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June 11, 2024 98 mins
Bombed at the Beach, Switchfoot, New Releases
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San Diego and welcome, Welcome tothe show. Yo, A new new
day is here, and what betterway to start it than with I feel
like the show is going to begreat. This show, I would like
to introduce you to the ringleader Eddie. I have a young mindset, okay,
the mother of this crew Sky.If you don't know anything about me,

you may not realize that I getcold very easily. For I'm very
rude, I'm obnoxious, and Idon't care. And Emily, ever since
I can remember, I've never wantedto sleep with another human. Welcome to
the show on San Diego's rock stationRock one oh five to three. Wow.
Well, I had to go througha real test of my patience yesterday.

Oh yes, this was tough forme because I was already agitated with
something that had happened earlier, andso this made it even like one hundred
times worse. So yesterday I reallyneeded to get some gas and to get
a car wash. My truck wasfilthy and it had been for a little

while. So I was like,I really need to get this thing washed.
It looks terrible. And so Iwas deciding, all right, well,
I know there's this one spot thatI've go to and have gone to
for probably twenty plus years. Ithas a you know, gas station,
and then when you fill up,you get like a discount on the car
wash. Yeah, And so Iwas like, Okay, you know,

I don't feel like paying you know, fifty bucks for a car wash.
I'll pay six yeah, you know, super easy. And plus with with
my truck, it's it only fitsin certain car washes because it's so big
about that. Yeah, so Ihave to kind of be picky with what
I use. Are you a selfvacuum at the end, guy? Or

are we just do we just Ijust want yeah, you know, Mike,
move along. My cars and trucksare always clean. Oh yeah,
you keep hoping it's not going tobe dirty. So not really worried about
that. But the outside was prettyfilthy. So I was looking forward to
get in a car wash. SoI pull into this place, and like
I said, I've been going herefor probably, like I said, like

twenty years because I used to liveright there and then it's sort of close
to like the baseball field and stufflike that. So I mean, I'll
frequent it fairly often. It's nowherenear my house, but it's near all
these other things that. Yeah,like I said, I used to live
maybe a block away from where itwas, so I'm familiar with it.
And you get your haircut over theretoo, So yeah, it's a little

bit further away in La Mesa thanwhat you're talking about. But I know
exactly what you're talking about. Yeah, so I pull in, not even
thinking twice, I go, Ipull out. I have a gas card
for it. It's pretty fancy.Yeah, I've never had a gas card.
Okay, it's not that big ofa deal. Anybody can get one.
Guy, really, literally, anyonecan get it. Feels like a
big deal. In fact, thatwas my first kind of credit card to

establish credit. So I've had itfor you know, a billion years.
And so I go put it inthe machine and it says like like declined
or something like that, and Iwent, what it's weird. I don't
know what the hell this was.That was a more of a point reward

card. You know. Anyone canget those two? Yeah, yes,
I do know that at the grocerystore they offer them to you. But
a gas card, where do youget that? You have to go online?
Like do they do you get itat the gas station? I don't
know. I don't know I fillout. I've never been offered one of
these, and like normal people woulddo it online. Sky would be the
one that would go into the gasstation, take out the pamphlet and fill
out out with little squares. Veryeasy. I thought you only got those

if you worked for like a bigcorporation and did driving, then they'd give
you like the company the company gas. Why would you think, I don't
know. Why am I not justusing my regular credit card gas station again?
But like I know, the gasstation by my house, I should
get the gas credit card because youliterally ten cents a gallon off if you
use their card. It is reallyblowing. Sky just get am I just

get Amazon Points with my credit card? Don't no what because of all the
flying, the international flying I do. That is true. Yeah, so
anyway, all right, I'm I'mI'm very confused. I'm trying to use
it. It's not taking it.It's not I'm like, man, I
gotta go inside. This is annoyingthat that's the whole point of having the
gas card so I don't have togo on twenty dollars on fone whatever,

and then I want to fill mycar up. So I hate that I
can't just give you an exact number. Yeah, yeah, I hate that.
So that's why I go gas card. So anyway, I walk inside
and go, hey, there's nottaking my car. What's going on?
He goes, oh, well,no, we're no longer that gas station.
We're now SMP oh what they gotbought out? I look outside and
I'm like, oh my god,they've actually changed. I didn't even notice.

You didn't. It didn't say oneof those things where like I've been
going there so many years that Ididn't even look at the A sign nothing.
I had no idea they changed,and I hadn't been there in a
little while. Yeah, so youknow, I look up, I'm like,
oh my god, that's crazy.But score, he said, because
we just changed over. It's adollar off a gallon of gas. And

I went holy yeah, Like Ihaven't seen gas for under four bucks,
and I mean I don't even rememberlast time. It's been a decade maybe
something like that. And so Iwent, hole, well I'm still I'm
staying here. That's a score.And so yeah, I ended up just
using my credit Cardsky, wow,that's a thing like me, So whatever

do the thing, get my carwashed ready to go. Usually they print
out the code on the receipt foryou. Once you buy a car wash
out of gas station, it saysgo inside to get your receipts. I'm
like, this is now. I'mall times I had to go inside to
see what do you do with theYou put in the code and you get

the gas car the car off.I was like, yeah, I missed
that I was on the receipt.I was like people, because I usually
just leave their I don't I don'tcare about seat. I don't even get
them seat. I'll say, youknow, do you want to see no
receipt or if there re seats there, I just comes out. I just
leave it. Yeah, I've seenit, like all the way down,
like paper all the way down,leave receipts. Who still gets receipts?

I don't know. I don't know, like people that do it for their
taxes. I guess ye. Roberttakes receipts my mayor Robert because of the
construction, he like writes all thatoff. The guys a bigger seat,
guy, Yeah, I could justgo to your credit card ap and everything
is right there. He likes paperover guy. I get Robert. I
like him, older woman. Yes, wait hey, well now I'm irritated.

So those two times I gotta gointo the things. Yeah, I
go inside, get my code,and I get into my truck. And
as I'm pulling out, somebody pullsin right in front of me to go
to the cars. The worst feelingin the world, because you're waiting extra
like five minutes. I had it, I would have been like, have
been on the receipt. I wouldhave been the first guy in and got

my car wash done. Yeah.Well now, so now I gotta wait
for this car wash. Well,and to make matters a billion times worse,
this old lady pulls into the entranceof the car wash and she's older
lady, opens your door, getsout, and goes inside. I guess

to buy her car wash. No, no, no, no, lady,
you can buy it right there atthe machine. That's what you do.
And and I'm like, you can'tpark, no, right in the
entrance of the car wash. Icould be getting my car washed while you're
going in by it. Throw thehands up. She was so old that

I and I was sort of confusedthat I went, what is she doing?
And getting out, what's happening,so I didn't have a second to
really like and so she's already inside, damn it. And so now I'm
like, is this for real?And I'm sore of doing what you're saying,
but I'm doing it to nobody,like like throwing my hands at what

are you doing here? Like arewe serious? And I'm standing parked right
behind her, and I'm looking atdoing the look around like what is going
on? And nobody's looking at me. You know, I don't know,
I would they they don't know whatyour car. So she finally comes back
out and she's standing She doesn't getback into her car, standing trying to
figure out how to enter her coat. Oh Jesus, and it is taking

what feels like she didn't even Ohshe has to end the code for the
car, right yeah, yeah,yeah. She's standing there and to figure
it out how to do it,and it's not it's a very It literally
says, put in the number,enter the code, and then you're done.
I mean, it's not that difficult. Now where are you at?
Are you? Because I would beat one of two places, either be
a rage of fire inside or Iwould be doing the like kind of crazy

person laugh of like, really,this has got to happen. I would
have left already. I wouldn't havegot the car. I have the car
I paid for. I would havecame. You really know, it's too
far from me. It's like ifit was down the street. Maybe that's
why I feel like it could expire. I don't know. I'm in it
now, I'm there. I havethe inner rage going on. It's a

fire because I want to get home, Like this is ridiculous. I'm after
work. I'm like, I wantto get home. So I thought this
was going to be a quick,easy process, and it has become a
nice ridiculousness. Now you're thinking abouthow you're missing nap. Yes, it's
a true nightmare, and your wholeschedule is throw it off. So she
she finally puts in the coat,and then it takes her another forever moment

to get into the car, andshe does the full like I'm going to
put my seat belt on, andthat's taking her time. Put the seat
belt on. You're just going intothe car wash. You need to put
your seat belt on to go tothe car, and while the car wash
is going on, then put yourseat Oh my god, I'm just losing
my mind. This will sing playout in front of me, and I'm

just it's like, what, Ijust want my car wash, That's all
I want that. It's brutal.So then the ultimate happens. I'm so
mad and I'm just like, pleasejust be done with this. She does
the thing where you you have topull up to a certain point and the

car wash will turn green or red. It's one of those things that move
yes back and forth. So youpull in and you'll turn red and you
have to stop your car and thenthat's when it goes. It's a very
It's as easy as it gets.She does not pull up far enough for
the machine to kick on to haveit start, and she's just sitting there,

so she thinks she's in the machine, but it's not far enough and
she's not far enough for it toclick on, and I'm like, and
I'm sitting there, and I'm sittingthere, and I'm sitting there, and
I'm like, is she not goingto really pull forward? Is she really
not going to do this? Andif I honk at her, I think
it will confuse her more. Shedoesn't know what's going on. This is

this the first time she's ever useda car wash, clearly because probably got
out the whole thing. I'm like, this is unbelievable. Did they not
have car washes in the forties?And I'm like throwing my hands up,
like I can't believe this is happening. So I go, all right,
well, I can't continue this inthis same situation. I have to do

something about this. You drove yourtruck over her car. I wanted to
push her forward with it. SoI make the decision, all right,
I gotta get out of my truckand fix this because I'm just gonna sit
here for my life. Okay,go ahead, what do I do?
How do you help her? Though? You can't walk into the car wash

because what if you kick it onand all of a sudden stand wash in
the window. There's you're getting Iwas concerned. You know when you first
pull in, they do the underbellywash. Yeah, you know, like
if I go in too far,am I gonna get a little? My
undercarriage is gonna get clean? Thiswouldn't be bad, you know. I
feel good. So I get outand I make sure I'm not fully into

the wash, and I start yellingher her you gotta pull forward, move
forward, won't stop, okay,And I'm mad, but I'm also like,
she's an old lady. Yeah,Like what do I do? Like,
I can't get I can't be thatmad at her. I don't want

her to freak out and scare herscared just you know, a large bearded
man is screaming at her, andso I'm trying to be and she's looking
and I still like, not reallyunderstanding what's going on. And then so
I'm telling her, pull, pullforward, you're bringing in a plate right
now. And so finally, andI think she was in park, put

her car back in, then getsto her spot, pulls forward, and
then realize that that's where I stopped. And then I got the hell out
of there. So the car waswhat a night like? This process could
have been a five minute deal.It ended up taking easily a half an
hour, half hour. And againI did have the thought as I got

back into my truck, I hada thought of all three of you,
how Emily, who's the most impatienthuman on the planet. If Emily,
as soon as it hits ten onone, all she's thinking about is getting
so I can't imagine. I can'timagine you going through that. I don't
know what you would have Emily,no offense, Eddie, I'm not more.
I would never do these tasks beforeI get home, like I save

all my tasks. Like if yougive Emily any If I walked in Emily's
studio and I, hey, couldyou, she goes what that doesn't make
me more home? So what doyou do? I mean, I honestly
would have done what you did.I mean I don't. I'm not going

to not help an older person orbe mean to them. So I would
have done that, and I wouldhave already paid for the car wash.
So I'm not going to leave becauseI wouldn't want to come. No honking,
No, I would have gotten out, That's what she did. Because
the honk if it's that that personis that old, they're going to be
confused by hunk. We're not goingto know why you're honking. Yeah,
then we have the too nice human, which is Sky, who would have

got out and washed the car forI got you so true, And then
Sky would have tried to go outtake her out to lunch. Yeah,
she may need some soup. Sheseems like she needs. What are you
doing just sitting there yeah. Soif it's if it's a person like you
know, my age or younger,I'm gonna do the tiniest honk you've ever

heard in your life, like awhy If it's a younger person like like
they didn't realize they're supposed to befor it. But if it's Ethel,
you're right. I'm still there rightnow. Ethel and I are still there
right and I'm just going to livethere until she figures it out or shut
up, or until someone from thegas What about your husband, he's at

home waiting for you to bring himlunch. Yeah, I'll text him,
he's got to eat. I meangonna do yeah terrible. Yeah, what
about you thor who doesn't give arip? I don't, But my grandma
is going to be ninety three.That's like I am a soft spot for
grandma. Okay, so I probablyI don't know. I if I,

if I frequent the gas station,I'd be like, all right, I'll
just come back tomorrow. If Idon't, like you did, I would
have eventually gotten out and helped likeyou did, because what am I gonna
do? I can't scream at herbecause I would just picture my dad yelling
at me because I would picture somebodyyelling at my grandma. Three's still driving.
Yes, oh no, oh mygod, she has no choice.

She lives in the middle of nowhere. Oh my god. Yeah, that
was that was That was not fun. Yeah. Fun. Eventually I did
get home. Em Oh, thankgod. Speaking of Emily, we know
Emily enjoys a good staycation. That'ssort of your go to when it comes
to vacations. Well, we're gonnasee if our city, San Diego,

is a good city or not forstaycations. Coming up next on the show
at Rock with a five to threeoffspring on the show, It's Rock one
O five three. So Emily isgo to. Vacation is a staycation.
She usually doesn't go anywhere. Sheusually stays stays pretty local and she'll hit

up different spots here in San Diego. But you guys love it. We
love it. I mean we justdid a staycation this past weekend to my
aunt's beach house. I know thatthat was just like an Airbnb type of
deal, but it was my family'splace. But yeah, we love hitting
up the local hotels. We've gotsome stuff in the rotation like Paradise Point,
a mission resort, and the Dana. Oh, I love it so

fun. Why is that? Whydon't you like to go anywhere else?
Because we are huge fans of theMission Bay area and San Diego Bay.
We love the water here. Imean kind of why go somewhere else when
it's right there? I also hatedriving far. Oh it's another thing,
And I get it, Like wecan go, you know, fly or

I don't know. It's not thatfar to go, maybe up the coast
even a little bit, but it'seasier. I guess. My thought is
if you love all that stuff,then you could be doing that all the
time. Yeah, you could gothere every day. Staycation, Like you're
gonna stay what's the point? Yeah? Like why not you live here?
Why not just go? It's alittle bit of a different feeling when you

check in someplace and then you're justthere and you're packed up and you don't
have to worry about parking because youjust park at the resort and you stay
the entire time and you have apool there. Convenience, it's we're convenient.
Imagine going to another state and doingthat. Well, I know,
but like what I said, likeeverything we want to have is right here
down the road. Now when youdo that, do you ever like go
home or are you so you'll nevergo home to just grab something real quick

or Robert's got to work on somethingreal quick. I got vacation. Well
I takes away from it. Thankyou for saying that. Okay, Well,
when you're so close to home,if like you remember, oh I
really wanted that dress, or areyou so on vacation. We're so on
vacation, like I even think onetime, this is like years ago.
I remember because Robert has these ParadisePoint swim trunks that are like sort of

short. But we were there heforgot his swim trunks and instead of driving
home just to our house in Mesain the gift shopping about Paradise plant swims
by the way, What a wildthing to forget if your whole thing is
going to be does that? No? So is San Diego a good spot

for a staycation? I mean,of course it is, yeah, I
would imagine yeah, But I meanwith these things with the with the top,
you know, places for whatever.When we do these lists, it
always sets us back the price becausehotels here are super expelsive by the bay.
But what you know, I mean, am I staycationing in Tulsa,
you know, in you know,wherever, riverside Minneapolis. Oh yeah,

I mean I would rather staycation ina place that has cool things and cool
features and you know, a lotof fun stuff to do. Oh yeah.
So when they looked at the bestcities for staycations for twenty twenty four,
they looked at three different categories.The first category is recreation, so
they're looking at like how many golfcourses do you have? How many swimming

pools, playgrounds, parks, bikerentals, you know, amusement parks,
all that stuff. And then thesecond category food and entertainments. Now,
we got a ton of food andentertainment, but they also put in there
the cost of food and entertainment.But they also put in casinos count,
museums count. We got that stufftoo, so that's good. And the

final category is rest and relaxation.And again this is like how nice are
how many four star hotels do youhave? How many day spas do you
have? But again, how muchdoes that stuff costs? Listen, an,
it ain't cheap, but it ain'tcheap in a lot of cities,
no, you know, I mean, if you're to go to you know,

wherever New York, San Francisco,Chicago, it's all expensive. Yeah
oh yeah. So with all thatadded up, we come in as the
seventh best city in the US fora staycation higher, I agree. Our
best category was recreation, coming insixth place. For recreation, then food

and entertainment we came in twenty third, and relax The rest and relaxation was
our worst category, coming in thirtieth. But again those are the ones that
have cost all wrapped up in them. So where are the best cities for
a staycation? Well? Your topthree? Number three I didn't see this
coming. Cincinnati, Ohio? Ohyeah, what that's where you want to

go. Yes, I think becausethey got like kind of mediocre good scores
in each category, it like averagedout to a good score. But okay,
whatever number two makes sense? Honolulu, why yeah, But I mean
if we're talking cost again, yeahyeah, yeah. So their rest and

relaxation they came in eighty six becauseit costs so much for hotel rooms and
spat treatments. But they came innumber one for recreational activities, so that
did that for them. And thennumber one by far with a super high
score, actually goes to Orlando,Florida because of all those theme parks,
all the activities, all the attractions, food and entertainment. By far,

they are the number one city.You know, it makes sense here we
go. Uh do you let yourfriends know if their zipper is down?
I mean you kind of have toas a friend. Right. Well,
we're gonna see what one couple isdisagreeing about when it comes to their fly
being down when we get back onthe show at Aquait five to three,

third Eveline on the show It's rockon five. Huh, Sky will never
let us live this down. Atone time at a work event, she
had something in her teeth and shewas very mad at us because we didn't
let her know that she had thatin her teeth. And we've told her

for years we didn't notice it,and she doesn't believe us, and she's
always been angry with us ever since. I don't even know what she's talking
about. Yeah, I don't.I mean I didn't. I didn't see
it. You should know what Iwas talking about, because as soon as
I got into the car and flipdown my visor and looked in the mirror,
I took a picture of the massivepeppercorn in my two two. I

did save that picture and I sentit to all of you guys saying,
what the hell, We've just beentaking pictures all day at an event and
nobody told me about this peppercorn inmy teeth. Yeah, we would have
probably told you if we saw it. If I saw it, I mean,
I feel like I feel like,what at least intentionally? Just do
you think we just saw it andwas like, oh, this idiot.

You know, we're like taking likeclients and stuff that we were with going
hey, you no means do Iokay, shut up? Like that it
was an intentional or like it waslike a setup, like you guys are
like ha ha, look at herwhatever, But I have this hot picture
in my phone. Oh no,it was like three years three years earlier.

Yeah, yeah, why why arewe head? It's in our group
chat. It's in our group chat. Yeah, so I'm looking at I
don't see anything. Yeah. Idon't think it was intentional, like oh,
we're gonna let sky look like that. But I believe one of you
saw it and it was like,oh, it's awkward if I say something
now because other people are around,and then and then you just happen.
I mean it was a strong peppercorn. Okay, it was well prepared to

size of her head. Yeah,okay, like a boulder. It was
really just like an was her head. It was on my head. Uh.
You know I've seen before things havehappened where you know, thor is
flies down. I'll give him theheads up. Okay, dude, you
know flies down, because that's theworst when you're walking around thinking you're living

life and then you realize you're flyand you go to the bathroom a couple
hours in and you realize you're fliesdown the whole time embarrassing. But as
friends you can let them know,like, hey, heads up, yeah,
flies down or whatever, you know, and so usually that's that's not
a big deal. Yeah, buthow do you feel about doing that to
strangers? You're going to give somebodythe heads up if something like that happens.

Well, I guess one couple isdisagreeing how to handle this. Yeah.
One gal had something happen at hernew job and she came home and
told her man about it, andhe's like, why would you do that?
You should have said something. Soshe's new at her job and a
woman who works in the building,but she hasn't been like introduced to yet.
She doesn't know this woman yet.Was coming out of the bathroom like

or you know, first thing inthe morning, and that's when she notices
zipper down on this woman's pants.And so she's like, I'm not saying
anything because I've not met this womanyet. I don't know her. It
would be weird for our first interactionfor me to be like, hey,
I noticed her zippers down. Andso she's like, well, you know,
one of her buddies in the officeis going to tell her any minute

now. And then lunchtime rolls around, you know, a few hours later,
she sees the woman coming back infrom lunch zippers still down, zippers
still down, and then she startedfeeling horrible and is wondering why did nobody
tell her? But it's not myplace to tell her because she's a stranger.
At this point, I feel likepeople in the office would start talking

to me like I wonder how longwe can go Yeah, okay, like
the peppercorns, which is actually funny. And now I hope no one tells
her. Okay, that's stupid.And so that she, you know,
like I said, went home andshe's telling her husband because now she's thinking
about it, but she thinks shedid the right thing by not saying something.
But her man like completely agrees andit's like, no, you should

always tell somebody, stranger or not. And potentially this would have been a
way to get in good with thiswoman because you're helping her well. I
think men probably feel a little bitdifferently about the zipper situation than women do.
We got more stuff that can beyou know, out out, and
so I think we are more aptto give each other a heads up about

the zipper being down. Like Iwould never let a female person that I
don't know, a stranger know thattheir zippers down. I feel like you
would think that I'm so sexually harassingyou, or like why are you looking
in that area or something like that. I would never do that. I
would never do that. A dude. I might. I might give him
the head nod of like hey dude, yeah, and then point check that
out, yes whatever, female notdoing it. I wouldn't say anything anybody

really know anybody else, because Ifind it. If it's somebody I know,
like Eddie or you two sky Emily, I would say something. But
if somebody I don't know. Ifind it funny. You find it funny,
and I'm like, now I knowhow you react though when your zippers
duck. You always go damn it, yeah, and so don't you head

up? I do, but forsomebody I don't know would be weird.
And you know, if I saw, like I don't know, somebody in
the building that I didn't know andthe zipp was down, I go and
then I just keep walking. Helpfut Now what about you, ladies?
How do you handle that? I'mnever telling a dude that I don't know,

because the same thing that Eddie said, like there's too much. It's
like I'm looking down at his crotch. Why am I looking at his crotch?
You know what I mean? SoI would do that. I would
only tell a close guy friend likeyou two that your zippers are down.
Now for females go. I wouldn'thave said something initially at this first passing
where that lady was just leaving,But once lunch came around and I saw
it was still down, I'm gonnago over and say something to her.

Really, yeah, like it's beenand now I know it's been down for
two or three hours now, she'sbeen working with it, with it down,
I'm gonna go say something, Wow, that's nice. Yes, um
yeah. If it's a close friend, like somewhere here in the room,
I'm gonna say something. But mostpeople, I'm not going to have the

courage to say something. Hurry.Yeah. Like I will always remember this
one time when we were doing thisbig like comedy show and this comic was
about to go on stage and goodfriends with Eddie. But Eddie thought it
would be hysterical because I go,Eddie, you got to go tell him
his zippers down, like dude isabout to go on stage, like at
the rady shell, like at thatlevel of stage right and and Eddie goes,

Eddie thought it because he knows howI am. He goes, No,
you tell him if you think heshould know. Because Eddie wanted to
put me on the spot and makeme uncomfortable, and it did, and
I was coming out of my skin. I stared at him for like ten
minutes hoping he'd notice. He didn't, and then I had to go over
and tell him, before you goon stage, you should know your zippers
down. And I like, Ilike literally ran away and made it so

much more awkward and ever since thennow I have like extra try. He
was probably grateful. Yeah, he'dgo on stage for all those people.
He was, but at the sametime he like almost didn't care, you
know, which made me like andI had like about a half hour of
anxiety and anticipation leading up to it. That's why I enjoyed that. Yes,

oh you did, you did earlyand so so No, unless it's
somebody I'm super tight with, Ican't do that, Ipercorn. We have
a bone to pick with you,Emily. Emily did something over the weekend
that we take issue with or slightlyoffended. We're going to confront Emily about

what it is she did when weget back on the show. At Rock
with A five three, I saidchili peppers on the show, it's Rock
withtal five three. So I keepthinking, Emily is one of our closest
friends, you know. I mean, we're really tight, I thought,
But these things keep happening and it'sit's really kind of offending us and it's

hurting our feelings and we can't figureyou out. A big bone to pick
with you. So we remember whenyou were first began on this show the
year one, when you had asurprise party, and we didn't make the
list we did. We weren't invitedto this surprise party, which is very
hurtful. Well I didn't. Ihits HiT's the key word there, Eddie

is surprise. I understand I hadnothing to do with it. Maybe,
I mean I didn't know we gotit. I wait, I understand that
aspect of it. But I wouldimagine the persons that threw you the party,
if they're putting together list and andyou know you're you know, talking
about who you you know, youlike and who your friends are, they

would probably make you know the listand have us beyond it. I mean,
I didn't sit at home prior tothe party listing all my friends for
fun for no reason. Yeah,but it wasn't like I was creating a
list for possible you know what Imean. But to Eddie's point, once
we did not get the invite,it definitely led us to think, oh,

when she's at home talking fondly aboutcertain people. Clear, we are
not on that list of the fondlypeople. We we We let it go
though, because you're right, youdidn't make the list. It was Robert.
It's still things a little still billionyears ago reillion. And then let's

recall how Emily and her family owna ranch and they have this ranch and
every year Emily goes to it andhas time blast and in the middle of
nowhere and there's a pool, andshe always talks about, oh, yeah,
it's great. You know, ourfriends come up and it's always awesome.

We're always like, well, howcome we don't Well she always goes,
well, have you guys out,well, have you guys? Have
you guys every year at any timeyou want? Yeah, and we never
would never get invited. Yeah,yeah, But the next time came and
it was her and the whole groupof people and trailers and camping and yeah.
I mean I think that that onewas a collaboration because it was one

of my other friend's birthdays and Ithink it was Robert's birthday. Multiple every
year you keep saying, I meanit's every year we've brought it up.
I mean for many years. Oh, she's not going to disagree about that,
okay, uh. And I meanI don't really think you guys are
going to want to go to myranch. I mean we've said it.
I don't know how many times.They don't think we'd have a fun time.

You don't think we'd have fun.I think I have last But I
mean, okay, well then thisis the ultimate. This is the ultimate.
Now we know where we stand withOh, it is clear now where
we stand because oh yeah, Emilytalked about last week about how she was
going to be staying at her auntbeach house. I mean, they have

ranches, beach houses all place sinceI was a little girl. What happened
to you? I'm sorry of aranch eleventh my cousins, Well I know,
I'm just saying, like, youhave all these family members who have
all these things. Yeah, andthen there's you. Anyway, So your
aunt has is beach house and youwere planning on staying there this weekend,

and you brought it up to us, and we were like, oh wow,
that sounds pretty cool, like,you know whatever. We were talking
to you about it a little bit, and we even said, oh,
you know, are you having friendsout there? Like could we come by
and check it out or whatever?And you told us verbatim, No,

we're not really having friends. It'sjust going to be the three of us
and we're just gonna be out therehanging out. Maybe my mom and your
stepdad might swing by, but that'sit. That's it. Mm hmm.
Okay, that's cool. I guesssounds nice little get away for you.
Okay, Then yesterday we find outthat not only did your mom and stepdad

swing by, but multiple friends,multiple groups did come by the beach house
and hang out. So it's blatantat this point that you hate us.
It's not blatant. I don't wantto hang out with us outside of work.
Did you get in? I'm fiveminutes up the road. I mean,

like, I mean, I'm rightthere. You latantly said you'd really
love to see this place, checkit out for the like the weird real
estate value of it, or likeI need to know. But I mean
it's it's blatant. It's not blaytant. And there's there's reasons. There is
reasons supposed to be my mom andmy stepdad and my stir and my niece.

We're going to come back. Itwas just going to be chillywhere with
true so true? Absolutely, Wow, she has dancing, She's invited you
dancing. I don't I don't thinkthat's true. That the last time somewhere

my party, when everybody was hammered, she still dancing. She's never sent
you a text on a Friday andsaid, Eddie, would you like to
come? You won't give you anumber, Eddie, what was the last
time Emily invised you somewhere? That'snever not once. Oh that's so sad.
So that's it was only supposed tobe us in my mom my family,
right. So we were excited aboutthat because it wasn't like, let's
invite a bunch of people, let'shave a list, let's have to bake

all this food and all this stuff. Friday afternoon, my friend Fletcher,
who have known since I school,randomly texts me because and you were going
down there and says, hey,I'm bored, I'm not doing anything.
I'm gonna cruise, buy and giveRobert a gift. She came by Friday
night. That was the only human. And then wait a minute, so
that's a that is a friend,and I didn't. I love how it

doesn't count. She was a stopby. And then there was Saturday.
She stayed a couple of hours,but that's not a stop I didn't have
to buy the extra food, didn'thave to do anything, and it was
just a random stop by. Andthen I mean we weren't asking you to
five minutes. I don't want youto make I don't want you to make
Saturday. It wasn't supposed to beour friend Keith and his wife Holly and

the kyb. It was supposed tobe then, because they were supposed to
be doing something else. And Iguess somehow in the back or whatever,
Keith's plans fell through and he reachedout to Robert later and then they came
by it. Okay, So whatdid I say that was wrong? You
just were they were supposed to come, and his plans, It's all,

you know. He was never supposedto come. He was always did.
But you still had people come visityou. I did. I did.
I wasn't from no friends. Wasn'tthat friends game, didn't have the right
food. Wasn't like food situation.You feed people when they come to your
house. I mean, you don'thave to bring a sandwich, drinking drink

of beer. Just hang out outthe water. I mean, there's plenty
of places to get pizzas and tacosall right there by the bay. I
can understand. I mean, I'mnot destitute. I can I can order
Emily to your house right many many, many, many times. Give me
a break. Break. Remember,you guys want to go drive south,

find a parking spot? Why doyou always put stuff in? Because I
go to My wife goes to thebeach all the time. Sometimes you guys
want to do you know, Ididn't think you guys want to come.
That's not either you want to drivethe south mission find it possible to do.
I didn't invite any of these people. They just ended up showing up.

And it wasn't that many people.It wasn't that many people. But
I'm sure when they showed up,your first thought was, oh, well,
let me text my friends and peopleare showing up. Since we are
showing it up? What people there? Guy? First thought was how did
you find a parking spot? Thenthey went where's the food? Yeah?
And then you cried, is thatwhat happened? So? Why? What
is it? What's going on here? Is that thing? I explained to

you just now? I didn't.You didn't explain anything. You had friends
over. We didn't invite people,I mean not us like we didn't clearly,
Yeah, clearly. And you guysare closer to me. And it
wasn't for my birthday. It wasfor Robert's birthday weekend. So it's like,
was pleasure there because Robert Fletcher actuallytalk more than we do. That's
weird. Yeah, that's an oddthing to sounds like you. If it
wasn't my party, like my fortiethbirthday party that you guys were all invited

to, you guys would have madethe list. If we were having a
get together, you guys would makethe list. It wasn't supposed to be
a get together. I mean there'sthings called stop. Yes, that's what
happened. So is that what wehave to do if we want to see
you on a weekend? We justgot to force our way In the ch
text you I'm saying, I'm aswing by. You know what I'm saying?

Hell ya beer? Wow, seeyou Wow, I'll see you suit.
When are you going into the ranchagain this summer? No clue.
They haven't planned anything. So we'reall invited. Sure, it didn't feel
very welcome. Wow, I don'twant you to have to make food.
Oh my god. The Padres havehad a hard time beating bad teams this
year. I mean it has beenweird. So when the A's come to

town, you can hope the Padrescan beat them. We're gonna see what
happened with the Padres and the badA's team next in Sports Dirt. Very
strange season where the Padres have reallystruggled against bad teams, the Rockies,
the Angels, teams like that.You're like, what what is going on?

You gotta beat those teams. Yeah, we said yesterday, Padres have
to beat teams like the Oakland A'sif they have any hopes of making it
to the postseason. Well they did. They open up their series against the
A's and put it on them,winning six to one. Now, the
A's actually got on the board firstwith the solo home run off of Dylan
Ceas, but then the Padres respondedback with six unanswered runs, including another

home run by Fernando Tatist Junior,who extended his major league lead best hitting
streak to sixteen games. The Dudeis on Baya. Jake Cronaworth also went
deep. It's the four straight gamethe Padres have had multiple home runs.
So good stuff. Yeah, youknow, let's keep it going though.

They got to continue to beat theteams like the A's. Looks like Dan
Hurley is staying put. He hasturned down the Lakers offer to be their
next head coach and will remain atYukon now. The offer was reportedly for
six years, seventy million, ohMan, which is kind of a low
ball offer. It was, Imean, it would only have made him

like the sixth highest I mean itwas a lot. Yeah, Yeah,
that's pretty wild. Yeah. Iwas kind of surprised by that. I
was like, you want this guyto leave Yukon, which is kind of
a cush job for him, andyou know, he's doing obviously really well
there and you're only gonna make himlike the sixth highest paid player of the
Lakers. Really, it was kindof odd, but whatever, So he's

going to try to leave Yukon totheir third straight national title and remain with
the Huskies. Very interesting Stanley CupFinals last night saw the Panthers go up
two to oh in their series againstthe Oilers, winning four to one,
so Game three will be Thursday inEdmonton. The Pittsburgh Steelers don't make coaching
changes very often, and they're notplanning to anytime soon, so they're sticking

with their guy, as they gaveMike Tomlin a three year extension through the
twenty twenty seventh season. He's alreadythe longest tenured NFL coach as he enters
his eighteenth year at the Helm.Eddie and I are different on Mike Tomlin.
I know Mike Tomlin's a good coach. I just think sometime it's good
for a change of scenery. Hehasn't gotten the Steelers PA. They haven't

won a playoff game in like eightyears, So like it's weird to me.
I get it. But he goeslike nine and eight every year and
seven never. He's never had alosing season, but he hasn't made it
past the first round in eight years. So this is where I say he's
gotten them. There, you wonthe won a championship. He's been to
a super Bowl after that? Yeah, I say to thor, wouldn't you

rather at least have the hope ofbeing contention every year? Or and he's
done more with less. I getwhat you're saying, but he doesn't have
a quarterback. They're but but they'rethey'll win nine games this year, but
they're not going to the super Bowl. They're not in contention. But like
that there, but at least youhave a chance if you're in the playoffs.
Maybe I guess. I don't know. I feel like this should have

been a make or break at yearfor Tomlin, but giving him a three
year extension to me, but afternot winning a playoff game for eight years,
I think it's pretty well. Also, look at it like this,
the Steelers and Mike Tomlin. You'vehad to go through Peyton Manning, Tom
Brady, Patrick Mahomes. I mean, the best of the best, and
now you haven't had a quarterback sinceRoethlisberger retired. It's gonna be tough.

And they kept the GM too,it's the same GM. I don't know.
If I was a Steeler fan,I'd be like, at this point,
I'd be like, I mean,I'd be like, what be thrilled?
I have like three year extension.I can understand a one year extension.
So it's not a lame deck coach, you know what I mean.
It's basically it's two years. Idon't know, Yeah, I do.
The Athletic has asked Major League Baseballplayers their annual survey about what they think

of the game and its players.So who do you think that Major League
Baseball players think is the best playerin the game right now? Not a
big surprise sho Hey o Tawi gotforty six percent of the vote, so
I mean it was a landslide.Who do they think is the most overrated
player in the game? Jazz Chisholm, that guy who was randomly on the

MLB the Show. You know,Yeah, I mean, and he hasn't
I mean, he's good, butI don't know if he deserves that's pretty
wild. Which player do you thinkthat baseball players would most want on their
team? Aaron, Nope, ReallyEmily's guy, Mookie Best. They want
they want Mookie. Not only doyou major League baseball players, but Emily

also all want Mookie Best. I'mnot you know, I was, I
said, Aaron, judge because he'ssuch a captain and a leader and he's
having a crazy good year. ButMookie makes sense because it's more versatile.
Yeah, but Emily Rodgers fan themwherever he goes. Which team would most

baseball players want to play for ifit wasn't their own? Obviously? It
is not the Dogs, not theDodgers, It is not the Giants,
Cups, It is not the Cups. It's not us, is it?
Okay? Atlanta Braves, why,I don't know, they have a good

team in their usually like that.I was thinking. I was thinking a
team that has a very not loyalfan base, but a positive fan base.
So my next guest was gonna belike the Cardinals. That's why I
said the Cubs. It makes themlike they'll always cheer in St. Louis.
Yeah, yeah, that's true.The Braves Sportster is brought to you

by Pellamar Health. Sky has madethe claim before that taking a dip in
the pool is as good as takinga shower. That is a wild claim.
Well, I guess you're not alone Sky. We're gonna see what
one mom said that has gone viralabout going swimming coming up next on the
show on rocking a five three biscuit. On the show, It's Rocke three.

I'll never forget it. The Skyone time claimed that taking a swim
in her pool was as good astaking a shower. Yes, And we
tried to explain to her, well, you don't have any soap, so
you're not really getting clean. Yes, you're in water, yeah, but
are you getting clean? I don'tthink so. Yeah. And and let

me be clear with my swimming orgoing into the hot tub as an equivalent
of a shower. Or a bath. This isn't on like after I've done
my hot and sweaty yoga or whenI'm like in the garden in mud.
But if it's a normal day andI've just done normal day activities, then

going in the pool or the spotto me checks that box of a shower.
But you realize there's no soap,especially in a hot tub. The
much bacteria in there and chlorine andlike you could leave a hot to dirtier
and more gross than when you wentin. And what do you do about
the smells? Yeah, bacteria inyour arm pits. If I had a

chlorine spot, because we used towe now have salt water, it would
be it would be different because Idon't like that chlorine smell. I get
that in fact, that all thathot water creates bacteria. You know when
you're kind at a salt water poolor you know you have like a film
ament like it leaves, like thediscussed that's on you does like dry out,

and it does leave some of thedebris and like the chemical or the
salts behind. But she's not answeringmy question. Like there's certain parts of
your body, your armpits, you'reundercarriage that smell just because you've been sitting
all day and they're they're they're Iknow, Sky stinks, we know this,
but like, so what do youdo about that? Like you just
nothing? Well, you could justdo a little rub rub again, there's

no soap, sky, I knowthere's no soap, but there's a rub
rub. But that doesn't make younot smell and get rid of the bad
I feel, it doesn't stop.I'm good, I'm good. Okay,
Well agree to disagree. Yes,you're not good. I used to have
this argument with my kids. Youknow, children, they don't do this

anymore. They kind of grew upwhere they would. Who wants to be
the smelly kid? Yeah, wellyou kids? You claim you know,
oh I would swimming. I'm good. No, you didn't take you know,
you got to take a shower andwe have a chloring pool. So
I was doubly worse. You're gonnasmell, screw right. They get it
now, but not as a fortyseven year old. Yeah, when Reid

was younger, I would once ina while let it slide. If it
was like him and Robert did anight an evening jacuzzie, like I would
once in a while let it slide. Don't you wash them with the hosts.
I don't wash the Roberts stuff.They tie them like a tree.
I don't tie them up. They'dstay I don't need to time up,
they'd stay put with the host don'tget it twisted. It humans, that's

fun. Well, I guess Sky, You're not the only one to make
this claim, as a mom hasgone viral for basically saying the same thing.
Yeah. Mom in Colorado who hastwo young kids just at a post
with a little video of her kidsat the community pool for the first time

of the summer, and she entitledthe post happy the pool counts as a
bath season to all participate. Pleasetell me I'm not the only mom who
celebrates the community in that pool.So when you do a little rub rub,

you're disgusting. Yeah, are yourationalizing that? I heard that it's
sanitizes things like if you have ajellyfish sting you know, do you?
Yes, yes, you're jellyfish armpits. Yes, that's what I'm doing at
a very very deluded amount. Butbut yes, So this mom says pool

days mean it's definitely not going tobe a bath night for my kids.
And this quickly went viral, withlike thousands of people commenting and disagreeing saying
what we're saying. To my surprise, the majority of the comments are disagreeing

with the mom, saying that's disgusting, that's nasty, so gross, chemicals,
sunscreen, sweat you'urine, salt,it's all in there. It depends.
Really, I thought you were abig you wear that stupid giant hattle.
It's it's just a normal nightcap.It's actually a sun it's actually a

no. Like, if I'm goingto be out there all day, yes,
sunscreen, but if we're just goingout there for a quick dip,
or if it's like lots of timeswhen we go in it's like five,
you know, six pm, No, I won't races. No, no,
I won't well yeah, yeah,I just I just wear a big
hat. Lots of big hats goingon. Lots of people say it's stuff

like this that made the pandemic happen. Hold on, But there were a
few people who had mine in thiswoman's back, saying it's no big deal.
Every once in a while, yes, if your kid's playing in the
mud, But every once in awhile, I mean I would say this
is worse than playing in the mud. Being a community pool with chlorine and

urine is worse than playing in themut gross, So yes, I actually
this will surprise you. Agree withyou guys when it comes to a community
pool, when it comes to achlorine pool. But my saw water pool.
You go to the bathroom and it'sfine. It's it's just a little
tinkle. Oh dude, you're sogross. I've had all Right, we're

about to play everybody's favorite drinking game. It's a little Bombed at the Beach.
When we get back on the showon Rock with five to three,
Weezer on the show, it's Rockone O five to three, all right,
is basically time to play some beerpong on the radio. It's time

for the best drinking game, Bombedat the Beach. And now it's time
for Bombed at the Beach. Allright. Here we go a little Bombed
at the Beach. This is wherewe send our new assistant producer Jamie down
to the bars. He's looking forthe drunkest people out there, and he
asked them trivia questions. Yeah,Jamie is as drunk as they are.

Do you think so? I think? After as saying no, keep super
No, no, he's not aloser. I think he keeps it cool
so far he says he's going tokeep it cool and then actually it's cool
so fun? Wow? Nailed?Yes, yes, yes, we send

Jamie down there. He asked drunkpeople trivia questions and we try to figure
out if they're going to get thequestion right or wrong. That is how
the game works. You get topick which show member you want to play
for you. If we win foryou, we're gonna win you a four
pack of tickets to the San DiegoCounty Fair which kicks off tomorrow. Are
you believe ye is flying by?We're only half way halfway through the year.

Just how crazy is halfway through theyear. Yes, it's June twelfth
through July seventh, of course atthe del Mar Fairgrounds. They're going retro
this year too. It's gonna befun. If you need tickets or information,
go to sdfair dot com or youcan win them right now. Four
pack of tickets. Let's go toP one Javier Javier, you get first
pick between myself, Sky, Emilyand thor who you picking get with Emily,

She'll nail it, and I rememberto nailing they go not keeping it?
Not keeping it? Okay, let'sgo to P one slick Rod,
Oh, click Rod. You getto choose between me Sky and thor A
good morning, I take inside voiceherself. Never happen. There is no

inside voice with her Sky. Idon't I don't like that, nor his
name. Thank you? You don'tlike slick Rod? Okay, why are
you playing that right now? Itjust makes sense. One. You get

to choose between me and Thor.Yeah, let's go with soul Patrol.
Let's go for Wow Patrol. Allright, TB, it's all weird.
Why are you Soul Patrol? Idon't know it's weird. That means P
one Daniel. I will be playingfor you, Daniel. Awesome. Yeah,
we will get it. We willget it. All right, here

we go. Let's listen to thefirst person. Did Jamie talk to what's
your name? Sebastian? What you'redoing out here tonight? I'm getting drunk?
Bro can tell me why you've hadto drink so hart tonight? Like
for his shots? Maybe two beers? But yeah, we're around there.
Who directed the movie? Et?Does Sebastian have an accent? Or is
he just that drunk? Is that. I don't think. The question that

Jamie asked Sebastian was who directed themovie? E t The answer is Steven
Spielberg is Sebastie Bass. There's nochance. He sounds like he's a bit
younger. He sounds like you mighthave a little bit of an accent for
some reason. That tells me Spielbergin there, it's not happening. I'm

gonna say, no, he doesnot know what What do you think?
Emily? Here's the deal. Nowmy mind is completely thrown off because I
personally did hear Dario in there andmoney our old guy? Do you keep
bringing him up? Because he will? The reason I'm bringing him up is
because he was a film guy.So now my mind is just tainted.
This guy so any hispanic who isnow knows film like what? Yeah,

basically I'm just saying, I'm goingto say that he knows it. He's
a film is okay, Well maybehe's a film guy. Yeah, never
know how I can't do. Myinitial take was very similar to Eddie's of
this is a younger guy. Ifyou were to ask somebody mine or Eddie's

age about this, I would say, yes, they'd know it. But
younger. I don't think so,so I'm saying no as well, No,
what do you think? I thinkthat you people really only know like
three directors, right, Spielberg,Scorsese, who's the third, George Lucas

Tarantino. Yeah, like those arelike the three like people everyone knows.
So I'm gonna take a shot andsay he's gonna yell out one of them.
Yeah, so then he will.I think he knows it happens just
because there's only like a few directorspeople really know. Okay, all right,
Well that means we're split. Emilyand Thor believe yes, he's gonna
know that Steven Spielberg directed E TMe and Sky says, no, he's

not gonna know it. Let's hearhow Sea Bass answers on what Christopher Nolan,
he's another very director. So there'sfour directors people, now, that's
about it. He's the newer one, he's the new Let's get to the

second question for Sebastian. Mount Everestis found in what mountain range? Mount
Everest is found in what mountain range? We're looking for the Himalayas. Will
Sea Bass know that that's a toughone. I feel like if you know
Christopher Nolan, you're a little biteducated because those movies are really tricky to
understand. He knows film, heknows, he knows that. So with

that being said, I'm gonna saythat he gets it right, he does.
I'm gonna have more faith in Sebastianhere. Okay, what do you
think skuy uh? Yeah? Likeagain, kind of going back to what
Thor was saying, if you're justgonna pull the most like common ones out
because you're guessing, at least forme, the Himalaians aren't in there as
one of the most top of themine. So I'm gonna say again,

no, he will not get thisright, right Thor. I mean,
I had no clue Himalaia guy.So I'm gonna say he doesn't know.
Hmm. He could be from thewait. I don't know where he's from.
But yeah, that one's a toughone. I'm gonna err on the
side of caution on this one andsay, no, he is not going

to know where Mount Everest is found. So we're all in agreement. He
is not going to know Mount Everestis found. And oh no, yo,
yeah, the only one he believes. She believes I think he's gonna
get it right. Smart guy.She believes because he said Christopher Nolan.
Okay. Well then Emily, you'reon your own. Okay, you're the
only one believes he's gonna know thatthe Mount Everest is found in the Himalayas.

Let's hear how he answers so educated. I think this is the second
game in a row. I stillhaven't got one right, Oh no,
that's true. Pretty keep damn.Let's get to the third and final question

for Sea Bass. What actor voicedbuzz light Year in the Toy Story movies?
Which actor voiced buzz light Year inthe Toy Story movies? We're looking
for Tim Allen? Is Sebastian gonnaknow that guy again. I'm gonna for
the third time in a row,I'm gonna say no, he will not.
I believe he is a bit younger, so I don't know. I

mean, I think he's seen theToy Story movies, but I don't know
if he's very familiar with Tim Allenas an actor. So I'm gonna say
no, thank you, no,thank you? Yes, all right?
Thor I'm fifty to fifty on thisbecause I feel like everyone knows this because
it's Toy Story and they've made somany over the last twenty years, right,
so I mean four, but it'sa lot, so many. But

I'm like, but then again,though it's not Tom Hanks, it's not
Woody Dah. He knows it.He doesn't Wow, Okay, he knows
film. We know that, sure, I am saying. And him being
younger is a good thing in thiscase because he probably is familiar with Toy
Story. Yeah, and those onthe ride at Disney. It's a high

score. Maybe it's a good shot. All that being said, does he
know the voice that I have studAt some points he would say who voices
Tim Allen? You think I meanwho voices buzz Lightyear? You think he'd
say that. I would think he'stalking with his buddies. Just no,
mom, he's kid a little bitvoices buzz Lightyear. No, he doesn't

know. You just convinced me hedoesn't. No, it doesn't know it.
What do you think I think he'sa Disney guy. I think he's
a Disney guy. I think hepays attention. Once again, it goes
back to the Christopher Nolan like he'spaying attention to made Batman. It wasn't
that in depth? Well, tome, it's in depth. Okay,
I watch, I'm gonna say hegets it right. Wow, you believe
that Sebastian has known everything? Wow? You love this guy? You love

him? All right? I don'tunderstand here anymore. All right, So
Emily and Thor believe he is goingto know that. Tim Allen voiced buzz,
let you hear me, and Skuysay no, he is not going
to know it. So the answerwe're looking for is Tim Allen Christian Bailey.
He only knows that, he onlyknows darkness. Oh wow, I

suck. Let's find out. Iam keeping staring the standings after round one,
which sings, uh, currently lastplace, way back there. We
got Thor, we have gotten oneright in two and that three people.
You don't think I know you have? You have? You have zero points.
That's we have Emily in second placewith one point and tied for first

place myself and Eddie with two pointseach. All right, well we have
a whole another round to go asbomb to or bomb at the beach.
Round two is coming up with thisgirl probably shouldn't say that on radio.
Well we'll find out. Come onnext on the show rocking a five three.

Hurt myself today, ediot, that'snot joh okay, calm down,
everybody. We are in the middleof playing everybody's favorite drinking game, a

little bomb at the beach. Wegot a hot game going on right now,
Scott, what are the standings afterround one? Oh? Well,
right now, for the second timeplaying in a row or with zero points
first? Remember you got one rightlast time, threw away. All right,
there we go. It's not good. It's not good. Emily right

now in second place with one pointand tied for first place is myself and
Eddie with two points each. Allright, well, we got fair tickets
on the line. That's the bigprize on the line. Let's hear the
second person that Jamie talked to.What's your name, av Jar? What
are you doing out here tonight?Tonight having a good time. What have

you had to drink so far?I've had a lot of pisonas and a
few beers. Who is the quarterbackfor the Buffalo Bills. Oh my god,
Oh my god, she's on one. She's she's nice and drunk.
Oh that is one of the drunkerpeople I've heard on this game and that's
saying something. She is who allright, ava is her name? Yeah?

The question that Jamie ask is whois the quarterback for the Buffalo Bills
we are looking for Josh Allen?Is eva gonna know that? Thor?
No? No, really, Idon't think so. Uh. I know,
Josh Allen's a big name. Butunless the only name she's gonna know
is Patrick Mahomes or Travis Kelce,So that's it. Why do you say

that that's it, that's all she'sgonna know or Tom Brady. Yeah.
I'm trying to think, like,who is big enough name for her to
know? I think that's the realmwe're in, right there, Josh Allen,
unless she's a big football fan,which I mean could be. I
mean a lot of people are,but I'm going to err on the side
of probably not. I don't thinkshe's gonna get this one, right.

What do you think, Emily,Yeah, I mean there's no chance she
gets. She's a small percentage thatshe's young, young chick and she's a
football fan. The dad's a Billsfan. I mean no chance, say,
no chance, very little chance.But anyhow I'm gonna say she gets.
Okay, what do you think guy. Yeah, I'm completely sober and
listened to sports start every day andI couldn't have answered that question. So

okay, well you don't have tobe mean. Mean. Okay, you're
mean for not knowing who Josh Imean. You called me pathetic. I
like, he just said, Isit in here every day, listen to
you every day, and I stilldon't know that. I don't know that.
You don't think that's a little sad. Okay, you pay attention to
my words, that's more mean.Yeah, that's a happened. So no
way will she know this? Fine? Ipe, she gets it right?

Wrong? All right, So thequestion is who is the quarterback for the
Buffalo Bills. We all say,no way, He's she going to know
this. The answer we're looking foris josh Allen Joshua Alan. Oh my
god. So basically, any questionI say right is wrong. Hold on
a minute, and she goes fullname. Maybe I've never even heard of

it. She's Hailey Steinfeld fan becausethat's who they're date, that's what he's
dating. Really, so how doyou know that you're not on social media
right now? How do you knowthat they've been dating since the football season.
Yeah, she's hot. That's howI know. Oh yeah, I
still like jaw on the floor,like that's in your face right there?
I know that's on your face?Is the sports skirt every day? Okay?

She knows Jo graduate and you saidno chance? How about that she
plays fans football? Yeah? Shedoes love her? You love her.
You said she wasn't gonna Yeah.The second question for Eva, what is

the mascot for USC? What isthe mascot for USC? It is the
Trojans? Is Ava gonna know that? Now? I'm really good time?
I have no idea. Well,I feel like she may be around the
college age, if you maybe arein that realm, and she's apparently a

football fan. I think she mayknow this one because of that. So
I'm gonna say she gets it right. What do you think, Emily?
Yeah, around the college age,I mean la U c l A is
or USC is not too far fromus, you know what I mean.
So I'm gonna say she gets itright. She does get it right right?
What do you think, Skuy?I don't know, Like, initially
I want to say she's going toget it right based on all the things

you said, but she was soopposite last year, like, I like,
I think she's gonna say like bruinsor something. So I'm gonna say,
no, she will not get shedoesn't know it, all right,
What do you think, Thor?I think, yeah, I'm gonna say
she gets it right, just becausedefinitely, I'm just taking shots in the

dark. I'm just taking shots inthe dark, all right. So Sky
and Thor are no Emily in Thor, right, I think she gets it
right. You think she's gonna rAnd I said yes, yes, So
you're the only one, the last. This is the wildest game ever,
all right. So Sky is theonly one, all right. So the

answer we're looking for is trojans On. Who is the mascot for usc?
What is the mascot us the trojansOh? She does is awesome. It
sounded kind of sober in that one, like like she's taking this, she's
taking face. Okay, wait,excuse me, you're the new opposite.

No, I'm not the Let's getto the third and final question for Ava.
What does a k A s for? What does a k A stand
for? It is also known asalso known as Emily is going to know
that? Oh? I don't know. I feel like that's like an older
saying it's not an L O Lor any of those ones that we use

in texting right now, but Imean it's pretty common. She seems to
be nailing it. Say she getsit right, she gets it right?
All right? What do you think, sky I, I'm gonna say no.
I think it's a bit of anolder one. So I'm gonna say
no, no, all right,what do you think? I don't think
it's an older saying yeah, whatelse do you say? Instead of A

K A, I don't know AK A B K A, I say
BK better known as and when Iintroduced my puppy Wilson to people, I
give him all of his nicknames goAKA, Willy, silly, Willy,
BKA silly. All right, Ohthat's too much she knows it? Uh,
too many letters, too many words. No, she is not going

to know this. She's not goingto get it right. So we are
split. Emily and Thora say yes, she's going to know what AKA stands
for. Me and Skuy say no, she is not going to know it.
We're looking for also known as AKA, also known as dude. Wow,
she's so drunk, but yet shedid really well that's what a comeback

by Okay, this isn't about youagain? What a comeback? I don't
know where we ask what are thefinal seconds? Well, you didn't win,
but there was a substantial comeback.Uh tied for last place myself and
thor two points each. We didit, skys got what happened and then
tied for first place three points each. We have Eddie and Emily. Oh

my, so we have a tiebreaking question. This goes back to the
first round of Sebastian. Okay,so this is the tie breaking question for
Sebastian. What country is shaped likea boot? What country is shaped like
a boot? We're looking for Italy? Is Sea Bass? Gonna know that?
Emily Sea Bass and I didn't getalong that first round. I thought

I did. I thought were friendsone hundred percent. So I was hoping
this is going to be given toApha, but it's not. I'm gonna
say he gets it wrong, hegets it wrong. What other country?
Who would it be? Yeah,I don't know if it's not Italy.
It took me a minute. That'sjust the drop I happened. Happened,
Oh my god, it happened.Yeah, I think is going to know

this one. I think he's goingto get it right. All right.
So if he says Italy, I'vewon. If he doesn't, Emily's one,
let's hear how he answers Italy.Congratulations to p one. Daniel,
we did it. You're going tothe fair. Yeah, you got a

buddy there you go. Speaking ofbuddies, our buddies from switch Foot are
going to be hanging out with usin studio Takle bro Am when we get
back on the show on Rock three. Oh, what a coincidence he's playing
switch Foot right there. I don'tknow that. And then he just walks

here. Yes, it's the show, it's Rock five to three, and
it is that time of year.This is very exciting whatever it is bro
Am time. We get to talkto our friends over and switch what Chad
is hanging out with us? Andthis is an even bigger one than ever
before. Twentieth Think about that?Isn't that crazy about that? Twenty years?

It's crazy twentieth year of the switchFoot bro Am, which is unbelievable
to think about. Yeah, becauseI mean when you guys started this,
I mean you can't imagine twenty yearslater you're still going to be doing this
right, Oh man. We wereyoung and dumb and thought, what if
we could do a concert on thebeach and a surf contest and you know,

basically a big community party to raisemoney and awareness for local youth charities.
And somehow the city let us doit and people kept showing up,
and here we are twenty years later. Honestly, that's one of the things
I think about which makes the broAm so remarkable. Free first of all,
which is the best price, butthe fact that you were still able

to do it there on the beachand the moonlight, and it's like it's
always been a thing. Yeah,it's never I mean, I have no
idea what the ins and outs are, if there's ever been an issue or
not. But I mean the factthat you guys are still doing it means
that they're cool with it. Yeah. So that's cool, man, It's
amazing. I'm so thankful it.You know, we started it because surfing
and music kept us out of troubleas kids, and we wanted to give
back to this community, and thatlittle idea just caught fire. You know,

the community got around it. It'sa big group, hug. You
know, we've got thousands and thousandsof people on the beach and families and
it's just beautiful and it is nojoke. I mean there are so many
people that oh, like the firstcouple of years I started going, I'm
like, well, this is afun event, like some music, we're
on the sand. Great And nowlike when you walk down that ramp to
Moonlight Beach, like, oh mygosh, it is like a party down

there with all the vendors and coolstuff to look at, and like you
said, the surf contest and thenthe bands, like it's a full day.
It's so fun. Guy's been downthere before and she interviewed you guys
once don't bring it and she calledyou guys the bell of the ball.
Yeah, with one of the moreembarrassing things I've ever been. Yeah,

you guys are I remember all theguys in switch Foot and Ra Machado just
kind of stood there and just likelooked at me and yes, yes,
And to be there this year,yeah, So I'm gonna be there on
Saturday. Of course, I'm reallyexcited, you know, because they asked,
oh, could you do a stageannouncement? And all I wanted and

all I wanted to know is couldI get a parking pass so me and
the family can hang out all day? And so they hooked me up with
a parking pass and I'm going tobe bringing on Little Image who goes on
before you guys. Yeah, Idon't know anything about them, but if
you guys about them, then thatI'm all about it. Yeah. This
year we have two stages actually forthe first time. What the other one?

So there's gonna be bands back toback all day long. That's great.
Oh, that's really cool, crazyfun event. It really is.
I mean there's food there there.Again, this is for all ages.
There's music going on. The surfcontest, I mean it is just it's
a blast. What times did thingsstart getting kicked off? Well, the
Rob Machado Bro Junior Contest starts atseven am, and then there's to get

in there, you know, thepro and then we have the teams,
you know, we got all thepro surfers. And then one of my
favorite moments of the day is whenwe have the Challenged Athlete Foundation bring down
the kids adaptive surfers. These kidsare you know, overcoming physical challenges and
riding waves together. Robin Shatto's outthere with them, it's just beautiful.

Yeah, so inspiring it is becauseI mean, I have all my limbs
and I I'm scared to get ona surfboard. So to see these kids
do what they do like they wereheroes, it's amazing. It really is
an amazing event. It still blowsmy mind how big this thing has become.
Yeah, I mean I remember whenit was in the infancy stage and
now look at it. It's twentyeight years of the switch Foot bro Am

gotta go check it out this Saturdayagain Moonlight Beach. For tickets. You
want to get to all this stuffgoing available, go to bro am dot
org for all kinds of different eventsand things like that going on. It's
a blast, man, congratulations oneverything. Thank you. It is super
cool man, it's super super cool. Thank you guys for your support.
Ye always you love being a partof it. Man, it's super awesome.

All right. So you go wheneveryou watch a movie, especially from
like the eighties, you know whothe key villain was, the bully who
were the best bullies of all time? Or we're gonna go over that.
Coming up next on the Show'll rockwith a five three last sublime on the

show it's rock one O, fiveto three. Now, one of the
keys to a good eighties teen movieis the bully. Oh yeah, He's
always the protagonist, and so youcan't think of say back to the future
without thinking of Biff. Of course. Okay, said he was one of
the great one of the greats.Wait, I wouldn't say one of the

greats, one of the great bullies? Okay, as big as it gets
in the world, are disagreeing,Well, no, no, it's just
using the term one of the greats. Hit me weird with Biff, But
I get okay in regards to bullies, yes, the amount rushmore of bullies.
I don't feel like a bully.I'm sorry for you. I just
don't want to Biff supporter out there. You know, take it easy,

Okay, you's not is not talkingto me, right guy? Weird science?
Do chat like Chat traumatize me becauseyou'll one of them nobody one of
the bills. You can't figure itout. But Chat definitely traumatized me because

I had an old traumatized Yes,because I had an older brother who would
like beat me up like how Chatwould beat up it. Can you imagine
how dramatic like her older brother probablynever did, okay, So so picking
me up and pinning me up againstthe wall is you're probably asking for it,
okay. And he barely grabbed Myfeet were off the floor. Okay.

So I laughed when he lost deepinto Mario. I'm sorry, that
is really rude. I thought itwas funny, annoying little sisters over there.
I love how some people have likeserious, dramatic, dramatic things happened
to them, traumatic things happened tothem, skies. Is his brother picking
her up when he lost in Marioand she remembers it vividly? Probably yes,

yes, slamming, throwing like hammerstowards my head, throwing hammers,
yes, yes, yes, thatwas donkey again, you're in the wrong.
And the worst was when he wouldpin me on the floor and I
would say no, stop, don'tstop, and then he'd say, oh,
you don't want me to stop,and then he would My sister did

this when I She tickled me andpunched me, and I'd say stop,
and she'd say it's opposite day,so then that's one. So then I'd
say keep doing it and she went, okay, opposite day to ridiculous,
Like I don't think I wasn't.It's not traumatic. It was Sky well

chet and chat. Yeah. Well, if you had to figure out who
is the greatest eighties teen movie bullyof all time, who would you think
you have one? Emily? Well? Now does Rooney the principal count Ferris
VIEWERSLF because that is the enemy toFerris the entire sh bully plan the whole

time. But I feel like youhave to kind of be the same age,
and I feel like Ferris is almostbullying him, Like if we're being
honest on the side of the principal, Chris was a great guy, like
lying and and the people have died. No really, okay, you were
like his little assistant. Yeah,okay, she was cool. When you

say the bully and Breakfast Club isthe principal, Well he wasn't the principal,
right, yeah, the coach.Now we're open an hour, all
right? Yeah. Well, theyhave the rankings of the top eighties teen
movie bullies of all time. Yeah, you know, summer it just kicked
off or is kicking off soon.So a lot of people excited to get

away from their bullies, and sothat's what had them put out these recent
rankings. This is what people said. Number ten goes to Chuck from Footloose
playing Chicken with the tractor. Okay, he was, you know, and
then his girlfriend left him to havea dance off the whole thing, whole
thing with his directors. Yeah,that haped like they were how long did

it take the law scene a hero? And they still go and they're still
driving, all right. Number ninegoes to Troy from the Gooney. Oh,

it's all over the minute you rideup in Troy's bucket at the bottom
of the wishing well and one ofthem is gonna go up there, but
they're not gonna keep looking for thetreasure. This all over, this was
his mind mouth he was when what'shis name, Brad? Was it?

The brother, the older brother withthe sweatband when he's riding that little tricycle
trying to go get his brother,and then they latch onto him with convertible
Superman like when he when he movesthe mirror. That's what you remember.
Coming in number eight as the worstslash best bully from eighties teen movies,

we got one guy who makes multipleappearances on this list, who really found
his stride as an eighties bully andhis first entry. Number eight is Chazz
from Back to School. That's aBilly Zapka. Uh oh that's from Karate
Kid. Yes, yes, ohyes, he plays Chaz back to School

Rodney danger Field. He's like thebully guy at school to Rodney Dangers.
Yeah. Coming in. Number sevenis Greg from Just one of the Guys
again Billy Zapka. Yeah, yeahhe was. Yeah, he was the
bully guy in you know, Justone of the Guys, O bish time.

Number six eighties movie Bully from Heathersgoes to Heather Chandler the Blonde Heather
v. Number five from stand ByMe We Have Ace for Southern Place.
Yeah, like you really thought hewas going to stab you or something like
yeah, like real jerky. Itwasn't just like tease you mean. And

he he was really good in it, like scary, yeah, like weird.
Yeah. Number four Bully goes toSteph from Pretty and Pink. Yeah
that's what's his face? What's hisname? I can't think of it.
I don't know. I'm disappointed inyou, especially, I don't the eighties
two movies like Emily Looks at theCastle, Saved by the Boers or Friends,

you know what I mean it's true. I mean I had regular friends.
I had regular friends. I justreally like, say, by the
bone, how good did you feelwhen Ducky punched him around the nose?
Uy was pretty it was pretty good. Number three goes to my childhood trauma.
Chet from Science covered it so gladwhen they turned him into that pimple
monster. I want to do thatto my brothers. I'm mad. Number

two goes to Johnny Lawrence from KarateKids. To number two, yep,
they say, by far, theworst bully in eighties movies is Biff from
Back to the Future. Excuse me. I was watching that the other day
and I was like, man,this is a wild scene. That's the
future. Yeah the other day.Yeah, well, I'll watch it any

time. It's on one of myfavorite movies. And about Karate Kid when
he was with the Rain in thecar think and like when he's telling what's
his name McFly's dad George to leave. What if George would have left?
Yeah? I think we all knowwhat we know went that far. Yeah,
listen, guys, somebody would havesaved Johnny Lawrence almost killed Daniel LaRusso

okay, yeah, he almost killedhim, But that was in a karate
tournament. No was it even okay, almost bullying on the bike in the
soccer game, but it wasn't hisintention to kill. It was Biff's intention
to you know, it's actually assault. Yeah, we're sitting here, we
were okay, all right. ThePadres have had a hard time beating bad

teams this season. It's weird.So we're hoping they can beat the A's.
We're gonna see what happened in lastnight's game. Next to Sports Hurt.
Well, we said yesterday if thePadres are gonna have a shot this
year, they gotta start beating badteams. Okay, we can't lose to

the Rockies, the Angels and allthese you know, poop teams. And
then the A's come to town.You're like, come on, what are
we doing here, Let's beat theA's. Got Well they did. Yes,
they opened up their series against theOakland A's and they put it on
them, winning six to one.Now, the A's actually got on board
first with the solo home run offDylan Seas, but then the Padres responded

back with six unanswered runs, includinganother home run by Fernando Tatis Junior,
who extended his Major league best hittingstreak to sixteen games. That's the best
of his career. And it's notlike he's just getting his I mean he's
hitting home runs too, so Imean, TODs on fire. I know

it was only a matter of timeHe's finally because last year was hot,
Toddy, let's make it a badlet's give me the shirt. Lets go.
It was only a matter of timebecause he didn't start the season last
year right right, because he wasseven, So it was only a matter

of time before he finally got backto his like all All Star. But
I'm not saying hot. It wasgood. We gotta get everyone else.
Jake Croneworth. He also went deep. It's the fourth straight game that the
Padres have had multiple home runs ina game. Crozone's got a new haircut

going, Moss has got a mullet. It happened. Oh I actually get
a press cut. Yeah, that'ssick. Anything to help? Is that?
Okay? All right? That hislast like three or four games was
above three hundred. Man, he'sback three or four games. That doesn't

mean but I mean, man,he's back in the lineup though. Okay,
now it looks like Dan Hurley isstand put. He has turned down
the offer that the Lakers made tobe their next head coach, and he's
going to remain at Yukon. Theoffer was reportedly for six years seventy million,

which so he's kind of a localoffer. I'm kind of surprised by
that. I was like, youwant this guy to leave a pretty good
job, you're gonna have to payhim and that would only make him like
the sixth highest paid play coach inthe NBA. Well, that's it too,
right, I mean the offer,And also, the Lakers aren't a
good team. Lebron's gonna be retiringtough, They're gonna be dad. So
he's probably saying to himself, Yeah, it's the Los Angeles Lakers, but

they're gonna be bad, So Imake it fired in three years. It's
a great brand, it's not agreat job, So it's tough. Interesting.
Yeah, and you don't know isLebron gonna leave in a year?
If he's gonna stick around for threeyears, like what's going on? So
yeah, it's probably a better moviefor him to stay stay. In the
Cup Finals, last night, Sowthe Panthers go up two to ohero in

their series against the Oilers. Winningfour to one. Game three is going
to be on Thursday in Edmonton,and the cover is out for the brand
new Madden twenty five. Really heis on the cover. Yeah, it's
the forty nine Ers running back ChristianMcCaffrey, the Offensive Player of the Year.
He deserves it, right, heshould have won the MVP. I

still stick by that. But ohyou sticking by that. But here's the
deal. Year after year two,things are kind of curses down for players
whoever the consensus number one Fantasy footballpick is always gets hurt. Happened last
year at Jeff Jefferson, happened theyear before Derek Henry. This year it's
Christian McCaffrey. Also, you knowabout the Madden curse. Oh yeah,

I know about that one. That'sover. I mean it's over. So
between those guys you've been on thecover, like Patrick Mahomes, and then
I'll be a curse. Okay,a stud. It's gonna be just fine.
Do I have the number one pickingfantasy this year? Yes? Wow,
gonna take it. Put it onthe board, write my name.

Done, deal, done deal.That's right. Sports Curtain is brought to
you by Jersey Mike's be a subabove. It's Tuesday. You know what's
going on. He's over there,guys there over there when we be back
on the show. On the show, it's rock with five to three.

Does Billie Idol have any new albumscoming out today? We're about to find
out new releases, all right,new video games coming out this week.
Your hair, you know you're oncamera? Is it being weird? Nice?
So high? Terrible? It's reallyhigh in the back. Okay,
well it looks really but it looksfine in the camera. Right, No,

you were fine all day. Youlook great all day and then you
just there you go like you youlooked fine all day and then rescinded it
and said you look great all day? Which is it? Yeah? Great,
you guys look great all day.You look great all day? Thank
you. Well, you know whenyou start to look great when you took
off that uh, terrible jacket,but I just rose you had it back

on the back and you got baconneck going on with this guy's been obsessed
with my bacon neck all week.Well, you're terrible. Like every shirt
he's like, you have to stretchedout very often. They hang in the
closet. That's shameful. How doyou do you have a good hair.
I just have a plus. Iwear my shirts. I had a lot

of shirts, yea, and theyreally I mean I probably wear one T
shirt. It's about a four monthrotation in between. You got T shirt?
How many hangers do you have?Good ones? Like? You want
to go down? Because if theones that stick out straight, they'll leave
the little okay, because they'll leavethe litt little corners right here, or

they'll give you bacon neck. I'mnot an idiot. I respect the shirt
guy keeps sticking at her tatas.I'm not sticking them out. I'm just
trying to fix my bacon that shewas like this fixing like she was like
rubbing her her bacon neck. I'mtrying to stretch out the bacon. James

Jamie's recording Sky and she's like rubbingher breast bacon trying. We get it.
You want views the breast with you? Yours? Hey j Lo at
the grammyence, thank you very topic. What's coming on this week? New

releases coming out today? For videogames, we have Rocket Night Adventures re
sparked for PlayStation four five as wellas the Switch. This is a three
game classic revival collection, if you'reinto that. On Friday, we have
shin Megami ten CV Vengeance PlayStation four, five xbox, Barberque Barbecue, okay,

barbarique, Barberique barbecue. That shinMegami ten c V Vengeance. That's
the name of it. That's nailedVengeance. I nailed it. Oh five,
not me, that's the roman.Nudn't realize. There's a lot of

letters. There's a lot of letterOkay, you're a demi god. You're
battling great, you are Okay.New albums out on Friday. There's really
only one this week and it isLuke Combe's Fathers and Sons coming out this
Friday. If you're in nice ofthat. Coming to digital this week on

Friday, we have a movie calledBad Behavior. It stars Jennifer Conley as
a former child actor who is meetingwith some new age guru to bring her
life. I was gonna just puton my plane lip stuff. We just
bought a ring light. There's acamera like legit in my face and okay,

thank you you guys, thank you. Okay, good to know.
So Bad Behavior with Jennifer Connley comingto digital could get a little too skinny
of these days back in the day, dude for a dream. I wouldn't
have chosen that one. Okay,she's strung out on that dude nude,

Okay she Coming to Netflix this week, we have a new comedy special coming
today, Keith A. Robinson,Different Strokes. On Wednesday, we have
a new season of My Next GuestNeeds No Introduction with David Letterman. He's
yeah, and the first two episodesthey've announced the guests. We have Charles

Barkley and then we have Miley Cyrusin the first two episodes. If you're
into that. Coming to Hulu onWednesday, a special live stream of the
iHeartRadio Can't Cancel Pride event hosted byBilly Porter with a Ben Platt and Making
Trainer. If you're into that.Oh yeah. Thursday on Hulu, we

have Brat's, a new documentary andit's all about the nineteen eighties Brat Pack.
So if you I kind of didtoo, because it's all about the
eighties. It's all capitalized. Itlooks like yeah, but no, it's
actually about the eighties Brat Pack.Coming to Prime, we have season four
of the Boys on Thursday. Yep, I didn't know that. Coming to

Max on Sunday, we have Houseof Dragons. You're aware of that thing's
coming out for you, lucky Okay. Coming to Apple TV on Wednesday,
we have a new mini series calledPresumed Innocent with Jake Jillenhall. Now this
looks good. This is a remakeof the nineties Harrison Ford movies. I

love Jake, Jill and jan almostlegally blind. Uh he's been in I
know he's been in before. Andwhat a weird fact that is? Really
he just basically said twenty twenty onehe made the list. He was not
anything. Did not make it intwenty twenty two or twenty twenty three.
Wow, Roadhouse and then this one. And they're making a sequel to Roadhouse.

So that's a big deal. Makeyour hot gy list. It's Hollywood
Hot Guy List. It's best lookingguys in Hollywood List. It's June.
So he's got time. But whynot now, like, look what he's
doing because this comes out in November. You're to get your summer blockbusters.
You know, your boy Glen Powellflopped, so oh big flop with what
flopper with what whatever? Whatever?The thing? You know, the Hitman

movie was was great. It's gotlike ninety eight percent of Rotten Tomatoes.
It's on Netflix. Have you seenthat? It got? It got ninety
eight percent. I haven't watched ityet, No, I have not,
but it got its Netflix is enoughto write. Yeah, he's not fun,
but flopping flop over you? Okay, Okay, now you're getting weird

get word? Yeah? All right, so Wednesday? Why you take it
so personally? Many face to AppleTV kid Man's got rods. Stop saying
that. But how are the viewson it? Is even in the top
ten? I didn't see it.Yeah, I haven't seen it in the
top ten. Are coming after JLOfor Atlas? You're taking that too personally.

I'm just saying that's been in thetop ten for two weeks, So
take that, Glenn Powell. Okay, Jlo's finally coming to theaters this Friday.
We have the movie Ride starring c. Thomas Howell. It's all about
three generations of bull Rider bull rightfighters. Hold on, wait this is

coming to theaters. Yeah, seeThomas Howell. Yeah, I know that's
probably not worth a mentions. Guy, I don't think that that's a big
movie. Oh see Thomas Howell.Okay, I mean, we can't be
serious. Okay, really, Irecognize the name, but he hasn't been
in a movie since nineteen eighty eight. I don't know who that is exactly.
I just recognize the name, butI'm like, okay, we'll put

that in there. And then finallycoming to theaters on Friday, Inside Out
to New Emotions. It's gonna getcrazy. It's gonna get crazy. Uh
yeah, Anxiety, Emily relate,We'll go see it together. Wait here

you go. There's your new releasesfor this week. Coming up tomorrow,
We're gonna play the Mystery Music Shuffleplus stores midweek Mountdown, and we're gonna
be joined by one of the Wetbandits after Daniel s is going to join
us all tomorrow

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