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March 11, 2024 35 mins

Mike and Kelsey recap The 96th Academy Awards that were last night! Mike talks about what predictions he got right versus what he got wrong. They each share their favorite and worst of the night from the winners, speeches and performances. Plus, they rated how Jimmy Kimmel did as a host after making a bad joke at the start of the show. They also cover who should be the next host, how loyal Christopher Nolan is and the best fashion statements of the night. 


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Speaker 1 (00:01):
We are here, me moving, Mike Kelsey, how are you?

Speaker 2 (00:05):
I'm great. I'm sitting here with the heating pad on
my shoulders. I was trying to be a strong independent
woman on my flight four weeks ago and put my
bag in the overhead bin. And the problem isn't that
I'm not strong, It's that I'm short, and so getting
a large object over my head is usually difficult. And
I pulled a back muscle and it still hurts four
weeks later, and I am icing it. I'm using a

heating pad. I'm putting like Ben gay on at night.
It's real. It's really fun being thirty.

Speaker 1 (00:35):
But we're here to talk about the oscars.

Speaker 2 (00:36):
You're shut up about your injury.

Speaker 1 (00:39):
Yes, Big night last night. We'll go through the winners.
We'll talk about our best and worst moments of the night,
some cringe worthy moments of the night, the fashion, the fashion.
But first we'll get into the big winner that you've
seen by now. Best Picture went to Oppenheimer. I didn't
really think there were any surprises there going into this.

I knew how how much Oppenheimer was going to dominate
because it was nominated the most and really there wasn't
any competition.

Speaker 2 (01:06):
The surprise was how terribly it was announced.

Speaker 1 (01:09):
Oh yeah, we'll get into that.

Speaker 2 (01:10):
That was the surprise.

Speaker 1 (01:11):
That was the surprise. But I did have a bet
with producer Eddie from The Bobby Bone Show, which if
you don't know, I am the head writer over there,
and we had this parlay bet where if all three
of my picks hit, I would win one hundred dollars.
If just one of them missed, he would win twenty
dollars for me, which is a terrible bet on his end,

mainly because I don't think he knew how much I
knew going into it. The funny thing is he hated Oppenheimer,
so it'd even.

Speaker 2 (01:41):
Go against you though your movie, Mike.

Speaker 1 (01:44):
Because you think in a parlay it's hard to hit
because it just one of those things goes wrong, the
whole bet is out. And to be honest, it is
rare for a movie to dominate that much in those
three categories, very big categories, and when it comes to
the way that people vote, I feel like there's always
a wild card in one of those where either they

go a little bit more like on the foreign film side,
or they just pick an actor kind of at a
left field and they end up winning, And at one
point I thought, oh man, they could go with somebody
else here. But after watching all of these movies and
knowing what I know about how these people vote, I
just didn't see anybody else taking those home. Like I
just couldn't visualize it. And that's how I think about

these awards is literally in my head. Try to visualize
that person winning, and if I can see that in
my head, see their speech, see the way that their
performance was in that movie, that is who I go with.
But in this case, in this partly we had I
had Best Picture Oppenheimer, which won. I had Best Director

Christopher Nolan. He won his first Oscar ever, which is
astonishing that it took him this long to win Best Director.
A lot of people last night won for the first
time ever that you think, oh, they probably have a
lot of Oscars. Not the case. Best Actor, another first
time winner, went to Killy and Murphy. It was just
kind of cool for him because he's been working with

Christopher Nolans so long. I know one of them referenced
it in their speech of being longtime collaborators, and he
has gone from having smaller supporting roles in Christopher Nolan
movies to now in one of the most epic roles
of his life. Now has an oscar Win. I thought
that was pretty cool.

Speaker 2 (03:27):
I love seeing people win for the first time, and
I also love that you won one hundred dollars. Thank
you at you going out to dinner on your dime.

Speaker 1 (03:34):
I don't want to say that was the easiest one
hundred dollars that I've ever won. Pretty easy, but that
I made those pigs back in January when it was
first announced, he.

Speaker 2 (03:43):
Said, January twenty fourth, I.

Speaker 1 (03:44):
Posted the text, I had the proof, I had the receipts,
so I just knew how much Oppenheimer was going to
dominate that even right before, I would have felt comfortable
adding Robert Downey Junior. And I know you could come
in now like, oh yeah, I knew that one too,
But there was nobody else in that category that I
thought did as good of a job as Robert Downey

Junior did. And supporting actor is always kind of weird
because the way you get nominated for that and the
level it just I guess just when it comes down
to screen time, it's like, what really warrants just supporting actor?

Speaker 2 (04:20):
It is weird too, like supporting actor makes you feel
like you're like kind of like subpar, like any category.
Speaking of Robert Downey Jr. I will say some of
Jimmy Kimmel's jokes are pretty low blows. And you could
tell when Robert Downey Junior gave a speech he was
pissed off about that opening monologue.

Speaker 1 (04:38):
Yeah, here's that moment from last night.

Speaker 2 (04:40):
This is the highest point of Robert Downey Junior's long
and illustrious career, but one of the highest points. But
Robert has been a.

Speaker 3 (04:56):
Was that too on the nose?

Speaker 1 (04:57):
Or was out a drug motion? You made weird to
hear everybody laugh at that.

Speaker 2 (05:01):
Oh it was bad even listening to it again, it's
just so cringey.

Speaker 1 (05:05):
And then later when Robert Downey Junior won, he made
like a reference to his lawyer. It almost sounds like
he was gonna sue Jimmy Kimmel for the joke. Is
the kind of vibey God, I haven't seen anything about
that today.

Speaker 2 (05:17):
Oh yeah, I didn't take it at that. I just
when he shouted out like his really terrible childhood And
if you don't know, I feel like most people know,
but most people know, or was an addict had some issues,
has been I think clean and sober for like over
twenty years and like really turned his yes, I mean
life round. And I just I feel like jokes like

that are jokes about someone's personal struggles or like misogynistic
jokes to me are such low hanging fruit to where
it's like, if that's the funniest you can come up with,
you're not actually that funny.

Speaker 1 (05:50):
I felt like the comedy in general last night was
pretty by the numbers, and it feels like hosting is
just like a loop whose lose situation right now?

Speaker 2 (06:02):
Yeah yeah, because it's like you either make like the
misogynistic go after Taylor Swift jokes. But I just feel
like there's ways to be funnier other than making some
fun of someone's addiction.

Speaker 1 (06:12):
I don't think there's a way to be funny in
a war shows anymore. I think the format as far
as like being a funny host is dead. You just
can't really do it anymore as somebody. I'm somebody who
writes jokes like that for those situations, it is hard
to do. The only person I see right now doing
it well is Trevor Noah, and he doesn't really so
much is write a bunch of like jokes, roasting people,

which there's a difference between roasting and just going at
low hanging fruit and like really just hating on people.
He really approached the Grammys when he hosted as more
of just being almost like not punching down, but just
like highlighting people, making fun moments.

Speaker 2 (06:50):
And not jokes were funnier.

Speaker 1 (06:51):
Yeah, and he wasn't so much focused on like I
want people tomorrow to say Trevor Noah was such a
great host, and he was so hilarious. He just did
a good job at what a host should do now
is keeping it moving along.

Speaker 2 (07:03):
I was just about to say the job of a
host is like move it along, keep it going.

Speaker 1 (07:08):
Keep it positive, and then highlight the celebrities there who
they come there and they don't really want to get ridicule,
like have fun with them, do some moments that aren't
necessarily going to make anybody mad, and not necessarily try
to be so like Ah, he really got them with
that one.

Speaker 2 (07:27):
I think one of the best moments in I don't
even remember what year it was, but was when Jimmy
took some celebrities over to the theater where they were
streaming and doing like an Oscar's watch party and they
passed out like pizza to people like I think there's
just a way to make it entertaining without making fun
of people. And I'm sure some people would be like,

everyone's too sensitive, but I don't think it's sensitive when yeah,
you people show up. They're there to be recognized for
their work. They don't want to be ridiculed for who
they are.

Speaker 1 (08:00):
I agree, And I even like Jimmy Kimmel.

Speaker 2 (08:02):
Yeah, I think he's one of the funnier I think
Jimmy Fallon would do a good job too.

Speaker 1 (08:07):
Yeah, but again, I think people just don't want to
take these jobs anymore because you're just gonna end up
looking bad. Like that is really the like the best
case scenario you do an okay job and nobody mentions
you the next day, or you do some jokes that
people don't like and then people roast you during the
ceremony or the next day, is just terrible. So I
if I had to rate Jimmy Kimmel as a host

B minus C plus, that's what I would do.

Speaker 2 (08:34):
Giermo was funny.

Speaker 1 (08:36):
Yeah, and there's our Mexican representation there.

Speaker 2 (08:39):
I love Germo when he said he was married to
Shirley's there and then Panda her and she's like, I didn't.

Speaker 1 (08:43):
Know we were married, and he his and now everybody
shot tot tequila.

Speaker 2 (08:46):
Those were very fancy little tequila bottles.

Speaker 1 (08:48):
It was moving gone down the list. Best Actress went
to Emma Stone. I got that one right. So far,
I have nailed all my picks. That was wait, actually
I got that one wrong. I went with literally glad Stone.

Speaker 2 (09:01):
I was surprised, but I was happy for him. I
think Emma deserved it as well. I thought if it
was gonna be anyone, that was gonna be either of them.
I didn't feel like the other three were too serious.
Although Sandra Huler was in two movies that were nominated,
which is pretty cool.

Speaker 1 (09:20):
Yeah, Carrie Mulligan, she was there, and I forgot that
she's married to Mumford and Son's guy. And you tell
me every time that I forget that she was married
to muf.

Speaker 2 (09:29):
Every time, or I'm like, she's married one time. No.
One time, I said she's married to Marcus Mumford and
you said who is that? And I said Mumford and Sons.

Speaker 1 (09:39):
Oh, I thought he was another actor, But.

Speaker 2 (09:41):
Karrie Mulligan was best dressed. That dress was phenomenal, she
looked beautiful.

Speaker 1 (09:47):
I thought I wasn't surprised that Emma Stone winning.

Speaker 2 (09:51):
Poor Things did a bit of a sweep.

Speaker 1 (09:52):
When you think about this is how I have to
look at it totally objectively and take out what it
would have meant for Lily Glad's to win, which it
would have been a big moment we were wanting, and
I think and I think that's what it became more of,
because I think that would have had more of an impact,
would have been more showing representation in film, which is

highly important. I just did it in the episode talking
about how white and male the top ten right now is,
so I think that would have been important. I also
would have loved it for her because winning an Oscar
is great. You don't really get money from it, but
you're able to work more because you can say I
am an Oscar winning actor. So I would have loved
that for her. But when it comes down to the

roles on their own, you take that, you take all
that out of it. Emma Stone's performance and Poor Things
is more monumental to making that movie work. All the
things that her character went through in that movie and
how she depicted that was incredible, and it's such so
much more of a driving force than Lily Gladstone's character

and Killers of the Flower Moon. My real issue with
that movie is what Scorsese decided to focus on in
that story. If it would have focused more on Lily
Gladstone and the Osage tribe, it would have been a
much different and more impactful movie and more of a
novel movie that probably would have won for Best Picture
like the book. But they decided to focus more on
Leonardo DiCaprio and de Niro and really just became another

Martin Scorsese crime drama. Therefore, I feel like that movie
lost some of the impact that it had. And also
when you look at Lily Gladstone as Best Actress here,
it was almost like her role wasn't as big in
that movie as Emma Stones was, so it was almost,

I don't want to say, unfairly matched. But if she
would have been nominated for Best Supporting Actress, that's also
weird how they determined this. She would have easily won that. Yeah,
you're right, but I think for her it was probably
a lot cooler and more impactful to be nominated for
Best Actress, but just on the roles alone and how
much Emma Stone did in that. I'm not surprised that

she won, but I just thought that the Academy would
vote for Lily Ladstone. That was a great moment. And
here is a bit of Emmastone's speech from last night.

Speaker 4 (12:10):
I'm so deeply honored to share this with every cast member,
with every crew member, with every single person who poured
their love and their care and their brilliance into the
making of this film in Orgo, thank you for the
gift of a lifetime in Bella Baxter, I am forever
thankful for you. Thank you for inviting all of us

to be members of this team.

Speaker 1 (12:33):
Thank you. She felt very human going up there. She
had that dress malfunction.

Speaker 2 (12:39):
I was obsessed with that. She was like, my dress
is broken in the back, don't look at it.

Speaker 1 (12:41):
And the other thing I always forget is that Emmastone
is married and has a baby as a three year old.

Speaker 2 (12:46):
Yes, I loved the reunion between Emmastone and Sally Field.

Speaker 1 (12:50):
Oh yeah, from Spider Man.

Speaker 2 (12:52):
I did. I thought that was like so sweet and pure.

Speaker 1 (12:55):
Best Supporting Actress went to Davine Joy. Randolph from that
The Holdovers. Yeah, that was a great win for her.
I'm I guess I'm not surprised at how much that
movie didn't win, but I'm glad that out of everybody
that she won.

Speaker 2 (13:12):
I will also say we almost missed that award because
we were going to pick up dinner and we didn't
think they started with that strong of an award, so
we listened to the Oscars through bluetooth in the car
on the way to pick up dinner.

Speaker 1 (13:24):
Let's talk about the earlier start time on the Oscars.

Speaker 2 (13:27):
I love it nomenal.

Speaker 1 (13:29):
Starting an hour early is the way to go because
this award show always goes on so long, and for me,
I love it, But it starts to become ten thirty,
ten forty five. It keeps going on longer and longer.
Last night it was done by around nine to thirty Central. Amazing.
We were able to watch Abbott Elementary after it.

Speaker 2 (13:48):
I was like, that means it's only seven thirty in
LA and they are all about to party. That's so hard.

Speaker 1 (13:52):
That's awesome for them, the people who just won. It's
the night is so young. You can go out, get
your in and out and then go to parties.

Speaker 2 (14:00):
I love seeing all of the party picks.

Speaker 1 (14:02):
Oh yeah, that's kind of a dream.

Speaker 2 (14:04):
Like the Vanity Fair.

Speaker 1 (14:05):
So you would rather go just for the after parties.
I would rather go just to the award show.

Speaker 2 (14:10):
Yeah, because I said you can hobnob with people. Hobno,
isn't it used the phrase hobnob.

Speaker 1 (14:14):
Best Animated Feature, got this one right. It went to
The Boy and the Heron. So so far, I've only
missed one of these. Best Adapted Screenplay went to American Fiction,
which I said it would be Oppenheimer, but a much
cooler win for American Fiction to win.

Speaker 2 (14:31):
We loved that movie.

Speaker 1 (14:32):
That was a great speech that the director gave. I
think out of everybody, he felt like the most genuine
to just be up there, which is cool. I know
some of these awards aren't the most sexy of award categories.
Then the people go up there and you're like, I
don't know who this person is, but those people just
like cherish it so much more. And I think that

is what makes me love the Oscars, because you see
these people who either wrote or directed these movies, worked
on the costumes. They get to go up there and
be recognized, and I feel like that is just more
wholesome to me than like a big Hollywood actor who
gets paid millions of dollars and is already celebrated all
the time, other.

Speaker 2 (15:12):
Very genuine people going up there was it for Best
Documentary Short? It was The Last Repair Shop. Yes, twelve
year old was the twelve year old who's featured in it.
She looked like a queen. She was so beautiful, and
she went up on stage and she just stood there
and smiled, and she had her purse, and I just
I loved that moment for her, Like she didn't stop

smiling ah time. I hope that like that is like
one of the coolest moments of her life, is that
she got to be on stage and I feel like
everyone was so excited to see her, Like walking down
like that moment just gave me chills. It was so pure.

Speaker 1 (15:44):
That was cool. Best the original screenplay. I got this
one wrong. I said it would be The Holdovers. It
actually went to Anatomy of a Fall, which I don't
know if the controversy they came out right before the
oscars of The Holdovers possibly being plagiarized had anything to
do with that. I'm really too late in the voting process,
but anatomy of the fall, a fall of a fall.

That movie was boring.

Speaker 2 (16:09):
The dog, the dog being there last night.

Speaker 1 (16:11):
The dog was the best part in him clapping in
the audience was the best part for me.

Speaker 2 (16:16):
They weren't gonna let the dog go, but it was
like a thing and people were like, no, let the
dog and his name's Messy. You need SSI.

Speaker 1 (16:26):
It was great, but I feel like some people who
enjoy courtroom dramas.

Speaker 2 (16:31):
Like found the courtroom drama and that was not for me.

Speaker 1 (16:34):
It was not for me. It was like, did she
do it? Did she not do it? Do I care
about this? I really don't. But oh man, of all
the movies to be nominated, there, I just I.

Speaker 2 (16:45):
Just put it together. That's why they played the instrumental
version of the oscarslast night, because that was the song
you listened to. That was how much I wrote that
movie out of my brain. Is that in this moment
right now recording this, I was like, that's why there
was the intrynal version. Pimp at the Oscar.

Speaker 1 (17:02):
I do enjoy the band they have playing and all
those little things they put in there. I wish they
would have played the Godzilla song though Best International Film
went to the Zone of Interest. I thought it would
be the Society of the Snow. The more I get
removed from watching The Zone of Interest, the more I
realized it's impactfulness.

Speaker 2 (17:21):
Yeah you didn't.

Speaker 1 (17:22):
I didn't like it at all when we saw it.

Speaker 2 (17:24):
I did.

Speaker 1 (17:25):
I could appreciate the story and what it was trying
to depict, which is something really dark, and the performances
were very just cold to me.

Speaker 2 (17:37):
But that's again how they were. And I think I
enjoyed it more because of my World War two deep
dives that I always go down. And if you don't
know what the Zone of Interest is about, it is
about a Nazi officer and his wife that lived directly
next door to Auschwitz, and it's just about like their
lives and how they can be so close to this
like terrible thing happening and just go about their daily

lives in a cold manner, like you said.

Speaker 1 (18:00):
And I think that's what that movie did, was show
how just dry and cold and how mundane their life
is despite the fact of what they are around and
what they are surrounded by, and the things heat you
see and the things that they don't show is almost
more eerie because they don't show it, they don't show
what's happening, and it's just these people trying to live

a normal life. And I guess for me it was
hard to feel empathetic towards them in any way because
they I.

Speaker 2 (18:27):
Don't think you were supposed to though, Yeah.

Speaker 1 (18:29):
I guess it's just hard for me to be.

Speaker 2 (18:30):
Like, I don't think you're supposed to feel empathy towards
them at all.

Speaker 1 (18:33):
But for me, I want something bad to happen to
them because they are Nazis, and knowing the outcomes obviously
a World War two, I want to see them go down.
Every not to in a movie, I want to see
go down. So I guess that movie was just hard
for me to not have that gratification. It was just
hard for me to also get into because it was

showing just a dry, slow story and it probably did
that on purpose, but I don't.

Speaker 2 (19:00):
Think it helped you though that we were in the
very small room at the bell Court, and sometimes it's
hard to enjoy movies. You're very close thirty person seating
and you're just like on top of each other. Yeah.

Speaker 1 (19:11):
Best Film Editing went to Poor Things. Best Costume Design
also went to Poor Things, Best Makeup and Hairstyling again
went to Poor Things. They started a clean house did
on all of the artistic awards like those. It was
like an easy just throw it to poor Things, and
they were all like coming one after each other. I
think that was cool that they all worked in that

movie together and we're all able to win records like
that is awesome. But the one I was so excited
about Best Visual Effects the movie. I wanted to win
the movie. I actually wanted to be nominated for Best
Picture Godzilla minus one.

Speaker 2 (19:53):
I'm just gonna go ahead and throw in that. My
worst moment of the night was when they wrapped them
off the stage with the music. And let me tell
you why it pissed me off is because they clearly
went up there. It didn't have an interpreter, they were
speaking in English, they were reading off their page like
they were trying to do it in English by themselves,

and that is not their first language. And they wrapped
them off the stage and I was like, he is
doing his best to give a speech in the language
that everyone the audience speaks instead of his own, and
he just needed like thirty more seconds. And it really
pissed me.

Speaker 1 (20:29):
Off, I know, and that was huge for them. They
were so excited going into Awards season. Just to be
nominated I think would have been enough for them, but
to win.

Speaker 2 (20:36):
They had the Godzilla heels on all their shoes, they
had the photo of the creator who passed away.

Speaker 1 (20:40):
They all had their little Godzilla figures. I know. It
was so pure like that is what makes me excited
about the Oscars, the people who are so passionate about it,
And I think that is why that movie was so
good and impactful, because they cared so much about making
a good Godzilla movie and they loved the character and
they gave us that. And to be recognized now and

not the biggest of category, but I feel like that's
a major win for them.

Speaker 2 (21:06):
That was my most shocking movie of twenty twenty three.

Speaker 1 (21:08):
I enjoyed.

Speaker 2 (21:09):
I did not want to go see it, but I
was like, Okay, we'll go after dinner on Friday. Loved it.

Speaker 1 (21:13):
And the thing about it is you can't watch it
anywhere if you didn't see it in theaters or when
it came back in black and white. It's not available
to rent, it's not available to buy. It's not even
going to be on Blu Ray for quite a while.
They haven't announced anything because it is a Japanese film.
The ball is in their court on when to release
it in the United States, So as soon it's available,

I'll try to post about it or do a segment
on it here because I think everybody needs to give
that movie a chance. Even though it is in Japanese
and you have to watch it with subtitles, but man,
what a great movie to see Godzilla after thirty plus films,
finally get an Oscar.

Speaker 2 (21:51):
I've said it on here before. I think that watching
movies with subtitles makes you smarter as you're watching because
you're paying attention and reading at the same time. And
I love it because it makes me put I phone
down and not multitask. Yeah, I'm so guilty of that.
When watching a movie, I feel like.

Speaker 1 (22:04):
You just eat it up more because you're paying attention,
and if it's done really well, you get all the
emotion out of it, even though you don't understand the language,
and you.

Speaker 2 (22:13):
Don't even notice after a certain point that you're reading it,
like your brain just absorbs it.

Speaker 1 (22:18):
My favorite moment of the night almost tied. I would
almost say that I'm just Ken performance, which I think
was the big moment as far as the viral thing,
because yeah, but I knew going into it that that
was going to be great. I mean, Brian Gosling performing it,
you brought out all the people and they know did
the ode to like was it?

Speaker 2 (22:37):
Marily Monroe and Madonna I think had also done something similar.

Speaker 1 (22:40):
I just knew that was going to be a big
fun moment. Aside from that, the moment I wasn't expecting
was John Mulaney getting up there and giving out an award.
Here's a little bit of that ow.

Speaker 3 (22:51):
The Oscar for Achievement in Sound. You know, for years
movies didn't have sound, and then they figured it out.
Some people say that the silent era was the golden
era of film. These people are difficult and insane. Without sound,
we wouldn't have been able to hear such classic lines
as You're gonna need a bigger boat, I'll have what

she's having. And he was in the Amazon with my
mother when she was researching spiders just before she died.

Speaker 1 (23:17):
A lot of digs at Madam Webb last night. And
I think it's just because John mulaney has such a
funny voice. He sounds like Spider him without even trying,
just him taking is just funny to me. And he
is such an effortless comedian that we were talking about earlier.
Who would be you know how hard it is to host.
I think if he hosted the Oscars, ah, I think
I would love it. You think he's too weird.

Speaker 2 (23:38):
Not even that. I just think that a full three
hours of John Mulaney, his cadence and Joe telling would
be a lot.

Speaker 1 (23:47):
I think, yeah, maybe he's good in a little burst.
The worst of the night had to be al Pacino
giving out the biggest award of the night and completely
watching it.

Speaker 2 (23:57):
Like he was just ordering a bloomin onion at the
Aback Steakhouse and.

Speaker 1 (24:00):
They were teasing it the entire time of like this
big legend is gonna come out and give the award
for Best Picture. And he comes out on stage and
does this.

Speaker 2 (24:10):
Ten wonderful films we nominated, but only one will take
the award for Best Picture.

Speaker 1 (24:20):
And I have to go to the envelope for that
and I will here it comes.

Speaker 3 (24:30):
And Maria, I see Oppenheimer.

Speaker 1 (24:34):
Yes, yes, Amatomas, Josh Gordan, he goes what happened?

Speaker 2 (24:45):
Because he had no clue that he had just read
the award.

Speaker 1 (24:49):
Doesn't even say who was nominated. Stumbles into it and
I see Oppenheimer and then they just start playing the
music and Christopher Nolan gets up there and al Pacino
gets shuffled away. What a weird moment. And that is
always like the I mean, it is the biggest aword
of the night.

Speaker 2 (25:07):
So anti climatic, and there was nothing to it.

Speaker 1 (25:09):
I think the ones I did enjoy when when they
did Best Actor and Best Actors that they brought out
former That was really cool winners to say a little
something about each of the nominees. I haven't seen them
do that before. I thought that was a really nice touch.
Usually they just bring back the previous winner, but to
see them all up there together and it was a
little bit time consuming, but I thought that was a

really cool moment for each of them.

Speaker 2 (25:32):
I enjoyed that because they were giving like genuine moments
of how they knew the person or like Jamie Lee
Curtis talked about Jody Foster correct and they're like BFFs,
Like I said, Sally Field Emma Stone knew each other.
So I thought the like personal connections were really cool.

Speaker 1 (25:56):
Some other moments that were interesting to me, as Wes
Anderson all so finally won his first Oscar, but he
wasn't there. Maybe he thought he wasn't gonna win, and
it was weird that he wanted for the short film
on Netflix and wasn't even nominated for Asteroid City, So
I bet he was like, you know, I love that
film too, but like, I put out a full feature
film last year and it didn't get any recognition.

Speaker 2 (26:18):
Billie Eilish has now won more Oscars than Martin Scorsese.

Speaker 1 (26:23):
Yeah, I am so over that song. Though she has
been Her and Phineas have been at every single award.

Speaker 2 (26:29):
Show this season, not even just this season. I feel
like she always has a song that's a huge round
And I love Billie Eilish, but if I have to
hear What Was I Made For one more.

Speaker 1 (26:41):
Time, they played it so much, and I like that
song in the initial stages, but now I am I
don't need to hear that song ever again.

Speaker 2 (26:51):
And I love sad, haunting music, but I'm just over that.
They should have done Dua Lipa's Dance the Night Away.
That would have been great.

Speaker 1 (26:59):
Were your favorite fashion moments at the night I will
say Billie Eilish looked pretty cool.

Speaker 2 (27:06):
Billy's outfit was fabulous.

Speaker 1 (27:07):
She always looks like she's wearing somebody else's clothes, like
she just raided somebody else's closet. Last night, I feel
like she looked the most normal.

Speaker 2 (27:17):
It was like a very award show look. It was great.

Speaker 1 (27:19):
Yeah, I thought that was good.

Speaker 2 (27:20):
Carrie Mulligan, Emma Stone looked phenomenal. America Ferrera, Margot, Robbie,
the whole Barbie cast stunning.

Speaker 1 (27:29):
Yeah. Ryan Gosling his ceremony suit, but also the pink
suit he wore during the performance.

Speaker 2 (27:35):
Yes, both great. Divine Joy Randolph looks beautiful.

Speaker 1 (27:40):
How tan was Matthew McConaughey.

Speaker 2 (27:43):
It's very tan.

Speaker 1 (27:44):
He was so tan. He was browner than I am.

Speaker 2 (27:46):
Well, two tan. Maybe I love that Bradley Cooper brings
his mom. I thought Robert Donney Junior's wife looked beautiful.

Speaker 1 (27:53):
I wonder if Bradley Cooper knew he wasn't good to
win anything that he's like. I put out an Oscar
bait film and nobody really cared about.

Speaker 2 (28:00):
Here's the fashion statement. I didn't love both Florence Pugh
and Emily Blunt were wearing these dresses that had like
floating straps where it just looked like the dress was
didn't fit. I didn't love that style.

Speaker 1 (28:12):
Yeah, it looked like it was frozen and then they
were like holding it up.

Speaker 2 (28:16):
I wasn't a big fan of that.

Speaker 1 (28:18):
None of the guys wore ties or ties out, Like
the bow tie was there before the majority like the
Rock Bad Bunny, they came out no ties. Nobody was
wearing ties.

Speaker 2 (28:27):
It's a little too formal stuffy.

Speaker 1 (28:29):
You know what the oscars are though, like black suit tie.

Speaker 2 (28:32):
Yeah, but I feel like sometimes a tie, Like I
don't really need a tie to look cool. There's cooler ways.

Speaker 1 (28:37):
And more reckless not to wear a tie, show a
little skin.

Speaker 2 (28:39):
I feel like the like the men's off it's so.
I saw a lot of like wide leg pants suit pants,
which was cool. Yeah, it was a variation on all
of like the suits.

Speaker 1 (28:49):
I think the one who did it best is Robert
Downey Junior.

Speaker 2 (28:51):
Another fashion of Zendaya. She never misses with her fashion.
She looks stunning. I saw a tweet and they were like,
how does it feel to be Zendia and know that
you just want everything just by leaving the house like
getting dressed.

Speaker 1 (29:03):
And that he came out didn't have anybody else presenting
with her, Like does me all you needs? Yeah?

Speaker 2 (29:09):
I loved seeing something like the after party fashion, like
Margot Robbie did a gold number and someone was like,
I'm really sad this is the end of the Barbie
fashion tour and I feel that because her Barbie Press
tour looks were a lot really great. I could go
on and on about the fashion Withthicisan Fashion podcast, so
I'll shut up.

Speaker 1 (29:27):
Now that's still Oscars, so anything else it's all fair game.

Speaker 2 (29:30):
I did see someone on Instagram really pressed about the
fact that a lot of the after party fashion was
very a nipple forward, free the nip, and somebody commented
and they were like, doesn't anyone get arrested for indecent
exposure anymore? And I was like, I don't think a
dress like showing that it is really a decent exposure.

I don't really know.

Speaker 1 (29:51):
Women can't show nipples, but John Cena can come out
in a loincloth wearing just holding just the card over. Yeah,
welcome to the standard. I thought that was the forced
funny moment of the night.

Speaker 2 (30:03):
Yeah, John Cena knows that he is just there to
be the laughing stock.

Speaker 1 (30:08):
Yeah he's almost. Yeah, they do use him a lot
like that, Hey you're big and muscling.

Speaker 2 (30:12):
Physical comedy be stupid.

Speaker 1 (30:14):
I feel like the Award Show did need that because
it wasn't very funny as far as like the bits
that they did. It really wasn't anything. So without that
it would have just been the I'm just kin performance.
But that just felt like, ah, this is good, the
one that everybody's gonna be talking about tomorrow. And we
rarely mentioned here at the end because it felt low
for us.

Speaker 2 (30:34):
Yeah, I'm not like a John Cena Stan, but he
does have a special place in my heart because he
does do all the like make a Wish trips and
he holds like the record number of like make a
Wish things. So I feel like he's a very nice person.
But I do feel bad that he gets just kind
of like the trope of like physical comedy all the time.

Speaker 1 (30:52):
Yeah, he's hit or miss on the movie roles he takes.
I think he's really great at Peacemaker. He's done some
really good work. So when the Suicide Squad, which is
the same character Daddy's Home two, but then he also
does like the really waggy comedy roles that well, like
Vacation Friends Part one and Part two that are a
great Part two.

Speaker 2 (31:13):
May I'm thinking if there's anything else that I want
to shout.

Speaker 1 (31:17):
Out, otherwise I think we have covered it all. I
was again happy to hit that parlay, but overall, I
feel like usually I'm more excited to tell people like,
here are all the movies you need to check out
that one awards, but really just Oppenheimer and Poor Things
dominated and I don't think Poor Things is necessarily for
everybody because of the graphic nature of that movie. Also

very weird and artsy, which even for me, it took
me a little bit to get into liking it. It
was once the story developed that I thought, oh, this
is actually a movie with a lot to say, and
it's pretty powerful, but just done in a really obscure,
weird way.

Speaker 2 (31:56):
Another moment I would like to shout out that we
did not talk about one of the other performances, the
Osage Singers. Oh sorry, my people. I thought that was incredible.
I loved that performance. That might be one of my
top three moments of the night.

Speaker 1 (32:09):
I wish that song would have won over Billy Eilish.

Speaker 2 (32:11):
No, I really wanted that. I wanted something I think
I wanted something for Killers of the Flowermen that represented
the Osage and the community. So I would have loved
like Lily Gladstone, because she was the first Native to
be nominated, I would have loved that for her win.
I would have loved that for the Osage Singers. I

wanted something celebrating the Native American indigenous communities to win
an award like. I didn't need it to be like
Robert de Niro Scorsese. I wanted something that celebrated the
community that was so traumatized by these events and overlooked
and marginalized. So that's why I wish that would have won.

Speaker 1 (32:54):
Yeah, it did not win very much.

Speaker 2 (32:57):
I also would have liked more of the dog from
Anatomy of the Fall.

Speaker 1 (32:59):
Yeah, that's cool dog best actor in that movie.

Speaker 2 (33:03):
Loved learning that Christopher Nolan and his wife worked together
on everything.

Speaker 1 (33:06):
She has been a producer on every single one of
his movies.

Speaker 2 (33:09):
That was cool. I was like, Wow, I cannot imagine
working on every single one of your projects. I don't
know that that would be good for us.

Speaker 1 (33:18):
My other favorite win was for the score of Oppenheimer
Ludwig One.

Speaker 2 (33:23):
You Love Ludwig and Big.

Speaker 1 (33:25):
Ludwig primarily because he is a longtime collaborator with Childish Gambino.
He did a lot of his early albums. They toured together,
he was his guitar player, and throughout that time Ludwig
was making music for TV shows and movies. He did
the theme song for a community. He also put out
a EP back in the early twenty tens that I loved,

and now has really transitioned into scoring movies like Black
Panther did, like The Mandalorian, like these really big epic scores,
and has now won a lot of Oscars as well
and Grammys. He is incredibly talented and to see somebody
go from just doing music and like a bedroom to

now being on the biggest stage, winning awards, and also
just how much people praise Christopher Nolan for coming back
and being loyal to people. It feels like the people
who have worked with Christopher Nolan have been around for
a long time, and I think that's the coolest thing.
When not only do they have actors who they collaborate
with again and again, but the cinematographer Ludwig, his wife,

like It's just cool to see somebody at that level
who could rehire people at a cheaper rate and just
be like, all right, I'm the real deal here. I
don't need to rely on anybody. He goes to all
these people and keeps coming back to them because he
values their work. That was another cool thing I really
took away from last night. Of all the directors, I

feel like he is the most genuine I would agree.

Speaker 2 (34:55):
And to end, I would like to say that my
dream host w to be Kate McKinnon. That would be Yeah,
she's so funny. She's so funny, like she could command
that audience.

Speaker 1 (35:07):
Yeah, I think it needs a female host.

Speaker 2 (35:08):
Weird Barbie forever.

Speaker 1 (35:10):
I'm over the dudes, the late night talk show host.

Speaker 2 (35:12):
It is just like been over dudes for a long time.
Let's award show.

Speaker 1 (35:15):
Let's switch it up. But that is our Oscar recap.

Speaker 2 (35:19):
Anything else to summarize Justice for the Gods all minus
one special effects team want to hear the rest of
their speech. Fashion was phenomenal. Al Pacino was a bust.
It wasn't that funny joke?

Speaker 1 (35:35):
Yes, there we go, And if you miss the full
new episode, just go back one in the feed and
until next time, go out and watch good movies and
I will talk to you later
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