Pro You Podcast: Creating a Wave of Awareness

Martins Licis

March 10, 201669 min
You ever wonder how one becomes a Strongman competitor? You've seen them on tv, "World's Strongman" competition, huge dudes lifting Stones & pulling semi's - well one of the best in the world right now is Pro You Podcast Ep #54 special guest, Martins Licis. Martins is a trainer at the gym where Tom trains his clients, he knew Martins but had no idea what Martins had all accomplished in the sport nor what he was about to. Tom saw a clip of Martins on IG Mas Wrestling & didn't know what it was (another strongman sport) & just this past weekend Martins won the 2016 Arnold World Maswrestling Championship. His story & what he has achieved is one of the greatest stories Tom has ever heard on the podcast. Enjoy & thank you for listening!

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