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S02E01 Golden Syrup

August 29, 201633 min
Hello and welcome to the first episode of Season 2 of Radio Cuddleman. Firstly, a special thanks to everyone who came out to Cuddlemania on the weekend - all the bands were amazing and it was really great to play my first show - hope to bring you some of those performances in the coming weeks. If this is your first episode of the show, you’re in luck - there are 10 episodes of live performance and interviews for you to explore over at or

Today’s guest is Sara Retallick who performs under the name Golden Syrup. You may have seen Sara in bands like Jimmy Tait or playing bass with Palm Springs, but she has just put out her first single "Didn't Go Home", and if you’re in Melbourne listening to this at the time of release, you can see her launch the single this Friday at the Gasometer hotel in Collingwood with an amazing lineup - Time For Dreams, Moon Rituals and Various Asses. Sara popped into the studio last week to discuss her creative process in what was her first ever interview for Golden Syrup and play three songs, so, once again, thanks for listening, and this is Golden Syrup, live on Radio Cuddleman.

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