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April 15, 2024 57 mins

CinemaCon is the largest and most important gathering of movie theater owners from around the world!  In response to this year’s convention,  Mike gives his annual State of the Cinema Address to talk about how studios and movie theaters need to work together to give us a better experience.  Mike also talks about the Top 3 CinemaCon announcements he’e most excited about including an R-Rated Ninja Turtles movie. He also breaks down all the additional movie announcements.  In the Movie Review, Mike talks about Monkey Man starring and directed by Dev Patel. It follows his character as he seeks vengeance against the corrupt leaders who took everything from him and continue to systemically victimize the poor and powerless.  In the Trailer Park, Mike breaks down the Trailer for Joker: Folie à Deux starring Joaquin Phoenix and Lady Gaga in one of the most anticipated R-Rated sequels of all-time. 

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Speaker 1 (00:00):
Hello, and welcome back to movie Mike's movie Podcast. I
am your host Movie Mike, and today I want to
share with you my state of the cinema address because
Cinema Con just went down and there is movie news oozin'
out the butt that I want to break it out
down for you in one episode because I do this
every single year and I love it. In the movie review,
we'll be talking about the new action thriller Monkey Man.

And in the trailer park, oh do we have our
first look at Joker folet Adu aka Joker Too with
Joaquin Phoenix and Lady Gaga. This movie looks mouth watering.
Oh that is me right now. So thank you for listening,
Thank you for being subscribed. Shout out to the Monday
Morning movie crew. He Now, let's talk movies.

Speaker 2 (00:43):
In a world where everyone and their mother has a podcast.
One man stands to infiltrate the ears of listeners like
never before in a movie podcast. A man with so
much movie knowledge, he's basically.

Speaker 1 (00:57):
Like a walking IMTB.

Speaker 2 (01:00):
Glasses from the Nashville podcast Networking Movie Mike Movie Podcast.

Speaker 1 (01:07):
Cinema Con is the largest and most important gathering of
movie theater owners from around the world. Essentially, it is
a pep rally for movie theaters and studios send all
their big actors and directors to go hype up their
projects and reassure theater owners that hey, we have a

lot of good stuff come and let's keep this relationship good.
And for the most part, that is all who is there,
theater owners and people with the studio actors. All the
big time actors go to now, which is awesome, But
for the first time I saw like influencers and podcasters there.
Let me just check my mailbox. Yeah, I didn't get

my invitation in the mail even though I do an
episode about CinemaCon every single year. Hey, maybe they just
opened it up. Let me wait, let me check one
more time. No, there's nothing there. Okay, maybe next year.
I'm gonna start looking into this because this is the
event of my dreams. Much like Comic Con, which I've
also never been to, is a big hype up for
comic book titles and comic book related movies coming out.

This is just all the big studios. I'm talking Universal,
Warner Brothers, Paramount, Lionsgate. They're all there to promote their movies,
and a lot of the times they show trailers that
aren't even out yet. They're just showing them to movie
theater owners and then we get them eventually, so as
somebody from just the public, and it's like, oh man,

I want to see all this stuff too, so it
would be amazing for me to be able to go.
So what I want to get into first is what
I believe is the state of the Cinema. After some
of the opening statements came out, which is something they
usually do in the first day of a multiple day event.
So here's what I took away from this my State
of the Cinema address. I oh, that's good. Everybody. Welcome

to the State of the Cinema address. I am your
resident movie guy Movie Mike. A very unpredictable box office,
but we are off to an improvement over where we
thought we were going to be. Overall. The thing is,
everybody keeps comparing things to pre COVID numbers. Twenty nineteen

being seen as one of the best years that we've
had in a very long time, and it's going to
be hard to get back to that. And in the
presentation they opened up CinemaCon with they were talking about
how to get people back into the theaters and really
make it an experience that you're not going to get
at home, because after COVID, viewing habits really changed, and

I think people just also change the way they view
any kind of media. To me, you have to convince
people that it's not just the file that you click on,
because at home, you just open up Netflix, you open
up Max, and that is essentially what you're doing. There
is file stored on a server and you are hitting play,
and then you're just standing in front of something and
taking in that information. What needs to change is the

studios and movie theater owners need to find a way
to elevate something new that you can't get at home,
and movie theaters really drop the ball on this. And
I love going to the theater. For me, it's enough
just to have that experience of seeing it on a
big screen in a dark room, getting some of the ambiond,
being there with other people. That is enough for me.
But for other people who think, well, I don't want

to go be around people. I don't want any external
noises or distractions that could be somebody crumpling something in
their purse or texting. I could just do that at home.
And even though I love that experience. I find that
theaters really dropped the ball on even having some place
in the theater where you can take a picture that's

worthy of posting on social media. Just a little social
media stop. And not to say that a little background
and cool, little interactive thing is going to bring in
million of dollars, no, but at least it's something that
somebody who maybe hasn't been to a movie in a
while can see take a picture, whether they post it online,
somebody else sees that and thinks, oh, I you know

that movie was out, Let me go check it out.
And word of mouth is really how these movies continue
to generate money past that first opening weekend. And that
is so important because that is kind of how studios
based how successful a movie is going to be, because
there is such a rapid drop between that first and
second weekend ticket sales. So the other thing I think

studios and movie theaters need to do is create some
kind of item that you can only get that opening weekend.
And I've seen a couple of movie franchises do it well.
Pokemon back in the day, even again with Pokemon Detective Pikachu,
they had exclusive cards that you would get and there
was a limited supply, and when you buy that ticket
and go to the theater to see it, you would

get that card. I still have mine from the one
back in the nineties. I still have mine from Detective Pikachu.
If you watch on YouTube, you can see it in
the background, or if it's a Marvel movie. Comic books
are huge Number one issues are what comic book collectors crave.
Why not put out a comic book that you can
only get by going to see that movie opening weekend?

And of course this ties in easy with all of
the nerdy stuff, but you even have to go a
step further and any kind of movie that comes out
have those first week incentives or something that you can
only experience that first weekend. Another cool thing I saw
from CinemaCon is they were showcasing what they are going
to have in certain movie theaters for Twisters, which is

coming out this summer. And it's one of those weather
simulation things that I think they've had them before, like
hurricane simulators. You get in and it blows wind around.
It's just a fun little thing. Things like that are
what need to be the primary focus moving forward to
create some kind of fun environment, some fun element that

you can only get by going to the theater. Otherwise
we're seeing people are waiting until these movies go onto
streaming for a majority of them because it's expensive. I
see it doing this podcast because obviously I go every
single week to see what is new, but I find
a lot of you who listen. Sometimes you don't get

exposed to those movies until they go onto a streaming service,
because then I see another influx of people saying, oh,
I finally checked this out because it was on Netflix,
because it was on Max, which is still great, because really,
you want to make a movie that people see Eventually.
A lot of my favorite movies I never saw in
theaters but still go on to lift forever. But when

you're in the business of making money, especially right now,
you need those movies to have big box office revenue
that opening weekend. So that is essentially what they talked
about in the opening of CinemaCon is how can theaters
work together to create that. One of the quotes was saying,
we don't necessarily have to put espresso machines in the lobby.
Well maybe you do. You gotta put something in there

and cut down though prices. Goodness, sometimes you see how
much a large popcorn is and you're like, I could
go and get a full blown meal for that cost.
So I also think that should create some kind of
food pass like some MLB parks have. They should do
that too. Probably that would also get families back into
going to the theater. And it's all about creating that
exclusive event that we all crave on social media that

if somebody posts that they go to this event and
you're not there, you feel left out. They don't have
that right now. As soon as they can figure that out,
I think it'll be on the upward trend for some
of the movies that are kind of on the borders
of being successful but also being a bomb, because you're
always gonna have these really big, impactful movies that people

are gonna go see no matter what, the Barbies the
Oppenheimer's that really don't even need that much promotion because
of either the plot, the director, or the cast, that
those movies are just going to succeed on their own.
But then you have some of these kind of hanging
onto the fringes that really need some other element to
take it over the top. So that has been the

state of the cinema and now I just want to
get into all of the big announcements that happened at
CinemaCon that have me excited, starting with the first one
that has me the most excited, the movie I've been
waiting to be announced for so long. Now I'm just

I can't even believe that I'm finally getting to say this.
There is now a live action, are rated teenage mutant
Ninja Turtles movie in the works at Paramount. This is
the best movie news I've read in years, because I
told you guys how much I've really gotten into comics,

in particular reading graphic novels, and this movie is based
on one of my favorite graphic novels of all time
that I talked about on this podcast. If I could
see any graphic novel be turned into a movie, it
would be this one, because how much I love the
Ninja Turtles and know how darker and grittier their story
can be. Even if you go back to that original

Ninja Turtles movie doesn't really feel like a kid's movie.
It is very violent. There are some undertones that feel
just way more adult than they should be. And I've
been saying with you know, dead Pools and Wolverine from
twenty seventeen. There needed to be an R rated Ninja
Turtles movie, and I thought the only hurdle it had

to overcome was that TMNT is really seen as being
family friendly, especially with last year's animated movie being such
a success. But I think that movie probably paved the
way for this movie to happen because they did also
announce the CinemaCon. They're making a sequel to that movie.
It'll come out in a few years. But you have

that one for families, and then you're gonna have this
teenage mutant Ninja Turtles the last rown in for adults.
Much like in DC you have the more family friendly Batman,
and then you have movies like Joker. But the movie
is coming to us from producer Walter Harmanda Tyler. Burton
Smith is going to write the screenplay. If you're not
familiar with the story, you haven't read the graphic novel

like I have, even though I highly recommend it. It
is a dark tmn T tail about revenge set in
a dystopian future in New York City. The story follows
the last remaining Ninja Turtle, who was out to avenge
the death of his brothers by killing the grandson of Shredder.

So by reading the book you find out which of
the brothers it is, and it just has such great action.
So this movie is going to go beyond all of
the wackiness of the Turtles and give us a gritty,
R rated movie that I cannot wait for because just
imagine all of their weapons that from Movie one in

the nineties to Movie two they had to stop using
because kids were hitting their brothers and sisters with makeshift staffs.
They were getting hurt, and the Turtles were being blamed
for it. So in Secret of the Ooze, they really
stripped away their weapons and allowed them to use things
like sausages and other random objects to beat people up.
But now the last ronin It's gonna get bloody. I

would say. The second moment that I was the most
surprised by that was announced at cinemacn is they drop
more details on the Michael Jackson biopick, which I rarely
get excited for biopicks when it comes to movies based
on anybody in music. It is one of my least
favorite genres of movie because it's hard to make a

single film about somebody's entire career especially when they are icons.
You get two to two and a half hours to
tell a story that spans at times decades. It's really
hard to do, and what you often get is a
story that glosses over a lot of important details, and

they introduce somebody who goes from nothing and then all
of a sudden, in about two scenes, they are right
there at the top, and then oftentimes their family or
somebody very close to them has a lot of input
on it. So you're not getting the full story. You're
not getting all the gritty details that you really need
to be able to see to flesh out a character

as complex as music icons. So when this movie was
first announced by Lionsgate, I wasn't super interested in it.
But we really haven't had a biopic on somebody so massive,
probably since Bohemian Rhapsody came out, and that's been a
while now. Yeah, we've had Bob Marley. The Amy Winehouse
movie is coming out later this year. We had the

Whitney Houston movie. So don't come at me in the
comment saying we haven't had on it at all. But
to have somebody with such a big story and is
so world famous and have music that everybody knows. With
also his real life nephew portraying him, this one is
probably going who make a lot of money. But what
I was surprised about is all the reviews that came

in from people at CinemaCon, saying after they show the
first footage of this movie, the theater erupted an applause
that the movie is going to feature over thirty songs
retreating a lot of Michael Jackson's most iconic performances, saying
that so far the footage looks really good. It's coming
out in theaters next April and twenty twenty five. People
are saying that Jafar Jackson looks just like his uncle,

and also that the movie is apparently pretty lengthy. I
didn't say exactly what the runtime is going to be,
but if they're calling a biopic lengthy, I would assumes
getting up there in the three hour mark. I just
wonder with Michael Jackson, how much are they going to
get into all of the controversies, because there's a lot there,

and obviously you want to make it focused on the
music and the impact he had on the world. But
if you're making a movie about somebody who has a
very checkered pass. To say the least, I feel like
you have to include it all otherwise it's gonna feel
like a bit of a ripoff. And the third thing
that I was most hype about from CinemaCon was they

had the first look at a john Wick spinoff called Ballerina,
which stars Onna the Attamas, which I kind of forgot
she was in john Wick and I had to be
reminded of that. But Keanu Reeves was there as well,
and he is also gonna have a small cameo in
this movie because it takes place between john Wick Chapter
three and john Wick Chapter four. It follows her character

on a journey to also become a legendary assassin, and
the news from Cinema con is it matches the same
slick style that john Wick has, slick visuals, over the
top action sequences. And then of course you get Keanu
Reeves as John Wick back in this movie, which I
feel They're gonna make every kind of spinoff from john Wick.

You have the series going on, you have now these
side characters getting their own movies. I think I'm excited
about this because I love a female led action movie.
It reminds me of Kill Bill, which is one of
the best of all time, and I think with a
style like the John Wicks style to match, that is
a movie that's gonna be really fun and NonStop action.

Now we'll run through some more of these. Now that
I told you a big three that I was the
most excited about, there was just so much news that
I just want to run through more of these so
you are aware of all the things going down in
movies right now. But speaking of Keanu Reeves, Lionsgate showed
the first footage from a new movie with Aziz I'm
Sorry called Good Fortune that also stars Keanu Reeves. What

this movie is about, Aziz on Sorry is visited by
Keanu Reeves character, who is an angel. Aziz's character has
been down on his luck and he decides to switch
places with a really wealthy man played by Seth Rogan.
The situation doesn't really work out quite as expected, as
Gabriel loses his wings, making him human again and leading
him to become Seth Rogan's roommate. The funny thing about

this that azizlin Sorry shared is that Keanu Reeves was
actually hurt on the set of this movie after tripping
on a rug and out of all the movies He's
done like john Wick, where he notoriously does his own stunts.
It was him tripping on a rug in a comedy
that led him to fracturing his kneecap. Aziz said, quote

about fifteen days into shooting with me, I said, go
chilling your trailer. He tripped on a rug. Poor guy.
He was such a trooper and he fractured his kneecap
and continued to do all the scenes. Doesn't get a
scratch in all four John Wick movies, even dating back
to movies like Speed. He's all a oka, but all
it took was a rug to take him out. But

to his credit, he'd never had to go to the hospital.
The movie also stars Sandra O and Kiki Palmer. There
is no official release date yet, but that sounds pretty funny.
Keanu Reeves as an angel as he's im sorry, probably
just kind of playing himself hanging out with seth Rogen.
I'm into that. Also announced at Cinema, Halle Berry is
going to star in her first horror film in over

twenty years. It's called Never Let Go. Played a trailer
where Barry plays a single mother protecting her twin sons
as terrifying creatures lurk outside of their home and a
post apocalyptic world. Apparently you see them and her two
kids living in the woods for ten years without electricity,
and halle Berry said that she learned had to skin
a squirrel in real life in order to prepare for

this role. But again, This horror movie with halle Berry
is called Never Let Go. It comes out in theaters
on September twenty seventh. Jason Blum of Blumhouse was out
at cinemacn and he said that they are reimagining the
blair Witch project for a new generation. The plot details
are being kept under wraps, but it's being described as

a new vision that will introduce the horror classic to
a new generation, a very kind of generic statement which
they have made new blair Witch movies since the original
one that freaked us all out because we all thought
it was a documentary. We thought what happened in the
blair Witch actually happened in real life. That movie was
one of the most profitable movies of all time because

of that word of mouth, because it took almost nothing
to make, and that movie was all marketing. It's really
not that scary of a movie if you watch it
without that context, there's really maybe one or two freaky scenes,
but without that element of, oh did this actually happen,
it's really not that scary. The original film is about

three filmmakers who disappear in the Maryland Woods while making
a documentary about the supposed Blair Witch, and it came
out back in nineteen ninety nine. I don't really have
interest to watch another blair Witch movie because I don't
think they can recapture that energy of what made that
movie great. You do it again in twenty twenty four
or whenever this movie is supposed to come out, not

really going to have that same appeal. They also announced
from Blumhouse that a sequel to Five Nights at Freddy's
is expected to come out in the fall of twenty
twenty five. I'm gonna give that one a second chance.
I really drug the first one through the mud, and
in turn, everybody in the YouTube comment's called me an idiot.

So I'm not gonna go back and rewatch that movie
or play the game to get more educated on it,
but I will give the second one a try. They
also announced that they are coming out with a Now
You See Me three. The original cast is going to return.
The first one was okay, pretty good cast, but the
second one was so dumb. I was rewatching it the

other day. And by the other day, I mean sometime
last year and anytime you introduce a secret twin that
nobody knew about. That was the worst plot line in
any movie I've seen of that caliber. So I'm not
really chomping at the bit to see and Now You
see Me three. Also announced was Margot Robbie's production company,
which is called Lucky Chap is working with Hasbro to

come out with the Monopoly movie now, and it was
first announce that they were making a Barbie movie. I
probably had the similar reaction that I have right now
to Monopoly, But obviously Barbie made so much sense once
we all saw it. But I'm finding it really hard
to think, how are you gonna make a Monopoly movie
because Barbie is at least a figure with the personality.

What are you gonna make it about the Monopoly man,
Don't pass Go, Don't collect two hundred dollars. I can't
wait to see what they end up doing with that one.
We also had more big news from Paramount. They dropped
the first trailers for Transformers one which is the animated
Transformers movie. They also dropped the trailer for Sonic three.
You had Chris hemsworthz Garlea Johansson, Brian Tyree, Henry all

there because last year at CinemaCon is when they first
announced that they were gonna be making an animated Transformers movie,
so they brought them all back to reveal the first footage.
We obviously didn't get to see it yet. All they
released online was the logo, which was animated, doesn't really
tell you a whole lot about the aesthetic of what
the Transformers are actually going to look like. One really

big series right now in comics is the Transformer series,
and I hope it kind of matches that because the
design in that is so much different than the cartoon
and also the movies. So maybe along the same way
that they had success with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, that
is what they are trying to achieve with Transformers. But
you're all kind of in the same world, based on

comic books, based on cartoons, rooted in toys, So I
can't wait to actually get to see the trailer for that.
That's the only thing that bugs me a little bit
about CinemaCon is we don't get to see all the
trailers until much later, so that's why I want to go.
Paramount also announced the release date for Smile Too. It's
coming out this year on October eighteenth. The movie follows

a pop star and how the curse spreads amongst her fans.
I'm into that. It kind of reminds me of Swarm
on Amazon, which is about a really rabid fan base,
similar to Beyonce his fan base. That was a very
dark and gritty and twisted show. And just the idea
of having somebody that people worship and then that person

spread some things among to her fans. That sounds cool.
They're also making a new scary movie, which we really
don't get parody movies anymore, pretty much because they're pretty awful.
They haven't been good since the seventies and eighties, and
then of course with the first original scary movies, but
those spawned a really bad trend of bad parody movies.

So they'll probably just get a bunch of random celebrities
to be in that. A really weird announcement that I
didn't know anything about is that Kendrick Lamar, Yes the
Rapper and South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone
are working on an untitled musical. It's coming out in
theaters on July fourth, twenty twenty five. The movie follows

the story of a young black man interning as a
slavery enactor at a living history museum, and he discovers
that his white girlfriend's ancestors once owned his I had
no idea that these two people were working together. I
am a huge Trey Parker and Matt Stone fan for
what they did with South Park and the South Park movies,
and they also did a bunch of lower budget independent movies.

They had some decent success with Basketball, even though it
didn't do so well at the box office. But where
they really shine our musicals. They created the award winning
Book of Mormon, which I really would love to see.
They also with South Park Bigger and Longer and uncut
of that movie in the nineties that was one of
the greatest animated musicals of all time. So to see

them teaming up with Kendrick Lamar, I can't wait to
see what that looks like. Disney was out on day three,
didn't really make any big announcements, but they had a
lot of first looks as some new movies. The one
I'm probably the most interested in is Captain America Brave
New World. We had the first look of Harrison Ford
as Thunderbolt asking Anthony Mackie's Captain America to rebuild the Avengers.

Sounds pretty good. That's about all we know of the
plot of the new Captain America movie. It's coming out
in theaters on February fourteenth, twenty twenty five. They apparently
played some of the footage online. They released a couple
stills don't really say a whole lot. It's mainly Anthony
Mackie and Harrison Ford hanging out in some kind of

maybe boardroom, maybe oval office type situation. But honestly, the
stills were a little bit boring. And there needs to
be more hype on this movie because I didn't really
love the Disney Plus series and it's gonna be really
hard to make a Captain America movie without Chris Sevans,
So come on, Disney, I need a little bit more
hype here. They also shared the first nine minutes of

Deadpool and Wolverine, and I started reading and listening to
some people talk about what they saw and experienced during
these first nine minutes, and then I realized, I don't
want to know anything else about this movie. Sometimes when
comic book movies come out, people just try to find
every single detail about them, and then when you go
watch the movie, you're not surprised by anything. The only

thing I'll say is it seems like what they showed
was pretty much what you see inside of the trailer.
That's all I need to know. And they did share
another look at Wolverine. They released the cups that they're
gonna be selling in theaters, and honestly, it looks kind
of weird. And I told you guys, I wasn't a
big fan of the suit whenever it was first revealed

with Hugh Jackman wearing it, I thought it looked too
much like a motocross motorcycle suit. And even the cup
with Wolverine next to Deadpool, Deadpool looks normal, but for Wolverine,
it almost looks like a bad PlayStation three character. So
hopefully it looks a lot better in the actual movie.
One of the most underwhelming things Disney said is they

were talking about Mufasa, the Lion King movie coming out
on December twentieth of this year, and they said, hey,
we're using the same technology as we did in twenty nineteen.
They released distill in this movie as well, and it
looks exactly the same. So hopefully the story is really
powerful there, because as good as that movie looked, it
didn't really feel like a live action Lion King movie

to me because you really can't do that, and I
wasn't in love with the style. I don't really feel
like it brought life to the story like the two
D animation did back in the nineties. So hopefully there's
something different that they're doing with that movie to come
out and say, yeah, it's just the same kind of
technology we used in twenty nineteen. Okay, then why are
you making this movie. The Rock was also there and

talked about Mowana Too, which is coming out even before
the Lion King movie. It's coming out this year on
November twenty seventh, which was kind of a surprise announcement.
Maybe they weren't planning on releasing it so soon, but
people got to hear a sneak peek at one of
the songs, and in some of the footage you see
Mawana on her boat returning home singing this song with
the lyrics that go. Finally we're back to who we

are meant to be. The villager singing along with her
one of the villagers the synopsis of Mawana's story from
the original film. Then Mawana races her dad in a
boat race, she wins and lands on the beach of
her home island. As the song finishes, Milana one goes
hard And it took me a little bit to get
into that movie and realize how hard it actually went.

So hopefully they have some other bangers in Mowana too.
We had nothing really big announced from Disney. They're really
just trying to hype out everything they have coming out
this year and early next year. A few more things
to get to here. Bong June Hoe, who is the
director of Parasite. He also did movies like snow Piercer.
Him and Robert Pattinson were at CinemaCon showing off footage

of Mickey seventeen, which is the new sci fi movie
and his follow up to Parasite. It was originally supposed
to come out this year, but they delayed it to
January thirty first, twenty twenty five. They showed the trailer,
which hasn't been released to the public. Yet, but apparently
it looks awesome. It is being described as really great
sci fi film and a simple man's story. Robert Pattinson

plays a common man named Mickey with a nerdy American accent,
who signs up to be anexpendable in the future. He
travels to distant planets and space stations doing handiwork, but
the caveat is that he is expected to die doing
these difficult missions. Each time he dies, a new clone
is made and then given a new assignment. The title
of the movie draws from this, as he dies seventeen

times in the plot, everything goes well, with Mickey getting
eaten and chopped up into different pieces across space. Things
take a turn when two clones get made at the
same time, Mickey seventeen and Mickey eighteen. Sounds like a
lot of fun when it comes from Bong June Ho,
It's probably gonna have this other crazy psychological element. But
I love everything Robert Pattinson does. I'll watch anything Bon

Juho puts out, whether it be in Korean, whether it
be in English, I don't care. He is such a
great director and a true visionary. And finally we saw
some delays announced that Cinema con. The Crow is now
releasing on August twenty third, And as you remember from
last week's episode, this is the movie on boycotting, and

maybe the boycott is now starting to affect the release date.
It's really not. It just happens to be. I put
out that episode last week and then a couple of
days later this news gets announced. But really it's because
Lionsgate is kind of switching up some other release dates.
They're trying to space out the Saw movies because Saw
ten came out last year and Saw eleven was supposed

to come out this year, but now they are moving
that to September twenty sixth, twenty twenty five. All right, well,
come back, I'll give you my thoughts on Monkey Man
and in the Trailer Park, which was also announced at CinemaCon.
We're gonna break down the joker to trailer and all
the hidden things that you maybe missed. Let's get into

it now. A spoiler free movie review of Monkey Man,
starring and directed by Dev Patel, who you'll probably be
most familiar with him from slum Dog Millionaire. And this
is a movie that has a pretty inspirational story. It
wasn't even gonna see the light of day until Jordan Peele,
who is one of my favorite directors known for movies
like Get Out Us Nope, he saw this movie was

so moved by it. His production company, Monkey Pop Productions,
picked up the movie, got it in theaters, and for me,
even though I am a fan of Deaf Ptel's work,
it was having that Jordan Peele stamp of approval that
really sold me on this movie. And it's that association
that people have seeing a poster you see it's directed
by Deaf Patel, but you also see Jordan Peele's name

up on that poster, so it's like, Okay, I know
that name I associated with these other great movies. I'm
gonna go out on a lim and say that is
kind of what I am expecting here. So that is
initially what had me excited about this movie. But after
the first trailer, I thought this is something I would
have watched even if it didn't have the Monkey Pop
Production's name to it. But what this movie is about.
You have a guy played by Dave Patel who is

kind of an unnamed care and he is competing in
this underground fight club where his job is to lose
the promoter he is working with essentially puts them against
these other really vicious fighters and even though he could
probably beat them, how he makes his money is really
going through three rounds with that fighter, getting people to

bet on it, and he gets a very small amount
of money for doing so. He's really just barely getting by.
Which the movie has a lot to do with the
class system, the rich and the poor, which I'll get
into a little bit later, but he is just struggling
with that and he has this really deep rage inside
of him. And what I loved about this movie and
how they developed this story is they don't put everything

up front. You go watch a movie like this, and
oftentimes you get this entire character's story in the first
twenty minutes. You learn all the things that go wrong
in his life. How this movie sets itself apart is
it really just drops him into that world of the
underground fight club. You see he's getting beaten so bloody,
there's stuff coming out of his mask, but you don't

really know why he has this rage inside of him,
and obviously something very traumatic has happened in his life. Essentially,
he has had every single thing taken away from him
from the elite of where he is living in India,
and those elite have cost him so much pain in
his life and really kept him down there at the

bottom that you find him at a moment where he
becomes a man with a plan and he's going to
take all this rage that has been building inside of
him for all these years, the really awful thing that
happened to him when he was younger, which you start
to uncover and really just go after these people. So
some of the things you learned early on, which I

don't want to spoil, but you see some of the
actual physical things that have happened to him that he
is dealing with. His hands are scorched thing on his
hands and they're just blake. Where you should have all
these designs and marks in your hands, he has nothing,
and you don't really know why. You see bits of

his childhood from these flashbacks, which I really enjoyed because
it's kind of like uncovering a little puzzle, a very dark,
sinister puzzle. As you watch the movie, as he is
advancing in real time, you are learning as the viewer
about his past, which I think is a really great
way to do it because it could be kind of
boring to put that all in the first ten to

fifteen minutes, and it feels weird and disjointed when you
start with that. You want to start with the good
stuff and then learning it that way it makes it
so much more significant and impactful, especially when later in
the movie you really find out exactly what happened, exactly
why he is the way he is. It's able to
build up so much more attention and just feels like, oh, Okay,

I get it now, and now I'm ready to get
to the final act of this movie. So what he
tries to do is develop a plan to infiltrate the
people who ripped everything away from him, and how he
does that he mixes with his job at that underground
fight club and then a really devious plan that he
comes up with to reach some of those people in power.

And I just think that part was really cool. The
first twenty minutes of this movie develops a lot of curiosities.
It had me just wondering exactly what was going on. Also,
the style of filmmaking was very different. It took me
a little bit to get used to, but after I
kind of understood the pacing of it, realized that they

weren't going to tell you everything up front. It really
made me enjoy it because it felt like something different
which is something I just struggle to find when going
to watch movies this year, or we had a lot
of duds. We've had a lot of things that just
feel very repetitive. This felt like a breath of fresh air,
especially in a genre where you don't really get that

in primarily a straight ahead action movie with some thrills
along the way. Oftentimes it's very by the book, very textbook.
It's usually just you introduced the bad guy, you're following
the good guy. You want good guy to beat bad guy.
But it was a much different path to that that

our character took in Monkey Man to face his demons.
And what I would say is the most comparable movie
to Monkey Man has to be John Wick, because john
Wick is all about getting revenge, redemption, all those things
that vengeance, you know, because in John Wick, they kill

his dog, and the entire plot line of John Wick
is him killing all the people responsible for killing his dog.
And in that first John Wick movie, the action obviously
set it apart. It was so much more brutal, over
the top and pretty much NonStop, very little plot line.
It was all about the crazy stunt performances, all of

the guns and crazy weapons that john Wick would use.
And then later in two and three and four, they
realized that that's what people loved about those movies, and
they really almost eliminated all other plotlines and just said,
let's get to the action. Let's get to the bullets flying,
Let's get to Keanu Reeves fighting people the entire time.

So you have that same element in Monkey Man. It's
not as NonStop action. I would say there are even
moments in this movie where you forget it to an
action film. It just feels like a full on drama.
But when it does ramp up, it is very very
similar to john Wick in that style. But the other
way it's similar to John Wick is being an action

movie where the star hits rock bottom. Because oftentimes, in
American action movies, your hero is bulletproof. Nothing hurts him,
he doesn't lose a battle along the way. He just
comes in, beats all of his opponents and just tries
to work his way up to that final boss. But
in john Wick and in Monkey Man, you see our

hero hit rock bottom. You see them get hurt, you
see them at their bloodiest, at their most broken, and
you realize that they are not these bulletproof people, that
nothing hurts them, that they can take down and defeat anybody.
And by doing that, it makes it so much more
impactful when that hero rises again, and it builds up

that energy to overcome the hardest of obstacles, because you
have to be able to take the audience to lows
to reach those highs. And I compare this to one
of the most popular action stars, The Rock who has
a clause that he can't lose a fight on screen.
How is your hero not going to lose a fight?

How are you not going to allow your character to
be vulnerable and show that they are able to to
be defeated and have to come back from that. That
is the reason I believe that Black Adam failed so
badly is because there was never really anything to overcome.
His character was just fighting, be able the entire time,
didn't have any problem, no character development. But in movies

like John Wick and now in Monkey Man, you have
that character development because you follow them along more like
if this was happening to you, if everything was taken
away from you and you decided one day you just
wanted to develop a plan to fight back, because in life,
you're gonna have the crap kicked out of you, hopefully

just figuratively and not literally, but you gotta get back up.
And what this movie did also really well was incorporate
some really well defined cinematography to put you inside of
that action. There were some really great camera movements that
really felt like I was right there along in some
of the chase scenes and some of the fight scenes.

That were also some really great uses of special effects
that I feel like we're somewhat comparable to like a
horror movie, because the same way that John Wick has
some brutal kill scenes, this one does the same thing
that I get squeamish whenever somebody gets stabbed. It's just
uncomfortable for me to watch. Out of all the things,

I can't watch people get stabbed because my head goes
to if I got stabbed, I don't even know how
I would react. And also broken bones. I can't do
broken bones. If anybody breaks a bone in a movie
or even I'll just be scrolling TikTok sometimes and somebody
it's like a bone break skateboarding video. I cannot watch those.
And as desensitized as I am to violence just becomes

the norm to me. Anything are rated just becomes the
norm to me. You break a bone and I'm out.
But there were some moments in this movie that were
really hard to watch because they involved stabbing and breaking bones.
But I feel like to get that emotion out of
me is hard thing to do, so especially in an
action movie where I've really seen it all and nothing
really sticks out. Things stuck out in this movie, in particular,

Bone stuck out. And what this movie felt like was
a modern folk tale because even though it takes place
in the real world, there are some moments where you
kind of have to forget about reality a little bit
and think, Okay, I see how this could happen. And
then I also think that monkey Man gave us one
of the best training sequences since Rocky, which is another

thing that's really hard to do. But there is a
sequence in the movie where he is training punching a
big begg of rice was very reminiscent of Rocky hitting
the big old slab of raw meat. And that moment
was very inspirational to me because it incorporated a lot
of elements of Monkey Man's culture and it felt like

a ode to Rocky, but also showing that we're gonna
take something that is so American but put our spin
to it. Because this movie is also important for presentation.
You hardly see an actor like death Batael have the
lead in a movie like this, so above everything else,

that was the most inspirational thing for me to see.
For him not only to star in this movie but
also be behind the camera and for his directorial debut,
totally crushed it because it's a hard thing to do
to take a movie like this where your character is
supposed to be seen as heroic. I feel like you
could make your character look like you would like the

rock like so invincible and so cool and so awesome
all the time. Which there are some moments in that
training sequence where he does look like that, takes off
his shirt, everybody's so impressed. But it doesn't do it
in a way that feels overly egotistical, which is a
fine line to walk when you are the director and
star of a movie, because what you say goes and

what ends up on the screen is highly reliant on you.
But he did it in a way that felt very
humble and very much like he really cared about the
overall filmmaking process. He didn't really do this movie as
a vanity project. I wanted to leave the theater immediately,
go to the boxing gym, and just tear it up
for forty five minutes. I was so inspired by it.

But again, I don't want to give the impression if
you haven't seen it, that it's just NonStop, senseless action.
There are moments that take away from all of that.
I would argue there's a little bit of a lull.
The film was under two hours, which I feel is
the sweet spot for a big thriller action movie like this,
although I did kind of feel the runtime a little bit.

Maybe it was just in that second to third act
that was like twenty or thirty minutes where it kind
of lost momentum For a movie that started out so strong,
really got to the story, really dove into the action
once it was there for a minute, I kind of
wondered how they were going to land the plane, and
if it wasn't for having such a strong ending, I
feel like I kind of would have dipped out there

in the middle. But overall, a great movie, especially if
you're into action movies like John Wick, one that I
feel enhanced my enjoyment of it of actually seeing it
in the theater, But I could see a movie like
this once it goes to streaming, maybe one of the
big streamers picks it up. I feel this will have
a much better life on streaming, so I don't necessarily

think you need to run to the theater to watch it,
because I almost think watching it at home you'll get
that same effect. But overall, I give it a strong
four out of five gorilla masks.

Speaker 2 (44:34):
It's time to head down to movie Mike Traylor.

Speaker 1 (44:38):
Paul Joker is one of my favorite R rated movies
of all time. I just lean towards the darker stories
when it comes to comic book movies, and I thought
the first one nailed it. And the only trepidation I
had going into the sequel is the fact that it's
going to be a jukebox musical. I didn't exactly know

what that was going to look like. I speculate, and
after seeing this trailer now it looks like the speculation
I had was actually pretty accurate and it all makes
sense now. So I told you guys, i'd be wrong
to question director Todd Phillips, and I love the statement
he put out when the trailer drops, saying that the

movie doesn't really veer too far from the original film.
Although the music is a very essential element. The tone
of the movie is very much matched by the first one,
which I think is great and even think movie theater owners.
This has also happened at CinemaCon, saying thank you for
keeping the first Joker in theaters because at that time,

in twenty nineteen, there was a lot of unrest in
the country, and not to say five years later that
everything has been solved. But I can see why a
movie like Joker is not for everybody. It's very dark.
There is even a warning now if you go watch
it on YouTube. I first watched it when it dropped
on Tuesday night of last week, and there wasn't a warning,
but the next day on Wednesday when you'd go watch it,

and probably if you still go watch it now, you
have to click yes because it says warning to users
that it may contain suicide or self harm topics. So
that even tells you further that if you don't like
seeing things related to that, do not watch this movie.
The first one was made on a budget of fifty
five million dollars this one is stepped it up to

two hundred million dollars. And that first one was so
profitable because it did have that fifty five million dollar
budget and went on to gross over a billion dollars.
Will this one do the same? It's hard to say.
Movies have been so weird with numbers at the box
office right now, but I feel like with the hype
that the first one had, and there was some worry

of what that was going to be, and then people
at that time still even question whether or not Joaquin
Phoenix could pull off the Joker. But now we all
know that Joaquin Phoenix does great in this role. He
won his Oscar and now we have him joined by
Lady Gaga. What I love most about this trailer before
I even play a clip of it, is a great
trailer doesn't show you beginning, middle, and end of a movie.

That is actually the sign of a bad trailer. If
you watch a trailer and you really know the entire
story by the end of that two and a half minutes,
that is gonna be a not great movie. It could
still be enjoyable, still be entertaining, But if you put
that much information in a trailer, you're not betting on
your storytelling, and you're really selling more of a product

than a piece of art, which not all movies or art,
but for something like Joker and this trailer, you really
just get the vibe of the story, you get the
tone of it. There's still not a whole lot out
there about the plot. I've pieced together a lot of
things watching this trailer now a few times, so I'll
go through some of those things, but above all, it
really just shows you how they are going to incorporate

the musical elements Lady Gaga is gonna look like as
Harley Quinn, and then how it kind of picks up
right at the end of Joker Part one, and that
brings us to the title. It's not called Joker too,
It's called Joker fully Ado, which translates to madness for two.
So in the first one it was about Arthur flex
descent into madness by himself, but now it looks like

he meets Lady Gaga's character who she is playing Harley Quinn,
looks like her origin story is much different. They are
meeting in Arkham Asylum, they fall in love and escape
is essentially what I have pieced together from this trailer.
Before I get into more what I think about joker,
fully I do. Here's just a little bit of the trailer.

Speaker 3 (48:34):
F you got a joke for us today, we use
music to make us whole, to balance the fractures with
an househouse.

Speaker 1 (48:48):
I'm nobody. I haven't done anything with my life like
you have. Tell us what's changed, Arthur. I'll tell you
what's changed, y'all.

Speaker 3 (48:58):
Well anymore, that's what recent be talking about.

Speaker 1 (49:05):
A very powerful trailer. So in that first one, exactly
what happens is him doing all those things alone. You
even question at times how reliable he is as a
narrator and whether or not those things that he saw
in his mind actually happened in real life or whether
it was all just going on in his head. But

either way, this movie starts with him in prison at
Arkham Asylum, and the way they change Harley Quinn's origin
story here is she first debuted in Batman, the animated
series back in the nineties, so she didn't even have
a comic book origin. She debuted because they needed new
characters and Harley Quinn in the show and then later

in the comics and later in Suicide Squad. She was
a psychologist assigned to Joker, and then he plays all
these mind tricks on her to make him fall in
love with him. He throws her in a big out
of acid and she becomes Harley Quinn, and then she
spends her entire life doing anything that Joker says because

he brainwashed her. I really loved Margot Robbie's depiction of
her in Suicide Squad and The Suicide Squad. I also
really loved the Harley Quinn animated show on Max, which
kind of flips the script on the traditional Harley Quinn
origin story. And so there is a lot of great
source material for Harley Quinn, but it looks like Todd

Phillips is focusing on how does he make it work
in Arthur Fleck's case, and what he actually does here
in the trailer is almost show how Harley Quinn transforms
into the crazy character much like Arthur Fleck did in
Part one. There are frame for frame examples of the

ways they are similar. So one in particular is whenever
in this trailer Lady Gaga puts her fingers up to
her head like she's shooting herself in the head. That
is the exact same thing that Arthur did in Joker
Part one. Also in part one, one of the most
famous scenes is Joker dancing with himself in a bathroom
after committing his first murder. Cut to this one, and

instead of dancing by himself, he is now dancing with
Harley Quinn. Also one of the most famous scenes from
the first one is whenever he's dancing down the stairs
kicking his legs out. I love the shot in this
trailer where now it's both of them going downstairs with
a big crowd on either side of them, so it
goes from being just him to now having a legit
partner in crime. And those are just some of the

amazing shots throughout this trailer, which has one of my
favorite color palettes with the dark reds, the dark yellows,
and that greenish blue. I love the shot where it
looks like they're walking out of the prison and you
have all these colored umbrellas in that same color palette.
Looks amazing. You have Joker at the piano with the
spotlight on him and the smoke around his face. There's

one scene where he's in this entirely white suit and
then seeing Lady Gaga in the Harley Quinn costume, which
isn't the traditional Jester costume from the animated show or
it looks anything like Margot Robbie's costume. It really has
that realistic, darker approach to it, with very slight makeup

instead of having her entire face be pale, which I
think works perfectly. And then, of course, as I was
mentioning earlier, we get a glimpse of how the musical
element is going to be incorporated in the movie. It
seems to me that music is almost going to be
a coping mechanism. Even the line they mentioned there in
the trailer of how we all use music. Think about

how much people say that music has saved their lives.
It's changed the way they see the world. You can
go to a concert and almost have this euphoric experience
and you connect with an artist. I think that is
what music is going to be in this movie. It
is how they keep themselves grounded as they go crazier
and crazier, and it's also how they cope with all

the awful things they are doing and ruining people's lives
and creating chaos around them. It looks to me that
they're going to kind of go into a different place
in their minds as they are singing and dancing together,
because there are shots of those moments where at one
point they're on the street dancing, but in their heads

it looks like they're in a big ballroom and looking
very fancy and you know, nice suits and nice dresses.
So it seems to be like all those moments are
happening inside their head, which somebody who is psychotic and crazy,
that's probably what would happen, and that is what Joker
and Harley Quinn are. They are not mentally stable, So
I think now the musical element makes perfect sense to me,

and now that I can see it, because it looks
like they're going to escape from Arkham Asylum together. There's
one scene where you see a big explosion and you
have them running away from it holding hands by side,
which I just want to see that chemistry of how
they interact with each other and how this movie works
with two people who are just so so crazy. But

hands down, the best shot in this trailer is the
very final moment whenever Lady Gaga paints this smile with
lipstick on the glass, it almost looks like they are
almost like in visitation at a prison where Lady Gaga
is on one side and Joaquin Phoenix is on the
other side, and she paints a smile with lipstick, and

then he goes from the other side of having this
frown and then gradually just gets a smile and it
matches up perfectly. Whoever had that idea deserves their own
oscar because it looks so great and is the perfect
way to close out this trailer. No official run time yet,
but of course it has that R rating with strong violence,

language throughout, some sexuality, and even brief nudity in this one.
It is coming out on October fourth, and the movie
is going to feature at least fifteen reinterpretations of songs.
I was also surprised to see how thin Joaquin Phoenix
got again for this role, which for part one he
had the famous diet of essentially only eating an apple

a day and surviving off that and maybe soup and
some steam vegetables is all he would eat. It really
adds to that distressed look of Arthur Fleck, and he
was so thin in that movie, and in the first
shot of this trailer, I almost thought maybe they cgied
his body, kind of like they did Captain America. When
he goes from skinny to muscular. But I think he

really did it again. So is he going for another
Oscar on this one? That would be really tough. In history,
I don't think somebody has won an Oscar for Best
Actor or Actress for playing the same character. It is
also rare for a sequel to be nominated for Best Picture.
And when I think, the only thing that has happened

is different actors have been nominated for playing the same character,
because He's was also nominated and one for playing the Joker,
and there have been similar instances where actors have portrayed
the same character. But I don't think there's a win
for an actor playing the same character twice and also

being nominated and winning. But again, this movie is coming
out on October fourth, and I'm gonna pre order my
tickets as soon as they're available because this trailer has
me hype.

Speaker 2 (56:26):
And that was this week's edition of Movie Line Tramer
Bar and.

Speaker 1 (56:31):
That is gonna do it for another episode here of
the podcast. Before I go, I gotta give my listeners
shout out over the week, and for this shout out,
I'm going over to Instagram and the listener shout out
of the Week goes to Sweet Eats by V, who
tagged me in her Instagram story listening to the best
and worst movies of March that I do every single
month with Kelsey and said listening to Mike Diestro's podcast

and I'm ninety nine point nine percent sure. Kelsey mentioned
she owns an evil queen candle can adult today, adding
more reasons where I think she and I would be
great friends, And that is true. You heard right. Kelsey
is very into candles, and I've also got semi into
candles because she loves them so much, so much so
that I love my candle burning basically all day at

home and she had to blow it out because I
am an idiot. But thank you, sweets by V. Appreciate
you listening and tagging me in your Instagram story. Thank
you everybody for listening again this week, and until next time,
go out and watch good movies and I will talk
to you later.
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