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June 12, 2024 89 mins
Daniel Stern, Thor's Midweek Meltdown, Emily's New Look
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San Diego. Welcome, Welcome tothe show. The new new day is
here, and what better way tostart it than with I feel like the
show is going to be great thisshow. I would like to introduce you
to the ringleader, Eddie. Ihave a young mindset, okay, the
mother of this crew Sky. Ifyou don't know anything about me, you

may not realize that I get coldvery easily. I'm very rude, I'm
obnoxious, and I don't care.And Emily, ever since I can remember,
I've never wanted to sleep with anotherhuman. Welcome to the show on
San Diego rock station Rock one ohfive three. Wow, what an exciting
day. I didn't expect this,but we have a new member of the

show. Well do we really?I mean I was not thinking that we
were going to make this announcement thismorning. Wow, but here we are.
I would like to welcome to theshow, Big Rig that's not my
name, Big Show with Eddie Sky, Thor and Big So. Emily is
out. Yeah, Greg is inBig Greg or text or text. I'm

not really sure what exactly she's goingby these days. Wow. It was
a good run with Emily. Shewas fun. That was a great time.
She looks like she'd be dating Rigginson Friday Night Lights. Oh big,
Greg, Yeah Greg would date Riggins? Yeah big, Yeah, it
is a text. Just wearing ahat is a text. I'm just wearing
a hat. You're not just big, Greg? Come on, what are

we doing here? This is incredible? What's going I didn't see this coming
this morning. I see this cominglike like a stupid little joke about my
hat. For a second, Ididn't think it was gonna affect people this
much. If you think this justabout a then you you are a silly
girl. Yeah you're new here,yeah you. Emily is stylish. Yeah,

she's got style's grace I've heard that. Okay, she swags it out,
she gives great face. What andEmily? The thing about Emily that
you can't ever seem to understand isif you come in here with any sort
of change, or if you comein dressed extreme, We're gonna notice and

I'm going to be pointed out.Like imagine if I started coming in here
wearing blazers, yeah, shirt,you would destroy this guy. I get
that you always use this example,but you don't change up your style,
so that would be very shocking.Sometimes I come and wearing a not if
I come and wearing a forward hat, remember that one time off putting?

Yeah, yeah, I mean Iget. I mean I've been wearing I've
been wearing wild stuff since day one. But I would come in here in
overalls before. Okay, yeah,every time, every time? You so,
So, why are you surprised?So just to I'm surprised because I
didn't feel, like I said,I knew there would be something said about

the hat because this is a newhat. So I knew my new medello
beer hats and corduroy. I waswondering. I couldn't get an eye issue
going on, so I couldn't reallysee. But I didn't think it would
be on this level. But it'sso good. Well, it's not just
the hating, No, it's thethank you. We're not giving enough.

It's not giving enough respectnel. Youlook like you're headed the stagecoach. Yeah,
and you have the sleeves rolled upa little bit. We're not even
like stage coach. He's headed tolike the like secondary stage coach, like
the poor man stage coach. Youknow what I mean? No, no,
no, I'm just I'm just sayingthat your look is more like uh,

grungier country. She's going you knowwhat I mean, She's going down
to Tu La Vista to see MorganWallace. Yeah, exactly. Stage coach
is more like I'm gonna where acowboy hat and sexy. This is more
like I'm going to change oil andspit. Yes, so she had on
like Daisy Dukes with that coach becauseI'm pissed that she is not paired this

with like cowboy boots. I yes, i am. I am at work
and I'm very comfortable, and I'mwearing with jeans and little white van I
hate those. I hate the shoes. They don't they don't go with the
look, but they do go withthe look that I'm trying to create.
But I'm not trying. I don'twant that, but I'm not. That's
but you're not you don't want that. I'm creating my own version of this,
which is comfy. Wrong. Didyou put grease anywhere on your body

to like really get in the lookyerease monkey over era. We have to
acknowledge the wife beat tank top becauseit's not a white Beeter sky. It's
a bodysuit, but it's not whiteythere. It looks like a beater though,
because that's a white would be whiteand it's a cream beater. Yeah,
you got a cream beater. Ithought beater. But it adds,

it adds to the it does itnot looks look amazing? Thanks guy?
But okay, wait, you don'tneed to adjust on that intensely, but
it does add to the overall trucker. Look, you know what I mean
the stop the country concert. Look, you look incredible, beautiful. You
don't mean that. You're just excitedthat you get to make fun of me.

That's not true. It's not true. I wasn't born yesterday. I
know what's going on here? Canwe please? You don't really like my
look? Wow, you don't reallylike being able to make fun of me.
That's not true. I will notstand for this. Any would hit
on you at a country dive bar? Yeah? What's that? What's that?
What's that? In kahoots? IfI saw you look like you work

in kahoots? If you strolled intoIncos on Wednesday Nights to all you call
it back in nineteen ninety two,two years ago, I did it was
like later when I was freaking yeahyeah, yeah, like ninety nine.
If you rolled in looking like that. I'd be like, let's go,

oh the dance floor with this one, play some Billy Ray Cyrus, yeakey
breaking heart and we're two stepping andyou're and you're just the thing. I
wouldn't wear the Stanka hoots, theoh my god, stop it. This
is my casual I work. Wait, why wouldn't you wear it to Inka
hoots? Because I would wear aslutty dress and cowboy bootstank hoots, which

is, oh, yeah, you'reright, this is this you wear get
oil changed like you're gonna go.You're gonna go Jiffy Lube and you're gonna
show how to do it. Dresslike this to get my work out cars.
It's very odd. You just don'tunderstand why she's fighting. Yeah,
you're gonna change the transmission after theshow. I'm giving you nothing but compliments,
but their backheaded compliments because you havea look on your face in the

tone and you're not giving me compliments. That's not true. If somebody walks
past If somebody walks past you todayand they don't know you, but they
have like their engine light come onin their car, they'll ask you what
they should do. Yeah, they'llbe like hey my check engine. Like
you want any idea, Yeah,like if somebody needed to remake the Transformer
scene with Megan falls on the car. But like, but like, you

know, like on a local level, Emily, you're in, You're nailing
nailed. She lives in San Diegoand she's just stressed casually. I don't
know. I don't know about that. You're just casually for Nashville. Yeah,
you're just I disagree. Yeah.Uh. Here's the thing that you

never seem to understand. Whenever thishappens. You do change up your look
constantly. So when you come indressed you know, kind of in a
similar fashion a lot of times,which is just whatever, T shirts,
leggings, and then you come inwith a like extreme dress. Then were
caught off guard. Whoa, hewas dressed up today? Look at it

this girl, you know, she'sdressed you know, like something from the
sixties or something. Yeah. Orthen yeah, then come in dressed like
something like a hip hop backup dancerfrom the indies. Yes, yes,
the hoops, the little hat,or you do like the other day you
had the Nike hat on, yeah, like you were golfing. Yeah.
So it's just like you know,and then you roll in with this look

which we haven't really seen very muchof. It's jarring, and you don't
seem to get no, but Iknow what I like. Again, I
do get it. I just didn'tthink it would go this far, that's
all. That's all. How isit going far? With nothing but like
showering you with compliments? And Ican't say I love so much? That's

not not how could you take it? Take it like that? I look
like I should be working on carsor going to That's not nice. Not
a compliment. That's not what Iwant to look like. I'm trying to
just look casual and cute at work. What okay, hold on a second,
making any sense, I'm sorry,it's not the look you're you want

to portray, but that's the lookwe see. Yes, I understand that,
So then I understand it's that Ifeel like it's joky jokes and we
can't we can't, we can't.Wait. Yeah, I don't think you
look bad incredibly, It's not that. It's not like incredible. You don't
look bad dad. I want tobe taken serious. It's hard to be
taken serious. I'm going to surveysome medello hat I mean think about that,

like, I'm not trying to solvethe world. I'm wearing a mom's
spaghetti hat. I'm not trying tobe taken seriously, you know what I
mean. You don't want someone tothink of this conversation with you. I
like to be able to have aconversation with you without you laughing blatantly in
my face. I'm not. Butyeah, you're not gonna win this one.
We're not gonna would be winning.Like I just said, like I'm
showering you with complidence, so Ishould be so okay, So just drop

and I should say thank you somuch, Eddie. You're so nice.
You make me feel great. Yeah, thank you. That's what I mean.
I mean it from my I meanit from the bottom of my heart.
Yes, how do you feel?I don't think you do. I
can't sit. This is what Isaid when I say I can't win,
I can't get out of this.Like I'm making fun of you, realm,
I'm joking, calling you big rigBut do I think you look bad?

Absolutely not. Yeah, you don'tlook bad. You look incredible.
Like I said, if you ifthere was a Luke Comb showed directly after
our show, too. Yeah,you look like you would fit right in.
Thank you so much. But youwouldn't look bad. You'd be one
of the better looking people there.It's just something you wouldn't see somebody wear
at a six am radio show,asked backstage, but again, thank you

so much. Now, thank youall. On the opposite end, looking
at Sky's bacon neck again, likeeighth day in a row, you're not.
I wish we weren't. You're reallyupsetting your friend thor every day coming
o. God, sure they lookterrible. Yeah, what are they done?

Well, don't understanding wrong. Here'swhat I ustand about Skott. She
has like I told her a longtime ago to buy viewery because I think
it would be perf. She's allabout it's it's stylish and it's comfortable,
comfortable. But and she has likea couple pieces and loves them. But
then we'll still walk in here witha shirt like that that's clearly put on

the hangar and a bad hanger forfar too long. You got hangers issues.
You're like a hanger, a leadopposite I have, I have hanged,
I have great, you have hanger? Is you're a hanger snop?
Yeah, well you have to lookat look at your shirt, your shirt,
look at it still stretched out.Okay, I know it's not a
jammy shirt. No it's not.That's not your pajamas. No, this
is like a nice sweater. Definitelyover I'm asking a question, that question

question. I love your pajama shirtso much, favor pajama shirt you've ever
wore on the show? What's wrongto take it as a compliment. This
is lady sweat, Ladies, it'sdefinitely been overwashed though you could tell it
it's starting, you know what Imean? Yeah, what are you washing
it on? Like? What's setting? She watches, she washes it.

She washed the overclothes on hot andthen drives them on hot. It's insane.
Really look at it. You knownobody would wear that at all.
Okay, sorry, I'm wearing itright now. It's not a pajama top.
It's it's a nice lady sweat andoff the shoulder piece. But yet
it is sted around the neck.Yes, like this cut. It was

probably a turtle neck. I won'tkind of turtle. I love how stretched
out those sleeves are. They areso stretched out. I I called you,
Megan Fox, I said, you'rethe hot chicken at the I said,
you're getting offered backstage and all you'redoing is horror. That's not nice.

I think call her a whore.If you get invited backstation, that's
not nice. It's just a complimentto be invited. Sky lift up your
left arm. No, how stretchedout that? How is that comfortable?
No? I don't think it islike this. I don't think it is.

Look at that neck. I meanI can't. If I get a
shirt that's bacon neck, I throwit away. Well I should donate it,
but I usually throw away, likeyou got to give up on that
thing. Yeah, come on,Sky, just go to Viory and get
this. No I have, I'mnot gonna have. I'm gonna buy you
dollar t shirts like I can't live. I'm gonna buy you, sorry,
seventy eight dollars. I'm going toI'm gonna buy you good hang. Well,

it would matter. I mean,if she doesn't wash it correctly and
doesn't treat it, you know,he can't held it. I can't.
I don't know. It's gross.Why do you do that to your clothes?
I don't do this to my clothes. It's not like I sit there
in my closet and stretch out thenext it looks like you do well.
No, I don't. Do youhave wire hangers? I wouldn't be surprised.

No, they're like a plastic target. Oh my god, yeah,
the target triangle plastic. It doesn'tseem like you get like fifty for like
you know, four dollars or exactlyterrible. Well, speaking of Bill big
Rig over here, what a morningher neck of the woods, Lemon Grove.
Uh, there is a diner therethat has made the list of the

best diners in America. What Well, we're gonna see what it is when
we get back on the show atRock with a five three puddle of mud
on the show, it's Rock three. So Emily lives over in Lemon Grove.
Absolutely, I don't. There's nothingwrong with Lemon Grove. I live

in the Mesa. Oh huh,I live in the Mesa. I live
near Lemon Grove, but I livein the Mesa. But there's nothing wrong
with Lemon check out the Porter buttright on the line that walmart in in
Lemon Grove is your hospital. ThatWalmart's in College Grove. It's a different
thinking. What is call I've heardof College there's ninety four freeay, so

if you're north of ninety four,you are dressed today like you left Lemon
Grove. I'm not sure what thatmeans, but I would say, you
know, San Diego as a wholeisn't really known for their diners. Diners
are a very East Coast thing.Yeah yeah, I mean, I mean,

other than what's it called the StudioDiner and like Rudford's the Diner in
North Park, I don't really knowany other diners. And where I grew
up, there's diners, like there'sStarbucks. They're everywhere. The menus are
because I was just in New Yorka month ago. The menus are massive,
and they're like this, they're likethick, thick, like a and
they're huge, and there's all thedeals you get like a soup, salad,

entre in a dessert at any timein the day it's twenty four to
seven. Uh. It's just completelydifferent. Yeah, I mean, it's
a big East Coast thing. Soit's a little bit of a surprise to
hear that there is a Lemon Grovediner that made a list of the highest
rated diners in America. As somebodyI love diners. So this is exciting

for me because I would love youlove. I had Manhattan Clam showder when
I was back in New York.It was phenomenally with the Red One.
Yeah, I just I would loveto go to a good dining. Yeah.
Well, somebody went through all theLP ratings and looked at the highest
rated diners in the biggest cities inthe US. They found, based on

the research, the most top rateddiners are found in Las Vegas. That's
the city that has the highest reviewsof diners. Christ, but what are
we considering a diner? Yeah?Maybe you know if you're open twenty four
to seven, breakfast spot where youcan get like multiple kinds of food,
different types, times of the day, type of place specializes in breakfasts,

kind of things I would thinkould be. Would you think that, yeah,
breakfast diner just isn't breakfast dinners?Okay, I would say a place to
get breakfast all day. I guessis more because I would think, yeah,
you get dinner all day, toyeah, you get anything all day,
I guess is more. The fishturkey nine am. Really, So

Vegas has the most top rated diners. New York has the most overall diners,
you know, ratio of diners topeople. But coming in number five
of the highest rated diners in theentire US is in Lemon Grove, a
place called the Godfather Diner. It'son Broadway seven ninety one four Broadway.

And this isn't going to be adiner how you're used to. This is
a it is a diner based lookingat their menu, but it's also it's
a Mexican vibe diner. So likeif you're reading the review Godfather, super
weird, right, that makes zeros all of it makes zero sense,

but the highest review so it haslike five stars on Yelp right now when
they did this analysis, it hadfour point nine but as of this morning,
five stars. And people keep bringingup two things, the Chilicky list,
and lots of people also say,yes, I know it's weird,
but you have to get the shortstack as well. So lots of people

so again, right, pancakes,Yes, a short stack of pancakes.
So they say it's a small business, but it everything is super fresh and
if you like Mexican breakfasts as wellas American breakfast, they say, this
is the spot. Is it open? Closes a three I don't understand what

this is happening is if you're thatmeans they're really only like a breakfast lunch
spot. Yeah, diner is opento at least one am. I don't
know. I'm oh, okay itstraight. The food may be great,
though, I don't know. Butusually for to qualify as a diner,
I gotta get at least you know, three am to you know, one

am, one hour window minute youmight work on the time. Yeah,
that's kind of weird. We openat three am, close at one am.
You're off from two to three.Why have that hour shift? What
do we need that hour? Wegotta clean? Say, oh, that's
weird. I mean what if somefive you ain't you know, I can't
No, I can't get a shortset. We'll open at three. But

it looks very diverer ask inside withthe little the small Yeah, the counters
next to a barber shop, youknow, get your hair done, Yeah,
get you a short stay. Thereare three. This makes more sense
for San Diego. There are threeSan Diego County sushi spots that have made
the Yelp Top one hundred as well. Yeah, and the three of them

are actually in the top twenty Comingat number seventeen, we have Yoshino Japanese
Deli in Carlsbad on State Street.Now they say no frills, nothing fancy,
but the prices are great. Thepoke bulls are amazing. So that's
what that is. Number three,Oh yeah, number three times parking lot.

I was just want to put togetherfor before the okay, all right.
Coming in number thirteen, we haveSochi Sushi in University Heights on Adams
Avenue. They say very cozy andtried to go it was too busy.
Left. Yeah, oh yeah.They say the bar is legit too if
you just want to go in alegit, thank you. And then coming

in number eight, the number eightbest sushi spot in the US according to
Yelp, is Makai Sushi in Hillcreston Fifth Avenue. Now, this guy
is from Kwai and actually moved hereduring the pandemic and closed his business there
and opened it here and people sayit's amazing. Try the Cali Sushi burrito.

Now, there's no French fries inthat. I checked. I was
like, what the heck, that'sjust what they call it because I guess
it's kind of wrapped more like aburrito. No yeah, but that's the
one of the most popular items andcomes in number eight spot in the whole
US. Well, there you go. Have you guys ever heard of moullmen?
And some believe there is a communityof people living underground that's a thing.

Well, we're gonna see what somevery smart researchers are saying about people
living underground. Coming up next onthe show at rocket A five three.
That is green Day on the show, it's Waquin five three. So forever
there has been this notion of thereis like a group of people that live

kind of underground, like mullmon typething. What is called morelocks or something
like that. I don't know,something like that. Yeah, but I
mean it's it's an urban legend,you know, it's it's a silly thing.
I guess that might not be thecase, because there are some very
smart people, people that are researchersat Harvard who are saying, no,

there actually could be a whole civilizationliving inside the earth. Oh my god,
that's what we're talking about. Yeah. Well, so it was last
summer when all of a sudden thegovernment was finally like, Okay, we're
gonna start stop pretending like our militarypersonnel aren't seeing UFOs out there, right.

We're not saying they're aliens, butwe're finally gonna admit to the world
and look into the fact that notonce, not twice, but like a
ton of times, especially people inthe Air Force, are seeing crazy stuff
up there that they can't explain.Well, yeah, because the crafts or
whatever that they're seeing don't move anythingthat with our technology makes sense. Yes,

And they are hearing similar stories overand over again of either these crafts
just like zip off and disappear sofast that you don't even know what direction
they go, or they do seethe direction, and when they see the
direction, lots of times they're goinginto volcanoes. Lots of times they are

going into the ocean and not comingback out. And so these Harvard scientists
say, yes, I get it. World. You're probably gonna laugh at
us, But guess what twenty yearsago, if we would have come to
you with this stuff about UFOs zippingaround and disappearing and going into the ocean,
you would have laughed back then.And now we're taking that serious,

So you should take this serious too. So in their latest research article that
was just published, they believe thatthere are about three different explanations for this
civilization that they believe is way moreadvanced than us that is potentially either living
or temporarily hiding within our own planet. Their first thought is this could be

like a remnant form of an earlyhuman civilization that was way more advanced,
and some of them hung around whilethe rest of them left the planet because
they knew the planet wasn't gonna likelast for a while. They go to
like different planets, like they wentand because they were so advanced that they
could travel and explot we're so advanced, wouldn't they want to save this planet?

Or like, wouldn't we have likesome sort of evidence that's the case,
like dinosaurs. Yeah, but theysay, like way before dinosaurs is
the theory, So like the evidence, I don't know, I don't know.
That's just theory. One second theoryas that a second, another intelligent
species evolved into dependently from humans againin the distant past, kind of like

an intelligent dinosaur type of thing,and they are now hiding their presence from
us. And so that's the othertheory that they win underground and they're hiding
the presence from us. And thethird theory, which they most people,
well I shouldn't say most people,but the people who believe in this support
the third theory, which is thatthese are actually people either from another planet

or another time period, and theyare here observing us, and they actually
are so powerful that they can transforminto other type of things, so they're
not just only underground. They couldbe like that's the one we're going,
Yes, what they can be walkingamong us because they can transform, whether
they transform into primate or humans.They say that they are walking around us,

they are living under us, andthey are monitoring us. I think
this is all wild, yeah,and seems ridiculous, But then I mean,
these are from Harvard. All thisis gonna do is going to make
the internet conspiracy theorists validate, Likeit's gonna It's just such a bad thing
to put out there. I'm sorry, because it makes people on the You

can say anything you want on theInternet, and the conspiracy theorists like the
flat earth theories and all that dumbstuff. This is just gonna exasperate that
a million percent. But can yousay the same thing about Congress going into
the military members seeing the UFOs,Yeah, I would say that, Yeah,
Okay, so you believe the samething that that we shouldn't have opened
that door to alience. Congress shouldn'tbe looking at it with any like definitive

proof because it just makes the Internetconspiracy theorists even more whacked out, Like
it's just I don't know, well, the questions I have if we're living
inside the Earth, what about likethe Earth's core and magma? Yeah,
like how do you live amongst that? Yeah? The the theory for the

people who believe is that their technologyis so advanced that it's not like they're
act or some Yeah, they're notactually like walking around in the magma.
They are like inside of something thatis planted, built inside, built inside
of the Earth. And so whenyou see these UFOs disappear into our Earth,
they're kind of going to some sortof hub or mothership or something that's

under there so they can keep aneye on this planet and potentially doing the
same thing on other planet. Idid see this before the Rock went to
the journey to the center of theEarth. He did it actually worked out
pretty well. He got there,he survived, and it was a pretty
wild uh documentation. Yeah, Johnsonwas doing it. Wow, sounds great.

All right, give us a callright now eight seven seven five seven
H one O five three. Ifyou want to try and win by guessing
what is on our playlist, We'regoing to play the mystery music shuffle coming
up next on the show A Rockon A five three. Well, the
Padres weren't a back and forth rollercoaster of a game last night against the

A's. Now, just like theprevious game, they went down first as
Abraham Toro hit the first pitch hesaw in the game for a solo home
run. That's the best start.Yeah. The padreso then took the lead
back in the fifth inning when HasanKim scored on an infield single by Luis
Arise, and then Jerkson Profar singledhome both Arise and Fernando Tatis Junior to

take the three to one lead.Things were looking pretty good, but then
they almost blew it as the A'stied the game in the eighth off a
Tyler Soda Strum two run home run. But the bottom of the ninth,
an unlikely hero emerged. Backup catcherKyle Higashioka him up set the fans home

happy with a walk off home runto give the Padres the four to three
win. It was awesome. Wow, former Yankee getting it done. He
uh, but he hit the homebut he hit a home run for the
Yankees. John Sterling, the oldYankee player play guy, just recently retired,
would yell out Gosha Yoka, thehome run stroker, Oh, you

should adopt that now kept his heatingstreak alive. He extended it to seventeen
straight games. Dude, him andAaron, him and him. He's the
hottest, one of the hottest playersat baseball right now. It's him and
Judge. I don't know who elseis the hottest. Like they're they're on
fire, these two. So there'sa standing A radio host that I once

heard refers to Fernando Tatis Junior nowas hot Tottie. Oh he's hot.
You like that better than home runstroker? He's hot? Did what's his
name? Mark Grant? Or donsay hot Toddy with my thing? I

know, but they adopted from you. They got to ask, Yeah,
they gotta ask. They can't justgive you the credit. But it's going
to get around. There was alittle bit of bad news, though,
as Profar did hurt himself swinging inthe eighth inning. Which is not good.
Now they don't think it's too serious. But you know he's playing really

well. That sucks. Red Hotnot as hot as hot Toddy who is.
Yes, people are still talking abouthow Caitlyn Clark is not on the
Olympic team, which is just strange. Well, Team USA has responded to
the criticized criticism, citing her inexperienceas to why they didn't choose her.

I mean, like, what arewe doing? Gets out of you?
I recognize how stupid of a decisionthat wasting department. I guess they don't
care. Guys, this fourth ofJuly will not be the same. Why
sixteen time champion Joey Chestnut will notbe competing in the Nathan's Hot Dog eating

contest this year? Why? Ohwell this is this is just scandalous to
be honest with right. Chestnut hassigned a sponsorship deal with the plant based
Impossible Foods, which is a competitorwith Nathan's. And so Nathan's is no
longer going to allow him to compete. Wow, and she announced he retired

to Kobe. I think years.What's crazy? Like is about both ends
one I've watched the day's not Imean we all do. I watch it
every year every year. I thinkit's the funnest thing ever. It's disgusting,
but like it's just so Fourth ofJuly comes out at nine am here.
I love watching it and like allyou know is Chestnut. The other

guys and their intros are funny andit's it's fun and like all the random
stuff that they eat, like aguy down like a pound of clams in
forty seconds, you know what Imean, Like something like that's disgusting,
or like three boxes of cottage cheesetwo minutes, like it's disgusting, but
like Chess nuts the draw right.So on their end, I can't understand

how they would ban him because lesspeople are going to watch now if they
him, Well, no they did. They did. Man, they're saying
because he's I thought it was theplant based people saying no, God,
you can't know. The Nathan's issaying you can't. No one else talked
to that marketing department Like it's goodbecause I guess they only paid Chess that

two hundred thousand last year and thisthis vegan hot dog is gonna pay a
one point two million. So onhis end, I get it. But
also on his end, though,what's he going to do that people are
going to care about now, Likethat's the only thing we cared about.
Yeah, so like what's hey,he got paid, Yeah he got paid.
Yeah, So I don't Yeah,it's just how long are they going
to keep paying him if he's nolonger He's no longer than the guy in

the competitive eating market to say,And so there is like tours and stuff
like that around the country where theygo, Like I remember he was hearing
he did like like ice cream.It was the worst thing I've ever seen,
because I mean, all I canthink of is how bad the brain
for you? He told us hegot like frost by his fingers because ice

cream. So I just it's theycan't figure it out. They'll come to
some sort of got it because lessthan a month. I mean, I
I kind of want to watch nowbecause I'm like, who's gonna win this?
Yeah, But like Joey's putting downseventy and so the next guy that
comes in, he is usually aroundthirty forty fifty. Maybe it's not impressive.

So who's going to step up andbe the new Jaws? Like you're
yeah, like there's got to He'sto eat in a row. It's CRA's
crazy. It's crazy. He's theTom Brady eating and is there gonna be?
Is there gonna be a Homees guy? Do we have a Patrick emerg
You know they're gonna make that comparisonfive hundred million times during the broadcast about

this guy's who knew Patrick ballad Lands? That one is naming guys Eric bad
Lands that's his last name. Thatreally fat guy. Yeah, he's a
really fat guy. He's just giant. Not this guy. What about eater
X you guys he has? BecauseI watch it every year. That's how

I know. Yeah, you gottawatch this. Like the intro, I'm
surprised that this isn't a Griffith's familyHousehold events because it is the funniest thing
ever watched it Actually, Robert,yeah, they would. This is I
feel like Robert might be grossed outby it to girl stops to watch.
It's so funny. With the women'scompetition now, yeah, there'll be a

Caitlyn Clark to find out. SportsTern is brought to you by Palomar Health.
The star of Home Alone, CitySlickers, Rookie of the Year,
all these great movies. Daniel Sternis gonna join us when we get back
on the show on Rock with fiveto three. Well, we are very

excited about this. But I saidwe are going to have one of the
wet bandits on our show from HomeAlone. People freaked out and we got
very excited. Not only starring insome of the most iconic movies ever,
he has one of the most iconicvoices. Yes, because everybody will know

it, you know, from WonderYears and stuff like that. Actor,
comedian, author, Now Daniel Sternjoins us this morning. How's it going,
Daniel good? Thanks for having meon. I appreciate it all.
We're thrilled to talk to you,Daniel. We're very excited to have you
on. We hear that you havea new memoir coming out about your life
and career called Home and Alone,which is very interesting. That's a pretty

subtle title there. Yeah, Ican't figure that one out. You know
what was funny because I thought Ithought of the title and I thought,
you know, that's a good wayto like let the fans know that I
it's sort of about me and theyknow me from that movie. What I
realized afterwards, like, oh,that's how I spend most of my time
home and alone there you go home, and I love to be in my

art studio and writing, and Ilike on my farm. So I'm kind
of turned into a hermit these days. So the title makes a lot of
sense both directions. No, that'sgreat, here's check it out, ye
now, Daniel, the Home Alonemovie has really transcended like everything, Like
I can't everybody loves that movie literallyfrom any age, because I love it

growing up, and then my kidslove it now. And I mean it
just keeps going and going and going, and we see it every year.
It is is it still kind oflike amazing? Is it's not only a
year after year. It's around theworld. I mean, you know,
and and and and the life thatit's had. I mean like I went

to visit the troops in Baghdad intwo thousand and three on a USO thing,
And we went into Baghdad in themiddle of the freaking war and there's
kids playing soccer in town and theyall recognized me and they all come over
and go Mark, Mark, Mark, And I'm like, are you kidding

me? Still like in the middleof a war, but the but the
but the blessing of the lifetime isthat they're smiling, they're laughing at me,
they're thinking it's funny. They they'reremembering that, and that goes on
around the world, and like yousaid, generation and then people come up
and say, oh, my familygets together every year, or you make
us laugh together. I mean,what a humbling and durable experience to be

a part of. And I stillcan't quite bat my head around that I'm
a part of that, and thatI hold a place, a tiny place
in people's lives that way. It'sa it's a lot to deal with.
It's great though I've tried to acceptit, you know, like and and
ride along with it, and Iand I love it. I mean,

it's again, what a way towalk to life. You know what's crazy,
Daniel, is that the Marv andHairy characters are so iconic. I
kind of thought they would eventually gettheir own movie, you know, like
like like maybe a prequel of likehow did they get together? Like why
did they start doing this? Likethat would have been kind of great me

too. You know. Then wedid Home Alone too, and I heard
like they're gonna do Home Alone three. I thought, all right, what's
this one about? It? It'slike you're not in it. How's mistake?
I thought, what is home alonewithout without the gang? But you
know it's gone on for its ownlife. But I'm I'm I'm ready for
the sequel, you know, letme know when that's okay, I'm gonna

write it. I'm going to atthe Marvin Harry prequel about how we how
we got I should be able tobe young? Yeah, we'll figure this
out out. Yeah. We haveDaniel Stern joining us this morning. And
you know what's funny too, Daniel, is you know you've been in some
amazing films over the years and TVshows and all that great stuff. I'm

a little league coach and I askedthe kids the other day. I said,
hey, what's your favorite baseball movieof all time? And there was
a couple of you know, kidsthat said different things, but the consensus
was Rookie of the Year. Theystill love Rookie of the Year, which
I didn't know you directed as well. Really yeah, yeah, I directed
that. That was one of thegreatest experiences in my life. I was

a little league coach myself nice andI was coach coaching my kids team,
and I got that film and itwas like, I love baseball, you
know, I mean the whole kidempowerment thing, and you know, I
think that one really. I mean, what struck me about that is the
kid actually gets to play. Youknow, there was some other baseball movies,
but He's We had to figure out, how is this kid gonna win?

How's he going to play? Andto put the kid on the pitcher's
mound at Wrigley in a sold outstadium was so thrilling and so empowering for
it and that's what really got tothose kids in the audience and the parents
and the dads going, oh man, it could really happen. He could
really survive that and really win andreally, you know, flourish And I

love that in the movie. Ilove that in you know. That's the
theme of the book too, bythe way, is kids can do stuff.
Kids are strong, Kids are resilient. Kids are you know, and
we want them to be that.We want them to be capable even in
an impossible situation and fighting the wetbandits pitching in the game. You know,

Bushwhack had kids saving the day they'reraging rivers. I mean, it's
about getting our next generation behind us, strong and Looky of the Year really
had the ultimate kid empowerment movie forme. I love that Daniel I grew
up I watched all these movies.But I also love City Slickers. Slickers

one of my favorites of all classicbig City Slickers family. So I had
to get that out there. Butbefore I talk about City Slickers, I
want to go back to Home Alonereal quick, because Joe Peshi is your
partner in that. And whenever Ithink of Joe Pesci, I think I
don't want to mess with that guyTommy from Goodfellows. He's insane and casino.
What was it like being on setwith Joe Pesci? Did you have
to like help him with some comedychops or did he get right in put

that on the record. Yeah?No. You know, Joe and I
had done a movie before, likea few years before. We've done a
movie called I'm Dancing as Fast asI Can, which thank god we were
both cut out of. We playedtwo guys in a mental institution, and

I mean it was the serious drama, but we made each other laugh so
much and so hard, and sowhen we got to uh to the Home
Alan set, you know, wealready had a chemistry and knew how to
make each other giggle and uh andjust diving in deep with him was one
of the most brilliant experiences of mylife. By the way, I do
want to say about Joe. Ifyou think he's a big, scary guy

and a brilliant comedian, the otherpart of Joe Pesci is he's a brilliant
jazz singer in a way. JoePeshi's music, Oh my god, like
Tony Bennett, like I mean,he sometimes recorded under the name Joe Doggs
d o gg S. But ifyou want to see Joe's true artistry,

that's crazy. His music. Yeah, he killed Billy bats and then he
goes sings in the the head andthen eat. I know, we had
such a fun time talking to youthis morning. Good luck with the book
and good luck with everything going onwith you. Man. Thank you so
much for having me on. Iappreciate it absolutely our pleasure. There we

go, Daniel Stern going this morning. What a great guy. All right,
now, get ready because it's aboutto turn. We're about to find
out what's going on with him thisweekend Thors Midweek meltdown. When we get
back on the show on Rock withfive three. That's a blink, a
little blink on the show Rock withfive three. All right, we are

about to find out what is goingon with him this week. It is
time for thors mid week meltdown,and now the show is happy to bring
you or have some respectors midweek melkdownmelt down. Yeah, I have no

idea what's going on with him thisweek. Sometimes we'll give a little preview
of things. Sometimes we'll kind ofknow what's happening with him. You see
irritable things like that. I haveno idea what this week is got.
I'm going this this time apart hereEdward falling apart. What do you mean
if you could tell we have ourcameras out and you could tell my left

eye is looking a little bad,Dude. I've been dealing with this eye
issue pretty much all week. Whereon Monday you came in, it was
swollen, it was droopy, andit hurt, and then yesterday it's still
hurt. It doesn't hurt as muchtoday. I haven't been rubbing it as
much. It looks really bad,but it looks bad. It's very red,

puffy. Well, you got pinkeye, what do you got going
on They I don't know. Iwent to the doctor. I've gone twice
and they haven't told you. I'mon antibiotics. So one doctor said,
pink eye. Another doctor says,they're not sure. That thing might just
be an infection. But I've beenwashing my hands. I'm good. But
that's not what we're talking about.Falling apart. I need to tell a
story. So this is I can'tbelieve I'm going to tell the story on

the air, but this is whatwe do, and I'm going to tell
this story. I have no notes, no notes today, guys, stacks,
I'm gonna ran about something. Yeah, but this is just something I
need to get out. I abouta month ago, I started to get
this weird irritation on my penis.Oh no, what is this? Rant?

Turned? What are we doing?I mean I didn't even start to
rat. Isn't a doctor segment?What are we doing? Right? I'd
like to say, I want togo ahead. Can we wrap up the
show or the whole entire show toa weird irritation on my penis? So
it freaked me out, and Istarted googling a lot, which is a

bad sign for the big Yeah,which is not good that's not going to
turn out well. So I startedgoogling and getting I got tested for everything,
which is weird because I'm married.But I was so freaked out about
something wrong with me. So doyou go to the doctor? I went
to the doctor and he took alook at it. Contract and I've gone
to the doctor, not one,not twice, three times. So the

first time went to the doctor monkeys. I don't have monky AIDS. I
mean that would be great. I'mtrying to diagnose this. Okay, he
said he went to a doctor threetimes, So I think, you know,
well, are they looking are theytesting for that? I don't know.
I don't I don't think monkey AIDSwas in the blood work. Yeah.
I don't think that's a regular teston their part. So first doctor

looks at it kind of annoyed.I was even there, but I'm like,
hey, there's an irritation male orfemale male, second doesn't matter,
like they they need a little likeMike. They don't need. Hey,
can I get through this? Sorry, I'm trying to Can I get through
this? How are you trying tohelp me? They didn't use raccoon tools

that they used for the babies.They didn't use like at Rady's. No,
they didn't use that. No babytools. I won't tell the story.
I'll stop that. Come on,Emily. Really. So a week
goes by, irritation is still thereand kind of uh hurts a little bit

when I go to the bathroom,not like just not just discomfort. Go
back to the doctor and I seethis doctor and he says I have a
thing called eurethritis. And I'm like, huh, okay, arthritis of the
penis in the I guess in likethe urethra. I don't know if it's

arthritis, but it's not good andthat's why discomfort, and that's why there's
irritation. Like, Okay, thismakes sense. He gives me, gives
me antibiotics, should knock it out. I take the antibiotics for a few
days. Nothing's changing. This iskind of crazy that you haven't brought this
up, because usually tell us everything. You tell us too much. Buckle
up, guy, there's war.Nothing's change and is getting worse. It's

not getting worse, it's just notgetting better. And I tell my my
wife, obviously knows what's going on. I tell her everything she does,
and we're out and she says,maybe you have like a yeast infection going
on. My wife. I lovemy wife, but she definitely thinks she's
a doctor. But why because you'vemet her. I mean she works in

healthcare. She thinks he's also afirst responder. You know, she'll like,
yeah, she draws people's blood.She doesn't have an MD Toto tomato,
I mean, what are we talkingabout here? So so we go
to CVS and she gets me yeastcream. Wait, like, female,

ye reading the problem? Why wouldyou just listen to her? So let
me explain I do. You couldmessage a doctor on the Kaiser app that
I use, and the doctor Imessaged said, because this happened to me
a couple of years ago, andhe said, use what the medicine you
used last time? And I go, I don't remember what that medicine was,

and neither And I was looking throughall my medical records and I couldn't
find it. So we assumed itwas this yeast cream. Dude, what
I mean, this is my assumption. Like, I'm not putting nothing down
in that area, man, LikeI gotta be real, Like you gotta
be the top doctor in the fieldto prescribe me something to me. I
trust my I trust my wife.I love and trust my wife as well.

But if my wife goes, hey, when you squeeze this tubeh of
you know, crest in your penisor whatever, I'm gonna be like,
you don't know what you're talking about. No, I'm not doing that.
She's so confident when she's talking aboutit. No, it makes you buy
the yeast cream. We go homeand I was just gonna put it a

round the penis. Well you can't. You got a urethra problem. So
she says, no, you squeezethe tube and put it in. So
I did, Are you in sohard? And a day or two and
I did? And I go,how many times should I do this?
I said, that's my wife?And she goes on prescription day, you're

talking to her about my wife,says Hailey says, I guess as many
times as you want. Oh mygod. So on Sunday I did it
about five or six times. Monday, like what the hell? Monday,
I wake up and I try togo to the bathroom, and it's the

most excruciating pain I've ever had inmy life, like ten degree burns on
the tip of my penis. Ithen I then go to the doctor and
I go, I tell the doctorwhat's going on. And the doctor says,
you put yeast infection medicine in yourpenis and I said yeah, and

she goes, you realize a vaginahas different tissue than a penis. Do
you know that? Okay? Sothen I said, so, then she
tells me to drop my pants becauseshe wants to see doctor. It doesn't
bother me. I get it,I get it. I don't care.
Doesn't doctor is a doctor. MayWhen they looked at your body parts,

they thought it was a But whenyou're walking around with a box of monasterats,
they're like, oh, guy,I know sco up in the Sometimes
you gotta speak to them all theway, all the way down, all
the way down. My god,can I tell you something else about this

idiot? Hey, this is mywife. I know we're ranting about yet,
but by the way, uh,this idiot tells me on Monday that,
you know, he's got this eyeissue and he goes, he goes,
yeah, you know, Haley hadsome cream or something that I rubbed
in there. And I thought aboutit, and I go, you just

rubbed some random It was an antibioticeye. But you don't know what it
is, and you don't know ifthat's what you means. Two things I'm
not messing with. So true.And I got two eyes and penis issues
right now. So the doctor pantsdown and this was her shriek. This
was her exact word, you're poorpenis. Did they cut it off?

No, they didn't cut it off. But I have as of right now,
I have a chemical burned on mypenis. Oh my god, I
don't even know what to say,do I This is the most try to
go to the bathroom. When Ijust went to try to go to the
bathroom, It's almost impossible. I'min there screaming silently. But my pain

as that's how much it hurts.My penis is in so much pain because
of my wife. I will neverlisten to her again. I trust her
again. You cannot told me toput the yeast infection cream in my penis,

but my poor penis, as doctorjokes would stay, I have no
words. It's dumb and dumber.So now I'm gonna be on a steroid
to help with the inflammation. Gettingthat today after the show and make it
bigger. I mean, it's notthat steroid it's an inflammation because my urethra

is very inflata and I have achemical burn. So I have a chemical
burn on my penis and I can'tsee out of my left eye. That's
what going on in my life rightnow. Guys. Uh, there was
no rant today other than I wantto cry because of my penis. Well,
it is leaking from your eye?Maybe a penis too related? Yeah,

excuse me? Okay, Okay,maybe you need something, but I
got to go to the bathroom.You're not going to so if you hear
me scream out, you know what'sgoing on there. Okay, Well move
on. You don't know how tomove on me? No, I don't
want to in so many ways?Do I not want to be? Thank

you? Thank my wife? No, I'm not going to because you listen
to her so well. Never Inever will anything. Uh? Is there?
Well? I was about to say, is there anything worse? I
just hurt? Is there anything worsethan sending a text message and then gaining
a text back with just the response, Sure, that's horrific, not as

horrific as what I just heard.Yeah, but we will see how we
feel about sure as a response comingup next on the show and rock with
a five three dude. That screenday on the show, it's rock with
oh five three. So everybody's beenthrough this before where you send maybe like

a long text message asking about somethingor you know, talking about something,
and you know, you put youryou know, heart and soul into this
and the only response back you getis sure, dude, what the hell?
A person clearly hates you? Right? You get a sure back?

That's never good? Right. Yeah. If me and my wife are in
a fight, there's two ways toknow that she's mad at me. I
get sure or K. Just theletter K means I really messed up.
Sure is she has attitude. Maybeshe's a little hungry, oh cranky,

you know what I mean, something'sgoing on. I said something stupid,
k is I got flowers? Wow? Wow. I responded yesterday and all
I wanted to write was sure,but I didn't. There was no animosity,
there was no like upsetness from me, so I had to add on

to it. I wanted just tosay sure, but there's no tone to
that or context, So I wrotesure, go for it or something like
that. Sure exclamation point. That'sa better response for sure, I guess.
But now you're just yelling sure atme. Yeah, And he's done
this to me a couple of times. Oh you've gotten sure and you think

he's met what you meant. Ispin out now for the rest of the
night until I see him the restof the Eddie's pissed me. Like,
honestly, I like my heart drops. I get your heart feeling. But
Eddie's like never. I'm asking Eddielike a show question in the afternoon that
I just needed to know, andhe'll go sure, Well, it's stuff

that she knows I don't care about. She wants to double check for some
ungodly reason. Or it's something thatwhy are you even doing this right now?
Again I don't know? And soand so restaurant friends food Friday,
like whatever, Eddie sends me assure, I think it's sure. This
one was with Emily. It's like, sure, why are you bothering me

at three o'clock? You guys tryingto eat cereal at three o'clock? Thank
you? I don't need this.I'm in moll Sports Center, like what
are we doing? I'll write sureto my wife sometimes too, she'll write
ask me a question and I'll gosure, and I mean it like sure
and show right back grumpies question.Oh wow, and I'm like grumpies,
I just said sure. Can yourespond with sure and not have it be

negative? Wow? No, anddon't know. No. Anytime Robert does
this, I asked him if he'smad, you're mad at me? Because
I'm I'm sure in my head thathe's mad. Well, this has become
a massive topic on the internet.Yeah, and it's so funny that Thor
said what he said about the tworesponses he gets yeah, because the article

is titled is sure the new K? There's nothing worse than I'll use when
I'm pissed. I don't think I'veever used K. I don't think ye.
I'll tell you what, randomly,if your wife asked you a question
in a text, randomly send aK. She'll start freaking out. Oh

wow, just start freaking out,Emma. That night, I guess this
all started because one gallon her brother. I guess you know, they're close
in age and they like hang outand stuff, and so she texted her
brother, Hey, tomorrow, youwant to like hang out out? And
he wrote back sure, and thenshe wrote back to him, well,

if you have a sure attitude aboutit, then let's not even do it.
Yes to me like, no problemin context problem. I wouldn't be
offended by that really, because it'slike, you want to hang out?
Sure, Sure want to hang outthat much again? See, but if
you threw it at sure, let'sdo it. Sorry for to hang out
with me again. I didn't takeit that way. According to the article

that are now being written about this, because people are talking about this,
they say, a sure is likea thumbs up to your face, but
a flip off to your back isbasically what a sure is. Or it's
like, Okay, I don't reallywant to do this, but since you
asked, I now feel obligated todo it. Is it better to just

give a double tap tap like sure? I've got to get an exclamation point.
I have to why I don't wantI'm not like shure, that'd be
great. That sounds like fun.Hold on a minute. You cannot add
more words. But it's sure ordouble tap like? Which would you prefer?

I would prefer sure because I thinkdouble tap like is an even more
of a blowoff. That's what thesky does every time? Yeah, yeah,
she does. What about what aboutif you asked me to hang out,
and I just wrote down, that'sbetter than sure, that's way better.
There's sounds fun, it's ironic.Down. Yeah, I'm just down

to hang out. Okay. Well, since people are talking about it and
this topic has gone so viral,basically, this is what the internet has
broken down and the consensus. Ifyou are asking somebody to do something fun
to hang out, you're inviting somebodysomewhere. A sure is the equivalent of
a flip off. If you areasking somebody to do a task for you,

like can you get milk when yougo to the grocery store? Can
you? You know? Whatever theysay, a sure is appropriate and equals
a yes in that scenario, Istill feel like you're annoyed though, to
go get the milk from you?Oh you are? No, I'm not
right, no problem, because thereis a problem. I gotta stop on
my way. I got to stopon my home. But sure, I'll

do it. Sure, I'll doit. But if sure, I'm not
excited to buy you groceries, Sowhy would I throw to help me out?
I don't want to the grocery,but I will. Sure, I
am, I am? Because whatare you doing? You're not doing anything?
You can't go, I'll do itsure. O god, oh my

god. Yeah, it's a thing. It's not damn. Yeah. We
have been talking about summer camps.Obviously with summer here, there was all
kinds of them. Well, wellthere is one that you could send your
kids to that is quite different.We're gonna see what it is you can
do with this one camp when weget back on the show on Rock with

five to three led Zeppelin on theshow, it's Rock with five to three.
So as we are entering summer here, there was major discussions going on
about kids and summer camps. Now, mainly that was between Emily and Sky.

Emily fully admitted she wants to dosummer camps to just get her son
out of her hair. Thor couldnot wrap his head around summer camps and
that wasn't really a thing for him. Wasn't the thing when I was growing
up either, but we had likeas I got older, we played I
went to camp for baseball, butit was like an instruction camp of like
we're serious, we're getting towards college, right, But it wasn't like fun

camps. Yeah, like trying differentactivities each week. Camp. My dad
would laugh at me if I askedhim to me to a six hundred dollars
camp, he would laugh indirectly inmy face. What it's fun for them,
But you want to go tubing fora week on Mission Bay. I
go down, but every kid's going, and he would say, good for
them, Oh jeez, and lookhow you turned out so well. S

guy's daughter is currently in a campthis week. Emily, did you ever
find a camp for your son?Yeah, we're doing a camp that sleep
away for a week. Heaven,heaven. My son wanted to learn how
to surf this summer. He's triedbefore, but that's what he wanted to
do this summer. So we're doingit sleep away surf camp. Yeah,

where same. I don't think youshould give up? Like local is local?
I'll give the date. Yeah,I don't think it's on your shore?
Yeah, I know, but Ithought it's odd that it's going to
be a local sleep away. Wetalk about that off the air. I
assume maybe he was going to likeup like like whs away to get picked

up, But you can't get pickedup every day. Otherwise, why do
a sleepover camp if you can getpicked up every day? I think it's
going to be a good experience withhim, to be away from us and
do fun stuff like that. Guarantinga phone call mom come pick me.
That was me when I was akid going to camps. Had to call
for sixth grade camp for my momto come get me. You got to
get picked up. I was scared. Oh that's embarrassing. Oh, Emily,

Thankfully, my daughter's done with campsat this point in her age.
She's good's high school. She's justgonna hang out her friends or whatever.
My son is gonna do a weeklong golf camp. He wants to learn
how to golf. That's good.That cool. I'm gonna get ready to
get frustrated. Well, he'll learnthat day one. Well. Those all
kinds of different summer camps, soyou can do. Uh. There is

one that is becoming popular, butpeople are kind of confused by it.
Yeah, it sounds like this isthe first time they're doing it. And
it is a summer camp with Chickfil A. Now, yes, now
it's different and odd, yes,like the fast food place, but it's
not something that's like offered through theentire chain. It's a specific location in

Louisiana that has just posted for eachweek in July, they will be offering
a week long summer camp for kidsbetween five and twelve years old. Now,
it's gonna cost thirty five bucks perkid for a week if you want
to do the summer camp, whichis huge, yeah Louisiana. Yeah,

like camps around here. Like,honestly, it would be cheaper than we'll
probably done. They would, Ohmy god. Yeah the plane ticket.
Oh seriously, it's insane. Sothere's one a week, like I said,
and you pay, you get akid's meal, You get a T
shirt and a name tag. Uh. Those are the goodies you get each

day at camp. And they describethe camp as a behind the scenes look
at hospitality and service ak, soexactly what are the kids doing? Will
Camp activities include learning a dining roomhosting aka cleaning up the dining room,

learning customer service skills aka working theregister, learning how to take an order,
learning how to bag an order,learning how to pour properly their cone
or shake and like a cop soI note peach shake is back phenomenal,
best shake in the market. Wow. And finally learning how to be a

Chick fil A mascot. And oncethey posted this description of camp. Everybody
started pointing out what Eddie just says. This is free labor, and not
just free labor, this is freechild rule that you're paying. Are you
crazy a five year olds? Heykid, give me a sweet tea.
Yeah. In the thousands of commentsthat went viral under their post advertising the

camp, people started tagging the USDepartment of Labor to let them know.
It's like, it's crazy. Imaginelike a fifteen year old doing this and
then like that, what are theygoing to promote him? That's insane?
Yeah, that's insane. Hey,why are you looking at me? Because
I know what you're doing. Whatam I doing? I was a fifteen
year old assistant manager. It ain'tno camp. Oh, it ain't no

case, ain't no camp, man. I was work. You were fifteen
years old and the assistant manager.That's not far off from this camp.
This camp is twelve. So that'syeah, a couple of just a couple
of years later. Listen, whatI could teach these kids that think that.
Okay, oh wow, did Jamieworked at Chick fil A? Yeah?
Yeah, yeah he did. Yeah? Did you started five? Yeah?

Were you five years old? Jamieat Chick fil A? He's he's
looking real serious. No, youguys, I was eighteen eighteen late Lady
by Daddy, three years in palWow, that sounds like a fun camp.
We're always wondering who's got the biggestwieners. Yeah, we're gonna see

major League Baseball ballpark has the biggestwieners. What do you think Emily is
salivating coming on next on the showand the Offspring. It's the show,
it's talking. Uh So I said, as we're going to break there,

we're going to talk about who hasthe biggest wieners. And Emily was like,
oh, yeah, tell me,And I was like, I don't
think I did. I am talkingabout comments freaked out. We're so excited.
I'm talking about at major League baseballparks, who's got the biggest wieners?

Stop, you don't want to knowone talk about talking about she loves
wieners. Okay, oh, sheloves them. Stupid. You don't like
hot talks. I love jumbo sausages. There, direct quote from you.

I like, I probably have todo with it. I prefer I get
the jokes. Eddie. I almostjust called you Roberts because well, I
probably would prefer a sausage over ahot dog. To be honest, you
stop winking at me. Oh mygoodness. You know what's crazy is that

if you go to Petco, thefood is so good, like a hot
dog is probably like the last thingI'm gonna get. Seriously, Yeah,
I wouldn't why I got the littleslugger meal once at Petco. Alright,
it was a hot dog, asoda and like a little uh he the
whle helmet with the ice cream,with the ice cream that's eight bucks.

Perfect. It was a little tinysoda with a big straw though, so
I felt like a little kid.But but yeah, the hot dogs at
Peco aren't that big. No,they're like regular tiny ballpark frames, normal,
normal. But some of these ballparkshave like massive hot dogs really like
I think the Dodgers have like theDodger dog or something that it's not that

special. The Brewers maybe sucks.Okay, I get it. So are
you saying that? So are yousaying that we have a small wiener?
Is that what you're saying? Ithink so? I think we have an
average sized winner. Okay, I'mjust gonna say we were average size.
I'll stand up for it. Okay, that's nice. That's nice of you
to say. I've been to afew different ballparks, and I'm trying to
think, is there been one ballparkwhere I've been real impressed with the wiener

who stopped looking over here? Ithink Peco offers multiple sizes of wieners.
To be honest, you would know. Last time I was there, I
did get a hot dog and itwas a small one. It was like
the ones like, well, itwasn't small in my hand, but it
was like I could hold on.It looked like a pig and a blanket.
Really oweah, Anyway, it seemedtoo small, like like, I

feel like I've seen people eating adifferent version because I had a little cart,
a little cart. It wasn't notlike the big you know where you
can get all the peanuts, they'rethe same hot dog. I feel like
they have allfer different sizes. Soyou're so, if I'm hearing your story
correct, Emily, you're embarrassed aboutthe size of our wiener. No,
it was the perfect amount of hotdogs. But you said you held it.
You said it was embarrassing. You'rejust talking about the size of it.

You're just living in reality right now, just living in reality. That's
your true Okay, okay, it'stricky. Yeah, it is tricky,
super tricky. Well, I guessthey looked into this and have ranked the
Major League based all parks. Whohas the biggest wieners? Oh? Yeah,
and it varies. I had noidea that wieners could vary so much,

you would. I don't have muchexperience, yea, No, No,
I haven't you know, been tomany mall park I haven't partaken.
No, I haven't partaken many wienersfrom ballparks. So, so here we
go. Who is proud of theirwieners today? Oh, we got a
big boy. We got some bigboys out there. I gotta imagine it's

Milwaukee. It's just immediately like theyyou know, they have the sausage races.
They're they're really proud of their wieners. We're all bragging about it.
I feel like that's going to bethe go to you think, so any
No, Unfortunately you are wrong.Milwaukee at the bottom of the list having
a small wiener No six a sixinch shirt. No, that's according to

this chart, that's the smallest inthe business. Yeah, Milwaukee has the
smallest. Well, they are partof a group that has the smallest and
they are ranked towards the very bottombecause once they look at size, they
look at price because if you're goingto get a smaller wiener, then you
better pay less for that, youknow what I mean. But in Milwaukee
you're paying more money price top dollarsfor top do so. Who is proud

today, Well, based on size, the Texas Rangers are the proudest out
there before. They recently debuted theirbroom stick hot dog, which comes in
at twenty four inches. It's likeit's like a party sub of wieners.

You know whoa who would be ableto eat that much? Yeah? Oh
I think we know. And ithas like chili on it and cheese.
Clearly it's something you split an onionrings two feet of hot dogs. Tell
that to Joey chest now, okay, chumping that thing down. Well,

now, twenty four inches goes tothe Rangers. That's gonna set you back
about thirty three dollars. Why wouldyou buy that? Why would somebody buy
that? For the spectacle. Itmust come, It must come with like
a souvenir. Yeh, yeah,sounds sounds good and you're gonna get that.
No, split it with your familylady in the trumpet, it's weird.

If I was watching a ball gamewith Michael Boublay, okay, and
we need to order the broomstick onehundred percent in Lady in the tramp,
Sure we take one side, I'lltake the other. Well, me in
the middle of a hot dog,you and Boublay of a wiener. I
was fairly clear about it. Okay, No, I'm not all right,
I'm not I'm not gay. No, No, who would say if I

just because I want to share ahot dog with Michael Boublay does not make
me gay? I mean, okay, you said it. We are just
a little odd. We accept you. I would pull on to the lady
in the tramp sharing spaghetti with MichaelBoublay. That's different. That's spaghetti.
That's why. Yeah, this isa different times worse. You think,
yeah, Candle, I'd sniffed thatthing raw, okay, and you like

are like yeah, oh, strongfeelings, strong feelings. If I could
take a bath with Michael, Iwould with another man. Is he singing
to me? Yes, yes,okay. I wish I could cook bouble
and drink the broth. That mightbe a little weird. That one might

be a little weird. Mike,Mike cook him because I don't want him
to die. No, I'm ameat man, Okay, okay, so
coming in second for the biggest wieners. I think this is what they call
a grower, not a shower.I don't I don't know exactly what we

have the Baltimore Orioles. Really,why is this? So? I thought
there were a crabcake city. Idon't know, floor me. They have
a baseball team, so technically twelveinches, but could be thirty six inches
depending on who he asked what?Because that's it, that's a two foot
difference there. Yard Dog actually comeswith three twelve inch hot dogs on one

that'll send you back twenty three dollarsdog if you'd like that. The best
value is going to be the RedSox. You get twelve inches for six
dollars and twenty five Okay, sothat is the best deal, delicious.
Yeah, how do the Padres do? So we're talking twenty four inches twelve

inches? All this? The Padreshere they listed as the Barrio Dog.
I don't know. That's a differenta different sky. That's a different thing.
Thet Dog gourmet hot dog. Yeah, friar dog is like the dog
the concessions. Yeah, we're talkingabout here. Yeah, we're doing dumb.
Barrio dogs are legit though, Well, we don't need to be proud

of our barrio one is American Mexicanstyle. Yeah, there's just a lot
of stuff in ty hot wrapped inbacon. Yeah. Girl. Well,
out of the ranking of Wiener sizes, they ranked thirty, we come in
twenty fifth. That's not because wegot a six inch or score me.

It's a six incher and it's goingto set you back eight bucks. So
that puts us at twenty five outof You could buy a six pack of
hot dogs for eight bucks. I'mnot doing that. Yeah, I think
you need to rank just the standarddogs. What are we doing a the
novel? This is madness, that'sstupid. Sky. Well, I think
they put everybody's dogs. You turit out, Sky, and we're we're

lacking, guys, stock eight,We're lacking. We've only got six inches.
Sorry, sorry, you can denyit all you want, Wiener,
Why do you screwed that? Idon't know. I don't know why I
would do that. Okay, Speanof the Pods, uh them and the
A's went back and forth in theirgame last night until the very end.

We're gonna see what happened at theend of their game next to sports shirt.
Well, the Padres were in aback and forth roller coaster type of
a game last night against the OaklandA's. Now, just like the previous
game, they went down first asAbraham Toro hit the first pitch he saw
in the game for a solo homerun bat start. Yeah. Padres then,

though, came back, took thelead in the fifth inning when Hassan
Kim scored off an infield singer singleby Luisa Rise, and then Jerks and
profar singled home both Arise and FernandoTatis Junior to take a three to one
lead. Then they almost blew itas the A's tied the game in the
eighth off of a Tyler Sodastrum torun home run. But the game ain't

over yet. Oh no. Atthe bottom of the ninth, an unlikely
hero emerged. Oh Kyle, heGotchka Wow, set the fans home happy
with a walk off home run togive the Padres a four to three win.
Wow. It was awesome And Ineed to apologize to Kyle because when
he was coming up, I wasn'tall that pumped. Oh no, and

I'm not sure why. I knowhe's a backup catcher, backup catcher,
like I was like, oh God, this guy's coming up this right away
it happened. I'm so sorry Iunderestimated you. Wow. That was great,
as well as Fernando Tatis Junior keepinghis hitting streak alive. It's up
to seventeen straight games, so that'shuge. The only bad news is Profar

did hurt himself swinging in the eighth. They don't think it's too serious.
That's not good losing him in Wow. So hopefully he's only down for maybe
a game or two. Not toobad. Very sad, but one of
the all time NBA legends has passedaway. The Lakers and Hall of Famer
Jerry West has passed away at theage of eighty six this morning. Now.

West got the Lakers to the NBAFinals nine times, but he couldn't
win the big one until he finallygot it in nineteen seventy two. He
was a twelve time All NBA selection. He then moved on to the front
office, where he put together someof the most famous teams like the Showtime
Lakers and so just absolute legend.He's the logo. Yeah. The NBA

silhouette is Jerry West. No way, that's cool. That is yeah,
so pretty sad. And he putKobe and Shock on the same team.
So guys, legends for sure.The Holiday Bull is on the move again,
you guys. The College Bowl gameis now moving from Petco Park over
to Snaptracking be held at Snapdragon.Now it's a football field, but I

think it's kind of cool and uniqueto downtown to Petgo like like they have
like yeah, like the only reasonI know this because I'm Yankee fan to
have like the Pinstripe Bowl. WayPark has a game in Boston that's well
but not nothing wrong. Snaptrack isa nice stadium, but like it's pretty
like cool to have it at abaseball field. Why would they move it?

Talk to the committee. I don'tknow what the hell I want.
It's not my fault I want it. I think they wanted at a football
stadium. I guess. I don'tknow. Maybe Peco doesn't want it there
anymore. I don't know what elseis going on there in December. Well,
nothing, I don't know. I'msorry. I was wet last year.

He's playing Okay, I can goto snap Track Sports is brought to
you by Jersey Mike's the the subabove. Uh, there is a guy
that is apparently dating a girl thathe calls, quote the all natural type.
I think we know those types.Well, he really likes her,
but now is it really sure whatto do about something? In particular?

We're gonna see what his issue iscoming up next on the show in Rock
on a five to three, HarrowSmith on the show, it's Rock one
five to three. So apparently thereis a guy out there who's trying to
figure things out with a new girlthat he's dating. Dating he is referring

to her as the quote all naturaltype. Really, what does that mean?
Well, he says, the galshe's dated in the past, you
know, are all about their clothes, their shoes, their hair, their
makeup, their nails. And hesays, this shit couldn't be more opposite.
He says, she's really cool,but she doesn't wear makeups, does
don't care about her parents at all. Well, not that she doesn't care,

she just goes for a more naturallook, a different, a more
comfortable look, wildly curly hair,She doesn't mention whether her hair is straight
or curly, but he just mentions, you know, she kind of wears
no makeups. This is super comfy. Well, I mean, he doesn't
say almost like is that work?Yeah, okay, he doesn't say almost
like that. Yeah, her nameis LORI wait wait, hold on,

okay, yes, that's my legalname. Has a musk about her Okay,
yeah, I don't have a husk. That was a few years ago.
I cleared up the musk really,okay, stop it. It's hairer
legs. Okay. You know Ilikes to wear sucks with their flip flops.
Yes, yeah, I took him. I took him off like twenty
minutes ago. We're warming up,you guys. That's fine. But no,
none of these things were said inthe email. Just the fact that

you know, she doesn't wear makeupor like really heels like the chicks he's
dated before, doesn't care about whatkind of purse she carries, and he's
kind of found it refreshing. Andshe's super cool and they're having a great
time. Well, okay, cool, he says, cool, getting along,
she's great whatever. Well, theyjust had their fourth date over the
weekend and it was a beach date, and he said it was kind of

a bummer because it was kind ofovercast. So she showed up wearing a
sweatshirt and shorts and flip flops,and they're hanging out on the beach.
But then later in the day,he said, the sun broke through and
she took her sweatshirt off and waswearing her bikini top underneath. And that's
when he said he was shocked tosee her hairy armpits and not like stubble

forgot to shave for a couple days, but like, I don't shave my
armpits at all type of vibe.He says it was distracting the whole time,
but he didn't say something because hedidn't know what to say, And
so he's now what he says,I can't date a check with hairy armpits,
Like he knows himself, he justcan't turn off. So he's saying,

do I just stop seeing her ordo I actually try and have a
conversation with her? Of like,I like you, but unfortunately this is
a turnoff. Are you open tochanging that style a bit? So he
doesn't really know how to proceed afterseeing the hairy armpits. Well, if

that's the first time he's seeing herarmpits, imagine the first time he's we
have a sky situation. I don'tknow. Yeah, that's not good.
Yeah, so oh without a doubt. I mean, well, why are
you if you're if this is thefirst all natural girl you're ever dating,
it's like this is why what isit about her that's so great? Like

why you know you got to beinto that, you know what I mean?
You got to be into all naturalstuff too. See, I don't
think you were into all natural girls. Now your wife shaves, but I
would put her in the all naturalcategory of camping and riding horses, walking
around barefoot everywhere. So and Iget on her about some of that stuff
because she does well, she doeshave feet or like hobbed feet and they're

gross on the bottom, because shedoes she walks around barefoot her But yes,
she when before I met her,she didn't wear deodorant. She refused
shaved. Yes, she always shaved, and she always like took care of
herself, but no deoderant. Debut and she listen, I love my
but she'll tell you when she iswhen she stinks, she stinks I don't

know what it is, like whateveryone has bo, but her bo is
just like so her I don't know. So she finally got like her family
was like, hey, you needto wear deodorant, and she did it,
and she'll she'll try to sneak inall natural deodorant every once in a
while and I'll go no, no, no, no no, you gotta
get the real stuff, baby.But but just how you talk to her
about theodoran caun't this guy? Italk to her about shaving. See some

chicks though, the chicks that don'tshave their armpits are really weird about it,
like like like like it's like asexist thing, and they get like
angry, like the orderly thing ismore like it's a lemanam ah, this
is like I don't shave my armpitsbecause you don't shave your armpits, like
you know what I mean. Sothat's why it's different. I have a
girlfriend I had to talk to aboutit when I found out she was growing

her arm and hair out and Iwent no, no, no, no
no, And then she got onme and looked at me a little different,
like I am not a feminist.I don't want women's rights. And
I got into that whole thing.Sitting right next to you and you're talking
about her. I got you inthe room, yeah, saying no,
I think. I think. Ithink if this girl is the kind of
girl like Thors saying, that's notgoing to shave her armpits, then you're

just finding out little things now,Like think about the stuff that you're going
to find out later. Yeah,she doesn't wipe. Why would anyone do
that? I mean would Sky willgo through periods of time where she doesn't
like to shave, especially her legs. Yeah, I can't imagine what it
looks like right now. Your husbanddoesn't. He just accepts it at this

point, right Yes. Has heever tried to bring it up of like,
you know, what are you doing? No, not really, because
he knows I'll eventually get to it. Like I'm not gonna, you know,
start like putting beads under there orsomething like that. But like,
I actually shaved my pits yesterday becauseI know I'm going to yoga tomorrow.

And it was about a week anda half in it was a shave almost
every day. Yeah, because ittakes two seconds just loop up with soap
literally that's how fast it is done. That is fast. Yeah, do
that, you know, because thenI got you know, I gotta get

a new razor out or under thesame every time. Well no, I
mean because it's been a week anda half. Yeah. So it's just
so you rather you care more aboutwhat the yoga people think than the husband.
No, if we're gonna have wifetime, if you will, there
will be shaving prior to that.But yeah, but on round if it's

a spur of the moment thing though, Oh yeah, then hey, this
is your wife. I'm a man. Wait, no, I'm not saying
man. I'm saying I may haveHarry Pett's and you know, we're just
gonna deal with that dump. Ohokay, all right, come out tomorrow.
It is a throwback Thursday, sowe're gonna play some throwback trivia.

Plus Thor says he's noticed something thatI do that he can't take anymore.
No, I can't. It's timeyou get called out for what. Yeah,
well, we're gonna find out what'sgoing on all tomorrow

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