The Morning Ritual with Garret Lewis

The Morning Ritual with Garret Lewis


Garret Talks To Jessica Vaughan

October 17, 201816 min

16 min
Garret Talks To Ally Miller

October 17, 201818 min

18 min
Highlights from the McSally/Sinema debate/Sinema doesn't answer question about Joining Taliban.

October 16, 201897 min

97 min
GOP takes funding away from Lea Marquez-Peterson campaign, Kyrsten Sinema audio surfaces and Marth your calls.

October 11, 2018103 min

103 min
The NAIL BITING debate between Lea Marquez Peterson and Ann Kirkpatrick, David Garcia is TOAST some highlights from Trump's rally!

October 11, 2018111 min

111 min
Nancy Pelosi gives up the smear game plan back in June, Trump's Thanks Senators and Senator Mazie Hirono doesn't understand.

October 8, 2018112 min

112 min
Orrin Hatch kicks the proverbial wasp nest...and it was AWESOME! Lindsey Graham has a few choice words for a "protestor" and Garret makes the whole show more awesome!

October 5, 2018113 min

113 min
Kavanaugh has electrified conservatives, totally backfires on Dems. The FBI report is now not good enough as well.

October 4, 2018112 min

112 min
President Trump on Christine Ford testimony, Jefll Flake won't go away, Crazy Corey Booker and so much more fun!

October 3, 2018111 min

111 min
Jeff Flake strikes again! Julie Swetnick story changes again and her Julie's Ex describes what it was like after they dated...crazy?

October 3, 2018109 min

109 min

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