Jonah Raydio

Take Off Your Episode and Jacket

May 19, 2016126 min
I bet you thought we'd never do one again huh?  Well we did so you better listen to it. We had Devin Faraci, editor in chief of Birth, Movies, Death. He also has a podcast called The Canon, as well as a comic coming out in August called Killer Inside Me.    As for the songs we played, I'm not gonna put links for them. You guys are all internet savy people who are well versed in finding stuff on the internet. So if you like a song go look for it and support those artists.    You can follow Devin on twitter with the handle @devincf.    Songs  Bad Luck by Lonesome Shack I'm Just Saying by Dyke Drama No Grace by Paws Mass by Modern Baseball Chairman of the Board by White Fang Pumpkin by Islands If You Want To Be a Happy by Jimmy Soul

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