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June 21, 2024 89 mins
Cameo Roulette, Craig Robinson, Eddie's Benihana Problem
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San Diego. Welcome, Welcome tothe show. Yo, A new new
day is here, and what betterway to start it than with I feel
like the show is going to begreat. This show. I would like
to introduce you to the ringleader Eddie. I have a young mindset, okay,
the mother of this crew Sky.If you don't know anything about me,

you may not realize that I getcold very easily. I'm very rude,
I'm obnoxious, and I don't care. And Emily, ever since I
can remember, I've never wanted tosleep with another human. Welcome to the
show on San Diego's rock station Rockone oh five three. Well, I've
mentioned this quite a few times thatmy favorite restaurant is Benni Hannas. Wow,

I love me some Benny Hannah.Thank you more. Yeah, it's
so good. Yeah. I couldeat Bennie Hannah probably every day of my
life and be I would probably bedead pretty quickly. Still I would die
happy. Yeah, your blood wouldjust be garlic butter at that, and
I'm all right with that. Youknow, I'm from Gilroy, So true

it is. And so I gotto go to Benny Hannah for Father's Day
on Sunday and always fantastic, ButI did have an incident that did happen,
and it's taken me a minute totalk about it actually because it bothered
me so much. Yes, So, you know, it's always usually a

special occasion where we do Benny Hannah. You know, it's it's not like
we're just going on a random Tuesdayor anything like that. Yeah, you
got to gear up for Benny Hannah. You know, it's like an experience,
and so it takes it takes ayou know, an occasion to go
to Benny Hannah. Yeah, Ihave a quick question I've never asked.
Sorry to interrupt, you know how, there's some places like Bennie Hannah around
town. Are you okay and justas excited about that or you've never been

like Showgun? Nope, Really,there is a Benni Hannah type restaurant up
where my aunt lives up in Fresno. There is like a go to spot
for us. It's not Benny Hannah, but it is like that, you
know that that kind of cooking.That's the only other kind of place that
I've been to. And heck,if I'm gonna do it, it's gonna

be Benny ha. I mean,I'm not going I'm not going down a
level. Okay, that's insane.It's kind of wild because they'll have like
different jokes that are super similar buta little bit different. You give me
Japanese egg roll, you give methe train of the hands I got.
Come on, I can do Ican do the retard. I can do

it at all, pac Man,I can do them all. Okay,
I can do them all. Andso you know, I'm not I'm not.
I'm not lowering myself about no,right, and don't even talk to
me about Benny Hannah to go like, oh oh, we did that a
lot during the pandemic. It waslike, well, not, I shouldn't

say a lot, but like itwas our treat to ourselves during the pandemic.
So probably like once a month fora couple of months we did it,
and it was so disappointing everything becausewe thought like, oh, the
driver made too many stops delivered.Oh yeah, oh you didn't go pick
it up and what that. Yeah, we's hard to have it delivered even

ordered there like a jug of likerum punch or something. It was the
pandemic, you guys, we weregetting wild. But I do not recommend
no, I do not recommend itto go. It's it's not you have
to have the whole experience. Yes, this guy. Didn't you once have
Flemings delivered? Yes, I didonce, Yes, definitely, definitely.

Once fancy fancy steakhout goes, I'lltake that to go. They don't.
Grub Hub's saying that it's even onthere. Yeah. Really it is,
like I feel like Flemy's look atthat and goes a Grubhub order, like
they never get it from the machine. And then one comes up, somebody
spending three hundred dollars for grub Hub. That's weird, you guys, and

we never say so, you sayso. So Yeah, I look forward
to you going to Benny Hannas onlike a pretty weird level where I get
very excited about it. I stopeating at a certain point because I want
to like really have a ridiculous amountof food. It's it's a whole experience.
Yeah, and so, uh,you know, we we ended up
having six of us with us becausemy parents joined us for Father's Day,

and so there's eight to a tablearound the grill, and so they paired
us with two people and it wasan adult woman with her older father that's
fine. Yeah, and then youknow, you never know, what did
you do? You like include them? Do you have to talk them?
You have to say hell? Itend to not. But then my wife

gets uncomfortable and awkward and starts tolike do the thing of like, oh,
how are you This is your fatherobviously it is what are you talking
a date? Yeah? That meansit would be really weird, and so
that whole scene is going on aswell, But I don't care. I'm
just I'm locked in. I'm juststaring at the girl the entire time.

I'm waiting for my guy to come. What's your go to seat? Are
you an end seat? Guy?I prefer the seat. This time,
I was more on the corner,so I was directly next to the other
two. Yes, you were right, So it was it was kind of
an odd seat for me. Butyou know, my dad sort of tried
to, you know, try tobe you know, the authority figure and

get the seat. Who the helldo you think you are? Whatever?
So I plopped down and I'm justlocked I'm not even talking to anybody.
I'm just staring at the girl,waiting for the guy to I feel like
you're kind of like you know,like when your your dog's in the kitchen
and they're just staring at you.He waiting, my tails wagon, let's
go, come on, come on, Manny, for whoever is going to

be my cook, let's do this. So he finally arrives and he's,
you know, getting everything set up, and you know how they do the
thing where the waiter comes over,takes your order, and then when the
cook comes he like reviews it.Yeah, everybody confessed, and I'm not
really ever sure why. I guessthere's this confusion. I guess if you're
cooking for eight different people, Idon't know. No other restaurant confirms your

order cook before they put it,but the cook doesn't come out. Let
me just get this clear. Youhad the habachi steak, you had the
chicken, and I'm like, okay, okay, Well that is when disaster
strikes where I just I can't believemy ears and I'm concerned. I don't
know what it really means. Wherethe lady of the you know, the

adult lady who's sitting with us,let's the cook know she is gluten free
and I go, okay, whatdoes that even mean? In a Benny
Hanna style ra like, you're notneeding bread here, Like, what are
we doing here? I don't.I don't know what is gluten? What
is not gluten is rice? Ithought rice would be gluten I don't.

I don't know. Like rice issafe. Yeah, I think it's like
wheat and things that have like wheatand soy in them. I believe,
but just like you, I'm notone hundred percent sure, no clue.
I know rice checks are gluten free. So that's why I believe rice is
a white Rice is the only thingshe orders, the fried rice, yeah,

you know, with her food.So I'm like, okay, no
big deal rice. And when shesays she's gluten free, I go,
okay, what does that? Doesthat going to affect my my order at
all? Because it's all community cooked? Yeah, And I go because if
it's gonna affect my order in theslightest, I'm gonna be pissed. Oh
no, because I want my BennyHannah. Like I want my Benny Hannah.

I don't want anything different. Ofcourse. So he just says,
oh, okay, no problem andgoes about his business. Yeah. And
so he's doing all his stuff,you know, he's cooking all his things
and whatever, and then we getto the fried rice part and he says,
okay, so no garlic butter.Then right, well, oh no,

no, no, no, no, I look that that's that's the
magic. Yeah, that garlic butteris the magic to that fried rice.
Yes, okay, that it reallyis. Yeah, And and so I
go, what what do you mean? What do you mean? Hold on?
Because he has two tins of butter. He's got regular butter sitting there,

and he's got his garlic butter,and he's got a spoonful of regular
buddy butter ready to throw into thefried rice. And I go, well,
can we do like? Is thereanywhere I'm panicking? Like I'm panicking.
Is there any way we could doseparate? What are we doing here?
What? I no? Please don'tdo this? And he goes,

oh, yeah, you know whatI'll do. I'll put the regular butter
in, mix it up, andat the very end I'll put the but
the garlic butter in for everybody else. Okay, you're still not liking it,
don't have a setup. This can'tbe the first person ever to say
this, but we're not done.There's more so then he takes out his

soy sauce. Oh, here wego. It goes on the fried rice,
and I see with my little peepers, what do you say? Don't
say the green bottle. This isgluten free soy sauce, which is a
thing. I guess, Yes,it's the thing. Yes, because it
taste I have no idea that it'snot the same. Why would any of
us know? Yeah, gluten Yes. My best friend Aubrey is gluten free,

like hardcore, and I've had likethe ivy. She's got a siliac
problem. So what does it tastelike? Is it like less salty?
Does it even taste? It's likevery off soy sauce, off like like
not like off brand, like offlike honestly, like maybe you got to
start, like what what's the oreostuxedos? But it's it's sure it's not

the same. Not even you cantell. You can tell. So that
one, he doesn't even ask,He just starts pouring it off, and
I'm like, hold on, whatare we doing here? And so that's
the batch of rice. The batchof rice now has regular butter and gluten
free soy sauce. And there's nothingI can do. I am so shocked
that they're not making her. Whynot separate abortions. Yeah, listen,

there's a giant grill there. Yeah, abortion off, some scoot it over,
a little little bit of gluten freesoy sauce on your way. You're
the you're the only one who wantsthis. You can't make the entire batch
for one person. No, I'msorry. I'm not trying to be a
bad here. No. I sympathizewith you. I sympathize Aubrey. I'm

sorry you have you know whatever,silly, a disease, whatever, But
I'm not ruining my time here,Like, we're not doing this for you.
And so I'm staring at it,going, oh god, okay.
So then he scoops out her portionand then he puts the garlic butter on,
mixes it up, done, AndI'm like, that did not cook

as long as it normally does,Like normally he puts it on there and
it cooks on the grill for awhile, cooks it up. He just
mixed it up, melted it andthen done. But I feel if you've
already put regular butter in there,sorry, Thor, I feel like we
have too much butter, Like thebutter ratio is off in some sort of
way. This obviously I've never seenthe whole recipes gone what this is?

I'm livid? Were there there?I was there? Did you? How
did so? What do I do? I don't know. I feel like
i'd go say something to somebody.What am I going to say? I'd
go to the because I couldn't doit in front of the lady that's gluten
free. But I would probably tryto go to the hostess stand and go
stand there real quick and go askfor a manager. That's insane to change

everybody else's for one person. That'snuts. Okay, all that being said,
what what now? Is he goingto make another batch of rice?
You would think he will, Honestly, That's why I don't think he will.
Like he's got to make the restof the meals. It doesn't make
any sense that he would change theorder for everybody because one person, because
you have to assume people have differentorders all the time at this place.

Not everyone wants the same thing.Well he didn't Your body language cool?
Or are you starting looks to yourwife? Are you looking at those lady?
Your wife is she's looking at mewith concern And I'm just scaring with
my jaw dropped. What is happeninghere? Yes, but I'm hoping with

all hope that it just it's fine. It's gonna taste normal, and I'm
not gonna know difference. And whocares for you? Because I'm like,
well, I don't. I don'tfeel like I have any other recourse here.
So he does my portion, putsit in front of me, and
I go, all right, herewe go. I'm digging. Take a
bite. It's good, but ittastes different. Of course it does,

of course it does. It iskind of greasy because of the butter ratio,
and I'm sorry, and and thenthe taste is different and it's that
damn soy sauce. It's that damnsoy sauce. What are we doing here?

And I'm just I pushed back frommy chair and this is all I
wanted. I would complain. I'dbe like, I want either you make
me new rise or take this offmy bill, really, because it's not
fair. I don't, I'm not. I mean, it sucks, I
guess you know. For you.Here's the tricky part is the fried rice
is sort of part of the meal, so it's not like a separate charge.

So I don't know what they wouldtake off the bill, the drinks.
Maybe that'd be really nice because thoseare the most It's it's crazy,
it's I get it. They putthem in a buying but they should have
when you go to a community thinglike that, right they should And then
somebody says, I'm gluten free.They should have a separate thing made for
them. They should have like amini because I've sat at Benny Hanna table

before with somebody who's allergic to shellfish, and they they do. They just
corner off a part of the grillso that the shellfish never Maybe this is
on the chef then maybe maybe itjust doesn't make sense. It was miserable.
I'm sorry. I said it wasstill good, but it wasn't like

I wanted it. I want myBenny Hannah like I want my Benny Hannah.
So we got to figure this out. It can't happen again, like
I will ask to move tables ifreally yes, So we're to get in
there and call at this point tosee if he can get some sort of
gift certificate or future. He's donethis for you before. I would do
it the kids right now, butI'll gus, I'd call them and I'd

complain and I'd be walking out thereat least fifty dollar gifts. Wow,
I think I'm a fool if theyif they came out with twenty five,
I would go, are you serious? Well, we know that weird things
are going on in the sky thesedays. We heard earlier this week about
a flight that almost plummeted into theocean, and we didn't really ever get

to hear about it in the news. It was strange. Now we're hearing
that there was a weird incident ona flight over a major city. We're
going to find out what's going onwith that coming up next on the show
and Rock with a five three.That was not George Michael, that was
Caesar Guys Oh Sears version of CarelessWhisper on the show. It's Rock five

to three. I don't know whatis going on in the skies these days,
but some weird is a foot.So we heard earlier in the week
that there was this weird incident witha flight that happened way back in April,
and we never heard about it onthe news, Nobody talked about it.
And now we're just hearing about itwhere it was a flight on the

way to Hawaii that almost plummeted intothe ocean. Dude, I've been talking
about this with other pilots, Yeah, constructors and stuff. You figured it
out, and everyone's just like,this is insane. Doesn't make me.
On July fourth, I'm going toa party with a bunch of commercial pilots
and stuff. I can't wait toask them. Yeah, yeah, because
it's so crazy. Yeah, it'sa bizarre story. It's really strange,

makes no sense. There wasn't reallyany explanation of it, but it was
just very weird, weird deal.Well, now we're hearing a report about
another strange incident. Now this timeit took place over a pretty major city.
Yeah, but again another Southwest flight, which people are like, huh,
is there's something What the one wasthat almost plumbing? Yep, exactly.

The one off of Hawaii was aSouthwest flight too. Is this a
Southwest thing? Is this a Boeingthing? Is this a pilot thing?
What's going on? So this onejust happened earlier this week over Oklahoma City.
It was a flight that left likelate late late night, uh Tuesday
night from Vegas and wasn't gonna landin Oklahoma City till Wednesday morning, like

they were supposed to get in atlike twelve oh five in the morning,
right, And so the flight takesoff, everything is fine until they're right
outside of Oklahoma City when all ofa sudden, air traffic control has to
alert the plane and calls them,you know by their call southwest for zero
six' nine niner oh niner Sorry, uh, low altitude alert you do

in Okay? And the reason theywere asking that is because this plane,
which was still about nine miles outsideof the airport, had drawn up to
about five hundred feet above ground ina suburban neighborhood. Suck like literally over
the top of houses at five hundredfeet, And so the pilot responds back,

Yeah, we're going around at fivehundred feet around what. Yeah,
I don't know. That's that wastheir response, Yeah, we're going around
tower. That's when air traffic controlsaid you need to maintain three thousand feet.
So they're supposed to be at threethousand feet as this loyal, Yeah,

they're at five hundred above house ATCwill tell you traffic control, traffic
con sorry, will tell you likeat or below a certain altitude, so
you can't go higher or lower.You can't get lower than a certain out.
So they probably told this plane threethousand feet out of below in this
in this distance, he's just cruisingat five hundred, which is pretty crazy

and also too like, I havethis app it's called four flight. It's
for your iPad, and it's likeGPS for flying right, and it's it's
like it's as simple as it gets. The stuff they have on their planes
is like insane, right, allyeah, it's all advanced mechanics to avionics.
So if I'm that low, myfore flight will start flashing terrain ahead,
just so I can't imagine in therethey had to have buzzers going off

in lights like he knew, youknow what I mean, why he wanted
to go that low? Well,no, once air traffic control basically called
them out, they were so low, like they couldn't do their landing appropriately,
so they then had to circle aroundand get back up to be able
to come in. And now again, just like the other incident, we
didn't hear about it the day ithappened. We're hearing about it a couple

days later because the FAA said,we are launching an investigation because we don't
understand at this it doesn't make anysense how this could happen. A go
around happens when like you're coming in, the landing's just off, so you
just go full power and you goback up. Go around happens on a
landing not nine miles away from theairport and you're already that low. Like

that's so wide's going on? Idon't know, it seems a little it's
a west. I don't understand.Really, are just letting anybody be a
pilot these days? Well look over, I'm not commercially, I'm just saying,
I'm just saying, all right,Yeah, it's very strange. Apparently
there is a woman who is suingher ex boyfriend because she says he cost

her a lot of money. Well, we're gonna see what she is claiming
he cost her and what he endedup doing about it, coming out next
on the show I'm rocko to fivethree. That's the red Hot Chili Peppers
on the show, It's Rock fiveto three. So there are certain sort
of responsibilities you have when you arein a relationship, things that you know,

when asked, you just kind ofhave to do you know, this
is the way it goes. Andone of those things is if you your
boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, whoever it is, needs to go
to the airport, you gotta takethem right. Yeah, there's not a
question about it. Right. Well, to my husband, there is,
what do you mean, Well,anytime, you know, like spring break,

my daughter and I went to Atlantaand uh for the acquarium. Duh,
that's right. Yeah, everyone knowsthat's what it's all about. And
so he, you know, hewanted to just discuss the other options I
had that might make it easier onme during the fly, you know,

flying. Well, he wanted topoint out to me, if I pay
to park right there at the airport, then as soon as I get off
my flight, I can go directlyto my car. I don't have to
wait around for someone traffic or ifthere's a hundreds of dollars to park,
rather than just get dropped off oruber. I mean, they're just all

right there. They're just light upwaiting for you. So that may be
for you as well. It's kindof madness. It's same you guys telling
me it's all about Mike. Canyou just stand up? Dad and his
wife and his daughter, Yeah orme, Yeah, no, my convenience.
He doesn't want to drive to theairport. Well, clearly he doesn't

want that's wild. Yeah. Soso for some reason he believes it's optional,
and then any time I fly,I remind him, No, you're
my husband, you are taking meto the airport. Yeah, it should
be. I mean, honestly itshould be. At this point, Well,
one woman I guess is suing herex because of an incident about an

airport drop off. Yeah. LikeI need to know so many more details,
and unfortunately we don't have them aboutexactly why this happened. But Eddie's
right. This is now a lawsuitin New Zealand and it is making international
news because this woman had a tripplanned, big trip, going to meet
some friends. We're gonna go toa concert the day after I arrive.

We got a lot going on.But she also has dogs, so I
guess you know, she talked toher boyfriend and like in the boyfriend vows
the boyfriend's gonna drive her to theairport and then he's gonna stay at her
place when she's gone and watch thedogs. Okay, so she's packed ready
to go. Boyfriend of six yearsdoes not show up, literally just ghosts

her after six years out of nowhere, so pretty wild. They don't really
say, but I'm assuming a sidepiece or something something. I don't know.
I don't know. Why do youjust like ghost somebody? Pretty wild?
Six years of dating? It isweird, you know, I'm sure
they had they had issues. Oh, clearly, clearly there must have been
red flags or signs for him todecide this is the time. I'm just

gonna end it. And nothing,nothing, nothing, nothing thor And so
she's like, Okay, I gota panic. I gotta figure this out,
because even if I took an uberright now to the airport, I
still got my dogs that I needto figure out. And I just can't
like leave a key under the mator whatever. So basically she misses her

flight. She reschedules her flight forthe next day, but she is now
gonna miss, like I guess,one day of this concert festival, and
she has to hire a dog sitterand get transportation to the airport. So
she does all that returns back.Clearly, her and the sky break up,
and she files a lawsuit suing himfor having to switch the flight for

the one day of the concert shemissed, as well as for the dog
sitter because he had allegedly promised todo all of that. Wow, I
get I get it. Yeah,but can you sue somebody who just flakes
on you? Yeah? I don't. I don't like I'm a friend stand

in court? Yeah, I don'tknow if you can. So she took
him to the court and it's nowmaking news because the judge just issued his
ruling and said, yes, therewas an agreement made, but it was
not a legally binding agreement, andagreement between friends and boyfriends like that are
not legally binding unless it's written downand signed as a progress. I feel

like this would be a solid episodeof Judge Judy, Like this is just
exactly the type of case that theyhave on that court. But she doesn't
really care about the law. She'sbeen mad at that guy, and yeah,
all right, it is time tofind out what celebrities are charging on
Cameo. We're gonna do our gameCameo Roulette when we get back on the

show on Rock with five to three. That is green day on the show.
It's Rock five to three. Allright, you got your celebrity radar
on. It's time to figure outhow much celebrities are charging on Cameo.
Time for our game, Cameo Roulette. You ever wonder what Ronnie from Jersey

Shore would sound like wishing you ahappy birthday? Hey, what's up with
your boy? Ronnie? Here?I just wanted to say, happy birthday.
I hope you enjoy yourself. Drinka lot of ron ron juice at
GTL though out of your party,will It's time for the show. It's
time for the shows. Cameo Roulette. Ah, yes, Cameo of course

the website where you can order uppersonalized messages from different celebrities, different levels
of celebrities as well, and youget to basically tell them whatever is you
want. They record a video foryou. It's fantastic, But they set
their own price. So we spina wheel. Whatever celebrity on Cameo at
lands on, You guys got tofigure out how much are they charging?

What do they think they're worth.It's a fascinating game. All right,
let's go ahead and spin the week. I'll see what it lands on first.
Oh, this is interesting. Ithas landed on the patriarch of the
Manning family, Archie Manning, theNFL Hall of Famer father of Peyton,

Eli, the rest of the crew, grandfather of arch Yes, very true.
So Archie Manning, how much ishe charging on cameo? What do
you thinks? Guys? Oh mygod, I feel like this should be
a lot of money. But Idon't want to get too crazy. I
hate when I have to go firston these sports guys. I'm gonna keep

it cool and say five hundred bucks. That's keeping it cool. I wanted
to get crazy, like, yeah, okay, what do you think?
You know? I'm not sure archUh. Archie is a little older,
and who wants to Like if I'mgoing to get a Manning cameo, I
want Peyton or Eli, but they'renot on care but they're not because that'd
be crazy. Yeah, Eli,So what I want to Archie? One,

if you're a New Orleans Saints fan? Maybe yeah, you know,
yeah, if you're a New OrleansSaints fan. Though he never won anything,
that's true, but uh yeah,no's my dad tells me all the
time. Really for some reason,it's one of those things he always talks
about, big fan. Okay,might want this. Yeah, my dad
would love Art. I thought he'dbe more of a frand targeting fan.

Of course he is fran Targeting,played for the Giants and the Vikings.
Oh my dad loves him. I'mgonna say Archie Manning charges three fifty three
fifty All right, what do youthink, Emily? First, I was
going to go a little higher thanSky, but I think that's getting crazy.
I'm going to go in between themand say four fifty four fifty.

Well, because Thor went the lowest, he's the closest. Because Archie Manning
only charges three hundred dollars, fairlyreasonable. All right, let's see what
you get for three inter bucks fromArchie Manning. Hey, Rob, Archie
Manning here, First one wish yourhappy birthday. I want to thank you

for being such a big fan ofPeyton. I know you got to meet
him a couple of years ago,but I really appreciate you being a big
fan. And also I have agreat birthday, special surprise, Rob.
Hey, Rob Payton here, Happybirthday. Holy Holy I would if that

way. If I got that andEli showed up, we'll think actually Peyton
showed up. Think about that.That's pretty I paid for Archie, I
got Payton, you got Peyton.Mad that's crazy. You see, like
the best guys ever, I wantto have to be with them, all
right, lens on this time?Oh man, okay, guys, it

has landed on Zach Good. Whatyou're not familiar? No, you don't
have the name, don't know.You don't need to google that, Emily,
how dare you? How dare you? That Good? Obviously is the
new lead singer of smash Mouth.Stop it? Okay? Oh no,

you hear right? The new leadsinger of smash Mount the Steve guys out.
He's got issues. So he's done. I think that's his name.
I think he's dead. Did hedie? Yeah? Some serious issues.
Those are some bad issues. Don'tyou remember? He was having like all

kinds of crazy and you listen.I't your father who attacked this man?
Oh yeah, my my father?Long night or Greg got blocked by the
lead singer of smash Mouth because hewas trolling him on Twitter? Why was
he doing that? Ended up killinghim? Oh no? All right?

Come on. So the new singersmash Mouth is a guy named Zach Good.
How much do you think he chargeson cabo thor fifty bucks? What
I mean? How could he chargemore? Smash Mouth? Yeah? I
feel like Jamie our phone spreader knowswho it is and like loves him for

some reason. Jamie was like,oh yeah, he rips good. Do
you think I'm good Man? Thornstole my answer with fifty, I might
go lower. This is really rude. That is not an all star attitude.
Forty five dollars for five dollars,he's out, he's not too well

over. What do you think thisis like Eddie's Hottest gillf list all over
again? How well, listen,I don't think Steve from smash Mouth is
you can compare it to Raquel Well, well both of them. You didn't
realize that, Pa, that's true. Okay, okay, we got a
forty five and fifty. I'm gonnago a little higher. I'm gonna give

a goodie some propo Exach Good,I'm gonna go seventy five dollars. Well,
okay, one of you has hitit right on the head. Person
that said fifty bucks, you nailedit. Zach Good can say if he's

not singing smash Mouth, I'm outof here. Yeah serious? What you
get for fifty bucks from the newlead singer of smash Mouth? Hey want?
This is Zach from smash Mouth.And some body ones told me that
it is your birthday. So Iwant to let you know that your spoons
love you very much and they wantyou to know that you are always enough.
So listen, Happy birthday, andI hope you have an awesome time.

And I can see at a showsometime we could rock out to All
Star because that will be killer.And by the way, I'm dressed like
this because I'm on the road ina hotel room on my way to a
Hawaiian party Luau, and I stoppedto do this to make sure that I
didn't forget about your birthday. Havea great one and we will talk to
you on the road. Peace.Yeah, that sounds like a new lead
singers. That sounds perfect everything.Yeah, oh there you go. All

right, I got time for onemore spin the wheel. See it lends
on this time. Okay, Well, this is landed on somebody that I
believe Sky you are very familiar withHuge in the nineties because this is the
creator of Tybo Billy Blanks. RememberBilly Blank of course? Oh you did

hs of Tibo. Yes, Iplayed softball with Billy Blink's time. When
I did this celebrity softball game,I swear we hear about the celebrity softball
five year because I was playing agold bird. I know Steve Garvey and
Billy Blake's that's a crew And Emily, Yeah, was he cool? Or
was he also? He was anice guy? He's wearing these wild pants?

Was he kicking and punching hell shirts? Sick? Wow? All right?
So Billy Blanks, the creator oftibo on cameo. What do you
think he charges? Emily? Oh, my guy, your my guy.
He was a gem. He wassuper sweety. Not sure how many people
want this these days, but I'mgonna go this she would, I'm gonna
go with a hundred bucks a hundredbucks? Yeah, all right? What

do you think this guy? Uh? Yeah, I still think he's a
superstar. Is still i mean amotivational like a mugger. I'm gonna say
one fifty one fifty? All right? What do you think? Thor oh
Man? Not as familiar, notas familiar with Billy Blanks. I'm remember
the infomercials for sure, and Iremember being like, man, who's buying

that? And now I'm like,you're talking about sky in overalls doing it?
Or is this post overalls the overall. I mean, I'm not wearing
them wall but I got good shorts. Yeah, you got it. I'm
gonna say ninety bucks. Ninety bucks. Well, because Sky went the highest.

She knows her guy, she wasthe closest. Because Billy Blanks charges
two hundred dollars. One hundred dollars. Billy Blank's is like the perfect cameo
guy. Yeah, it's good tomake in a year. Get ready to
be hyped just for two hundred bucksfrom Billy Blank's likes. This is Billy
Blanks. I'm want to shout outto you and say, hey, that's

a cool name. But first ofall, I just wanna say thank you
for giving me an opportunity to comeinto your household and work out with you.
I want to say thank you forbeing motivated to wanting to help yourself
be the best you can be.Keep up the good work, don't get
discouraged, get encouraged, and justknow whatever you want to do, we
have an opportunity to make choices inour life, and look, you made

some great choices. So keep upthe good work, don't get discouraged,
put on the power, go forit. Thank you, and keep up
the good work. Look as Scott. I am so motivated that guy.
Oh yeah, all right, good, good batch of celebrities. The Padres

did something for the third straight gameat Petco Park. That is pretty wild.
We're gonna see what it is theydid again last night next to sports
Dirt. Well, things have certainlychanged. The Padres have turned things around
at home now. The season hasreally reversed itself. They were bad at

home and good on the road forthe first part of the season. Now
it's completely reversed. Not so goodon the road, pretty good at home.
And that's why you're five hundred two. It's really odd. They started
a series against the Milwaukee Brewers atPetco last night and it was a wild
affair. Now. Things started offwell as Manny Machado cracked a three run

home run, followed by back toback shots with Jackson Merrill hitting one out
as well, all in the firstinning. Then Fernando Tatis Junior hit a
bomb in the fifth inning and itlooked like the Padres were cruised into an
easy win. But the Brewers actuallycame back. They scored three runs in
the eighth and ninth innings to tiethe game up, but it was the

bottom of the ninth when it wasthe cron Zone. Jake Cronenworth sent the
fans home happy with a walk offhome run to beat the Brewers seven to
six last night. Now, thisis crazy because it's the padres third straight
walk off home run win at home. Remember they they swept the A's and

two of those games they hit walkoff home runs to win, and then
now they then they went on theroad and then they're back and it's the
third game in a row at homewalk off home run to win. That's
pretty rare. It's insanity. AndJackson Merrill is as hot as hot can
be. He's hit six home runsin his last eight games. That's crazy.

And this kid to have nobody again, Nobody expected Profar to do what
he's doing. Nobody really expected MattWaldrom to do what he's doing, and
nobody really expected Jackson Merrill to bethis good, this young. So this
is why the Podgers are still keepinga float is because of those guys.
And you know, hopefully you canget Manny going again. You know,
Manny looked a little bit better andhe's playing a little bit better. Didn't
you get a home lime yesterday?That's what I say sorry, I'm sorry.

Three run Homer earlier. I'm sorry, yeah, hit three. Yes,
he has played it. The Lakershave found their man. They have
ended up hiring JJ redd to betheir next head coach. Now, Reddick,
who is an ESPN analyst, he'sa podcaster, has never coached in

his life, what, never coacheda day in his life? Why are
we hiring him? Well, he'sdoing a podcast with Lebron chains Sky,
so obviously are you kidding? Thenext head coach is not unprecedented. You
know, there have been former playersthat don't have any coaching experience that have
gone in and coached before. Uh, you know, Jason Kidd's done it,

Larry Bird's done it, Steve Nashhas done it. So those are
all Hall of famers. But JJReddick, I don't know. It's not
ESPN fighting with Mad Dog and Stevenas it makes sense. Yeah, we'll
see, we'll see. Like peoplesay he's got a great mind for the
game and things like that. SoI don't know. I don't know.
If I was a Laker fan,They're going nowhere. They're not a top

team anymore. They need to rebuild, they need to get rid of Lebron
and whoa what if they draft Bronni. I think they're just yeah, they're
just foundering right now. They're strange, strange. Remember when running backs weren't
getting paid and it was kind ofstrange. Well, I guess they figured
it out because the Patriots and theirstar running back Raman J. Stevenson have

reached a new four year extension wherethirty six million dollars. That looks like
they're getting a little bit of money. Still, yeah, that's good.
And boxing star Ryan Garcia has beensuspended a year following his positive pet PED
tests following his fight against Devin Haney. Now the fight has been ruled a
no contest and they're withholding his purseof one point two million dollars and also

find him one hundred grand as well. Sports Start is brought to you by
Palomar Health. So we know thatThor takes his hot guy's list very seriously.
That's remember when you also used tohave a cool guy crew of celebrity
men that you wanted to hang outwith. Yeah, that was the thing
for a while. Well, we'regonna see what mail celebrities we would most

want to be our bro coming upnext, to the show led Zeppelin on
the show It's Rock five to three. Uh. So we hear about it
quite often that Thor takes the PeopleMagazine's Sexiest Man a Live List the cover

very seriously and so much so thatwhen they release it, he puts out
his Hottest Hollywood Honk List. It'sbest Guy Ben Looking Guys in Hollywood list
every year. And this summer isheating up, all right, can we
because we may have some new people. Really, who is it? Glendon,

Austin Butler are creeping up. Iwant to see this new blood going
on. I want to see thisnew bike rider with Austin Butler? Does
he Does he get away from theElvis stigma that he has? I hope
we'll find out. Not sure anybodyreally supposed to be about that. I
don't know. I have a question. Really enjoyed Harry Styles album and he's

a looker. Harry Styles is Harry'shouse album is one of the best albums
I've heard in the last ten years. I feel like one album of the
year last year at the Grammar isAndrogynists for you. He's a little to
David Bowie for me. Yeah,so like he probably isn't going to make
the list. He like his menlike more Buffy Rugged. Yeah, and
you gotta be you gotta be multifaceted. Here he did a movie. He

did a movie that bombs with ChrisPine. Get out of here, Get
out of here. I can't.I can't have a guy on my list
bomb in the movies. You gottahave a history of good movies before you
can have a bomb. Well,prior to this Hot Guy List, Thor
had a fictitious group of celebrity malebuddies that he said he wanted to hang

out with called the Cool Guy Crew. Who was on Who is on the
CGC? Do you remember bringing meback? Obviously? Obviously tom Cruise,
Yeah, Tommy was the captain.He was, he was the This is
what he wanted to do. Hewanted to play shirts versus Skins basketball games
with them to the mall and getlike coffees, frappuccinos and then just walk

and hit. There was no viryback then. He said, that's true.
There was I didn't make enough money. Yeah, and it was Tommy
C. I want to do thatwith Tommy C. Yeah, the rock
oh Man Brad in there of course. Brad Pitt was in there. There

was guys that came and went yeah, Jackman bounced, Channing Tatum got back
to weird. They both got bouncedfor singing and dancing too much. It
was too much. We don't needthat. Gosling was in there for a
little while for a little bit,had different differ. Obviously would have gotten
bounced because of his face. Tohis face, what did he do to

his face? So Thor has alot of feelings about male celebrities. So
your opinion of this means more thananybody's. Are there a male celebrity that
you would want to be your brow? Because that means something different, you

know. And that's the question thatwas just recently asked and they surveyed thousands
of people and we I think,yeah, men, because if you want
to be bro, your bro.So it's a question for the guys.
And it's interesting. A lot ofold school guys still represented, but we
do have a couple new guys.You know, I probably want to be

bros with Justin Timberlake right now.Oh them, right now. I don't
know if you've seen the news Ihave. I mean he looks like he's
a good time. Yeah, Imean I mean, definitely gonna call an
uber, but yeah, I lovethe party with that guy. Yeah,
seems like a good gulfs Okay,I do so. I mean this is

it would be great, really goodtime. Okay, really good time.
That's just me. I got togo to the expert on male celebrities.
You know who you're with? TheRock would be up there. I just
would get tired of his constant adsand he's doing that while you're hanging out.
Yeah, I feel like every timewe hang out, he's bringing it
back to his lotion or his tequilaor like, hey what do you one

who's yeah? Or his shoes.But that would be fun that brought with
the Rock. I'm trying to thinkof other celebrities. Obviously Brad Pitt.
I mean, that's gonna brow outwith him. He's kind of weird,
isn't he. I don't know,he's gone weird, Brad Pitt. I
want to be on Leo's yacht andjust hang out with him and everyone.
The number one guy for me,he's the king. I'll take the leftovers,

even the leftover hang around four andthey're all ten ten. Wow,
So Leo's the king. Okay,you're not really going on Leo. I'm
going right now. I'm part ofthe posse. I feel like Chris Pratt
would be a lot of fun.Oh, there's probably a lot of you
were out on. I think I'mnot out on him in a sense.
I just think sometimes he's a littlemuch. But I like Parks and rec

I think he'd be really funny.But he's not that guy. I think
he's funny. I mean he's allabout like his farm life and his wife
and his children. That's a littlemuch and god like what he's doing.
Just we just want to go tothe strip. He's not your, he's
not your your your That sucks.I feel like Bradley Cooper Coop Coopy's sober.

I'm sober. I feel like he'sa big sportsman, takes himself way
too soon. You can't hang outwith an Eagles fans. How about Matthew
McConaughey. No, that would befun. Guy's smoking dope right in your
face, Maked bongos people. There'sno chances worth Chris Hemsworth maybe working out

with him. I think that'd bea fun I think that's a good one.
Yeah, because he likes to beout of nature, he likes to
work out, he's not too crazypartier. Yeah, that's the first one
you've said that. I think meand Hamsworth, me and Helmsworth. What
what male celebrities do Most people thinkthey want to be bros with Well,
recent poll, here are your topten. Number ten Tom Holland people.

You know he was on love forhim, He was on top of my
mind. But is he always topof your mind? But I feel like
he could be a little dweeby becausehe's so small. He's a tiny guy.
He's ripped though. Yeah, butit's easy to be ripped when you're
one forty. Come on, youknow what I mean. You're one forty,
so good wet. It's easy tobe ripped. Used to anymore ripped?

Okay, whatever, it's so true. Number nine guy, people want
to be there, bro Steve Correll. Now, this may be the Netflix
office effect, you know how likeyounger Jean, you don't know what he
would want Michael Scott to be there? Bro, I know you love Michael
Scott, but he's like the worstbro ever. Yeah, I think that
it must be the office effect orsomething, because that's wild. Number eight

Glenn Powell of it is Wait,you know about him? Like, what's
he even? Like? I knowthat he's the next big thing. That's
what I know. Okay, that'swhat I know. Seven is Chris Hemsworth
six, Chris Pratt five not mentionedRyan Reynolds. He's too snarky. I
feel like he's always I feel likeevery time you hang out with them,

you're like, can you just canyou turn it off for a minute.
I just have a normal conversation,right Ry four little old school Tom Hanks
pushed some paparassia. Okay, thatwas like, okay, it feels like

number three Robert Downey Junior. Reallynumber number two guy that people want to
be their bro Keanu Reeves way hellyeah, okay, okay. And number
one goes to Chris Evans. Idon't know we've met Chris Evans. He

seems cooler now, but yeah,I'm not sure. I'll tell you who.
I want to hang out with.Craig Robinson. It's free Comedy Friday,
and Craig Robinson is going to joinus in studio when we get back
on the show. A Rock oneO five three. That's the offspring on
the show. It's Rock one Ofive to three We knew it was gonna

be a great free comedy Friday todaywhen we saw that our guy, Craig
Robinson is back in town. He'sperforming at the American Comedy Company this weekend,
a couple of shows tonight, acouple of shows tomorrow night. But
good luck, pal, I thinkhe sold out. Craig, What the
hell are you doing here? Icame to say hello, Oh we love
it, man. That's what atrue friend does. You know, it

don't matter if you sold out,and now we just want to see your
pretty face. Yeah, I wantto say hello, say so the people
will San Diego who can't make theshow? Hello to you all? And
what trail mix? I just wondering, Crater Joe's me on the M and
m's no giment so so so canbecause eating trails. You're thinking, Hey,

this is gonna be help I throwout honest. Yeah, yeah,
you shouldn't even bother with the raising. You You look fantastic. What's going
just you look amazing? Right?It's not what's your secret? Oh?
Gym pick that's what I saw.What I've been I've been in a gym

every day since you left. Ihave not been drinking and I doating fasting
and I'm watching what I eat.How long you go without eating with the
fasting? This is I'm fourteen hours, fourteen hours ago, I stopped stop
at eight and then not till ten. That's that's fourteen right, yeah,
ye ten am. Yeah. Solooking at that trail mix, you're like,

oh, what's I'm stopping? Welove whatever Craig is in town,
and normally Craig, I don't.I don't bother asking you office questions because
everybody asks you about the office,which is fine, but you know,
we have so many other things wewant to talk to you about. But
this time I actually have a questionbecause they're remaking this office. They're not

re making it, but they're doinga new offshoot of the office. What
do you think about this? Ispecifically asked for you not to ask trail
next question. No, I loveit, you excited to see it,
check it out, because that hasnothing to do with this stuff or anything

like that. I have no ideawhat any of it is really. You
know, years people like they makeit remake, so I never knew,
and now I'm with you know,I'm just so was there ever talking?
Because it didn't think about this.Was there ever talk of doing a spin
off with the warehouse, like doingthe guys down there, not like not
seriously serious level that I heard?Yeah, you know, because that would

have made that would have made sense, right, you know, that would
have been kind of interesting to seewhat's up with those guys. Yeah,
you know, I should have wrotelike something, yeah. Yeah. Well,
and it's funny that you're here becausewe just went over a list of
the guys in Hollywood you'd want tobe your bro, And it kind of
shocked me that in twenty twenty fourSteve Carrell wasn't the top ten, was

in the top ten of people thatguys want to be their bro. And
then we were talking, is doyou think he'd be a good bro a
guy to go hang out with?What makes a good bro? Yes,
of course Steve Carell good bro,a good bro. Yeah I'm hanging I
never hung with Steve outside of outsideof work, but uh yeah, he's
that that That guy just makes youfeel good, you know, when you

say on that level, you knowand they in a nice it just amplifies
your day. Yeah. Yeah,and he can turn they like like,
you know, whatever you wants.It's just a beautiful thing now, Craig,
I've noticed recently that you've sort ofbeen into watching women's sports. It's
kind of been your thing lately.Women's looking your browser. What is called

it? When's college basketball? Thew n b A is like red hot
right now, and you're kind ofinto it right Yeah. I actually went
to a uh w n b Agame last this past Sunday. How was
it? It was phenomenal. Imean, they are they are. It
was the fever okay, and Ihappen to be in Indianapolis and and you

know, went went to the game, and I mean they were incredible.
It was just basketball like it wasone crazy you know outid you know,
no dunking, but they would youknow, everything else was they were falling
on the floor. They was youknow, like they were tough. It
was. It was Yeah, itwas awesome and cold. You mean Caitlyn

Clark uh no, but I'm prettysure we had eye contact break up there.
What's up? That's crazy, That'swhat it was. Dope. You
planning on doing more? Yeah?Yeah, for sure. You're a fan.

I'm a fan. I was.I was watching TV two days ago
and I knew you were coming inand when you come in. I like
to watch old Craig Robinson clips fromlike South Shoot. I just the Danny
McBride show your on with Will Farrell. He'st bounding down one of them directions,

so I'm not kidding you. I'mnot kidding. I'm watching the YouTube
video of Will Farrell making you guyslaugh talking about all the Way Down as
Plows, which is one of theonliest things ever. And then while on
TV was Pineapple Express, and thenThe Office was on and Hot Tough Time
Machine. So I'm like, Craigis getting those right now? Would you
just have four screens the same time? That's what I'm saying. Weird TV

Comedy Central, trying at your careera little much. One of the things
I love about a Craig show isyou're getting multifaceted Craig. A lot of
times. You got you got comedy, you got music, you got audience
participation. Truck Well, I wasgonna probably but thinking about the musical stuff
because I remember one time you camein You've actually brought your keyboard and you

were just I love that playing playingthe keys man. It was great.
When did you get started with that? And the womb. My mother played
really so she playing for us?So did she teach you? And she's
taught us and then we had youknow, teachers and stuff. Okay,
but yeah, it was like Icame out singing on a keyboard with the
soul. That's good. So didyou did you ever like do any other

instruments or were we just keyboards?Mainly keyboard? Okay? Dabbled in others
and try to do others. Youknow, I can't. I can keep
a beat on the drums. Really, there's no way I call myself you
know what I'm saying. Uh,but no, it's it's all so if
nobody's ever seen Craig Robinson show,like talk about that aspect of it,
because you're doing songs and everything,right, Yeah, that's that's that's a

song. There's songs. There's asong, there's songs. There's a huge
musical element to it. It's anaudience participation and you know there's some jokes
don't end, but it's it's likea reverse forced caryok it really. Yeah.
The first time ever went to yourshow, I wasn't. I don't
think you came in and I justhappened to be sitting in the front row.
It was at the Comedy Company,and you were mocking me because I

was really out of rhythm with everyonethat's suppressed you were. And then you
had me come on stage and youplayed like the slow motion Chariots of Fire
music. You had me walk acrossthe stage really slow. It was so
it was really funny that was startedto go up. Yeah, that's when
I started. I just thought thisis I was. I didn't have it

all recorded. He just that video. Stop with you every day you're creeping.
That's my acting and that's fantastic.Good luck getting a ticket though.
These shows are sold out, soit was great seeing you, Craig.
I'm so happy you did stop itman. But yeah, good luck with
everything and appreciate you man. Thankyou all absolutely diego. Yeah all right,

how many vacations days do you want? How many days do you get?
Well, we're gonna see how manyvacation days we take in America compared
to the rest of the world.That's coming up next on the show and
Rock with a five three. That'sChili Peppers on the show. It's Rock

on five three. Well, it'sfinally caught up to him. He you
know was talking earlier this week talkingabout Thoor about how he was excited to
have that Wednesday day. Yeah,a bit got teemed off. It's our
new company holiday, and so wetook Wednesday off as our company holiday.

And Thor was the only one thatwas like, oh, I'm so happy.
I love this Wednesday day off.It's great. It's like having two
Fridays. And I didn't do that. You did? You did? And
uh me, Sky and Emily werelike, no, I hated it.
It's like having two Sundays and twoMondays. Yeah, yeah, it would
be better to have a Monday offfor a Friday having a mid week.
Yeah, day off. It wasawful and it's kind of made the week

seem longer, to be honest,it's been miserable, honestly, Like I
hated it. Thoor was pumped untilnow it's caught up to him and he
is as tired as tired as gets. Yeah, so look at him Wednesday
night. Him, Wednesday night,I couldn't fall asleep. Yeah, I
wonder why it all day. Iwasn't partying all day, so I didn't
fall It is like eleven thirty andthen last night was my wife's birthday.

We had a hot bonfire at fastTo Island with some friends and I got
home at like ten fifteen, andthen I was going to fall and then
right as I fell asleep, mywife showed up. The dogs went crazy.
So back to back nights I wentto after eleven. Yeah, it
was her. It was the dayof her birthday. So I asked her
if she wanted to do Friday,and she yelled at me, Oh so

made more sense. At some pointyesterday she did say, we probably should
have done this on a Friday.Then you guys all would have came,
oh yeah, well you listen.You know, these random days off are
tough, but we should be gettingmore of them, to be honest.
And I'm talking about specifically vacation days. Us here in America, we get

our you know, to whatever itis. Maybe you get two weeks paid
vacation, maybe get less, maybeget more, whatever it is. But
apparently that's still nowhere near enough.Yeah. They survey tens of thousands of
people in multiple countries to find outtwo things. They want to know.
First off, how many paid daysoff? How many vacation days do you

get? And then out of thosedays that you get how many of them
do you actually take? Do youtake one hundred percent of them? Do
you just take seventy five percent ofthem? How many of those days did
you take? And us, comparedto the rest of the world not looking
so good. We take the fewestvacation days out of any other country in

this study. But don't think thatwe have the fewest vacation days. That's
not true. We just take thefewest them out. What is wrong with
our society? I got no problemtaking time? We know, okay,
not you know? And like,I don't get it. You have you
have bad gas and you'll right,you know, because you get you get

the day, you get, thesick days, you get, the vacation
days, take them. I don'tget it. People by My wife's like
this, She's like miserably and miserable, and I'm like, just call in
sick. The company doesn't care aboutyou. You care about Here's the thing
is that you're in in that regard. You're right, But also we as
a society, I think, areso fearful of losing our job that we

go, oh, I can't takea vacation. That's crazy. Now what
the company will fire me? No, you are contractually obligated to get vacation
day, yes, or if you'resick, or if you're sick, don't
come in. I mean how manytimes have we were how many times?
And only comes in when she's sick? I mean for three pretty much?

I mean yeah, broken, brokenThat was for the podcast a Yeah,
so pretty crazy that Americans take thefewest vacation days in the world. Now,
on average, how many do weget? We get on average as
Americans twelve vacation days eight tek abouthow awful that is. There's three hundred

and sixty five days in the yearwe get twelve days. Yeah, that's
crazy to take time. Yeah,and like all these other countries they're working
four days a week, you know, they get holidays, Like all this
extra time is helping the economy rightnow, Well, you know why somebody's
sleeping at the wheel. We reallydoing that, right, He's a robot
now anyway? Okay, oh,he's a robot. The other day when

he was just staring in the spacewalking around, all right, clitch,
it's okay, that's all right.It's definitely not before it's like that.
Okay, let's not let's not gothere right now. Okay, shut up,
shut by, So we get anaverage of twelve vacation days and more

than half fifty three percent of ustwelve don't use them all. That's insane
claiming that we're too busy at workto Okay, wait, I don't think
that's work. Who gets the mostthe French with twenty nine days? I
bet you their work quality is tentimes better too, probably right, because

they're not and they're not resentful attheir job and hate you know what I
mean? They hate us? Butwhatever about that. I don't blame them.
Okay, I still say free withfriends, okay, shut off.
When you are dating somebody for along time, eventually you get to know
their family. Well, what ifyou find out something you don't really like

about their family? You think it'skind of bad. Actually, well,
we're going to see what one guyis asking about his girlfriend's family when we
get back on the show at Rockwith A five three on the show,
it's Rock five three. Well,one week from today, next Friday,

we're gonna be broadcasting live from MoonshineBeach. It's our Don't Blink one eighty
two contest. Yeah, it's ourUltimate Staring Contest. It's gonna be awesome,
man. Where one grand prize winneris gonna go home with a pair
of tickets to see Blink one eightytwo at Pecko Park on June thirties,
so just a couple of days laterand a five hundred dollars gift card to

Moonshine Beach. So this is gonnabe awesome man. Then we're gonna have
other prizes and things like that availableas well. But all you gotta do
is come down. First of all, you can come down and just hang
out with us if you want,but if you want to sign up and
be a part of our Don't Blinkone eighty two contests, then you could
be chosen to be in an ultimateStaring contest. This is like old school
hard. This will be the hardestthing you've ever done to win these tickets.

I'm sorry, what you mean?Well, I'm judging, Well,
well you're odd judge, and I'mgonna make sure that it gets wild.
We're gonna make sure it gets wild. I'm gonna make sure that's not it's
not just that it gonna be anyall staring contest. I'm write in your
face and you get ready, that'snot necessarily. So, yes, it's
going down next Friday, Unche Beach. We're going to be broadcast. Come

down and join us, despite thefact that thora will be there. Yes,
So what would you do if youwere dating somebody, you know,
maybe for a really long time.You know, you start to get to
know their families and stuff to thatmost of the time, you know,
is what it is. You know, maybe you get along with them,
maybe you don't, that's okay,But what if you found out something about
their family that was really off putting, not not good? I mean,

is it Do you break up withthat person because their family is not cool?
Well, this one guy's asking thatquestion. Yeah, so he's not
sure, but he thinks he's hadwhat he's calling a red flag moment with
his girlfriend's family. Now, justlike Eddy said, he hadn't met them
yet, but they've been dating fora while and it was his first family

event he was invited to at herparents' place, and you know, he
hadn't heard much, just that they'rekind of She describe them as old school,
kind of country folk, you know, great, whatever. So they
go to this family event at herparents' place, and he says he is
shocked at how freely racial jokes andinappropriate racial comments are being thrown around this

family. Gag really yes, andso he said. When it started,
he just kind of slowly backed awayand pretended like, Oh, I want
to go look at your garden,and oh I want to go play with
your dog, to basically get awayfrom the racial comments her family asked,

and she kind of covered for himas like, oh, he's just a
quiet, shy guy. But nowhe's very concerned. First of all,
she's never brought up or given himthe heads up that her family is basically
racist, in his opinion, andhe's now wondering, by me going to
these family events and not beaking upand not saying something, is he condoning

this behavior? And he's now thinking, even though his girlfriend has never shown
a racist bone in her body,he's thinking this may have to end the
entire relationship. It's kind of wildthat she wouldn't say anything about that.
It's also wild like if the family'smaking like just inappropriate jokes to do that
the first time you meet somebody,Yeah, it tells you a lot about

the family. Well, for sure, what are they saying when they really
know? Yeah, exactly do youbreak up with her. It depends on
how she is. No, No, I probably wouldn't want to be with
somebody that's a race. Like whathappens is they didn't know I was Jewish
and they started making jokes about likethat, and they didn't know, and

they started making like it's hard tonot know with you. I know that
is true, but it's it's butyou know what I mean, Like what
if they started making Jewish jokes aboutlike me being about people, somebody being
cheap or something like that, andit would it would really throw me off.
I'd be like, what the youknow what I mean here? The
hard part is that she's clearly okaywith it, so because I mean,
if not, like I would belike, hey, listen, you're gonna

meet my family. I'm really embarrassed. But they say something my dad's a
little inappropriate, Like you got it. Otherwise you're okay with it, And
so you may not show any racistbone in your body so far, but
it's got if you come from thatfamily. That's how you were brought up.
So I gotta imagine it's in theresomewhere. And what am I gonna
do to spend Christmas with these ragingracess. No, so it's a problem.

It's a massive problem. And Iwould have a conversation with her and
be like, listen, I can'tbe around your family that I don't agree
with what they say. I thinkit's awful, and so I don't want
to be without you. But youknow, you got to recognize what's going
on here. And if she fightsback in any way and there's an understanding,
then deuces as maybe she's hid thisa little bit from her too,

That's what I mean. Yeah,yeah, yeah, I don't know.
Well, just the fact, likeeverything you said, that was where my
head immediately went. The fact it'svery strange that she wouldn't have told him
this even I had like farther,even before meeting them, like when they
kind of were just having talks overdinner, Like I don't know, getting
to know people like I feel likeyou need to share that information, Like
when you talk about the way youwere brought up and stuff. We all

talk about that. But yeah,yeah, that's all you're saying. That's
strange, that's not old No,I wouldn't interpret old school to mean race.
Maybe the old school serious. Yeah, I can't deal with this,
And like and I can't ask herto change her entire family. She's not

going to. They're not going to. I I my husband's family, hispanic
would definitely make comments, especially aboutlike white chicks in front of me,
and I would just kind of like, Okay, I feel the same way.
Okay, Okay, I don't.I don't think it was a white

thing. I think it was asky fam specific about your voice about like
white chicks, like white chick stuffthat white chicks, do you know what
I mean? And I remember beinguncomfortable with it. Well, that's doubly
worse because it's about you. Yeah, I'm like, I'm sitting right there,

like this guy isn't uh, youknow, African American or anything?
Right, No, No, doublyworse for you. But I guess I
guess for some reason that's more sociallyacceptable than the reverse, because, like
I'm saying right now, I couldnot be with this person if their family
was racist. But then I satthere and took the white chick joke,

so well, you never speak up. Oh that's that's a good point.
That is that is true. Speakingof dating, have you ever dated somebody
to make another person jealous? I'msure it happens. Well, we're gonna
see what the wife of a famousquarterback said she did to get her husband's
attention when we get back on theshow on Rock with a five three.

Yes, that's the food fighters onthe show. It's Rock one five three.
So this is pretty wild. Man. I don't know what this gal
was thinking, but this pretty famousNFL quarterback's wife decided, you know what,

go on a podcast. I'm gonnatell this wild story. And it
went viral very quickly because people can'tget over what Matthew Stafford's wife has recently
said. Yeah, Kelly Stafford,I guess has her own podcast which sometimes
she'll say stuff and like make headlinesfor. But this one wasn't from her
own podcast. She was a gueston Caitlin Bristow's podcast, or she has

a podcast. She seems like fine, the worst, like the worst.
Her and that guy broke up what'shis name? They were on The Bachelor
too, But oh, she justseems like the worst. Whenever she talks,
you just like stop, oh,oh no, okay, I mean
right, Emily. Yeah, she'slike friends with like a lot of the
vander Pump Rules people that I watchand like they're all just kind of skeazy.

Oh go go. Well, soshe's on that podcast and she's asked
about the start of her relationship withher husband, Matthew Stafford, and she's,
uh, the wife, Kelly says, well, it wasn't a cute
relationship at first at all. Shesaid, I hated him. I loved
him, and then she kind oflike giggles a little bit, and then

she said she actually when they werein college together at the University of Georgia,
she actually dated the backup quarterback topiss him off and to force him
into committing to her. And shesaid, Matthew is a super like nice,
good Southern gentleman and this backup quarterbackwas like the bad boy. I

get that. And she said thatpissed him off even more. And so
then she goes into more detail,saying that the two guys lived in the
same like dormhouse because all the footballplayers lived in there. And one day
he came back to the dormhouse Matthewdid and saw her car there and knew

she was hanging out or on adate or hooking up or whatever you do
with the cox Did they confirm that, I mean, I just knew up
Matt staff backup at Georgia. Theysaid Logan Gray or Joe Cox. What

we know j Cox written all over. Okay, So I guess he pulls
up and her car's there because she'shanging out with the backup quarterback. And
she says he waited for her Coxfamily leave his you know room, and
followed her out to her car,and she said, at that point in

her head, she's going, oh, this is working. I'm on a
piece of opposite. And she getsin her car. He gets in the
car too, and sits her downand says he's not right for you,
and she's like, you can't tellme that you haven't committed to me.
We're not committed. Your name isnot Joe Cox. And she said that

was finally the moment that they committed, and they've been together ever since they
got married in twenty plaid. Yeah, and so a lot of the majority
of people, Yeah, so thisisbag, this is making big news.
Joe Cox, jo Cox, giveit, Joe Cox didn't make it to

the NFL Canada. This guy's aloser, this guy's pissed. Can't beat
out Stafford. Yeah, yeah,I'm gonna take it's gonna take his good
off the field. That's right.I bet you we did. I did
bragging about it. Yeah the hell. It's pretty weird to brag about hooking
up with your husband's backup quarterback atGeorgia when he was the number one pick

in the tracks. Joe Coxfield today, like, you used me Cox Cox.
Yeah, I don't know if Idon't know if I could say that,
but I feel bad for Joe Cox. Yeah, I feel bad?
Oh really on the game. Yeah, Well, the internet has a lot
to say on this. Once thepodcast hosted people calling her demonic, people

calling me We've gone too far,going to get death threats. Se Sean
Merriman even on this, saying thathe feels for Joe Cox, he feels
for Matthew Stafford that his wife isout there telling these kind of stories.
His wife will do that. Stafford'swife says anything for attention, and we

learn that by she does. Rememberwhen after the Lions uh Rams playoff game,
she was like attacking Lions fans becausethey were booing Stafford. And I'm
like, it's a playoff game.Of course they're going to boo them,
They're not going to cheer them.It's a playoff game. And then like
she says other things too, whathappened to we're at the parade or something?
He like didn't help someone out?But that was him? But didn't

she will don't help them? Yeah, and then also too she said recently
before training camp started that he thathe told her he felt disconnected from his
teammates. And then she went ontoher podcast and said that, which is
insane. Which is insane? Solike she has a big mouse. She
likes attention, She likes attention.Yeah, she's he likes Joe Cox too.

He doesn't. So there's a bunchof people on that side. Why
what did he do? I feellike he's part of this huh? Okay,
I don't trust you right now.Stop seriously. So lots of people
calling her horrible? Does that thatwas the weird thing to do. He's

your husband. You have children now, like a zillion. It's not a
cute story, right, Like Idon't feel like like oh, but then
does feel good? I begged thebackup, so you can be pissed.
What are all those kids? His? Okay? Really cos kids? Okay?

There could be three staffers and oneCox. That's not good. It's
not good. But then there area group of people who are having her
back, saying, having their back, saying we this was college. You
guys like they were married. Alot of people, specifically women, according
to the character, do stuff likethis to try and get a guy to
commit. I don't think I've evernever had a Joe Cox And you're like,

how did you lock down the shadesman in this situation? Oh no,
that was very easy. We werejust smoking Ciggy's in the indoor seat.
Later. That's that's how you dothat. Stay away from them,
Kelly. Why didn't you just dothat? Yeah? My favorite thing about

all this is we know that MattStafford was just bagging chicks on the side.
He's a good guy. Remember,I'm sure, I'm sure the number
one pick in the NFL draft wasbeing so loyal to Kelly in college,
super Massive, Superstar and College.Yeah, but he was a beautiful but
he had to have Kelly. Yeah, sure, I would love for him

to come out that story. Yeah, so Kelly was all about me.
But I had just finished an orgyand then and then I saw it with
Joe, and I was like,okay with the with the entire Georgia cheerleading.
Yeah, Kelly was doing something withmy back back up. I was
like, this is a bad lookfor me, so I might as well
knock her down. But whatever,she came. Her family's rich. And

he's like a good looking guy too. He's not an ugly guy, know,
Joe, you've seen him? Yeah? Is he a good looking guy?
Oh no? Oh no, let'ssee. He looks exactly like you
would think. Oh because a bald, ginger like dark hairs. Put some

respect on Joe Cox. Ok,he doesn't deserve this. He's going through
enough. So he lost Kelly soclearly. Matt Stafford just like it looked
bad for him that she was withJoe Cox and now he's like, now
I'm married. His wide receiving crewwas like, what's going on? Yeah,
your chick? Yeah, dude,you're gonna be the top pick of

the draft. What do you doget her back? Dude? Decoray from
Joe? Yeah, Wow, whata story. It's Kelly. The Padres
are making things very exciting at Petcolately. We're gonna see what they did
for their third straight game at homenext in sports shirt. Well, the

Padres have certainly turned things around athome. Now, if we could just
be good at home and on theroad at the same time, that would
be something else that would be awesome. It well, the season is taking
a turn. It's reversed itself.They were bad at home and good on
the road for the first part ofthe season. Now it's completely reversed.

They're not very good on the roadand pretty good at home. Can we
just well? They started a serieswith the Milwaukee Brewers at Petco last night
and it was a wild affair.Things started off well as Manny Machado cracked
a three run home run and thenfollowed by back to back shots with Jackson

Merrill hitting one out as well onthe first inning. Then for Nando Tatis
Junior hit a bomb in the fifthinning and it looked like the Padres we're
going to cruise to another win,but the Brewers came back, actually scored
three runs in the eighth and ninthinnings to tie the game up. Game
Aine over yet him of the night. Jake croning Worth set what cron as

he set the fans home happy witha walk off home run to lead the
Padres to a seven to six win. Another walk off home run it is
crazy because it's the third straight walkoff home run at home. That's what
happened. I'll tell you what.I'm not going to the game this weekend,

but if I was, I'd bea little nervous about the heat because
it is going to be hot onSaturday. It's going to be hot,
it's going to feel good. Itis going to be a score. Both
guys and him are going to thegame on Saturday, and for some reason
takes delight out of trying to ruinit for them. Yes, somebody do.
That's a different I'll tell you what. It's going to go to praying.

I'm sitting in the shade. Okay, brain Sun screamed, why are
you like this? Yeah, tryingto ruin their good time. I'm not.
I'm not trying to run. Givingthe news gives out advice on what
to do in the heat. Theysay, drink water, stay in the
shade. Yeah I would just I'mjust saying, if you're going into the

Padres game, I'm drinking. Youknow they are, and I'll drink a
lot of water. There's water andbeer. Okay, you kind listen.
Hopefully Jackson Merril stays red hot,because this kid has been unbelievable. He's
hit six home runs in his lasteight games and he's just been on fire.

He almost hit another one out lastnight, Well decide the one he
hit and he almost hit two outlast time, got it to the warning
track. But yeah, I meanthis is these are the kind of things
that they need wins like this andjust keeps him going. Hopefully will translate
on the road now, so we'llsee. It looks like the Lakers have
found their man. They've hired J. J. Reddick to be their next

head coach. Not a big shocker. We had heard this for a while,
but then they flirted with Dan Hurley, but they ended up with Reddick,
who is of course an ESPN analystand Lebron James's podcast partner. Is
the podcast still gonna go on?It? I mean, I don't know
what. I loved it? Whatdid they do it during timeouts? Yeah?
Well Redick has never coached before.Not a lick and so interesting.

Higher that's weird. Well, it'snot unprecedented. You know, we've seen
former players walk in and coach likeJason Kidd, Larry Bird. Do they
do well as coaches? Some ofthem do? Steve Nash kind of flamed
out, all right, So it'sit's possible. But you know, they
say they were impressed with Reddick's mindfor the game. Had nothing to do

with Lebron, I'm sure, yeah, Lebron. J Moore is a friend
of ours. Just married the GenieBuss. Yeah, I'd love to ask
J. Maybe he was in onthe hire Jack, Maybe he was in
on it. Do you think right? Maybe he likes Reddick? Maybe maybe
think JJ and J triple J.That's a lot of J but cool or

J and JJ wow, J JJ J and J J J J and
J J J J. Are youthrowing gie, don't J J J and
J JJJJ alright? Anyway, goodgood luck? Oh yeah, that is

sports dirt for today. I guessthere was a big basketball tournament that was
canceled recently and people are very confusedby it. We're gonna see why this
tournament had to be canceled coming upnext on the show on Rock one O
five three Guns n' Roses on theshow It's Rock one five three. Well,

I guess things got pretty crazy recently. There was supposed to be a
big tournament basket basketball, Yes tournament, sure, well, that's what everyone
thought. I thought it was abig basketball tournament that was going you thought,
you thought, but it was prettyexcited about it. But then it
got canceled. Yeah, get canceled. Well, edie, there's a lot
going on here. Yes, uh, this is going on in Newark,

and Newark School Board is trying toget to the bottom of how this a
school event. Well, I meannot sponsored by the school, but happening
at the school. So it turnsout that a local councilman sponsored what he
was told would be a community basketballgame and it is being put on by

the NBA Batties Basketball Tournament of NewJersey. The NBA Batties Batty is like
hot, a smoking hot chick.Oh yeah, yeah, okay, And
so this is the event, andthe councilman was told this is a community

basketball game to support the community.Great, so he signs up, He
signs off as a sponsor of theevent. The event then goes to the
local high school, where it turnsout you can rent gym time if say,
you want to host a fitness classthere or a community event, you
can rent it out. But againthey have to approve. But they saw,

oh, this is a community basketballgame. This is sponsored by a
local councilman. Great, we willapprove you to rent our gym time for
this event. So everybody is happyabout this event until a promo for the
event was posted on social media andthat's when they realized for the first time

that the NBA, in the NBAbaddies, doesn't stand for the National Basketball
Association. It stands for nothing butass back in that ass. Okay,
we don't don't need to say that, Yeah we do. And the promotional

video that went viral was filmed inthe high school gym and you see one
by one girls coming girls, women, women, batties there it is there.
You see batties coming out of thelocker room with their basketball all in

thongs. And then of course,of course when they get close to the
camera and it's their moment to shine, instead of doing a trick with the
basketball, they all turn around anddo tricks with that ass. A lot
of a lot of a lot ofthat as it's not the National Basketball League

Association, it's it's nothing but assazz. Don't get a twisting, We
got it twist. So what thisvideo was released and you see a bunch
of batties in thongs, twerking inthe middle of a high school gym,

a lot of parents. Principal hasquestions of loot, How did they get
access to our gym? How didthis get written off? Who is supporting
this? And so? Now theschool board is doing a thorough investigation.
But it turns out it all startedwith this councilman who says he was duped

by being told it was a communitybasketball game. I think so, and
not getting all the detail, butthe promo has definitely gone viral. They're
trying to get it taken down,but it's getting reposted. Websites are picking
it up. But parents and teachersand principles, they all want answers of

how it got this far. I'mlegitimately sad to tournament, Like, what's
it about? What's it look likelike? Do they actually play a basketball
game? I have never know.Is it like the Globetrotters where they do
like trick would there with the booty? Yeah? I think tricks with that
as I did hear that. Idid hear that. That sounds like a
good time. All right? Comingup on Monday, we're gonna play our

version of the newly Went game.It is the newly show game. Plus,
I guess Thor is trying to behis younger brother in law's mentor,
but his advice questionable. Yeah,it's very questionable. We're gonna see what
he's telling this guy all on Monday

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