The Hitmaker Formula with Bob Pittman - ADLANDIA


Get out your notebooks, Adlandia. Bob Pittman, Chairman and CEO of iHeartMedia, joins us for a masterclass in marketing, sharing anecdotes and examples of how he's built hit brand after hit brand from MTV to AOL to Six Flags and more.

Bob breaks down his thoughts on the balance of "Math & Magic" (also the name of his own podcast), placing bets, creative generation, frequency caps, and the future of subscriptions. He also defines audio, unpacks the power of radio, and reminds us that word-of-mouth should be a marketer's primary KPI. 

We'll be rewinding this episode over and over again as Bob sheds light on how he's built businesses through the power of marketing and media. 


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The Hitmaker Formula with Bob Pittman - ADLANDIA