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June 18, 2024 96 mins
Thor Upset Driver Leaves Dog Treats, Sky Said Something About Baloon Memorial, Ranking Summer Olympic Sports
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San Diego. Welcome, Welcome tothe show. Yo, A new new
day is here, and what betterway to start it then with I feel
like the show is going to begreat. This show, I would like
to introduce you to the ringleader Eddie. I have a young mindset, okay,
the mother of this crew Sky.If you don't know anything about me,

you may not realize that I getcold very easily, or I'm very
rude, I'm obnoxious and I don'tcare. And Emily, ever since I
can remember, I've never wanted tosleep with another human. Welcome to the
show on San Diego's rock station Rockone oh five three. So I'm still
having a hard time figuring this out. I don't know if I am just

being the old guy shaking my fiston on what's going on around here,
or if it's just crazy that thisis where we're at in society. So
we were at a restaurant over theweekend, went to like a breakfast spot,
and it's like a little cafe.You know, it's not a huge
restaurant, it's kind of smaller,and it was just me and my wife

and so we go get seated ata table. I'm looking at the menu,
when all of a sudden, aperson in the booth next to me,
like kind of to the side,just takes out their phone and starts
blaring a TV show. Oh noheadphones, no, you know. Volume
level was crazy and I turned aroundand look and I'm like, wow,

like what the heck is going on? Like it was so wild, and
they were like post it up.It was like something that they It wasn't
like me trying to show sky somethingwasn't watching like a video or anything like
that. It was some like likerace, like F one race or something.
No, it was it was acar race. I was watching the

poet and it went on for alittle while, to the point of where
like Debora was trying to talk tome and I'm like I can't even listen
to you, Like I don't evenit was loud. And so when they
got their food he turned it offand I was like, okay, cool,
like thank god, because I wasgetting close to saying something like this

is and again I hate having toput the server in that position. But
what does the server got to do? It's gonna I don't who knows.
Yeah, so weird. Well thenabout I don't even know, maybe five
minutes later, a person in anotherbooth where it was a little bit further
from that person, but still,I you know, it was like I

could still see the person. Theystart watching a TV show on their phone,
full volume, no headphones, nonothing really, and they proceeded to
eat their entire meal while watching aTV show like that was their friend.
That was like there they were bythemselves, that one. I'm not no,

I don't know if it was.I was thinking. I was thinking
friends for some reason. I don'tknow. It's too irritated to really but
and so I'm just thinking to myself, is this just normal behavior? Now?
Is this what we do? Isbecause we have phones and we're all
accepting of our phones, and Ithink it's changing. Not that I like

it, but I've noticed exactly whatyou've noticed. Not two people like back
to back like that. That seemslike crazy, same restaurant, full volume.
That's wild because in the you know, like lots of lists about you
know, oh, the most annoyingthings people can do in public is like
you know, would be like,oh, listen to music on your phone
without you know, headphones, andI'm assuming the same would go for TV

and movies. But Even with thatsaid, I'm still noticing it more and
more too, in just different randomplaces. Like I was waiting at my
daughter's Orthodonis the other day and Ihad, you know, earbuds in,
and I'm I'm watching some sweet realestate show on I ask. Guy's always
somewhere with earbuds in watching a showon Netflix, waiting for her daughter.

I feel like, at least attimes a day, multiple times a day,
she's always in her car with earbudsin, watching something, waiting for
her daughter. Yes, that isso true. That is so true that
your day. Yeah, they're normal, normal Apple. I think Apple only
makes one size you guys. Sobut the But while I'm doing that,

I noticed the person on the littlecouch next to me. They don't have
any earbuds in, and they're justfully like watching something like a YouTube video,
And I'm like, can we justdo this right now? Yeah?
Because they think. Also, likewith parents, there's parents that are okay
with their kids to have volume ontheir devices. I'm like, a big

no volume on your device in thecar. When with my son read like
I when he's just sitting there andwe're just driving around, he's not even
allowed to have volume on his phonebecause it bothers me so much. And
it's so like because I'm trying tolisten to whatever I'm trying to listen to
on the radio, and it's mycar, so no volume, bring earbuds
or bring headphones in the car.But like when he'll have a friend,
they'll be sitting in the backseat andI'll go turn the volume down, and

it happens to be like his friendthat happened recently and it was his friend
not read oh sorry, but stilllike we don't And then I go,
well, we don't like have volumeon our phones in the car like that.
This is this is all wild.So I'm like everything that you kind
of let happen, that's the thingthat you've put my foot down. Okay,

Patty, Okay, this is whereI draw the line. Yeah,
So I would almost understand it moreand be more understanding if it was a
kid, Yeah, watching like aGoofy cartoon or something like that. Right,
well the parents are having a nicemeal. Yeah, I mean,
I guess I don't want it.So it's beyond annoying and I think it's
beyond rude and what are we teachingour kids? But being said, I

could understand it a little bit morethan full grown adults sitting there now watching
TV as they dine. Yeah,and so I don't know what's going on
in our society now now? Doesthe Is the volume the only thing that
bothers you or the whole thing?Because we went out for our anniversary dinner.
I will never forget this last year. And this is a place where

I mean, it's pricey, likeit's you. It was a special occase,
it's a special occasion, you,your husband and your daughter. Well,
shockingly, this was at the anniversary. This was actually just the two
of us. It was rare.I think she had love was waiting for
them in the car with earbuzzon.No, No, she had other plants.

I think I made the reservation forthree, but she had other plants.
And like, I mean, we'retalking about eighty dollars on trace here,
right, and all of a sudden, yeah, like candle at tables,
they're they're cutting their your steak foryou. They're chewing it and putting
it in your You guys know whatI'm talking about. It And I forget
what sport I want to say,I want I don't know what it was
I think it was college football.It was September, and the table sits

next to us. It's another couple, and the guy immediately pulls out his
phone, props it up, andputs the game on volume with no follow
you. So that's what I'm saying, But it still hit me weird,
like maybe if we were at Chili's, it wouldn't like be such a thing.
Well no, I'm just saying,put this less than okay, That's

all what I'm saying. I'm justsaying, okay, okay. Really,
maybe if it was to give orFriday as they call it, no one
okay. So my question is wouldthat annoy you or are you okay with
that in twenty twenty, I don'tcare. As long as it doesn't affect

me at all. I don't care. You can do whatever you guy.
It was right in my eyesight andlike, because you know, that's all
I could focus on was the game. But maybe I was just that bothered
me. That doesn't bother me.Sport too, that doesn't bother me.
Yeah, I don't know. Imean, if you were listening to a
full volume yeah, I just Idon't understand what's going on now that we

have these devices, and we nowthink we can do basically whatever we want
because we've all run into the personwho you know talks on the speaker phone
and will refused to because it publicand it you know has on speakerphone and
having a full bown conversation yesterday whenI was in somebody studio trying to do
on their speaker phone, when Iwas clearly trying to do something, you

didn't. You didn't need to concentratethat. I mean, I'm trying to
listen to audio. Maybe they don'tknow how phones work. Oh, I
do know how phones work. Phoneyou, My phone does not work unless
your last phone. That doesn't yourealize that does that happen? That phones
literally on the commercial brick. Whatif you guys could call me and I
will show you that it doesn't work. I'm not doing anything wrong. Two

phones. Yeah, my sister hasthe same problem, and I have a
girlfriend that has the same problem.I've never met anyway as problem never I
can't hear you before unless it's onspeaker. The audio is not coming out
of there. I'm due foreign upgrade. What that's happening? What about earbuds?
I don't know. I don't onlyhave earbuds. I mean I have
like earbuds for traveling, but Idon't know if I could talk on them.

I don't have like Apple iPod whateverthey're called. Oh really, No,
I just have Yeah, that's howI talk on the phone in public.
Now I have those bad boys,and I've really embraced them lately.
Isn't that kind of annoying too?Though? If you're well, I'm not
like screaming, but like if I'min the grocery store and my phone rings
and I have those in all,you have buds, I'll say, answer,

I feel I feel like super hightime. So do you walk around
with them always in there? Incase you have a phone call people?
Because I'm listening to music and ifa text comes through, it'll read it
to me and then I can voicerespond. I feel really cool you use
I don't use my calendar in myphone. But for some reason, it's
weird that Sky does this blessed peoplewear like yeah, like I get I

see people like that too, butusually it's like somebody that's like like,
uh, they're constantly wheeling a dealer. It's like a real estate agent or
something. What do you what areyou saying if her daughter, well,
if her daughter needs her, sheneeds to be able to she's on calls.
I have important business. You guysdon't know business are you doing outside
of the race? I would loveto go through Sky's phone log and to

see it will say it will sayboo Loveland boo boo boo boo, love
lovel and love and love and boomboo boo and then randomly like meks Ago,
Yeah, okay, fine, yeah, so bizarre. So if this
was you, Thor, and again, I always have these thoughts when I'm
like, how does Thor handle this? You're sitting there two different people watching

TV shows as you're just trying tohave breakfast. Yeah, I do.
I get annoyed by I don't knowwhen as a society, common courtesy went
out the window, Like people thatFaceTime. I don't know why. It's
so funny. We went from neverwanting to talk on the phone and only
texting to now facetiming, which isexactly it's just so much more aggressive,
and like you FaceTime and they're justtalking and face time, Like why why

do you need to FaceTime while yourgrocery shopping? Or I've seen guys FaceTime
with somebody else at like six amat the airport and the other person's like
in bed, like it's so weird. So like that annoys me, Like
I don't want to hear your conversation. I don't even want to hear the
conversation people I'm not on their phones, but what if their phone doesn't work.
I can't get that all my phones. I know that. I just

say, there is a couple Idon't know. I'm trying to edit a
promo and you're hearing about reads issues. Anyway, I would say something to
the server, really, I would. I would be like, hey,
this is crazy. I would bereally I would act confused, like I
started looking around like confused, andthen the server will come up like,

hey, we just you're allowed tohave your phone out, and just like
if they want to watch their thing, can you ask me to put ear
pods in or something. This iscrazy. I paid for a nice restaurant
here. It's just very distracting.Mine wasn't an eighty dollars an entree type
of I would have said I wouldhave said it. If it was,
I would have said it. Iwas that Starbucks, Okay, yeah,
like it wouldn't matter to me.I just think it's so rude about all

I say. I'm okay, Ibelieve I love them. Okay, oh
fat is sizzle? You goof thatthey're not really this is what we're gonna
argue about. Yeah, so verystrange business and I and I just can't

figure out is this just the normnow? And I have to get over
it. I say the restaurants shouldsay something honestly, like the restaurant should
happen it happens a sign, Yeah, that's sign. They're just like,
hey, this is this is theway. They should have a sign that
says like no phones, no,no loud devices on tables because it bothers

me when my my us see kidslike we were talking about earlier, their
parents will put their device on.They don't have headphones in yeah, and
I'm like, I know that itkeeps your kid happy, but now I'm
not happy. I don't want tohear the Disney channel right now? What
about Little Shark? I don't Idon't want to hear that. Sorry,
here's an idea. Control your kidand have them draw our color way damn

laid down the law, bro,don't even me start on the iPad.
I definitely want, I won't.Uh. So this is good timing because
we have a list here of thetop restaurant behaviors that we find the most
unacceptable. So it's perfect we're gonnago over that. Coming up next on
the show a Rock five to three, some forty one on the show,

It's Rock one five to three.We made the announcement yesterday are Big broadcast.
This is gonna happen on Friday,June twenty eighth from Moonshine Beach for
the Ultimate Staring Contest. It isDon't Blink one eight two. We have
tickets for the Blink one eighty twoshow that we're gonna be giving away in
an Ultimate Staring Contest. We're doingit bracket style, so you come down

that morning, you register, andyou could be chosen to compete in the
Ultimate Staring Contest. So if youwere good at this when you were a
kid, yeah, and doing staringcontest against your sister or your friend or
whatever, then you could walk awaywith a pair of tickets to see Blink
one eighty two at Petkill Park onJune thirties. So just a couple of
days later, you're gonna get tosee Blink. So again, it's going

down at Moonshine Beach on Friday,June twenty eighth from six to ten.
Come on down and hang out,and we're gonna have a great show that
day. It's going to be ablast. So I was just talking about
how weird it was being at arestaurant and having people watch TV shows with
no earphones or earbuds in and fullvolume as we're sitting there all eating.

I thought it was so bizarre.Well, we actually have an entire study
naming the top restaurant behaviors that wefind the most unacceptable. Yeah, they
survey thousands of Americans, gave thema whole list of stuff to choose from.
And some of the things that wereon the list that surprisingly we're okay
with, is uh not leaving atip if you got bad service, We

support that. I mean, it'sup to you. Yeah, it's awful
taking photos of your food. It'snot a favorite, but we're well,
okay, Yeah, let's not becrazy. Yeah, I mean, if
you sit there and take forty fivepictures, I'm gonna get annoyed a little
boo. Yeah, And then finallysending a dish back if it's not made
properly. People say, that's that'sthe things guy, Yeah, I'm never

gonna do that. No, yousaid no cheese. You don't like the
cheese at all, and they coveredit in cheese. I'm gonna scrape the
cheese to the side. Or andwhy even say anything, like, why
even tell them I'm gonna try.I mean, I don't understand. I
just like I don't want to upsetthe server for some odd reason, like

I also don't feel comfortable knowing thepeople in the kitchen and how they're going
to react to a it's messed up. Yeah, but I've worked in a
couple of restaurants before, and itdoesn't matter if it's their fault. They're
still going to be mad that theyhave to do it over or fix it.
It doesn't. But once you've seensome crazy stuff, you get a

little weird. And just the factthat I don't want to complain, I
just just step on me, youknow, spit on me on the way
you're walking past, you know whatever. So anyway, so yes, they
do say returning a dish if it'snot made is fine, But these are
the things that are not fine.Flirting with your server not fine. I

was surprised, Like, why dowe care the server? Sometimes? Yeah,
for like the extra table. Iremember when you know, when I
was when I was made best serveron the show Skills You. Yeah,
definitely, that's how contest. That'sthe snappie. You were sitting there flirting

and drinking. Other tables were takingcare of you, had other people running
the food for you. It's goodtime management. Well, clearly for some
reason I nailed. People aren't intoflirting with the staff. They say,
sitting at your table too long whenyou know it's a busy time and you're

clearly done with your meal, justkind of hogging the table. People say
there's a bad look leaving your tablea mess, whether it's you or your
kids who just leave a mess everywhere. They say that is bad behavior.
Showing up late for your reservation,bringing in outside food or drinks, were
talking. Yeah, snapping your fingerat the server does that? That's not

true at all. I never dothat. When you go, I wave
and I put one hand as thepad, my other fingers the pen,
and I pretend to write, andI'm out of Can I get the check?
Very very close to can I getthe check? Not the snap but
but I mean, it's not eventhe same universe. I'm making going,
Can I get the check because Igotta get out of you. I got

a movie. I mean, youdon't don't. You just don't like sitting
at tables after you done, whichis something that people don't like. And
I just found out nothing. Anothertop of worst behavior of restaurant customers is
trying to debate the menu prices withthe staff. Excuse me, oh,
this this happens. So when youhave to raise the prices and the regular

comes in and sees the new menuwith the raised prices, there's gonna be
a discussion about it. There's gonnabe her and it's not fun and it's
annoying. And I agree, like, if if we reprinted the menus for
the new price, then clearly that'sthe new price. I was at a
restaurant last night and the met andI swear it was the last time I

was there, like two years ago, and the price is like tripled.
It was insane. And did youbring it up to him? I didn't
because I was not the server's fault. I brought up to my wife for
suggesting this restaurant eighteen dollars. Goyagiosakosa? How he is? It was
really good? Ye went, itwas really good, but like eighteen dollars.

Wow, that's you didn't have toorder it? Well I did.
Once Haley goes, oh, youdon't want it, We didn't have to
come here. I feel bad youwant oh? Coming in as the number
one worst behavior according to restaurant customers, with ninety percent of people saying the

guy who doesn't want to pay forhis meal because he didn't like it,
but eight ninety percent of what wason his plate. Yeah, I mean,
come on, you can't do that. No, that is ridiculous.
We know that robots are taking overjobs, but now it looks like it's
taking jobs in the fast food industryas well. We're gonna see what is

going on with my former employer McDonald'swhen we get back on the show and
rock with a five three chili Pepper'son the show. It's rock on five
to three. So we know thatrobots and AI they are all out there
taking everybody's jobs and things like that. Well, I guess they're now invading

the fast food world as well,which is not good because how would I
have ever gotten my start in thebusiness world, Little Eddie, this is
the business world. If I couldn'thave worked at McDonald's. McDonald's is the
leader in leading the way in kindof having AI get in there and take

some jobs. But I guess it'snot going well. No, so I
don't think anybody really saw this coming. I mean, maybe they did.
But McDonald's has AI basically running thedrive through in over a hundred stores across
the country. How is AI goingto tell you to pull forward? Yeah?

I guess the clock will show thatit needs more time, and the
computer will say forward please. Thatneeds an expert judgment call human touch.
Wow, I didn't realize what aI want to under bag your order?
Oh? How wait? How wouldI AI? You're trying You're trying to

insult me. But then I thinkingabout it, I'm like, wait,
how would AI bag your or that'swhy? What do you think that AI
is more lenient with the SAST cutoff? Oh no, but I think
I don't. Chance I don't,but I think that if I asked for
a couple extra barbecue sauces, itwouldn't be crazy. You're out of your
mind. It's programmed, so thereis no wiggle room. I'd say,

listen, give you You'll get yourtwo barbecue sauces, but it's going to
cost you fifty cents each. Fiftyeach. Do you think Eddie would have
been more strict than AI? Yes, he is strict or just doing my
job? Wow? Wow? Well, over the last year has been testing

AI and the drive through. Asit takes your order, it will offer
you things that are specials. It'lloffer you upgrades. I love that Eddie
acts like he's a part of it. Sense. Yeah, I'm just saying
it makes sense. Eddie's codin overthere. Would you like an appleply with
that? Oh? I would throwthat in everyone swap? Wow the upsell?

Would you like to add a sixpek nuggets to your meal? Okay?
Well, so this has been beingtested for about a year and we
know how this stuff works. Theytest something and then if the community likes
it, then they roll it outto all of their locations. But McDonald's
just made an announcement that unfortunately,in this case, the opposite has happened

where they tested this at over onehundred stores and McDonald's is now pulling the
AI out of all hundred stores becauseit could not figure it out. Now,
I guess the threshold for AI tobe considered successful would be about a
ninety five percent accuracy rate. Sothey'll allow it to mess up five percent

of the time, but ninety fivepercent of the time it's got to be
good. Well, after testing itat about a hundred stores, they were
having about an eighty percent accuracy rate. How brutal that is, Yeah,
because they ever try to talk andtext to your phone and how it messes
it up and then you got toredo it. Like imagine doing that when
you're trying to order and you're hungry. Just get a person, your cheap

bastards, hire somebody. And soI guess once people who have like TikTok
and social media food accounts found outabout this, then it was their goal
to get this on camera, andso there are quite a few videos that
have gone viral. One when theAI kept trying to add bacon to the
guy's ice cream cone and he's like, I don't want bacon, Like that's

not what are they saying, They'retry and trick it. Well, I
don't know if they're trying to trickit or if it was just an example
of it messing up. But McDonald'sadmit, you happen to be recording.
Yeah, give me a break.But McDonald's admits twenty percent of the time
it was messing up. Perfect Eventuallyit will be with it's like perfect.
Course, they can't use it untilit's perfect. You got accents, you

got things that exactly he's going tohave a hard time with. Yeah,
it's gonna be a little tougher thanmaybe a fifteen year old superstar super I'm
just same. As an example,a random example, Thor says he was
not too happy with something that hisFedEx driver did recently that has to do

with his dogs. We're gonna seewhat this driver did to upset him.
Coming up next on the show andRock with a five three. It's the
off bringing on the show. It'sRock one five to three. So we
got some breaking news. Apparently amajor celebrity has been arrested because of a
little DUI what oh yeah, yeah, it's breaking news. Alerts are going

out everywhere that justin Timberlake just arrestsexy. He did well, that was
a while ago and now I guesshe's bringing crime. Okay, really about
it? No, I mean,what are we crying? A river.
Yes, yeah, so I guesshe was partying over like in the Hampton's

Okay he was well, I guessthe article says quote he was part Okay,
I guess there's a hotel, likea cool hip hotel there called the
American Hotel, and he was quotepartying according to the article, with friends,
and like they say, right afterhe left the place, he blew

a stop sign and there were copssitting right there, so I guess they
didn't pull him over right away.They actually followed him a little bit,
and that's when he was swerving alongthe road. Driver field sobriety test,
breathalyzer, but he refused, andI guess his buddies because it wasn't far

away from his hotel, so hisbuddies came out and tried to get the
cops to let him go, likejustin Tipperlay. The cops said Joey Faton
and everyone say, definitely don't thinkit was Jac's shows up. Yeah,
so he was handcuffed and arrested andit's all on body came. Yeah,

I know this area literated. OhI didn't grow up in this area obviously,
Yeah, I grew up. Ididn't grow up near it, but
I've been there a bunch of times, so I know this area. It's
very small area. That's probably likeanything in San Diego. I always wondered
what it's very tiny the Hamptons.It's like La Joya where it's tiny,
and it's smaller than La Joya,but it's really tiny where it's all I

can so you could you. Theyprobably don't think they need a driver because
I'm only driving down the street,you know what I mean, which obviously
is against You shouldn't do that.Just figure it out, man, Yeah,
yeah, I'm not good. Well, apparently Thor is not too happy
with a driver, a FedEx driverthat recently did something and he got upset

because it involved his dogs. Dogs. You're always getting packages in my house.
It's annoying. And my wife ordersstuff all the time, like how
often four days a week? Really? Yeah, We're always getting it's annoying.
She always needs something. I getit, I get it, but
she doesn't returned them. She actuallysomething doesn't fit I return out. But

she's she orders like everything I swear. So my dog we have two dogs.
We have Watson he's seven, andWilson. He's going to be a
year old. July fifth is firstbirthday really, so yeah, yeah,
it's a fact because we have yes, because the weird did all of your
animals have birthdays around so Wilson.Wilson's mom was rescued and when they rescue

her, they found out she waspregnant with all his puppies. So the
person that saved Wilson's mom was withthem when the dogs are born. So
we have actually have Wilson picture videosof Wilson when he was like the size
of a hand. Isn't that weird? Anyway? So his birthday is actually
July fifth, Eddie and Watson's isFebruary first. The first Oscars was New

Year's Day. Yes, crazy,That was insane because my birthday is New
Year's That was Wind. I don'tthink that you found him in Mexico,
Like, I don't know that youwould know his birthday. You made it
up. I did not. Hedidn't with a birth March first. It's
always been the first weird anyway.Okay, you and my sister are the

same birthday. It's crazy, Okay, hold on human being So anyway,
okay, so the dogs, mainlyWatson goes a little crazy, when someone
comes home. When someone comes there, he's very he's got a lot of
anxiety. He's very anxious. Youhaven't seen him and why he's gotten very
gray because he's just so anxious allthe time. And then Wilson also now

barks, but Wilson isn't as tallas Watson, so he just barks the
wall, and Watson looks out thewindow and barks. So when there's a
driver that comes to the house,they lose their minds and it's very annoying.
Well, I don't know a coupleshe's ordered a couple of horse My
wife has a horse. She's orderedsome horse products off a website recently.
So a FedEx driver has come bya couple of times. And the last

time the FedEx driver came by,he left a package on the porch because
I never answered the door. Idon't know. I always act like I'm
not home. And he leaves apackage on the porch and I am letting
while he leaves. I was inthe bathroom. My wife comes home and

the package stays in the porch becauseshe didn't want to grab itx shes stuffed
her hands and then I was goingto let the dogs out, So I
kind of walked back past the packageas well, and I noticed on top
of the package is four dog treats. Really, so the FedEx driver left
four dog treats on the top ofthe package. Two tiny like tiny four
tiny BoNT like like a little likemilk balls, but like really small,

like you know what I mean forlike like a Tito type dog at least
type dog. And I mean,like, oh god, I'm not giving
my dog that. Why uh poisonyou think trying to poison your dogs?
I mean I don't think that's crazy. We were just tweet that is we
would just talk about how that happenedat Fiest Island. First of all,

that was fake and number two,uh you would know it's the FedEx driver.
Yeah, it wouldn't be very smart, like they could tie that package
end of the day of ring camand all that. Why would you think
that Probably he probably deals with dogsall day. Yeah, and so maybe

you know, he gets probably freakedout at your house and so he's like,
well, maybe if I show him, you know, I'm a good,
nice guy, I'll give him sometreats, you know, maybe they'll
stop barking at me. Yeah,there were we had an older maleman who
said he'd been doing this forever,and he said, the newer mailman don't
get it to do this, hesaid, but dogs associate him with like

being an intruder. He said,So if he regularly gives them treats enough
through the fence when he delivers themale, then eventually they get excited to
see him, and then it's awhole different thing. I don't want you
feed my dog. Bro Okay,if you got to ask me first for
the treats he in Sky situation,that would really You heard Sky's dog's bark.

Yeah, they're crazy. Apparently accordingto Sky, it is like a
grizzly bear. Yes, green Danedogs like pound dog. Yeah, well
sixteen sixteen, but but yes,bark's like crazy. We do have an
issue with the mailman. And Ihave heard stories throughout the years from other
neighbors, from other males that thisis a common thing now, kind of

an old school thing. You feedother people's dogs. Can you please calm
down? So maybe twenty twenty fourpeople aren't as cool about it as back
in you know, like nineteen ninetyor whatever. But like it's he didn't
feed your dog, you don't feelpeople's dogs. He left. Well,
it's the treats for your dog.That's a nice gesture. I don't know

this guy. I don't care ifhe works for FedEx, Gas, Sex
Ups, Amazon. It doesn't matterto me where he works. I don't
know you. You don't know me. We've never had a conversation. I
don't know what's in those treats.Maybe my dog is an allergy. And
today Wilson has like a chicken tinggoing on. I didn't him. I

left it for you, left itfor you. Well, guess what,
Eddie what I go let the dogsout, come back, and I did
come back inside. My wife bringsthe package in. I assume the treats
were gone. I bring it uplike an hour later, and my wife
goes, is it I gave thedog those treats the FedEx driver gave left
for them. Oh, like it'sa nice thing. And I say,
Haley, we don't know what heput in those treats. Also, Wilson's

got the chicken allergy. He doesn't. He doesn't make any and making that
up, making that up, Yes, you are. I would get if
this was like some random person inthe neighborhood that you person. It's a
driver, you know where he is. He's not going to poison your dog.
I have a buddy who's a UPSdriver who's in our Fantasy League,

Eddie. I don't trust him.What excuse me? What you said?
He's your buddy, he's in ourFM a long time. I don't trust
him. I wouldn't want him givehim my dog a treat. And then
my wife I go, heyy,what if that's poison? So I'm freaking
out. You're freaking out, uptelling her, telling her if something happens
to the dogs, it's on you. It's on you. And I walked

with my hand on it's on you. Anything. Wilson's itching like crazy now,
is chicken all over that? You'resick over that? You really are?
Any thought about Wow, it wouldbe nice if they didn't bark when
the fed X guy came. Yeah, and that's on us. But I
mean these treats may help. Likejust leaving the treats there is not going
to do anything. Is training repetitive? Yeah? I have an e collar

and a collar for Watson, andif it's on him, he'll calm down
a little bit. And Wilson,he's he's learning through things. He's a
puppy. He's got that chicken allergy. My dogs. Sorry, And then
my wife's just giving him food.Who knows. When I'm out of town,
I don't know what the hell goeson that house. Probably give him.

Call her the other day giving Wilsonto cheese it. She out of
her mind. She don't give adog a cheese it. Why because you
don't know what's in there? Whatdo you mean? I don't want him
eating what's in those cheese ites?I mean me, you're what so you
don't care that your wife is,but your dog she chooses to do that.
They don't choose to eat cheese itsokay, I mean, thank you.

That's really good. You're a reallyweird dude. Yeah, you're really
weird. It's is bizarre, bizarre, very much so, very much so.
The Padres were a really good roadteam for the beginning part of the
season. Not anymore. I don'tknow what happened. We're gonna see while

their trip is going in Philadelphia nextto sports Dirt. Well, he sort
of knew it was gonna be toughfor the Padres as they started a series
against one of the best teams inbaseball the Phillies and it went about how
you thought. The Phillies big batstook down the Padres nine to two yesterday.

Kyle Schwarber hit two home runs.Trey Turner of course, returned from
to the lineup and he collected acouple of hits as well. The Phillies
had eighteen hits overall, eighteen.Yes, this completely overwhelmed the Padres pitchers.
So not great, no, Andthey were a really way better on
the road than they were at home. And that's flipped because you know,

they completely we're just garbage on theroad. They think they'd lost eighth straight
on the road. So I don'tknow what's going on. The only good
news is that you Darbish may beback soon. As Darbish threw a bullpen
yesterday. He's got a rehab startcoming up, so hopefully he is back
soon and playing because we need him. Yeah. Well, the Celtics finally

did it. They've been close foryears now, but they finally put it
together to win the NBA Championship,beating Dallas in Game five one oh six
to eighty eight. Jason Tatum,he had an unbelievable series as he led
them in points, rebounds, andassists. But Jalen Brown was named the
finals MVP. Well, he hada good series and he also locked down

Luca, so I mean he wasplaying both ways. But I still thought,
well Tatum, I mean he leadin all those categories. In the
finals, he kind of with theMVP. It's the Celtics record eighteenth title,
so I mean that's what they do. But I mean, for some
reason, they've gotten close over theseyears with the Tatum Brown combination and just
couldn't do it, and so nowthey finally won their championship. ESPN analyst

Jeff Van Gundy is back coaching,but not as a head coach. He
has been hired as a top assistantfor the LA Clippers. Now. I
guess he is good friends with headcoach Tylu and he has a relationship with
the organization, so I guess that'sled him to take this job. But

it's weird. I mean, Jeffban Gundy is a pretty big name,
yeah, you know, and he'sbeen a coach many times before, so
to see him as an assistant allhe just wants to get back in.
Can't get a job somewhere maybe Idon't know, but I mean, I'd
hire Jeff fan Gundy with some ofthese what Lakers, you don't want none
of this? Yeah, no,no, no, Well they want somebody
to just listen to the bronze.That's why JJ Rice can get hired.

Very true. We have seen somebig contrasts come down for wide receivers in
the NFL, but the forty nineErs in Brandon Ayuk have not been able
to come to a deal yet.Well, I guess this is not looking
good according to Ayuk, as heposted on TikTok a FaceTime video with him
talking to Jayden Daniels telling him theydon't want me back now. Is kind

of unclear if he's one hundred percentreferring to the forty nine ers, but
I mean it sounds pretty obulous becausethat's what he's saying. So I don't
know what's going on. Then they'renot gonna trade him at this point,
the draft already ended. I knowthey drafted Ricky Parcel, who could be
really good, but there I don'tknow. I at a year the Niner
guy, I feel like this isprobably the last year of TVO with Brandon
Ayuk on the same team. ButBrandon and I trying to get his way

out. Now it's just too late. He's either going to sign the tag,
which he will and play this yearand then I get a contract next
year. Yeah. I mean it'shard to keep too really top tier Draft
one position, so yeah, itprobably won't happened well. Phase one of
the Major League Baseball All Star Gamevoting is in. The two top vote
getters right now are the Yankees AaronJudge and the Phillies Bryce Harper, but

a couple of Padres are leading thevotes at their positions as well as Louis
Areis is the top second baseman anda little bit of a surprise this year,
Jerkson Profar is leading the Boat andNational League outfielders. Great. I
mean, how crazy again when youthink about that. Profar had a terrible
year last year. The Padres signedhim on the cheap for a million bucks.

They sort of thought he's a clubhouseguy, you know, we'll use
him sporadically kind of a thing.No, he's been their star players so
far this year and now he's leadingthe vote in All Star voting. And
for the outfielders, Fernando is athird right now, so he'd be a
starter as well, both of usshould make the team. Then, yeah,

it's looking good. So that's great. Keep voting everyone. Yeah.
Well, Sports Start is brought toyou by Palamart Health. How would you
feel if you found out that yourpartner was part of a text thread with
their friends and it wasn't very nice? Well, that upset you? Well,
we're going to see what one guy'sasking about that situation when we get
back on the show on Rock onefive to three. Oh a CDC on

the show, it's Rock one Ofive to three. Now, sometimes you
could find something out about the personyou're dating, or person maybe you're even
married to, uh, something thatthey're doing and it kind of gives you
that dick that feeling of like,oh, I didn't really know they were
doing that, and that doesn't feelgood. I don't like that part of

their personality. And that is whatone guy is asking about. He found
out that his girlfriend is on somesort of text thread with her friends,
and he, as guy likes tosay no LIKEE, no LIKEE, no
likey like. He says, it'snot one hundred percent bad, but there's
a good portion that he no like. Oh. So he noticed that his

girlfriend will occasionally you done, son, We don't yet were We need all
the facts before we declare you tobe done. Son. Wow. So
yeah, so he noticed his girlfriend. It's kind of a newer relationship.
Takes pictures of random things. Now. I think we all know a person

like this who will see a cutelittle dog hanging out the window of a
car and be compelled to take apicture. And you're talking about and show
everybody Emily Yeah, or maybe youknow, you're on like a zoom thing
and somebody's doing something silly and you'vegot a screenshot. It pro just take
a lot of crazy pictures. Ittakes so many wild pictures that never like,

nothing's ever done. What are yougoing to do with that? I
don't want the moment to go bywithout me taking it because you can't go
back, can't go back in time. You know, Then you do you
go back and look at that randomzoom picture, probably not have probably not
so shoes like that, And he'slike, okay, you know whatever,
everybody's different. But then one timeit was just too much and he asked

her about it and he's like,why do you do that? What are
you doing with those pictures? Doyou ever look at them, and that's
when she said, oh, no, I actually have a text thread with
my friends. We all take wildpictures of things we think are either like
cute or crazy, and then weshare them on this one specific text thread.
And he's like, well, whatkind of stuff? And so,

of course we got the cute animalpictures, the baby pictures, you know,
stuff like that what she's fine with. But then there's also weird stuff
like if somebody has a very unfortunatetattoo, they'll sneakily take a picture of
it, or somebody wearing a wildoutfit, or maybe somebody wearing an outfit
they shouldn't be wearing. So andthen he said, the more he was

hearing about those kind of posts,the more he was thinking, like,
well, what if somebody took apicture of like my mom and they were
texting it to each other and likemaking fun of her or you know what
I mean, or just anyone hecared about. And then guy y yes
a bit, and so he kindof feels like it's kind of like high

school mean girl stuff and really yeah, and he's wondering like, is this
okay? Do people do this?Or is this telling me something about her?
Personality. I know you Sky,you would not like this. No,
you would not like this at all. No, I don't want to
be a part of that. Idon't. I'm gonna look differently at you.
Like I guess if your husband theboo the house, but if he

did have something like this where he'staking pictures of weird things, weird people
and sharing it with his friends,how would you react? I would say,
that's not nice. That's like bullystuff, you know what I mean.
That person doesn't know they're doing it, right, but still, like
you are, there have to beinvolved in it to be bullied, I

guess so. But okay, butlike you're you're a mean guy. You're
not a guy mean guy guy.Yeah, you're the guy in the quad
that all you and your friends arelike making fun of somebody on the other
side of the quad. Yeah,they don't know it, but you're still
making fun of this. Yeah inhigh school, right between fourth and fifth
period, Hell yeah, uh yeah. Like now I'm not so uptight,

Like I get like maybe once Iknow, but I'm not. I'm not
a hundred and ten percent uptight.So like, if it happens like once
or twice and you see something socrazy or so shocking you have to send
a picture to a friend. Oh, I'm not going to think you're you
know, there's that whole thread oflike people a Walmart. Oh yeah,
I like that. Okay, Idon't like that. That's not nice.

That's not nice if you show uplooking like a psychopath and a Walmart.
Yeah, you know, I'm sorry. You know you're wearing you we're underwear
inside out, and that's how you'rewalking into a Walmart. Like that's weird.
Yeah, I'm sorry, I'm notYeah, I'm going to take a
picture. Yeah, for sure,I get that, Like if you're like

so crazy over the top intentionally,but maybe your style is just different from
somebody else, you know what Imean, Like, I don't know there's
somebody's style. Okay, you justdon't have to sweater. You don't have
That's what's happened. You would beon the text trep. Okay, that's
not nice. I want to beDo you think somebody like on one of
the other shows in the hallway,Like let's say they're going to the printer

one morning and they saw Sky wearingher fuzzy socks and her flip flops yes,
Like, that's a great call,Jane, that's a great Jamie did
that to me the other day,put it on the rock Instagram and I
didn't appreciate it. Is he abully? He's a bully trying to keep
my I'm just trying to keep myshoes. Yeah, wear, But you

don't have to shame me. I'mnot shaming you. I'm making fun of
you. Okay, Well, Idon't want to be I don't want to
be made fun of. I justwant my toast to be warm. Okay.
Well, but I mean you're doingsomething out of the norm. You
know, you recognize what you're doingis weird, and so that's what comes

with the territory. But are weallowed to be different? Okay, but
you're We're also allowed to make funof you to your face. I'm not
doing it to your friend behind you, but I'm saying behind you if somebody
else did it, and I'm allowedto not enjoy that person. But you
won't know. But when I dofind out, I will need to enjoy
it. Here's how about this whenpeople when I have people DM me and

making fun of you, I don'tif it's somebody I don't know, I
don't enjoin on that. I onlymake fun of you around people I know.
Does that make you feel better?I don't. I don't. I'm
processing a lot right now. LikeI get all these d ms about Sky's
voice outfits. I don't respond tothose, but if I know you,
I will. Okay, Wait whatif I text you? If you're in

I'm in on that and we're jokingaround. We have all thread going about
this sweater Sky's wearing. Okay apart of the thread? Like, am
I in Joe? You're just talkingabout Okay? That's it's a random listener
that's just complaining about Okay. Again, I've heard I've heard about your hundreds
of emails. I don't think anyof them are nice. So like if

somebody take a picture of Big rigthe other day, we did a threat
between me, you and thor youokay with that, you would totally get
You would laugh. A big needsto be in on the text. If
you're making in front of a friend, then they need to be in on

it. And if you're making funof strangers, then you're a bully.
So you've never made fun of mewithout me in the room. Never goes
well? That girl right there.Sky stuck her nose in somebody's business again
and it did not go well.We're gonna see what Sky said about somebody's

memorial service. Oh god, that'scoming up next on the show. I'll
rock with a five three. It'sthe show. So I've been telling you
guys about human trafficking and how it'sthe second largest underground economy in San Diego.
It's pretty crazy how often it's goingon all around town and in every
single neighborhood. And for that reasonI ask you today please go to protect

San Diego Kids dot org. Justtake a few minutes of your day to
go to protect San Diego Kids dotorg. On that website. It'll tell
you the signs, it'll tell youdifferent hotspot regions. So definitely do that
because we all need to be involvedin stopping this horrific, horrific thing that's
going on. Once again, thatwebsite protects San Diego Kids dot org.

That's stained on the show. It'sRock one O, five to three.
So if there's something I know aboutmy friend Scott, if something gets in
that little brain of hers, she'sgot to say it, Like she can't
keep things to herself now, it'sweird because she can keep things to her
self when it comes to her husband, but like others, if it's like

work related or whatever, it's that'sthe problem. It's a normal size head
and a normal size definitely not thankyou. So I don't understand why she
just doesn't just mind your business.She can't do it. Mind your business.
Well, sometimes you think you're talkingto a trusted person and then next

thing you know, Yeah, butyou didn't. You don't need to get
involved in everything. And I havefeelings and I sometimes want to share my
then you always seem to get thebacklash from these feelings. Sometimes I share
my feelings with the wrong people,right, and that which is the world.
Okay, it's happened again where Skydecided you know that she's gonna air

her opinion and it did not goover. Well, yeah, this one
feels extra bad because it's it's notwith my family, it's with my in
law. Don't already not like you? Well that was years ago and we
worked through that and now now we'refine. Now we're fine, are well

kind of? Yeah, So here'sthe deal. They were talking about getting
together soon to do another memorial celebrationbecause Unfortunately, over like the last decade,
my husband's family has lost a lotof people. Dude. It's crazy,

right, and like like in theirfifties. Yeah, like yeah,
like we get like Nana pass shewas she was eighty. Oh no,
he's already. He's got an expirationdight, he tells me all the time.
Yeah, yeah, fifty four,sous enjoy him while we got him.
Yeah, he's forty seven, sowe got a year here. He

said this for the last like fifteenyears. Tupac well, because so many
people in his it's like either inhis family, you live forever or you
die. Why. Yeah, hedoes have that weird drop foot thing we
talked about in the podcast yesterday.His foot's all messed up. It's okay,
you're calling it foot. He's callinga planter fascy itis. Who knows.

But anyway, so you guys,okay, you guys may or may
not remember that last a year agowe went up to NorCal to do a
scattering of the ashes in the ocean. It was you know, Father's Day
weekend last summer. We did that, and you forced your way on the
boat. Well, yeah, youdon't belong there. There there ended up

being a spot for me. Eventhough I was paying, I still did
get a spot. So we're notgoing back. We're not going back.
I just did there. Well,I mean, I thought i'd get a
spot on the boat if I waspaying for a spot anyway, So we
did that a year ago, andI kind of thought that that was like
the big goodbye. But it seemslike the family up in northern California wants

to do like an annual remembrance becausethere are, unfortunately is so many people
who have passed. They want toget together every summer for an annual remembrance,
kind of like a family barbecue,and then we'll remember all the people
we lost. Okay, sounds great, lovely, well, not like great
like fun, but like what awhat a lovely thoughtful ideas well as you

guys know right now, when Idie, one memorial service and then leave
me alone. Done. And Itold you I could just do a text
thread, a text thread, noteven us. Don't waste your time,
don't waste your money, text thread. Say what you want, give a
thumbs up if you want, andup with most. I don't need a
year every Yearly, you got itall right, he said with that,

So so lots of talks going onabout what's going to be done and getting
together and where we're going to gettogether. Great, great, great,
But then somebody suggested something that everybodythought was beautiful and they loved, and
they thought what we would do iswe would get a bunch of balloons,

one for each person who passed,and we will release them every year up
into the heavens as like hello,we miss you, like for you right,
And immediately I heard that and Ihad some thoughts, Oh but right,
So I'm not really on the planningcommittee. I'm kind of on the

committe of like I'm just going alongwith it because I'm married family. Okay,
well I'm hanging out here committee becausei'm married in right, I'm not
blood so whatever. So I amtalking to one of my husband's cousins.
Well, we're emailing, and that'swhen she's like, oh, that's so

nice. Do you guys think you'regonna be able to make it? And
her and I are cool, andwe kind of both have this like hippie
chick vibe going on, so wealways gravitate towards each other at events.
So I thought it was safe tomention to her about how I'm not really
a fan of the balloon release becauseit's so horrible for the environment. And

if somebody buys a milar balloon andit's summer and you release it, that
could be a fire hazard. Plusthe regular balloons can end up in the
ocean, a sea turtle could eatit. Like, I mean, it's
just a bad idea. So Ivoice that to her, thinking she'd be
like, oh, yeah, Ifeel the same way, but we can't

say anything. Da da da.She went and told the family that I
feel that way, and it spreadlike wildfire and blue well, and now
I am on the out and everybodyis asking my husband kind of like,

what's her problem? What's going onthere? Wow, what a horrific thing
to say. I thought I wassaying it to like a safe person.
I didn't think your husband would havebeen a safe person to say that.
And why didn't you just keep yourmouth shut about something like that. I
don't want to be a part ofsomething that's going to kill her. Well,

we're you're not going well, You'renot going well. We may not
make it this year because we havean organ trip, but next summer,
my husband says he wants to tryand go to the summer celemony. Knows
if they're going to do that nextyear too, But it doesn't matter if
they do it every day. It'snot your family, mind your business,

but it is my family, yourfamily. I mean, it's not my
blood, but it's my family.I have zero I am legally part of
this family. Okay, that's great. Uh. My wife's family did a
balloon release for her grandma when hergrandma died, like I don't even know
what it was, seven years ago, something like that, and it was

it was super emotional, super supernice and everybody got a balloon you release
it. It's the whole thing.I can't imagine if somebody decided to get
in there and go, oh gosh, you guys, what about the environment.
I didn't say it like that.I mean, like my my wife
was, you know, obviously superemotional. It was a beautiful moment.

And if somebody came in there andjust through their disgusting opinion out, Oh
that's not a disgusting opinion. Yes, it was. What if we plant
a tree? Like what if weplant trees and then visit them or like
a or like a like a likemy mother in law's name was Roch So
we plant a rose bush. Butyou can do that all you want,

but it has nothing to do withyou. This is what they want to
do. Yeah, and it's honestly, it's so wild it appropriate to say
something that. I feel like nowyou have to say something to everybody and
apologize. I have to apology kindof thing because this is that big of
I think like it's that inappropriate iflike some outsider, kind of not an
outsider like to say something I wasplanning temporary for twenty five years my uncle.

Somebody said somebody married and said somethingabout something that we had planned,
Like, I feel like you haveto I not just like a new girlfriend.
I've been to this family for ifany your husband, if you if
you really didn't want to do this, then you should have your husband say
something. But I didn't say something. I made a comment to his cousin,
who I thought would have my back, and she really she is a

phony and doesn't like you. Clearlyyou just went through like funeral drama with
family. Oh yeah, people likethat getting crazy. Can you imagine if
somebody would have came up to yourmom and been like, oh, I
don't like the way you're doing this, well, yeah, it's kind of.
It got a little wild, right. We were at the memorial service
after the burial service and somebody thatwas there that wasn't probably shouldn't have been

there, and it got very guyof the family. Yes, a lot
of a lot of fews we talkedabout. Yeah, it was. It
was pretty wild. But I've neverheard my I've never seen my mom like
that because it's you know, death, and you're sad, you're creeving,
so it gets crazy. The lastthing you need is somebody really high pitched
voice chirping in your ear. Who'snot who's not even family? I am

family? And what what about thefact that I'm right? What do you
mean you're right about the environment?And balloon released? I think the balloon
release thing is kind of stupid,but that's just me. I understand that.
Imagine if your wife, family memberwho died, and they decide they're
going to do a balloon really,I know I wouldn't say, and you
I wouldn't say, well, that'sstupid, that's an insane thing to do.

So I would think it, butI would never verbalize it to anybody.
I would think it though, becauseI agree with Sky bad for the
environment. I just don't know whateverit is otherwise to do it. But
you know you're playing. You can'tsay Sky, that's crazy. There's no
one in Haley's family that you wouldfeel like, Oh I could say this
too, and they wouldn't like becauseshe found out. Oh my god,

Well that's where I'm like getting theshives. Well, the Boo agrees with
me, but he not to thepoint where like he's willing to like make
a stink about it, you knowwhat I mean, Like not like to
the point where he's willing to fightfor my honor. Yeah, Like he's
not going to go to his teaand fight for me. Like that's not

happening. So yeah, So Idon't really see an out at this point.
There is You're bear, they're gonnabe you already weren't part of the
family. Now you're even less.We all know Emily moves fast. He's

a very impatient person, especially atthe grocery store. Oh my god,
well this is not good for youthan Emily, because there may be changes
coming to the supermarket and slowing down. What we're gonna see what this is
about coming up next on the show, a rock with a five three stone
temple pilots on the show, it'sRockquano five to three. So if you

know our girl Emily, you knowshe moves fast. She is just zipping
around all over the place. Andshe also loves to grocery shop. She
does it almost every day. Andwhen you're at the grocery store, you
kind of take your time. Butthen when you're done, you want it
to be done like you want You'revery impatient. You don't want to stand

the line, so you want thatgrocery store line to go quickly yep,
in and out. Well, Idon't know if this is going to be
a trend of the future, butthere is a new trend in supermarkets in
Japan that people are apparently loving.Yeah, So, like Eddie said,
the whole goal of the supermarket nowis how how fast can we do this?

How much can we get you out? You choose you a cashier or
if they're not fast enough for you, then you can self check it and
do it yourself, and that iswhat it's all about. Well, like
Eddie said, in Japan, theynotice that Okay, most people are cool
with that, but then they noticeda group of people who are kind of
getting agitated and feeling pressured by that. And that's people who are normally like

elderly, maybe people who are disabled, or just people for some reason who
maybe have anxiety and want to takea little more time and not feel pressure
of the people behind them. Ohthey're so they're so cool, they're so
cool. Com click, they don'twant to rush. I mean, well,
no, I don't understand what theanxiety attacking. Not those first,

not the first two categories. I'mtalking about the last third category with people
anxiety. You have anxiety. Ido have anxiety, But I feel like
there's also maybe another group of peoplelike that are not really like they don't
worry right now. I don't knowwhy. I feel like there is also
a group of people that are like, why what's the rush? Just slow
down and live your life, youknow what I mean. I don't think

that's right. I feel like that. Well, so, so, when
they were seeing these certain groups ofpeople that were not liking the rush and
it was kind of like upsetting themand not working for them, that's when
this one supermarket said, hey,you know what we should do. We
should open just one special lane forthose people and basically, this will be

a slow lane. This will bethe lane for people. It's just if
you get in this checker check outlane, there is no rush and you're
you're basically like told, this isthe lane where you can take your time
and you can take up to twentyminutes to complete your transaction. Why would
anyone want to do that if that'show long it takes you? What?
What? What are they doing differently? Like basically it's known like they're gonna

greet you, they're gonna talk toyou. They're not gonna be like boom
boom boom, They're gonna just boomlike you're taking your time, like you
got nowhere to be, no rush. The person behind you has nowhere to
be. They're not staring at you, they're not crossing their arms, they're
not tapping their foot. None ofthat is going on in this line.
So you could go to that landsky when you write your checks, when

you go to BAA still writes checks, which is bak. So maybe you
still write a check and you don'tlike again the person tapping their foot behind
you, going like really, whostill writes checks? Who still uses paper
coupons? You know? Like whatever, right, so that's who they designed
this lane for. Did you justraise your hand for paper coupons? Totally
paper coupons. Who still uses theirtheir car when you just put a Oh

god, he's getting it out allthere. He has a bonds card and
getting them out and he has hisrouts room car. The fact that he
still crazy, Oh we're going thisis your back hurt. Actually, So

this is one grocery store site.We're gonna try this out. See how
our customers like it. Well,their customers did like it, especially clearly
the elderly. And to save you. I get taking your time, but
if you want to spend that muchtime, you gotta be you gotta have
something screws a little bit. Well, hold on a minute. Elderly people
who have nowhere else to go,and maybe that's the only person that they
talked to you that day. Theywant to call it the elderly line.

Okay, the elderly line. Well, so they did this and then it
got picked up as like a goodyou know, feel story for the local
news in the area, and that'swhen other people found out this is a
thing. Well, now this isone of the most popular lanes and it's
not just the disabled and the elderlykind of like Emily said, people who
are just happy to take their timeand do things the old school way.

And they now have increased sales byten percent in this supermarket because people are
now specifically going there for the slowlane. If I don't have to go
in it, and it's not gonnaaffect that's not gonna affect me. So
I'm okay with that, And Ido want elderly and people that are disabled

to not feel rush. What ifit becomes so popular that this is just
now how it's going to be.Well, that's insane. No, I
mean, that's crazy sense reaction.Yeah, gave a special spot for them,
but other people gotta go, you'reso cool. But what if they

have now like the special lane forthe people who want to move fast?
I love it. Put me inthat lane right now. I want to
be in it, even fast agroup. Can you please? Oh my
gosh, so dam is there justa middle normal lane? I don't want
to be in either one. Youwhat do you guys think singles are looking

for these days? Has it changedin twenty twenty four? Well, we're
going to see what they say Asingles are looking for in a partner in
twenty twenty four, coming up nexton the show on Rock with a five
to three queen on the show,it's Rock with five to three. So
we're long out of the game,man, We're all I'm pretty much married

old people now, so I haven'tbeen singing on a long time. So
what's going on with singles these days? What are they looking for? Can
I what do you got to bean influencer or something? I don't even
know. Yeah, they did awhole study looking at singles and what are
they looking for in a partner intwenty twenty four. Yeah, thousands of

adults who are currently in the datingscene were quizzed and asked all their feelings
about this. And something they foundthat was interesting and different from previous years
is previous years, we were kindof really locked into this rigid list of
like what we want, and nowthey're saying that fifty five percent of us
actually end up trying to eate somebodywho normally wouldn't be their type, but

actually end up surprised and like theperson who, at first on paper wouldn't
be their type. So I don'tknow if it's like dating apps because we're
not meeting people in real life anymore, and we're seeing so much stuff listed
that like, we're giving people moreof a chance than we used to before.

But they definitely say that's the thing. We're giving people outside our norm
more of a chance than before.But even with that said, we still
have a list of the things wewant. So here are the things we
want, kind of at the bottomless important, moving up all the way
to the top to what's the mostimportant. A good appreciation for food and

drink. That's important to people.It is important, it is. It
does kind of suck because my manRobert isn't a big foodie. He doesn't
really care that much about food.It's not something like he just he's kind
of like Sky in the way thathe eats just to survive. So that
kind of sucks. I can't.We found out that he does love fish
and raw fish, and but it'syou never make it for I mean,

I do, I do on Father'sI do make it like Italian restaurant,
which he doesn't like. Yes,yeah, we want our people to be
well traveled and enjoy traveling. That'simportant for somebody we're dating. This is

rough for your Yeah, glad.I'm locked down because I fail on both
of those. Yeah, I don'treally want to leave, and I don't
want to eat anything new, thankyou. We want someone who has an
active lifestyle and likes to keep inshape, which is different than somebody who
just goes to the gym every day. Like, we want somebody who actually

likes it and enjoys that lifestyle.We want somebody with a good sense of
style. Man, Sky is reallywhat's happening. You better stay with that
man forever? Okay, all right, next, Okay, now we're getting
to things that maybe like are alittle deeper. We want somebody who stimulates

us intellectually, so somebody we canactually have a conversation and if we want
to talk politics, or if wewant to talk the environment or any of
those subjects, that they'll be ableto follow along and maybe even kind of
stimulate you, like those intelligent conversations. I feel like political conversations now are
the dumbest form of conversation. Theoptelligence. That's so true, like there's

no facts. Actually, yeah,that's a good point. Yeah, we
want somebody who knows what they want. So basically, we want somebody confident
and who has goals and actually worksto achieve them. This is going to
be tough for some people. Wewant an active listener who wants to hear

about our day. What person woulddo that? Wait? What what person
really wants to hear about somebody else'sday? Like nobody wants to hear that
if you ask, because you haveto, but like nobody wants to.
My wife doesn't want to hear aboutmy day. I don't want to hear
about her day. Eddie's got tolook on his face. I don't want
to. Don't. You don't wantto hear you don't want to hear about
the mom drama? Listen? Canwe just pick and choose though, exactly

what topic you want to hear about? Hotel? Exactly? All right?
Next, this is surprising that thisis so high up, or maybe it's
not. I was surprised to seeit. We want someone who is an
animal lover. That's like way upthere. Yeah yeah that makes sense.
Yeah yeah. If you don't likeanimals, I don't know how it could
be with you. Yeah. Next, we want somebody who is okay having

lazy days. Oh yeah, ohmy god, oh yeah, you gotta
be okay with that my wife.It was hard for my wife for a
while because how she grew up,she always had to be active in doing
something and then she meant me andI was the opposite. So it was
tough. So we've kind of yelleda little bit to do nothing. Yeah
you hear that, Robert, ifyou're listening right now, Okay, to

do nothing. O the judgment Iget. I want to lay on the
couch, leave me alone. Ohmy god, Oh my god. Hey,
oh oh judge. Okay, you'rejudge. We want somebody financially stable
and responsible. I think that's aduh. We want somebody who can get
along with our friends and family andlike, and it's even better if it's

more than just getting along. Yeah, like if you can click with friends
and family, that is huge.And the number one thing that they say
singles right now in twenty twenty fourwant and this is very different like in
previous years not even on the listand now going all the way up to
number one. We want somebody whois emotionally intelligent. So that means when

we're having a bad day or agood day, they know how to emotionally
deal with it, and they alsoknow how to deal with their own emotions,
not freak out, not overreact.So we want somebody who actually can
deal with their emotions and help uswith ours, which is very twenty twenty,
very big on the Bachelor. Yougotta have emotional You don't want somebody

crossing. There's a drama there forthe wrong reason. Ye can't have that.
Okay, you gotta know how ahandle group date. That's true.
Just get wild for sure. Okay. You know what else is right around
the corner? What the Summer Games? Oh yeah, buddy, get it?
Now? Which sports are we actuallylooking forward to watching. We're gonna

see what Olympic sports we kind ofwant to watch when we get back on
the show on Rocket a five threetelecot on the show, it's rock Onino
five to three. Oh man,we are so close to you, guys.
We are so pumped and excited forthe beginning of the Summer Olympics.

It's almost here. Wow. Whendoes it start? Sky? I mean
technically the events start in about amonth, but yeah, I know because
and you probably feel that way becausethey've started ramping up the coverage and it's
gonna get stuff every day. Yeah, and like the torch is going to

be lit soon. I saw areport this morning that halle Berry is going
to get to carry the torch first, a bigger start. I don't know.
I do think it's I think youshould have had to be in the
games at some point to carry thetorch. I agree, sorts as a
former sport or somebody that had,like you, overcame an obstacle in your

life, like disability or something.No, No, even though even that
you don't get it. No,I don't. I agree if you're going
to carry the torch. So ifyou have like one limb and you're able
to, like, that's amazing,something crazy. If you were in the
special, Yeah, the special Specialthe Paralympics, that's perfect, you're in.
But not halle Berry. No,but she overcame a terrible movie catwoman.

I mean the fact that she survivedthat. Okay, again, I'm
saying, I don't care what youbehind movie. I don't care what you've
overcome. I don't care someone saythat's one of the hardest things ever to
compete survive. Stop listen, youknow you're trying to just distract us from
talking about the game. You guyssaid. The Olympics start July twenty sixth.

You know what else? It startsJuly twenty third NFL training camp opens.
I will be way more locked in, and as will Eddie. No
NFL training camp, don't you putall my end of July, I'll be
locked in the NFL training camp updates. I don't care about not who's winning
the steeple chase. That's the race, ye chase, and only was like

she doesn't even know what it is, all like the discuss throw all sports.
I could care less about the onlyThe only sport I like is the
hundred meter dash and a two hundredmiror dash because its who the fast person
on earth is. And that's prettyso simple. I love the games,
you love them Like America, Iroot for whoever's there. It doesn't matter

make any sense. You root forwhoever I think is gonna win. For
Bulgaria, root for Germany, forBulgarian, root for Africa. Okay,
that's that's not root a Uruguay.So hold on a minute. A Bulgarian

wrestler is taking on an American,who you're going to root for? If
the Bulgarian wrestler I feel like he'sgot underdog qualities, are root for what
he and I feel like if theAmerican loses, then I don't have to
hear about it as much root forthe Bulgarian. You're gonna against your own
country. It doesn't do much forme. If you win an Olympic medal,
Okay, I'd rather see you winthe super Bowl. Okay, dude,

sound like sorry now if I'm notgonna say that self at it that
I don't know if it was bad, but sorry, sorry. I don't
care about the Olympics. It's allsports I don't care about. Like I
don't watch discus throwing. Who watchesthat during the games? Who watches pole

vaulting? I can't wait? Really, you can't wait? You flip it?
You're not pumped? Yes I am. You're flipping through it. You
see a guy run with the Polley'sabout to stop, go do it.
You're not gonna stop and watch?You know what I say to myself?
What made this guy commit his lifeto that? Like he wasn't good at
any other like popular sport football orbasketball, so he said, you know

what I'm gonna do pole vaulting.He's good at it. Yeah, why
wouldn't you go after it? Andthat's ridiculous that they don't get These athletes
don't get paid, which is insane, but they now do they get paid.
Okay, because like NBC's broadcast rightsare like billions of dollars and the
whole IOC is massively corrupt. Don'tget me started off. I have a
rank, yes for the athletes.Okay, what I think some people can

maybe relate to you on being whateverabout the Olympics. But then when you
don't want the US to do well, I don't want them to do well,
you lose? Is you directly said, so I don't have to hear
about it. You directly said whereyou lose? Because in this country we
don't like, we don't care aboutlosers. So if you don't win,
then we don't hear about it.Okay, Well, they don't be different

sports that we obviously are more excitedabout than others, like one hundred meter
dash. It could be very absolutelyUh, if you had to pick a
sport to watch during the games,Emily, which one are you picking?
I always get excited when the USwomen's gymnastics teams up there, just the
women's, not the men. Moreof the women's. Yeah, like watching
them on the you're a front runner. I guess I'm a front runner.
I'm an Olympics. The floor thatwas boring one. The flooring about whethery're

flipping and flopping more of an unevenbar, know what that means? And
the vault that's a good one,honestly. The hobby horse, the hobby
horse, it's not called the hobbyhorse. And then I was just looking
at a list of all the sportsfor this year, and no, I

was just I didn't know. Iknew gymnastics out of the top of my
head, but what I didn't knowis that BMX was in it too,
and they're going to do BMX.You're gonna watch racing and freestyle. It's
more impressive that if they win anX Games medal or a gold medal the
X Games, right, I feellike, but I feel like they would
care about the X Game. Probablyall action sports, Sean White, you

wanted more sky. If you wereto pick a sport to watch what you
watch? What could what is themost boring sport out there? You shut
up? Rhythmic gymnastics. Here's thething. I'm really excited this sing canoeing.

Yeah, no, I don't likeit. Knowing I don't. I'm
not into that. Handball really getsmy juice's phone. I prefer the modern
pentathlon. Okay, I don't evenknow what that is. I don't know
modern Okay, trampolining is a lotof fun. Me and me and love
Bud watching that. Okay, trampolining, love Bud, that's weird set up.

That's just you guys. Don't.We're gonna do our own Olympic games,
our whole family. Yeah, theydo an Olympic family in the backyard.
Yeah, that's that could happen.The booths walking around this drop foot.
He isn't breakdancing you're gonna start thisyear? That's what I was gonna
say. That's what I've been excitedfor. But hell y, but I'm

excited for it, but I can't. It's not a guarantee because I haven't
seen it yet. I don't knowhow it's gonna go oh popping and locking.
Look at him, go oh?Is he a robot? Is he
a man? Is he a box? Back in the day? Man circa
nineteen eighty five, nineteen eighty five, You give me. I'm old,
was before I was born. Sowhat that's what you have? Breakdance?

Eighty five. That was the heightof my breakdancing years. Bro. I
bet put a nice little handkerchief,checkered handkerchief on my knee so I could
do those knee spins on that cardboardbe a gold medalist. He would have
just stuck with it, bro,I didn't think it would ever make it
to the other Yes. Would youhave dedicated your life to break dancing?
Yes, Oh that's awesome. SoI'm excited for it, but I don't

know how it's gonna be yet.But what I do love and what I
will watch synchronized swimming. No,come on, dude, I love that
so much. It is so hard, Like, how are you? It's
not hard, it's stupid, Likewhen they're doing the underwater spins upside down.
Oh my god, water poolo isharder. That's an actual sport,

excuse just swimming around and waving.Disagree? So will you? You?
Guys? I love, I love, I love all the bottom ones and
all the gymnastic ones. When theymess up on the high dives slip at
the last second, they're all coordinatedand going down. Dude, that first

of all, that doesn't really happen. Every once in a while. You
get one very rarely. Gregis rememberthe time he smacked his head still in
the gold sky. Will you gointo your pool at some point and pretend
you're a synchronized swimmer? God Azillion percent? Do I do that?
Now? Yes? I do.I'm glad wrestling's back. A wrestling fan,
it's not professional, yeah, notrepresenting the u S. That would

be legit. The Rock shows upthe final boss. Now that doesn't make
makes a come back. You're makingno sense right now. Obviously, track
and field, track field traffic dealis great. Swimming is kind of fun
to watch, you know, thegood races. I don't want to sit
there and watch your eight hundred meteryou know whatever, the sprints. I

want the sprints one hundred meters it'sa fifty. That's awesome. Okay,
uh so that that's the kind ofstuff. That's where I'm living. But
what what most people want to watch? Well, they did a recent pole.
Here's what we want to see,rugby, really, water polo,
basketball, soccer, volleyball, diving, beach volleyball. Yeah that one.

When is volleyball? Beach volleyball?On that one? Brazil got that booty,
Yeah, Brazil got that booty.Wow, number three still erect for
four years. Problem. Yeah,I think the commercial I've heard that number

three thing we want to watch trackand field. Two is gymnastics, and
number one is swimming. Yeah,that's a big deal. I will when
the I think in the next one, look at this guy watching all the
sports. I'm not watching them.The sports loves it. I think flag
football starts in the next one.Oh yeah, and it's gonna be like
a bunch of retired NFL players schoolingpeople. There you go. Well,

speaking of the Olympics, Team USA'suniforms have been released and people are not
a fan. We're gonna see whatthe controversial style the Americans will be rocking
during the opening ceremonies. Next insports Dirt, Wow. We sort of
knew it was going to be toughfor the Padres as they started a series

against one of the best teams inbaseball, the Phillies, and it went
just about how you thought. ThePhillies big bats took down the Padres nine
to two. Kyle Schwarber hit twohome runs, Trey Turner returned to the
lineup he collected a couple of hits. Overall, the Phillies had eighteen hits
and just overwhelmed the Padres pitchers.So not great. Now, the good

news is you Darvish maybe back soon. As Darvish drew bullpen yesterday. He's
gonna have a rehab start and thenhopefully he'll be back soon. The Boston
Celtics finally did it. They've beenclose for years, but they finally put
it together to win the NBA Championshipas they beat Dallas in Game five,
one oh six to eighty eight.Jason Tatum he led them in twints,

rebounds, and assists in the finals, but Jalen Brown was actually named the
finals MVP. Now that is theCeltics record eighteenth title, So congratulations to
Boston. Team USA's uniforms have beenreleased and some people not big fans of
them and how they look. Now, Emily, you're fashionable, okay.

Ralph Lauren is doing them and theyhave handled the opening cerem ONNY uniforms and
people were a bit shocked when theysaw that the team will be rocking jeans.
Oh yeah, you jeans season?Yes, I went how cold it
is in Paris? I mean,what, maybe it's too cold for shorts
now it is? Well, whywould you wear shorts. Yes, denim

blue jeans are going to be pairedwith blazers. I mean that's l thing
denim. It looks exactly like that, and so I don't know, it
looks interesting to say the least.Yeah, it's really wild to look a
look a little bit. Now.The spokesperson for Ralph Lauren says there is

nothing more American than blue g Sohe's he's not wrong because it's okay,
I love it. You like this, I love it. Now. Don't
you have rules about you know,when you get when you can't wear jeans?
Yeah? I love to know theweather in Paris right now? Okay,
what is that? It's the summergame seventy five? Oh okay,

I actually it looks well, no, because on Saturday sixty six, so
it looks like it's fluctuating a littlebit. I'm not familiar with weather right
now in Paris. So it's alittle nippy and it's nighttime. You were
slacks. I'm fine with jeans alittle more relaxed fit. I'm fine with
that. What about shorts, Well, they're not. I mean, obviously
that would be crazy. I can'twear jeans to a funeral. But you

can wear jeans to the opening ceremonyof the Olympics. I think so.
I think so. I means you'rehigh end jeans. I don't we weary?
That is not true. That isnot true. All right, well,
I guess that's what we're doing.Go Usa, There you go.
That is Sports Dirt for today.It is Tuesday today, so that means

we're gonna find out what is comingout this week in new releases coming up
next on the show. I'm Rockone to five to three r E M.
On the show. It's Rock onefive three. Uh. So it
is Tuesday and on Tuesdays we getto find out what's going on, what's
coming out? All right? Video? Oh hey, new video games coming

out this week. Coming out today, we have hashtag Blood that's blame hashtag
Blood b l U D. It'sa hack and slash game that they say
is overflowing with style and you getto meet Becky and her friends in some
slasher game PlayStation four, Xbox oneand the Switch. Today and then coming

on Friday, we have an expansionpack for Eldin Ring, Shadow of the
Eldin e l d Ian, Shadowof the Erd Tree Tree Tree That's Dead

on right there. It adds overone hundred weapons, ten new bosses,
and a bunch of new dungeons ifyou're into that expansion pack coming out on
Friday for PlayStation five four as wellas Xbox One. New music coming out.
New albums are released on Friday,and I'm sorry to tell you we
don't have much unless you are afan of solo Daryl Hall of halland Oates.

That's the big release. Yes,Daryl Hall with his new album d
It's only his parts of every song. It's just half of the song.
Well listen, Oh, this istough because you know, the the band
Hall and Oates is no more andthey're not friends and it doesn't look like
they're gonna be what because it's allEdie does not find dot I'm not laughing

at this. Okay, So thesolo album is listen. Daryl's the talent
is he? Yes, he isa very soulful white man and he brings
the heat. Oates was just themustache stash. You know, he had
his talents for sure. But Darryl, come on, that's where it's at.
That's that's that's the goods pre orderalbum. I mean, I don't

know, no no, you're not. Okay, you're not that sorry,
all right, all right, sothat's out on Friday if you want to
check that out. Well, okay, new movies coming to digital. If
you want to purchase this movie towatch at home today you can watch if
the New Family Movies Bryan Renolds.Yeah, like you can still see it
in theaters, but starting today youcan pay to watch it at home as

well. So yeah, that onewas coming out, coming to your streaming
services. To Netflix today, wehave the Outstanding Comedy Revolution. This is
all about the lgbt Q plus standup community and basically going back to the
Ellen days when comedy started embracing beingopenly gay and how it's progressed since then.

On Wednesday, we have a newNetflix movie called Inheritance. It's about
a wealthy family when the dad passesaway, leaving the wife and daughter with
a crazy inheritance and some sort oflike secret room and something. It stars
Lily Collins and Chance Crawford. Ifyou're into that. That's Wednesday to Netflix.

Coming Thursday to Netflix, we havea new docuseriies American Sweethearts Dallas Cowboy
Cheerleaders, so it starts on Thursday, and they're following the Cowboys cheerleaders from
auditions. But your wife loves danceand cheer and all that risk is too

risky? Okay, And Friday,Coming to Netflix, we have another new
Netflix movie called Trigger Warning. Thisstars Jessica Alba as a Special Forces commando
who is returning to their hometown onlyto run into a gang. Why why

would they just have come on?That's so dumb? Excited. Coming to
Hulu this week. Yesterday they releasedcult Massacre One Day in Jonestown. It's
a limited series interviews, witnesses,people bear all of that. On Thursday,
they have a another docuseries, thisone called Perfect Wife, The Miss

The Mister Well The Mysterious Disappearance ofSherry Peppini. So this is the gal
out of read in California who wentmissing one day in twenty sixteen, and
they say when she was found itwas even weirder than she had gone missing.
People assumed that I was related tothis. Are you that's not my

last name? It's close, Butmiss Pepini, no, no missing.
We need an extra pe in there. Yeah. Coming to Prime Video this
week on Tuesday, the docuseries Powerof the Dream, all about the w
NBA's Journey right. And then onThursday Prime Video, Oh sorry, Thursday

Prime Video has Federer Twelve Final Days, which follows the final twelve days of
his career. Roger Yes of RogerConfederer, I'm assuming, yes, yes,
one, we'd assume. And thenfinally coming to theaters this Friday,
we have a redo of the Wellthis is sorry, it's not a redo.
It's called The Exorcism, and soit's similar to the Exorcist, but

it's not a redo. I justspoke. It has Russell Crowe, Sam
Worthington, and I guess an actorwho's starring in like a horror movie about
exorcism starts having crazy stuff happen inhis real life. Russell Crowe exercises an
Academy award. Yeah, wild right. And then also coming out this Friday,

we have The Bike Riders with Austin. But Tom Hardy, I've heard
all about this, Tom Hardy,Austin. But here's the deal with this
movie. If it's good, ifit's I'm gonna see it when it comes
out on TV. If it's good, if it's good DVD, it's that
what you're ready for to rend itand put it, put it in your

TV. If it's good. Yeah, and I can and I and I
find an Austin Butler, I could, I could, uh, I see
him And I'm like, I cansee him as a badass role. He
may crack the top ten best lookingguys on the Hollywood List. But didn't
you just hate him about the rightright? But he's he's turned the corner

a little bit. He's picking differentroles. Didn't you watch that World War
Two? He was really good inthe World War two TV show I watched.
And if he Tom Hardy gives it. Tom Hardy gives this movie a
lot of credit. And I likeTom Hardy and this movie is good credibility.
If this movie is good and AustinButler brings the heat, what about
Tom not not good looking? Ruggynot as tight' not as tight to Ruggy?

Like, yeah, yeah, Iwould say pretty. I think Tom
Hardy is just you know, ifthis was ten years ago, he'd make
the list. Okay, what ahot tease? Very I think it looks
like a really good movie. Okay, So The Bike Rider's out on Friday.
So Glenn Powell and Austin Butler areup and comers. In your world.

Yeah, here's the I haven't watchedhit many. I haven't watched Hitman
yet with power will and you know, but I want to. And then
Twisters scares me because if Twisters flops, which it looks like it probably will.
If it's a smash smash hit.If it's a smash hit, Glenn's
making top five wow calling it now. Guy's got it all loves his hunks.
There you go. There's are yournew releases for today. H Weirdly

enough, we're off tomorrow because thisis a company holiday, so we are
going to be off tomorrow. Backon Thursday, though weird have a windle
of the week. Yeah, we'llbe back up there there, so we'll see that

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