. Huh.
And Caitlyn was actually not at thecamp because she was playing in the final
four. Oh and so she wasn'tthere, but everybody kind of just assumed
you're gonna put Caitlyn Clark on theteam. Yes, do you want people

to watch? Yeah, a greatpoint. I mean you don't get what
we're doing here because she doesn't seemlike a bad person. But man,
like the pettiness and the just jealousyof the other women and in this w
NBA is I've never seen anything likeit. It's crazy. It's clearly a
racial thing too. I mean yousay what to say what you want.

I mean it's clearly a racial thingas well. It's crazy. You know
that decision is just it's not smart. Yeah, I mean I wasn't gonna
watch anyway, but like, butnow it's like people really aren't going to
care. I mean, I don'tget how they're not embracing her to and
making her the face of the league. Like even if she stinks, who

cares? People are watching your league? You know what I mean? It's
crazy. Clark says she isn't disappointed, but now she has something to work
for. Okay, that's a Idon't know if it's true or it's nice
to say Yeah, it looks likeit is official. Thor your Giants tight
end Darren Waller has retired the NFL. This guy fell off a cliff.

Now. He's just thirty one,but he says a health scare during the
season has made him reevaluate his life, but won't really say what it was.
No. He says he spent threedays in the hospital and wasn't able
to stand or do anything for himself. Like it like thora said, he
didn't say exactly what the illness was, but he said it is time for

him to move on to other things. He said he felt, he said
he almost died. What's crazy aboutit is he played that same season,
He played like three or four games. If you almost died, how is
this not it? I don't know. It's so weird scenario going on here.
Yeah, but then he played likeif you almost died, wouldn't you
think the team would find out aboutthis and be like, hey, you're

done for the year, bro?Like at that point went two they were
terrible. Like, I don't know, man, he's a weird guy.
And I really like Darren Waller,but he's kind of got off the deep
end a little bit. I don'tknow. What happened. But what a
musical artist though, you know that'swhat I'm I can't Oh yeah, yeah,
I hope he stay shift. Ialways stay sober, and you know,

good things happened to him, butlike weird good guy. There you
go. That is a big holethough for your offense. Yeah, I
mean, well they drafted mylak neighbors, so they haven't they have number one
receiver, but I mean they're gonnasuck. I mean they're gonna be terrible.
They're one of the worst rosters offootball. So sorry to hear that,
but you know, he was sportsdirt or to Jay. We have

seen the rise of YouTube and socialmedia comedians like these guys who make it
real big in comedy and they playthese clubs and they sell out because they
have tons of followers, but arethey funny like, you know, outside
of social media. Well, we'regonna see what one comic is claiming about

a particular social media comedian. Comingup next on the show on Rocking five
three, Black Sabbath off the show. It's Rockquano five to three. So
you know, we do our segmentfree comedy Friday every single Friday, and
we have a comedian that comes inand hangs out with us. And now

we've gotten to know a lot ofthese guys over the years and become friends
with them and stuff like that.Well, some weeks, I'll see you
know who plays at the different clubsand things like that, And I'll see
some good buddy playing a club andI'll see that they're sold out and I
don't recognize their name, never heardof And I'll come in here and I'll
be like, have you guys everheard of so and so? And Thora's

always like, no, I've neverheard of him. Emily's like no.
Sometimes Sky will go, oh,I think they're a YouTube guy, and
so then we'll look them up andwe'll see they have like I don't know,
ten million followers or something like that, and we're like, well,
how they're playing a comedy clip?Do they do stand up comedy? Are
they stand up comedian? And alot of these guys have become pretty you

know, obviously well known through theirsocial media and they're maybe do funny videos
and stuff like that. Well they'renow doing stand up shows because of that,
and we're always wondering how does thattranslate? Yeah, like, do
they do I don't get it becausestand up comedy is such a different art
form than making funny videos. Yeah, and so I just I'm always confused

by that. But you're gonna sellout because you have so many fans,
right, But how is that?I don't know. I don't know if
I enjoy it when I see itlive? Is that gonna be funny?
Yeah, because you're pre produced littleskits are fun. But sure can you
do that live? Yeah? Idon't know. It's interesting. And so
we've seen this happen, you know, over the course of the last couple
of years, of these kind ofrise of these YouTube comedians, social media

comedians, and you know, theyhave a business now. Yeah, And
I don't know if this is youknow, pulling back the curtain or saying
something that we shouldn't. But honestly, most of the times we get a
veteran comic in and we can bringup any topic and we can riff and
they're rolling and they're making funny jokesjust off the cuff. And sometimes some
of these you know YouTube internet guys, No, they can't roll the same

way. They can't they can't flow, they can't improve the same way those
other guys can so if they wereto get like a heckler in the crowd,
I don't even know how they woulddeal. They're good at what they
do, like making their videos arefunny. I just don't understand. Like
it's like, you know, you'renot gonna see like there's difference between like
doing you know, broadway play anda sitcom. Like yeah, two different

means different medium. There's just differentdifferent art forms. Yeah, exactly.
So, yeah, it's it's beeninteresting. Well, I guess you know
when every once in a while we'llbring it up to a veterans stand up
median and we'll be like, what'sup with these you know social media?
You you have an appreciation for them, or what do you think? And
they always kind of just roll theireyes and they're like whatever, you know,

it is. Well, there isapparently a situation going on with a
particular comedian who is calling out ain a very specific social media comic.
Yeah, a comedian, Anthony Sacaro, is making news because he did a
post and then it got a lotof people talking, and here's his post.

He said, let's just say,hypothetically, there's a comedian who's gained
a million followers by faking most ofhis videos. He says, this guy
does exist, but green screen background, different stages and a laugh track.
What do we think about that?Do we call him out? Or is

this okay? I have so manyquestions. Yes, same right, So
he is claiming that this social mediacomedian is faking his stand up shows.
Yeah, so basically there's and ittook the internet like one second to figure
out who this guy is. Yeah, it's gonna be easy to figure out.
You just look at where he's touring. Yeah. So Pete Gaceero is

his name, and I guess hehas tons of videos and over a million
followers. But according to people whoare in the know, they say,
yes, he has faked the majorityof his videos. There's a couple up
there that are live and if youlike real from a real comedy club.
If you look at his touring calendar, he basically like plays two places.

He plays the improv in Brea,California, and then he plays like a
bar in that same area. Andthen he has some posts that say,
hey, if you want me toperform at your college, reach out type
of thing. But he has aton of videos, and I guess the
majority of them are fakes now it'shis real material, it's him. But

they say he has actually built differentstand up sets, like the red curtain
with the mic stand, like thebricks behind the exactly in his apartment,
and instead of having an actual audience, he plays a laugh track and it
gives him great content, to thepoint where he's gained over a million followers.

But real comics are seeing that andbeing like, those aren't real laughs.
That isn't you really on a stage? So is that cool? Is
that what we're doing? Or dowe not care if if you enjoyed the
joke either way? I mean,I I just this is what it is
now, this is entertainment. Imean, like people, you know,

you're just making videos and it doesn'tmatter as long as you're getting views.
Who cares? Is it weird?Though? If he does go to a
comedy club and you've seen these fakevideos and now you're performing live and I
don't know, I don't know,like jokes, false advertising, yeah,
I mean, I don't know,but last to be fair to the comedians,
like it's like fake comedy. Yeah, it's like stealing. I don't

know. But he's still delivering ajoke, whether it's in front of fake
it's not a funny joker. Yeah, lots of people have issue with the
laugh track. They say the reasonsitcoms used to use laugh tracks is because
it makes people laugh. Laughing makesyou laugh, whether something's funny or not.
If you are just in a roomwith a bunch of weirdos laughing,
you'll crack a smile like you can'thelp it. So they're kind of almost

saying like you're tricking people into laughingbecause these aren't real laughs. I guess
it just goes to show how patheticentertainment is nowadays. To me, like
you can literally do anything and beentertaining on the internet. I don't know.
For some reason, I'm fine withit. If you just want to
post these videos and pretend you're acomedian, that's fine, Yeah, But

then to actually go and clubs thattakes away from actual stand up comedians.
That's where I guess it bothers mea little bit. Yeah, because you
know, we've known so many comedianswho actually grind and bust their ass to
become really good at that art form. And how hard is it to get
in front of a live audience versusjust a laugh track? You know what

I mean, like different thing they'resaying. That's part of the training,
that's part of the art, youknow, to be honest with you.
That's what a lot of these podcastersare. Where we sit here and do
this show every day and you know, four hours every day of live content,
and then you get these podcasters whodon't even know what they're doing,
and then they become popular and yougo, well, it's the same sort

of thing. The same thing.You get an out of work actor who
can't get Jason Bateman and the othertwo idiots, and they they they're actors,
they have actor friends, they starteda podcast and they have their friends
on and now they're making millions ofdollars doing that. I don't know the
same kind of thing. It's interesting, but I guess it is what it

is. It's weird, all right. We are about to play our version
of the Newlywed game. It isthe newly Show game. We're gonna play
when we get back on the show. I'll rock on a five three.
That is much like on the show, it's rock on a five three.
So we are about to play oneof our longest running games, a game

that we've been doing for quite awhile, but there's a big change coming
to it. This is going tobe interesting. It is now time for
the Newly Show Game. Save thedate for right now, it's the Newly
Show Game. It's time to havea little fun with Eddie, Sky and
m It's a game all about theirmarital list. So I hope they again

all stay friends. And now you'remaze of dishonor Eddie Sky, Thor and
Emily with the Newly Show Game.Oh yes, the Newly Show Game.
This is where we partner up.We decide, all right, we're partner
with this person. Two of usgo to a soundproof booth. We get
asked questions. We try to dothe best of our ability to answer the

questions. Our partners come back inand try to match our answers. That's
how the game works well. Today, for the first time ever, there
a brand new host. Brand newso Zeth has been doing this for a
long time. But Zeth has newduties in the building so he's not available.
So now sitting in the host chairfor the Newly Show game is our

good friend Laura Kane. Laura,you just filled them for Sky a couple
of days ago. And now andnow We've given you this job, and
I'm actually really superous. Stop itobtruly not that big. Great Now,

this is gonna be fun. La. Laura gets to sit in with us
now whenever we do the Newly Showgame, and she's going to ask us
the questions, like I said,and two of us will go to the
sound for booth and then they'll tryto come back in and mask the answers.
That's how the game works, supereasy. So the teams this week
are going to be me and Emilyversus Sky and Thorne. Now, me
and Emily are really good at thisweek, okay, so we'll see what

happened. So Emily, you andThor are going to go to the soundproof
booth first, and me and Skyare gonna answer the questions, and then
you'll come back in and try tomatch our answers. Eddie, you got
this all right? Come on,my girl. That's right, my girl.
That's how partners talk to each other. That's that's how that partnership works.

I won't okay, So they're notgoing to these soundproof booth. So
Laura, you may now ask thequestions, all right, you can begin
whoever you want you I'm gonna startwith Sky, Yes, she is all
right, Sky. If your partneris getting a snack sized variety bag of
chips, okay, which would betheir first choice? Oh? Okay.

If Thor is going chips, whatis going to be his first choice?
That's the snack sized variety pack.Sky. It's not just whatever chips you
want. Have I ever seen oreat a snack bag of chips before?
That's wild, That's nothing like Eddiewill bring chips in here sometimes with his

breakfast stuff sandwich. Yeah, Emilywill do the same thing. But Thor
and then he has all these weirdthings of what qualifies for a chip,
like a Fredo doesn't, a Cheetodoesn't. So I don't think he's gonna
count any of those as chips.I'm gonnas. Oh my god, I'm

panicking. I'm gonna say he's gonnago with Dorito's. Is he on my
core ranch team? I think he'son my core ranch team, core Nchtritos.
Oh, oh, you're getting realspecific there, Okay, col you,
I think he's on your core ranchteam. And when we've been talking
about this for a decade, butI'm like, I'm for some reason,
I'm panicking. I'm like Laura.I'm like Laura panicking right now, like

I don't know, yeah, yeah, okay, okay, I'm going cool
ranch color Okay, Okay, Eddieokay. Uh. Emily eats chips.
I'm not gonna panic as much asSky is. I've seen her eat chips
before. But the thing about Emilyis whatever mood she's in will determine what
chip she gets. So having itbe a variety pack is not great for

me because it's just whatever we've heardher say before. Nothing beats a plane
lay and then which we saved formany years. But then you ask her
right now, she's like lays,yeah, they're not my favorite. So
whatever's probably left in the bag orwhatever. I mean, Honestly, she
could just be like, oh,I feel like having barbecue today, or
I feel like having this today,or it's weird. So I'm gonna go

with a standard chip answer, whichis going to be the nacho cheese dorito,
the regular dorito, normal Dorito's that'swhat she's picking, all right,
Who knows? I know all sohard. I know that thoughts, because

you know, the answers can goall over the place and then they get
mad us, it's crazy. Okay, Sky, what would your partner say
is their favorite thing about summer?Oh? What is Thor's favorite thing about
summer? What does he love aboutsummer? I'm like trying to think football.

But football doesn't really start till thefall, right, so that doesn't
count. The World Series isn't untilthe fall. You I know, because
I'm trying to think of things hewould love and and I can't think you
can't think of summer things though.No, he hates flip flops, he

hates being too hot, he hateswhen his wife makes him go to the
beach. What does he love aboutsummer? He loves I don't know,
Okay, there's no sports things insummer. Barbecue, so barbecuing. I
don't know. I don't know.He's gonna murder me. He's gonna murder

me today, all right. Iwill go ahead and say for Emily,
her favorite thing about summer. Wefound out recently that summer is not her
favorite. True, but I thinkit would be swimming pools. Oh,
Emily loves to swim. She willbreak into like hotel swimming things like that.

So she's a big swimming pool fan. So if she can get into
a pool. She loves it.She learned that from me, but really
that was your thing. Oh meand my kids, we have we have
broken into every single Laura, I'mnot even kidding. Even the hardest ones
to get into. You know thetricks. Yeah, oh no, no,

are you staying at the hotel,So you go in your swimsuit.
You don't take a towel, don'ttake any because you can kind of reach
over sometimes, or you wait forsomebody to go in and you just slide
right in. Wow. But youdon't bring any like cooler or anything because
you don't want to look off slide. So yeah, I believe that that's

answered. Okay, all right,Sky. If your partner was going to
get a tattoo today, what wouldit be? Oh god, okay,
what is thor gonna get tattooed onhim? I'm gonna say it would be

their new dog, Willy, sillyWilly, just his face like, okay
dog because he has he has hisrip you know, Oscar. Oh,
yes, that's is he gonna goWatson first? Okay, hold on to
Yeah, he probably would go Watsonbefore he'd go Willy. Okay, okay,

I'm gonna change. Okay, that'snot crazy Watson, all right,
Eddie, stop shaking your head atme. A nightmare, all right.
I mean Emily doesn't have a tonof tattoos. She has some, and
I'm I mean she's on a whim. Got that last one. She got
this horrible tattoo on her wrist fromlike a friend who's not even a tattoo

artist. It was crazy. Yeah, So I mean there's not a lot
of rhyme or reason. Again,it's whatever her mood is, that's true.
I think if she were to doa new tattoo, I see,
it's gonna be so hard of whatshe's gonna answer. I think it would
have something to do with her son. Yeah. I think it would be

some sort of read tattoo. AndI don't not like a picture of his
face or anything, but like theyear he was born. She has a
like necklace and says twenty ten onit randomly, so that was the year
he was born. So it wouldhave something to do with read, but
not like his picture or anything likethat. Nothing crazy, but something to
with reed. That's what I'm missing, Okay, all right, And they

were in the this is gonna beeither nightmare or I don't know. I'm
not sure what's going to happen,but I just know Sky was a mess.
Okay, yeah, yeah, youdo know that part. Okay,
there was something, Yes, we'llsee what happened there was Okay, Okay,

you could not hear anything, SoGlora, go ahead and ask them
the questions. Okay, So I'mgoing to start with you thor Okay,
if you were going to get asnack sized variety bag of chips, what
would be your first choice, likein the bag and like you know how
they have the variety packs in thepack. Yeah, so you have first

one little baby ones. You know. Yeah, I do love cheddar and
sour cream chips. But is thatin the variety to help that he's got
it was before I was talking outloud, was I wasn't. I wasn't
asking. This is like throw itThursday all over again, throw trivia,

Laura, help some I will saythe answer for me, So I won't
say that. Okay, I'm gonnasay cool, watch to Ritos. You
got it right, Okay, she'senjoying the game. She's enjoying the game.

Cool ratch, I love thank you, thank you. I'm gonna i
never heard Zeth scream out of theexcitement squeal with getting something out one right,
that was that was really interesting.Don't do the dinger. If you
squealed, you you got squel Yes, Emily, Yes. If you were

to get as snack size chips,bag of chips, what would it be?
What would be your first choice?Well, it's all just definitely depends
on my mood, depends on whatI'm eating. I am a nacho cheese
dorito gal. I love that.I have said in the past nothing beats
a plan la, but that's inaccurate. I don't there is plenty of chips.
I don't know why I said that, because I could think, like

four different chips that beat a planlay Woo, Methan beats a plane leg.
I love funions so much. Ifeel like I've said that before.
I mean, that's my ideal choice. But no, I'm not gonna get
crazy. I don't want to getcrazy. I don't want to get crazy.
I'm gonna say nacho cheese doritos,and you would be correct. I'm

trying to I love funds. There'sfanians or a choice. I'm picking.
Okay, all right? Four?What would you say is your favorite thing
about summer. My favorite thing aboutsummer. Yes, ah, that's football.

This is not my answer, butthat football season is almost here's my
favorite thing about That's my favorite thingabout summer because I don't really care about
the beach that much. I don'tknow. I'm gonna say, because it's
sky answering tank season like tank top. Yeah, oh, you are incorrect,

I panicked, She said barbecuing.Well, I do I barbecue?
I don't know. I don't know. I would I don't. I said
Football Fall, World Series Fall,Like I put, I should have gone
takes. You're right, I thoughtI could totally see her in my mind
going take season bro. I said, how you hate flip flops? I

don't. I don't know. Idon't know. I panic. Do I
barbecue? You don't all the time? You eat it with a lot of
sauce? But that's about funny.Sorry about okay, Emily, What would
you say is your favorite thing aboutsummer? I love a summer sundress,

that's for sure. I love sundresses in summer. I do enjoy barbecuing.
That's my favorite thing. We aregoing on our very first boat ride
of the season this summer. Onour boat al Gato, and I have
a blast doing that fishing and stuffon the bay, and I'm looking forward
to that and I enjoy doing thatduring the summer. So I'm going to

say going on the boat Olgatto,that is incorrect. Uh, swimming pools
was the a you love a goodswimming pool? On another, I love
pol another say that I'll just typedyou stick into hotel swimming pools. Any

tense you get you have a swimmingpool lords, hold it, she's the
one that showed you how to sneakinto Where's the girl that taught me the
way? She's heard about it?So disappointed? And okay, all right,
four. If you were to geta tattoo today, what would it

be? Uh? Tattoo today?Yes, I don't know. I was
gonna get a tattoo of a planefor a while, but it's still down
so it's December, guys, soprobably not. Probably one of my animals.
Another one of an animal, soone of my dogs, Watson ding

ding ding ding ding ding. Wellthe sound effect quality, Yeah, I
guess I guess that means you gotit right. This guy, said Wilson

first, and she caught herself.I know about it, So you did.
That's not nice to say. Well, it was not nice to do.
I didn't admit that that's what happened, Emily. Yes, if you
had to get a tattoo today,what would it be? Ah, this
is hey, it's not it's adesert daisy that I got hammer drunk at

a boutcher party. My girlfriend broughta tattoo gun. So what I have
my friend do it? What tattowould I have for give me? I
mean, I'm I really am waitingto put Tito's name on here, and
I want to put my cat Frankie. But if I had to pick one
or the other, I guess I'llgo Tito first. Probably Tito. That
is incorrect. I mean you wantyour animals to die. I mean that's

kind of crazy. No, today, you're waiting to get so I mean
I said something about your son,Oh my son, I forgot about.
You're so hyped you got a necklace? You're right? Oh no, this
is awful. I just saw Ilooked down my wrist so Lucida and was

just thinking about my other dog.I know, I thought, okay,
for sure, all right, Wellthat's round one sky and thor slight lead
over us, but we have awhole nother round to go. It's Round
two of the Newly Show Game iscoming up next on the show on Rock
with A five three. We arein the middle of playing our version of

the Newlywed game. It is theNewly Show game. The teams this week
are Me and Emily versus Sky andThor. Sky a Thor have a slight
lead on us two to one.Our new host of the Newly Show Game,
Laura Kane, is very excited.She's really enjoying the game so far.
And so we have round two togo, though, So me and

guy are going to go to thesoundproof booth. Now, Laura, you'll
ask these two the questions and thenwe'll come back in and try to match
the answers. All right, goodluck everyone. A guy exercise in there,
So he thrown off. We weretalking about that earlier. What did
you doing exercises at? Are desk? Desker SiZ exercises? Yeah, so

I told Scott to do it withany wow. Okay, okay, I'm
gonna start with Emily. Okay,all right, what conspiracy theory does he
do? You think he totally believesin conspiracy? Theories. I mean,
Eddie's not a conspiracy theory guy atall, like at all, like even

in the slightest I don't think thatlike this is a conspiracy theory. But
it's just something that a lot ofpeople don't believe in that he believes in.
And that's like the zombie apocalypse.He's also on Bigfoot and nessy guy.
Okay, so well, wait,don't help, can't help. So

I'm gonna go with Bigfoot. Hethinks the Bigfoot's real. Okay, I
don't know. That's a tough one. Damn it, for it is so
easy for him. I mean,is it she has? Sorry ahead?
What conspiracy theory? Do you think? She totally believes? She believes all
of them? So, I don'tknow how it's harder. I think,

like you nailed the two that Eddiebelieves in. So I think the only
one that I know that for sureshe believes in is the moon landing is
fake. Oh, I don't know, but she may say anything because she
believes in all and she gets crazy. Yeah four Okay, besides drug or
alcohol? What is she currently addictedto? Weed? Is that? That's

my final answer? Okay? Okay, all right, wow, all right,
that is a drug. Though,that's right. I know it's isn't
too late, Yes, it's late. It's too late. Here we moved
on. I didn't say we movedon. Moved on. Lord started getting

I was I was a I'm abad hope because I told you. Okay,
Okay, Emily, besides drug ordrugs or alcohol, what is Eddie
currently addicted to? God, Eddie'snot addicted to anything. He doesn't have
an addictive personality. He doesn't drinkvery much. He doesn't do drugs.
He's never done drugs, So that'swhat. Besides alcohol, I know,

I'm just saying that he's not anaddictive person like, he's not, like
you said, besides it, likehe's not like that. That's not how
he rolls. I mean, Idon't even know if there's like any food
or snack that he like can't livewithout. He loves nothing, bunk cakes
on another level, I don't thinkhe's addicted to them, but that's something

that he does enjoy. Donuts,Oh, he loves donuts. Okay,
I'm going to go with donuts,okay, because we're just talking about it
on National Donut Day, about howmuch he loves donuts. Okay, all
right, Emily, Okay. IfEddie could eat only one protein for the
rest of his life, would itbe chicken? Fish, steak? What

would they choose? What would youchoose? He he likes steak, He's
not the biggest fish guy, butI don't think he'd want to eat steak
all the time. And you couldkind of do more things with chicken.
So I'm going to go with chicken. Okay. Thor what would Skuy say,

wait, one protein for the restof her life? What would it
be? Chicken? Okay? Yeah, I think chicken. She doesn't really
she doesn't like steak unless it's burnt. And I don't know if she really
likes fish that much. She's weiredwith food everything. He's a freak shot.

This is interesting. We're having someweird reactions in here. We were
in the sad booths, so obviouslywe couldn't hear anything. So we will
now try to match your answers.All right, Laura, Eddie, what
conspiracy theory do you totally believe istrue? It's what does Emily consider a

conspiracy theory? So this is alittle bit tricky because I am a firm
believer in aliens things like that.But the one that we talk about the
most on the show that I trulybelieve and they always make fun of me
is Bigfoot. I truly believe inBigfoot, and so I think he's out
there, and so that's the onethat we would talk about the most.

So that's the one I'm gonna I'mgonna go with Bigfoot. That is correct.
You're not like a conspiracy theory asfar as like you know, shot
JFK stuff like that is real.He's out there. Okay, okay,

so Scott, yes, what conspiracytheory does Thor completely believe in? Scott?
I mean what? I well,I believe a lot of cool stuff.

You know that big business has itout for us and will poison us
and not care that aliens are exist. Uh, don't even get me started
on g m OS and what's goingon there. Thank you, Eddie.
But the one I've talked about manytimes and been mocked many times on the
air. Hopefully Thor is going toremember this. I do I believe the

moon landing was faked, thank you? Correct? Nice or wait? Okay,
okay, so okay. Besides drugsor alcohol, what are you currently

addicted to this guy. Oh,okay me besides drugs and alcohol? Okay,
because okay, okay, what amI addicted to my real estate?
Like I don't know how deep he'sgoing, like, a are we talking
stuff on my phone? Real estate? He thinks I'm addicted to gambling.

I don't think is he gonna saygambling because of the scratchers. Oh,
I want to say real estate,but I feel like he's gonna say gambling,
So I'm gonna say gambling. Yeah, he said weed. I didn't
hear her say drug rugs. Yeah, I didn't hear that. I didn't
hear drugs. I just heard fixit. Every know it because she no

I said, I said, that'schanged and started moving on. But I
didn't hear her say drugs. Thatis mess, that's crazy, thank you,
And she was being weird, soI was kind of didn't hear he
said that. She Laura moved onand anyway, after I didn't hear her
say drugs. When the host goesthen to the next person. He realized

it afterward because he heard it.Yeah, you're thut it down. I'm
sorry, thor kind of on yourside. No, No, I'm not
saying that really I'm sorry, allright. Besides drugs or I heard it,

you heard it there, what areyou addicted to? Currently? Odd
question, because I'm not. Idon't have an addictive personality, so I'm
not really addicted to much stuff.I don't know. I mean, I'm
trying to think, you know,the thing that I am doing the most,

that is the biggest part of mylife. And I don't say I'm
addicted to it, but I doenjoy it coaching the four, So I
mean that's what I'm doing the mostof I coached almost every single day for
principles of coaching. Yes, Italked you out there about his name is
ed Thank you, Thank you.Believe I'm gonna go coaching. That is

incorrect donuts, because we're just talkingabout how much you love. Don't addicted
to I said, you're not anaddictive personality, dont d I talked about
Star Wars, I would have saidtrue crime. Said nothing but cakes.
Things that are bad for you,You know what I mean. But I

I don't think I have enough tobe Eddie. If you could eat only
one protein for the rest of yourlife, what would you choose? Oh?
Man, okay, fish is out. I'm not a fish guy.
Hmm, chicken. I think youcould do the most with honest I think

the honest answer would probably be groundbeef, because there's enough things that I
like about. But I'm gonna gobecause Emily and I cook, I'm gonna
say chicken. That is correct,because you could do the most with it,
so you won't get sick of it. Girl. You guys know each
other, so well, that's thegame. Listen, they need this for

the wind. If they don't,we're going to tie breaking around Oh my
god, oh my god, nopressure. Can Laura do a tiebreaker?
You know? Yeah, I don'tknow. How about missus? Okay?
Well how about hey? How abouthow about okay? If you can only
one protein for the rest of hislife, what would it be? This

is this is me if I wereeating one protein. I want to say
beans because I want to be thatchick. I want to be a vegetarian.
But we all know that's a lie. So it's chicken. I mean,
there's weird kinds of steak out there. We know it's not fish.
I don't even know por chicken.That is correct? With that sky and

or get the wind today, Emilycouldn't keep us downs. She and she
couldn't really awkward uncomfortable, but weknow weird. You wouldn't let them change
that, thank you. It wassuper uncomfortable. She was yelling at me
and at Laura was last Ye,Scott, you're never gonna have to worry

about this. But there is acouple who recently had their kid move out
of the house. Okay, likethey grew up and left the house.
I know you're not going to dothat. So now they're going through a
weird dilemma and they have to figureout what's going on with their kid being
gone. We'll find out what they'redisagreeing about when we get back on the
show and rock five to three thisshow. So we're celebrating dads and grads

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that. If you go to SodonaFord dot com, you can see all
the details on all the great dealsand see all their inventory. That's saddanoford
dot com. Sky basically admitted acouple of weeks ago it is sort of
her dream for her, her husband, and her daughter to live together forever

for the rest of their lives.That's kind of weird, like never go
out on her own and like haveher started a family? Well, like,
yeah, her own family, butI'd like us to be on the
same property, you know what Imean, Like a little compul no,
not a cult, a compound weall have. Yeah, she's trying to

make it like oh no, it'sour own compound. Yeah yeah, yeah,
yeah, it's weird. Multi generation, multi yeah, no matter.
I don't care who you are statush oh my god. Oh yeah,
it's okay. Well we're all different, so very different. Okay, Well,
so you can't relate to this,but I guess one couple is dealing
with the situation where they're now emptynesters. They're finally had their kids grow

up and move out of the house, and so how strange. Yeh,
this is the thing sky where theygo off and go on their own they
call the police. No, theydo that because their kids are missing.
They're not missing, they just movedout. And now this couple is having
a big disagreement about something. Yeah. So I guess their kids are just
like a year apart a great part. So they've both gone to college in
the last two years. They're youngestgoing right now, and they've started having

the discussion what do we do withthe kids room? And the wife's like,
what do you mean, what dowe do? We keep them the
same so they feel comfortable coming backhere to stay for holidays if they ever
need a place to stay, theirroom is ready, and Dad's like,
hell no, I don't want toencourage them to come home. I'd like

a man cave. You do yourart in the living room. You should
have a little studio to do yourart in. And so now they can't
agree because mom says, keep themexactly the same, and he said,
no, we can have a guestbed, but we don't need to keep
the rooms the same. Yeah,that's this is interesting because I'm more thinking
about when I moved out, whatdid my parents do? Yeah, they

kept them the same. Oh really, well, they like did they took
like all of our stuff that madeit our rooms kind of down and okay,
made it more like a guest room. Yeah, but like my bed
was still in there, and youknow, when I'd come home, I
would sleep in my room and soit wasn't that weird for me. But
there was no big changes to myrooms or anything like that. What about

you. I think my mom didsort of similar like away for you to
get I mean probably, and Idid come back a couple of different times,
so it was always that, butthe rooms always just got turned into
guest rooms. So she made itbecause she my mom wanted Yeah, she
did want us out, and shewanted to make it so that we could
have company and they could sleep there. What about you, thor they my
room changed my sister's room didn't really. Yeah, they all your stuff.

They didn't get rid of it.They just moved it and boxed it away,
and then like I don't know what, but they didn't really they just
kept the bed in there. It'slike a kind of a guest room.
And it wasn't like they like keptthe shrine to her, but like,
but yeah, they kind of Idon't know what they even do with my
stuff. I don't because they didn'twant to do anything with the room.
They just kind of like made ita random room. Oh wow, my

dad put like a fish tank inthere. Oh this guy, did your
new dad come in and change everything? Get this crap out of here.
Okay, my mom didn't have aboyfriend back then. She was still with
my dad. That was still makesense. Okay, that does make sense.
Yeah, so they left mine andmy brother's room kind of like you,

Eddie, exactly the same except forthe knickknacks. So they took down
like my new Kids on the Blockposters and my Teddy Bears and all that
and put those into the closet.But all the furniture, the bedding,
everything was exactly in the same spot. Teddy bears, weren't you like eighteen
Yeah, but I had some Iwant to keep, still have them to

this day in a box. Ina box. Don't give me that look.
Now you know why new dad convincedmom to leave. Get the hell
out of the way. Creepy allright, Speaking of disagreeing about something,
there is a couple who's having amajor disagreement over something in the bedroom.
Oh yeah, we're gonna see whatthis issue is about when we get back

on the show at Rock with fiveto three. That's Blink one eight two.
On the show, it's Rockquino fiveto three. So we're just talking
about something that Sky couldn't relate towith her daughter moving out of the house.
But this is something Sky, youprobably can relate to. This has

to do with a husband wife,a little couple who's had a little situation
in the bedroom. It's getting alittle weird. Yeah, So I guess
this gal has always had a jobwhere she traveled. You know, we're
required a lot of traveling. Butthen COVID happened, and then ever since
COVID, it's kind of been aslow roll back to traveling full time.

But now recently, like over youknow, the last couple months, she's
been told, you're back on afull time travel schedule, the road back
to pre COVID where basically on anormal week you're going to be gone four
days a week, and about oncea quarter you'll be gone for an entire
week, like seven days. Right. And so they've started doing this and

you know, making it work asa married couple. And then the husband
came to her the other day andwanted to open the conversation about him purchasing
a like high end, real lifelooking sex doll for when she is on

the road. You know, whensomebody's gone for that long. He says,
it looks like her you do getlonely, it could. I mean,
he wanted to just open the conversationto see where she's at, like,
are you okay with certain levels ofthings and others? Maybe do you
want it to look like difference betweenthis and Emily bring in a toy on

a trip interesting? Well, that'sthat's what's I don't know the argument when
it when it becomes like a dollor some sort, I feel like that
creepy when you're using what you use, your little bullet that is in the
shape of something else. Yeah,so it is. What's the difference?
Why are we creepy and you're notcreepy. I'm sure you're I'm sure you're

only thinking about your man too.I feel like the design of it is
less creepy. I can't say toomuch of my feelings because we're not on
the Pewan podcast, but but I'mnot doing what you're talking about with it.
Would it be less creepy if itwasn't a full sex doll and was
just a contraption that we use,honestly, Yeah, you'd be fine with

Yes, you'd be more I'm goingto be gone and that's going to help
you out. Then I'm okay withthat. I think it's the doll thing
that's weird, Like that's just onanother level. Maybe he's more about cuddling.
He's not gonna do anything weird withit. He's going to just cuddle
watch the show companions. Yes,yes on the couch, good listener.

Yes, you've had a lot ofconversations over the years with your husband.
He is on a different level ofsex drive than you. He's a perverted
no, I wasn't going to saythat's what we were saying. That's what
we're saying, he's a pervert.I'm not disagreeing. I just I wasn't
going to say that, not yet. That wasn't what I okay, I'm

just saying he's has a different levelof sex drive than you do, where
you're almost non existent and he's ona high level. And so you've had
to come to all these different compromisesto make him so that he's still happy
in the marriage. Yes, andso if it's God gets to the point
of where he's like, listen,I feel like I'm bothering you almost with

how much I want to have sexand how little you want to have sex.
So as a compromise, what doyou think if I went sex doll,
I'd say no way. I say, you are You are a creepo.
You are one of the weirdos ina movie that falls in love with

the doll. And the next thingyou know, you're putting it on the
back of your motorcycle hoping it's goingto come to life. He's doing it
for you, for me. Hehe wants to have sex a lot.
You don't. That is true.So to instead of you know, groping
you, making sexual innuendos all thetime, trying to get you to,
you know, get in there anddo stuff, bend over and yoga pants.

Don't do it, Okay, Iwon't. It will alleviate all this.
Like I could not relate to EmilyMoore when she said, for some
reason as a woman, I'm okaywith you using a contraption. But when
you have a doll with a faceand arms and legs and hair and you

can put like outfits on it,we're in some weird, creepy future territory
where like the only the only wayyou can have that is like if our
if we're living in the same houseand our marriage is over and we're basically
like in separate rooms, you knowwhat. I yeah. Then at that
point, like sex doll, okay, have too sex dolls? What do

I care? But because I see, like even just picturing that is so
creepy it is you don't think that'sunfair, that's kind of unfair. Like
the toy that I use is notattached to a male doll. I think

we wouldn't care. That's the difference. Okay, it's not. It's not
fair that you're judging what we needto satisfy us sexually. You're able to
do something with a device that's great, but we want a little bit more
than that, and that that's lookedat as creepy. So you wouldn't have

a different feeling of Say you're lookingfor something and you open a drawer and
you see your wife's you know,small small toy like like Emily has versus
opening the closet and Ben falls outon you, and why, Yeah,
I feel I don't know why?Why? Why is he propped up so
poorly in the closet you wanted tostore it better? It's expensive? Where

should Ben be? Like in achair in the corner of the room.
I mean, I think there's anappropriate place for Ben from the kitchen.
No again, you guys are theones that are making this week. You
tell me where does Ben go?When Ben's under the bed? Under the
bed, so you're looking for ashoe, Why am I looking for a
shoe? I've never looked under I'venever looked under my own bed. You've
never so doc toys rolled under there, and you've been like, oh,

like nothing, nothing, no,no, no, no, Well there's
Ben if you're looking okay, well, Ben's Ben's fine right there. That's
fine. Doesn't bother me at all. I am totally secure with if that's
if we weren't having sex that much, and that's what you needed, go
for it. I don't understand whyit's got to be creepy. Now again
that being said, I don't wantthis. I'm not. I don't going

to ask. I don't. Iwouldn't want this, I wouldn't need it.
I I got my own ways oftaking care of business, right,
you know, I got I gota alrighty over here, he's gonna he's
gonna be just fine with me.And and with the advent of the internet,
I'm well taken care of it.I don't need to have like a
Yeah, that's why I don't think. I don't think you're weirdo like you

should you see some of the stuffit is. It's a little weird.
But but yeah, I just don'tthink it's fair that you guys act this
way towards us men. But wedon't do that to you guys. We
don't shame you. Guys. Weneed and it's almost hot want and then

when we do girls to make outwith other girls, but guys do it
all we're gay. I don't wantto again, I don't want it.
I don't want to. I'm notsaying I want Why is it unfair?
It's not a level playing field.Man, I think a guy or a
girl with a sex doll is acreep Oh, I think if we both
have to no girls to have malesex dolls. It's not a thing.

I'm just saying it's not that it'snot. But either way it's creepy.
Will you say that because it's nota thing. Yeah, well I feel
it's equal. It became out athing and women started doing it, it
wouldn't be creepy, it be allthat's cool. Look at this. I
don't think you just feel like involvingthe word dull in your sexual activities.
Yes, I agree, it's weird. Let's just keep it to machines for

us. It's about time we standup for all right, thank you women
taking over everything? So can thiscouple? Oh I would? They're the
padres. Can't seem to get along wind streak going when you think,
okay, here we go, we'regetting a little at that. No,

it doesn't. They don't. We'regonna see what happened yesterday next to sports
dirt. Well, the Padres justcan't seem to get a long wind streak
going. You know you kind oflook at him and go, oh,
here we going. No, notreally. They were coming off two blowout
wins over the Diamondbacks on Friday andSaturday, where they won by a combined

total of twenty three to four.So bats were going, things were looking
pretty good. Run no, no, I don't know if you have to
go all that. So they werehoping to continue this hot streak on Sunday,
the series finale, but it wasn'tmeant to be, as the Diamondbacks
scored six runs off rookie starter AdamMaser, who gave up all six in

the second inning in Arizona's nine tothree win. Now, Maser gave up
eight runs over three plus innings inhis home debut in his second Big League
You know what's frustrating. And youguys watch you and Emily watch more Pottery
than I do because I don't havethe channel, so I only watch them
with are on nationally. It's frustrating. I can't imagine last year they just

never could get it going. Youknow what, I mean until the very
very end of the year. Butthis year it's got to be more frustrating
because they can get it going alittle bit, and they can. It's
like I'm driving in a car.Yes, it's it's awful. It's so
frustrating. I can't imagine you.You are correct, it is frustrated,
you know. Now it is goodnews, which is Fernando Tatis Junior is

read he's not. Yes, yeah, he went deep in the first inning
to continue his major league leading fifteengame hitting scree So, dude, is
he's crushing it right now, whichis great. So they now welcome things
again. A team that you haveto beat, and it's terrible. They're
really bad. They're one of theworst teamses. Come on, let's get

it going here, put it together. You get a sweep NBA Finals game
to last night. So the Celticscontinue to dominate as they beat the Mavericks
one oh five to ninety eight andare now up two games to none.
Drew Holliday led the way, scoringtwenty six points out of eleven rebounds.
Lukadancech had a triple double, butit wasn't enough as the series now moves
on to Dallas, so we'll seeif the MAVs can get back into the

series. Everybody's pretty surprised when theyfound out that the most popular player in
women's basketball was left off the rosterfor Team USA. Caitlyn Clark is not
going to be on Team USA asthey compete for the gold in France coming
up in the Olympics. Now,the team doesn't have anybody under the age

of twenty six. Clark's just twentytwo, so maybe they were thinking,
you know, we'll go with theveteran squad or something like that. I
don't know, Edy, I don'tknow. I don't watch WNBA. Let's
chuck, you know, I justdon't do it. But I know who
Kaitlyn Clark is. Yeah, everybodyis. You could tell me right now,
bro, we'll give you ten No, you name one other players on
that team, I would lose theten million. Really, I couldn't name

one of the person Wow, BritneyGriner will be on that team. I
didn't know she was still in theleague. Yes, Oh, kind of
crazy playing internationally for the first timesince I'd be afraid. I'd be afraid
to leave the country. I wouldn'twant to leave the country. Ever,
again say things are obviously very differentin New York. Now. Former Padres

player Trent Grisham is finding this outreal quick as Trent trs been filling in
for the injured Jan Sodo right nowwhile he's batting point zero eight three,
And of course Yankee fans I'm nottoo happy about that. So when he
came to the plate yesterday, fansstarted chanting at him, we want Sodo,

we want now. Trent did answerthem back by hitting a home run.
Good, So next time he wasup to the plates, changed their
minds instead, we want Grisham,we want Soho win them over there in
New York hit his second time.There's you know, because So's out right

now with four armed tightness, whichis really odd. It is weird discomfort,
Yeah, which is like, so, I hope it's okay. The
Yankees had a bad series this weekend, so the guy's whipped on Saturday.
They lost Friday, I know theywon. Yeah, I was really disappointed,
but yeah, I mean it kindof felt like anybody who's in this
Bob was gonna get screwed. Soto'splaying an m VP level Tran Grisham can

that was in the trade. Theysort of like, yeah, well you
can have Soto, but you gotto take Christiam too. Yeah, okay,
sorry, SARS is brought to youby Jersey Mike's be a sub above.
Uh. Sky has been worried aboutthis day for a long time.
What it's here, We're gonna seewhat the l a p d Will be

introducing coming on next to the show. A rock with a five to three.
That's Pearl Jam on the show,it's Rock one O five to three.
So Sky, you've been dreading thisday. You kind of manifested it.
To be honest, I'm a littleconcerned because this is one of Sky's

biggest fears and it's about to cometrue with the Los Angeles Police Department.
Oh yeah, there is footage thatis going viral because I guess. Late
last week, the Los Angeles PoliceDepartment hosted a bit of an expo,
and at the expo, they werebasically debuting the future of what they're calling

is non lethal policing, so newtools that will help police keep order and
arrest people and whatever needs to bedone, rubber bullets and stuff. Well,
so they did debut a new taserthat was shown, one that now
carries ten different cartridges in it.So the old school ones, you know,

you'd see it like shoot off andthat would be it. If you
miss, you miss. But thisone has ten cartridges. So I guess
that's a new advancement, yes,exactly, but nobody's talking about that.
What everybody is talking about is therobots, robot robots, police robots.

Now we've seen, or maybe youhaven't, the police dog robot, which
has actually been used on the forcewith some success already. There was a
story late last year of some guywith a gun on a public bus in
la and uh, I guess hefell asleep, but everybody saw the gun
hanging out, and so the buspulled over, everybody evacuated the bus,

and they sent the robot dog in, who let the police know the guy
is asleep in there. He's like, not aggressive, the gun is here,
blah blah blah blah blah. Soit all it's more like a camera.
Yeah, So it's basically allowing thepolice to get in there, to
get close to see what's going on. So they were debut. They were
showing off a lot more of thesepolice dog robots, but also they were

showing off a two legged humanoid versionas well. Oh boy, and now
this isn't actually a police officer,but kind of like the robot dog is
gonna be sent in there with itscamera face to assess the situation. But
what the humanoid robot can do differentlythan the dog is say, you have

like a crowd of people and youneed to move them back. This robot
who's like, I don't know,I think it looks about six feet tall.
It looks the size of a humanman, full limbs everything it can
get in there, and it canlike kind of without allegedly touching people,
push the crowd back, make announcementsto move back, move back, or

get up close to somebody who's maybethey're having a mental health issue, maybe
they're in the middle of some sortof drug thing. I don't know about
sending a robot in to talk tosomebody who's high on drugs backed robot,
But I'm not an officer, soI don't know. But allegedly this guy
is going to be sent in thereto help with a non lethal force to

control crowds and deal with people withmental illness. This guy, I don't
know if you know this, butthat's how it always starts. They start
out with the best of intentions,non lethal yes robots, that they are
going to come in there and takecare of the situation, and then things
change, well because they know betterand they they're trying to help us,
and we're so stupid that they realizethey're smarter than us, and so they

have to help us by controlling usso we don't harm ourselves, so we
don't kill our planet. I've seenit before. I know what's coming,
and I don't think it's a goodidea for somebody who's in the middle of
a mental break or somebody who's highon drugs to literally have this six ft
tall robot marching around them, goingstay calm, stay calm. Wait,

I'll get in there, and youknow, I'll break it up and you
know, take care of the situationor whatever, you know, because I'm
a double When did you become sassya little wild? You know in these
situations. Yeah, So sometimes I'llcome in, you know, maybe I'll
make a joke or a cool line. They'll they'll move. The one will

get people to move, yeah,you know, because they'll be like,
oh, look, but I've alsoseen you with a shotgun blowing things up,
saving the world your dummy. Okay, well I don't know if you
have a liquid guy that. Okay, so you're welcome, but that scares
me. You're welcome, Arnold.During the commercial Breaksky was in here doing

exercises. I would have loved foryou to come save us. Then,
Oh yes, I don't think anybodycan save you at that point. The
end of the days, the endof the day, I wish I could
erase. Okay, classic Honold,Okay, classic person now okay, Well,

so no exact date on the humanoidversion, but people think we've gone
far enough with the canine version.Let's stick with that. You may really
scare people and freak them out withthe humanoid. We're done. Okay,
it's over all right, there yougo. All right. Coming up tomorrow,
we're gonna play our favorite drinking game. It's a little bombed at the

beach. But we have a majorbone to pick with Emily about something that
she did over the weekend. Yeah, we're gonna get in all that tomorrow morning.

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