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Initial Rankings of the TTPD Anthology Tracks - 13: A Taylor Swift Fan Podcast

13: A Taylor Swift Fan Podcast

It’s been a busy few days for Swifties! Taylor Swift released The Tortured Poets Department, then dropped a surprise album a few hours later! Thirty-one brand new songs that we had the weekend to get into!  

Have we even had enough time to make the choice of ranking our top 5 tracks of the new albumS?! Of course not, but do we do it anyway!

Plus, what went down at our streaming party that had us all cry-laughing? And listen to our interview from the Dr. Phil network! A big thanks to the Morning on Merit Street show for having us on to talk about the new album!

Amy Nichols, Nick Adams, Lacey Gee and Ana Szabo share their thoughts on the new album, their top tracks at the moment, and hear from lobsters and SwiftTok!

Speaking of lobsters and Swifties… We hope to see you at Swifties in the Park at Grandscape in The Colony! You can find all of the details for the events, including the vendor request form, at the13podcast.net.

Also, a special thanks to this week’s sponsors- BetterHelp! Visit Betterhelp.com/taylorswiftfan to get 10% off your first month! 

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Nick – "Shut Up!" & "The Chatty Daddies"

This podcast is in no way related to or endorsed by Taylor Swift, her companies, or record labels. All opinions are our own.
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Initial Rankings of the TTPD Anthology Tracks - 13: A Taylor Swift Fan Podcast