Pro You Podcast: Creating a Wave of Awareness

Derek Mears

September 1, 2016104 min
A wonderful referral from Tom's favorite couple (Jonah Ray & Deanna), Derek Mears is Toms' special guest on today's Pro You Podcast. Turns out Derek & Tom are 'brothers from another mother' & Tom gets quite excited about all the similarities. After recording they discuss one of the biggest similarities, their relationship with their fathers (next time!), it is quite evident how much Tom immediately likes & respects Derek & his overall intention 'to play'. Enjoy & thank you for listening! Like Pro You on Facebook, follow @ProYouPodcast on Twitter and visit the website! *Not all exercises are suitable for everyone and this or any other exercise program may result in injury. Any user of the exercise program assumes the risk of injury resulting from performing the exercise. You should always speak to your doctor before you change, start or stop any part of your healthcare plan, including physical activity or exercise.*  

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